The manís call for rebirth

Man, where are you? Do you hear My voice? Oh, you hid yourself, because you are naked! You have been naked for seven thousand years. Behold, My word breathes upon you. Receive from My Spirit and let you be born of the Holy Spirit and stay swaddled in the Holy Spirit, as I call you son. Man, I love you and I call you. Love calls you. The pain of love is long; it is as long as seven thousand years. Man, My work, I came down from heaven after you; I came down into this little village and I made a cowshed of word in it and a path to the people. I made a garden of heaven and I hover above it and speak the word of the renewal of the world, and I call the man out to become eternal, to become virgin and to let him be taken over by life without death. Amen.

Man, fruit of the sin, come to a godly nature, as the Word came to give you birth from it, and that you may come then to life. Man, take from the fruit of life and fill yourself with life, as I am the way, the truth and the life. Amen.


Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, you make Me only pains, only untruth is in your heart and on your tongue and body, for your heart is the voice of your mind which becomes a deed in your body. Oh, if you believe with your heart in Me, the deed of faith will come down visible in your body, for My apostle Paul said this in My Spirit: «Show me your faith in your deeds, man!».

The man cannot perceive what the kingdom of God means. The man honors the days and holy days, the tradition and faith in God, but he does not honor God, for in order to honor Me, you have to make Me a house in your, to make Me a kingdom in you, man, but you do not like to have God as a king. You like the free will, for this is what the man has been wanting even since I made him.


As in the time of Noah, I speak over the earth and over the faithful ones, for the unfaithful ones have ears and do not hear; they have eyes and do not see; they have mind and do not understand; they have My Scriptures and those that are unfaithful do not perceive them, but I call out from heaven over the earth as in the time of Noah.

Oh, sons of the people, open the gates so that God may enter into your hearts, into your minds, into your souls and into your bodies, to believe into My new word and to escape from the wrath, which is coming over the earth because of those who are unfaithful. Oh, sons of the people look for God’s sons and learn the faith in God’s word from them.


In this time, I come again as word over the earth; I come again for this is what I promised to My disciples: «I am going to the right side of My Father and then I will come to you, to take you with Me, so that where I am you may also be».

Oh, sons of the people, let yourselves be drawn by God’s sons and become God’s people, for God’s people will be saved and will escape in the day when I, the Lord, will come, and because of My coming «the heavens will be set on fire and will be destroyed, and the burning elements will come open and the earth and the things on it will burn completely», as it is written into the Scriptures. Oh, sons of the people, I have let My promise over those who are faithful that I will give those new heavens and a new earth, and the righteous will dwell on a new earth. I became a spring of new heaven and new earth over all who would believe in the fulfilling God’s will within their body and spirit. Oh, sons of the people, let yourselves be drawn by God’s sons so that you may be born of God, of the word that comes down from heaven on earth to call the sons of the people to the works of the faith, for in the time of Noah, God’s sons allowed themselves to be drawn by the sons of the people, and I saw this from heaven and I got angry with them, for with the exception of Noah, there had no longer been a man not to forget Me.

Oh, sons of the people, those who shepherd you do not take care of your faith, the faith in God means life in God, and those who shepherd you do not take any care of it at all, oh, sons of the people. I come to shepherd the one who does not want to perish. I come to wake up the world from the sleep of unbelief, and let the one who hears come after Me. I am with those who are faithful. Amen. Let the one who hears My voice come and believe and learn what faith in God is, for soon, soon, the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the earth and the things on it will be burned completely because of the day of My coming, as it is written in the Scriptures about My coming.

Behold, I am coming, and no one cares to come after Me. Behold, I am coming, and the man cannot come to follow Me for he has many things to do, and he cannot leave those of his to take over those that are Mine. Behold, I am coming, and the man is slow in coming, and he has his hands and feet bound, and every man on the earth is in darkness. The one who cannot come after Me to follow Me, that one cannot do it because of the darkness, and he is stopped from coming, for this is what I told to My disciples: «If someone walks in the day time he does not stumble because he sees the light of this world, and if someone walks in the darkness, he stumbles, because the light is not in him». The Lord is the light in man. If I, the Lord, am not in man, the darkness is in man and he stumbles in the darkness within him and within the works of the darkness in him. Oh, sons of the people, I am the Light of the world. If someone walks during the daytime he does not stumble because he sees the Light of this world. Amen, amen, amen.


Man, look into My word, which reveals those that are and those that are to come over the earth. Look and see how My word is being fulfilled. Day by day I will confront you more and more with the truth of My word, which flows from Me over the garden of My manger, and from it on to the earth. Those from the garden are destitute of those on the earth, but I am the power from heaven and from earth, and I give them help to be able to take My word from margins to margins, for it is written about My coming: «He comes forth as lightning from the east and is seen to the west». Amen.

Man, I will take your finger and put it on My wound, and then I will take your hand and put it on My side, and either you want it or not, you will believe it, for otherwise you did not want to believe. You believe in those that you do, but what you do is only wind, for everything you do will be blown by the wind, soon, soon. Then you would understand that you did not have any mind, and that you did not perceive My mysteries hidden by your haughty mind.

I have taken you easy, man that are sunken in your worries. I have taken you easy to give you time to repent and time for faith, but the man’s wickedness is natural and is in the man’s inner being. The man’s wickedness is full of fears, as one that is guilty and rebuked by itself, and seeing its affliction seeks to escape punishment, as it is written: «Fear is nothing else but the renouncement of everything that comes from the right judgment». But I said: «Come back to Me, man!». But you flee, because «your inner being is full of violence, sin and haughtiness, and you call yourself wise, and you call yourself God», as it is written by the haughty one. You flee in vain; I am faster than you and I catch up with you, and I will take your finger and your hand and I will put them on the wound of My hands and on My side. Oh, why do you not hurry to humility and repentance? Why do you receive Me as your Master? For I am your Master, not you. The earth is Mine, not yours, because I made it, not you. But I said: Come back to Me, come back to the beginning! I am with the beginning in the end, and with the end in the beginning, and you store up riches and palaces, man that wonder away without any direction and with no house, for everything that you do for yourself is wind, and whoever sow the wind will reap the whirlwind, man. Bow to My wounds and do not be unbelieving but believing. Amen.

Man, do you know where My word flows over to you from? It flows from My pierced rib; it is the mystery of My pierced rib while I still was on the cross for your sins, man. Oh, do not be deaf and do not be blind; do not be silent before My word which calls you to the spring which sprung from My pierced rib, from My godly body, out of which flows honey and milk as your food, as My blood is that which testifies for Me and for you, man, for I died for you. I died so that you also may die, and then to come to life once with Me, and then to be able to impart resurrection over the dead. Do not be unbelieving. Soon, soon, My light will cover the whole earth. The little garden of My word in Romania is the light, which I marked the earth with, sealing it with the light from the beginning, for it is written: «In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God». The same is in the end, for I said: «I am the First and the Last. I am the beginning and the end». Amen.

Let yourself be covered by light. Become a son of the first day, for on the first day I made the light, and on the first day I was resurrected. I made the first built man on the sixth day, but I made the last built man on the first day, for I, Who I was resurrected on the first day, I was the beginning of My creatures. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, let the man do no longer boast that he loves Me, and rather he should humiliate himself. Let the man no longer rejoice over Me, if I cannot rejoice over him. Let the man humiliate himself, for the sign of the man’s sin remains not healed, an uneffaced testimony on the body of God’s Son. Here is why I came to become the Son of Man on the earth. The spirit of Lucifer and of his angels is ashamed because of My love and My mercy for the man that fell down from eternity.

I have taken your guilt upon Me, man. The mark of your sin is an ineffaceable testimony on My godly body. You sinned in your own flesh, for the woman is flesh taken out of your flesh. I bear the mark of your sin in My own body in the time I came to become the Son of Man, to be able to take the man out of his guilt. I took your guilt upon Me, as a guilty man, but you are guilty. Humble, for your sin is your spear which pierced My side, and I am God. I have come down after you; I have come down again. Here I am! But humble yourself! Love Me, for I loved you while you were still a sinner. Love Me, for you even now are a sinner and have nothing to love on you but the sin in you, for your lust has been conceiving sin in you for seven thousand years. Love Me, for I am eternal and you are fleeting, because you sin. I wiped out your sin for that is why I came, and My blood does not stain, but rather it cleans and wipes out, but even now you do sin. My blood is My life as your blood is your life. But your blood leaves stains inside and outside of your body, for you pulled yourself out of Me and remained guilty, and your blood leaves stains, sins, and kills God inside and outside you. Love Me, for I left rich food on your table when I left to be with My Father. I put My Blood and Body on your table, (At the Divine Liturgy, r.n.) so that you may have from Me and to replace Me with you, and I to be in you, and you in Me within an everlasting love. Why do you really make My waiting long? Here is My spring and My supper, but you are not worthy and are without garment. I do no longer have a holy man on the earth to follow you, because lie is in man. I came after you; I have come again. Here I am. But humble, for I suffer for you. I became the Son of Man to be able to come near you, man. Let yourself be seized by the mystery of the Son of Man. I am the new Man, with a life giving spirit, and there is no other God beside Me. There is no other man beside Me to do you well.

Man you are an enemy to yourself. You need Me to get healed of emptiness, for nothing is truer on the earth than God when He has room with the man on the way. Oh, life is expensive and you have not got anything to pay for it. It is paid with life and you do not have life, man, because you proceed from sin. I can pay the price of your life if you want to have life. I can give you from the gift that I gave to each man, only if you want, and only if you love life. Behold, I give you comfort and I tell you: be a child in your flesh and be God in your spirit, and you will have the mystery of the new man, that is Christ, the New Man. Be cautious, for when I paid for your sin, I started with the birth and then with infancy and childhood and then with adulthood, perfected by Father. I have passed through them all to give you a day for everything, for I died like man afterwards, but I did not perish, and rather I arose, and this way I paid for your resurrection. Humble yourself and come to life! It is long until tomorrow. Now it is the time, for My patience has been long. Become like Me, man! Amen, amen, amen.


— Oh, sons, all are written into the Scriptures, but the man pretends that he does not know them. This is how the man does with My word of today, that I, the Lord, write it on the earth by your own little hands. It is written into the Scriptures that «the unfaithful will be wiped out from the earth», but the man has got used to perishing and says that the law endures as long as the world is. Oh, the law is not this! This is not law, man. This is the reward of the sin, you, man that are used to perishing. Man, the man who came out of you is the reward of your sins; it is not law. Do you see what you call law? The sin you call law, as you put it as a law upon you to fulfill it. Fulfill it if you want, but you should know that I make the man from dust again, as I made him in the beginning; for the one that came out of you is your sin, and he is not a man. What shall I do to you if you wanted that the woman to be your woman? If you had remained Mine, the woman would have also remained Mine, and you would have remained God’s man, as for this I created you. I did not create you to give you over to the sin, but rather I created you to make you fruitful and to get used to the work of the fruition, but if you turned the woman into your woman, you forgot about God and joined to your wife and you have no longer known the mystery of the body made by God, which says that the two are not two but one, together with God, as One is God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now I have come on the earth as word of judgment on you, man. Oh, if only you repented of your own deed deepened in time! Oh, if only you wanted to be faithful and not unfaithful! Oh, you unfaithful man, who does not fulfill My word! Fulfill it, for I come down from heaven and I tell you this word. You are as old as seven thousand years, man. When you were in heaven, I was speaking with you and you were hearing Me. But after you came out of Paradise, because of your disobedience and sin, you gave God for you sin and listened to the voice of the sin. Oh, you hear and believe the voice of sin, but you do no longer hear My voice and do no longer believe it. Your ear is a gate for iniquity; your eyes the same; and likewise are your faith and wisdom, for you have changed the course of your wisdom once with your coming out of Paradise when you stood against your Creator. But I opened the gates of heaven, so that you may see and hear Me, for I have come after you with healing and I want to make out again your ear and eyes and all of your body. I stand into the door of My tent and I put a mark before you so that you may know Me. My word is the sign. It is a spring of living water in a ground without water. I am the word from heaven, by which I gave birth to children for Father, so that I may stay with them before you, wandering man without a path. Oh, when I created you from the dust, it was easy. Now you are flesh and blood, but these do not inherit the kingdom of the heavens, for they stand against life by their opposing spirit, because it is written: «What is of the flesh is flesh, and it is flesh and blood». Oh, it is hard for Me to make you out again for you are My adversary as the devil is, but here is the word that I said to fulfill: everything the man did on earth will come back against him. Everything the man did on earth is stones of memorial of the man’s sins who became God’s adversary on earth.

I will show the man that I, the Lord, will create the man out of dust again, for the resurrection of the dead will be the man’s judgment, which turned the man into sin. I made the man come back into the dust to make him ashamed and to know that everything he did is not, and to make him again and then to make him also of the dust, for there were and are people on the earth who let themselves with Me for the new creation of the man, and I will work out the man again with these, as I wanted to work with the first created man, and I, the Lord, will speak My word by the mouth of those who let themselves be worked out by Me, and I will lift up the humankind out of the dust, to the judgment of the spirits which are opposing to God. And I will be a righteous God and I will establish those that are righteous as heirs of the heaven and the earth, «a new heaven and a new earth», as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen.


I became Man, but I came from eternity. I came to work out eternity upon the man, so that the man may be swallowed by eternity, and to be saved. This is what the old Simeon said: «My eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared before the face of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, Lord. This is set for the falling and the rising of many, and for a sign which is spoken against».


I taught the man not to hide, and I taught him to live, not to die. He, who lives, does not hide, and he, who dies, hides. I also come now to teach the man to live; I teach him to be, so that he may have nothing to hide from, as the one who hides no longer is, because he, who dies, hides.


The man should become small to enter in Me, to live with My knowledge, to give Me his life and his spirit, as this it means for the man to come in Me; that I should always have knowledge of him. In order to come into the man I had to become small, and I gave him all My mystery, all My thought, to show the man how his birth of Me and his living in Me have to be, and for him to always meet Me, so that he may not be alone, and when I am to meet him he should open to Me and not hide.


I have come now to tell the truth to every man, for it is the time of judgment, the time of the truth. This means judgment: the truth. Amen, amen, amen. My word is the truth. It is its time and that is why it is coming on earth. Let the man meet Me and receive My word and put upon it and see his stature and come to make him again, for the man is not yet made. There is no one to make the man to be. I am the Creator of the man, and I have come to make it. Every man says: „God made me”, but I do not say this. If I made the man, he would be in My image and after My likeness, and he would not be the way he is now, and within his condition now, he alone testifies about his father, for each one takes after his father. Amen.

Let the man meet Me and take My word for the man’s creation on him. And only after he allows himself to be made, only after that let him say „God has made me”.

Oh, My people! Oh, people of My coming! Show to the man your creation from My hand. Let the man see you a man made by God, for I say: blessed is he who comes to know the life and its mystery and the spirit of the everlasting love, to stay in it and to grow to be, for there will be only righteous people in My people, there will be only saints. Amen, amen, amen.


Come, you, people, come to its spring, and you will be fruitful afterwards. I have come to call you to Me, and to put before you the gift of humility, the spring of holiness, for the heavenly life has humility as its foundation, the power that makes the man to be able to live. Amen.


The birth makes the man to be, but behold, today there are no longer true dwellings in which the man may come and to be born and then to be; to have then nurses in order to take care of him and to feed him and the man to grow and to stay for his growing. The babies born of the people are caressed and are nursed in many ways; they are nourished, bathed, swaddled, protected and loved and they grow. But those, who want to be born of the heaven and to be, do no longer find houses to be born in and care for growing. I came after the man two thousand years ago to take him in Me and then to give him a new birth and to have him again as Mine, and I worked into the open sky and I became a nurse for those who let themselves be born again. However, Jerusalem of that time did not know those things for its visitation, to its peace, and it did not know the time of its birth from above, the same as the church of today does not know and it does not believe and does not understand the miracle of My word, which flows like a river over the earth from this garden in which I dwell with My word for the new birth of the man from it.


I want to turn My word of today into a shining and beneficent sun to give light and warm up the whole earth. Let My word of these days be the rain which makes the new vine grow, and let a new birth come up from it, a new man, taken care by the angels, so that the man may grow and to be.

I wanted the spring of My today’s word to be for the peace of the earth, but the earth is full of drought, and these will be gathered together by the angels as the man cleans the brushwood from his garden in the spring, and these will be thrown into the fire, for the earth to be clean and then to be ready for sowing. And I will start to make the man, for he is not inclined for its making. He is too old in the evil things and does not want to let himself be renewed, and I have come with My work to the renewal of the world, to the new birth of the world, to a new heaven and a new earth. I am the eternal King and My kingdom has a new heaven and a new earth in it; a new man and a new people, cleansed by My sacrifice and by My resurrection.

The heaven is full of sighing after the new birth of the world, after the renewal of the earth, which needs cleansing and working. And as for you, people of birth from above, you are My new vine and I will graft you and make everything new for Me, with My word upon you. This is My good news over which all the angels and the saints in heaven above and on the earth below rejoice, for everything that is in heaven has been waiting for the renewal; everything has been waiting for the fulfillment of the promise of the new heaven and new earth. Amen.


Let us bring the resurrection for the life, for the nations of the earth are waiting for the life, and have nowhere to receive it. I give them life at once, but let us show that the way to Me which they are accustomed to, is full of venomous scorpions, which not only that suck the people’s bread and spirit, but they also kill them by a venomous bite. For behold, he who wants to come Me to learn from Me the everlasting life and then to live it, is drawn back; is hunted from behind by those that are taught to eat the bread, the wisdom and the spirit of the man. (By the priests of the world, r.n.). The proclaiming of this age teaches the man to become a Christian of a new fashion, and the man walks into the air, that is, he goes to death, and on Sunday, the life arisen in man is spoiled and it does not have the man’s resurrection in it, for all the holy ones are trampled by every man. The man made out of a pagan living, Christian habits, as he says, and this way shall My coming find the one who does this. My days of heavenly feast were taken over by the people and trampled underfoot for the lusts of their own heart. These scornful people, who do not wait for Me to come, hurt Me. They have nowhere to learn the eternal life from; they have nowhere to know Me, the true God, from.

I want to break down the house which deceives the people under the name of My house. I remove the veil from it, and this is how I break it down, for I want to draw the man to Me and to the Father. I whipped the traders from the temple at that time that put My name on it. And I want to tell the people again the truth about My house, and about the house which is called My house. Many people are full of tears inside them and look for Me to heal them and to give them peace, but woe, they do not find My way with the man, but rather they run into the man who snatched away My way to replace it with his one and to steal the man with it, the man for whom I cried on the cross in order to redeem him for the resurrection.

Now, I break the house that deceives the man under the name of My house and I say: «Come out from it, My people, so that you may not partake of its sins and then receive of its punishments, as its sins have reached to heaven and God has remembered of its iniquities for in it was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints and the blood of all who were slain on the earth». And then I will speak again over you and say: «Rejoice over it, you heaven and you saints, you apostles and you prophets, because the Lord has done justice to you in your judgment that you had with it». Amen. Then the resurrection of the many will come and many nations will teach the way of the resurrection from the dead, the way of the heaven on the earth with the man, the sanctification of the earth. Amen.


The day of the wedding is the sweetest day in a man’s life and the most beautiful one. The same is with Me, too. However, the day of My wedding is not a day, but rather it is an endless wedding then and it is endlessly sweet. Amen.

I work hard with all the heaven above and with all the heaven below and I make the man take part in the day of his birth, to make him grow afterwards and to put the day of his wedding on his head, the most beautiful day in his life, the day which the mystery of his eternity begins with, My wedding ring on his finger. Oh, how hard it is for Me over the man, how hard it is to have room in the man with the day of his birth, for the true day of the man’s birth is the birth from above, for it is written into the Scriptures by which I say: «The one who is not be born from above, will not see the kingdom of God».

Oh, the man is too old in a perishable life and he has been playing with his life for seven thousand years. He has been playing with his birth and life until his death, until his last rest. The day of the man’s birth from Me has been deeply darkened. The same is with the day of his wedding. The day of the man’s wedding is a day of dark for the heaven; it is a day of pitch dark. The man is too old in the day of his feast and I can no longer pull him out from them in order to give him days of life; to give him eternal days instead of his days. Oh, how shall I make the man hear Me and understand that the day of his birth is an everlasting day, if it is at all? The day of his birth is not over the man; it is not. The man only plays; he only plays with the day of his birth, with the day of his birth from heaven, from above; for that is birth, the day of the man’s birth. What I see on earth is only dead man led by another dead man. The man goes to christening; he goes to be born again; he goes and plays with being born again. There is no man on the earth to have the spirit of the birth within him so that he may put on the man who comes to be born. The man cannot speak a word with the spirit of birth in him, for the man is dead, and he speaks likewise as well. There is no man to bear the mystery of his birth and to put it on the man.

Oh, how shall I make the man believe what I speak upon him? I tell the man that the life begins with his birth, but how shall I make him believe what I speak, so that he may not play any longer with his birth? I am the One Who gives birth and the One Who is being born. I am being born for each man, so that I may give him birth. The man does not reach to the day of his birth, for there is no one to show it to him anymore. I come and I appear as a day of birth into the man’s way, a house of birth for the man.

Oh, I do no longer have any place to sit down in order to give birth, so that I may be born! Oh, I do no longer have any! Who is to hear My pain? I cry secretly and I walk through the dark and I do not come across any man. Who shall comfort My steps? The man has become darkness on My way to him, and I do no longer find any staff to lean on, on the way of My seeking after the man. I seek for the man to give him birth and a day of birth and then a day of wedding. I go after him with the day of his resurrection from the dead, to breathe on him with the spirit of birth and to give him life and afterwards to make him grow and to bestow the day of his wedding upon him, the most beautiful day in his life, the day which the mystery of his eternity starts with.

The wedding on the earth brings death to the man, My death in the man, in the man that takes the sin for life, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. The one in whom I do not have any room with My image, that one is a proud man, and I am the beggar Who asks for him. I beg a day of the man, a day of birth for him, a day of humility within him, an open day so that I may come in and put into him the day of his birth, the day of My birth within him. The man should do nothing but let himself be born; to let himself for birth and to open his eyes wide to see the kingdom of the heavens with them, and then he should not get out of it, for outside there are dogs, sorcerers, fornicators, murderers, idolaters and all who work out and love the lie, the lie which keeps the man in bondage and death. The one who does not love the lie, that one is born from above. The same is with the man who is born from above, and I give him the eternal joy, the day of the wedding, the sweetest day in his life and the most beautiful day, the endless day. Amen.

I call out the man to a wedding feast. I call him to come and to exhort him to his birth. My wedding with My bride gives birth from it; it gives birth to a new man out of it and then it makes him grow until the day of his wedding, an endless day for the man. Amen. Oh, My people bride! I have prepared with My word, and with your little hands I have prepared birth houses. The birth pangs come over Me and I want to get rid of them. I want to give birth to the man. Oh, only if the man would come to his birth, so that I may get over the birth pangs, over My pain for every man who does not want to be born! I am the One Who gives birth, and I am the One Who is born. The man’s birth out of Me is My birth in the man and of the man, and then the man has to give Me food, to make Me grow and then to make a wedding for Me and to become a bride for Me.

Man, teach yourself to come to the day of your birth, to My birth in you and of you, and take Me and cradle Me and grow Me and love Me as you love your babies and keep Me away from death, man, so that you may not die without My life in you. He who does not have Me for his life that one is the dead I have been crying after for seven thousand years. I have come to give life to the dead, but the dead do not want to hear My calling to their life. I cry and I sigh near the dead man, and I cannot give life to the one who does not want Me to give him. I work hard to make the man take part in the day of his birth from above. The one that is born from above that one is like those from above, and the one that is not born from above, is like those from below, like those without Christ.

Man, I want to teach you to work out miracles. Come so that I may teach you to do miracles. Do not work the way you know, for what you know and what you say are not miracles. No one tells you what a miracle is, but I tell you. Miracle is when you do My will and not yours. You cannot do a greater miracle than this. Oh, if you, man, do this miracle, then I will be your Lord and your God, and you will be My son, and I will relieve Myself of your travail pangs. Then I will give you the day of wedding, a sweet day, a sweet day without end. I will be your Bridegroom and you will be My bride, and we will live forever as the spouses of the wedding and the earth will be our footstool and the heaven our comfort. Here is the miracle that I teach you to work, man! Oh, come, so that I may teach you to do miracles, for what you do are not miracles. Miracle is to wipe out My tear that cries after you. Miracle is to cut short My pain that suffers within Me for you. Miracle is to be born from above, man, and then to be. There is no greater miracle than the man born from above. Do not be ashamed, man, with your birth from above into the middle of the world without God. Do not cover yourself with the world to tell Me that it does no longer receive you in it, if it sees you according to My will. You are to make it ashamed of its rouge, for the world is not beautiful in its face and that is why it dyes and with its dye it entices you to be like it and not like Me, for it is seen, but as for Me, I stay seized within a great mystery and the world cannot see Me.

Behold, what great miracle is to do My will in the midst of the world, man. If you let Me make you according to My image and likeness, you will raise the dead to life, man, and you will be like Me. Oh, do not let the dead without resurrection, for here is how much resurrection I want to give you, to the dead in the graves and to the dead without the graves, man! Oh, look at My bride people and receive My image from it and receive the love between Me and My bride. The love between the Bridegroom and bride is an endless love, and if it comes to an end, then it is something else and it is not love.


Do not be merciful to the world or ashamed of it. Be merciful to the angels, not to the man, and clothe your body with garments of wedding, you, sons and daughters of the people, who try to come to life at My word, which calls out at the dead to come to life.

You, daughters of the people! Let the man come to life, for the man’s death came through the woman. Put on the wedding garments and make your heart, your mind, your body and your face virgin.


Man, become a miracle maker, for the greatest miracle between heaven and earth is to do My will, and I will call you a miracle maker and a love maker. Amen.


Oh, I would no longer clear My table on earth, My table with the man, for the spirit and the bride have always said: „Come!”. And I have always come at the voice of the bride, but My bride is small, and I have labored hard through her on earth and I do not find any kind of support for her. However, I am He Who is and I overcome for her and for My glory before the people, so that the people may come to her and to enlarge the tent of My wedding more and more and to bring the man under My protection, for it is hard on earth. The earth moans and always tells Me that its yoke is too heavy, that it is too loaded and is as big as seven thousand years.

I want you man to get used so that you may no longer sin, for I made the heaven and the earth for blessing not for curse, and your sin is curse on earth. I want you get used to hear My voice and to come out before Me and be refreshed to welcome Me. I settle down into your way with days of love, with days of wedding, and the days of wrath are for those who do not come. But come man, come to My calling and receive comfort and you will be able to cope with it, if you receive. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, and My Father gave Me to give you His kingdom and to make it come down on you and to become holy for it and to say: «Our Father in heaven, may Your name be kept holy, let Your kingdom come, and let Your will be done, as in heaven so on earth, Father». This is what you are to say, wandering man, for this is how I taught the disciples of My wedding to ask from the Father, and to become My disciples if they ask in this way, for the sons of the Father are those who do the Father’s will. Amen.


Soon, soon, and there will no longer be on earth but the Father’s will and its sons, for this is what Father wants. Amen.

I have come down on earth to be the man’s life. Man, you have your life and you love it. Oh, why do you love your life? Its reward is death. Why do you love your life, man? I have come to be your life, for I pay it with My death on the cross, but I was resurrected and I am alive forever, and I have life for you, man, and I want to give you life. My life is the Father’s will in man, and you, man, you love your life and have no love if you do this. How shall I make you used to the mysteries of life and then to love them? How shall I do it, man? You have no shepherds after My heart over you, and the longing for your life overwhelms you. The spirit of the eternal life cries within you and you do not know how to perceive its calling. It calls you from your inner being and you do not know to know its calling.

After the man fell down from eternity, it has remained in the man as a longing, which has always called the man to it. After the man exalted over God, then he has swerved from the way of life and indulged in sinning and then the man has made his life, his life with sin, a life which is born of sin.

Man, I have been calling you for seven thousand years! I was sorry that I made you. You have pulled yourself out of Me and made your own life and I was sorry that I made you. You have no longer wanted to be after My image and after My likeness. It has been hurting Me for seven thousand years the fact that you have no longer wanted it. Then I came after you to give you My life. And I gave it to you. However, you have not taken from it. And I have come again to give it to you. Here I am after you. I want again to make you. The making that I want now to put on you is life without death. But do you really want it? The spirit of the eternal life sighs within you and you do not stop to hear its sigh. It calls you from within you and you do not know to hear its calling. I work hard behind you, and you do not see Me, man, for the man cannot see My glory and to remain alive afterwards. I want to make you the way I am and to see Me working behind you for your life, because it is written: «Those who will see Him will be like Him». I draw you to the spring of life. My word is the spring. I will increase in you the longing after the life and I will come more and more into your life with the spring of life and I will reveal its mysteries and I will fill you with the spring of life, for your life is without any desire of life if you do not have My life in it. I spread a wedding table between Me and you and how much I want you to know to come to the wedding! Oh, you need wedding garments for the Bridegroom cannot stay at His table with you. There will be no other table on earth. Soon, soon, there will remain only the wedding table, the love between the Bridegroom and the bride, the love the eternity begins with. Amen.


Oh, come to the wedding! Let us learn the mystery of the wedding of the Son of the King, Who watched together with the King and Who did not go to sleep with is older brothers. Come to the spring, for I call you sweetly and I speak you sweetly, because I have mercy on you and on Me, dear man, for I mourn after the man, as one mourns after a dead man, but My mourning is as long as seven thousand years, and I do not find any comfort until the man comes to life, until the man is like in heaven, for I am the Man Who came down from heaven two thousand years ago; Man born from above, for Father wanted Me to become Man, and if I had not done so, what would Father really have done, if I had not come the same way I went from heaven down on earth after the man?

Come to the spring man! I have come after you from heaven the second time, and how sweetly I sing to you about My longing after you! Let Me take you on My shoulders! Become a little and tiny and gentle lamb, so that I may carry you and tell Father that I have found you and brought you to Him, for My peace and His, and yours, dear man. Amen.


I call you, man, to the spring of life, with a sweet call, with great longing, with longing mixed up with My tear, My Fathers’ and the saints’. I am in days of wedding with My bride on earth. Take of My life and take of her life, of her face, of her spirit, and let you be created, dear man. Oh, I miss you. Man created by man, My work, which I do to redeem you for life, has been only a longing for seven thousand years. Oh, and I also want to make you, not only you. I want to make you of the Holy Spirit, as I was made in the body of My mother, the Virgin, since I appeared then to you to see Me and to believe Me that I came from the Father after you, for I came only after you, because it was only you, man, that did not obey your Creator. I want to make you, too, not only you. You know what you are made of, and it hurts Me greatly when I hear you saying that you are made by Me. But do you not know how I made the man in the beginning and in the end? I have to tell you again this, so that you may give up your words, which I hear, because it hurts Me when I hear them.

In the beginning I made the man out of My word between Me and My Father when I said: «Let us make man in Our image and after Our likeness». And out of clay and out of My breath, which gave soul to the clay and the man was made with a living soul, and after that I put the man to a deep sleep and I took flesh of his flesh and I made the woman, and I called them both man. One and not two. And after five thousand years of waiting after the man, for the man pulled himself out of God, I made man again out of the Holy Spirit, incarnated in a man’s body and God was born from the Father, and He was the Man from the end of the time.

Oh, it hurts Me greatly without comfort, when I hear the man saying that he is made by Me. Oh, man, you know what you are made of, and I have come from the Father now, at the end of the time, so that I should make you, and not only you. I make you out of the Holy Spirit if you want Me to make you. And if you want Me to make you, first you have to set down to learning so that you may know what the Holy Spirit in man is.


Man, I call you with great longing to the spring of My mouth in order to get you used to the beginning, when it was the communication between Me and man. Come with Me to your beginning! Come to Me to teach you and to speak with you and you with Me! Come, for I come back to you, I come back after you from Paradise, the country, which I gave you as your bed, to you and to Me, to be with you and you with Me, so that where I am you may be also, and that where you are, I to be also. What use is your mind to understand Me with it if you do not come back then to the communication between Me and you? You cannot hide, but you still hide. You are not afraid of Me but you are afraid though, for your sin makes you not to fear and you hide with it because you are afraid. Love and fear of God, these can make you again, man, and they can give you to Me, by their power for Me. Amen. When the fear of God does not come from the love of God, then it hides the man from Me, and when the love of God is its spring, then it is the one, which does not separate the man from God and God from man. Amen.


I come from heaven as word to bring back the communication between Me and man. I offer back to the man everything he has lost.

I lay down on earth into your way with the word, man who came out of the man, created by My hand. You are born of man and I want to teach you your beginning, dear man. My speaking is sweet over you. The beginning of your being is the first man, created by My hand and with whom I was speaking between Me and him. I want to give you back what you have lost. I want you to lay down before Me and hear My voice and to believe that I am, to believe even if you do not see Me.


I want, man that have come to the spring of wisdom, I want to teach you how to love your life. If you want to love it, you have to give it so that you may be able to take it back, for I said: «He who finds his life will lose it; and he who loses his life for My sake will find it», for until the man does not die, he cannot come to life and I cannot live in him as long as he lives within himself. The man feeds his body and soul taking care of them both so that he may live in himself, but I tell you, sons of the people, that if you live in yourselves, you will die by your own deeds, because it is not possible for the one who does not deny himself to remain alive. I give you this teaching of life out of love, and I call you with mercy from death to life, from you to Me by self denial so that afterwards you may be able to do the will of the Father, Who is in heaven and not on earth, and I want to draw all people to the Father, as I promised when I ascended to the Father that this was how I would work after I would reach again in the glory, which I had from Him before the foundation of the world.

I have come as word on earth to call the man to life, and life mans holiness and love of God forever, for where life is, it is forever, and it is not like death, which is not eternal, because death will no longer be, soon, soon, and there will be only saints on earth, for the saints will judge the world, as it is written in the Scriptures and I said: «He who overcomes, and he who keeps My works to the end, to him I will give authority over the nations. He will rule them with an iron rod, shattering them like clay pots; as I also received of My Father».


And I also call out the people and tell them this: do not put away God when He comes! And the mountains will bow before Him, for He comes and will come. Do not lie to each other and speak that the Lord is not coming and that the Lord is not. He is the One Who is and He always is, and He comes when you do not even expect Him to come. Wake up from the darkness of the ignorance of God! Wake up from your sins and know God, Who comes on earth as word and Who will soon give light with His light and by it He will make every man blind, for He is the light of the world, and the man is in the darkness.

Come and wash your eyes to be able to see. Come to be refreshed by the spirit of the knowledge of God. Come, you, stiff-necked people, come to the spring of life and take and drink for your life, for soon, soon, there will no longer be on earth anything but life, for there will no longer be death, because the Lord is coming and He takes the death from the earth, as it is written. Come to be written into the Book of the Life of the Lamb, and receive His life as your life, for whoever will not be found written into the Book of His life, will be cast out into the fire, and all the Scriptures which speaks in it about the coming of the Lord with His saints and with the judgment of the creature is true, true. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, sons of the people, you need faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, the slain Lamb, you need faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, the slain Lamb, Who washes away the sins of the world, for that is why He came and became man. You run only for those things in this life, but the Lord comes and asks you about the works of the eternal life, which inherit together with the man that is to be, and you do not have any clean teachers to give you the pasture of the life from above and you wander away in death, sons of the people. Behold the miracle, which I do upon you: I cry to you to repent, for you do not remain with the sweetness that you find in sins, but you remain though with the reward of the sins and this is very hard. Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens is the sweetest treasure, and you find it in you, because its place was to be in man from the beginning of the world. The man from the beginning, who the human kind started with, closed the door of the kingdom of the heavens in him, but I tell you to open your heard and to find God in it, Who waits for you to give Him life in you and not to keep Him unknown in you. The Lord knocks with the word from outside for you to hear it in you and to open to Him inside and not outside, for the outside unlocking is with fire, and the fire burns the body and the soul, but the unlocking from inside is the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, if you wakes Him up in you at the gospel of repentance, for I, John, the Baptizer, call you now, as I did two thousand years ago at Jordan: repent, for the kingdom of the heavens has come near! Come into it and into its works, in order that the Lord may find you doing so, and so that He may give you the Holy Spirit and not fire. The Lord is calling you from the little garden of His word in Romania, country of His brightness, as the word on earth after two thousand years. And I also call you from near Him, for I am near Him, and I do my work of forerunner preaching the Lamb of God to you, Who is coming to visit His vineyard, and woe, if sour grapes are find in it, for that is good for nothing, and the Lord wants to make a new wine, a wine with good taste, and to put bread and wine on the table of His marriage feast on earth. Amen.

Oh, sons of the people, the evil spirits are all on earth and they work through the people to destroy the kingdom of God from the man. Look into the commandments of God and you will find in them to love Him and to do the works of the love of God, which are written in the commandments of the life. The evil spirits are evil and they draw you into their enticing precipice, for they give you eyes for them to see them and to work them in you. However, I come and I tell you that the Lord is coming and He will punish the evil spirit in man, together with his entire house, because the man is a house either for God or for the devil, and the man who does not do God’s will is a son of the devil. The miracle that I do upon you is that I exhort you to repentance and then to a life without death, for the Lord to find you watching day and night for the works of eternal life in you, and these start in you with the faith, which can make you the sons of God and to give you a face and a garment of feast before Him, for He comes with His brightness on earth, and those who will be like Him with their life and spirit, will shine like Him. Amen.

I did not do miracles as other saints did, but I did the miracle of the Lord’s appearance at Jordan river, for after I baptized Him in water, the heavens opened and the voice of the Father came upon His Son, confessing the One, Who He was well pleased with, and then the Holy Spirit came as a dove and stayed upon the Lord. This miracle was done at Jordan, and I was its witness, for I touched the Lord and I baptized Him, for the baptism to remain then over every man who confesses the baptism with the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Spirit confesses the baptism with water. Amen.

Oh, sons of the people, the baptism is a mystery from heavens. But where is this entire mystery in the churches of the world anymore? Where is the Holy Spirit, Who has to work in the churches with His power and with His work from heaven upon the one who baptizes and upon his witnesses? The faith in God brings love of God in man and watch and work of the Holy Spirit on earth. Man from man dies and there is no longer a teacher for repentance on earth and there is no longer any baptizer upon the man, for the priest who baptizes has to be an apostle of the Holy Spirit, because otherwise the baptism remains a habit without any kind work from heaven, since all those who baptize and all those who are baptized do the work of the devil and not the works of God, for those who do not follow the Lord, follow the devil.

The hell and its works are on earth, and you, sons of the people, work this work, but I tell you that the Lord is coming and He will destroy the whole work of the devil and of its servants, and no one will cover you on that day and you will cry uselessly and you will not be able to sin because of the fear that will be, and you will no longer be able to die, for it will be the reward for the sins, as it is written: «The Lord is coming with the tens of the thousands of His saints, and He will give each one according to his one deed». Amen.

I give you a spirit of repentance by my word on you, sons of the people. Receive this spirit in you, for I was holy with my life and with my spirit all my life on earth, and I still was in the spirit of repentance, for this work I had to establish on the man on earth and any teacher has upon him the teaching that he shares. I rebuked the kings and the influential people in order that they might be hurt and to show their way to destruction, and for them to see it and to turn to the way of repentance, which is the way of life. And if I rebuked them calling them with the work they did, this meant that I showed the work that I had upon me, for I lived with a great thrill of spirit before the Lord and I had so great mercy on Him, for He was deprived of man, while the spirit of this world, which passes once with those that are swallowed by it, was and is so affluent in so many souls. I am so merciful even now on the Lord of the glory, and I want to give you to the Lord by the spirit of repentance, if you receive it in you, for the repentance brings the Holy Spirit back upon you, and then you will believe that the Lord is coming and that He has already come when you stay in obedience to His voice in order to fulfill the word by which He is calling you now from the midst of the country of His coming, and He is calling the man back home. Amen.

Lord, I give You to the people, for I confess You from those that are not seen, that You leave the heavens and come down on earth, and the spirits of the saints testify from You about Your coming and about Your kingdom with the people who become saints, because the saints will reign on earth, as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen. I ask You to open their eyes, to open their heart and to give them the spirit of faith and I ask You to give the love from heaven to the sons of the people and raise them to life from the death of their sins and to comprise them within the work of the Holy Spirit, who always is to confess their faith in You, Lord. Teach the men the faith in You and its power, for I exhorted them to repentance for the forgiveness of their sins, but help their wisdom by which to see their sins and to throw them into the fire of repentance and to get rid of their burdens and for them to see the sweet way of their salvation and of Your coming with the eternal joy on earth, and then to make them eternal and partakers of the joy and not of the pains, Lord. Amen, amen, amen.


And to those who live in their bodies, I, the Lord, tell them this: whoever wants to get rid of the sin in him and of the devil, then let that one not judge his neighbor and God unjustly, and then he will come to life forever and ever, for woe is to the man who covers his guilt with someone else’s punishment!


Oh, there is an old saying that no one is to attend the church, but the children have to be taken there to receive the Body and the Blood of the Lord. Those on earth who are yoked under the yoke of marriage do no longer go to church, because they sin. The old people go there because they become children by leaving off their sin after their weakness, after their old age and their hardships save them from committing sins in their body, but I, as the Lord and Master, ask the servants of the church, who serve through their churches in their midst: how comes that they go to church and how do they serve those holy of Mine after they marry first? I did not give them such a parable, for I was supposed to be their example. When I turned the fullness of My age, I gave Myself as a sacrifice, after I chose My disciples from the world and after I separated them from sin and from the spirit of the world to be like Me, because any disciple has to be like his Teacher.

Israel under the law could not fulfill something like this, for it was Israel after the flesh and not after the spirit, and My apostles had to work carefully with them because of their unbelief in Me, the One Who was crucified and resurrected, for they had always, always tried to find fault with them, as also they had always, always done this to Me and found guilt with Me, and those who are not like Me by sacrifice and by ministering have done this to you too, because if I led many to greatness, it was also right to Me to be perfected by passion as the beginner of those who are saved, although I was the One for Whom and by Whom were all things, and then the One Who sanctifies Himself and those who sanctify themselves, that all may be from One, and that I may call them brothers, as it is written: «I will tell My name to My brothers; in the midst of the assembly I will praise You, Father; and here I am and the children that You have given to Me».

Oh, sons, the Scripture says that the children have partaken of the Body and the Blood, as I also did and broke down the devil by My death, and I saved those that were under the fear of death, because I received the seed of Abraham, of whose Offspring I was by promise; I did not receive the nature of the angels, because I had to become the Son of Man.


My word is the light, which shines in the darkness, but those who do not receive it do not receive light and the one who does not receive it from Me, does not have.

I call all to come and to receive light, but they do not come. It is not that they do not know to come, but they do not come because they have teachers upon them who have taken My garment and the name of My work, and they like to be praised and fed and rich with souls, but the souls without My light in them are without spirit, without knowledge, without wisdom and are like the sheep without a shepherd, since they have no shepherd, for I am the Shepherd of the sheep, the Good Shepherd, because I laid down My life for the sheep and there has been no other one to lay down his life as I did. I had the power to lay it down and to take it back, and this is what I did, and only the true God could do this. However, the people do not love Me and they love their shepherds instead even if those take them and put them in the ground before raising them to life, before teaching them the way, the truth and the life, which are from heaven and in which the man walks to heaven if he has learned them from the earth. However, on earth there are no longer shepherds, but there are only those who put a cross to the man’s head after the man gives up his soul. The shepherd who loves the souls teaches the man to put a cross around his neck and to carry it and not to defile it so that his life may be a beautiful cross, a cross sweet in its taste, for without sufferance, without temptations on earth, the man walks empty of God, and My light is not with him, and poor of him forgets that at the trumpet sounding of the seventh angel when I, the Lord, will have overcome the last enemy, which is death, the man will be called into account for everything he has done in his life on earth. Amen.

Oh, there is no longer a place on earth where the gospel of two thousand years ago has not been heard that I was dead and I came to life and I am alive forever and ever and I am the Lord of glory, the King of the creature, for I made the world and I spoke My word and it was made.


I do not know what to do with the man that he may not be enchanted by the temporary things and which the man has no share in, neither him and nor his offspring, for the man and everything he does surely pass away and all bring to him death and not the life, which he tries to build by his labor on earth. If I asked the man what he struggles for to make for himself on earth, he would answer Me that he would be bored and that he would be sad if he stayed without doing according to his heart, which asks him against the truth of all the works on earth and in heaven.

How shall I do it, My people? How shall we do it, sons, to comprise the man within the mystery of his living in God? The man has money, poor of him, and if he has got it he does something with it, for the fact that he has money it burdens him. In vain he has got it if he does not know what to gather with it. The apostle Thomas would receive money from a king and took care with them of the lives of the saints, of the food of the hungry, of the clothing of the naked and of a humble people, until he won over the heart of the king and he understood the mystery of living in God. Amen.

The man has got money, poor of him, but he has no life with God. I did not have money and I did not even touch them. You do not have money but you have God, the One Who gives to you so that you may not need to beg from the rich ones, and to work to earn your bread, clothing, water and roof.

Behold, the man does not know to build in God, to build himself in heaven, and not on earth; to dress up in heaven and not on earth, for the man has also got a house in heaven, and there is no one to tell him this, because he does not open the Scripture to see in it that he has got a dwelling in heaven, not made by hand, and in it he can find the works of his living in God and then to clothe with it everything which is mortal, for it is written: «This corruptible will put on incorruption and death will be swallowed up in victory». Amen, amen, amen. There have been so many saints, in whom I have lived with My life in them with the works of the eternal life in them, who understood this sweet mystery, but they have hardly found a man to whom they may tell it and to make him perceive it and then to follow it.


I was given to be crucified, and those who crucified Me did not know that I suffered death for the sins, for the pleasures of the human kind from Adam, the one built by My hand out of dust and spirit, and up to the last man born and not born on earth; and I, the righteous One, died like a true Shepherd for the unrighteous ones in order to bring them all to God. My body was put to death, and I went down in My spirit to those who were closed in the dwelling of the dead because of their disobedience to God, because of My long endurance by which I had waited for them to come to life and they did not come.

But now, as two thousand years ago, I have called the man to his cleansing, to a clean body and then to the baptism, which opens for him a good mind to God by My resurrection from the dead, as it is written in the Scriptures about this new birth by the washing of the body, that is by repentance, and then by the baptism, which opens the man’s mind to good, to God. Amen.

After I went to be within the Father on His right side after the resurrection, the angels, the powers and the dominions submit to Me, for I suffered in My body on earth for the forgiveness and for the salvation of the man, and the man is not supposed to flee from sufferance if he is a sinner, for it is written: «For he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin that he no longer should live for the lusts of men, but for the will of God».


The love that teaches the man to come closer to God, this has to be worked out and shared to those who walk like God on earth, accompanied by God’s angels and served by them, for the parables of the Scriptures are painful, those which speak about the sons of the people who hid from God becoming servants of the opposing angels, who fell down from heaven by man’s haughtiness, and which teach the man to hid into himself, into the darkness, into whatever is not word and from everything he has in him and does from himself.

The love that teaches the man the confession of everything he lives, is the love which keeps the man in God, and this is what I had taught the male and female disciples and I spoke to them to tell everybody to confess God, so that I might also be able to confess them before the Father as well. Amen.

The man from the world, who calls himself a Christian, does not know and does not want to know what the love is, that which makes the man come closer to God and the disciples within a work of Holy Spirit. All the people on earth serve the angels of darkness and their wills, as they have taught from the man, and I, the Lord, want, by the word of My coming to the man, as the word after two thousand years, to teach the man what resurrection is, the love which teaches the man to come closer to God and God to come closer to man, for the man has hidden within himself and has put God and His angels away from near him.

The saints long for the man’s coming back to God by the love, which teaches the man what his life with God is.


«The wind blows where it wants to, and you hear its sound, but you don’t know where it comes from and where it is going. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit». Amen. Oh, this word spoken by Me for those who are born from above has to be understood by those who believe in My name, for otherwise they are not born from above, but remain born from the earth and they cannot do My works, the works of the Spirit, Who blows wherever He wants. For this great mystery faithful men are needed. I have come again into the world, and those who believe now in Me by My word of today, have to be able to believe more powerfully than those who saw Me then when I came into the world in the flesh to be the Light of the world, because I work now with the Spirit and I give birth to those who believe in My name, and those who are born of the Spirit, are Spirit, as I am now. Amen.


Oh, hear My voice, you those who have come together near the mouth of My spring! I meet you with the spirit of My peace, for the peace that the spirit of the world gives you is not like that which I give you. I have put the people of My word to sacrifice itself with love and obedience, because obedience comes from love. I have told him to prepare a feast of Holy Spirit for Me and then to call you and to teach you. And what shall I teach you? I want to teach you to be thirsty and to come to Me and to drink and to believe that I am the Christ of the Father and that the Father has sent Me as word on earth and to bring together near Him all those who are His elected, those who are elected for the Father to be My brothers and My disciples. Amen. Oh, this is how I was gathering the multitudes around Me two thousand years ago, and then I was speaking to them about the kingdom of the heavens, to make My kingdom of those who were listening to My voice. And this is how I work now, and I work with great mercy, with great love, and blessed is the one who believes in this word, which is coming with a great noise from heaven, a sound like the rushing of a mighty wind, and I give to you from it by those who share Me to you. And those who do not believe do not come; they do not give themselves to Me and that is why they do not believe and that is why they do not come when I call them to choose after they have come, and to make them faithful by My teaching, which no one can ever speak on earth except Me, because My power is the Father from Whom I hear and then I speak, for the Father is in Me, and I am in Him, and whoever believes in Me, believes in the Father as well, and that one is loved by My Father, Who comes with Me, and then We dine together with the faithful one of My coming and We appear to him, as I have promised that We will fulfill everything upon those who are righteous. Amen.

Oh, hear My voice, you who have answered to My calling! Receive and learn to live your life now and forever, so that it may be swallowed by eternity, and then to be eternal, for nothing is impossible with Me, if the man believes in My work that is upon him and which works powerfully at his faith in Me, the One Who can do everything. Amen.

Oh, man born of man, oh, how many things you have god, how many! I want to teach you to love yourself, for you do not know how to love yourself. Love is stronger than death, but you do not know how to love and how to love yourself, and in order that you may know how to love you have to hate. Oh, man born of man, you must hate death, but if you do not know which is its work, you love it and you live it instead of life, and your death hurts Me, and it has been hurting Me for seven thousand years the death of the man who took the man out of the Paradise, which I had given him to rule well over it and to live beautifully and to have it as sweet as his life, for the man without obedience to God is dead and he is not alive.

Oh, how many masters have you, man, how many! The whisper of the Holy Spirit comes to you in a breathing of the wind, for My works are wonderful and no one on earth teaches you My kingdom and its works in you.

Oh, how many masters have you, man! The house with many masters over it shakes, it falls down, and then it is no longer. You have many masters over you and upon your life. You have masters upon your hand, upon your body and upon your spirit. You have your thoughts and then you have your heart, which is your maser and for which you labor so much and in vain, for you chase after the wind. You have your body and your spirit as your masters and the life, which I gave you when I gave your soul, has been crying without your knowing what its crying is. You have children as your masters, because you serve them. You have your mob, which is a master over you. You do not rule over it, but it rules over you instead, and that is why you cannot serve the life that I gave you to live. You serve your mob after you have assembled it. You have the tastes of your heart which controls you and for which you have been working so hard and you forget that your work is in vain. You have animals around your house, which rule over your time and over you mind and over your heart. You have your job from a master who is foreign to God and who reigns upon you, and whom you serve for a reward and do your tastes after you have worked so hard for them, and they vanish away after that and you take no delight in them even if you believe that, what you labor so much for, is a joy. Then you have the sin, which reigns over you, and which makes you disobey Me, the Teacher Who has come from the Father on earth then and now, and you nourish the sin from inside you and outside of you and you have no way to hide under it, because it leaves you naked of life and deprived of obedience for life and it nourishes you with its death, for when I came from the Father, I said that sin is death and that you eat death and you serve it. And I also tell you for your wakening up that the man cannot sin until after he dies first, after he throws away his life, which I have given him to live it on earth.

Oh, how many masters you have got, man who has been wounded because of your separation from My Holy Spirit, Who has been blowing for seven thousand years over the earth to call you again within the spirit of obedience to God! Oh, I have never been silent on earth and I have always spoken from heaven upon those who hear and share My speaking to call the man home, to take him within Me, so that I may take him under My mantle even as a hen gathers her chicken under her wings, but it is hard for the man to come to Me and to drink, and then rivers of living waters to flow from the mouth of his womb, of his heart, which is God’s house, My womb in man.

Oh, you have many masters, man, and they have control upon you and they break down your life. Only Me you are not able to have as your Master and to serve Me and that I may exhort you as one of My obedient man and to give you eternal life as your reward, to give you the heaven on earth as your reward, to give you the heaven into your dominion on earth, but not to take Me out of it as the man, who was built by My hand out of dust and out of the breath of My mouth, took Me out denying Me, and then I also denied him and he died, because the man who is not always with God on earth dies, man taught by My mercy and which calls you to it. The man dies and does not live, because in order that the man may have life in him, he must have Me in him, for I am the life, and you know that I said that I am the way, the truth and the life. However, the life does not reign over you, but only death, and that is why you die, man. You love only your joy and not Mine, and your joy hurts Me, and in one day My pain from you will catch up with you and I would not like to go through such a great pain from your joys without God, and I come and I do not forsake you and I call you from heaven to earth to hear Me that I call you and that I wait for you to become My kingdom. Oh, I did not give you life to put away My life in you with your life. I have given you life to listen to Me afterwards, but you have loved death and it hurts Me because you do this, and I have come to you as word on earth, and I have come with the blowing of the wind and I speak to those who hear Me, for I make them hear Me to be able to teach you with My word, man, and to show you the life and its sweet way and the beauty on it and the joy of the life, for life means God, and you, man, do not take Me as your Lord, as your Teacher and your Master. However, I embrace you and I wrap you up within the mystery of My word, which blows from Me over you and I call you to take from you and from over you the death, which kills your spirit and your body, and from which your soul suffers, man.

Oh, I long to see that you love Me, and I come to call you and to learn how to be, and then to live My life, and that you may no longer live your life, for it is not good your life, which fills you with death, but the one from Me is good, that which gives you life of My life, man who squander your life. I have given you this talent and I have given you life to bring other lives with it to Me, and to give you the reward for your service and for your fruit brought to Me, so that you may enter My joy, for nowhere on earth do you find and you will never find what you find here, at the spring of My word which is the river of life, and your teachers on earth stop you from coming, for they are not teachers of life, but they are rather wolves clothed in skins of sheep to deceive you not to come to Me and to serve them and their empty glory instead, that is the man’s praise, after I have taught them all through the Scriptures that I do not receive praise from men, so that all people may learn by this word how those who set themselves to shepherd the man want to win him over for them and not for Me. Woe to them! However, they do not want to believe that I am the One Who speak to them like that and that is why all will be suddenly torn down, for they neither love Me and nor you, man without any support on earth. They also want to bring under subjection the people of My word to them, but they will not be able to do this because the power of My teaching keeps My people alive and wise and it nourishes it with life, and with it I fulfill upon the earth and in the heaven the Scripture of My coming with the saints and for the saints, because I am the mysterious Shepherd as I was with the man built by My hand, who was set by Me in Paradise where I spoke mysteriously with him, and he heard Me.

Oh, man waited by the Father to come back to life! When you lack your spirit and when your mind carries you on its own, I know your ways and with tears I look at your wandering away and at its spirit, and behold, I try to draw you to Me with a sweet voice and that I may be your wealth, to be your share on the land of the living and to take your soul out of the dungeon, for your body and your spirit are the dungeon of your soul, which you have as a gift from Me, when you are born on earth, a man from man, and when I give you the soul as a gift. I speak to you with a sweet word, for My teaching is the sweetest food and it has life in it, only for you to know this what I tell you. It hurts Me when I see you possessed by those who steal away your freedom from Me, for the shepherds that you have cannot shepherd you without Me, because it is written: «Woe to the city where there is no word from God, the word of a God’s prophet, for it will be torn down by people».

Oh, sons of the people, the day is coming when those who shepherd you will arise against each other, and those of them who will be left will come up into this mountain to worship God Sabaoth and to serve Him and I will feed them with the living waters, which will spring up of this mountain of word, and these will flow to east and west and I will be King over the entire earth as in this mountain, for it is written in the prophets: «In this time there will be only One Lord and One name and all the people will worship Him». Amen.


Receive life and receive light and become a dwelling place of My Spirit, for the spirit of the man takes Me out of the man and leaves Me outside. Oh, I teach you how you may not be of this world, and how to get out from it as those of whom I made an obedient people to God now, in the end of the time. The world will soon drink of the wine of My wrath, for I have been enduring, crying in My Father for seven thousand years, and My Father crying in Me for the man who has wondered away from Paradise, because it was not the man who lost the Paradise but the Lord lost it. The Paradise is rest and endless life, and I with the Father lost our rest seven thousand years ago, when the man violated the Paradise and spoiled it by his sin, and then he crushed it through haughtiness, for he exalted himself wanting to be greater than God, and then God lost the Paradise, and since then God has been walking on earth after the man, and He has been walking without rest and crying, and His glory is the pain, the pain but also the joy of finding the man. Amen.

The man was meant to be God’s Paradise, God’s rest, and God lost the man. It was God Who lost the Paradise and not the man lost it. Oh, how shall I find My Paradise again? Father, let’s put in man the longing after Us, Father Sabaoth! The longing for Us is Our life in man, Father. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Son Emmanuel, oh, My child, the One born of Me before eternity! With tears We ask the man to come back in Us, and I send You as word on earth, dear Son, but the world has nothing in Us. I am merciful to You. You are My beloved Son, in Whom I have been well pleased in the beginning for the man, and again two thousand years ago, and then again, now in the end of the time, child of My love for the man, because I gave You birth of Me for the man before eternity, to be the Only One born, as I, the Father, am also One, and I am in You as You are in Me, and whoever saw You, he saw Me as well, wounded Son because of the man and as wounded as Father is.

Oh, how sweet You are, Son, My word! However, the world and its spirit do not know and it does not want to know the Word, because You are not of the world. You have made a people for Me, Son, and it is also not of the world, and the world does not love it because it is no longer of the world too, and it is from You, the One Who makes the man again and works at the new making of the world, and You work with the word as in the beginning and You work through the new-born sons from You, of the word from above, which comes into their midst as a noise from heaven, as the rushing of the mighty wind, which comes quickly and comprises them all who puts You in Your book of these days, for I, the Father, have sent You again after the man. With tears We ask the man to get out of the world and to become longing, for the longing after Us is God’s life in man, Son full of longing after the man and as full of longing as the Father. And now, on the second day of Our feast from the midst of Your people and Mine, teach them My word, teach them again and again the longing after Us, to become Your house and Mine in those who have come at Your calling to the spring, for the longing after Us is the life in man. Oh, how beautiful You teach from the Scriptures the faith in You those who have come together at Your trumpet sounding, for You, by Your tiny people want to go after the world to bring it to Your Father. Oh, dear and tearful and crushed with longing, there still are, for You miss the man and You miss to be in the man, and Your longing is from Me; there still are some among those who have not bowed to Baal, and I want to give them to You so that you may bring them to Me and to You and to make them dwellings of Holy Spirit in such a way that the man may come back home, Son Who sigh after the house, for the man is Our paradise of rest, the man who becomes Our image and Our likeness, and then Our rest. Amen.


Oh, man who has come to the spring to hear from Me, and you man who do not come and do not hear, and you who hearing do not hear! Oh, how beautifully I teach you from the Scriptures so that you may believe then that the Father has sent Me! Man, listen to My voice, and learn and set yourself in the longing, which calls you to love God with your spirit, with your body and with your soul. Unfasten the latches by which you closed your soul. Come with your spirit and with your body to Me, so that your soul may have freedom, for your soul is from God. Peace to you, for you have no peace even when you feel that you have got it, because your soul that is from Me cries, and I hear it and I tell you that it cries. God cries after you, man, and He asks you to be His house. Give yourself to Him, for it is only Him Who will remain among all those that will be new; He and with His ones who gave and give themselves to Him as His dwelling and His kingdom of heavens.

My Father has sent Me, man. I do not speak from Myself. My Father speaks from Me, and Our testimony is true, for He is with Me and He has not left Me alone, because I do what is pleasing to Him. Whoever does not follow Me is in the darkness, and he does not know the darkness and there is no one to tell him what darkness is. The darkness is the inner man, and the one who stays inside does not see and he is in the darkness, and the light is the one that shines from the man outside him, and it is seen, for the light sees and is seen and the darkness cannot overcome it.

Woe to those who try to confess Me, showing at the same time those things outside them, their darkness! They cannot be light. Let them depart from My way, and however, if they want, let them learn first what the way is, and then let them take a good look at it and into it, and let them not look anyhow, and then let them chose and separate themselves. Those who speak on their own in My name, as they say, do not have any teacher and the teacher does not stick to them, for they are haughty and the teacher from Me is not attracted to them, for he has My Spirit in him by Whom he knows those who are in the darkness.

I come as Teacher on earth, for I am the only Teacher, and the man is only man, and if he wants to be more than that, let him come to receive instruction and let him become an obedient and confessor disciple of those to whom I speak by My own mouth over the earth and over the man. Oh, the earth is full of false Christs who stay on the sea sand and I am the true One and I am the only One and I do what is pleasing to My Father and that is why He has not left Me alone. Woe to the one who walks alone, and let the one who believes in Me and follows Me know that the one who walks alone is not from Me and he alone cannot confess God over the people. Oh, there comes on earth the truth and justice that will take down all those who have built themselves on sand and the truth will make clean and holy the earth and those who are loved by My Father and who will remain with God on a new earth. I with My Father made the world with love in the beginning. And We will make it again with love, for the truth is love and everything is done through it among those who are being made to remain. I and My Father have been seeking for seven thousand years the heaven, which We lost, and We will make the man again, and We will give him birth by the word, and then We will have rest in him. Amen.


The love, which is born of Me in man, is the man’s birth from above, and the man has to die then for this birth. I stay with the word of the birth from above into the midst of a people on earth for the man who wants to learn from Me that the life starts with the death and that the man cannot be born from above otherwise. The love that is born from above, that is from Me, the One Who is of those from above and not from those beneath, is not love on earth at all. I am not born from the earth. I was born on earth, because birth is on earth, but I was born from above on earth and this is how I want to give birth to the man who is made out of the man. I am the One Who made the man, but I am also the One Who gives birth to the man and the birth from above is not from the earth then when it comes on earth upon the man. Amen.


I have always called the man with a sweet calling to My spring of word, to show him the way with salvation on it, the fulfillment of the word of life in man’s life, and I have always, always been hurt that the man has used to come and enjoy at My feasts from the garden, but I have not been able to enjoy over his life that he has dedicated it to Me. I have had mercy on the saints and on the angels that they have not seen the man coming after Me, after I have invited him by My word. I have used to set the table for the man, and I have used to set the table both for the body and for the soul, and the man has used to come as to a heavenly feast, but I have wanted him to come to resurrection as well and then to stay alive, and few of those who have come did so, few of them have received resurrection and life in them, that afterwards they may always ask from the spring, and that the living food to be given to them at their requests, that is My word, which becomes a scroll and is given to those who receive resurrection on them from it. Amen.


I suffer after every man, and My pain pushes Me to call out after the man, for I suffer from him, and he does not know My sufferance from him.

Oh man, oh man, oh man who have come out of the man and have got no making from God and love from Him! You do not have because you have delights, you have got many delights, and they are of this world, and they look like it. Oh, you do not know how to measure your love, which you say or feel that you have for Me. Oh, what will you do, when I, the Lord, will show it to you, how it was when I show it to you, how you have had him in your heart, the one near you, who you say that you love him, the one whom you have set in you for his pain, for his shaking, when you will see these? What will you do when I show you how much you loved you, how much you have held your sight dear, as a priceless gift for those around you, and for which you suffered and were far away from the love for the one near you, and this for the love of you, which you are not able to know as long as you do not look at yourself, but you only see what is before you?

Oh, My people, the man cannot understand the love of his self, poor of him, and to understand it and to see it, for the man cannot look at himself, but only at what is before him and on the sides.

Oh, man, what will you do, when I, the Lord, on My coming I will show you how much of a child you were supposed to be regarding the greatness, which you will see that is made ready for those who have been flexible for My kingdom in them, for those who have learned from My making upon them to remain small so that I may be their counselor and their maker with My scolding or with My love? Oh, man, the love, which you want, is not made out of the love from those around you. You should be the love to have it and you have to receive it from Me and then to give if further, so that it may be multiplied, because the one who gives himself, that one has and that one is as I am, and I cannot speak otherwise: «I am Who I am», and I need to have, and I need to have you, man, because I gave Myself for you completely, for your deification, and I have children-sons near you through whom I exhort you. Amen.


behold what a great gift I give to the man once with the memorial of the day when I was born a child among people on earth by the work of the Father’s humility of Mine! I give the gift of humility of spirit to the man, for without this sight the man cannot see himself, and he cannot see himself what he is and where he is and what he does between heaven and earth under My eye, that is making of man. I have come down on earth to make the man and not Me. I humbled Myself, not to make Myself, but to make the man instead; to make the man again, for I made him in the beginning and then he spoiled My work after he had lost the gift of the humility of spirit; he lost it by disobedience and by insubordination, and then he has no longer found it. And if this is how the man has been since I made him, since he lost the humility of spirit, I came two thousand years ago on earth and I became seed in a virgin body and I did not do any harm to the Virgin’s body, for I am the One Who made the man and I am true God of true God and that is why I could become man of man, and behold, only the one born from above can have the gift of humility of spirit like God. Only the one born of God remains in God, as the man who is born of man remains in man, for in order for the man to be in God, this humility of spirit the man cannot find anymore without My help given to the man from heaven, without the man opening himself to Me when I come and knock to teach him about the work of the humility of spirit, the work of the man’s birth from above. Amen.


Oh, My people, the Father has great compassion on Me and on Him as well! I lost the man seven thousand years ago, after he gave up the humility of spirit. My pain and the Father’s is a great pain, My people, and if I have had mercy on you, I have also had mercy on the Father and on Me, My people. The man is deprived of humility of spirit and God cries in heaven and on earth for the man’s departure, for the man’s fall from humility.


I came as a child on earth to teach the man the mystery of childhood, the work of the Father over the people after seven thousand years from the man’s creation, and the Father works by Me, His Son, the Only One born of Him before eternity, and then born of the body of a Virgin on earth two thousand years ago. I give to the man the gift of humility of spirit, and the one who does not want to receive it as a gift and then to have it in him to be able to know through it the birth from above and then to agree with that, to that one I give pains, and through them I give his self-denial without him wanting it, and then I give him, if he wants, the gift of humility from above, by which he may see God and to be able to listen to Him and to obey Him, for the man is only man and that is all, if he is not born of God, for the man to belong on earth to God, and for the man to be on earth the son of God and not a man from man. Amen.

Oh, My people, the celebration of My birth from the Virgin is celebrated on earth with gifts from man to man, for this is how the man has got used to it without him knowing what is hidden under this human custom. However, I still celebrate it with gifts and I have in My arms the gift of the humility of spirit, which I have from the Father for each man, and I am ready to give it to every man who wants to be a child born of God, and then to be obedient to the heavenly Father. The man lost his life and its heavenly gift when he lost the gift of humility of spirit, and since then God has been crying after the man. Oh, how shall I do, My people, to make the man again by the gift of My humility by which I was born as a child of man on earth? I was born for the man and not for Me. I live for the man, not for Me. I died and I came to life for the man, and it was not for Me that I had to do this. I have worked everything for man, everything I have been suffering, all My sufferance of seven thousand years I have been enduring for the man, and only the man can take it off from Me by being transformed into My image and after My likeness to be able to have in him, then, the gift of the humility of spirit, which I have from the Father for every man, ready to give it to him as a gift, only for the man to want to give himself over to Me, so that I may put in him this treasure, the spirit of childhood, by which the man lives in obedience and in submission to the Father, after he is born of Me, by the spirit of My humility, which I came down from heaven on earth with, to be born as a child and to show to the man where the life comes from, which does no longer die, and which the man tramples over the death with, which crushes, within the spirit of his humility, the spirit that I want to give to the man as a gift, the same as the gifts are given to the remembrance of the glory of the day, when I, a child born in Bethlehem, received the gift of the humility from the Magi, who brought Me gold, frankincense and myrrh, the gift of their humility through which they bowed down to Me, Son of God on earth. Amen.

I do not require anything from the man but only his humble spirit, the most beautiful gift, which the man can ever give to God, and the Lord will not forsake him and will forgive him of his sins and will give him a birth from above by the gift of humility of spirit, which gives birth to the man for God on earth. Amen.


Oh, man! Give yourself back to God so that I may come with you to the beginning of the man! Come to Me to see how much I humbled Myself for you by being born as a child on earth to teach you the gift of childhood, which comes from the birth of the man from God, as I was born of the Father before eternity and then I submitted to My father to My birth from the Virgin on earth, to work for the Father among the people and to reveal Myself as the God, who came as a child from heaven, and then by having grown like a man, I have revealed Myself to the man as the sacrifice of love with which I have come to draw the man to the Father by the spirit of My humility. Amen.

With the gift of the spirit of My birth from the Virgin, I cover the man and I speak to him the mystery of the birth of the man from the end of the time, and I celebrate on earth the word of My birth in man and of the man’s birth from Me, and the Father looks at My work into your midst, and at you, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


On earth there are two kinds of people: the human kind and the Christian people. The human kind bears the name of the sons of people, and the Christian people bears the name of the sons of God. I came on earth completely in the image of man, for I died like the man in order to destroy in My body the death, the last enemy, which the man has to destroy, but with My power in him and not with his power. However, the man does not come closer to know this miracle, working out the new man in man. However, the man has to destroy the sin in his body after he comes to remember the death of the man built by My hand out of clay, and to whom I said that if he did not listen, he would surely die.

Oh, sons of God, and you, sons of people! The man cannot sin but only after he dies, for first the sin is conceived in his mind and then it goes down into his body and kills the man’s heart by its poison, and the man loses the power of his soul and agrees with the reward of the sin, and this is how the man dies and this is how he becomes the dwelling place of the devil, which took the man out of the paradise, which I established on earth for the man to be in My image and after My likeness and not to become a devil by disobedience and insubordination, works that the man does and by which he becomes a god over himself.


I have been crying out with tears into your midst, My people, saying that I long for a beautiful man in My image and after My likeness, for I love obedience to the Father and I believe in Him and not in Me if I am submitted to Him. Oh, where should I find My rest? Where should I find a beautiful man, a man made by God and then to give him life, and then he may work and keep it to be in My image and after My likeness just as I am like My Father? Oh, the man does no longer come back to God to give Him his life! The man loves himself and the tries to take care of his days and he is in the darkness, poor of him, for whoever does not love God and then his brother, that one is in the darkness. Woe to the one who lives according to his mind, according to his knowledge, for that one becomes haughty, and this means death. The man has got used to the curse for his disobedience and for which I told him: «By the sweat of your face will you eat your bread».

Oh, the one who does not love God with his entire being, not keeping anything of it for himself for death, for his self, which is the death in man, that one sees his nakedness and loves it, as Adam loved his nakedness after he saw that he was naked, and then he separated from God and loved himself, for he saw himself and loved himself after he received knowledge and saw himself after that. The man gave up obedience to God and then he died, for he saw that he was naked and tried to hide, for he went wrong, he was fallen in his own self, and when this happens to the man, he hides afterwards.

Oh, the man values himself as wrong as he is, and as naked as he is. The man has looked to his own nakedness and loved himself and he sent Me away and since then he has been struggling to keep his life, the one of his self, the one from himself. Oh, how shall I make the man believe in Me and not in him? Shall I make the man out of his flesh and blood, and how shall I make him and to have him as Mine? Oh, how much mourning on Me, the man’s Creator! I took upon Me all the man’s sins, all of them, to the point of being considered the last one among the people, the most sinful man between earth and heaven, I, the One without any sin. Then I let Myself be tortured and under great sufferance from the man, and then I sat on the cross according to the man’s will, to pass through death and to go to the Father with the price of the man’s life, with My live on the cross, to give it to the man as his life by the cross, for I laid it down on the cross so that I might take it back again, because I am the Master of life, and I am the Man Who cries after the man, taking upon Me all the man’s guilt, for this is how I knew how to cry after man, believing in the Father, Who sent Me to accomplish on earth the wages of man’s life who lost his life by the fruit of his disobedience for the work and for the guard of his eternal life, of My being put in him, of life without sighing, without end.

It crushingly hurts Me the haughty man, who is no longer healed from his haughtiness with wrongdoings, for whoever goes wrong becomes haughty afterwards, and he cannot live his life afterwards. Oh, who shall I be healed with from My pain caused by the man that is so great to Me, for I laid down My love on the cross to give to the man resurrection, love and humility after that, and that without these two the man has no life whatsoever, for live has humility in it, which makes the man into My image.

I made the man for Me, My people; I did not make the man for him, but who is to tell him this? I tell him, I, for I am the Word. I did not make the man to hide from Me behind him; it is not for this that I made him. I did not make him to hide behind Me, for after he went wrong by disobedience, he blamed Me and not himself, and he told Me: «The woman, whom You gave to me, she gave me, she incited me and I ate».


I try to speak according to the man’s understanding, for I am full of mercy for the man. When I speak to you, My people, I speak to give My speaking to the man and for the man to receive growth like Mine,


I speak according to the man’s understanding and I am full of mercy for the man and I do not do this because I am indebted to the man, but I work because I am merciful. However, the man is not merciful to Me, the One full of mercy, the merciful One for him.

If I were not the Father of many, I would not be merciful, My people. My mercy is as in heaven for it is seen better from heaven on earth, it is seen well in man. Oh, I have been calling out in many ways over to the man to set him on the way of My life and to take him from the way of his life, but I worked and work him like a Father and not like a punisher. However, the man has not followed Me and he has had no mercy on My sufferance from him, and then I have no longer called him, I have no longer waken him up, and I have no longer rebuked him, and I have no longer struck him, but his deed has struck him instead, and I took upon Me his life with wrongdoing in it, for I am merciful and I do no longer punish the one who does not listen to Me. I have taken his wrongdoing upon Me for it is not possible otherwise. This has been My sufferance for two thousand years, it is the man’s sin, and there is no man to forgive Me from My sufferance from him anymore. He has always been doing it for Me, always giving it to Me, for the man is neither merciful to himself, nor on God, since he has been taking after his temporary taste, and there is no man not to understand this death that is his, and I do not find from man love for My love towards man, and I cry painfully from man.


The one who wants to have control over his body and his flesh, let him come and be baptized in My name with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and this is how the Christians should come together at My feasts with you, and they should not come together otherwise, because I have lived among people as word for such a long time, and the man remained only man and he has not given himself over to God, when I opened to him to understand and then to become new. Behold, the man cannot, because the spirit lusts against the flesh, and there are only bodies of people on earth, bodies that eat bodies and which cry against God.


Oh, how little does the man understand Me, and he does this because he does not want Me. When I was calling the crowds at the feast of the Holy Spirit to come together near you, the man was not taking Me for his life; he was not taking Me because he did not want Me.


Oh, My people, I tell those who have been waiting for the feast of the Holy Spirit and have not come because I did not send them an invitation, I tell them to seek to learn well from My word, which means a feast of the Holy Spirit and a work with angels, and then I will have mercy upon them.

I started the days of the feast of the Holy Spirit with a tear for all those who were coming and were not receiving the Holy Spirit so that He might be seen then in them with His work. I said that I would pick up their tears to bring them to the Father, but the tear is born from pain. This is what I told all those who came together near the Holy Spirit, Who became tear, for the word of God is the tear of the Holy Spirit, Who cries after the man who is made divine on earth. I sent it through you, messenger children; I send them the word of those three days of feast of Holy Spirit and I exhort them to look and then to sit down before My word and to let themselves be made by it, for God had been crying for fifty years to make a people in His image, and behold how few of them remained!


Oh, My people, it is written for the time of My coming a Scripture with bounds between good and evil, between faith and unfaith: «He who is unrighteous let him be unrighteous still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him work out righteousness still; he who is holy, let him be holy still», and behold, John the Baptizer is still crying to every man to take his time and turn to God, for I am merciful. However, the man does not know that sin was unsealed and that it has caught the man under it, and the man does not know what is sweet and what is bitter, what is to life and what is to death, for the man has always been coming back to his vomit and he is not able to come to life, because he has no life at all; the man has no fear of God and he has no steadfast humility, because there is much sin on the earth, and the lawlessness has been poured out everywhere. However, I shake the man and I still call him under My saving shield, but if I see him without steadfastness, without an earnest life and without a calling and faith with love in it, I cannot make more than man does, for I am humble and I do not go beyond his will, because this is how God is, and He is not like man.


My spirit is full of pain for you, people who wander away without comfort, for you do not know what life and its comfort is, and neither do you want to hear the Lord, Who becomes word in the midst of those who are called, chosen and faithful to Him, to His glory over the earth, for the Lord made the heaven, the earth and the man, and the people forgot and became their own masters over themselves, forsaking the Lord’s will for their will on earth. This is how the Lord has been calling after the man in all the time by His prophets from among the people, and the people have been taking care of their own lusts, of their own will broken from the Lord’s wills.

Oh, people, the life that keeps you is not from you, but it is from the Lord of life. How comes that you do not get up from unbelief, from your indifference, from your wandering away full of you and without any fear of God, Who made the heaven and the earth His throne and footstool and not yours?

Oh, people without God on earth, the Lord calls you with pain, and His pain comes down upon you with pains, in order to call you, to turn you back to Him, and in this way you may give your hearts to Him, to make them into His house on earth, but your works remain in you and around you and have covered you completely. The saints look at you and do no longer find a beautiful man among you, a man pleased to God, because the people cannot serve two masters. Oh, do not be afraid to hear and to love the law of God’s love. Do not be afraid to serve the Lord instead of serving you, because you have established yourselves as your own masters and you do no longer have God, even if you know about Him believing in Him. Come back to be His will, so that He may be your Master. Come and learn to know how to work out this way, because without the Spirit of God upon you, by those that are chosen by Him for His Spirit, you do not find the life and the way to it.

Oh, people, you have forgotten the mystery of life and you are very sinful. Take a good look at Adam, the one who chose himself by putting God away from him, because disobedience and the self takes from the man all his walking from God on earth, and the man loses the earnings of his life; he loses the path with the Lord’s will on it, the one with the voice of the Lord on it and with obedience to Him, which is your life. The Lord has been teaching you how to give your life in order to be blessed and praised by Him on His coming of this time. He will tell those who believe in Him, listen to Him and love Him on earth: «Come, blessed of My Father and inherit the kingdom of life! Receive the wages of obedience, for I was weak and naked, hungry and thirsty, in troubles because I was oppressed by those who were unfaithful, a stranger and without a home, and you gave Me comfort, bread and water, and you took good care of Me and visited Me while in trouble and in hard times, and you also gave Me warmth and took Me in your house, for whomever you did this, to My little ones who submitted to Me, you did not do to them but rather to Me».

In the time of the prophets, who were neglected by all the people, there also were people with great hearts among them who were serving the Lord’s servants, those who were prophesying the word of the Lord for the returning of the people from their wandering away from God, and those who were helping the prophets were the blessed ones of the Lord. However, the people do not know who are those of the Lord in order to do them good and not to those that take after them in trespasses, and behold, the people do not know what God is and what man is.

Oh, people, the Lord has come on earth and He is crying upon you with His Holy Spirit, to give you the wisdom of life.


Oh, Father, I pray to You with those who pray, and I pray together with Our people. Let us gather the heavy rain, because it is too much, Father. Let us be merciful, because to Us We have praying children for Us and for them, and for the Romanian land, and for the new heaven and for the new land, and let us, Father, give to the man a new spirit, a new heart, longing of heaven on earth, Father, so that it may be on earth as in heaven. Amen.

Come mother, raise your hands to prayer; raise the heaven of saints and angels and let us pray on the earth with the people of My word, to tell the heavy rain to withdraw into its chambers and to be stand still, because it is too much water from heaven down on earth. Let us go through the word upon people, and let us wake them up to a heavenly life before God, because the worldly spirit is too deceiving and it does not grant the man a respite to come to his senses, to run for his salvation, to the comfort for God, because God suffers from man, mother.


The darkness in the man is great, because the spirit of the world fights on earth against the man by the pride in man, and God cries among the saints and works sufferance upon man to wake him up from carelessness and to call God on earth and the man to let himself be overcome by God, to be saved from destruction and with longing for eternity, for God’s longing will save the man from death, and I will call the resurrection of the dead and I will sound the resurrection of the dead and give back the incorruptibility to the living ones, but I ask the people for it, to seek after it in them and to love it and to give Me life in them, and I to renew the world as I have to work now, mother.

— Oh, what a sweet work Your word is, Lord Savior, child of the Father and mine! I was born on earth to bring You down from the Father to man, to give You birth as a baby and to grow You up with longing and then to give You to the man as his Savior. My life was humble and full of tears because of my sufferance for You and for man, and the man could not and cannot understand how great Your coming for his salvation was and is. I speak with You, and You with me, and then the children, sharing of God, give us further to the people, because it is the time to keep calling the man out until he hears us, Lord Son. Oh, the man cannot come back to the truth of life, but I ask You now, on my day of feast into the midst of Your people to give a new spirit to the man and to give him heavenly feeling; give him power to receive You and to bow down to receive from the spring of Your word, because the great man perishes, and the little one comes to life by humility and by life like that of Yours, Lord merciful for man.


I ask the people to learn the comforting longing in sufferance and in joys, a longing for God, a longing for heaven on earth. I ask them to learn the prayer which is useful, not that for the perishing things on earth. And to the spirit of the world, the spirit opposing to God and to the soul of the man I tell to be attentive to the Scripture which prophesies its end and to keep away from the way of the people, because the people have to receive God and to give Him all the glory, all the love and all their life, so that the resurrection of the living and of those in the tombs may come, because the victory of the Lord’s day is near, the new heaven and the new earth, and this Scripture is true, and it will come true and then it will last. Amen.

Oh, Lord Son, as You have built everything, You are again the Builder of everything that will remain, but You should not forget of Your mercy on man and to give him a wise spirit, by which he may be able to overcome the spirit of the world, Lord. Take care, and I ask You longingly to take the worldly spirit away from the earth and to set in the people the longing after You, the longing after the heaven on earth, because the man cannot overcome, Son Lord. You are the beginning of the resurrection. Come to life in man and make him long after Your spirit, after Your voice, which speaks over the Romanian land, so that the world and Your face upon it may be made again by the word, my Son. We have been waiting with a great mystery for two thousand years. The saints have been waiting for Your Spirit to come into the people and for a holy longing to be born in them, a longing of heaven on earth, so that You may come with Your saints among people, for Your kingdom is endless, dear Son. Put my entire word before You and give it the power of fulfillment, because You always listened to me, and You listen to me with the love of a son, and with a heavenly power You comfort me, comforting Yourself with my prayer and with Your power through it.


Oh, My people, the day of the fearful judgment is remembered on this day. However, for whom will it be fearful? It will be so for those who will punish themselves from their own works that they piled up against them, and the righteous and the saints will be rewarded for those that are gathered on the table of My wedding as wedding adornments, for the works of the saints come after them, as it is written. Oh, everything is eternal, sons, for I Myself said: «The unfaithful and the wicked will go to eternal damnation, and the righteous will go to eternal life».

My people, the man who is rich in the earthly things does not know, poor of him, he does not know how to gather for himself in heaven, when he seeks to gather this way. He does not know which way the works of his goodness reach to the Lord. He does not know of those who are My little ones on the earth. Those who are Mine are those who serve Me and not themselves, and they are those who serve the rich people and the wise people of the earth so that these may see the way of the kingdom of the heavens and to see Me with those who are My little ones on the earth in the midst of the nations on it, waiting for the rich people to come at My table and to walk in My commandments so that I may be able to remember them among those on My right side into My kingdom. However, now I have called them again and I have told them about the fearful judgment.

Oh, sons of men! You, who are rich and wise in the earthly things! Only those who know how to turn from goats into sheep, only those can find those who are My little ones, visiting them then in their hardships for My Gospel, which is preached by them from margins to margins, so that I may be able to come then, and that no one may be able to say that he did not know that I would come or that I did not come and I did not knock everywhere to be opened for Me and to come in and dine with those who receive the gift of the faith in the coming of the Son of Man in His glory, and all the saints and angels sitting with Him, sitting on the throne of His glory and bringing all the nations together before Him, in such a way that no one may say that he did not know about the coming of the Bridegroom at the bride and about His table to which all have been invited, all the nations of the earth. Amen.

Oh, sons of men! Everything you love and live, everything is emptiness and chasing after the wind, as it is written, but My kingdom is eternal and you do not know the way to it. Here I am into the midst of a people not taken into consideration by you, those who waste your time on the earth without the works of the eternal life. Come and climb up the mountain of the teaching and take eternal life for you from My table, for the face of the world passes away, but My word and its faithful sons remain forever, and only those who sanctify themselves for Me remain. Amen.

I made the heaven and the earth, oh, sons of men! I am the One Who has given your soul to you. I am the One Who is, and My name is called the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13, r.n.) and I write Myself with it before you to call you on to My right side teaching you to seek first the teaching of the eternal life and then to stand before My coming, for I come. Amen.


I come down into your midst with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, people of My word, and I advise you with Him, I strengthen you with Him and with Him I have always breathed refreshment upon you, so that I may be able to work with you and you with Me over the earth with My Spirit, with the new making of the world, for there is nothing else but only the end of the world over everything on earth, because the world without God does nothing else but it works its end only, only temporariness, for it does not wait for its eternity and there is no one to tell it about it, and I come down with it upon the earth and I have no one to tell about it and I have no one to give it.

I comfort Myself with you within My sigh, My people. I sigh with you, for I have taught you to take after Me and to sigh after the man too, for the man’s wandering on earth is great, and I, the Lord, have My coming after the man into your midst, My work of calling after each man, for the man to come in the way of the light and to stay in it, and that he may escape from the spirit of the darkness of this age, which keeps the man within the spirit of wandering away from God.

I want to draw the man back to the Father. When I went to the Father to stand again on His right side, in obedience of Him, after My ascension in the heavenly things, I said that if I would go I would draw all to the Father. However, I have mercy not only on those who loved and love Me and who have always waited for Me longingly, but I have also got mercy on every soul on the earth, and I am merciful and I sigh after the man. However, if the man has sighed after Me, I would no longer bear with so much sighing, but the man does not know what the Lord’s sighing is, the sighing of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit with Whom I have come down on earth to teach the man the Spirit of God, and that the man may get away from his spirit, which brings sufferance and sighing to him and to Me. This is what it happened to the man built by My hand in the time of creation in the beginning, after I had made the haven and the earth and all their ornaments. The man forsook God and took after his spirit and he has never come back to Me so that I may give him My life in him again, My dwelling in him, and that he may give Me his life and his love out of which I built him.


Oh, the man has no longer had any comfort on the earth and he has sought in vain to have it, and the man bears sons in vain. Everything is only lying on earth, and the man does no longer know how to come back to God. However, I have come with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for I told those who loved Me: «I will not leave you orphans when I go to the Father, and I will send you another Comforter to teach you and to be with you into the world». (See also John 14:16-18)

The Holy Spirit is the One who gave Himself thorough the prophets and the earth has not been without God on it, but the man has no longer had eyes and ears towards God, for he fell down on earth, and I come to raise him and to give him back the paradise, for it is for him that I made the paradise, My people.

The man left the paradise within tears and uncomforted sighing, after he had violated the law of God’s love, and now, I, the Lord, want that the man may seek with tears and sighing after his place in paradise, for the paradise was made and it is, just as God is and wants to call the man back into the paradise, into the life of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for I did not leave the man orphan, when in My obedience I went to be on the right side of the Father to be His will and not Mine, and that the man may take the example from Me and to stand on My right side and to appreciate Me, and that I may appreciate him as well, and to keep him from the enmity of the spirit opposing to God and who took the man out of My arm, out of the paradise that was made for the man so that the man may be Mine.


I Myself have come after the man, for the man does no longer see the way that is to take him to his peace, to his rest after his such a long running away. I come and I stay with the word of the Holy Spirit in the way of the man, only that the man may come to know Me. If the man wants, he knows Me, and if he does not want, he does not open his heart and his ear to know My whisper, My sighing after the man to bring his reconciliation to the Father, and then to give him My hand and to draw him to the Father, where the embracing of the Father and the joy of the heaven wait for the man’s returning to the Father. Amen.

Oh, Father Sabaoth, I have been walking sighingly after the man in order to bring him back to You, Father, as I said that I would work then when I left My disciples and when I told them that I would come to You to draw all of them to You, to My Father, to be again in happiness with the man, Father. Behold, I pray to You from the midst of the people that receives Us as God, and I pray from its midst and together with it I pray to fulfill the Scripture of the new birth of the world. I pray to You for a new heart in man, Father, for I have been longing for My love in man, to bring back the man to You, to draw Him to You and that the man may be.

The man built by My hand cries; he cries after every man who was born of man, and he prays to You and to Me to give a new heart to the man of today, so that the man of today may become a savior and to listen to God as I listen to You, Father, for I am Your beloved Son, and You do Your will through Me, because this is how I want it and this is how I am Your beloved Son. Amen.

Ė Oh, Son with the spirit of a child, You are true God of true God, and you work like Me with a spirit of My child, and You knew this heavenly mystery then when You said that if the man does not become a child, he would in no way enter God’s kingdom, and he would not have God’s kingdom in him as well.

The spirit of a child like Your Spirit, child-God, this is what I, the Father, want for the people of Your coming after two ages, when You went again on to the earth after the man to make the man again in Our image and after Our likeness, child-God. I sent You down on earth and I told everybody that You were My child, and this is how I have also told everybody today again: He is My Son, and I am in Him and I am well pleased with Him, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is in Him, the word of the Father and of the Son for the new birth of the world, for I, together with My Son, work again and We make them all new, as it is written to be fulfilled now, in the end. Amen, amen, amen.

Ė Oh, sons of the people, the Father and the Son, the Son and the Father, are speaking to you from the midst of the people of the Lord’s coming for the new making of the world. Let yourselves be called and let yourselves be chosen, for the Lord is coming down on earth to choose those who are faithful to His coming, and to give them a prepared place, so that where He is you may also be, but become disciples of My coming from the Father in you and after you.

Give up the spirit of this age, for the spirit of the world is the spirit opposing to God and no one can do God’s things if he is not called, chosen and faithful, and if he is not sent by God, when that a man like that resembles God. Come into the light, come out into the light, for life means God, and learn the mystery of life. Fast from everything that is evil and dark and feed on the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, because I have told everybody that the man does not live on bread alone, but he rather lives only if he feeds on the word that has come out of God’s mouth. And here is My table! Take from it, and be fed on the spirit of the eternal life, and become sons of God, full of grace and truth, worshiping God. Prepare your life and your little garment feeding on the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and be ready like those who wait for their Master to come back and to bring them the joy of their eternity, the new heaven and the new earth for those who learn from God, as I teach them from the Father, and as I come from Him and I give you. Amen, amen, amen.


In a feast of Holy Spirit, I bless you with the blessing of the Lord your God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Romanian Jerusalem, and I establish you to Me and I strengthen you within the holiness of the spirit, of the soul and of the body, to be My will, people of My word, and you should fulfill Me with My kingdom within you and you should heal My waiting for seven thousand years after the man, for I have come down on the earth as the heavenly teaching of fifty years, and the one who lives by it, that one becomes My rest and peace, and he becomes My kingdom, My people. I have been teaching the man gently and sweetly during this time. In addition, as a merciful Teacher, I have established My word on the earth and I have made of it My second coming from near the Father to the people. I have been calling the man with affection and I have been staying within his way with a spirit of life giving, and now I have given to the man, My book of fifty years in the end of the time and I still wait for him to give Me love, to give Me mercy and to learn that I want mercy, and not sacrifice, for his sacrifice neither comforts Me nor him, but his comfort has been giving Me comfort instead, because for seven thousand years I have been aggrieved and full of longing after My live in man, waiting to come in him with My kingdom, with My peace and his, and to make, with the man’s help, a new heaven and a new earth, as I have promised through the prophets, My people.


Oh, My baptizer! How really shall I go on working over the man in such a way that he may be able to understand what God means, what God’s man means and what the common man means? How shall I still do with the man on the earth? I have come on the earth with a spirit of life giving. I have shown My life to the man, My sacrifice before the Father and before the man and this is how I have become the man’s teacher. I Myself have shown the man how his nature, his mind, his heart and his walking in life should be on the earth. Oh, the man did not look at Me, neither then and nor now. I have remained the last one both then and now because the man does not know what God means, for if he knew he would have known Me, but those who knew Me and perceived Me then, they are those who know Me now too. Those who were born saints and those who have become saints at My teaching have known Me, but today I have been prophesying on the earth for fifty years and no one becomes a saint under My poor struggling to make room to Me near the man and then in the man with his making in My image and after My likeness.

Oh, who shall I cry in heaven for My mourning with, if not with My saints, who look after the last ones, after those who have been waiting by all sighing creature before Me for seven thousand years for its salvation, for My place on the earth with the man and with the entire creation? Oh, what else shall I do in a day of feast of the saints than to cry with My saints, and they to cry with Me? If the man does not cry together with Me, the One Who has been mourning over by him, who shall I keep My mourning with if not with the saints who had cried on the earth with Me, after Me and for Me, the One Who has been mocked by man? The man spends his life in everything he says that it does him good and the man cannot do like Me. Oh, My baptizer, we cry with one another for the Father’s mourning, Who is crushed within Us because of man. We cry and we cry as on earth, and we strengthen ourselves from our pains. Only because of pains we have to gather strength. What shall we really do with the man to long after his paradise, My place with the man? Let us comfort ourselves within Our pains and in Our longing after the man who has been wandering away from heaven on the earth. Let Us sigh deeply and let the man hear Us; let him hear Us. Amen, amen, amen.


I comfort You with my hand with which I poured out running water over Your head in the river Jordan, and I remind You of my pain by which I was teaching the people to repent and then to become a dwelling place of Your kingdom with which You came on the earth to establish it in man. However, they came because of the fear of the heavenly wrath due to the wandering away of their life, but they did not come for repentance. You have also come today for their repentance from heaven, as word and sign of Your coming, but the people remain far away from Your calling with their works, with their life, and as some offspring of vipers try to run away from the wrath and in no way do they come for repentance and then for a holy and new life. The man comes to You and then tries to lose You for his life, and he does not come with repentance.


Oh, gentle Lord and submitted to the Father and to the man! Shall I cry out to the people to repent as I was calling out two thousand years ago to those who were coming to be baptized without a spirit of repentance first? Behold, I call them out and I tell them, and I speak like David to them who think that they are masters in Your place over the earth and over them: «Teach them to serve the Lord in fear and after that then rejoice with awe, you kings who judge the earth. Understand and receive this teaching lest you may have no place where to flee from the wrath, which is to come, and thus to perish from the right way which calls you to it, when the wrath of the Lord will be kindled in an instant. Repent and give forth fruit of repentance and do not rely on the Lord as on your father, if you do not receive from His Spirit, giving of eternal life, within Him, for the Lord can make worthy sons out of those who are not taken into consideration by you. Bow and receive from God, for He is the wisdom of life, oh, kings and people from the earth!». Amen.

And now, little Lamb, Lord, fulfill the fruit of my calling to the man. Amen, amen, amen.

Ė Oh, I cry with the saints for the man’s disobedience, and the one who knows to receive life from God will take and have and will do the work of New Jerusalem before Me.


Dress, My people, with every passing day and more and more within the spirit of the fear of God and of the watch for your Master, because your obedience helps Me on the earth with My coming to make My kingdom in man. I have always given you birth of My word that is upon you to help Myself with you the same as a father is helped by his sons, and to help Myself to establish My kingdom in man, which I lost from the man seven thousand years ago, and which the man lost by his disobedience to His Creator. I made him as the man works a doll for himself, and I wanted My will to be in him and I to be his walking and his speaking, to be his happy Master, as the master of a doll rejoices over it and appears with it and speaks for it, and it cannot do anything without its master’s hand and voice. I have given free will to the man to be able to listen to Me out of love and with faithfulness, but the man has done his own will and has no longer wanted to do My will, and the saints mourn with Me in heaven and on earth for My pain from the man, and the prophet Elijah cries for every man who does not want God as his Master, and he cries with Me and makes haste to prepare My coming and its way and to cleanse it from each unfaithful man and to adorn it from place to place with the spirit of the faith and of the longing after God in the man’s heart. He wants to put in the people on the earth the spirit of revival, and this prophet works with mourning like Me.


Today I am with the prophet Elijah in My sighing with which I have come down on the earth. The saints have accompanied Me in My descent, for their food is My word, and they have been waiting for a long time for My table of word, their sitting at the table with Me on the earth, for the earth is the footstool of the heaven and the place of those from heaven is nothing else, and it hurts Me with a deep sign the weak faith and the man’s little wisdom. The man lacks any scruples for God, and God’s footstool is the earth and the man does not want to understand well this truth on the earth. The saints sigh like Me of the longing after man, but the man does no longer appear, and I have waited for him sighing and the wound of My endurance has always burnt Me, and the man does no longer come, and the heaven of saints and angels is patient and it endures with mourning waiting like Me for the man to come, to come and to give Me My rest. Amen, amen, amen.

Ė Your entire work, Lord, Your whole long sighing has hurt Your saints, for all live in You, aggrieved God. I want to cry after the man to turn him back to You, as it is written that I should do my work before You so that You may be seen, but the man does not want look ahead of time and see what day is that, oh, Lord. However, I have come down as word over Your people to prepare it according to Your pleasure before You, for we need much perseverance in our work to keep the man in You, Lord.


You, sons of people, give ear when I, the prophet of the coming of the Lord teach those who have faith becoming holy for the day of Christ’s coming. No matter who you are, when you do the works of your unbelief, then you say in vain: „Who is going to see us?”. Oh, the Lord’s footstool is the earth and nothing is hidden from the Lord’s eyes, from the Lord’s heaven. Run after the healing of your sins, for behold, the sick man receives the doctor and he looks for him when he has got pains, but the sinful man does no longer seek after his healing and he has no longer any mind to see his fallen life. Give yourselves to the Lord to your healing and get up before His great day when all will see Him, for the dead hear the Lord’s voice and soon they will get up and confess, and those who are alive in their bodies will be terrified from His great day and will no longer be unfaithful.


Oh, people of My word! I mourn and I sigh with the saints of the heaven, and I sigh for the man, for the man thinks that he is God, but he does not want to prove out his faith and to sit down with the work of salvation before Me, and I to work out his life according to My will. The greatest work between earth and heaven is the work of life. However, this is worked by the spirit not by the flesh, for the flesh without spirit is of no use to anything but only for sin and for the emptiness of man’s separation from God, and I sigh with My saints, and My sighing becomes word upon man.

Oh, mother Virgin, oh, My mother, I am with the spirit of your feast into the midst of My people, faithful to My coming, and Our sighing becomes word to give grace to those who listen to it. Oh, My mother, there is only wound all over in heaven on God and on the saints because of man’s separation from God and from the work of life. Our celebrations are not feasts of joy, but they are rather feasts of life, of work for life, My mother. The greatest work of the man should be this, but We sigh in heaven for man, for his wandering away has become too long and too great, mother. The spirit of the world has put away the Spirit of God from the earth, and the man uses My name only get a name for himself, but not life, mother, and woe to the man who does not deserve to make a name with My name and woe to the one who puts his trust in man and not in God, and not on the mystery of the work of life, the work which is learned first and only after that is worked, mother.

Behold, I come as a Teacher on the earth. I pass through you, My people, I pass with the word of My teaching for the man to receive Me from you, the man who hears My work of life into your midst. The man cannot build his life out of the work of his hands. The man cannot do anything without always having a teacher over him, and he does not believe this. Before My ascending to the Father, I told My disciples not to depart from Jerusalem until they would be clothed with power from above, with the Holy Spirit, Who would teach them everything taking from Me and giving to them from those that are Mine, and they were all the time in the temple, praising and blessing God, doing the work of life, the work of God over them. This is what he who believes in Me does, and he works this way learning from Me, for I am the Teacher Who teaches the man to believe and then with his faith in Me to work with God over his life, not by himself, for his self does not help the man but it only helps to his separation from Me and then to his wandering away far from Me.

Oh, My mother, I dwell with the life of My word into the midst of My people and We comfort our sighing. We give comfort to each other in your day of feast among the saints, and let the people receive life from Our work, mother, and let the man that is astray from God receive life, for the man does no longer know the way of life.


The man has to be ministered by angels and his life does not have to be otherwise. However, if he does not have a teacher upon himself, he has not got ministering angels either, but rather he has got only his will of master over him, and with it he tells to himself all that he wants and does.

Behold, children with a sigh within you like Me, I cannot have the man as My son, for I listen to My Father, and I do only what He tells Me, that is what I do, and I walk with My Father as a Son, and I inherit His love and power in heaven and on earth, near Him and near the man, and I am ministered by angels, for I am submitted to God Father, but the man cannot work until he first does his will, poor of him, and he has hidden from God from the very beginning in order to do his will. From the beginning, the man has not been able to understand what God with him has meant, and what he with God on earth has meant either, for he who does his will, that one does not know what God near man is, and he does not know how God has to be worshipped. I would like, children sons, that the man may understand My will on earth. I want the man to understand that he needs a father on earth if he wants to be a son. I look on the earth to see and I do not see anything else but only the man who does his will, from his going to bed to his getting up, and from his getting up to his going to bed, and I do not see the man working something else for the benefit of God on the earth and over the man.


after I made the man by My godly hand, he has not comforted Me and thus he has owed to his Creator. The man has owed to be born of God, to be after God’s likeness, to be humble like God and not a master over everything and that is all, for the man has dominion over everything that is alive between earth and heaven, but he cannot give life to them and then to feed them as I feed them at their request, for all the living creatures ask for their food from Me and not from the man. Oh, the man does not only have to stay as master, but he also has to become after My likeness, according to My humility by which I created the man after My likeness. The man has to be born of God, as My mother, the Virgin, was born of God at God’s word by God’s messengers, for the prophet David had spoke ahead of time for her and he said: «Hear, o daughter and see and incline your ear; forget also your people and your father’s house». (Ps. 45:10, 45 MT = 44 LXX) And the Virgin became after My likeness and was born of Me, the Word of God, and I was born of her, and We had been a house to each other, and we were God’s will to each other, and thus the word from the beginning was fulfilled and a man was born after God’s likeness, male and female, born of God’s word, for I am born of the Father and I am not created, but I am the Being of the Father, and He is My being, and I and with My Father are of the same being. Amen.


Oh, Romanian people, fed with such an abundant river of word by the glory of My coming to you now! Oh, people who stayed and stay at the mouth of the spring of My word, which brings Me to you! Oh, people carried in My chariot! Unless the man receives his salvation, he cannot see and receive My glory. The man has to become after My likeness to be able to see Me so that he may know Me how much I am and work around him, that he may have Me as God by his submission, like My angels, which glorify Me in heaven above and on earth beneath. Not only My angels, but also the man has to be in heaven above and on earth below at the same time, and I have come to make it possible to the man to do this. Oh, but how little the man wants God and understands Him! It is not only I that have to help the man, but the man has to help Me for his salvation as well, because after I had made him, he has no longer helped Me, and rather he got upset with Me after he went wrong, after he no longer loved obedience to the Father, the word of his Father, the same as the angels listen to it and fulfill it in heaven above and on earth beneath.


You, those who have carried your steps to the day of My angels in My citadel on the earth, ask from Me to receive Me, ask from Me a new heart, a new spirit, a new body and a new power for My life in you, for My heart in you, for the man’s heart takes him on ways which are bitter for Me and for him, and it does not tell the man what it will be after them. I teach you again, and it is not hard for Me to teach you always to learn the work of love, for it is has not come to be in the man’s nature, and the man has to learn to bear it and to work its fruit within him, for it can do everything for the man’s salvation, and it does not let him fall aside from it. When you see that it has no face and work in you and among you, then take its book and work its work according to it, the work of love, the work of God in you. God’s love is not man’s love, it is not. The love is something else that the man knows that it is. Seek to walk in its way and to learn its work like it and not like you. One more hour and My glory will be revealed in the eyes of those who said that they love, and they will stand face to face with My glory, with the love from God, and the man will see his face in it and he will know what man means and what God means, and the man will bring up his prayer before Me like the prophet who opened himself to Me, saying to Me: «Save me, Lord, for the devout man was absent, and because of this, the truth has become less from the sons of the people, who, each one of them has spoken empty words to his neighbor, with cunning lips in their heart and with evil words in it, for when the bad people come to power over the crowds, the wrongdoers and their bad work multiply everywhere».

Oh, learn to drink from Me and to be, and learn to make Me rest and do My will in you. Come near and drink to your benefit. Come and drink and take of My love and give away your love, for behold, there is no truth with the sons of the people and the devout one is not among them to call them and to stop them from their emptiness. Learn the way with obedience in it, but more than that learn the love of God in you, and by it you should also be able to work your likeness with Him. Amen. I came and I come, for I said: «I come soon!». For two thousand years I have been speaking: «I come soon!». And I came and I come, and the man does not see and does not hear, and he does not know My coming and My walking after him, for the man has been wandering away on his ways, and the devout man is not among people to call the man out to respond to My coming, to come to it, to My calling, for I come and I came, and I want to leave My road after man uncovered.

Oh, man, seek after My heart. It has the whole truth in it. Take from it and then let yourself be taken within it, for it is the place of those who love Me. One sits in it like God and not like man. Only those without wickedness come into My heart, and they become infants in it, and wherever they go, they go with their house and remain in it, and they live in My peace, in them and among them. Amen.


Oh, people nourished from heaven, in all the time over the earth, I have been God and Master only for the saints and through them I have revealed Myself that I have been with them and in them, and that the man on the earth does not want to know that God is Master in heaven and on earth. With great difficulty I have worked in all the time among the people by My saints and I was good and merciful, and this is how I wanted to make the man know that he is weak and that God is the One Who is and the One Who can. However, I cry with a heavy sigh and I cry within My saints and the saints cry in Me because of the lack of love on earth, and the man does not get up to make Me joyful, to comfort Me in My pain from him. Those who have sanctified themselves for My joy from them have been those who comforted Me, those who have given Me house on the earth, for the man’s heart and the love in it before Me and before the people is a house for Me, in such a way that the people may see My face in the saints and My work in them, by which I call the man into the light. I call the man to walk in the light to have life so that he may not have darkness in him but to have life instead. Oh, how shall I do so that the man may know what darkness is? The darkness is the man and the hidden work of the man and which darkens the man in his mind and in his heart, being seen in the man’s face, for the darkness cannot destroy the light, but the light destroys and dispels it for this is its work and God works by the saints on the earth. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, sons of men, take from this table and see how good, how merciful the Lord is with those who are good in their heart, and then get up from your blood, from your nature fallen from God, and take into your stomach the teaching of life and seek after My word, oh, sons of the people and always receiving from it, you will be able to feel how much I miss the man. I made the man with longing and he pulled himself from Me and then he went on living by his power, and God has been crying after the man, and behold, He calls him to give his life back, so that the man may become like Me, and that we may see each other, know each other and love each other forever with the love which is from the Father, and which is between the Father and the Son, and from which man, you can have, you can learn how to have, because I, the Lord, call you and behold how sweetly I speak to you to know Me, and behold, man, I have been fulfilling during these days My word from the Scriptures, by which I said: «Because of the sorrow of the poor and for the sighing of those who are destitute, I will get up now and bring their salvation and I will speak them clearly». Amen, amen, amen.


I speak again and I say: woe to the man who waits imagining the kingdom of the heavens on earth and in heaven outside of him! I was born for the man’s heart, to make it the throne of My kingdom in man, and this is how the man is supposed to understand the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens and this is how the man is supposed to work, for I Myself have showed to the man the work which he has to work after he receives birth from above from Me and life and wisdom for it. When I made the man, I made him a mature man, but when I took the man’s image, I humbled Myself very much and I appeared then as a small baby, born from the body of Virgin mother, as every man would have been if he had not violated the obedience to God and the love for obedience. Oh, become small, man. Humble yourself for I, the Lord, humbled Myself and I humbled Myself greatly and then the man humiliated Me and the humility that came from the man had placed Me in humility, and My Spirit was before the man and before the Father. Clothe your heart within this spirit and become into My image and after My likeness, to be able to see each other by resemblance, man, for only when we resemble each other we will be able to see each other and not otherwise, man. I want you to understand My kingdom and its place in you before the day of My glory, for it has its place destined in man, and its miracles are wonderful in man, and then outside of him to the good view of many then, and then you will be like Me, man. Amen.


Oh, man without My will with your life on the earth! The Lord calls you! Oh, do no longer stay only as on earth, but rather stay in My will on earth before Me, for I said: «The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool», as the earth is for the man, and behold, you forget about the heaven on the earth and you do your will against My will and you have no teacher to teach you My will. Oh, drink of this spring, man! Wash your eyes and wash your body in the water of My spring and then become My will on the earth, man without any way! Behold, I am the way, and I come into your way with it and I teach you from it; become My will, man without God. I taught My disciples to confess Me as their God that My wills may reign on earth as in heaven, and that I may bless them with bread and protection when they love each other loving themselves within My wills and being saved by them.

Oh, sons of the people, learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in My heart, and I really am. Be like God either, gentle and humble in your heart. Be like God too, oh, people, and then you will be. Behold, My word clothes you in it. Listen to its calling and to its fondness and run to it, and flee from emptiness, from its deceiving wind, for it is a wind from which no one picks up anything and which does not go anywhere. Come to life! I have come as word on earth to exhort you to it and that you may be clothed within it and in its life from Me, to become My saints and to get away from the face of the darkness of this perishable age. Come! I am after you with My spring and I meet you with it. Meet it too, for I said: «He who believes in Me, rivers of living waters will flow from his mouth». Become a spring of My god-ly word that has come to you on earth, but you should believe that I am this word, and pray for the gift of the faith from above, for by faith you will receive and will be My righteous ones, and you will be. Amen.

Oh, My people, I have opened My voice over the sons of people to take from it and to comfort it and then they may desire My wills on the earth. I, the Lord, am with the mercy after the man. I want to help the man to come from the darkness into the light, for this age passes away, but I want the man to come to Me and then to put an end to this age, which keeps the creature closed in it, and then to set the man in My kingdom on clean and holy land. Amen.


Oh, weak man, come back to Me to be saved from your enemy and yours, for he who is your enemy cannot do you any good. He who takes you out of God, that one is your ene-my, weak man, and you cannot do anything without Me, nothing of what you say that you do, to have and then to lose, for everything you do, you do only to lose it afterwards, and you do no longer know this if you stay outside of Me and run away from My way! Oh, come to Me to help you, come, weak man! Oh, let Me stay in your way and let Me take you in the boat of salvation. Get used to abstain from food, give the meat away from you, and get used do the will of the Holy Spirit, weak man! Amen.

Oh, sons of men, do no longer eat meat! Do no longer let yourselves be dragged by this temptation, which gives birth in you to the spirit of debauchery, of which you do no long-er repent. Enough! Do no longer eat meat! Stop drinking any drinks that destroy you, sons of people! Shake yourselves from the lust of the body and from the lust of the eyes, which draw you to debauchery, and do no longer feed by this the spirit of the pride of life and of the de-bauchery of life, for the life is only that which comes from God, only that which is lived with God, and the life is not otherwise. Receive from Me the way of life and repent from the evil things in you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in spirit, and this is how you have to teach and live in all the days of fasting from food, for your fasting is otherwise and it is not good for you either, because they have to learn not only in their body to fast but also in their soul. And if you want the eternal life, do no longer eat meat, do no longer eat meat, oh, sons of people, and love God to be able to this and to be able to do this for Him, for He loves you and waits for you to love Him, and this is how you should escape from bondage, and this is how to learn to be alive. Amen. May your love for God and the days of fasting for God’s victory in you be blessed, if you love God in them! I give you power of love and faith by love. I give you My peace, and I give you not as the world gives you, but I give you as I gave it to those who were saved by their love of God, oh, sons of men, for God is the man’s salvation and the glory of those who love Him for His glory on earth. Amen.


My Spirit suffers on the earth and I do not find comfort from man. Oh, how long man? I am the Lord Who suffers because of your lack of love and I am cut to My heart and in My body from this sin of yours, and My cross is very heavy because of your lack of love. I come as word on the earth and I do not know what to do with you to believe Me that I am this word, the same as I was the One crucified on the cross by the nails, for this was the will of the unfaithful man to do for Me. Since then there have passed two thousand years, and I come again and knock at the man’s heart, but I do not come visibly, and I come clothed in spirit and word instead, and I do not know what to do with you, man, in order to believe Me that I am this word by which I knock at your heart, at your heart alienated from My peace in you, for I want to give you My peace, when I call you to open for Me and to believe Me. Oh, you have become a master upon the earth and you have done your household on it, and you do no longer receive Me, not even for a stranger, and you do not want to give Me shelter even as a wanderer either. Oh, you do no longer know how to thank God for your soul, man, and you are discontent with Me when you do not receive Me, and you owe Me your life and you do not want to take wisdom from Me and be born of the heaven for it, for without My wis-dom in you and without My Spirit in you, you do not receive Me, you do not know Me, man. However, I remind you of My saints who worked God’s household both in the wilderness and in the travelled place, and they became the servants of My holiness in them on the earth and they sanctified themselves and sanctified My earth and heaven, the land under them and the heaven around them, and they were walking in their body in heaven and on earth, gentle, and humble in their hearts, as I am, and they lived being pleased within My Spirit.

Bow man, to hear My word, and pray to God to give you holy faith in My coming af-ter the man, for the will of the Father Sabaoth is to draw the man to the Father by My coming as it has come now, carrying Me as word over the earth. I was born a Man on the earth to al-low to be crucified by the man and to come from death to life and to go up to the Father again and then to draw the man to the Father by My work with which I live on the earth by the power of the wisdom of My word, which has eternal life in it, man devoid of life. Oh, pray to God, man, and ask Him to help you that you may no longer be you, but the Lord in you with His love, gentle and humble in your heart as He is, and that He may know you as His shelter. Amen.

Oh, My people, I come down as word into your midst for you and for every man on earth, for My saints cry over My mercy when they see Me staying gentle and humble in My heart and pierced in My spirit and body from the man’s will, who does not love Him, who does not have mercy on God on the earth. I am the Lord, and the man is My heavy cross and does not want to work out My comfort under My cross and the man does not want to thank Me for his soul and to know Me as the Master of his life.


The entire soul, which has known now the voice of My coming as word into the Romanian nation, to take spirit of faith from My spring, and to take spirit of resurrection, for I have become word with a spirit of life giving in it and I share Myself far and wide and I speak to every man to go on the way of resurrection and to walk in it, and I to be the Savior and Master of his life, if the man comes back from sin to holiness, from death to life, from darkness to light and to a spirit of resurrection, for it is written into the Scripture: «When I tell the sinner that he will perish in his sins, and he will repent and start doing justice and the works of life, he will save his soul and will live by the works of the life». Amen.

Bow, man, to believe in My coming now as word on earth. I do not come to do any harm to you. I come to call you out and to wake you up from death to life, and then for you to learn the work of life and to work it. I come to be your counselor, man crushed by the time and by its emptiness, and I come to teach you to believe in My resurrection and yours, and that you may believe in My coming to you to take you into the boat of salvation, for I have come out before you with the little boat and My hands and legs are pricked by the nails by which I was nailed to the cross for your salvation from the eternal death, dear man. Oh, I want so much to be dear for you as well, and that you may want Me for your being, for My justice and yours, and to be with Me between earth and heaven, for I built the man to be My bedding and My day of rest and to invite him to the mystery, for which I built the man, and to call him that he may come and then to teach him to have faith so that he may be able to come. Amen.


Oh, man, come back to the wisdom of life, for you wander away, but I come to strengthen your faith and to speak upon you as a Teacher coming from heaven and not as one from the earth, and My mercy upon you has become severe pain in Me and behold, like the shepherd who lost his flock, I seek after you to shepherd you with longing and to teach you the pasture and to give you to drink of My water and no longer to go thirsty after you, but only after Me, for I am the One Who has the water of life, and only it can quench your thirst, man tired of which is not yours, for the love for temporariness is a phantom, it is not love, but I have love and I give it to you, if you stretch out your hand to Me to give it to you. Oh, do not run away from the way with eternity in it. I become the way to life before you and I give you to drink the water of life on the way to be able for life, and I call you, and I call you with longing on the way of life, man, and I am the word of life in your way on the way and I give you My hand to go. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the One Who was resurrected from the dead, and I give you My hand to get up and to be alive and to set your faith in life, for the life comes from God. Amen.


I come down from heaven on earth, and I come down crying and I come speaking over the man to show him the abyss in which he stays and to give him a little gate to escape and to take him out of the abyss of this sin and to teach him how to look at Me and how to let himself be seized by My love, by which I come down from heaven on earth after the man to give him living life, holy life, which does not perish from between man and Me, when the man loves the life without sin in it.


Oh, My disciples, I have chosen you from the people two thousand years ago and I have made you the messengers of the kingdom of the heavens, and very few people understood this royal life on the earth! The man does not give up his life, but, on the contrary, he struggles for it, but in the Scriptures it is written My word, which says: «He, who gains his life, will lose it». (Luke 9:24) Oh, dear disciples, I have showed you My divinity, by which I was working power and signs upon people, to be able to choose you as sons of steadfast faith, sons of miracles. Then you have received spirit of My Spirit, for I had breathed Holy Spirit with My mouth and I said to you: «Receive Holy Spirit and go in all the world and show the kingdom of the heavens in you by the signs and miracles of your faith, and baptize the nations in the word of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and whoever’s sins you forgive, they are forgiven them, and whoever’s sins you retain, they have been retained». (See also John 20:22, 23) Behold, I speak now a great mystery: the Holy Spirit appears over the man to whom his sins are forgiven, and in this way it known the one who is forgiven, and he who does not receive in him the sign of the Holy Spirit, that one remains in his sins, in his blood, far away from the life of the kingdom of the heavens in man. Amen.

Oh, dear disciples, open your little mouths for My glory in you and give voice of teaching over the earth, for I have chosen you and I have sent you saying to you: «Therefore go in the whole world and baptize the nations of the earth in the name and the word of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, preaching from margins to margins the kingdom of the heavens that has come on the earth with Me, the Son of God, Savior Who has come from the Father then and now for everyone who believes this miracle: My coming». Amen, amen, amen.

Ė Lord Word, Your coming is as sure as the crack of the dawn, as it is written about it in the prophets, but the people have made a wall between You and them, the spirit of empty glory, for the man does not escape from it even if he is dead, oh, Lord full of compassion for the last man. We cry with Your Spirit to be heard from margins to margins and we say that the kingdom of the heavens has come with great power over the people and is shaken from its foundation so that they may fall down and Your kingdom may be established in man, for some with glory and for some others with wrath, righteous Lord. You have made us into Your word on the earth, and behold, even in heaven, Lord Word, we are an example of the kingdom of the heavens, which You had put in us when You called us to it with Your power. Oh, pull the people, with Your power, out of their spirit and set them in Your Spirit. Set Your Spirit in them so that the people may see Your coming, for behold, it makes noise and its voice blows to be heard, and its voice urges the people to wake them up and they to be able to see how fleeting their labor is and how truly Your Gospel is, which says this to the people: «He who gains his life will lose it».

We sit together with You as word over the earth and over the Romanian nation and over Your little people of today, for we are Your messengers, Lord, and only he who is sent has a hundredfold, good harvest to be put into the barns. Now we celebrate our day of synod as in heaven among those who are Your little ones, and then we set down to work, Lord. Let Your peace be the foundation for Your work, and let it be built on it, Lord, the kingdom of the heavens in the people, so that You may have rest in those who do not know this time: Your coming, for behold, You come down crying from heaven on earth as word, crying You come down from the Father to the man, and crying You strengthen Yourself to be able to work, Lord of the powers. Amen, amen, amen.


Two thousand years ago, after I let Myself be put on the cross by man and after I was resurrected, I revealed completely the truth of My divinity, My being of the Son of the Father Sabaoth, born of Him before all eternity, and then born on earth from man, the Son of Man, I said to My disciples this: «All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Receive Holy Spirit, and therefore go, preaching over the nations the kingdom of the heaven that has come to them, for all those who will believe and will be baptized in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit» (See also Matt. 28:18, 19) Oh, but how shall I tell My disciples now to work upon people? The people say that they are baptized, that they are faithful, that they have got God as their Father and the Son as their Savior and that they are good as they are.

Oh, how shall I tell you to work upon the people in this time, beloved disciples? I am coming with you from those in heaven and we are, among those from heaven, a table of disciples with a Teacher, as I was on earth with you too. How shall we work upon the people on the earth? My fifty year old word, this word which springs from God’s throne and the Lamb’s, as I, the Lord, showed to My disciple John, that he could see the time of nowadays and to announce it to be, the man does not wash in this river of word; the man does not look to see his face and to thirst and then to look for My spring. I spoke through the Scriptures: «He who is thirsty, I will freely give him of the spring of the water of life, and then the one who will overcome will be heir».

Oh, beloved disciples, I come with you from the bosoms of the heaven to work on earth and the man to hear now the course of the spring of the living water and to thirst after it. I in you and you in Me, this is how you have to work. May your work and word from heaven on earth be blessed, for the earth is Our footstool for work, as the heaven is Our throne of council. God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; you should work in these names and you should speak from the table of the holy council the word of the renewal of the world, for it is written about you My word that was written then, that «at the new birth of the world, you will also sit on twelve thrones, judging over the earth». (See also Matt. 19:28) Amen, amen, amen.


Ė We are set for the proclaiming of the kingdom of the heavens on the earth, disciples coming from heaven, coming on the earth with their Teacher, Christ. Amen.

Oh, people from the earth, God sits in the midst of gods and has council for the salvation of the nations of the earth. We speak over all the creatures by our sending. He, who believes and is baptized in this word, will be saved, and he who will not believe, will be condemned, as the Lord spoke through the Scriptures. The angels of the great council are with us, and we are His disciples. As the Father had sent Him, in the same way He had sent us as well. Amen.

Oh, people on the earth, do not seek after the gifts! Do not love glory, but do love humility instead, for the man is sinful, and he needs forgiveness and resurrection, not gifts that may glorify him on the earth. The empty glory has always taken the man away from before the Lord. The empty glory is a severe and stinking illness in man, and the angels of God flee from it and they flee from the man in which it makes its nest. There is no more man who does not crave for glory. If the man looked at himself, he would see his sinfulness and repent from it and would stay in humility by the gift of repentance, which would bring him the forgiveness of his sins.

Oh, man who lack the grace from above! Have you not really read in the Scripture, the work of those who are forgiven by the useful faith for the man? The Lord had sent us, and if He had sent us, then He had also taught us to know those who believe as one believes in Him, and He told us this: «To those who believe I will give these signs: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new languages, they will take up serpents, and they will not hurt them, and they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover». (Mark 16:17, 18) Oh, people from the earth, the heavenly powers cannot work by those who love the glory of these powers for them!

Oh, man who lack humility, you lack repentance as well. Do no longer go wrong for behold, you cannot humble yourself, even for your forgiveness from God, lest that the heavenly powers may work through you for the people lost from God. Bow, therefore, and seek to thirst after God, for you are sinful and you need forgiveness and resurrection. To the one who thirsts, the Lord gives him freely to drink from the spring of the living water, and if he drinks and controls himself, he will be heir of the kingdom preached by us on the earth, for the Lord had sent us, and if He had sent us, He had also told us: «Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to the whole creation. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who disbelieves will be condemned». (Mark 16:15-16) Amen.

Man, you condemn yourself to the fleeting glory if you do not want to believe and to embrace the work of humility, which is to help you understand the kingdom of the heavens, the Gospel of the Lord’s coming with the reward for any good deed. Those who do not wait for the Lord are condemned to taste the passing glory on the earth, of everything that withers away under the man’s eyes, which passes once with them. Behold, this is the condemnation of those that do not believe. However, we, the Lord’s messengers, bring on earth the spirit of the humility from above, the spirit, which gives the man power to believe and to know God on earth, and then to receive the heaven as his inheritance, as we had also received when we followed the Lord in our life in us, with our love in us. Oh, man, bow, and the Lord will exalt you, coming down to you to give to you and for you to be able to work for your salvation. Amen.


There is still a little while of My word, for My longing is too great to be able to quench now, but I pour it out little by little, to make it known by the man and to find comfort from man somehow, for only the man can quench My flame for seven thousand years, since, crying as a true God, I have remained without house, without rest, without any beding for My pain, after I lost My joy. The man was My joy, but the joy left Me. And because I lost My joy, the father lost it too, even if I, His son, was for Him house, joy, obedience and rest, but I was crushed with pain, after I lost the man, and I have stayed in this way and this is how I have dwelt in the Father, and I still dwell in tears and full of longing, and the Father is in Me.

Oh, people from the earth, I want to knead your faith and your feeling again. I come as word full of longing on the earth. When I ascended to the Father, after My resurrection from the dead, I told to My disciples that I would be with them to the end of the time, but a cloud covered Me from their face, to remain with them mysteriously, and after that the cloud rose in the air, and since then I have remained covered from the face of man, but I have remained to the end with those who believe, loving Me and receiving Me to be with them. I am both with the Father and with the man, and I am without an end everywhere, for this is God, the One Who made the heaven, the heaven and man. Amen.

Oh, people on the earth, do not live without God on the earth, oh, do not live like that, for it is hard on the earth and the man does not know, poor of him, that it is hard without God on earth. As long as I lived on the earth with My disciples, I protected them from every evil, from every hardship, and then I left them and settled within a mystery, and I went to be in the Father, and since then I have lived mysteriously with the man, and then My disciples had taken after Me on earth, they had suffered like Me and were in My image and after My likeness, for when We sat in council, I and My Father, when it was about to make man, We said to make him in Our image and after Our likeness. He who comes to be Mine and then he does not want to be in Our image and after Our likeness, Mine and My Father’s, that is the one who does not see Me, for it is written about those who see Me: «They will be like Him, for they will see Him as He is». (1 John 3:2)

Oh, behold, man, how much I am aggrieved because of your departure from God. I want to knead your faith and feeling after God again, and I want to live in you in My image and after My likeness, full of the pain from man and from the longing after the man. I want you to suffer too from My pain after you, and I want you to carry Me too, man. I am full of mercy after you. I want you to be likewise after Me, too, that we may take after each other, man. The man built by My hand did not want to be like Me, and he gave Me the pain and he chose the joy of his life and he took his place away from Me. And since then, I have wandered away after the man, and I have gone after him in tears. I have cried through the prophets and I have gone after the man with the voice of My word spoken through the prophets, but the man has been stiff-necked. Now I have become a river of affectionate word, sweet word to the man, and I would have not worked that way if it had not been written in the Scriptures to become over the earth, the river and the water of life, as clear as crystal, and which springs from the throne of God and of the Lamb, for two thousand years ago I said: «Until heaven and earth pass away, one jot of My word shall in no way pass away from the law, until all things will be accomplished, as it was spoken». (See Matt. 5:18) Behold, My word has become a river over the earth, and I have given it to the people, as I have always given it. Take and drink from it, man, and seek it with thirst, for it seeks after you, walking from margins to margins, and it has called you to thirst after it. It is God, the Word, and it springs from My mouth, and I am the dwelling of the Father, God’s throne, I am God’s Lamb. Amen.


Oh, My people of old, and you, My people of today and tomorrow, stand up if you have sins, and wash them away from you and from Me, son, for I am good and gentle for you and I wait for you. I have brought into view into your midst, many memorial lists with sins, many hidings from God and from those who are the light of man to Me from God, and these stay before Me not cleansed, sons. The hiding of the works and that of the hidden words has become great darkness on My way to you and on your way to Me. Oh, cleanse your way, disobedient son, the way of your prayer to Me. Do not forget that each one will stay in his own order, as it is written. Do not forget that if there is no one to give good testimony for you before Me, you will cry without being comforted in the day of the testimonies, sons. Oh, therefore, get up, and cleanse your being from those who are your covered things among brothers, and by which brothers fall down, for My church is that which stays in the light and in the unity by the light. The righteous one is the one who is forgiven. He, who is in the hiding, stays without growth and within ignorance. I have taught you, My people, not to run away, from those who have to bring Me good testimony about you. Oh, do not flee from them, but run to them instead, this is what I have taught you. I have taught you to go and to ask them about Me and about you. I have taught you everything for your life. Fulfill them, sons, and knock at the door to be welcomed and cleansed by those who separate you from God. No matter how guilty you may be towards your brother, you can cleanse yourself if you want. Come back! The reward comes on the earth for any kind of work. Reconcile yourself to God in your open heart, and not otherwise, staggering son, discontent son. Oh, come to Me with the one against whose conscience you have gone wrong. Come to Me with the one who has gone wrong against you, and do not come alone. Come, you those who go wrong and I will heal you. Let us work as on earth at least, sons, at least as it is worked on earth the work of the occurrence of justice and then of the reconciliation among brothers. Work out deliverance for the conscience of those who can fall because of you from My bosom. I want to boast you for this work done among you as some of My beloved brothers, and then like some sons. I want to be your brother in order to help you, and to exhort you as a father. Get healed from everything that is not beautiful within you, from everything you have wounded in the power and conscience of those on the same way with you. This forerunning work brings its glory after it. Oh, love needs a clean road, sons. Let us be alive, sons. I am the God of the living, of those who see and of those who see like Me and not like man. Learn from My word that is upon you about your dwelling in God and about God’s dwelling in you, sons.


Oh, I have got you together, My people, to make you glad with My coming down to you, and then to help you to come to Me too with your joy, with your joy to My spring of word. I have made heavenly gardens on earth for Me and for you, to meet together on their grassland and to teach you to be a dwelling place of My kingdom on earth, for if you do not become My kingdom, then the evil spirit comes and makes his dominion in you and then you leave Me without a dwelling place in you, son. An obedient and loving people of God into the midst of the people is the greatest treasure on earth, when it lives in My good Spirit, brother with brother, work with work among brothers, light from the Light between God and man, and then between man and man, so that I may have food on it when I come from the Father to shepherd the obedient and loving people of God. The good spirit in man draws God to the man and fills him with expensive gifts and then it makes God rest in man, My people. Oh, son, seek after My happiness in you, for I yearn after My peace between man and Me. There are fifty years since I have been teaching you, making a way for Me with My teaching of new heaven and new earth on the earth and for your becoming eternal on earth by your obedience to Me. In this day of great feast for My mother, the Virgin, I, the Lord, embrace you at My bosom, and I comfort you with My good Spirit and I ask you to take after Me between brother and brother, for the good spirit in man can do this between man and God and between man and man on the earth.


Oh, you should not be ashamed with God on earth in your being overflowing on the sides. You should be ashamed of the devil and his wide work, but not with God, My people. Oh, seek to have fear of God, for it keeps you from committing sin when you know that what you want to do is sin. The one without fear of God commits sins immediately, and the sin, once committed, does no longer let you take care of God in your body and in your heart, but it leads to carelessness of My life in you and in My clean bosom, and where the man, washed away from sin and disobedience, has got his place.


Take a pencil and paper and write the fruit of the good spirit and the fruit of the evil spirit, for where the good spirit does not live then the evil spirit lives, My people, but I teach you more than I spoke in My time with you, for you are the people of My second coming from the Father, and I ask you to be holier than all the saints who were on the earth before Me, and then in My heaven of saints, I ask you more because I sit down into your midst as word, and I stay enshrouded within the word, so that you may carry Me with the glory of My word, which is the river of life, which the Scripture speaks about that it will be to flow on the earth from My throne, son, My people. My saints loved Me on earth with their virtues heavy with their longing and love of God, these being worked with great abstinence, but you have to love Me with obedience to My word in the end of the time, and by which I prepare the man for his fulfillment with Me and with the day of the judgment of the works. Oh, do not get upset that I ask you love without limits in your fulfillment, for I love without limits and I grow you to be, and I have not loved anyone up to you as I have loved you; and as a mother nurses her baby incessantly so that it may grow, in the same way I nursed and I nurse you with the milk of eternity to grow up and be an eternal man and not a temporary man; and behold, I tell you now, that it makes Me suffer to see you that you cannot be on earth as in heaven, when I, the Lord your God, feed you so holily, so much, so sweet, son. Oh, do not get upset with Me, when I ask you to be with Me on earth among people, for the sight of My body comes closer to the eyes of men, and it has come closer little by little, and you have to be the window by which the man will see God. Be wise, My people so much nourished, for the people will know you, the one nourished by Me with the milk of heaven, for My sign will be seen on you, My word written on your forehead and body, because I have always enshrouded you within the mystery of My word, of life giving, and this mystery will be discovered in the day of the testimonies, and you will be seen if you have listened to your Teacher or not.


I am a mother of the mercy for man and I teach every man to bow in the same way as I bowed and bore the Lord in my spirit, in my body and then in my heart, who was His dwelling place. Bow man, to believe, for the Lord has bowed down to you! What do you gain if you struggle and do not believe the mystery of the word, which comes with the clouds to call you and to choose you among those that believe? Do you gain the reward of those who do not believe, which is the weeping and gnashing of teeth and the outer darkness; instead you gain the spirit of the world, that feeds the man with its vanity and with its trespasses, worked by man and which are the man’s perishing. Oh, do not take after the man who kills your spirit, who kills your faith in the works of the life pleased to God; do not take after the one who does not believe and who is dead to the word of the calling to life! Ask that one what he gives you in return, if he makes you not to believe in the spirit of life, and ask him where the spirit of life is, and how it works the life in man, if he is in another part at work on the earth! Oh, those who are not faithful do not see God in those who love Him, and those who do not see are blind. Do not let yourself be guided by a blind man, but rather let yourself under the spirit of love and come in its way, for its way has got on it those who serve the Lord on the earth among people, as Zachariah the prophet listened to the spirit of prophecy and fulfilled the Scriptures of the Son of God for His coming from the Father to the man two thousand years ago, and behold, I have spoken again, now, the Scripture of the Word of God Who comes with the clouds to feed the people with the wisdom from above. Amen.


Come son, come My people, let us sit at the table with the wisdom, Who was born before the morning star and Who became flesh, born of the Virgin, so that He may grow into a perfect man with the people, full of grace and truth, word of the Father’s word. Come, My people, come to learn and to become My fulfilled word, as I have always taught you and urged you, for I can make you, since I can speak upon you the word of making. Your mind is the dwelling place, which is able to receive Me or not into your inner being, but even from the beginning God has breathed a wind on earth, refreshing of man’s soul, and the man is able to receive from it, the spirit of faith from the mysterious wind, the spirit of God’s knowledge and then the spirit of God’s fear, and behold, this is how the man is born of God on the earth, and then he worships Me like Abraham, for this was Abraham’s birth from Me, and then He believed like God and then God gave Himself over to him by the mystery above nature of God’s works between God and man, first by faith, then by sight and then by the fulfilled word, because Abraham became God’s bosom then, and God became Abraham’s bosom, and who can see with the eye or touch by hand this mystery above nature of the holy faith, a faith that does not examine but rather is fulfilled beyond the knowledge and view of the passing man? Oh, this is how Abraham has remained, the man who does not pass away, the man born of God, and in whose garden those, who are faithful like Abraham, take a rest, from him and up to this day, My people.


You have nothing to wait for from the people, for the people stay in the precipice of their unbelief and do no longer get out of it. However, you call out by Your voice over this dark deep and we, Your saints together with You and from You, call out in the coming: Come to life, you dry bones, for the flesh is rotten on you, it is only sin, and the sin is death, it is rottenness like the body, which decays in the soil! Come to life, you, people locked-up in bodies and sold to sin! We, the three bishops, Basil, Gregory and John, servants of fire in the Lord’s temple, mysterious workers in the vineyard of today, at the fire altar, settled by the Lord now into the midst of the Romanian nation for the Lord to burn on it the spirit opposing to Him and all the sins of the human creature, from Adam to this day, we, those who have come down from heaven in these days of the Lord’s coming, at his beginning in the year of 1955, by His trumpet by which He called out, and again, now, at the end of His calling by those who serve now before the workers of fire together with us and we, together with them, call out and announce the Lord’s commandment: Come to life, you, dry bones, and become God’s sons by the gift of the holy faith! Come to live, you, locked-up spirits in your bodies sold to the unbelief, to the spirit of the world and sin! We do no longer command the evil spirit to come out of you, but we command your spirit to come to life and to overcome for God in you. Come to life and believe in God and then give forth fruit worthy of repentance and then become God’s sons, become holy just as we also became holy on the earth before the Lord of the saints, for He has given us this power, as it is written for those who believe in Him! Amen.


Oh, sons of the world, sons of men! I, the Lord, bow to you to make your calling again, for it is for this that I have come from the Father again on earth. You are at the bottom, and I am above the spirit of the world, for the spirit of the world is the precipice which keeps you between its borders so that you may not see the truth and its light beyond the banks of this precipice, which does not let you see. Only when I make My mercy on you come down, My waking wrath, only then you see Me, only then your faith in God gets up from its sleep, the feeling of your heart about your only Savior, for the man looks for his savior in his great affliction.

Oh, sons of the world, your unhappiness is great! The unhappiness is the opposing spirit of the happiness of your souls. Do not forget that your souls are from God and that you give them dead food. Do not forget that they yearn in you after life even when you call their works of death life, the works of unbelief. Oh, do not forget that the unbelief is the spirit of the darkness and the ruler of this age and in which you stay as in a dungeon. I, the Lord, call you from over you. Your evil power does not let you and it does not save you from it, and the spirit of unbelief does not cover the sight of your spirit so that you may not deny the spirit of the world, the spirit that feeds even your sleep. Oh, open your eyes, open them alone and be perceived by the spirit of the holy faith to take from God the resurrection from the death in which you stay. The time of the resurrection of the dead has come, who hear God’s word to get up, and I, the Lord, call you from over you and I give you the spirit of resurrection. The saints wait for your waking up, for they were people like you on earth and they got in heaven by the work of their faith, sweet work for man but which the man does not know, for the man beats against the precipice in which he stays when he tries to look to see, and the one who does not see, remains in unbelief, remains blind and deaf. My mercy calls the man out. My mercy on man becomes word upon man and calls out to the man saying: Come, man, to see and to understand the first things before the man’s death, when the man was comprised in God as a baby is in his mother’s womb until he gets out in the passing away realm! Come, man, to Me before I may come to You because of your unbelief, to wake you up from it, to see and to believe! However, the faith that comes to you by My wrath for your unbelief, that one judges and it does not comfort. However, I am the Lord, the Comforter, and I come with comfort and get in to your ear closed to Me, and I open it and tell you comfortably that the unbelief is the spirit of the world. And I also tell you man, fallen man, that the faith is God’s Spirit against the darkness of the unbelief. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, sons and daughters of the earth, take courage for the Lord, and sanctify yourselves if you hear His voice! Stop sinning and hate it to death and then kill it in you, and you will come to life! Stop sinning so that the Lord may not stop you! The sin comes from the body and from the devil, and the devil is the father of sin and of lie and he is God’s adversary and yours and the adversary against all the people of the earth. He who wants to belong to the Lord’s heavens let him put an end to sin and to the pride that comes with sin, for the sin will be condemned by a great damnation soon, soon. Anything you may be on the earth, by name or by rank, humble yourselves, for you are sinners and your sin humiliates you; it does not feed you nor exalts you! Come out of the fire and throw out from your bodies the condemning fire in man, for the sin burns in you like fire; come out, and come into the flame of the Holy Spirit, Who cleanses the man by the word! The Lord has come as word on the earth into the midst of the Romanian people. He is not the man, He is not the devil, but He is the Lord Word and works upon you and for you and you cannot hide beneath your lack of wisdom, by which you want to say that it is not the Lord Who speaks into the midst of the Romanian people the end of the sin and the new beginning, a beginning again, for the first things will pass away with great noise, and you will see soon, soon, that this Scriptures will be fulfilled. I am the disciple who touched by my hand the wounds of His body, crucified on the cross by the people, by Ana and Caiaphas and by Pilate, who, being ashamed for their sin, could not submit to the Christ’s truth, but they rather hid and struck in secret and punished the right One, because sin does nothing else in man when the man hides not to be seen with the sin in him. These bought Judas and then forsook him as the only one guilty after they used him, and this is what the priests do and all those who love sin, spending their body and soul on sin.

Oh, sons and daughters of the Romanian land, put an end to your sin as old as seven thousand years and live within the cleanness in your bodies and among you, for if the heaven asks you, and you will not be able to stop, then you have gathered sin upon sin. The Lord waits for you to be His saints on the hearth of the Romanian people, the fallow land of the Lord’s coming with His saints, as it is written to be, and a holy man is the man who does no longer commit sin in his own body, loving God and loving his enemies. Stop eating meat, for if you do not stop, you will be filled will all diseases, with all evil abscesses, which the Lord sends on earth over the people who kill the living being with soul in it and he takes it killed in his belly! Seek after this spring of word, for God Word is springing out of His mouth the word into the midst of the Romanian people now, in the end of the time! Oh, seek God! Amen.


Ė The same has been with us, Your disciples and prudes and of Your resurrection, we wish Your glory in the midst of the Romanian people to be more and more known on the earth, oh, Lord, and make of the dead sons and daughters of this nation resurrected people, as You also resurrected us and filled us with Your love and then we were Your disciples.

Oh, sons and daughters of the Romanian people, come to life for the Lord as we also came to life and then preached the Lord’s kingdom to the kings and we became His heaven on earth! Open your eyes well, for you live in hard times! Seek for you with justice and do not stay under the leaders chosen by you, for those who are staying now over you with carelessness sell the land beneath you to the strangers, they sell you to the enemies of country and soul. Come and ask the Lord, so that He may exhort you from above, for you are in hard times and you do not know from heaven, but you know only as on earth! Take well into consideration the example given to you by the Lord today about the king of the Judea, who, fulfilling the law and the Lord’s commandments together with the whole people, had a long time of peace. Come to life and let yourselves be lead by the resurrected One, for the resurrected Lord has come as word on the earth and He is the Teacher. Christ was resurrected for us and for you! Come to life too and become God’s sons and daughters like us, full of His love, for there will no longer be sin, but only the Lord and with His sons will be. Amen, amen, amen.


I am coming down with a sweet voice of mother to the place of the spring of the word of my Son and I am finding you gathered at a heavenly table. I am one with my Son. I am in Him and He is in me, for this is written for the Lord to work through those who believe in Him. I am coming to give you the exhortation of life. Love life! It is my Son, Who took the dust into His hand and made the man in His image and after His likeness and then He breathed life upon him with His mouth. Love the life, for my Son has given it to you, for the life is in Him and the life is the light of the people! Keep away from death and keep away from sin, for the sons of men do not know what death is and that is why they spend in it. Oh, do not love the world or what is in it, for the world has come to an end and God to the beginning, and it is worked again as in the beginning by word, and God makes them all again. Oh, separate yourselves from sin, for my Son suffers from your sins! Your life be like a virginity! Your living and your life to be of a monk! Look at the saints who have overcome the world and the flesh, that is their body, which lusts against the spirit and then they have sanctified for the Lord. Oh, come back to a life of paradise on earth so that life on earth may come from God and the Lord to take away death from it, for it is written to be so. Oh, do no longer eat meat! Oh, do no longer eat meat! Oh, do no longer eat meat! It is your fault, man, that you eat meat! It is your fault that you do not love God. It is not the devil’s guilt that you have this sin. Your sin is the guilt of the flesh, the sin that you do not love God. You cannot love both yourself and God, for he who loves himself denies God and then he persecutes Him.

Oh, leave off the lust of the body, which comes from the lust of the eyes, and this comes from the spirit of haughtiness of life! Oh, leave off the love for yourselves and give your love to the Lord, for it increases with Him and does not decrease, and this treasure will come out before you if you gather it with the Lord to have it, for the Lord labors only and only for man and He humbles Himself laboring. Oh, rejoice over the Lord’s gifts and over the sacrifice of love of His sacrificing people and then I will exhort you again to my Son, Who becomes word on the earth now, at the end of the time, on the hearth of the Romanian people. Be gentle and humble in your heart, be like my Son! Do not be like the sons of men, do not be like the sons of this age, who live as in the time of Noah and bring forth fire which burns the world, for the earth burns from the man’s sins, because the sin is a fire and it is the man’s end.

Oh, open up your arms and embrace my Son as I embraced and loved Him more than my life! Oh, come to be born of word and to become the sons of God, for those who believe in Him, they are those who do no longer die and they are those who live, and they live in Him, in my beloved Son, in Whom I was well pleased with my love, with my entire longing and with my entire living on earth. Bear this life on earth and you will live the sweetness and you will live through it and you will be christs, and the Lord will be glorified through you, for His will is your sanctification.

Learn the love and its apostleship! Learn the life without sin! Learn the love from John, my Son’s beloved disciple, to whom He gave me when He went to the Father after He was resurrected, and he took me to his home, loved me, stayed with me and fed me with my Son and I lived in obedience of God. Amen.

Oh, your house needs to be useful to God, not to you, if you are God’s child. This is what a child of God needs to know. Moreover, how is your house supposed to serve God and not you? First of all you have to serve God and not you or those who are yours, and then you have to bring the Lord into your house, at your table, at your heart, in your deed, and then He will enable you to do His work on the earth and over the people. Your will have to die so that the Lord may be able to make you His will then, but not only from time to time but always, and in this way you will be God’s kingdom, oh, sons fed by God with food from above, and you will be God’s house on earth as John was, the beloved disciple by his love in him and to whom my Son gave me when He went to be with the Father.

Oh, be gentle and humble in your heart, humble in your conduct and appearance! Come out of the world for the world has come to its end, and the Lord to the beginning! He who stays in the world, that one drinks of its wine, either he wants it or not, and he who comes out of it, that one drinks of the Lord’s wine, from His table, from His graces, which become God’s glory over those who stay under grace. Take, eat and drink from the Lord’s mouth, for the word of His mouth glorifies itself on the earth and calls the man to life, to the love of God, and the dead to resurrection!


And you, those who have come at the spring with longing in your bosom, I have refreshed you with the river of life, and I will refresh you again and again and I will teach you in the course of the day and send you My entire comfort, My entire exhortation, and you are to give away all your worldly worry, and be like angels on earth, for I, the Lord, do not ask you that which you are not able to do, and that is why I ask you only what the love for God can do. The love of God casts out fear and it casts out sin, for sin brings about fear over the man’s heart. Where there is not God’s grace, there fear is and there sin is. Oh, love God and come here to the spring to learn to love God! Come and learn, for I have at the spring those who teach the man from God! Come to meet God and you will receive life as a reward. Soon, soon, there will be nothing on earth and there will be only those who love God and will receive their life as a reward. Amen. I come soon, and My reward is with Me and I will give life to those who love life. Amen.


You, those who have been drinking today from the spring the spirit of the wisdom of God’s mystery, come and learn from God, for the time is dear now and you have to use it for God and not for you. Give your time on earth to the Lord as I gave it to Him! Help each other to the way of the heavenly mysteries, for the Lord stays again with the man in the word and leads him to the mysteries of the life, as He had lead Israel for forty years in the wilderness of the nations on earth to the land of promise. Let the love for God replace in you the love, which takes the man out of God. Learn the love of God and its mysteries from above! Love in heaven, do not love on earth, and help each other for God’s mysteries as Joseph helped me on my way for the Son of God, Who became my Son on earth! Oh, how much he helped me, how much he loved me, how much he concealed me before the people for the word of the Son of God in me and then for His coming to the people, as the time of the Scriptures decided to be so! The love for God needs to have witnesses on the earth as I had even from the beginning of my life among people and to its end on the earth. In the same way they should have witnesses and love for man, as I loved and had witnesses of my love for man, for I had always loved them and done good to them on their way to heaven, and I was giving my heart to them for I needed the man’s love to give it to God with the whole man, but behold, the man’s sin does not want to have witnesses, rather he had the devil as his witness, as the first man built had God and the devil as the witnesses of his haughtiness, because the man can hide neither from God nor from the devil and then my Son saw satan falling down from heaven like lighting because he bowed to man’s haughtiness, to man’s will.


The man is sinful and has to humiliate himself and not judge, for it is written: «He who judges has already been judged». And how does that come? The sin in man is that which judges the sin of another man, for the man is not like God, Who does not judge, because God is Savior and is not the man’s Judge as man is, poor of him, the man who is judged by his own sin.

Oh, do not judge sons! Forgive and you will be forgiven, as my Son said! While I was on earth I helped, cleaned and embraced all the sinners, all the sick people and I taught them and loved them and I shared only love, only mercy, only peace, only goodness. He who wants to be loved, that one cannot love, but he who loves himself does not seek after love, but he only shares it. Behold, the first woman loved herself, and she wanted to be loved and caused death upon man, and the second woman did not want to be loved, but she loved instead, and shared love upon man, love and life, for it is a great mystery for the man to be born of heaven and not from the earth.

Oh, seek after your birth from above, that which comes from God, to have the love of God and to share it around, you, sons and daughter on earth! Oh, do not remain in your birth from your fathers, for the body you have from your parents stands against the Spirit from heaven. Seek to be filled with the longing of the homeland from above and of its invisible things and lead to it all the people on your way on the earth with the people. My life worked this way as long as I lived among people, and this is how I waited for the sweetest day of my life, the day of my meeting with the invisible things of God, Who made the heaven and the earth, all the visible and invisible things. Be sons and daughters of God’s light! Do not hide from God, but long after Him instead, for the mystery of the creation from God carries in its mystery all the visible and invisible things, from which the man cannot hide. Oh, the man’s sin teaches the man to hide from God and love teaches him to share God so that there may no longer be enmity between man and God and between God and man because of man’s hiding from God. Love God and love Him like me and like John, to whom my Son gave me into his care when He went to the Father! Be wise through those in heaven, not by those on earth! Become sons of the wisdom from above, which makes you heavenly in your heart, love, look and work! Save the people from their judgment, by teaching them the cleanness of the heart to each other and to God and the merciful help, for he who does not judge his neighbor, that one is not from the earth but he is from heaven instead, and such a man escaped from judgment. Oh, the mystery of love is great! It teaches you the things from heaven, not from people. The haughtiness and the judgment that comes from it are learned from people and humility is learned from God and through it the lack of judgment. Amen.

Oh, my dear Son, I have been in this day of birth giving from above of the man who comes and hears Your voice here, at the spring, the voice which gives birth to a new man from it and which makes the man God by Your grace, which flows and makes divine there where it is set. Be glorified, be blessed by those who love You on earth as in heaven, oh, Lord, oh Son of the Father Sabaoth, oh, my Son, of the mother Virgin, who brought You from the Father to the man on earth to be with the man and to come back again to the Father and to come again, as You have already come again fulfilling the Scriptures of Your coming by which You announced then Your coming of today. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, people coming to the spring to hear the voice of God! Come as God wants you to come and to be and do not come as you like to come and to be! See My will, see it into My word upon you and become after My likeness and you will walk in the light, for those from God in man are in the light and are in its mysteries as well, and blessed are those who know to read God’s mysteries and those who carry them on the earth!


Oh, people that have come to the spring from everywhere, I embrace you with the heavenly armies. I ask you not to forget God, for if you do forget Him, then your forgetfulness brings death to you, son. Oh, come and make bold your name in the book. Ask Me how you should do this. Oh, you shall not depart from the spring of My word, which comes to raise the dead to life! Refresh yourself, for you have to be refreshed, you have to be sanctified, sanctified again and again, My people. Ask Me how you have to do this. Oh, love God, oh, come back to the first love and see how that day was for you and how you were for it. Oh, do not tread upon the word spoken by God upon you, but fulfill it immediately lest the angels, fallen from glory because of their serving the man’s haughtiness, write you as a son of disobedience. Come back to your first love, for My light seeks for a place with light from heaven on it. I forgive everything you have done wrong. Come back to life! Come back to obedience with love! Oh, do no longer slide down, oh, do no longer be slow in your coming, for the time has passed and it needs redemption! The world is on the earth, but the Lord is into your midst, people nourished at My bosom. Amen.


Take heed, you, those who are faithful, and you, those who are not faithful to My word of today! Those who take heed at of My word from the beginning, preached by the prophets, and that from two thousand years ago, that one is the who pays attention to My word of today, for he is only for the faithful ones, and let the unfaithful humble themselves and call Me to come towards them and to reveal Myself to them and they to ask Me to go to My Father to intercede for them to send them their salvation from faith, for this sin leads the man to the lack of watchfulness, and it leads him to the darkness. Oh, learn from Me, learn what the word „church” means. If the teachers who stay upon you do not teach you this, then come near that I may teach you. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Teacher of men! Come and be My church, for man is a church either to God or to satan; he is either in the service of the Lord, or in the service of satan, and soon, soon, satan will no longer be and there will be great sufferance, torment and sigh in those who served him in them. It is written into the Scriptures that I will dwell with the people, and they will be My people and the Lord Himself will be with them and will wipe out their tear, and death will no longer be, neither pain, for the first things will pass away and I will sit on the throne and speak and say: «Behold, we make them all new!». Then I speak that they may be written, for My word is faithful and true, and then I fulfill, and after that I declare: «It is done!» and then I say again: «I will give to the one who is thirsty to drink freely from the spring of the water of life, and he who overcomes will inherit this and I will be his God, and he will be My son». Amen. Oh, this is how My church on the earth is, and I sit on the throne and speak a word of making, for I make My kingdom of the faithful one, and My throne is his faithful heart, and I sit in it as on the throne, and the faithful one serves Me, and through those who are faithful to Me, I dwell among people and I make a people and a kingdom for Me, and I make it with man, for I work with him and say: «Behold, we make them all new!» as it is written, and I do not work alone, for it is written to work with man everything that are written in the Scriptures to be fulfilled, and this is how the man is My church on earth. Amen.


Oh, you those who sound the truth before you know it, you should know that this people chosen by Me from the Romanians is My vineyard! I want to give to you from its fruit if you repent from the evil in you, from the curse, which you try to scatter over the sons of disobedience on earth, who do not know to distinguish left from right. Oh, I want to cheer your hearts up by calling you to remorse because of the wickedness in you. You think that you bring benefits to Me or to the people, but the one who is unfaithful to My word of yesterday and today cannot do any good either to Me or to his neighbors, whom he tries to divest of their hope, for woe to those who do not sanctify themselves for My coming, for My kingdom in them! The word full of blaming is a word of blasphemy. Oh, be good and do not give yourselves to ignorance of soul! The sufferance that you want to inflict on those under the burden of My coming will cause you great pain. I have asked you many times to put your sword into the sheath, because you can be cut by it. Oh, come back to repentance! Come back now! Do not be unfaithful when I ask you to come out of the darkness of hatred and to turn to the wisdom from above. I am Who I am. I am not man. I am the Word of the Father Sabaoth, and I paid for the man’s life on the cross. Behold My love and behold your love! I have reached My hand after you if you want to understand this. I, the Lord, am the Shepherd King, and I come on the track of those who fall from grace and give them My hand to come out of their falling and I reach out My staff to them to tend them to the pastures, to wake them up. Amen.


Oh, sons of men! I, the apostle of Jesus Christ, John, the Baptizer, cry out from heaven to you: repent! You have old and new sins. You need faith in the Lord’s coming to you, and faith has power to make the Lord wipe out your sins if you do not longer remain in your sins. Come to repentance, for the time becomes a scroll and you do no longer have time to come to life. You should know that everything that is written in the Scriptures for the Lord’s coming are true words, and he who ignores this word, which flows from the Lord’s mouth over the earth, that one falls into condemnation, for the faith denial is coming and the man will have to choose.

Oh, do not forget, faithful man, and you, the unfaithful one too, oh, do not forget that it is written into the Scriptures that the lawless man that is going to appear in the end will be destroyed by the breath of the Lord’s mouth. Behold a fulfilled prophecy! This word, which flows in these days from heaven to earth, is the breath of the Lord’s mouth, the work of the seventh trumpet, the work of God, the Word. Oh, here it is why the man wages war with the unfaithful man by this word and with the people of today, faithful to this word! This word will destroy lawlessness by its breath and the man who covers it in a way that it may not be seen. Amen.

And as for You, Lord, be a fulfiller, for Your apostles have prophesied this because You filled them with power from above, with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who protects Yours under Your mantel. Amen, amen, amen.


You those who want to learn from God your salvation from the hour of temptation, which is to come on earth to test all people, oh, fill your hearts with the love of God and then with true faith! Get seated in faith and then in prayer and fasting, fulfilling the commandments of life with love! I, the Lord, protect you from the hour of temptation that is to come to test all people if you bring your hearts before Me, and your perseverance in watching with Me for your life with God. Leave off the pleasures for they are deceitful! Give up the lying teaching, for only God will be true on earth, and you will see this! Oh, give up all your sins, for they work death in man! Get rid of the sin and live in holiness, for without holiness no one will see the salvation that comes from Me, as this is written! Oh, it is the time to watch together with Me, the Lamb of the Father, to overcome the lie together with those who are lovers of God and to have victory over the satanic work on earth. Stop sinning so that you may be able to help God for your salvation! Keep a holy fasting, not only fasting from food! Fast from sins and put away your unbelief, for the time is with unbelief in it, and the unfaithful people make it to be and that is why it is. Instead of being afraid of the satanic work, which tries to put its mark on your body, secretly worked out in such a way that you may not be able to perceive it when it comes to you, oh, keep a holy fasting and watch with prayer in your voice and sigh after God, so that He may come to protect you from the hour of temptation, for you are weak. Take an example of My word of two thousand years ago, spoken over the people of Israel, for this is what I said then: «Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and everyone who humbles himself will be exalted». Amen.

Oh, you cannot overcome the hour of temptation without God! Arm yourselves, therefore, with God, and do not forget about the sign of the holy cross; make the sign of it on your forehead and all over your body with three fingers close together, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, so that satan’s work may not have any effect on you! Be careful with your hand to make the sign of the holy cross, and make a cross upon you with your hand, and make it a great deal and make this sign all the time, for satan has great power among those who are baptized but who do no longer make the sign of the cross over their body and over all their things by the three fingers of the right hand closed together, confessing God, glorified and worshipped into the Trinity by your hand and praising Him within your heart forever! Light candles with oil into your houses (Candle - vigil lamp, r.n.) and become chrism bearers, soak it into your candles always burning, put a mark on your body and walk with the sign of the holy cross, and look for oil not passed through fire, for the fire must not touch the oil, but the oil has to touch the fire instead through the snuff which gets its burning from it, its light for the house of My Christians, (Normally in the lamp is used only pure oil, cold pressed oil Ė „untdelemn” in Romanian, not refined, not pass through the fire, light of the candle represents wisdom born of love for God proved by fulfilling the word, as the flame of the oil lamp is born, r.n.) because the candle lighted by a slip, written on it with the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, serves on behalf of the Lord over those who are faithful and holy, who wait for the Lord as their salvation. This is how you are to watch with Me, the Lamb of the Father, in time of trial, and this how we are to be victorious. Amen. Set a holy fast upon you, fast from sins and fleeting pleasures and very much deceiving, and then set upon you a fast from food and fast for three days in a row: Monday, for the protecting angel, and Wednesday and Friday for Me, so that I may have disciples on earth, for this kind of the devils in these days cannot be overcome but only as I overcame them, with holy fast and holy prayer, with a life full of the Holy Spirit in it and over it. Oh, come back to the Christian garment, put away all the temporary ornaments and dress up with propriety within your spirit and body, loving and feeding with My entire word and getting used to eat in this way, for the soul needs food to be able to live bodily and for the Lord. Come to holy wisdom, come, sons, and learn from My spring by which I come on earth to you to teach you the work of salvation concerning the time of trial, which is now on earth with its face hidden from your eyes and mind. I am the Word of God and I am in My second coming from the Father to man to teach him My coming with the saints, to get the man used to God on earth, with My kingdom in the midst of the people. Oh, clean yourselves of the snares you are in and which are set for you, for behold, I have given you holy advice; receive it in you, for it is as sweet as My life loved by the man who loves God! Bring your hearts to God! I, the Lord will exhort you with mercy and will make you God’s sons, if you take in you this power, My teaching word upon man. Amen.

Oh, My people, you are My path to the people, son. You are God’s kingdom on earth, and I come out of you to the people to have mercy on them giving them awakening and then watching instruction. Be strengthened to help Me. I am the little Lamb of the Father and I have to overcome with those who are Mine the entire lying prophecy and all its working. Amen.

I have taught the Romanian people and all those who receive from My teaching, I have taught them to keep a holy fast and I still teach them no longer to kill in order to eat from the living beings killed by man. I urge the man to eat as I commanded the man to eat in paradise7 for what he was supposed to eat, for the time of nowadays catches the man in its trap as well.

Oh, it is the time for fasting and prayer and for holy watch, and as for you, shepherds of flocks, this is how you are supposed to teach the people, for the most pleasant sacrifice to Me from man is his humble spirit, by which the man is able to serve the Lord and then the Lord to serve man. It is written that everyone who exalts himself will be humbled and everyone who humbles himself will be exalted. This Gospel is for the teaching of life and let the man learn from it the protection of his life. Amen.


Oh, I feel like getting angry, I feel like giving those who rebel the biting rod. I can no longer bear this pain on My torn cheek and My Spirit, humiliated and overcome by man. Shall I really stay like that, so overcome by man? Shall I play to man’s liking? Oh, I cannot protect from falls and destruction those who fall from My arm and striking Me on it and giving Me away from the whelm of their watch for them. Oh, let the rebellious ones repent! I, the Lord, give them power to repent and deny themselves and who do not throw their cross away but rather walk after My, with their cross and with their love for it. Amen. I, the Lord, invite those who are guided by black angels and who have power by the rebellion of the man’s heart and by man’s self-mind, I invited them on to the way of the cross, the way with a spirit of life giving on it, the way of My today’s word, for sufferance is that which always, always gives life to man in God. Amen.


Oh, aggrieved sons of My people, bear with patience all the things of today’s time, which beat from the inside and outside against you. Strengthen Me upon you, for to those who have staggered within Me and you, I, the Lord, will open their eyes wide to see with them, for I cannot bear the pain and My torn cheek and My Spirit, humiliated and overcome by man.

I wait for comfort from those who make Me suffer. I wait and exhort My people to patience, to justice, to great faith, to prayer and fast, and their fast should be fed with more word from heaven, for he who does not read My word falls down and wanders away, and the written word judges the man. Oh, I long, I very much long for the comfort of those who inflict a severe wound on Me!


Oh, man, get healed from sin! Be your own healer, for sin is an unsleeping worm and the man’s body is food for the worms even from his being alive, for the man is comforted with fleshly lusts against the elevation of his soul and there is no one to tell him to leave death, to condemn the sin in his body and to be healed from sin, because after this sin the pain comes, the disappointment comes and it condemns the man.

Oh, how great My pain from man is, from the weakness of the man fallen of My glory! I look down on the earth as the man cleans his house and I see how he cleans and makes beautiful everywhere around himself. I look down from heaven and see how the man cleans and makes everything shine in his household and courtyard, as well as his clothes and food once with the coming of the days of My resurrection, but if he does not clean his inner body for Me, if he does not clean it from sin, from this unsleeping worm in man, oh, it is in vain, in vain that the man keeps his house clean, it is in vain, because I do not dwell in a house made by the hand of man, but I dwell in the man’s body instead, if I dwell at all, if it is clean for Me to dwell in it. Oh, who is the one that understands this? The man goes to be anointed with healing oil, as the Christian instruction for healing is, but if he is not anointed within those inside of him for his healing of sin, it is in vain that the gets anointed on his forehead and on his hand, and everywhere on his body outside of him. Oh, who is to teach the man his healing and then its keeping in him? Oh, if you do not keep your inner body clean from sin, your cleaning is in vain, man, but come, come to learn the glory of the resurrection and come to love sufferance, for your happiness separates you from Me; it separates you from life and from its cleanness and its greatness from Me. I, the Lord, tell you that the sin in man is the unsleeping worm and it eats him up inside of him and God in man and then the man dies within his body and becomes food for worms. Oh, the man’s destiny was not supposed to be like that, because I made the man to be church for Me and not a dwelling place for sin, which has become an unsleeping worm in man since the man cannot walk after his healing from sin!

Oh, I come into your way, man, I come out with My spring to give you to drink of it and to feel the coolness and sweetness and life and your healing in it. Take, drink, and get healed from those inside of you, which you have taken out of My hand and become your master, as you do not love your life, if you do so, and you do not love God either, if you do so. Oh, give yourself over to Me to heal you, for behold, I give you medicine to get cleaned and then to sit down and rest within those inside of you, cleaned from sin, cleaned from cunning and emptiness and from the death that comes from them. Oh, this is how I taught and teach My people, that which comes at My spring of word, and I take from the spring and give to you too, man from the earth, and you should hear Me, hear the Lord, how He calls you to give from Him what you cannot give to yourself.


Oh, My people, the Samaritan woman had humility in her and that is why she had the gift of faith in her, and I came into her way and gave her of My water, of My teaching. Look at her in this day at the spring of the meeting well, accompanied by male and female martyrs, of confessors and of the apostles in My gardens of today, and I, the Lord, in their midst, and everyone with you at My table of word, and the Samaritan woman speaking with you from among the saints, My people.


Ė You deserve much greatness, Lord, for You are wonderful among Your saints and among them in heaven and on earth! Your meeting with me at the well of Israel then gave me Your word full of Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit embraced me in You, Your Spirit, Lord, I am speaking to Your people of today about You and about me, and let him them hear and learn.

I was only weakness, poor of me, oh, sons of the Lord on the earth today, but I had a strong and beautiful faith in me, and with it I was waiting for the Messiah’s coming, according to what I knew and believed from the Scriptures, and all of a sudden, the Lord made me one of His apostles, sending me to do this, to preach Him as His coming on the earth, Messiah sent by the Father to man. Oh, make your faith perfect, for only and only by the man’s faith the Lord has been able to do His works. Do not wait to be holy in order to follow Him and to help Him to come, but rather believe in him, and He will make you like Him, as He made me, and then I went and preached Him to my entire house, to my entire city. Then I always cried with fear for the reward of my sins and this came from His grace to me, and I clung with my entire faith to Him and to His confession and I paid for my sins atoning on the earth by martyr sufferings, I and my entire house, and I was His apostle, confessing Him as a martyr of His name.

Oh, seek with longing after Him, you, sons of men, so that He may forgive your past sins! Come to the spring of His word of today and learn from it! No one is able to sanctify himself until he first believes, and he who does not sanctify himself he is the one who does not believe in Him. Oh, do not mock, do not laugh at the sinful ones, because you will fall worse than them; however you shall never scorn those with whom the Lord are pleased or you will suffer without being comforted, for the Lord’s graces are unthinkable and you do not know where He can make His dwelling place among you! Oh, a humble sinner who sees his weakness is worth more than a haughty righteous man who sees the sin of his neighbor, despising him without knowing his love and tear in him, which come from the humility of his heart, sweet and painful for his weakness, as I also was on the earth, and the Lord spoke to the people: «Do not judge before the Lord does!», for each man is judged in some way, according to his heart, good or bad in him. Oh, learn to pray and you will see the Lord’s graces helping you! Pray in the morning, pray in the evening, pray in the middle of the night and stay with a mourning soul, asking the protecting little angel to help you and speak to him like this: oh, my little good angel, little angel of my life, lift me up from my sin for I am weak and feeble and you are my help, my protector and caretaker. Help me not to perish, for the sin overcomes me; raise me, the fallen one, from under it, the one followed by perdition, and always give me your hand for the great name of Jesus Christ, Who forgives the sins of the world, according to His grace when the man humbles himself for his weakness. Amen.


I exhort you, sons and daughters, not to love God in the eyes of the world or in the eyes of the Lord. Oh, do not be with the Lord before the world and like the world, do not be with you before the world and like it if you belong to the Lord, for this is deception! Oh, do not be ashamed of the spirit of God’s love before the unfaithful world, but rather be ashamed of yourself before the Lord to take after the world before the world! Therefore, clothe yourselves properly before the Lord and do likewise before the world, oh, sons and daughters! The Lord has put an eternal law upon man when he started the law of unquenched love in man for God. Oh, do not let yourselves be deceived, sons and daughters! The Lord is the One Who sees the man more than man sees another man, and man needs unquenched love so that it may be love for God. Oh, be steadfast in the spirit of godliness before the Lord and before the people either! Oh, do not walk with your head uncovered, do not wear indecent clothes, for the angels and the saints always want you to be theirs, and always and always theirs, sons and daughters! When man loves God, he can no longer love his way but only those that are pleased with God with eternal life in man. Oh, come to the spring, but also receive teaching to fulfill in you if you come to hear from His table. There is a saying for those who do both evil and bad things and for which the news spreads among many, and that word goes like this: „The news has spread like the priest with a haircut!”. I tell you this saying from the folk to understand that when man trespasses the law of holiness the news about his trespass spreads quickly far and wide, like the news spread in old time about the priest who was bold enough to carve his own image and head, the image of the holy man who cannot have a haircut and still be a holy man after that. The same is with the steadfastness of the Lord’s fulfillment in you, always fulfilling and without being ashamed of men, for God in man and with man always is man’s glory; it is not a shame to have God’s image in man, on his face and on man’s image. I have always, always worn God’s image in my being, in my walking, in my step on the earth and all over my image, and for a long time I was the help of those who learned from God for their life and then they also became teachers with their life upon others’ life and this is how the Lord grew in the life of many, life from one to another, and each other gave themselves to the Lord, and this is how those who wanted the Lord as their life gave themselves to the Lord.

Oh, if you love the Lord, love Him with fulfillment and love Him always, sons and daughters! Oh, it is not possible to love Him only with your heart or mouth, but everything is required with fulfillment for the glory of the Lord on the earth, for the Lord’s glory has to be great and much thorough those who love Him before people, who learn this way the love of God, seen in man on the earth, seen both from heaven and from the earth in man. Oh, if you love the Lord, take the teaching of the eternal life in detail from His word, which has life in man and in this way to be and to stand before the Lord and before men, and you will be the heralds of the spring, the messengers of the kingdom of the heavens, which comes always, always on the earth with its news and with its holy face in man. The kingdom of the heavens is inside of man; this is how my Son Jesus Christ has told you. This is how you should also learn its dwelling place on the earth, and in this way you are to be the sons of the kingdom before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and this is how you will be baptized in this name: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the God of those who are faithful. Amen. Oh, only in this way can man be God’s son. My son was the love of the Father for man and he told us that He called us His sons, because He gave us power to become His sons. Oh, become God’s sons for He has taught you to have this power to be called His sons then. Open the book and take from it everything a child of Jesus Christ needs to have in his nature. I will stay again within you in the word towards the end of the feast and then again I will give you power of eternal life in you. Amen.


Oh, man, for seven thousand years you have been born on earth from sin and from man prone to sin, but I was born from the Holy Spirit and of the Virgin dedicated to God with her spirit, with her body and with her soul, all clean and full of God, full of heaven and full of longing after the heaven on earth. You are smaller than I am, man, and I tell you this to get you used to letting Me be your Master, to be greater than you and to help you come back on to the day of your birth from God, and that I may be able to give you a day of creation and then to rejoice over your beauty, after you will have come to be in My image and after My likeness by My love with which I want to build you by your full love for your Creator, as I can make you in My image and after My likeness if you let yourself into My creating hand, in My word full of the spirit of man’s creation, full of the birth from above of the man born of man.

The man has to be rebuilt for he is not well built from man. The man has to be built by God and not by Man. That is why I have come as word on the earth now and I have come with all the tools of creation and I am ready to give the man birth from above to be from above then, for man is made only of sin and he draws only to sin, but I have to speak with him first that he may believe Me what I tell him and not to do like Adam in paradise when I told him how to listen in the garden that I made for him. However, he was inclined to fall from obedience and then he got sweetened with disobedience and fell thorough it from paradise, for the man’s seven thousand years sin has been nothing else but disobedience, which then has become haughtiness in man and then sin.

Two thousand years ago I came into the womb of Virgin with the power of the Holy Spirit Who became word and angel before My mother Virgin, making her obedient to the heavenly voice upon her, and behold obedience from man before God! God wanted to repair then everything man spoiled in the beginning in paradise by his disobedience, by the spirit of his haughtiness face to face with his Creator. His stubbornness of that time has become then sin from descendant to descendant and up to this day and the man alone cannot repair his mistake by which he always, always falls from God, and God from him. I have been waiting with the Father for the fullness of the time written in the Scriptures and then Father has sent Me again on to the earth. I am staying clothed in the word before man and I am speaking to him as I spoke to Adam in paradise. Oh, do not do, dear man, do no longer do as Adam did in paradise! He did not see Me, because I had mercy on him and he was very dear to Me and I did not want to frighten him or make him feel small and shy before Me, because I loved him, but he did not see Me; however My voice accompanied him and I spoke to him as I am speaking with you today, My people on the earth, My faithful people. When I appear before man, I appear because of his unbelief for his disobedience or to strengthen his faith and obedience, but to those who are faithful, who have Me as their Master, I give them My work with obedience, for obedience is for the faithful together with the spirit of prophecy, as the sight of My mysterious things is for those who are unfaithful and doubtful, who have to be judged then for their unbelief, and this is how I speak with man, as he stays before Me, before the One Who sees the man from near and from far away. Oh, I do not want to frighten man with the sight of the glory of My being, but I want him to have fear of God, for woe to the one who is not afraid of God, at least to have fear as much as His angels, who in awe are attentive to all His works with them!


Ė Oh, Lord Son, Your love for man is only wound, dear Son! Oh, Oh, if only those to whom You speak would understand; those to whom You speak for their searching for Your word of today, if only they would understand the pain of this wound of Your love so that they may sit near it and become like You, Lord and my Son!

I am coming down in your little hearts and I am speaking to you, those who have stayed with longing and humility before the Lord’s glory on my day of feast when I ascended from earth to heaven on the arms of my Son, Jesus Christ. Oh, open up your little hearts! My spirit of mother wants to give joy to my Son, suffering from the man’s departure from Him. I am speaking with you with humility and I exhort you to learn from me what God in man means, God with man on the earth. Oh, He cannot be delighted with His will and with His work in the one who is not fulfilled in love and sacrifice. The man’s body has to be God’s temple, a holy church and adorned both on the inside and outside by the Lord’s will and hand, as the heaven is adorned with the saints and angels and with all the heavenly adornments. I come after you within the chariot of the Lord’s glory, with His word carried by the angels on the way between heaven and earth and up to the man’s heart, for you have been at the spring and taken from it and I am still giving to you. The ear is the way which brings to your heart the word spoken from above and then the body becomes a servant of God’s dwelling in him, and thus you become a church for my Son and for His Spirit, you, sons and daughters that have drunk of His water, of His spring! Take it within you with His entire work from the Father given for the man’s resurrection during these days of His coming again from the Father to man! His book of today is open by His own hand and He always puts in it by His word warm bread, and by it He guides you to His entire will, with which the man always has to stay before Him. You, those who join one by one with the faith in the today’s coming of my Son, Jesus Christ, open up your hearts so that He may have His will come down, His will and His walking! Clothe yourselves within the spirit of obedience and do everything my Son is telling you so that He may make of you a new creature into the midst of the dead on the earth, dead to the Lord! Oh, bring yourself to Him as a sacrifice of obedience, because man cannot be pleased with the Lord without obedience to His entire word full of longing after man! I exhort you with a spirit of mother, sanctify yourselves! And in order to sanctify yourselves, keep away from the too much hand of the worldly man. Get for yourselves, as much as you can, clean food and use your little hands for those you prepare to eat. Eat from your mother, which God has given to man as food when He set him in Eden. The earth is the bosom from which you have to eat. Oh, do no longer eat meat; do no longer eat from animal or from fowl! Eat from God, eat as He told the man to eat when He put him in paradise, for it is the time for the Lord to come in all His glory and man is not prepared, and the sins from him are not washed away, for the feast and the prayer stay far from man’s love. Oh, make your bread with your little hands, for bread is Christ’s face and do not take it if it is made by the hands that are not cleaned from sin, from unfaith and from ignorance of God in man! Take the way of holiness and then take care of it then, and the take care among you for you, those who are faithful to my Son, and do not let the world serve you. Oh, seek after the faithfulness for my Son and sanctify yourselves for Him, for the people without God touch the fruit of their sin in everything you buy from their shops to eat. Oh, when you eat, remember that it is not well on the earth and that it is only sin on earth and the sin is a thick bark. If you want to listen to me you will listen and will bring your life to holiness, and your body likewise, and then the understanding of the things from above will come upon you and will teach you the humility of the Lord, for man does not have any humility because of his nature of man. Oh, take on your body holy adornments, with a garment pleasant to the Lord and to His angels and saints! Do not wear, do no longer wear tight and short little clothes and in so many colors, for indecency concerning clothing makes the man sick and man draws man to sin because of the sin of indecency, and woe to those through whom the stumbling block comes, this is what my Son, Jesus Christ said! It is written in the Scriptures and in the prophets about those who are against the Lord, despising the sight of His glory, and whose appearance testifies against them. The man’s haughtiness is great, but it will be made low and the haughtiness of the proud will be crushed in the day when the Lord will be exalted and when people will come into the crevices of the earth because of the fear at the brightness of His glory. The day is coming when only the Lord will shine, and all the brightness of the men’s adornments will fade and they will be humbled under the Lord’s beating. Oh, the woman on the earth is very proud and her looks do no longer have propriety on the earth before anyone, but it is written into the Scriptures that the Lord will make the scalp bald of those who walk with outstretched necks and will uncover their shame, and on that day the Lord will take away all their ornaments: the signetrings, the earrings, the bracelets, the fine linen garments, the wait belts and tablets, the ankle chains and crowns, the amulets and fine robes, the cloaks and shawls, the hand-mirrors and fine linen, and instead of sweet-spices will be rottenness, instead of a belt, a rope; instead of well set hair, baldness; instead of a robe, a girding of sackcloth; and finally, branding instead of beauty, that who was adorned by that time will be desolate on the ground. (See Is. 3:17-26) I teach you like a mother, as the Scriptures teach you; open to them and learn from them, for the Spirit of the Lord has spoken by the prophets and made a great revival over the man’s haughtiness, only for the man to take a look into the word of the Lord teaching over people, for the man to take from it the life against death. Oh, fight, fight with much love against any kind of image which will be punished and learn those that are for the saints before the One Who teaches you holiness, for He said that without holiness no one will see Him. The woe is coming on the earth; the sufferance as the reward of the sins is coming and there will be pains without remedy for each sin. Throw yourselves into the Lord’s arm! Take powers from Him to love Him following His exhortation for the saints! Oh, sons and daughters leave off the pleasures and come to like holiness for it will save you! Amen.

I catch you under my clock as well, faithful daughters who have come for the first time to the spring of my Son. You have come with longing from the city of Cluj to drink of the river of life, from the word of my Son, and to make steps on the blessed land, which the Lord has ordained for Him and for the servants of His word of today into the midst of the Romanian people. I have stayed with protection over the little boat in which you have floated to the spring. Oh, I have in the city of Cluj the anointed one of my Son, the one in chains now among those who feel as the rulers over the peoples who wander away without a shepherd, for this is how the flock of today appears. Oh, they keep him in the chains of their unbelief, of ignorance of God and of people; this is how they keep the one who my Son has been pleased with and whom He has chosen as the witness for the renewal of His church, for their church does not follow the steps of my Son. Oh, put fire to the torch of your hearts and put in them the fire of the love of God and make yourselves vessels bearing of love for Him, but also come under the spirit of the holy teaching to take on holiness and then to cry out clearly to God for the release of the one bound by those who are unfaithful, for the evil spirit of envy and of empty glory does even worse than what the one two thousand years ago did, when the chiefs and the Pharisees wanted to put under a bushel the light which came down from heaven, my Son and His teaching of Holy Spirit over the nations without a shepherd. Oh become female disciples in your life, in your mind and in your conduct and renounce the world within your life sanctifying it in your own body, but without the wisdom from above you will not be able to do this. You have come to the spring as a flock of little hearts. Oh, grow and multiply, and pray to my Son to take from the earth the spirit of man’s haughtiness and to throw it away from man, for man is haughty. Here it is what to do for the man who wants to get away from the sin of haughtiness: he has to believe completely and in all things that others do not need him, and that he needs everyone around him to support him, as on the way with my Son on it this holy mystery is even more powerful for man, the man’s mystery of self denial and by which man can follow the marks of my Son’s steps, Jesus Christ. Amen. Oh, peace to you, to those who have come now from the city of Cluj for the first time at the spring of word of my Son! Seek with longing to put out the old man and to put on you the new creature by grace. Put to death in you and from your way the satan’s work and trap. Search out your dough and seek with holiness through the teaching of my Son. The one, who cannot do this, let him be helped to be clean then in work, in faith and in love. Ask for faith, ask for the gift of faith from the One Who can give you birth from above, from His word, and ask for holy zeal, and you will receive everything from Him if you love holiness and humility of spirit, heavenly adornments for those who are spiritual on the earth. May the zeal of your hearts for the heavenly things in you be blessed! Oh, give your hearts to be a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit and for His graces, for man has to be built by God, as He works for the man’s birth from above. This work of word is the river on which will float over the wrath of the Lord’s Day all those who will stand before Him with humility and obedience for His victory, which is coming with Him. Peace to you and you should take much resurrection from Him and only from Him! You need much, much resurrection! Take it from His word. As many times as you want, ask for His help and come to the spring to learn about His coming and resurrection from Him, for the Lord has ordained sons to holy work for the resurrection of many, as it is written into the Scriptures about those who will have searched for the Lord, and wisdom will grow in them and they will be cleansed and will become white and will enter with the Lord, and then they will share to many the Lord’s way, the way on which the man comes back home, he comes back to the Lord. Amen.

Oh, Lord Son, I have become great now in the word. I have wanted to wake up from unfulfillment those who do not know what the sin of man’s haughtiness is, as Your flock is wandering, wandering away, dear Son, and there is no one to guide it to the grassland and to show its Shepherd. I ask you on my day of celebration: please give grace, faith and humility for obedience to those who have come to the teaching on this day, and give more to those who have come for the first time to the spring! Without You, without Your support no one can take and carry anything from You, for man is weak and far away from you with his wisdom, but You are the voice of the Father and You want to draw all to the Father to comfort Him from His wound from man’s fall, and in Your wound as well, which is like Our Father’s, oh, dear Son. My wound is like Your wound. Oh, peace to You into the midst of those who understand You and know Your coming and Your work of today with them for the resurrection of many! My mercy for You becomes mercy over those who seek after You to find You, and I have given today teaching of resurrection, on which You are to put grace to those who have listened to Our word of today, and let the grace give forth fruit in those who have come to become sons and daughters of the resurrection, of Your coming, Lord, Son Who come. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, My people, man needs great repentance and longing tears to Me, for he is very sinful, very feeble and very weak in his will. The sinful time has reached its climax and it keeps giving to man from its top, it gives him enough and to spare, as the wise saying goes, and man needs revival, and this is what I do by My voice upon you, and by which I pass over the border to the man to hear that I give Myself to you as word of creation and the man to come to repent-ance. In all the times under heaven, I have called out through My servants from time to time repentance over the people on the earth, and this is how I am calling today too, but today I am working more in a fatherly way, today I am passing over the margins with My endurance and with My sitting in counsel with the man to help him by My great word of My coming again from the Father to man, and I am clothed in the word before man and this is how I give Myself to him, and blessed is the one who receives from Me the holy gift to believe with it that I am this word, that I come into his way and that there is not anyone to come on this way of word. I am the One Who comes and I am Who I am and I speak clearly with the man and more and more clearly for his sold mind, which touches his heart to keep him in bondage to the time that passes, a red time because of the blood, shed by the people for all their passing cravings on the earth. I speak with the man according to his time to help him come out of it and to come into the mystery and in the time of the age to be, the Lord’s age with man, for the man to come in while he is in his body, for I have built the new age with the man and I take him to work near Me as I took Noah after I gave him love and faith for Me to work by the one with God.

Oh, how happy I would be with God’s entire heaven if the man got used to his living like Me, to speaking with Me and with man as My speaking is in Me and upon man! This is My longing, that the man may take My wisdom and My thought in him, and in this way the man would be within a great work upon earth and everything would be done by the word, as I and the Father sat in council in the beginning, and everything was made in accordance with Our counsel, for the word has such a great power when it becomes one in all, in those who give themselves to God to work for Him.


Oh, how beautiful is the green place and full of flowers compared to the dry land and arid of life because of the dryness on it! Oh, man, you cannot harvest fruit of any kind if the place is not worked! Oh, there is no ready-made fruit, but you rather have to work in order to rejoice over it and you have to work for Me so that I may make you rich in those that remain. I have mercy on you when I see how much you work to have and I have mercy on you that you work for those that do not remain. Oh, wake up at My voice that calls you to work for God on earth and to turn the dry land into green land, just as I work and do! Oh, as you rejoice over a fruit tree, which you plant and take care to grow beautifully in order to bring forth fruit after that, in the same way you should rejoice to work for My life in man either and to start with your life first, and then to share it to be useful to others as I share Mine, so that you may rejoice over your work, over the work which remains before Me and yours, son.


The spirit of the body draws the spirit of the soul to make only flesh the man weak of God, and the flesh lusts against God in man, and poor of man cannot have control over himself. However, My word can give the man the power from above to have control over himself and not over Me in him, and that is why I become word on earth, oh, sons of men wandering away from My Father! Oh, was it not God that made the heaven and the earth, the visible and invisible things, the man and then He made His Only born Son, to be the Son of man for your salvation and to save you from your ignorance of God? Oh, how and where do you keep on walking without a shepherd rod for your life without watching, not guided by a saving helms-man for you? I come with the angels and with the saints and step with them on earth at a heavenly pace for you, but your eyes do not see the heaven traveling with you to give you an occasion to make you see, to hear and then to believe that God is behind you and waits for you to love Him and to become His sons by the love bond between Him and you, between you and Him. Oh, learn, learn what love is! It is without sin and without body. It makes the man into a new creature, a creature of the Holy Spirit, a spiritual body submitted to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. Oh, bring your body under control! Do not give it what it requires, for the flesh and blood stand devilishly against the kingdom of the heavens in man! The sting of death is sin and it stings the man in his flesh, and death is inside man and not outside him, and man dies by the sin in his body, unsleeping worm in man, the worm that wakes up the man from his sleep, from his bed, only to do the man’s enemy lust in his own body.

Oh, with every passing day and more and more aggrieved, I keep on calling out to man to tell him that the sin in him is an unsleeping worm and it does not let him sleep but it gets him up only for sin. The day will come to overcome death, to overcome the sin in man and the man will see his sinfulness face to face, the death, which he has loved and always, always brought to life in him, and then I will be victorious over the sinful man, victorious over his death, for the death in man has made its bed and deformed man’s life and his life, that which I wanted to be for him through this creation in the beginning.

Oh, man has to come to repentance and he needs to leave off the sin and all the trace of the sin in him. I can do this even if the man does not want to listen to My commandment for My kingdom in him. My kingdom in man has nothing, nothing to do with this world, and this is how I want to make the man, a new creature, in the image and after the likeness of God’s Son, Who became the Son of man and Who was counted among the sinners in order to draw all from earth to heaven, from the ruler of the darkness to the Father Sabaoth, My Father, the One without beginning and without end, like His Son. Amen.

I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, God the word, have spoken these in the days of angelic feast in heaven and on earth, to the joy and to the comfort of the angels and saints and then to the joy of those who are faithful on earth, faithful and true, as I am. Amen.


I was very much aggrieved in My heart for My baptizer, John, who was destroyed by Herod’s sin through a woman. However, I wait for the holy law and for its power in the people to come on the earth, and that is why I go everywhere with the Gospel of My word of today and I call out like John, the Baptizer, repentance for people and I keep calling so that the man’s spirit may hear and stop from doing evil and to make Me a dwelling place with the man, because I come from the heavens, from the Father, and I come with the saints to give to the man the power to become God’s son and to put an end to sin, for sin is death and it rebels from the inside of the man; it rebels from the man’s flesh against God and it enslaves the man’s heart and feeling, to his falling.


In the beginning man knew only the good and then he took and knew the evil as well, and then he was ashamed of God, and then they were ashamed of each other as they saw themselves naked, and those who have not listened have known their nakedness after that. Oh, the man has been weak since then and up to this day and he has been drawn to sin on and on. The man has longed to know the sin that deceives by this fleeting sweetening in the fallen man’s flesh. I would like the man to do away with this poison in him by himself, for it took him out of paradise. Oh, if it was good what man had loved and what he had called love, then why did I take him out of paradise?

Oh, it is the death in man that man loves in his body! How shall I free the man from his pond of blood, in which he has been staying getting sweet from his own blood?

How shall I do, man, how shall I do with you to condemn the sin in your body and to let it there not being known by you, as I wanted you to be when I put you in paradise giving you immortality? Do you like dying? Oh, you do not die only when your body remains without you, without your soul. You die whenever the sin gets sweet in you with its poison from the beginning, which makes you give God away from you and makes you live in your house made by God. You have not been thankful! You have wanted to know about you Maker, about His being and you have longed after it, and woe, then you have fallen, as one who has been looking after what is not yours.

Oh, the man stays face to face with the sin and he cannot overcome and he gets united with it instead, one body with it after that and the Lord is outside, for He is the One without sin. Two thousand years ago, I became the tree of life to get the man used to take Me in him an then to ask in him the law of the tree of life, by which man does no longer die by sin, for he who dies, dies only because of sin, for the sin becomes a devil in man, in the man’s flesh punished by the sin in him, and with which the man hides in him and between man and man, from another man.


I would like man to suffer from all the pain that was in paradise, because of the disobedience of the man built by My hand, sufferance that is still now. I would like man to be humble because of the sin in him. Man fasts from food, but he does not want to fast from sin. He does not suffer from My mercy when he sins. He sins before Me and he does not suffer from My mercy. Oh, if the man repented for all the sinful men up to him and after him, then the man would come from sin to life, the dead would come to life as well and I would find My lost rest, My rest in man.

Come to repentance man because of the sin in your body; come, for it is not good to live both with God and with sin at the same time! Well, you should not want to be both with Me and with sin. Have you not seen what it happened to Adam and that he could not remain within the paradise if he woke up the sin in him? Oh, you do not have a shepherd to teach you to believe and to understand My pain from man. I come, and here it is how I come! I come and I teach you and I speak to you to understand, only that you may be able to listen to what I tell you, and not to do like Adam, who was disobedient and did not believe that he would die when he would no longer listen; and he died because of the sin woken up in him. I have come now, in the end of the time; I came and I come to you, man, I have come to teach you how to love God, and to want Him in you with His love to escape from the love in you, love which harms you, son. Oh, love Me and seek to have the wisdom, which man does not understand but only after he meets Me. Hear Me, for I want you to hear Me! I am speaking full of longing. My love has not come to rest, as only in man do I have the dwelling place of My love, tired of waiting. Let us wipe out from the earth the traces of My sufferance from you, for I have been waiting for you to listen to Me that I may give you the reward of obedience after that, to have something to pay you for, the rest of My love in you, you exhausted man. Oh, I want to be able to work in you, but take Me into your house and prepare it to take Me in it, for I wait and I wait at your door, and I wait for you. Amen.


I suffer from the painful past; I have suffered from My days with the man by this time, and I am still suffering from this day of today, and I am always today within My pain from man, in My labor for his salvation, to which he does not want to help as this hardships calls for it. Oh, I cannot work as man expects Me to work. As he expects Me to work, he will like to have faith without any bruise for it, but the man is so weak in his faith, so small for it, so feeble for those that are high and big, which come into the sight only by faith without blemish, but how am I supposed to show this to man? Oh, only to those who are faithful to Me, can I show My things that are mysteriously worked and which are seen with the eye of the faith and of the steadfastness for it.

Oh, what shall I do with you, man, what shall I do to you if you are so weak in your faith and so strong in your self-love, in your self-desire, which does not bring anything but shame to you? Oh, you do not understand with your mind what glory is, the true and great glory, for you always imagine it as the passing glory. You call out for Me either «Hosanna!» and «Take Him, take Him and crucify Him!». And you cannot do something else, and the man in paradise, who did according to his own will and then he hid from Me and longed after himself, that one is he who lives in you, man coming out of the first man built by My hand out of dust and made a living soul by the breath of My mouth breathed upon him and in him!

Oh, it does not matter if this is how man treats Me. I remain faithful in My word upon him, and this is how I will also work, as I spoke and speak. I am the One Who longs after the man’s salvation, but if he does not work it for him, then I am clean towards him, with respect to his guilt upon him. He who judges My work and My hard walking with it, that one judges Me and My heavy burden, and he will see that what I speak to him is true. My book of today is in My hand and My Father’s and We will work according to it both for those who are faithful and for those who are not faithful upon My word of today, for those who repent before Me and for those who justify themselves for the time of My hard working of today.


Oh, when you will be raised from sin, man, then you will teach Me how to sing for you as you want to sing for Me, „Christ has risen!” and I will sing with My angels, „The man has risen!”. However, by that time, it is only you that sing, only you rejoice because of your joy, with the joy of the feast, and I still wait, I still sigh, I still am under crucifixion, until I will be victorious over your death too. I overcame death by My body, and it will be for you too, to take its bold out from you, because you are not fighting now. Oh, it is a shame to receive ready-made things. It is more beautiful to receive a reward, man, and the reward is for your work.

I have spoken My word upon you in a day of the feast of the Palm Sunday, man estranged from God with your life. Bring Me joy and bring Me resurrection for you, so that you may be able to comfort Me one way or another for My pain in you. Oh, only the spirit of gentleness, only it can work you, only it can build you again. Start with it, lost man, start again with your life, and let yourself be kneaded, for I am gentle after you, and I speak to you by this kind of spirit.

Blessed are those as gentle as God; blessed are those who are gentle for they love the light and they are comforted by it, and their heart does not know what the hardening is, and I come on earth as word and I want the man to receive from Me, and to receive to his profit the spirit of the gentleness, the spirit that can nurse and grow the one who is gentle in his heart, the one loving of God and of God’s sons, sons as gentle as I am, for those who are gentle are from Me. Amen.

What is the spirit of gentleness, oh, gentle sons? I, the Lord, wait to speak with you and you with Me, and we will speak like that; we will speak gently, sons, and we will give so that the man may understand the dough of the gentle spirit and its comforting and full of power work for those who are gentle, because those who are gentle are from Me, and I have relied on them on My way towards man, with them, and with them I also sigh after man. Amen, amen, amen.


Christ has risen, My people! I become the spirit of resurrection into your midst and I give Myself to the life of those who do not love death. Those who love death do not know and will not know what resurrection is as long as they are dead to God and alive within the sin and far away from God on earth. Oh, man is far, far away from Me! My eternal life does not come into its heart and on his tongue; My face that comprises everything and which is understood from the creatures by those who open themselves to see God.

Oh, you are far away from Me, man, far away from My way! My way is the cross, but you give yourself to the deceiving life on earth and you give Me away from your life, and when the pain of your life seizes you under it, you also reach under the cross, no matter how much you may run away from the way with sufferance with it, from the life lived beautifully, after God’s will, and which is revealed by resurrection, and the resurrection comes only after sufferance, and those who despise sufferance do not love the resurrection.

Oh, you are far away from Me, man without a way with thorns on it! You cannot find Me but only on the way with sufferance and pain if you want Me to be with you. When I meet you on your way with My way with sufferance, I come into your way with My way to know Me, for you cannot meet Me on another way, and if you do not know to see, to feel and to become gentle for Me and for you, then you lose the joy of the resurrection and you do not come to life, and you still remain further on your way with flowers and with passing joys, and you further get drunk with its feelings, which wither away once with you and by which you do not gather anything for you but only tears and remorse for your end. Oh, do you see why I come into your way with My way? I want to give you the joy of the resurrection, man! There is no greater joy than that after sufferance, and that is why there is resurrection either, but woe to the one who does not know to understand this way and to value My callings and to answer Me with thankfulness when I lift him up to be then and to remain for resurrection!

Oh, sons of men, if I, the Lord, come into your way with the lifting up from your sufferance and from your tears because of your departure from Me, oh, do understand sons, the spirit of the love from Me given to you, and for which you remain in debt to the One Who loves you so much and Who calls you to resurrection! The end of sufferance is the resurrection, and there is no other resurrection but by sufferance and after sufferance! Oh, it is not good to despise sufferance, to grieve about it, and to ask Me for your release from it, but it is rather good to wait with faithfulness and with patience for your resurrection, sons. Oh, if you love the Lord’s Passover, then learn from the saints and from the fathers how to love and how to celebrate My resurrection! Be worthy by your wisdom, for the darkness on the earth eats the light in you so that you may no longer see, but I have come to give sight to those who do not see and to take their sight to those who say that they see, as there is great immorality on those that see, for they have nothing to see on earth but only death on it, and, again, great blessing is on those who are blind for those on earth, for they see those that are and that do not pass but remain as I remain, and they have no end.

Oh, learn from Me what life is, what resurrection is, sons of men! Do not be without wisdom for those from above with the people! Do not be ignorant of your resurrection! I have drawn many from the passing joys of the life that passes and ends here, and I have put them under the cross, either they have wanted or not, but I, the Lord, am the love for man and I want to prepare his resurrection by suffering, and I help him die to the life that passes and does not remain, and I help him to stay under the cross, under the life without death, without sin, as only the cross of the life can fulfill in man, and then the resurrection by the cross, as I have taught you to work, to love and to take after Me in sufferance and resurrection, for those that do not take after Me are not Mine on the earth, but they belong to the world, and they deserve to belong to it, for they love it for themselves, and I am for those who love the resurrection, as I loved it, by much, much sufferance, love and patience, and these have the resurrection as their reward. Amen.

In all sufferance and pains, only one, only one is on the side of the resurrection, and that is for My way, that which is for My name, and blessed are those who suffer in this way on the earth, suffering for Me for My way with them too, and they are and will be blessed, and the resurrection is their reward! He who comes after Me denying himself for the life under the cross, that one is he who comes to life and then he never dies, for the cross keeps him on it and under it, and the cross is resurrection, and there is no other cross but on My way with Me, and there is no paid sufferance but only on My way. Amen.

Oh, for two thousand years the man has not known to spend according to My pleasure the feast of My resurrection. Man does not deserve joy because he sins. You should learn, man. You do not know to spend to My joy and not yours the memorial of My resurrection. Oh, you need heavenly humility, not humanly, and you need love for your humility, and this is how you should know to spend the feast of My resurrection. Remember the sinners that were dragging after Me to give them healing and salvation from the cross of their lives, for they were following Me with faith and humility and they were crying and praying with humility that I might do good to them, as you should also have to do on My way, and I was doing good to them as they were asking Me with humility. Oh, here it is why you are not healed and why you do not receive when you ask! You do not ask with humility and with a promise for your way with Me then. Oh, you are not worthy, because you are a sinner, because sin prevails against you, and I cannot win to save you from sin if you do not want. Do not wonder why you do not receive healing when you ask it from Me, if you do not know to remain then in humility on the side of the resurrection. Oh, I was God from God when I came on earth among people, and I was praying with humility as the Son of the Father in all My hardships, and when it was about to die in order to be resurrected after three days, I was afraid of the hard hour and I prayed with humility to the Father: «Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass away from Me; nevertheless, not what I desire, but what You desire». (Matt: 26/39) My humility was My prayer, and My prayer was My humility, and in this way I stood before the Father Sabaoth and I did not stand as I wanted but as He wanted, and I became the Teacher in all the things for you, man, and I have shown you how to be and how to do and how to stand before God, for you are a sinner and you need great, great humility to die to sin and then to come to life and be on My side afterwards, in order that I may help you from then on according to justice, and then My help to bring forth heavenly fruit for you. There are seven thousand years since the man has done the evil both openly and secretly, but his habit is to do evil secretly. Oh, he who loves himself hides because of the evil that he commits, and especially the one known to be on My way with the man does this. He who looks to commit evil out of the spirit of his self-love, breaking the commandments of life, that one hides from the One Who sees him and can stop him from doing the evil that he wants or can do, and when he finds an occasion, then he commits the evil in secret and he writes himself with it before God.

It is good for the man to stand under the watch, for he is weak, poor of him, and he always, always needs an angel. When he wants to come out from under the angel, from under the one who sees him, then he does evil. This is what Adam did, this is what Cain did, and this is what have done those who sought to do evil and to break the commandments of life, and then some of them have humbled themselves and other have not, and they have remained to do evil further. Behold, man needs resurrection and he needs a teacher for his resurrection. Oh, man, put someone upon you to see you and to stop you from doing evil, for you are weak and you need help not to do evil. I want to see that you love the light. Those who have done evil did not love the light, for they hid to commit evil, and the punishment for the evil has proved them out after that. Oh, do not heap up punishment for you, oh man. You are very much overconfident. You are without any watch upon you! Oh, come under the watch, come under the angels, sons, for woe to the one without any angel upon him, and woe to the weak-spirited one and who makes his little angel weak, the one I have put upon him! I was true God, and I stayed under the watch when I was to live on earth with the people, and I listened as a Son to His mother, and in the same way I listened to the heavenly Father, My Father, for all that I had to fulfill from Him on earth. This is what I also teach you the life, man who wants to see good days and without any deceit for them with you and without any punishment upon them. Oh, come to the joy of the punishment that comes from God; come, for here it is how I come, and I come with the spirit of the resurrection towards you and I wait for you to come, to be and then to say with much humility: «Christ has risen!». Furthermore, to My joy and not to yours, you should speak the word of the crucified Christ, and this is how you are My joy and not yours on your way with Me. Amen.


The man has always looked for Me. He has been looking for Me, even if he does not now this. However, his search is far from finding something, for only God is He Who is, and everything that is, is in God, and not in this world, not where man keeps seeking. Oh, how is the man supposed to find when he keeps looking and he does not know what he looks for when he looks for something? I come down on earth to make clear to the man for his search.

Oh, you do not know what you look for, man, but I know what I look for. I seek to reveal Myself to you to calm down within your search and to understand that you will find nothing if there is no one to make you understand God and to know Him and to have Him afterwards.


I have become a feast of annunciation on earth by the word of My teaching over the man. However, man does not have faith in My messengers as My mother Virgin had, when My messenger brought her the revealing of My mystery with her. Oh, what shall I do to you man, if you do not have faith? It is not possible for you to have, since you look and keep looking and you do not know what you have been looking for, and you lack your faith instead, man. Oh, you will not be able to do anything without faith. It is only by that that you can work, but who is to breathe upon you this great gift if you do not receive My messengers to you, and then to show submission for My exhortation and appreciation for My messengers, as My apostle said to the church: «Know those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you, and respect and honor them in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves. We exhort you brothers, admonish the disorderly, encourage the fainthearted, support the weak, be patient toward all. See that no one returns evil for evil to anyone, but always follow after that which is good, for one another before the world, which sees over those that are in the Jesus Christ’s church, and in everything give thanks before the Lord, for the Holy Spirit has to burn, lest the work of the prophecy may be ignored, the work of the church for those that are good in respect with any aspect of evil». (See 1 Thess. 5/12-22)

I am reminding every soul and body of the prophetic word, which says: «Woe to the city where there is no prophetic word in it, exhortation word upon it, for it will fall down, and again, woe to the city that has many rulers upon it, for it has the same end!» (See also Prov. 28/2 and 29:18) The word of the annunciation is absent all over the earth, and I do not know how to deal with the man so that he may find Me in this spring of word and that he may seek after My exhortation and not play with My descent as word after him, for woe to those who despise prophecies, woe to those who blow to quench My Spirit, Who works on earth by messengers, as I have worked all the time!

It is the feast of the Annunciation close to My feast of resurrection established in this year, and I am telling the man to understand that which he confesses when he says: „Christ has risen from the dead with trampling by death upon death and giving life to those in the graves!”. Oh, if you say so, men who come together to sing like that, do you not think that this is a confession that has to seize you so that you may understand it? I trampled upon death by death and I went down into the dwelling of the dead to give them My life and My resurrection, and then I came back to life again before those on the earth, and the tombs were opened and the dead came out in Jerusalem3 and preached My resurrection, and Annas and Caiaphas still did not want to believe, and all those, who gave money to the guards to lie that My body was stolen by the disciples, did not want to believe as well. The man sings, „Chris has risen!” He sings without knowing what he sings and why he sings. I woke up the dead from the tombs by My death on the cross. I condemned death in My own body and I proved that its bold was powerless, but wake up, man, for this confession and seek to see what you are to do with your life, with your mind, with your faith, with your steps! Oh, why, do you really live on earth? Ask yourself about this? What are you going to do after that? Ask yourself about this again! I am coming to you with much word of annunciation. I will ask you about it, for I have given it to you to have it at your disposal, and you reject My help. The priests, the bishops and the Pharisees cried out to Me with hostility and envy and they said: «He saved others. He can’t save Himself!». (Mark: 15/31) However, I had to taste death for the salvation of the man, and they ridiculed the Scriptures about Me. Oh, this is how the priests and the scribes are doing today; they do not let the people seek after My voice, which calls out to God’s will in them.


Oh, do you want to be loved, man? However, are you worthy of it, man? Why do you not ask yourself in this way, too? I know what you deserve, but you do not want to know. You deserve repentance and cleansing tears for My wounds coming from your sins, which do make God suffer, and you come to look for love, and you complain that you do not find it, but I am the righteous One and seek after man as he also seeks after Me. Oh, you need atonement from your sins and admonishment because of your disobedient way, not love which you have looked for, but love as only I know to give you. With Me, love works like God and not like man, for the man has to be cleansed from sin and from the reward of the sin, and with Me, love is that which makes the man heals, and not that which comforts his sickness. Oh, it is not your sufferance, but My sufferance in you that you have to bear, you who seek with My way. Those who still want to have their sufferance on My way with My people, those throw at Me for themselves, for they come and then they want Me to play up to them. Oh, I did not talk too much to the sick but I told them to get up and walk, not to stay sick to be a burden on earth, but where faith is supposed to be with propriety in it and in those that may want to be with My today’s way of My word of today, when they want to come and let themselves heavy to be taken on the back of other people with all their deficiencies, with all their pretentions, not knowing with their mind the mystery of the love of God!


Oh, son loving of My word of life giving from heaven upon you, it is better for you to be useful to God with your life than to you by everything that you do on the earth for you! I teach you so sweetly when I teach you, if you have come to the spring to receive My teaching. Oh, do not forget, do not forget that your sins have been washed away with blood and they cannot be washed with anything else. My blood cleanses you so that you may be holy after My blood was given for your cleansing, for those who repent from this sin and who become holy after that. However, who are the holy ones? They are those who repent and get whitened by repentance, turning to God with a broken heart, as their prayers show, written by them before Me on earth, and after that all the Christians bring prayers to God on earth from the hardships and from the wave of temptations and human weaknesses, the prayers of the saints, as two thousand years ago the man clothed himself with the garment of weaknesses and since then he has always been tempted by them as one against whom Lucifer has always been fighting since then and up to this day for his lost place near God due to the man’s pride that wanted to as great as God on earth and in heaven, and behold, since then the man has been working everything by his mind and he has no longer had God as the Master of his spirit, which is losing the man, and for seven thousand years the fruit of the man without God has been seen over his steps on the earth.

Oh, My love becomes word of the Holy Spirit over the earth, and the man’s love becomes sin, for man has got his love in him. I am teaching you now to take My sweet word and to get used within you to My love that makes you holy, sons. Whenever you come to My spring of word, I, the Lord, open your little hearts to set My love in them for the power of holiness in you, for without holiness no one is going to see the Lord: it is written this in My Gospel, because I said: «Be holy, because I am holy!». Amen.


Oh, who else teaches you, who else wakes you up so sweetly, in such a fatherly way, sons? The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Word of life does this to you. Two thousand years ago, He descended upon My disciples in the image of the tongues of fire and became word of Holy Spirit in them and My disciples spoke through Him upon all those gathered at the feast in Jerusalem and all heard into their languages the tongues of the Holy Spirit spoken on that day, to the salvation of many of those who heard. Oh, this is how you are to understand too, on this day, My tongue that is upon you, My speaking that gives you life, for I love you and I am speaking to you with salvation and I am your Savior. It is a day of instruction, and I am your Savior by My voice upon you, only for you to be obedient, sons. Oh, love the garment of the wedding and keep it for My table with you so that you may come and that I may speak to you. However, what is this garment? It is holiness, sons. Oh, do not be afraid to wear this garment, but be afraid to put it off instead, for the man puts it out whenever he sins. Look into the seven sides, for same is looking at you from the seven sides, and you should also look like that when you do good or when you try to do evil, and the Spirit of the Lord will help you if you look at Him too. Amen.


I am blessing their steps to the spring, I am giving them angels on their way and I am giving them longing and love; I am giving them a spirit of faith and power so that they may become sons of God more and more beautifully, for man cannot be born only halfway, either on earth or in heaven.


I would teach you much and gently, for it is seen well from the heaven the good and the evil that is worked on earth, and the Spirit of the Lord in the saints and in those who bear God among people can lead your steps through the dangers in such a way that you may not be wounded either by evil or by good, for the good is only in heaven, only holding the Lord’s hand. And, finally, learn, learn not to separate yourselves from the Lord if you have found His way to you, for those who separate themselves from the Lord want to hide from Him after that. Oh, He is eternally everywhere and everyone sees the Lord. You, those who want to be born now from His word of today, do not be shaken from any trial when you work your growth, for the Scripture of the new birth of the world has come and it is preached coming over every creature. Oh, it is not the time for born infants anymore, but it is the time for you to be born from above, for the babies born now are taken away from the wave of the world and fall as food to the devil and they grow in the darkness outside. Those who love the Lord, love Him without sin, and tread upon sin, trample with death upon death, as it has to be crushed with its weapons so that it may no longer come to you. Come out of the world, come out of its traps, and look for your future with the Lord, with the One Who has made the heaven and the earth, the sea and the dry land and all the creation! Give power to the Lord upon you! Be small under His strong hand, and let the holiness in everything become a new creature in you, in God’s image and after His likeness, and, finally, pray incessantly, and especially pray together, brotherly, persevering for those from above on earth and over man, for the earth and all the man’s creation on it have the man’s days as food. Oh, do not forget that nothing means light anymore. The light is only my Son, and the one who walks with Him and believes in Him will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life. Live on earth as in heaven, so that you may bring the heaven down on earth and the people to see the light in you and to marvel at its sight. Be holy for the Lord is holy, and all those, who will live like that before Him, will see Him and He will see Himself in them. Amen.


I am Your messenger, Lord, and I become the man’s neighbor to bring him to the love of You, the true love between earth and heaven. Oh, tell them no longer to love their body, for the body lusts in them against them and against You, against God in them, against the Spirit, Lord, as death is born in them by the lustful body. Oh, tell them about me, for I did not love my body, but I rather loved You in me, and therefore I wanted neither food, nor water, and I had You so much in me, and this is how I was and this is how I came out among people, in order to become their neighbor and to give from You to them.


Oh man estranged from God, God does not allow you to enter a sinful union, for the man’s body was not made for immorality but for the Lord. Oh, be good and do no longer commit sin! Kill your lust because it becomes your punishment! Love your neighbor, which comes to you from God in order to bring you to Me, to the law of the love of God, and only in this way you should love yourself and not otherwise, for otherwise you work out your death and not the love from God. Do not forget that God is against sin and against the frivolity that comes from sin! Oh, do not forget that sin brings about death and it is truly death, and death does not know what light is and neither does it know the shame for its works! I am the light of the world. I, and whoever follows Me, will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life. It is the time to condemn sin, a time prophesied by the prophets of old and who had in them God’s sight, the Spirit of God, the Spirit Who is speaking today with you, man, estranged from God. Oh, do no longer stand against Me and yours as Herod did, who did not love and who did not receive his neighbor, the one whom I sent to do him good! You have no one as your neighbor, you do not have, you do not have, and you do not know whom and what surrounds you, for man needs men for his needs and desires, and he does not seek after God. Oh, receive Me when I knock! Receive your neighbor and do not receive man, for man is just as weak as you are and there is no one to give you! The devil has learned to take on the image of a fasting and abstinent man so that you may believe him, but God never works without disciples near His messengers to you. John has disciples when He came out to be seen as the prophecy was in the Scripture for his appearance among people, and he gave Me his disciples and did not keep them for himself, and then I worked with them after that, and they worked for Me further with disciples near them, with those like Me and like them in their work among people, and in no way did they work in a spirit of carelessness as the devil tries to take on the man’s shape and to appear in My name over people and through people. Oh, behold how I come with the saints to you and how they bring their testimony to you from near Me, about My work among people. Behold, John’s voice, My Baptizer, who went to Herod to tell him that he led the people away from God and that the work of iniquity committed at the top becomes a bad example for the city; and that it became the spirit of death among people afterwards. Amen!

‒ Oh, I am the voice, which clears the way before You, Lord. I was Your messenger then and I am Your messenger now, and I testify about You before those who hear when You come with the saints into the word on earth to the people. I breathe the spirit of faith in You over all the people and I am telling them:

The Lord is coming, sons of men, He is coming and is finding you in unbelief and in its works! Faith has its works and the unbelief has its works too. I call to you to separate from sin and from the deceiving superficiality, from which man stumbles against man. Oh, do no longer cut me away as Herod did with me from his face! Receive the calling of God’s messenger, the voice of your neighbor, for when the Lord told the man to love God, He also put his neighbor next to him and He said to the man: «You shall love God and you shall love your neighbor as yourself, man!».

There is no one to interpret God’s word to the people, and only the Lord does this, the Father’s messenger does this, the Son of the Father, the Lamb of God, the One Whom I baptized as a man then in the river Jordan, while I was calling out to all the people to repent and to receive the kingdom of the heavens, which was coming near to them, the Lord, Who appeared at Jordan, so that the people might be able to know the One confessed by the Father with His voice coming down with the clouds above the river Jordan, telling those who were present there: «This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased». (Matt. 3:17) Oh, this is how we proved, the Lord and I, as the Father’s messengers, for upon my coming out of the wilderness I preached about the Lord and I showed Him to the people, and the Father in heaven fulfilled the miracle and testified about it in a loud voice, and the voice of the Father was written on earth against His Son Whom I baptized as a man at Jordan, submitted in everything, gentle and humble, and through all these exalted among all the people, who keep on being proud on earth.


Oh, woe to the one who lusts, because this one comes to die on this way! Man lusts in his heart and then in his body, and man lusts another man because of his weakness against which he does not come to stand. The streets are full of lustful people after man and after sin. There are no longer any places cleaned from the sin in man. At all crossroads the sin lies in ambush from man to man, and the devil gets rest because he has made the people to work for him. Man falls into the trap of another man and there are many who pretend that they have God and that are the saviors for the sinful people, but God’s people do not walk like that, God’s people do not walk alone, as I also did not walk alone when Father had sent Me to walk on earth after man and to turn him back to the Father. Man has to walk alone only when he is alone, and when he walks among people, he needs to have companions doing of miracles, miracles from heaven, not from him, for the man who serves his lust has the devil as his God and the devil also makes false signs, not real miracles but only some of his fakes to deceive those who do not know his work, and then man falls into the trap of another man because of his lust, which joins his body and then man becomes a devil. However, I come on earth and let it known that it is the time for great iniquity on earth; it is a time with sin and then with bitterness for sin and people die in their sins, and I call upon them so that they may hear Me and that I may heal them somehow, and the one who hides from My calling that one becomes like Adam, which hid from Me because of the sin in him, for after he had sinned against Me and against himself, he wanted to hid from My face, and hearing My walking and My voice, he hid even more, for his sin departed him from God.

Oh, the man is a stranger; he is so much of a foreigner, poor of him, for he departs from Me by his sin and then he walks within this condition, and the more I would try to call the one tormented by his conscience, the more he runs away and hides in himself. However, I come and keep coming and I want to touch his heart with My word of fire and I want to give him hope and salvation and take him into My service and then I want to tell him as well: «Behold, this has touched your lips and your iniquity is taken away». (Is. 6/7) Amen.


Oh, what a table, mother, what a praised table, with all the saints and angels at it in the time when I speak and set the table of word here on earth, into the midst of My people! Only those who are wise believe and understand My word, and those who work the lawlessness do not understand mother; they do not understand anything and keep on minding their own food, that is lawlessness, mother; however, it is written into the Scriptures that many will search My book of today and will thoroughly look into it, and only those who are wise will understand it, and those that work lawlessness will not understand anything, and it happens with them what Isaiah prophesied when he said: «For if you give to them to read they say that they are not learned or that they do not understand or that it is sealed». (See Is. 29/11) And this is how they remain what they are, blind to God and unfaithful, and this is how they finish their journey on earth, mother.


Oh, few, few have the spirit of faith, from which My resurrection in man is to come! I, the Lord, take those in My ark, and through them I keep on drawing in it those that reach out their hand to Me in order to give them their salvation, and this is how I will make up a faithful people and invincible on earth before the nations departed from God for a way without the Lord on earth with them, and this is how I bear the cross of My coming, My way full of boiling longing to draw all people to the Father, either by the Holy Spirit or by fire, as My Spirit blows, but He does not find in His way some among those born of the Spirit to attract each other, but He rather finds a dry man, consumed with the fire of the lawlessness of the whole earth and with which the earth has been filled from margins to margins with people without spirit and who do not want to hear of the man’s birth from above.

Oh, man, your cross is shameful. Your life is only sufferance, only chasing after the wind and after the sufferance, which you prepare to come upon you, and you think that you are happy in your foolish chasing. Oh, this is not life! It is from above and you cannot find it below. Your life is a shameful cross, for life is a cross, and you do not know to take it and to walk in the way as I did when I came as a man on earth in the way of the man, that the man could see Me how I bear My cross and how he bore his, as well. Oh, the end of the man’s way is otherwise. Those who are praised and great on earth by their haughtiness, come to be put to shame and to have a bad name among those in heaven and among those on earth, but those who are humble are exalted on earth after their passing away from their body, for their holy work follows them and crowns their name on earth and their gift borne with humility among people in the time of their life in the flesh, and they are put among the saints in heaven and last forever, like God, and their cross from the earth becomes heavenly glory and comfort over the men’s sufferance, and behold, those who are humiliated by people are exalted and then they are praised, and those who are exalted by people and by the pride of their life are brought low into the deep and they leave their name to shame on earth.

I become word of wisdom from above for man; take from it, you proud man, and see what great gifts you can take from it if you want! Oh, give Me your life so that I may prepare it beautifully for you and that I may do you good! You have only one friend on earth and I am that One, but you do not want to stop running away and to understand this. The man has nothing on earth because he loses all and everything, and he leaves them all and they are left behind. Only I am able to remain with man, only that the man may have Me, only that he may want Me as I am and as I can be with him so that he may have Me.

My way is hard between earth and heaven up to the man’s heart, and My waiting has become a burden. I have been waiting for the man to unite with Me to be one spirit and one love, and My waiting has become a burden, and the devil torments My love after man. My cross is heavy and My coming after man remains outside of the man’s heart, for the pride of life has become sweet to his heart. I speak gently but full of pain and without any comfort, and sufferance makes Me gently in the word. I would like, man, to be able to help you. I am a foreigner into your way, but I am God of God and I advise you towards a gentle spirit so that we may receive one another after that. Amen.


Oh, repent, you who are stubborn! You, who use two tongues in order to be able to instigate and intrigue hearts against hearts because of the pride in you and because of the self-longing in you! Repent before the Lord and overcome the devil that has his hand over you by this sin of vindication and hatred, but do not overcome the Lord!

Oh, repent too, sons all over the earth, for the Lord has got the work of His word over the earth and He calls you to repentance, for the Lord is coming, oh, sons of the earth! Let the Lord not find you naked when He comes, oh, let Him not find you like that, as after Him it follows the punishment of the evil works done by the people! Seek to be found dressed up and not naked, for behold, you need garment taken out of the water and woven with the Holy Spirit. The grace of the Holy Spirit has to be seen over the one baptized with water, and this grace and its testifying speaking are not seen in those who are baptized. I give you news: repent from your works against you and from those against God, for the time of questioning is coming! You still can do it; you still have a little time.

Come back, you those fallen from faith, and the Lord will heal you; as He rebukes for correction and not for punishment! The day of the Lord is coming! The Lord is coming. The One baptized by my hand into the water of Jordan is coming again, and you need repentance. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and His love and the Love of the Father be with you and may it open your eyes for you to see the light and to walk in it. Amen.

Oh, let us strengthen ourselves within the gates, Lord, so that we may be able to work. Your grace is that which can work and it is that which wills. Amen.

— Oh, your confession on My day of Epiphany was great at the river Jordan two thousand years ago, My baptizer! May it also be great, your grace coming down over the earth for the awakening to repentance of the sons of the earth, addicted to those on earth, with which they have got used to living as they like it! Moreover, your today’s testimony is also great, for you are My witness and call out, as I do, to the man to come out into the light and see! Amen.


I become Shepherd over the man’s life and I urge every man to watch so that they may not pull each other out from God, for behold there are no longer merciful and watchful shepherds over the flock. The sin leads the man to unbelief and then he falls in unbelief, and this means a fallen man, and few are those, who do not fall, among those who overcome this sin, and the devil does not rejoice over the man who falls by sin, but he rejoices when man falls in unbelief first and then in hopelessness and carelessness of God for his life.

I come as a gentle Shepherd, I come on earth as word to shepherd the man and to exhort him to pasture and to see that the Lord is good. I have to tell you man, that you are not right with Me, for your life owes Me, because you have it from Me. Oh, do not conform to your wills, for they are not eternal, and they pull you out from God and make you fall in unbelief too, if you do not know to repent from the evil woken in you to punish Me in you. Oh, who shall teach you from the earth? A blind man cannot guide another blind. I have mercy on you, man; I have great mercy on you! I come down from heaven because of My mercy for you. Do not send Me away; do not say that God cannot speak with you! Oh, do not be unbelieving! If you do not believe that I am, what do you gain by turning town My calling to You? You are afraid that you cannot do everything you want, if you want to listen to Me and to have Me as your Shepherd. Oh, you cannot be God’s son if you do not take after Me in your deed and obedience. Receive Me with faith, for he who believes in Me is he who receives Me when I knock to come in and to give him from Me, when I give him that he may have!


Oh, people without help in your weaknesses, without a man to help you, here it is what the rulers who sit over your souls do! You do not have a man to show you My healing spring for your lives, and when I come to help you to do you good, to make you a way and to make the light on the way to your Good from heaven, then come those with an unfaithful Jewish soul, they come into your way and cut your way, and they tell you that I am not God’s Son, Who speaks over the earth to wake the dead from the tombs, and they say that it is only a lie the way of My calling after man today to give him healing and to take the death away from him, for I told to the paralytic and with power I told him: «Take up your mat, and walk!». (John: 5/11) Oh, if I were not God’s Son, would the sick man arise at My word spoken upon him? Moreover, I showed him that he was sick because of his sins and then I told him: «Sin no more, so that nothing worse happens to you». (v. 14). And then he walked on his feet, which I made new again for him. He walked to the Jews who were persecuting Me and told them that I, Jesus, healed him and raised him healed, and because this happened on a day of Sabbath, they looked for fault with Me to spread out disbelief over those who wanted to see with faith and to believe in Me, in My power from the Father for healing over the sinful man and sick because of sin.

Oh, people without help for the weakness that are upon you and who have no one to help you, I am the same today too, as I was two thousand years ago. I am and I keep working and I am Who I am, and I am coming to raise you up from your weaknesses and to strengthen the faith of those who believe and to give from it to those who do not believe, to give them power to believe, and that they become God’s sons, by the power of faith, by the love of God, after they have felt My power and love for man.

Oh, the power of faith is great; the man who can put in man faith with power in My word of today and yesterday is great as well! I am the same yesterday and today; I am the One without beginning and without end and I am Who I am and that is why I can work. When I told Moses to speak to those who were unfaithful that I am Who I am and I was the One Who was sending him to them because they were holding captive My people, they hardened their heart even more and turned their back to the great signs made into their midst by My power through the prophet Moses, through My messenger to them. However, I stood powerfully before them and accomplished My work and took out the people in bondage and brought it into the country of his parents, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then I destroyed those who were not faithful, for it is written: «As dust is scattered by the wind from the surface of the earth, so the way of the unfaithful perishes».


The man can be born again also from man not only from woman, as he knows the birth of the man, and this only if he wants to be born from above from the Father, as I was born before the days of eternity when I was of the same being with the Father, that is We were both One, and then the Father gave Me birth, and We were one Being, both before I was born of the Father and after He gave Me birth from Him, as every man could have been born if the first man built had not spoiled the mystery of the birth, the mystery of the man coming out of man, as the woman came out of man by the work of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, after the Father and I said to make man in Our image and after Our likeness, and behold, the word says that We have an image and that is why I told Philip that I was in the Father and the Father was in Me, and he did not know this.

Oh, I, the Lord, have taught the man to understand and I have told him how to come to Me if he comes, for I said to him: «Whoever wants to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me». (Mark: 8/34) However, man takes his body and with it he comes and asks from Me, and what he asks from Me indicates that he had not denied himself, because he asks Me for himself, when he comes and asks Me, and not for Me in him, but he asks Me to give him for those in the world in him and he does not deny himself when he wants to come and ask Me, and I open to him when he comes to ask Me and I do not let him outside when he knocks for Me to give him, but those he asks for are from the world, and behold, those that he asks Me for, either lead him to the heaven or to the earth; they either lead the man to resurrection or to death.

Oh, to whom shall I complain about My sufferance? Everyone has his own needs, his own hardships, which he carries or gives to another man around him by his complaining about his burden. The man did not understand the mystery of My word, which says: «Take My yoke upon you, for My yoke is easy, and My burden is light». (Matt: 11/29, 30) Oh, it is better to carry God, man, for God is without sin and He is easy, and that is why I have told you to take My yoke upon you and My burden; to take My clean cross and to take it until My coming to you, so that I may give you then a sweet reward for God’s bearing on the shoulders of your soul by your submission.


Oh, what a beautiful paradise I had into the heart of the wilderness, Lord! I put a written judgment now into Your book for every man who does not want to believe that anyone who wants can be nourished with every word that comes out from God upon him. Your Spirit taught me all things, as it taught Adam in paradise. You made my being divine, and I fed my body like a man, according to Your will, but as in heaven I fed him and not as on earth, and I came with my work for You up to Your baptism at Jordan and up to my disciples and also Yours, and then I came up to Herod, oh, Lord, and then again to You, in heaven, always served by angels, for I had no other companions, because my life as a man was also the live of an angel, and I spend time with the angels and they were my brothers.

I tell to all the people and I tell them that they adorn the food they eat with all kinds of things and it does not nourish them, but it rather makes them hungry so that they may keep on eating it and in this way to lose their time eating.

Oh, little and poor of you, how shall I help you to know what life is? I tell you: seek first the kingdom of the heavens and then seek all the other things, for otherwise you will not get away with the toil for your food but only after you pass away from your body. The time has come on earth when you are in need of God, not of food, and you do not understand this. Behold the Lord; He is coming to you on earth as word, and you do not understand this, because the shepherds who stay upon you, keep you under their rod upon you in order to that they may have you in submission, because you owe them, but the Lord has His sweet word as a rod and He gives you of His mouth, of His Spirit, to come to life at His voice of a shepherd and to have hope. Be wise, so that you may know the Lord, Who is coming to cleanse His threshing floor and to gather the wheat into His barn and the chaff to cast into the fire; however, the wheat is little, but the Lord had sown it and it will be a new and holy crop and the Lord will not be deprived of the harvest.

I tell you, children without a shepherd, seek to take the Lord as a Shepherd, for He is coming from heaven to you to give you food, for the food which you cook to eat makes you even more hungry. Oh, only if you may learn from the Lord how to feed your bodies! Oh, only if you learn from me how I ate, for I ate clean food and it had life in it and it was satiable for my body and I gave it rest from food; I did not wear it out by giving it always food, for the body has got a holy law by its creation from God, but man violated it and crushed it, and the food, which he eats, makes him hungry and it does not nourish him. When is the body supposed to eat as much food as man gives it? Behold, food exhausts man, for man does not have wisdom to understand by it the law of his life from God.

I am speaking into the midst of Your people, Lord, and I am telling everybody that the man has deeply gone wrong, that he always goes wrong, poor of him, and that he needs much medicine for his healing; he needs much admonition only that he does not like this, oh, he does not like it and he cannot stand the admonition, and woe to those without instruction upon them; woe to those who do not seek after someone to adjust their life always, to adjust always their conduct, and always to punish their mistake so that they may come to know of their pettiness before You! It is wiser the little child, who submits to those who give him a body on the earth; it is wiser one like that than the man who goes wrong and becomes his own adversary, for the little child is weaned away from those who gave him a body, but the man who grows big by sin does no longer let himself to be weaned; he does not let himself be saved from sin; he does no longer have a maker to teach him to wean his body and sin, in such a way that he may no longer suck the sin in him and he to suck from sin, and the kingdom of the heavens waits near man to comprise him within it, to give birth to the man from heaven, to make the new-born man, because man is exhausted by sin and he needs a new birth from heaven. What punishment does man need any longer? Does sin not punish him enough? Man, seek to come out from sin, seek as much as it has work upon you; fight to overcome it, man, and give yourself to the Lord to your resurrection! Amen.

Oh, Lord, save the man from sin! Take this death away from the earth and from man, from the man’s heart and mind and from all his desires! Break from You and give to the people, so that they may be from You afterwards, and the people to be like You, for behold how greatly the sin scourges the man! May Your will be done upon people, as in heaven so on earth, for I pray to You for this, and my prayer has the cleanest image before You! Amen.

— I, your Lord and Teacher from above, listen to your clean voice, My Baptizer, for at that time you revealed before the people that the water washes the man’s body from sin, and My Spirit and blood washes his soul from sin, as the fire cleanses and burns every immorality or dryness on earth.


Oh, take and drink from this spring of word, you, sons of the earth, men’s sons! Take and learn your coming back home on the way of the spirit of repentance, for every man fell from God once with the fall of the first man built by the hand of God Word, when the council of the godly Trinity decided so: to make man in His image and after His likeness.

Oh, Lord Word, I have showed to the people their way, their raising from the sin of haughtiness built in man even from the beginning by the man from the beginning, who became proud above You, after You had built him. The way of coming back is for the man to cry over this sin and to condemn it in himself so that the angels, serving man for this sin, no longer may be able to serve the spirit of the haughtiness in man and to be freed from service, these fallen angels before Your glorified throne. Oh, may the man be healed from his fall, and may he also heal the fall of his serving angels for the haughtiness in him! We are revealing now a great mystery so that the man may know his sin and cry before You for his forgiveness, for until now, it has not be discovered how much the man’s haughtiness spoiled and it spoils in heaven and on earth; the man, who, for seven thousand years has stayed above God, not taking into account the Creator of everything, and with his hypocrisy, reasoning out on earth and in the sky God’s hidden mysteries in order to spoil them, as he says, and to be God; and, moreover, to say that he knows and not God.

Oh, do not forget, you, sons of the earth, that more than two thousand years ago, God came on earth and proved Himself to be the God of the heaven and earth, full of grace and truth, showing to the man His holy humility, which every man needed to have, and from which he fell by his haughtiness against God, and when Adam, from hell, saw the Lord, so much glorified by His humility, then he also saw his sin against God and against God’s angels, those before the throne of godly glory, and he understood his fall and he also understood the fall of all men because of his sin.


Oh, it is no use for man to marry, Lord; it is no use to do this either in heaven or on earth. The children leave the one who gives them birth and the one who marries and raises fleshly offspring remains all alone in his weaknesses; his children leave him one by one and want to take him as soon as possible to his grave. His children grow up and he is pushed in the back of his house, in the smallest and the least room only for his children to stay at home, and it happens the same to them when they grow up and become old; they are left in sufferance and alone, mourning over the pain of their heart and for the lack of the love from their children; therefore, it is no use for man to get married, for his joy that lasts a moment vanishes quickly and his reward comes soon, that with pain and mourning; however, those who give themselves to You for Your holiness in them, becoming vessels of the Holy Spirit, they give birth to sons for You, not for them; they give birth to disciples for You, Lord, and they grow them up for You and fill them with the Holy Spirit, Who springs from the holy ones and they are loved by their holy followers and are very much appreciated and sought after, like some valuable jewels, and their disciples struggle for them, for their good, for their peace, for their life, in order to have fathers with them so that they may not remain without them on earth, and Your saints bring much fruit on earth and much do they gather with You, and You give them their comfort hundredfold, because they have also comforted You.

Oh, it is no use for man to marry, Lord, but it is better for him to become a holy man and bring forth holy fruit, God’s holy followers and descendants from descendants by whom the heaven is to dwell on earth among people, giving light in its holy ones.


Peace to you, peace to those who have come! My Spirit is embracing you within the word. Be faithful like Abraham, to whom I came into his way by My servants, and He knew Me and spoke with God, and God spoke His word with him. This work of word is the tree of life, the tree of the heaven, full of fruit good to eat, for I said that the faithful man should not eat only bread, but especially he should have his food from heaven, because when My disciples asked Me to remain at the supper while I was walking with them from place to place for the proclamation of My Gospel two thousand years ago, I told them that I have to eat some other food, and that I had to put on the table the work of the Father, the food of the Father, Who had sent Me, the word of the Father as the food of many through Me, the One sent by Him.

Peace to you, to those who are coming! Those in heaven and those on earth, who are Mine, are working for Me and for you a feast of Epiphany. I am baptizing you in My word full of the Holy Spirit. I am enwrapping you within the spirit of the teaching from above; I am rejoicing you by speaking to you and I am looking at you with the whole heaven inside and outside of you. The heaven is measuring your being and its sight, I am clothing you within the power from above to be able to do My will, for this is the joy which you can give to Me fully, that I may be able to present it before the Father as having it from you, and this is how I give you power to become God’s sons, the sons of My Father. If you want and if you love Me fully with your spirit and with the deed of your life, then walk in the steps of My disciples of today with whom I, the Lord, am meeting you at the spring. Be imitators of them, as they also are of Me! I would like to make, from place to place, oases of the love of God and of fulfillment like here, so that the land may be blessed from place to place by My full work in those who are faithful of My coming now.


Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, is He Who baptizes with the Holy Spirit, and that is why the Father had sent the Holy Spirit in the image of the dove above His head on the day of the Lord’s Epiphany in the Jordan two thousand years ago. I baptized with water and He baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire. His word over those who do not receive the word in the name of the Holy Spirit of the truth is fire. The Holy Spirit is for those who are faithful, and the fire is for those who are not faithful, who eternally make God angry by their unbelief, leading the people astray, as in the time of king Herod, as in the time of the archbishop Caiaphas, who were slow in believing that the Lord had come and appeared on earth, for these were wallowing in sin, and the Lord is without sin, and in the same way He cleanses those who are His people to be His after that, without sin; however, for this, faith and repentance is needed, and this is what I called out to the Jews: «Repent, for the Kingdom of the heavens is at hand». (Matt: 4/17)

Oh, and I am calling out likewise, little Lamb, Lord. We are with a feast of Epiphany among those who are Your little ones in the end of the time, and out of the midst of Your glory I am calling out for a spirit of repentance over those who live in sin, for the unbelief comes from sin, and it is the garment which covers the sin so that the sinners may not be afraid of their sin atonement, of the baptism with fire upon them.

People do not have power to flee from sin, Lord. The sin is greater than they are, as it took the man out of paradise. However, We are on behalf of the Father and We are praying to Him for a spirit of repentance over people, for a spirit of new heart in them, and for a change from the Father in them, for they cannot do it.


Oh, how hard I made a church for Me through My disciples at that time, and after them through their followers, to be and to stand before Me for My glory! The human kind loves meat as food, as feeling and as love, and it is hard for Me to raise a holy and numerous church before Me, selected for Me out of the sons of the world, and the holy fathers of the church had been seeking somehow to wean the faithful from eating meat and from those coming out of meat so that the man may feel the sweetness of God’s nearness, the holy One, as for a long time I have been waiting for man to be in My image and after My likeness, and during this time I have been raising the people of My word of nowadays and I have always been coming to it as word and I have always taught it holiness; I have asked it, and it has listened to Me to eat as I told the man in paradise5; and also I have told him no longer to eat meat, and no longer to take those coming out of meat as his food, because I was going to come with all the angels and with all the saints to it on earth and to speak with it and sit with at the table, and it knows that if it eats it has no benefit of it, and if it does not eat it, does not make any damage to it as well, and not all those who believe in Me from the people have this knowledge, and it is hard for Me to make the man love for him the day of My coming with the seat of judgment for each man, for if man received My coming or his coming to Me, he would no longer eat meat forever and he would no longer eat those coming out of meat either; instead, he would choose as his food those that I had told the man and I gave him in paradise to eat.


Oh, how well it would be with the man to stop for a moment before the Scriptures, which prophesied by My mouth, two thousand years ago, about My coming now, and behold how it is being fulfilled now! This day it has been read My word spoken two thousand years ago, but who is to animate the people to be careful at the day of My coming when I will separate the sheep from the goats? Oh, who can rest in peace at the thought that he might take after the sheep from the parable and stay carelessly for My day of glory then?

Oh, open your heart and not your mind, you, those who have heard in churches the Gospel of the memorial of My coming with the fearful judgment upon all the nations, which will be gathered on that day before My throne! You, all those who are healthy or not healthy, visited or not visited; all those who are big or small on earth, lords or servants, open your heart and ear to hear and then the word to come to into your heart! Watch for that day! Wash and refresh yourselves for it and wait in this way for its coming, for it surely comes and it always comes to its preparation! Put away the sin from you and take on the little shirt that I like, that I may be able to place you at My table, clothed and not naked, lest you may be taken from the table and given to those who search for the wedding garment of those who are invited, chosen and faithful. Oh, come to your senses for My day of glory! Do not give ear to those who teach you that God is not and that He is not coming! They want to be gods and that is why they teach you to believe so and to say so. Take after My word, for God is coming to you on His way and He wakes you up to meet Him; however, you should not say that I have hindered you from your business or that I am slow in My coming to you, but you should rather believe that I am merciful and that I wait for your preparation and for your little garment, as My table of wedding requires of your life and its little garment.

I am concluding My word now on this day and I am sealing it with My name: the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Take of my confession near the Lord, my Creator, you, men’s sons, for people are my followers, and the saints are Christ’s followers. Take from me and believe as I believe when the Lord is making me see now the salvation, which He has prepared for those who believe in Him walking in His way! Strengthen your life on the confession of the saints and of the holy fathers and prophets, to whom the Lord’s will over His church was revealed and it is being revealed now! Oh, join your hands to the one who fell from paradise seven thousand years ago, set in you the Lord’s throne and become the servants of the spirit of life in you! I have been crying, looking at the paradise and waiting with longing for you to turn back so that I may also turn back. The whole heaven has been waiting for you, the last of Adam’s children, and I have been waiting for you even more.

Oh, Lord, help the people to become God’s sons after the truth, to come before me with the key, with the peace which I lost on the day when I did not obey You in paradise because of my lust for greatness, Lord! Oh, forgive me! I wait for all that are on earth and can cry out to You to ask You to forgive me. There are seven thousand years since You and I have been suffering because of my disobedience. Wipe out from my soul the wound of my guilt! It overshadows the happiness between heaven and earth. Your love is great and much. Let it melt away the whole of my guilt, fallen on many from generation to generation. Oh, gather us again under Your love; we, those who have gone wrong before You, starting with me and to the last one who may have gone wrong before You, and rejoice Your angels by forgiving us, oh, Lord, for Your coming is great within these days, and it has been fulfilling Your Gospel through which You promised that Your voice of today will be heard by all those who were and by those of whom many will come to life, to their relief. Oh, forgive me, but forgive all too, for You are God, You are from eternity the Son of the Father Sabaoth and You are my Creator; You created me with great love and You gave me breath of life out of Your mouth, and then I went wrong before You and I aggrieved You thoroughly, oh my Creator! I am looking now over time and I am crying like a man, and I see that You are also crying, oh, my God, and You are crying like a God. Oh, how much pain I have done to You. It makes my suffer that I have aggrieved You. Forgive me, my Creator, me, the one remembered now with the day when I lost my peace, my rest and Yours as well, Lord Jesus, God Son, the mercy in the end of the time of those who wait for their salvation, enduring patiently after it. Amen.


People flee from consummation after God and they flee from cleansing and from the cleansing of evil, for the evil and its sin seem sweet to people; these seem to be their life and its power and comfort. People are afraid of God and they flee from Him, and they say that it is hard for them with a life such as His. Those who still come to get help from Me walking through the churches and within a spirit of petition to give to them, they do not come to Me because they love Me, but they rather come to Me only that I may give them, and if they see or know that I cannot give what they want for themselves and for the earth, then they go to the sorcerers and sorceresses to give them, while they ask for their possessions and they do not give them freely what they ask for. Oh, he who does not have God as his life and love, that one is deprived of everything and goes to get help in his needs and desires, he goes to satan’s servants that satan may give him of his treasures, and then satan comes and let Me know how people follow him and how they give their soul to him that he may give them in return to those asked by them to use to their greatest errancy; however, those who go to satan after help in their weaknesses, they are those who confess satan and do not know what much truth they prove that God is, that He is face to face with satan, His adversary, of Whom satan is afraid, and against Whom he struggles with fear, but when satan is helped by a great army of people, he takes courage, but I, the Lord, am telling him now that he loses and those who go to him for help also lose, for their mind is addicted, and are also addicted to themselves those who ask for help from satan for their self love and for their greatness which they want for themselves on earth. Oh, well, well satan, whenever you may think that you have won something against Me, then you are the one who lose, for the man who comes to you to support him in the work of his pride, that one does not last, but his foolishness lasts instead, which draws both him and you into the fire which you alone prepare for yourself, and you keep on stirring it and adding to it, and you do not know what you are doing and what man does to you, who knocks at your door that you may give him. Oh, what do you give him? You give him what you have, and you are the father of lie, and everything you do against Me and against man, in fact you do nothing but increase the flame of your fire in which your torment is going to be and it will show you what you have earned forever, for you earn nothing but your torment by everything that you work with man who asks from you to give him. Oh, only if you did like the sorcerer whom I told by an angel not to do any harm by his word of curse but rather to speak blessing with his mouth, and this servant of yours listened to God, for he submitted before My power by which I cut into his way to bring him into submission.


The saints and the fathers of the church have set the memorial of the saint devout Mary, the Egyptian, on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, that the church may receive good teaching, and then to receive the spirit of the goodness of nature from those that are released from above to work over the earth. Oh, blessed are those who come to the eyes from the gift of repentance, working in her after her awakening from sin. Her spirit is speaking now from near Me a word of longing and a word of contentment with longing, leaving into the midst of the people of My today’s people exhortation to be shared with the men’s sons and over the whole church watching of souls on the earth, because it is a time of watching and repentance, and these two work together with power of resurrection upon man, upon his spirit, upon his soul and then upon his body. Amen.

— With tears, Lord, among those in heaven, I am giving my teaching and counseling word into the midst of Your people, where You have a house of coming, and You are welcomed and taken care, oh, Lord, and may this little people of Yours greatly appreciate this gift and nourish Your coming to it likewise and then Your word upon it and upon the whole earth, given further from here after that, from where the voice of Your mouth becomes a river of word for the resurrection of many, Good and Merciful Savior of those who know and of those who do not know sufficiently the work for life, as life does not come to an end but it moves into its second dwelling, that which is eternal, oh, good Lord. Oh, glory to You and glory to the heavenly armies, for as sinful as I was on earth, now I am stepping with my spirit next to You, to speak on this day for the repentance of the people!

Let all the righteous and sinful people take heed, hear, believe, learn and know that life never comes to an end as many try to lie, for many speak about hell with much easiness and they speak about the torment in it and by so doing they choose with their mouth where they want to spend their life after they leave their body, and these wander away much, not reading the Scriptures where it is written about the flame in hell, and woe to those who are not touched by this flame even from their body so that they may work just a little time against it and to escape from the eternal flame!

Oh, not all have a share of the gift, which comes from heaven to wake the people up to repentance before their passing away. I am bowing with great mercy to the men’s souls and I am telling them that the weaknesses are big in people because of their self-love and because of the lack of God in them and because of the lack of the teachers inspired from heaven, to be able to share life from heaven and resurrection upon people even from the time of their life in the body received from their parents. There are among them some, who understand, receive and can, and there are still some of them, who do not receive and do not hurry to their salvation, because of the weakness of their body or because of their haughtiness. Let these consider the kings upon people and let them become wise from their examples, for the king Herod could not overcome in order to kill the temptation that came from a woman, when John, the prophet and the Lord’s baptizer wanted to give him a spirit of awakening from sin, lest Israel might take an evil example from the king and thus indulge in sin and in the loss of soul; however, the king swore to the woman and did not know to keep away from taking an evil oath, and thus the king Herod perished because of his sin, Herod perished because of a woman.

Oh, let the people look at the king Darius, to whom Zerubbabel showed his sin, and the kings kissed him and promised to listen to him, for the king liked his wisdom from heaven and the truth about the woman, and this is what he spoke to those who were of his retinue: «Oh, men, the wine is not right, the king is not right, the women are not right and all the men’s sons are not right, all their things, and the truth is not in them, and all and everything perish because of their injustice, but only the truth is strong and it remains forever, and it has power forever and ever, and it does not show partiality, but it does and says what is right, and it is the strength, the kingdom and the power and the glory of all ages. Oh, men, great is the king and strong is the wine, but who rules over people and over kings? Are not really women? For I saw the king and his concubine on his right side taking the crown from his head and putting it on her head, and with her left hand she was slapping the king, who was staring at her with his mouth open and was laughing with her, and whenever she got upset, he would speaks nicely to appease her, and are women not supposed to be strong since they can and do so?». Oh, and kind Darius kissed Zerubbabel and promised him that he would give him everything he would have asked, and thus he received from the king the promise for the rebuilding of Jerusalem, which was burned by Edom and ravaged by the Chaldeans.

Oh, sons of men behold, there are kings and there are people who receive and who do not receive the truth about them and about the women who rule upon them. However, I tell you that woman brings death to men and to herself and she also causes sufferance to the body, and her strength resides in the spirit of temptation stirred in man by her body. However, behold, the time has become short and the Lord is coming on earth and the people need to listen from heaven and know to keep away from debauchery and to stop doing this sin, which blows with power during these days everywhere and over everything more than anything else on earth, because of the spirit of woman in men and in women. Let the kings of the earth and the rulers of the earth take heed of the heavenly spirit, which blows speaking, and let them all stop from the sin of the devastation of the earth! Oh, let the bishops and the priests also take this into consideration even more seriously, and let them start to cleanse themselves from the sin of debauchery in them, and still after that, let them cleanse the earth and man of this sin, for there is great devastation on earth from this sin, which, behold, it wants to be king on earth and in heaven.

The Lord showed me great mercy and gave me a spirit of repentance, after a life lived in sin and not satisfied with it, and then I gave myself to abstinence with my body and to a flood of tears and I struggled for my house from above so that I might not lose it, to have more time to gain it as my house forever, and that I might not live in hell forever for my heavy sins before the Lord took me out of them by his mercy towards man, for whom He paid with a shameful death on the cross, with His cleansing blood and full of resurrection for those who find the Lord as their Savior.

Take heed, kings and strong men, bishops and priests, rich and poor, slave and free men, faithful and unfaithful, and do not hold the eternal life in derision! When I was in the wilderness, after I left the age of the world, I have served the struggle against sin, and God’s angels took me and showed me the torment of the hell and then I cried all the time left to live in my body, and the Mother of the Lord, Jesus Christ, told me that the people talk too easy among them about the places in the hell, which are not as they talk among them about them, but rather they are places of terror, and if just a small wound of their body put them down and they go with it to the doctor for comfort, oh, then where could they go from hell when they are in pains; where could they find any comfort from the unbearable and burdensome labors?

Oh, love resurrection, men’s sons, and love holiness, as I had been crying for almost twenty years to the Lord to give it over my life, which was tormented and enslaved by sin for such a long time among people, and from which many great and small people died like me by my sin with death in it, for sin is the sting of death, as it is written.

Oh, Lord, Who are merciful for those lost in sin, have mercy on people and have mercy on me! I pray to You for them! From among of Your godly people I am speaking to them on this day and I had been crying on earth and sighing for a long time for those in heaven to help me and redeem me with their prayers from sin and to give me a share with them in heaven, and they helped me as much as the heavenly armies did, which You gave me to help my struggle to You and to those in heaven, to the country of Your saints, Good Shepherd, sent on earth from the Father Sabaoth for our salvation, for His mercy to men.


You, those that run with faith and love like the thirsty deer at My spring of word when you come to the feasts, keep your hearts in the fear of God, for this is an angel of great protection against human works, which struggle to live in people and because of which the people do not come to this spring. Get used to take your steps to the spirit of holiness, so that you too may become God’s sons fully and to give birth to a holy people for the holy heaven and not for you. Turn your bodies into clean vessels, useful to the Lord, and there will be no richer people than you are on earth. Oh, come, drink and have a party with the Lord and with His saints. Come to Me, you those who are heavily burdened, and you will taste the sweetness of your rest! I come always; I come into your way and I give you of My graces and I want sons, to bring you as offering to the Father, according to the order in the people of My word of today, an order in which I, the Lord, have set it in order to know it that it is Mine. Oh, its life is not too tough, for it is beautiful before Me and it is for Me, not for them, and I set My works upon them, and by this time, I have not got so much support from the earth, and the people know that all the glory is given to Me with it and with the entire help from one another, the heaven and the earth helping each other at work for the last Scriptures.

I, the resurrected Lord, open up My arms for you and I am thankful to you for your faith in My coming as word of Holy Spirit on earth. I, the Lord, call those who are faithful to My coming of today of the Romanian people, I call them My Romanian people, and they are the Romanian people, for it cannot be Romanian otherwise the man on these heavenly fields where the heaven works, sanctifies and prepares the view of its glory in the end of the time.


I have looked with love, but I have also looked with mercy, for those who love Me with obedience are those who are loved, and those who want to love Me as much as they want and not with obedience in respect to the laws of the whole love, they are those who are tolerated and shown mercy by My endurance, but what do they know whether My mercy and patience face to face with them give or not give them salvation? Two thousand years ago, I said that all those who did not know that they sinned when they did not do that which was to be done, but those who know from God what it has to be done and do not do or do other way than it has to be done, then they commit the sin of disobedience to God, even if they think soundly that they have love for God in their deed.

I, the Lord, am word on the earth and I dwell into your midst, My people from the spring. I take from the Father and I teach by the word the one who gives his ear to hear. There are some of those who come and work then as they hear from Me the word shared to his work, but there are also among those who come and hear the word and believe it, but as they have got used without obedience for the work of the word, they remain as they are and come and go from the spring as they are. They believe that I am, that I speak and that I share the word to its fulfillment, but if they do not have any roots in their obedience to God, they cannot get used to giving forth fruit in the vineyard, and they cannot remain in My love in such a way that it may bring forth fruit in them. I give them further advice, for I it is My duty to be a Teacher on behalf of the Father Sabaoth for those who come to hear the voice of My word and who take or not take the work of the obedience to God upon them. I am speaking to them in the end of My feast with the male and female disciples and I am giving them My word further.

You, those who come to hear My word, you need the wisdom of the spirit of obedience to God, and without this wisdom in you and in the work of your life your walking with God is weak; the walking of those who cannot learn to take from God and listen with their work after that is uprooted from God. He who is born of God, that one does not take any more after man, but he takes after God instead, and this is how the face and the work of those born from above are. I remind you, that I, the Lord, have asked from the Father by prayer My whole work, after He has given it to Me to do. Even if I received from Him all the work that I had to do, I was asking Him by prayer, as man asks blessing for the work that it is given to him to do by his father. And the Father was giving Me then as He is giving Me now to work for man, and I was asking the Father and I was not asking from Him anything for Me, but rather I was asking Him for man, so that the work which My Father had given Me to put upon man might have fruit in man. My Father gave Me the disciples, and I was asking by prayer from the Father everything that was necessary for them to have so that they might be in their likeness after God, and I was seeking the Father’s will in everything that I was asking in My prayer from Him, and I was teaching My disciples to do the same in their prayer to the Father and to say: «Father, may Your will be done in heaven as on earth with us!». (See Matt: 6/10)

I remind you, those who are much exhorted by My word, which you seek and want much, and I am telling you now that I said in My prayer to the Father: «My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass away from Me; nevertheless, not what I desire, but what You desire». (Matt: 26/39) Oh, this prayer full of pain had power in it to keep in it the spirit of obedience to the Father, for in My prayer to the Father I said then: «Not what I desire, but what You desire».

You should know from Me, sons, that the Father had listen to My prayer which I asked for Me at the moment of My bitter cup, for the cup passed, and I was resurrected, and once with Me I drew the dead out, those who heard My voice from the hell when I got into it to take them out. You should know, sons, that on that time My Father did the work beyond human nature, for God is Spirit, even if I had a body on earth to obey the Father in order to take out the bodies of the dead from the hell, but My Father kept Me near Him in the time of the carrying of the cross, and He also carried My body to those in hell, who became flesh so that I might be able to come out and walk on their way out of the hell, for how was satan supposed to be defeated if God had not showed him in the time of My cross that the bodies of the dead came out of the dust and walked on their feet on the earth?

Oh, I would go on and on speaking with you much about this great mystery of resurrection, a mystery for which My Father told Me to listen and to be born a man and to sow Myself in men with My mysterious work and to come down then by the way of the cross into the hell with My resurrection and the resurrection of the dead.

Behold, I put teaching with power over those who come and take Me from the spring and I tell them this: I have not asked from the Father for Me in My prayer to Him, but I have asked for man, as I was an obedient Son and I said: «Not what I desire, but what You desire, Father!». Oh, how much I would like the man to be accustomed to having the spirit of obedience to the will of the Father in his prayer! Oh, how much I would like the man to be in My image and after My likeness in his prayer to God! Oh, here is the reason why My Father has sent Me as word on the earth! The Father has sent Me to teach the man the love of God, which makes the man god; it makes him God’s son, and the son has obedience and by it he remains a son, for the sons are only those who have a Father, only those who take after their Father.

I measure with the measure taken from the Father, the heart and the conduct of those who come together at the feasts at My spring of word. I rejoice much over some and over some I cry much, for I would like all of them to be in My Father’s image and after His likeness, to be My brothers, oh, and I have a reason to cry! I cry for longing of brothers, for My brothers are those who do My Father’s will like Me, and the Father is in heaven, and the Father’s will has to be with My brothers on earth. Oh, shall I not cry much when the man’s lips always say: „May Your will be done on earth as in heaven, Father!” and when the Father’s will is to be so with them, then it is not, and man remains further with his will and this is how he stays before God.

I miss to have brothers and I cry for longing! My Father sees Me while crying for longing and He cries with Me too, and We both look at the pride of the man who calls himself a son of God, brother with Jesus Christ, Who does His Father’s will and not his. I long to see that man is as clean as I am, and I long to see that men do not do evil to each other by their disobedience to the Father among them. The love of God is greatly misunderstood on earth. Those who complain to God are those who are coward, and those who have God in them are those who have love. The cowardly are not those who love, and those who love are not those who are coward, for there is no fear in love, as love is love and fear is fear, and love means God and fear means man.

I miss to have brothers and I cry with longing! I long after brothers in My image and after My likeness, and that is why I cry so much in word and I speak and exhort so much. I come and speak because of My longing. Because of His longing the Fathers sends Me to speak on the earth so that the people may hear Me and answer somehow to My voice upon them. There has not been so much love poured out from heaven on the earth as now is, when the Father is sending Me with much word upon people, as much as the river with great outflow. The word is the seed and it is the water, which moistens the seed, but the soil for the seed is taken and used by the man without obedience to God on earth.

You those who come and get comforted and you also comfort Me by your coming to My spring of word, oh, learn what the life with obedience of God is! I lived three years and a half with much word upon My disciples two thousand years ago and they saw My great works and the power of the Father in Me, and they still minded their own things. Here it is why it is so hard for the man to be completely dedicated as a disciple in the hand of the obedience to God! Oh, if I cry with longing to have brothers in My image and after My likeness, then you should also cry with Me, cry with longing after God, for the longing is crying, and crying is its work! You should also cry until the Father will have in you the power to make you God’s sons, My brothers, for I listen to the Father and I do nothing from Me or take or give or speak, for I know well which is My Father’s will, and I work only His will, and only in this way a son according to the truth is.

Behold, it is hard for the man to die to himself. I would like the man to get away from this death, from his self that uproots him from God, for the one who brings fruit from himself and not from the vine, that one is uprooted. Learn the work of the vineyard and the work of the branch in the vine, sons. When you come, I come down here at the spring and I give you much to learn. I count your steps when you come and I want to count the works of your obedience to God, and I also want you, sons, to become My brothers. I am giving you advice and I am putting it before you, now after the end of the feast. I am also giving you holy power for exhortation, and the power is your very obedience to My exhortation. Now, I am waiting for you with longing and I am waiting for you again at the spring, to help you with My Spirit to learn how to become My brothers, the sons of the Father wholly, in My image and after My likeness. Amen.


Let My word and the word of My saints build you, oh, men’s sons, for there is no one to breathe upon you but only I and My saints to your refreshment to heaven. I come down on to earth as word and I come with it upon you so that you may hear My voice and to startle and come near to Me, the Lord, and I to come near to you, and let us turn to each other, for we are separated. The sin in you separates you from God and it separates Me from you always, oh, men’s sons. Listen to My voice, which calls you to the heavenly homeland, and give it power upon you, so that you may be healed from sin and from its reward after that. I, the Lord, have mercy on you. Sighing, I call you and I wait for you to your resurrection. I come with the saints on earth and I speak the word of resurrection upon you. Hear My voice; you are to hear it! I dwell into the midst of the Romanian people with the word of My coming and first I want to raise this nation to life and then to make it a piece of work over many who will get up from sin.


Oh, sons of men, oh, sons, when you run across something of greatness, something of great height, you those, who have big and sensitive hearts for those things that are great at sight on earth, then you are thrilled, you wonder, you rejoice when you go into a high place of church and full of adornments made by the hand of a skilled worker in order to attract those who pass by. Oh, here I am, the Lord, coming down on your way as word with power in it, full of greatness in the word, on the way of clouds coming down to you and speaking with you, and you do not startle as then when you see with your eyes something great on earth. Oh, behold what man means and behold what God means, for man rejoices, man marvels, man exalts himself within his mind and with the look of his mind and heart, and the Lord comes down, He humbles Himself and He suffers when He sees that man does no longer startle to want his meeting with Me, and he would not startle even if I were gentle and humble in his way, as I and only I am truly so, for only God is so in spirit and likeness, and man is not like that.

My birth in man is the greatest miracle over which man should rejoice so much; and he should rejoice much more than the shepherds on the hill who had heavenly guests before their huts on the night of My birth, singing to them a song of praise and a heavenly song and telling them about the birth of the Savior of the whole world, and after that they saw Me born in a manger at Bethlehem.

I can hardly make My work given to Me by the Father to accomplish, and I can do it with difficulty, as two thousand years ago, when I came, when I grew up and when I chose My disciples, and then when I went with them from place to place leaving signs and miracles behind us to draw the people to the Father, oh, and the burden of the lack of love from man was heavy for Me. Even My disciples hurt Me while I loved them so much and I was teaching them to stay close together, to bear the Lord on the earth, and they were cold, and some of them hurt Me and I endured them, as one of them even betrayed Me and sold Me to be given to death; then another one denied Me, and still another one did not believe in My resurrection, and I told them that My soul was exceedingly sorrowful, even to death, but they did not know why; they did not know that I was sorrowful because of them, because instead of watching for Me they fall asleep, and then I told them: «Sleep on now, and take your rest, for the ruler of the world is coming to take Me from near you!». (See also Matt. 26:45) I sent them to sleep, for I was sorrow because of their lack of power and watch for Me, and My pain was great, and it is still great now when I want to receive birth in man and man cannot do this. I am hurt when I see that man watches so much for his idol pleasures and does not fall asleep, and I want to appease him and I want to give him other joys, true joys.

I will make with the Father a heavenly spectacle on the earth, I will show the happiness to man and I will show him those who are righteous for it, so that the people may mourn because they did not know how to seek after their happiness and its dwelling places, from where no one would leave if one would be sent on the earth as I was sent to take on My shoulders misery and sigh, and by My sufferance to strengthen the dwelling place of those who are happy and heirs of the happiness, which they wanted in the time of their waiting for it, as only those who are happy on the earth with a beauty from heaven, only they learn and then reach there where they look with longing, and there happiness is without end. Amen.

I am coming down on earth as word and I call man to happiness and to its truth. I am stopping here, at the place of My descent, and I am staying with the glory of the word before those who have been coming with the carols of My birth on this day, and I want to give them My joy. Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth, and goodwill among people! I am also singing the song of the angels of My birth; I, the Lord, Who was born in a manger on the straw two thousand years ago, the One glorified by the angels and by all heavenly powers on the night of My birth; on the night when I did not have any place in the house of rest, but only outside on straw, warmed at the bosom of My mother Virgin and watched by the gentle Joseph and by the angels against the rage of Herod, who was seeking to take My life.

My word is My messenger and it is that which sends My word to those who are thirsty of heaven, My comfort to them on a day of holy feast, the feast of My birth on the earth. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, joy for the Lord and for man is needed. I want to be the man’s joy and he has to be My joy, My power for him. Oh, man, this is what you have to know! You, and if you are established, and if you go wrong, rejoice over your Savior with a sweet and holy propriety, always having your sins before you, for which you have a Savior Who was set on the cross for you, and do not be ashamed for them, oh, no, but rather humble yourself and get up to punish them from all your heart, for you have a Savior. Oh, who makes the man cry? Only sin can do this. Oh, how can sin do this? Yes, sin submits before love, as love makes man gentle and sensitive and then man cries before his Savior, Christ, Who washes away the sins of the world as Lamb and it makes man gently and to say: Oh, little and merciful Lamb, you took my place before the judge satan, who accuses me. I am the one who went wrong, and You are the One Who made atonement for me and my sin is constantly before me, but You are constantly with me too, Lord, my Savior, and You paid for my wrongdoings.

Behold how much affection and power for love man is able to have, the man who realizes all the time how sinful he is! Can he separate himself from the Lord afterwards? Oh, no! He feels the Lord in him living there by the brokenness of his heart full of warmth for the One in heaven Who is his Master, for the One Who saves the sinful one by His mercy for man.


I am sitting at the table of word with the bishops celebrated in a churchly manner in heaven and on earth on this day, and the teaching of today is great and it is that of a bishop. Oh, let us work for the Father and for His joy from man then, My beloved bishops! I in you, and you in Me, as this mystery and unity work between Me and the Father, and let us become word and with it let us give food. Amen.

— We are one in the word, too, our Lord and King on earth and in heaven. We have to tell the people the word of the Scripture of two thousand years ago, which says: «We know that whoever is born of God doesn’t sin». (1 John 5:18) Oh, how shall we do so that all people may consider that which we are bringing now to the renewal in their minds and to the fulfillment in the works of their lives, oh Lord? Oh, people need love. Sin submits before love and love makes man sensitive and gentle, and then it makes him humble before You and then man seeks after comfort for Your wounds from him and he wants to heal them for You, and Your comfort from him becomes his comfort and his salvation, and behold how much power love has, Lord!

Oh, if it were possible, Lord, we would stand up to visible work and we would go on our feet visibly high and low through the midst of the people, and we would tell them about this comfort from them to You, and then from You to them, for people do not have any comfort, they do not have, Lord, for they are condemned by sin, and the sin hides its ugly face and the spirit of the devil, which becomes sin in man. Those, who have heard from Your mouth during these days that there is no man without a demon in him, got upset, but only the one who is born of God does not sin, oh, Lord, and this is what man has to know and he has to humble himself much because of his weakness, and then, out of his humility, Lord, bring forth wisdom for him and make the man incline to a sweet spirit face to face with God, with You, Lord, Who bring the devil judgment on behalf of man so that You may redeem the man in such a way that he may no longer be the devil’s dwelling place.

Behold, there is comfort in pain, and there is both for You, Lord, and for man, too, only for man to be able to work, only that he may want to build the citadel of comfort. The evil spirit flees from the spirit of comfort and he has been struggling full of fear for two thousand years, since You promised that You would sent the spirit of comfort, the Holy Spirit the Comforter, so that He may be on earth for many of those who love You with longing and who can share Him with those who are not comforted, with those who suffer from sin.


Oh, the evil spirit has to grow week, for we, those who have had the rank of a bishop before You and before men, then and now, we speak the word against the evil spirit to go out completely and for good with its corruption from men; to come out and never to come back, and not settle with its work on other places, and let its power grow weak and then come out, for all things are Yours, Lord, everywhere, and people have to be taught so that they may no longer give any power to the devil, but rather to give You all their power, and then they have to be truly baptized in Your word in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and then they should no longer get out of this bathroom, but they have to be worthy of a new shirt, of new love, of new life and of new age on the earth with the people, Lord. Let the evil spirit hear what we speak with You at the table of word into the midst of Your people of New Jerusalem, in Your citadel of today on the hearth of the Romanian people, where You and we, Your saints, set the word of the teaching of life. There is no school on earth, there isn’t, and on the earth there is something else that goes with this name. Only the Lord is a school for man, only You, Lord, and he who does not live and does not learn within You, is lamentable. Oh, how are people supposed to come to this spring when they stick to their passing glory, as though it would never come to an end? Do they think what will come to them after their will, their power and their glory will have decreased?


Oh, sons of men, oh, people of Adam, the first one built by My hand out of clay and breath of life, oh, come to meet Me, for I am sitting on the throne of glory and I am speaking to you and I am standing before you with the judgment of your works. Oh, hear Me! My word comes into your way to give you power and by it to become God’s sons to be saved from the judgment for the works, for man does not work for God or for man on the earth, but only for himself, and this is sin and is added to the wages for the sin. Oh, listen to My voice and make peace with God. I, the Lord, call you: prepare for your salvation! I come into your way to support you, for you have lost your power to come back to Father God. I have to fulfill this page of the Scripture to draw all to the Father, but as many of them who may want to believe and seek to listen to My word in order to come back and to give themselves to Me?, so that I may also give them further to the Father, cleansed from sin and whitened through holiness for the day of My glory, then I will have them all around My throne and not only the angels; however, I will not have them near My throne to pronounce upon them the painful judgment, but I will have them for My glory with them, a glory like that of My angels.

I, the Lord, am the vessel of the mercy of the Father Sabaoth for every man, for God longs for man. Oh, wash way your life in this vessel, for I became a river of word, cleansing water for you. Come, oh, come and become clean by your washing into this river of life, so that I may tell you on My day of glory: «Come, blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world!». (Matt: 25/34) When I founded the world I founded the paradise as well and all its holy law, where the death by sin had no place, but the man who was brought in paradise did not inherit the paradise, because he pulled himself out of it for sin, and he decided against the love of God, and since then he has been crying after the love he forsook; the paradise has been crying and God has been crying after man too, and My tear has become word behind man and I have been calling out to him to hear Me and to take Me into his house so that I may be his Master and his Savior.

Oh, how much love man needs to come back to Me and how much hatred for sin so that he may be able to pull himself out from this root and to come back so that I may put him back into the garden prepared from the foundation of the world for those who love God!


Behold, man is born of sin and he lives in vain on the earth and then he suffers forever because he has not understood God in all things; the One Who made the heaven, the earth and then the man for this creation, well sons. Moreover, if I have spoken to you, then I am also speaking to the sons of the earth and I am telling them the greeting of My resurrection, too.

Oh, sons of men, oh, sons of the earth, Christ has risen! I, Myself, I, the Lord, bring you the greeting of My resurrection. Pay attention, oh, pay attention that the Lord in the beginning made the heaven and the earth and gave the earth as an inheritance to the people; however, the heaven, who inherits the heaven? Oh, who really inherits the heaven, sons of the earth? If the heaven did not give it, would the earth and the people on it have life, and all the creation that serves the life of the people on earth?

Oh, pay attention to where the life on the earth comes from. From the earth only death comes upon people, but life comes from heaven. I call you with longing, I call you out with mourning; seek after your life from heaven, as life is from heaven, and behold, life becomes word upon you, as it is written in the Scriptures that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, and the same was in the beginning with God and all things were made through Him, and in Him was life. Oh, I was the Word, and I was from the beginning with God and everything was made by Me, and life was in Me, and I gave life to the creation after I had spoken the word to make the heaven and earth, and after two thousand years from My resurrection from the dead, here I am, speaking now over the earth: Christ has risen! For two thousand years ago, I came on earth and I became the Son of Man and I live thirty-three years among people, and in the end, after I had stayed with My disciples for three years and a half, I went to die on the cross to bring back everything the man had spoiled in paradise seven thousand years ago and to give him a reason to leave off sin and to come back to God, to come to the One Who has suffered for him, to his Maker, for man has completely forsaken Me and he forsook Me even from paradise.

I am coming with the paradise after you, I am calling you into its mystery and I am helping you to be able to love your life and to forsake the sting of death, for sin is death, oh sons of the earth. However, now I am coming and giving you the heaven as your inheritance, if you want to listen to Me on the earth, for I also lived on the earth but I completely listened to My Father God, and My will was His will, not Mine, and I was the Son of My Father, as I did come from Him on the earth, and even more, I carried Him within Me forever, as He also carried Me within Him, and I did His work.

The Son of the Lord, the Son of the heaven also died for you two thousand years ago, oh, sons of men, but the Lord resurrected Him on the third day and gave Himself to be your Savior. Oh, you should also live before Me as I lived before the Father doing His entire will, all His work, and you will not live in vain on earth if you listen to do so. Oh, stand up! No matter how sinful you may be, I have power from the Father to forgive you, to wipe out your sins and to give you the garment of My resurrection, My body and blood, to be always alive, always, for within Me is life, oh, sons of the earth, but become sons of the heaven on earth as I also was, and when the earth is going to come to its new creation, the new heaven will be given to you as your inheritance, and all the angels and all the saints in heaven stay and wait for those who are saved to come and to inherit, those who call the Lord, for it is written: «And whoever will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved!». (Joel: 2/32) Amen.


Oh, man, your mistake has to be corrected. Your disobedience brought about your fall from heaven, and now we have to go back. You listened to the woman and no longer listened to God. When man is drawn to the woman, it is because the woman is drawn to man because of his disobedience to God and to his obedience to the woman. Oh, come and wake up, man! The little angels between heaven and earth fly and work to help you to give up sinning and to pass from the flesh into the spirit, for your flesh does not serve you at anything but only to your separation from God, man.

Behold, the time of fasting is coming to the man’s help. Fast from sin, oh, sons of men! Fast from your flesh, for the flesh draws the man away from God; it draws him to the things of the flesh. Be calm in your heart and face lest the devil may rejoice over your proud fasting. Be mysterious between you and God, for God gives grace only to those who are humble.

The man built by My hand in the beginning cries; he cries before Me and here it is what he tells Me:

— Lord, Lord, please receive my prayer again for every man, oh, Lord. Let man be good, but help him to be so, for the woman was the man’s fall from paradise, and today it is the same, and man can manage without God, but he cannot manage without his woman as well, for the woman has replaced God in man’s soul. This is what happened to me, and You came into my way and rebuked me because of this, but I became stiff-necked as a reward against me for the sin of my pride, Lord. Oh, the desire for greatness makes man small, but man does not know this but only if someone tells him. My expulsion from paradise happened after I had listened to the woman, after I had had a woman for my soul.

Let man fast from woman, oh, Lord, and the woman has to be wilder, sourer, colder by this, and less, Lord, for the woman appears as being near with all those around her, and the man’s power grows less and less with respect to the grace from above.

Oh, let the woman get used to God and the man will get used to God as well. Let her give to the Lord all her love, and let her not give it to herself or to the man, and the man will do the same; however, help him for this fulfillment, oh Lord.

I have mercy on You, Lord. Oh, how much You have been suffering from my sin, as long as seven thousand years from man to man; so long my sin, Lord! Oh, forgive me, helping the man to remain on Your side, Lord! Oh, forgive me by Your coming alive in man, oh, Lord! Amen.


I am giving a word of blessing for the time of the Lent, that before the feast of My resurrection. With every passing year I live again and again that what I lived and endured two thousand years ago, and I have always refreshed the man’s resurrection over those who have been following Me and doing My will in them, but there are too many those who do not love Me and do not seek after Me with My life in them. I cry for these; I cry at the cross, I cry, and My crucifixion for them is always today. I cry and sigh on the cross; I always cry today for those who do not seek with My cross.


I am telling the man that not only by sufferance is the Lord able to clean him from his sin and to prepare a way for his salvation and eternal life, but also by repentance man is able to receive the Lord as his love, as his mercy and forgiveness. That is why I am coming and exhort you to repentance, oh, sons of men. I am coming with My saints and I am calling out to you: Repent! Oh, repent, because the prophet Elijah protected from sword and fire those who had approached him with repentance, but he did not spare those who wanted to seek him deceitfully.

Oh, sons of the earth, not only that the atonement of the sins by man’s repentance brings upon man God’s love and the gift of faith and the work of this gift, but man also becomes the Lord’s helper, just as a little horse becomes its master’s help and carries his burdens and submits to him with obedience in order to teach the man how he is supposed to be with his God, too. Oh, the time with much work of My saints is coming on earth and those who sin will fully see the wrath for sin, and if they have time, they will turn with their life to the Lord, and My saints will make disciples of those who come back from the slavery of sin. Amen.

— At Your today’s table with the saints, Lord, and with the people of Your word, I am looking with zeal over the earth and understand Your mercy You have on people, but You also understand my mercy on You, oh, Lord. In the time of my body on earth You gave me the gift of prophecy and I worked with it over the great and over the little, and I was working with zeal for You and standing on Your side, Lord. I was rebuking the rulers because of their sin, and those who were small and gentle I was making them prophets for You, as my mercy on You was consuming me intensely and I could not get away from this pain anywhere and in no way, the pain which was urging me to punish those who despised You by their sin, trying to forget about the true God and to make idols for themselves to which they wanted to bring their false worship. I was looking with a heart crushed with sorrow to what the woman can do on earth over the great and over the little, and I was saying: Woe to those who commit sexual immorality with women, woe! A flame of fire to sin is kindled in man at the view of woman. I saw the king of the time how he was trying to forsake the Lord. The king took a woman from other people and he played up to her and to her idols, which the king erected to draw the people to idol worshipping, and I was suffering deeply because of this.

Behold, it is one thing when a man lives with a woman, and it is another thing when he goes into sexual immorality with women, woe to those who live in sexual immorality with women, woe! Oh, I burned against this sin and I brought about the punishment over the land during that time. I commanded the rain no longer to come down, and even dew was no longer to be, but only intense heat was to be over the land for three years and a half. I told this to the king perhaps he would try to repent and stop from his iniquity, which departed the people from God. Then I showed them mercy and I released the rain; moreover, I made a visible miracle on the day of the return of the rain on the land.

Oh, I have upset You somehow. Before the approaching of my day in heaven and on earth I had prepared rebuke with great waters over the Romanian land and people, as people get drunk with strong drinks, Lord, and this means idol worshipping and their ongoing departure from God. The taverns and the sin of drunkenness have multiplied and the people intoxicated with drinks carouse. Woe to those who put drinking on their tongue, woe! Drinking means debauchery, Lord. From what should man drink and get intoxicated? The rejoicing of the man’s heart with wine and other drinks, behold, it brings him his reward for it. Oh, man is no longer able to renounce the wine and woman!

I have mercy on You, Lord. I see how much You endure, how much you suffer, Lord, how much You are forgotten and deserted and not loved by man. People commit too much sin, Lord. Oh, I had mercy on You and stood up to punish those who sinned against You and against their lives making You deeply suffer.

Those in this little village wonder where You have established the mound of Your word, for You have spread out Your hand and protected it; You have had mercy and taken care, and people see this glory of Yours. Oh, only if people came to repentance for their sin, Lord! I would like to urge the sons of Your people from the spring to have time and give their mercy to those who are foreign to You with their life, and the time will come for many to be in need of this comfort that Your bring down here.

Oh, I also want to help to the men’s repentance, Lord. I do not want to make You sad, but I have mercy on You when people sin against You and against their life. Oh, Master of life, let men no longer have anything to eat or drink against Your will and against the holiness that You expect to be in men. Woe to those who drink for pleasure! Woe to those who put their hope in wine! Oh, behold what man has done from the fruit of grapes, Lord!

Oh, stop from drinking and from its pleasures, you, sons of the earth! Do no longer walk intoxicated with wine before the Lord! The Lord is coming with His saints and He is working over the earth and over you, the Lord’s saints. Follow after sanctification, submit to the Lord for the wrath for the sin is standing at the doors! I am calling out to you to turn your hearts to the Lord. There is no peace without the Lord. Without Him with you the curse is coming on earth! Behold the Lord as word upon you! Oh, where will you hide from the answer that you have known what the Lord wants and speaks and you have resisted? Oh, come to repentance to get away from the wrath for the sin! Give up satan’s will! Do not give the Lord’s will on satan’s, do not be stiff-necked, son of the earth! Oh, humble yourselves because the Lord is near. Amen.

— I, the Lord, spread My word upon the earth, and whoever know it and does not fulfill it will see. Amen.


Oh, the saints suffer in heaven, because where there is no obedience to God on earth, many get damaged and then they can be hardly repaired after that. On a day of the beginning of churchly and Christian year, the saints are coming to speak over the people about the work of salvation. On this day, My saints celebrate in their midst Simon the Stylite, after his churchly name and according to his work on earth, for he had left his fatherly house as a young boy and made him a place to stay on a building, narrow in width and forty cubits high, always adding to it, first he added six cubits, then six cubits more, then ten and fourteen cubits and more and more up to forty cubits above the world, up there far from the earth of the people, and from there he was sending his prayers higher, and by so doing, he was healing many only by his word, but only after he had brought his prayer before God. More than four hundred years passed since My coming in the flesh on earth by My birth of the Virgin mother, when this disciple of Mine, Simon the Stylite, came to be with his life, who lived more than one hundred years in the world and sought all the time after the way of salvation, which he was asking for it even from his youth, and then he was seen digging for the foundation of a building, and then he got tired and rested, when a heavenly voice spoke to him from above: „Dig, dig deeper and deeper!”. And he dug more and more until he heard a voice with a commandment from above: „Enough! Now build, because without perseverance no one builds anything!”.

When men goes to a big feast, which he desires much and waits for, then he goes breath-lessly, with his heart full of longing and thrill, but when he knows that one day he will stay face to face with the Lord of the days, then man does no longer has any longing and thrill. Behold how much this saint had been thinking at the day when he was to stand before the Lord with his life and with its work! He ascended high, above the world and beyond sin, which entices man on earth, as he looked as the man in the beginning was, how he was enticed to that sin and how came his separation from God, Who keeps all things in His palm. My saints were those who received exhortation from all those clarified by the Scriptures and then they sought to fight for their life with Me among people, as life on earth is hard and it is threatened by sin, because from the beginning of the world the lust of debauchery came on people, the devilish love between man and man, and all this corruption came on earth because the man from the beginning disobeyed God and My saints had been crying much on earth because of this corruption on man, and they had been fighting much against it, and more than that, some of them did not wash all their life, (So that they may not be tempted by women, r.n.), and they had done this to protect themselves from this lust, which stains from man the clean Lord, the Holy Lord, Who has been suffering from man for seven thousand years this black spot between man and God.

Two thousand years ago I said, and I am saying the same thing today: «I desire mercy from man, and no sacrifice». (Matt: 12/7) Oh, I desire mercy from man. Let man have mercy on Me, on My pain from his sin, as I lost man because of his lust for sin. Oh, you lust after sin, man, you always lust, but you have no mercy on Me; you do not remember it in order to work it between you and Me, as I have been mourning for seven thousand years for your sin by which you have been deceiving God and man. Oh, receive exhortation from Me and fight to get rid of sin, for sin always prevails against you, and you do not fight like the saints who have always sought in their time on earth after the way of salvation, the way of the Lord, in which there is holiness and not sin.

Oh, man, if you want to fight and keep away from the sin which lurches everywhere to win you over to its master, of the devil, then take care to walk in the world and through the world, take care you man, who seek after salvation, who run to fight. Oh, if you walk, and especially if you walk among people, around the people, then keep someone always around you to have luck against the sin of immorality because of which man hides in order to commit it. Oh, listen to Me how I teach you, because if you walk alone, the devil gives you work to do; it comes into your way and it gives work to your mind and then to your heart, as it gave to those in the beginning, whom it only tested with respect to the Lord’s will so that the Lord may see what they choose to do; however, they have chosen to disobey Him and drew with it into the darkness and then they hid from God because they felt in them the fruit of disobedience sin, and then they set on earth the lust of immorality, against which My saints have been fighting from age to age, My saints who have punished in their own bodies this human and devilish lust.

Oh, My saints have had fear of God. They became very small when they were relieving themselves after they had eaten. They had fear of God, fear of angels and of men and they were stooping as low as they could and covering themselves and they were not touching their body. Oh, they were not doing as all the other people did, who had not respect of themselves and of the Lord, but My saints guarded themselves with the watch against the lust which flew in the people and they were giving this teaching to one another, and no one knew about this mystery, which they were sharing with one another to be protected from sin by it. The saints were sitting down very low while the other people were getting up and in this way they got used to relieve themselves very ugly on the ground, on the ground that bears all sins and the man’s entire bad conduct with respect to the earth and heaven. There were among saints some who were not washing themselves all their life, only that they might not touch their body, only that they not might see themselves or knew that they were naked before the Lord, and they were fighting, poor of them, they were fighting against the devil, they were fighting against their body and devil, for the devil was fighting against them because they were My saints, My beloved ones, and because I was their Lover, their Master, frightening at view for My great glory, which so many saints wanted to see. Oh, how good they were! How good they were before God, before the invisible One! Oh, where is for Me, where do I see anymore this great care with man against the devil, which opposes the one who has sided with Me on earth?


Oh, behold, man needs grace from the Lord to become holy, to keep living like that and to fight as the saints fought; they fought crying, and those who loved that way had grace. My saints have Simeon the Stylite at the feast in heaven, the one known in history as the first stylite who separated himself from the world going up, above it, and living his life in this way. With eagerness, the saints want to speak over the earth now by the voice of the celebrated one on this day among the saints. May the speaking of My saints be blessed by the one who speaks for the saints, for those in heaven. Amen.

— We are standing before You, Lord, we are standing before You as on earth, and we are standing before You with propriety in heaven as well, for we lived in fear on earth before You, Lord of glory. Your glory is frightening because it is great, Lord, and those who saw it were frightened and lived like that on earth before You and fought so that they might not shade Your glory between them and You, and they tried their hardest and did not separate from You, oh, Lord, not even because of their sins.

I was led by Your Spirit on earth to leave an example among people. I had sought the way of salvation since I was young man, because I did not love the world, oh, I did not love it, Lord, because this was what You wanted to do with me on earth. I did not know where to seek: I did not know how to please You more, up or down. I started to dig and humble myself digging down as a man, and You overshadowed me with Your grace in the time of my hard work and You advised me to dig up, to build what I had dug below and to work with the same effort. Then I went up, after I had built upwards as much as I dug downwards and I remained there with my life, and You overshadowed me and showed me to the people, and those in my time were thrilled when they saw how much I trampled myself down and exalted You in me, good Counselor, merciful Master of my humility. Oh, man has to work very much for his saving life, saving from the flesh and body, oh, Lord. Oh, man works very little for You so that You may give him salvation, too.

You made me an apostle upon people by my life built for You with hard work by my abstinence before You, Lord. Oh, how shall I advise holier the man to receive with much courage and with more fear of good God’s work and for God? You have built man for You and not for him, Lord. However, even from the beginning man has forsaken his destiny for You and has become a slave to the sin in him, stirred up in him by his disobedience to You, Maker of everything, everything that are visible and invisible.

I was the beginning of the holy stylites on earth before men, and I came to You and to the saints once with the beginning of the Christian and spiritual year, on the first day of the first month of the year. (1st September Ė the beginning of the church year, r.n.) I came as ripe fruit and You set me on Your table with the saints and now I see from heaven on earth together with Your saints, with all those who see together with You from heaven on earth everywhere.

Oh, Your work of today is great, Lord, very great, and the saints are thrilled with its greatness in heaven and on earth. You are so gentle in Your closeness to man when You come and speak with Your voice of today. You are gentle, Lord, gentle concerning Your greatness, seen by Your saints. Oh, how great is Your glory in heaven and on earth, the glory which man would not be able to look at and resist from falling down under it! However, You are so gentle, so good and gentle, and You become so little, although You are so great, oh, Lord, and behold, You have come again on earth as word and speak with man as You spoke in paradise, and let Your word be heard, which man has to obey, Lord.

You, those who want to be with the Lord on earth, be careful to the Lord’s voice and under no circumstances are you to listen to your voice. Oh, do not do like the man in Paradise, who instead of obeying the Lord, he obeyed man, and by so doing men pulled one another from before the Lord and fell down on earth; moreover, it is much to be worked with your life to give it back to the Lord, from Whom you have it as a gift, and for which you owe the Lord. Oh, listen to the Lord’s voice! The Lord is coming as word on earth. He is coming for you. The Lord is coming to save you from darkness and from the dark sin. Let your bodies be holy temples, because the Lord needs rest in you. Struggle for the life in heaven in you and keep on fighting, because life and its price are expensive; the life the Lord has put in man is as expensive as eternity. Get up above the world and above the spirit of the world. It is possible by this will, as the world is only sin. Get comforted within your body with the tools of severity against the man’s enemy, and comfort your spirit by the Lord’s gentle breeze and with His dear gifts. And, in the end, comfort your souls, comfort the Lord in you, the One from Whom you have your life in your body. The man’s body fell from Paradise on earth seven thousand years ago, and on earth there is only war, only front of war against the man’s life from above; however, you, people, be born from above and then you will be from above and you will overcome in war against the enemy’s weapons, for the Lord overcame for you.


Oh, My dear mother, you have also put much love in men in your time on earth, and you are working likewise today, and you let you mercy come on the earth and upon man, for man does not love Us, mother, even if he always calls Us to take him out from the burden of the mistakes in which he always stays, getting sweetened from them against nature, against God’s law, mother. Oh, I have worked so beautifully, you and I, to become an example of living and love, but people cannot do this, mother. Oh, how you and I showed the women how to be and how they really are, mother! Oh, how are We not supposed to suffer when they seek only after sin and their sweetness with sin, by sweetening the breath on the earth with sin, mother?


Oh, sons of men, listen to My word, as I, the Lord, am teaching you on a day of holy feast. Do not provoke each other to sin and to the lust of sin, as God did not create man for sin with His own hand, with His love. Oh, take the holiness on your bodies and take on little linen shirts so that it may not come out of you the spirit of sin. All the saints are covered in linen clothes, as it is written, and they are not naked as the people on the earth stay, naked before the son, before the Lord, and before His saints. Love those in heaven, those so much alive, to get rid of the love for sin, for sin is death, as it is written; sin is nothing else but death and man gets sweetened from it, and therefore he dies because of this, for it is written that the wages of sin is death.

I am teaching you everything that goodness is. Oh, love it, sons.


Oh, sons of men, and you, those who call yourselves God’s sons because you are baptized in the church in the name of the Lord, oh, here it is what I am telling you now: be ashamed to sin. Make a cross, mark your body with the sign of the holy cross and put away your lust for sin, the desire which get you sweetened with the poisonous sin. Put away the lust for sin, the lust for drinking and eating in a sinful way, the lust for smoking and immorality in your own body and the lust for any other sins that come from the devil’s advice, who gives you to get you sweetened with the things he is pleased to see in man in order to pull the man away from God. You will need God’s help, protection and salvation from Him for you. The soldier of old, before whom the temptation in the image of a woman, lustful for the sin committed in the body between her and him, was helped by spirit of the fear of God, and with this power he rejected the sinful moment, fleeing from temptation, and the next day he remained alive among many dead people in the battle who fought against the enemy of his people, and then the Lord showed him how he was to die from the bullets if he were not able to overcome the sin which came into his way, and how that place remained a green patch where he was when the bullets flew all over on the battlefield, but he was saved by the cleanness of his body, which protected him.

Oh, behold, do no longer sin, and be ashamed to commit this sin. Make a cross so that the Lord may help you to escape the snare of sin. The earth has been filled everywhere from the sin in the people and tries to go deeper and deeper with everything it is on it. Oh, leave off sin, ask God for forgiveness, and always repent much lest the wrath for sin may come on earth.


Oh, people from everywhere, oh, sons of men, if you do no longer want to be evil or work on earth and on man, then turn back and be born of God, and take on you the sign of your baptism, that is the little shirt, for I, the Lord, told the sons who are carrying Me as word on earth now, and I said: „Fasten, sons, fasten well on you the little shirt of the baptism from above and tighten it with a girdle, for the wind blows and does not cease and you have to be clothed and not naked”, and I ask you with pain after man, teach the people to know from Me and from you what is beautiful and what is not beautiful between earth and heaven.

Oh, I want to put an end to all the danger, all the evil on earth between man and man, among nations so that there may no longer be any evil, for I promised that I would turn the weapons into ploughshares, and the nature of the weapons would listen to God and would no longer do their work planned by the man deceived by pride against another man, and who keeps on making plans upon plans, for My plan is from heaven and goes beyond man, and man does not pass beyond My plan, for I come with the saints on earth; I come with My saints and We will make order on earth, and men will look at the saints and always look and read the saints, as each saint has a past, then each sinner also has one and can have a future, looking at those who have a past from earth to heaven with holiness in them and to be useful to those who are sinful, who do not think to sanctify themselves; however, behold, I put in the men’s mind on the earth to choose a holy future. Man and woman to be holy and for this they do no longer have to love sin, but to love the Lord with their entire being, for the Lord is He Who sees the man’s sin in the time of his sinning, and if he listens to Me, he will do away with sin and with the reward of his sins, as only because of the sins seeded by men on earth there come many evils in the way of the people and fill them with much sufferance and tears.


Oh, sons of men, I, John the Baptizer, wake you up to watch and to repentance with watch. There is no more time to ask for land, to want land, for there was a Romanian poet, who called out before the ruling seats of the country, and he called out in the name of his people speaking to those who had high positions: we want land! Oh, those people did not have any land, poor of them, they did not have rights on earth, and those who ruled scorned them and the people, who lack the heaven not the earth, cried in vain; however, I advise you to seek the heaven for the earth, for woe to the earth without heaven on it with the people, woe! Those who do not have in them the heaven on earth do no longer complain about anything. They are good and beautiful and are happy in their troubles, and shortcomings or discontents do not put them down, but the longing after the heaven on earth breaks them and they cannot be overcome, just as I was, without any right on earth among people, and I lived far from people and close to the Lord and to His angels. After I came out to Jordan to prepare the Lord’s appearing, as the heavenly message was upon me, oh, the rulers of my people did not receive me because I announced the Lord, Who was born in Bethlehem, and because I called out to the people to come to repentance and because I went to the king of Israel to correct his immoral stature, I was given to death, and I took over my place and great work in heaven, and today I am the same John, the Baptizer, and I am calling out to the people to ask for the heaven to come on earth and the Lord to pour out the cup of lawlessness upon those who keep on filling it.

And as for you, sons of faith, I am telling you now from heaven: do not be afraid of people, no matter how great and strong they may think they are. Let them be afraid of the mount of law-lessness, to which they have kept building and to you, the faith and its fruit. Oh, the salvation is coming; you need to know that it is coming. It is coming when no one expects. Amen.


I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the Word of the Father, and I am full of word all the time, once with the unbelief on earth and with the whole lawlessness, which is worked by all people who taste the sin and the spirit of the world, which enters man through all his senses, which serve the sin. As for Me, I am more and more aggrieved with the disobedient creature which has forsaken the mystery of life and enchants itself with the emptiness of all things; however, I want to overcome for man by the faith of those who believe Me that I come as word on earth and that with it I prepare the visible glory, the new heaven and the new earth, and to punish sin, because sin separates man from God, from his Maker, and because man loves sin very much and cannot live without it; oh, he can no longer live without it, and behold, man needs pains to help him put away the desire for sin and to understand his life wasted on nothing, as man builds for himself only sufferance by sin.

On this Sunday, Mary, the Egyptian, is being remembered, the woman who sold herself to sin with all her being, which believed that God is but did not care of Him. She did not give much attention to His justice against those who violated the commandments of life, for sin loved her very much, as she also loved it, since she did not know that sin is not love and that it is rather man’s love which serves the master of sin, the one who hates the good, satan. Oh, I had mercy on this being and I touched her heart and turned her back with her face to God, and she came to her senses and stopped to enslave people under her creature caught by sin.

Oh, how much mercy I have on people! People fall upon people; they fall to bondage within their hearts and they fall before the woman. Oh, how much compassion I have had! A man looks at a woman and forgets about God, poor of him. Oh, what an abomination is before God the woman that is naked of the Lord because of her lust after herself, and then after sin! Sufferance lies ahead of men, for she is the fruit of sin. Mary, the Egyptian, came to her senses for those who were falling in the sin inside her, and then for her, and she did no longer want to destroy the people and departed far away from the people and gave herself over to sufferance willingly, struggling to put out the flame of sin, which controlled her being with so much ruthlessness.

In the course of time the holy fathers gave the example of this being, so much vicious after sin, and then so much of a fighter against sin, which weakened her being and will. The heavenly grace came to help her, for her tears made the devils bitter, and her repentance shook the power of satan and put to flight armed hosts of ministering devils, who had nothing to work against her, for she brought her body under control and then she was consumed with the spirit of repentance and tears; she cried all the time for her and for all the souls she had drawn into sin, to satan, who has not got a more shameful goal for man than that of the spirit of immorality, which kills the Lord in the man’s body, in this temple where the Lord would be to live, because the Lord made the man’s body for Himself, and He put in him the breath of life.

Oh, there is only immorality in men on earth! Man has no longer any power against the sin in his body. He is not afraid of the kingdom of sin, which has enslaved him very badly. Behold, man cannot live without a woman, and on earth it is as in hell and even worse, for in hell is the painful reward for the sin committed in the flesh and mourning is in the whole hell, and on earth is joy from the fire and taste of sin, which greatly delights in each body of the man, and no one flees from this scorching fire anymore, as Mary the Egyptian fled with the fire behind, and then she had to cry so much before the water of her tears came to put out the fire which had pushed her to sin.

Oh, who can stop himself from committing sin? Oh, what shall I do with the people, what shall I really do? I cry with the Father and with the saints because of the scorching heat on the people and all people burn in sin; they stumble against each another, and some against others after that, and behold the hell with its face upon the people, and people walk completely naked like the devils and no one wants sacks and ashes, no one abstains himself, no one cries with tears of repentance, no one wants to punish his body with abstinence from food until man gets rid of the flame in him. When I see so much carelessness in man for the evil in him, for the venom in him, the venom of snake, when I see that he does not keep his lustful body in control and gathers sufferance without knowing it, then I cry with the Father and with the saints for the man’s sake.

Oh, man, how has it come to you to deny God’s will and build a kingdom for you, for sin? He who built the man asks him what he has done with God’s creation. All over the earth death and hell arose and cut the people in such a way that man may no longer have time to return and repent. Dearth is everywhere. The punishment for sin rages and people have part of their earned reward, and I died in vain for so many creatures that have been cut off by sin.

Behold, what I say and what I call out: Oh, people on earth, oh, men’s sons, sanctify yourselves for the Lord, Who has made the heaven, the earth and the man! The Lord comes as word on earth and He comes into your way and calls out to you to repent for your life full of sin, day and night, and you are not afraid for this waste of time and life. You will give an answer for the life in you that you have not valued and you have given it over to sin. Be afraid for this answer. In vain you try to forget about God; in vain you take after one another to believe that God does not exist, or at least that He does not see. Oh, in vain you lie to each other to get away from God, because I, the Lord, proved two thousand years ago that I came from the Father on earth as true God of true God and then I was crucified for you on the cross and after that I came to life again for you too, and out of the love for you I let My body nailed on the cross in order to come to life again from the dead and to appear victoriously, and all the rulers of the unfaithful people of Israel were terrified; however, out of that stubborn people, I have raised a seed of new man and I have written Myself with My kingdom in people, and satan was judged and since then he has been taking his revenge against men and he has been spoiling the fear of God in them, and because of that, people do no longer have any wisdom and they have only pride and that is all, and pride is the weapon against man himself in each man, and behold satan’s kingdom in man built by haughtiness!

Oh, I cannot stop making room into the book of My word for the speech of Mary, the Egyptian, with the man. She is carried in heaven by a synod of saints like a queen against sin, for in her own body she overcame the sin that had enslaved her for such a long time. Oh, may your speech upon the men’s sons be blessed, you, who overcame the world not sparing your body, after that the grace from above came to your help against the sin in your body! My work is the spirit of confession, as of the spirit of those who sanctified themselves for Me in the time of their body. Oh, peace to you among those in heaven on your day of memorial in a synod of saints, for your victory against the devil was great and it was on the side of your Lord! Amen.

— Oh, Lord, my Lord, how much I made You suffer on earth, oh, how much! Then I passed to Your side to fight against the sin in me, but because for such a long time I had been against You, it cannot be otherwise but make me bitter in heaven as on earth, after I had made peace with You and worked forgiveness on Your behalf, the Good One of those who are sick, for I was sick to death, but Your mercy came into my way and woke me up to much repentance, and then to the uncomforted mourning for many, many years, until You released me from my body, after I had cleansed it from all the filth of the sin in it.

Oh, how much comfort brought to me my speaking with You in the wilderness. I was speaking only with You, for I came out from among people, after I had filled many people with guilt, with the guilt that was in me, and I was very much guilty for all those whom I made to burn for me with sin, because whoever looks at a woman, forgets about God, as Your mouth spoke about this truth. Oh, behold what a woman is! The woman is more dangerous than water and fire for the life of the men, who lose the vigor of their mind when the woman draws and makes them weak towards her. There was nothing else to do with me but only to flee from the world, to flee to You and then to ask You to work out my forgiveness, Lord; mine and the forgiveness of those who became guilty through me, lest sin might punish me further and burn within me, drawing many to its fire, for many were turning with their thought to me, after I had come out of the world.

Oh, how much dead to the life I was, Lord! The voice of my spirit cries out from the heaven of life that sin is death. You, women on earth, flee, flee from death, for its sweetness fills you with bitterness! Keep away from the man’s way and do no longer want any comfort, for man is very sinful and does not deserve comfort, and the comfort with sin is the lie that deceives to keep you in the bondage of the darkness and sweetness with sin in it. I sinned very much and then I brought my body in control to fasting and abstinence until I dried it completely, as before I had given it so much food for the fruit of death, which entices the man by a human face, for man entices man to sin. Oh, happy are those who have fled from women and from the poison that comes from them, for to them only God’s grace came to their help to keep in them the life against death that comes through the woman.

And you, women on earth, cry out to the Lord of the heaven and the earth to breathe with His grace into the fire, which is burning in you for the lust of sin, and to the comfort that comes from sin. Flee to abstinence and do no longer deceive yourselves. Sin will not keep lying for eternity and then its punishment comes. Flee to holiness. Holiness is sweet. It is the Lord in man by the holiness in him and it is sweet with the Lord of life, with the One Who overcame death through death for each man who wants to have salvation and forgiveness through Christ. I confess that I could hardly carry the burden of remorse after I had fled from sin. After that I cried all the years of life with remorse for the sins committed against my body and soul.

When a woman marries she easily separates herself from her mother and father, from her brothers and sisters and goes with her husband because the sweetness of sin burns within her; it takes the man out of his mind by the fleeting comfort of which nothing remains but only pains and remorse.

Oh, Lord, sin has great power upon man and in man; however, You wake up before his end each man who loves his body and the sin in the flesh, because the remorse, which comes when man becomes weak after such a long time of committing sin, is hard. The body has to be fed with repentance not with all kind of food, for the food is nothing else but immorality, lust and pleasure for the body, satisfaction for the body and for the man who keeps his body higher than his soul. Oh, wake up the whole world to repentance and breathe over the earth the spirit of the holy faith, Lord, and comprised within it all men, for sin is bitter, and man does not understand his deceit!


I, God, the Father, tell you, sons of world, how to do away with the sin in you and that before you, which seeks after you with enticement to its pleasures that kill man and man’s eternal life with God. Oh, do not give the temporary life on the eternal one, no, because it is expensive the life for the test which stays before any man for the battle of the medal with which man can receive eternity with God, the eternal life. Oh, be nourished with those on heaven in your mind, heart, sight, and hearing and in all your senses, and do no longer nourish them with the things in the world and from the men separated from the Lord for sin. Oh, do no longer take from the earth; do no longer receive from the world. If you want to get away with sin, then think about My Son, Jesus Christ, and not about you, for He died bitterly for the sin in you and resurrected for you to give you heavenly hope. Oh, eat little, eat with propriety from the Lord’s gifts, and not as your body and its hunger asks from you. He who stops eating meat, but eats from the pleasures of the flesh, (Debauchery, r.n.), then one like that eats meat. Oh, teach your body to love life, not death, not emptiness, and teach it to love its eternity, not its temporariness. I, the Father, teach you; listen sons, and keep away from the opportunity of sin, for the lust of the flesh has great power and weakens the alertness of the spirit, there where the spirit watches, and if you keep away from the sin occasion, then you will be able to shun sin, too, because first comes the occasion to sin, and it comes from the devil to stain you with its soot, for it knows that the Lord told man not to be immoral and corrupt, and the devil makes it easy for man to immorality and pleasure for it at every step. Oh, watch to fulfill the words spoken upon you, for otherwise the devil divests you of the fear of God and then he catches you in its hook and draws you from the Lord as those who are disobedient.

Behold, I am telling you a mystery and instruction for it: Man pays much too great attention to how he looks like. What for does he this, really? This makes the devil glad and it makes the Lord suffer to anger because of pain. Oh, sinful man, take care of how the Lord may appear within you, because people and nations need an example of life living, for the people do not know to live their life if they do not see how, if they do not learn after that. And, finally, listen, oh listen to My Son, Jesus Christ; this is what I told you two thousand years ago, too. Oh, listen to Him, listen to the One to Whom the sea and the roaring wind listened, submitted and stood still. Oh, love Christ, for He loves you too, but you also need fear of God to be able to begin the way with the Lord. And why do you need this? Because without the fear of the Lord, man makes an agreement with sin, and he quickly makes an agreement with this pagan enemy of man and of the Lord, for sin takes the man away from the Lord, not matter how small this sin may be.

I, the Father Sabaoth, have spoken to you, those on earth, on a day of the feast of resurrection of My Son, Jesus Christ, and I am giving you power of faith with humility before My word of the Father.


Oh, peace to you on your day of feast, My mother! My condition and yours near the Father and near the saints is a day without evening, mother. We have to watch from above and from below for the work of My word and its course, and for those who carry Me and help Me to carry it. Oh, leave your comfort upon them and upon those who have gathered around them on this great day, and behold a sweet party, and especially the invisible glory, wrapping up within it the visible day and its glory of feast for Us, those who have come to the spring for you from the earth and heaven, oh, My mother. Amen.

— Oh, my prayer for you requires you not to forsake my Son and not to say that it is hard on the way with Him.

The sons of men do not love my Son, Christ, but I ask you too, oh sons of men, do no longer sin. Christs suffers for this and I suffer, too. Have mercy! The Lord is full of longing after you and punishment comes on earth for those who do not obey as sons, as my Son listens and works from the Father for you. Oh, be comforting, be affectionate and gentle, and then you can change in an instant at his sweet voice for you.


Oh, there is much sin on earth, and the sin is only infection all over the earth, and every man is a target for this pain that penetrates the body, the heart and the soul, and it infects the whole body of man’s being, and it kills most of them completely, for I am the One without any sin and I come out completely from the one who is infected by sin and only it remains and man dies because of sin, as I told Adam in paradise that he would die if he had not followed My word, the word of life, and I had also told him not to take from any other word to violate My word with it!

Oh, I would ask and teach all men to be Christians, and I would help them to know the mystery of the one who is Christian, for a Christian according to the truth does not get enchanted with his habit for sin, with anything he may see or hear, and he remains full of life from above, full of God’s commandments in the time of his body on earth, and the one who slips to the poisonous taste of the sinful life, that one has not embraced yet My advice and the Christian life, the Lord’s holy life, for he who embraces it does not need any deception or wasted time outside of My kingdom in him, and he rather looks at everything within a cold mind, and he rejoices only over the heavenly sweetness, and he waits for it as for the love so much waited in his heart, the angelic life in his body.

Oh, man lost from My arm for your pleasures, behold what news I am bringing now to you: when you work with one of your tools in order to build something new or to demolish something to make a new thing and more durable, you try not to hurt yourself with that tool, and therefore, you use it carefully to do the work you need. Oh, in the same way you have to use those that you work with, in the same way you have to work with the tools that can bite of your soul, of God’s work with you. Therefore, pay great attention to the windows and doors, as light and darkness enter man through the door and window, and the man’s things for life or death can enter through all the gates of his senses.

Oh, sons gathered at the voice of My word sprung for you, oh, seek, sons, to feed your souls always and seek to take and to give food, as if you only take, you are called lazy, and laziness is a sin that leads to death, but if you also give, then you are those who are merciful and you will receive mercy as well, for the soul has to eat always, as otherwise God is spoiled with His work of life giving, but choice food is needed, and it does not have to be any kind of food, and not any dead or imposed food.

Oh, I teach you angelic food and I want you to be angels and have an angelic life in your body, for the holy life in man is the angels’ life, oh, sons. Oh, how dear is to My Spirit your coming to the spring, to the food of word from above, sons! You love to come too, but you have to love the angelic life too, the life without sin, as sin is the great infection which can do harm to the man who is sick because of sin. Behold, you have the heaven with its food from above. Take, eat, and try to have the good taste of the life with God, and from those that pass away on earth try no longer to take life for you as everything is fleeting on earth, but behold, I come on earth, and I am the eternal One, and when I come, I come for you. Therefore, be like angels, sons. Amen.


I am speaking with You on this day of holy feast, My Father, when You confessed Me from heaven with the voice of My Father, when You said that I am Your beloved Son with Whom You are well pleased, and You told everyone to listen to Me, to listen to Your Son coming down on earth, Father. Oh, release Your Spirit to them and tell them now too that I have come from You, Father. Amen.

— I am telling, My Only Son, I am telling this to Your comfort, I am telling to all the people of today from all over the earth:

Oh, hear, you those on earth! Open your ears and listen to God, the Father, on a day of the feast of the Baptism, of His Son, Jesus Christ. He is My Son from eternity, the One born of Me, the Father, before eternity, and as I am light so He is light from light and true God like the Father, of the same being with the Father, and through Whom, all, all things have been made. He is My messenger on earth, Who became flesh two thousand years ago in the womb of a Virgin and was born and became a Man. He is the One Who was crucified for each man and then He was resurrected for each one of His believers after that. He is the One about Whom it was written to come for the living and for the dead to give each one according to his works and that His kingdom and those who receive it will be without end. He is the One by Whom the Holy Spirit was greatly glorified in His work among the people, and finally, He is the rock of the church and her entire foundation. He is My Son, and I have sent Him again on earth now to build His kingdom and living church at sight, and then through it the life of the age that is to be, everything through the church, as it is written.

Oh, I have told them, Son, Jesus Christ, I have told them that You are My beloved Son, and I have told them as I did two thousand years ago to the Jewish people. Oh, I have told everyone about My mystery with You so that they may come to it if they want. I give them power to become God’s sons if they want, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, works, My Son.


Oh, I am hurt from you and for you man. I, the one built by God, am telling you this on a day of the memorial of my expulsion from the paradise, from the house which my Creator made for me and gave it to me to keep and work, and I worked only great wandering away for me and I bowed to listen to God’s adversary in man, and because I had received advice from my woman, I fell through her, and people keep on falling from then and up to this day, and few are those who have not fallen through the woman and for the woman, and now I am saying this: let the woman cry out aloud in desperation, the woman who wakens the man to draw him to her, for man is the one who loves sin, not woman, and the woman has no mind to think that man loses first his mind because of his woman and only after that he gets confused and sees that black is white and behold, and in this way sin is born between man and woman and by no means love, and man falls into sin not by love, because love does not fall and it keeps man within holiness instead, but on the contrary, man falls into sin through the woman, just as it happened to me, the man created by God, and after that I had no longer loved my Lord and I loved my woman instead, the one who had drawn me to her and to my evil and hers too, and the man who does not love God loves sin, and that is why man cannot love God.


Oh, I made You so upset, so miserably, Lord. I feel so sorry for You, because of all the sufferance I brought forth in paradise, and You have been only sufferance from then and up to this day. I have nothing but tears for Your pain and I cannot forget my sin when I see the pain on Your face, on the Holy Spirit, because of what I did. I am full of pain, full of tears, full of longing for the paradise, and I have no other comfort than Your look, sweet, comfortable and merciful to me, who I went wrong so much against You.

Oh, have mercy on those who fell and keep on falling through my fall and through the woman and bring them to the wisdom from above and give it to them, Lord! Wipe out the sin and its taste in man and free him from sin, because I am hurt from my wicked fruit and I do not find any comfort. Oh, I wait, I keep waiting for the great day of the renewal of the world, of the new birth from everything, the day of resurrection, Lord, and then I will get comforted, then when man will no longer sin as I sinned, oh, Lord of my body, soul and spirit. Amen.


On a day of the feast of resurrection, I come back again and again at My love for man, for the one who did not love Me after I had built him with My hand and after I had given him being, for the one who did not love Me even if I let Myself overcome by him two thousand years ago, when he did not receive his Maker to give Him shelter when I came from heaven on earth to remind him that I had given him the paradise and its happiness, and in return to give Me room and board when I made My way from heaven on earth to seek him and to give him again and again My love for him, for the one who did not love Me after I had built him.

Now I am coming before him for the third time and I am offering him My love for him; I am offering him the cleansing of his guilt, for his guilt is that he did not love Me, he did not love his Creator and did not give Him any shelter, and My way after him is full of love, full of waiting and pain because he did not receive Me, oh, and he does not receive Me now, too; he does not open to give Me rest and to put Me at the table with him, or at least to open for Me and to ask Me who I am that I speak to him as his God, and that I may tell him My story of love for him and to speak about himself and Me and to be sorry that he has not loved Me and to tell him that for this I have built him, to love Me and to give Me rest and to be My love, My comfort, My story of love, for I built him as a man builds his house to live in it and to make a family and to raise offspring by love, only that My love for man is not to his pleasure after he had made other kind of love, other kind of life than that I prepared for him, for Me with him, and since then I have remained with My love wounded and My love for man cries with sighing, for the one who did not love Me after I had built him, and I cry with longing and sore, I cry like a father who is not loved or comforted by his child and who is left aside, forsaken, with his heart seeking and with his eyes always, always in tears.

On a day of the feast of resurrection I am trying with the voice of My word to speak with man and to give him the greeting of My resurrection of two thousand years ago, when all were shouting to each other in Jerusalem and giving the news that Christ had resurrected, until this news reached before the chiefs priests, who crucified Me on the cross to wash their hands from Me and the truth about Me, for I said that I was the Son of God, the Father, and that I came on earth with the kingdom of the heavens, calling all people to it and then for it with them.

At the beginning of the day of the feast of resurrection, now as two thousand years ago I am humbling Myself before My disciples who welcomed Me after My resurrection and whom I told, „Peace to you!” because they were sad and confused. I am coming down now and telling My disciples of today: Oh, peace to you, children bearing of God, here, at My spring of word with you! Christ has risen! This is heard on a day like this far and wide among those who know that they are Christians in My name.

Oh, sons, sons, Christ has risen! My love for man is sighing even now; it is sighing and waiting, and it lets itself known that it is coming on earth after man and waits to be open for it. With your help I have made a way from heaven to earth and I cry at the gates of the men’s hearts to become known to them, to call them all to their reconciliation with God, the Father, and with His Son, Jesus Christ, the One crucified and resurrected on the third day from the grave two thousand years ago. Oh, man did wrong against God then and put Him to the cross, and therefore, man needs resurrection because of this heavy sin, which he always, always, does by this lack of love for God.

Oh, what would man have to do in order to know and to hear and turn back to God? Sons, sons, the feeling of guilt, this is what man needs to have always, always, and he needs remorse as well and much love after that so that these may replace the wages of his sin between him and God.


Oh, I see man everywhere praying to God and I see him always overcome, defeated, and the way of his prayer is broken always, always. When man brings his prayer to heaven but he also sins, oh, which one of these two is stronger and can work upon man? Oh, in order that man may no longer work his separation from God by his sin, he needs to despise the sin and to be afraid of sin as to his fiercest enemy. He who has the feeling of guilt always, then one like that is humble, is modest, and when he humbles himself with his prayer to heaven, he is no longer defeated, but rather he is victorious, because he is humble, and I, the Lord, wipe out his sin and wash his little shirt in My sacrifice on the cross for him, in My blood, which is the sign of the washing of his sin, for I shed My blood on the cross to wash man from his sin, and this is what I knew to do for man his washing and to give him again face and life, as I gave him in the beginning.


Oh, everything and all things carry from place to place the news of resurrection each in one’s tongue: Christ has risen! However, man has a spoken word, and the man has as God has, but he does not know the meaning of his language as all he unreasoning beings know, that have a measure given from God about how to praise their Master and Benefactor, and all make the sign of the cross when they go to sleep or when they get up, and they make it either on earth or in the air with their mysterious moves, praising and worshiping the Lord. However, you man, a king set by God over the creatures and they recognize you like that, oh, how much do you know Him, how much do you serve Him, how much do you honor Him, how much do you praise your Creator, the Lord your God, oh, and how much, you man who forgets about God?

Oh, I have mercy on those that do not have Me. The man who does not have Me does not know, he does not know to have Me, but when he sees that I am not in his time of trial and pain, then he tries to seek Me and waits for Me to take him out of his pains, and it is to every man’s nature to wait for his salvation in times of his falling in pains, and this means the little part given to each man of the hope coming from above to strengthen him to be able to go through sufferance and to have hope. Oh, how many unfaithful and stubborn people, who were fighting against God, how many of them were calling out, at the end of their strength, God’s name and the victory against them in battle?

Oh, man, you lack comfort and the power that comes through it in times of sufferance. It is not that you cannot have comfort, but it is because you do not need it, since you can do it otherwise, since you can by what you do on earth according to your mind and its inclinations. Oh, humble yourself in order to receive healing in your mind and to receive in it the sense of duty that you have before God, the Creator of everything built by Him, visible and invisible, for it comes to the mind of a rooster the faith and duty before the Lord, but it is not like that with your mind. The rooster goes to sleep and gets up and crows and it does his job given by God by distribution when the Lord distributed the gifts, and all were done at their time; however, do you get up for God, or do you go to sleep for Him or work that what He has given you to accomplish? Oh, the rooster thinks, man, but you do not want and do not do even this, because you have pulled yourself out of God’s hand and sold yourself on money. Do you hear this? You sold yourself and keep on selling yourself, and you look for money all the time, money and the sin on money or without money. Only God’s will you do not seek to do because your mind cannot do it, it does not have in it and it does not draws to the Lord. It does not know because it does not have, for man has killed in himself that what God has put in him.

Oh, this word is the spring of your healing, man wandering away from God. I, the Lord your God, have suffered from you and for you, and you should remember this and cry out from your entire soul: Christ has risen! Tell it to yourself and speak around you, too, about this healing news, and do no longer stay in your death and ignorance like one who lost his conscience after he had fallen from his feet!

Oh, sons who receive God, every man is sick, every one, well sons, and this because he does not have Me; man does not have God as his love. The love, which he has got, is one of his sicknesses; it is nothing else, and man is sick with his love that spoils his life.

Oh, man, do you not see how your love makes you fall and how what you love and have as dear deceives you and defiles your face? Oh, you call it love, but I call it sickness of mind and heart, fornication and a heavy burden upon people, debauchery and life wasted on pleasures in vain, like the sons of fornication.


It is a day of holy feast, sons from My spring of word, from where I share Myself everywhere like a river that runs and does not stop. The water of the river flows; it flows from up down and it passes through the mountains and valleys, and it also passes through towns and cities and among people, and the people do not know this mystery and its explanation. Oh, in the same way My word passes from you to people and the people do not know what is it and do not take from it to understand its mystery, its explanation and its running from place to place on earth with its sighing. My tears after man have been shed for seven thousand years and they have become a great river and it has been singing sighingly like the ripple of the water which passes through the mountains and rocks and through the valleys uninhabited by people, and there is no one to hear its voice, and even if someone takes to quench his pain or the thirst of his soul, oh, he does not know its power, he does not know God’s longing after man, he does not know from what sighing My word comes off when it comes and goes on earth from place to place for the people to hear it, to lift up their eyes to God and to remember My longing after man, because My longing is as much as many people are on earth are and do not know about God, and even those who know that God is do no longer know anymore, and God waits for the man’s love and He waits sighingly.


Oh, man, sin always puts you down, and it is stronger than you, and you go on being weak and go to sin, and you do not fight against being mocked by the devil, but on the contrary, you fill yourself with deceit then to hide your sin, by which you put others down, and not only you, and the sin passes from man to man and man is not afraid from the wages of sin, and sin wears the man down and prepares him a bitter reward against the sweetness in him to sin, for this is how sin deceives man and entices him to commit it, and all these happen against man because of his lack of love and there is no man with a clean heart to man, for man loves all the women in a row for sin and in return they all think that they are loved when they feel that are wanted, oh, but men do not love but only lust before a woman, for before her face they do not have any bit of power to control their lust aroused at her sight, at the sight of a woman, and behold, it is hell on earth and man stands before sin and is not afraid that one days is has to give an answer for all these.


Let every man receive My word from the spring, let every man take and learn the work of the mind and heart, let man learn the work of the salvation from sin, for behold, the spirit of the one remembered today among the saints who had victory against sin, oh, and her spirit is crying and teaching the people to flee from the mocking devil against the man weak to sin, and it is crying from heaven to be heard on earth:

— Oh, receive teaching from above and learn to know what the devil means, for sin is the devil, oh, sons of the human weakness! Any sin committed by man is a devil. Do you hear this? Oh, set watch over your steps for satan traces the man who walks alone and urges him if he sees him alone, and thus he is no longer alone inside and outside of him. Let no one believe that satan does not take care for his wills the one who walks alone among others near him. Therefore, go to repentance and cry with burning fire for your sins, and let your hope be as much as your repentance, for otherwise you mourn in vain this atoning mourning, which I had been mourning with hope all the years of my life in Christ’s love, to Whom I was calling out as from the mouth of the devil, who was tormenting me terribly because I pulled myself out from the way of the sin and from the way of those who were falling under my enticing looks and sweet words with which I was making them weak to come to me, oh, and many of them repented because I called out to the Lord much to come to their help, after I had been overcome completely by the mercy for them, forgetting about me in order to ask salvation to the Lord for them, because it is very had to bear the fire for sin; however, the Lord is very much praised and loved by those who seek after Him in the midst of the fight against the black sin and they come out victoriously and always cry out: “Lord, have mercy on us!”.

Oh, how is the Lord not supposed to have mercy on those who call Him under their burden, when that is the reason why He came on earth from the Father? Oh, how is the Lord not supposed to be gentle with those who condemn sin in them, oh, how, when He became a man and appeared like that and drew to Him the sinners and made them holy by their love for Him?

Oh, how was it possible for me to separate myself from my body before telling the world from everywhere about my repentance, so that it might hear me from margins to margins to the benefit of all sinners, and to receive peace in my heart because with my mouth I had condemned my sins and I told the people about my fight on the Lord’s side, Who was good with me, forgave me, sanctified me and fed my life through the angels until I asked Him to send His priest and give me the food of eternal life, the mysterious Lord in the image of the bread and wine, as He found right to give Himself to those who love as He did on earth and to make divine their body and life by union with Him?

Oh, the Son of the Lord came two thousand years ago on earth and walked among people so mysteriously with His glory, hidden under the appearance of a humble man and full of sufferance, and then behold, in the image of the bread that comes down from haven to give itself to man to the forgiveness of the sins and to put away the trace of the devil behind the Christian loving of God.

Oh, and how mysteriously You, Lord, are going now as word on earth and how mysteriously You are staying in Your church of new Jerusalem, here, on the hearth of the Romanian people, and how well You are doing and bringing to this people chosen by You for the end of the time to have Your coming and house of coming and book in which You write Yourself with Your saints, and happy are those written into Your book of today, as it is written about this book, oh, Lord!


I do not owe anyone anything, and you are the same too, sons, but the man who is not educated in his mind stretches out his hand beyond his limit; he reaches over more than he is given from God or from his fellowmen, and then he raises complaints and murmurs as one who deserves it. However, man owes God, from Whom he has life and everything that comes from God’s hand for the man’s life, and the more he sins the more indebted he is, for the man’s sins gives way for the devil to the Lord with his denunciation, with his request before God against the life of the one who is guilty, against his salvation from sin, for the sin done by man incurs sufferance on the man’s body and spirit; it draws darkness into his mind and it draws carelessness and lack of wisdom, oh, and how much wandering the sin in man’s walking on earth is!

Sons, sons, help Me with joy and mercy for My coming as word to you and share My word with mercy, for I have mercy on the man’s wandering away who is punished by his own sins, which he makes, and there are so many people who sin with so much pleasure and they do not know, sons, they do not see that sin is sin and that it is a curse drawn upon him by each man who is not worthy of God, of a mind from heaven for his mind.

Oh, I said that I have mercy on whoever I want to have mercy. I work much for man on earth to wake up his mind and to take care of his life before he fills it with pains, with the blows received from his black master, who lives in wait for the man’s life to fill it with guilt, and then with despair for rest in hard times here on earth, and after that, after man puts down the burden of his life and goes before the Lord with his life and its works to be taken into account, for the Lord gives life to man.


Oh, how long you have been staying without Me in your mind, man, little man! You have always looked for help, for good. You go to people for help, and you come to Me only when you see that you cannot do it anymore. Oh, stay with Me that I may do you good, poor man; however, you cannot stay with Me unless you love Me, for man stays with what he loves. Oh, I teach you what to do with your life, which you owe Me, for you had to be My good angel, not to be and work as a fallen angel, because I see how you flee from My face and wander away among all kinds of spirits only that you may not stay with Me. You take your wealth and life and go with them and with everything you want to love and do and forget about your Father, and then you remember Him only after you have squandered everything. I have given you ministering angels for the benefit of your life, oh, and how far you keep them from you, and you do not give them any work for God and from God for you.


Romanians go alone, they go on their way for hard work, for work; they go away in order to earn money for a better living. In the times of old, they were taken and forced to work (In the forced labor camps, of the communist red beast dictatorship, r.n.) and to be killed by hard work, and many were dying there working hard, without food for their hard work and freezing with cold, and now they go alone and work for the strangers for money, but they do not work for life, because life does not mean only money, but it also means soul, love of God and love of your people and country, and behold, life means to be smart, not fool; it does not mean to go and gather riches, for everything rots and leaves you with nothing, and they do not save you, but on the contrary, they destroy your soul and your body little by little.

The voice of My angels are calling you to be like them, for the kingdom from above is coming down on earth, and the earthly one goes down day by day, because it is fleeting.


Oh, what does man on earth do! Oh, where will you go, man, with your way of living? You are extremely hypocrite, you hide in yourself, you hide from other man, you work with a lie, and you are true neither for yourself nor for your neighbor. However, I am the Truth. You are not, because you do not want to be like God, like His angels, for you are used to lying and to its father all the time, and it works you always because you have got used to serving in this way with your life on earth, for you and for your fellows. Oh, if you do not like to speak on the side of the truth of all things, at least do not speak deceitfully, for the lie is the voice of the devil, and the truth of all this is with God, not with you.

Oh, if the life with God remains forever incomprehensible and unknown even for the people who have it to work, because this life has not been born and because it is without beginning or end with its work, oh, how can you, man, believe that you know to speak according to the truth, when it is not with you? Behold, that is why you have always spoken deceitfully, because he who has no love, he who hates and speaks lies, cannot speak the truth.

Oh, man, learn to begin the life of the love from above, to love those from above and that it may be called that you love, that you have love, because the living, the spiritual love is a senseless creature in the one who loves in heaven, and not on earth, and for this you must love only the truth, not man, for man is not the truth. And in the holy law, set upon the man who loves to live the spiritual life, much watch is needed over senses and feelings, oh, and there were in the people of Israel large cloths, worn over the garment of the body, so that the forms of the body under them may not be seen, the forms by which man fell from heaven, and behold, the evil nature of the flesh must be kept under control and hidden because it easily arouses and is aroused, and if these forms are wrapped, they are protected, and, at the same time, they protect those around. Oh, and in this way the one who loves the spiritual life must start working. Everything that grows and deforms the soul and body must be cut and set aside, like nails, for example, which if man does not cut them off, they grow big, they make ugly and frighten from the spirit of the man, who is careless and unpleasant to those around him.

Oh, man, do not longer go wrong, for after a man goes wrong, he is afraid and becomes naughty and scornful with those around him, who might ask him about the things he has done wrong, for he loses his humility and gains courage to excuse himself, to increase his boldness, with which he covers himself, and here you are: a man with two faces, a hypocrite, a proud and unyielding man, a judge of others, with whom you are also disappointed, as it were, oh, and your pride grows like your nails that grow bigger and bigger, uglier and uglier, if you do not cut them.


I have spoken to the sons of man to urge them to repentance and to forsake the power of sin, for the man who touches man burns himself completely and keeps dying, and man for man is like electricity invented by man, and if touched carelessly while working with it, then man falls down all of a sudden, for it passes through his body and throws him down, oh, and this is how it happens with the people among themselves for they fall one by one by the touching between them because man has been very weak, starting even from paradise, from where he fell, for the law of the heaven is the love of God in man and it gives man back to God.


Every man needs comfort, love, oh, but I am love, not man, and man needs God, and not only now, in the trouble of his life, but especially in eternity. Oh, and you must know, man, that you cannot earn your life with God in eternity, but only now, here, as long as you live on earth, because there are no alms to be able to acquire this eternal joy, because it is on merit, it is on much work, on much closeness to God here, where you are tested and measured by the angels who bring the news to God about the work for your building in the Lord’s dwelling places.

When the body returns to earth because of its sinful nature, the man’s spirit ascends above and the soul goes before God, where its origin is at its birth on earth, and then it goes at the scales of life for the place he has prepared in its life on earth, and then it waits for the Lord with the last day of His glory, when the bodies will rise at His command and come to life by the Spirit Who breathes, and then they will either go into the rest of eternal joy, or to separation from God. Oh, and behold, why you must live united on earth with God in your life, born man, who receive soul from God when you come to be born from above! Then you go again, and fall asleep and wait again, as when you waited in line to be born and to come on earth, and behold, every man needs comfort, love, and I am love, not man, and man needs God both here, on earth, and especially in eternity after that.

Oh, be baptized, sons of men, into this river of word, for the river of Epiphany flows from here on earth and upon you! Be baptized with great faith for the Lord is this word, as the Lord wants to gather you for your protection before the scales of life! Come to water, oh, come to the water of life, for you are not protected anywhere else, you, sons of men, and the spirit of the world has always drawn you to it to hang about either in little or in great emptiness so that you may lose the victory for the joy that is coming for those who walk with the Lord on the way of the temporary life of the body, which carries your soul! I am teaching you with longing and I am teaching you the fight for the eternal life, sons. I am teaching you the spiritual love and its holy works. Oh, open your mind and take heed so that your heart may be opened and that you may receive Me in it, for here is what I am teaching you to know, if you humble yourselves, how to hear and how to receive:

Sons, sons, in the spiritual love the bodies do not seek after each other, and if they do, then there is no longer any spiritual love, and there is something else far from God instead; it is the lust of the flesh, the spirit of the flesh, the spirit of the world, revealed through the Scriptures with its work, which is: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. (1 John 2:16)

Oh, those who seek spiritually after each other must not touch their bodies because it is dangerous for the soul, and spiritual protection and desire for holiness from one another are needed.

However, especially, I am exhorting those who have started to walk downwards with the Lord and I am telling them: Oh, sons, you have to stay much with God, to be with God all the time among you and among your neighbors.

Oh, man because you seek after your salvation, which man cannot give it to you because it comes only from God, I, therefore, ask you to come back, you wandering man; come back to Me with your love. You cannot give anyone your love but only if is warm for your Lord and then you have to share Him, for He is love, not you, and man needs Him, even if he does not know this and neither you.

Oh, love your neighbor as I have loved you, sons, in times of pain or distress, and not otherwise, and give all your love to God, from all your heart, from all your soul and from all your mind, as it is left from God to be between man and God, for I, the Lord, remind you of the first man, who lost his gratitude towards His Maker God, and he said, while he was separating from God: «Therefore, a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, …». (Gen: 2/24) Oh, and this is how his separation from God happened, the sin of separation, and sin has spoiled God’s temple, God’s dwelling in man, at the helm of this life, always, always, and man had taken God’s place in him.

Now, I am coming to teach you and I am giving you of the river of life to refresh your heart, your life and your works, and that is why I am teaching and telling you not to touch your bodies, but only with care of soul and do not touch your neighbor’s too, but only in times of trouble, of pains, of need, of trials of life, of the love of God, which has to be tested, sons, because the day of God’s glory, and that of those who have loved like God, is coming.

I would remove the veil and leave visible the heavenly places prepared from eternity because I would like you to be enchanted with them, sons, for they are under a veil, but are not far though, they are not in another part, sons. However, you do not see them but only those that are visible of God’s creation, and the invisible ones are not seen for they are under a veil, and I leave for man the faith and the longing for the way to them, and their revelation wait after man, after man’s will, which chooses, for man needs to choose; he is free to choose either the fleeting ones, that are completely empty because of their temporariness, or the eternal ones, kept from eternity and immortal by their creation, because of God’s greatness upon them, for everything is godly in the invisible things of creation.

I would draw the veil aside from the invisible things of creation, but I leave you the longing for them, man. May the longing be your way, and look at the man’s beginning with God and at the beginning of the garden of paradise, where man was set to be immortal like God; and because man has no longer loved the Lord and chosen the woman to love, he has fallen under this temptation, which casts out God from man and from near man, for God is love, and man is sin, because this is what he has chosen to be and do, oh, and that is why the whole invisible creation of God has hidden from the man’s eyes, all the invisible things and their majesty, which, from time to time, I leave in sight to a confessor, to put over the people the glory and the purpose of the things from above, and they are from above because they do not fall, but are rather close, they are not elsewhere, they are here, they are still here and are divine. And just as man cannot look at the Lord and still remain alive, the same is with the godly invisible things, with the dwelling places under the Lord’s dominion and under the dominion of the heavenly and angelic powers, delights of the saints and of those who prepared themselves and went with longing to them, for their work was the Lord’s life in them and thorough them on earth, and they were the Lord’s dwelling places among people.

I am giving you the word of Epiphany to all those on earth, because I am merciful. If John, My godfather, was shouting loudly at Jordan and saying to all: «Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens is at hand!» (Matt: 3/2), how shall I not call out far and wide and urge everyone to the spiritual life, through which sin comes to an end?

I, the Lamb of God, the One baptized by John at the river Jordan, I Myself am calling the man to the way of eternal life and I am giving him the word of Epiphany, and I am coming with the heaven on earth and I am coming with the heavenly hosts as well, because I want, man, to put an end to your wandering away and to have God as your Father to become His son, and to have a father, man. I have no rest, I come after you and call you to hear Me so that I may show you the way, for I am the Way, and you need a cross to know Me and follow Me, because without a cross you cannot go on, for you have to love it and not yourself, and you need to stay obedient under the cross, for this is how I stayed, too, and this is how I have shown you to know the way, oh, and remember Me and remember the cross I was carrying and which was carrying Me, for it carried Me until it passed Me to the Father, and the cross with the Lord on it is My way and yours as well, oh, and there was not and there is no other love greater than that face to face with the people.


Oh, I come down on earth with the word of life in it to feed the man’s soul, that „man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”, (See Matt: 4/4), as it is written, and My word now is saying this:

Oh man, oh man, I am speaking over you My word now and I am saying that I am God, the Son of God the Father, and I am His Word upon you, and I am reminding you that My Father sent Me two thousand years ago to become Myself known as God from God, coming down from heaven on earth to become a Child and to grow up as the man born of man grows and that man may have Me and take Me as his God on earth. Oh, and then I returned to be with My Father, at My place in heaven; to be with My Father for you and to embrace you within the Holy Spirit the Comforter, man, and that you may have upon you the Spirit of the Trinity of God, working and protecting, and that you may not stretch out your hands to other gods that are not gods and that God may take care of you, man.

Oh, it is not good that the man should be a fool. Man must be wise and he must know God and believe in Him by the wisdom given to him by God at his creation, but for this faith is needed followed by obedience, man, and when you do not listen by the word left upon you by God, then you lose the fear of God and you are not afraid to come out from His protecting hand, and you lose your fear, for you lose your wisdom from God because of your disobedience to Him, as it happened to Adam, the man created by God at the beginning, and behold, when you lose the spirit of obedience, then your faith in God is futile, for he who believes listens and has faith for his protection.

And now I am speaking like this for those who believe in the Only One God and stay within this faith and inherit it from one another, and especially that from two thousand years when I came and appeared as light from light, true God from true God, carried in the womb by the Virgin and born as a Child to grow up like a man after that, oh, and I am the One of one Being with the Father, by Whom all things were made. And then comes the faith in the Holy Spirit the Comforter, proceeding from the Father and Who is worshipped together with the Father and the Son and is working thorough the prophets, and then all things through the church in a Synod of apostles, as My church was founded at that time. And I am saying this to urge and exhort you to the faith in One God, man, and to know what great God created a mature man at the beginning and you to stay under His hand and learn not to forget about God, for if you forget about Him, then you go and choose all kinds of other gods, which are not gods, for God is One, man.


Oh, and then I look at those who stay at the crossroads hunting souls, and see how they seek after those who are remarkable, known by some with a great name among people and they try to convince them so that they may be believed then and to draw others, ignorant on the holy way, as they may say, oh, and these remain in their wills, not in My wills, and they do not have any seal known by God, and they let themselves be fooled by any trap that may come into their way. However, I, the Lord, am clearly telling to all those who have been fished and fooled, and I am also telling this to the fishermen and their catch, and I am saying this: «The Lord knows those who are His». (2 Tim: 2/19) This is written and it is not otherwise, and it is not as man wants it to be, for man receives that what he deserves and finds that what he has been looking for, and then he thinks and he has found God. However, he who wants to find God for his life, then I, the Lord, am telling to all those who have been seeking, that it is through His church that He lets Himself be known, found and given as a gift to those who sanctify themselves for Him, for My church is the church of My saints, of those who, step by step, go up to the knowledge of God and to the obedience to Him.

And now I am saying: Those who want to be with God according to the truth, I am the Way for you, and I cannot guide you but only towards the church that I established through the saints, through the fathers and through the confessing martyrs of the holy faith, and the way is called, according to the language of the people, the Orthodox Church, and all its order for those who become God’ sons through the church, because other kind of sons God does not know to be His, but only if they come to the truth through His church, who come to become Christians and then to the life for the faith after that.


We are calling out to those on earth, we are calling out to them with pain, and we are asking them to leave their immoral life all the time and we are telling them this:

You, those who know nothing else but to love immorality in which man fell even from his beginning, be attentive to those in heaven, who are calling out to you! Oh, the past hurts. It hurts very much with God and us, and then with you too. The long past is painful, which has been striking God from every man so abominably, and from us too, those from that time, but we sided with the Lord and walked with Him and near Him, and He was the beginning of the resurrection of us all, only that every one may want this as we also wanted at that time.

People look for each other’s body only to sin, for the sinful lust of their flesh, as though God made man only for this and this hurts God, and it hurts Him always. Oh, no, because God made man so that the Lord may rejoice over him; He made him to serve God with all the blessings that the Lord leaves over the earth for the life of those on earth, people and animals, birds and insects, grass and flowers, trees and beauties.

The spirit of immorality has been all the time on earth face to face with God, for man has loved immorality. However, now, the Lord is coming on earth as word, for who is to tell the man any more that the spirit of immorality comes from the devil, that the devil deceives the man everywhere with this bitter sin?

Oh, do no longer arouse the sin in you and in those around you, oh, people without any control! Control yourselves! Change your love for sin with the love of God, for sufferance is coming on earth; it is coming because of the people’s sins, and the darkest sin, the sweetest for the man’s heart, but as black as satan, is the immorality of the body, the lust of the flesh, which the maggots devour, as the sin devours in man!

Oh, men, the confessors of the Lord’s resurrection are calling out to you and are asking you in tears to repent from your sins done by this time, and to repent seriously, lest sufferings may come upon you as the reward for your sins!

We are speaking to the Christian people to strengthen the fight against sin. You, those who know the Lord, serve Him and get used to take the good power from Him lest you may take an example from the weak one, from the one who does not fulfill in his life, and who always justifies himself in order to do his will. Take the example from those who fight and are strong in their zeal for the life of the soul, but without judging the weak one, for it is not given to the man to judge his neighbor, or to hide beyond the one against whom he goes wrong to do against the love of God by his sin.

You, those who fulfill so little, be afraid to take your liberty for the violation of the holy ordinances, which have been left from the ancestors of the Christian people down to you.

Oh, you, Christian women, listen to the pain, which comes from you up to heaven! Do no longer put on your bodies trousers like men if you are women! You will suffer pains for this kind of indecent conduct before heaven, but which pleases the devil, who prompts you to become proud, not to obey, and to take after the disobedient world, and whoever seeks to take after the world will receive the reward together with the world, for the pains that reached before the Lord come back to those who cause Him pains, for this is right to happen. For behold how many women with their head uncovered, full of all kinds of ornaments like the world! And what shall we say more about the walking with naked bodies, without clothes on, without propriety on earth among people! Oh, this brings about sufferance. You have to know that.


The Samaritan woman wants to call out from near Me too, in her day of remembrance of My works on earth at that time. Oh, and come, tell them about your calling over the earth, oh, daughter of the faith and of God’s confession over the people, you, who spoke with Christ at Israel’s well two thousand years ago!

— I am calling out, Lord, I am calling out with restlessness, and I am calling out and telling those on earth, to whom You are coming now as word:

I am calling out over you, people on earth, I am calling out and tell you that the Lord is calling out to wake you up, to set you to watching and to faith with work, and do wake up, as I woke up at the moment of my speaking with the Lord at the well, and then I lived for Him, I lived the Lord with my life on earth, and now I am among the witnesses in heaven.

Oh, do no longer live, do not longer live your days, people on earth, people all over the earth! Live the days of the Lord, for they have come on earth, and the Lord is working with His word for you from the midst of the Romanian land, and these days of the Lord are written to come; it is written about them in the Scriptures.

Man, the Lord is coming on earth, man! Oh, do no longer seek not to hear, not to know! Come closer to hear what He is going to say to you, what He is going to teach you, what He is telling you to fulfill for the day of His glory, if you want to have part of the joy and the rest of those who had mercy at that time, as I also had mercy during those days when He came into the midst of Israel, stubborn in his heart and faith.

Oh, the stubbornness of the unfaithful helps more the Lord’s appearance and His victory, and it will help even more as in the time of Pharaoh, when the Lord saved His people from bondage, and more than two thousand years ago, when the Lord proved His divinity before those who hardened their heart and faith and was resurrected from His crucifixion. And the today’s stubbornness of the rulers of the world, and even that of the servants of the Romanian Church that hardened their hearts not to believe and bow before the word of the Lord’s glory, this will bring even more glory to the Lord of glory, the One Who is speaking now His word over the earth against the lie in which all men stay, and who do no longer wake up, poor of them.

Behold the days of the Lord with you on earth! Oh, do no longer be blind! The blindness over the people is great, for this is what they want and this is what all the people, who have been set great over the people, seek and try to do. Only that the time is coming for them to see the Lord overcoming them and all their sick order, foreign to the Lord’s will over the earth, for no one seeks after the Lord for the things worked on earth, for people want to be gods, poor of them.

And you, people big and small, righteous or sinful, kings or servants, free or slaves, wake up and do no longer be afraid of the things that come over the earth, incurred by your sins, for there is no more dangerous virus or more murderous pestilence than sin. Oh, do no longer be afraid of viruses, of microbes, of bites, or of bad swellings, but be afraid of that which is really the true enemy of your life: sin. It is the enemy and you do not get rid of it with a mask on your mouth and with gloves on your hands. You are saved from this enemy only by faith, and you need fast and prayer, and these have to be sweet for you, as the love of your hearth, for the faith the Lord is going to overcome all the servants of the lie on earth and it will rule all the time and He will stop the hand of those who mock the holy things.


Man has been dragging his body into sin even from the beginning, and I have been suffering bitterly, and I still suffer for the man’s body, for the soul in man needs God, not sin, not such a great sin. The man’s mind needs much food, clean food, and always holy, so that man may no longer drag his body into sin.

Man, your sin has crushed Me. Have mercy on My sufferance from you, because your separation from Me will be painful for you because you keep on dragging your life into sin, your body, your glory from God, the One Who has given wisdom to man so that he may make use of it for God, for the love between him and God.

The Holy Spirit gave Adam a mind, He gave him speech and knowledge, for many people keep asking themselves how came that Adam knew how to speak. However, the spirit of satan also gives to man from what satan has, from the one who opposes God and who defeated man in paradise.

It is up to man to choose on which side to walk, for man is free to choose either with the Holy Spirit, or with the spirit of satan, and a man is known by his work, by his conduct on which side he works, and he is known by his looks, by his speech and by his fruit. In the time of the work done by the hand it is seen the grace or the lack of grace, the lack of the heavenly conduct, and that is why, sons, do not forget, oh, do not forget to stay under the grace, so that grace may be over you, for he who does not choose grace over him, that one is not under the grace and he always comes out from the work of the grace and becomes detestable before God and before those around him.


In a spirit of Epiphany, I am calling out the man to repentance as John the Baptist was calling, and I am telling the man that he is under sin and I am telling him to know his weakness and to humble himself so that I may save him, for after man came to know, he turned his back to God and hid, and since then he has kept on hiding from God, and man has been hiding from man, as a sign that he knows that is guilty by knowledge, guilty before God, the One Who he has not listened to, for man has wanted to be over God, above the clouds, where he says that came up and set his throne, and from where he has been looking down over the earth and over the heaven and he sees, and he has been looking with great pride, and his pride keeps him in his fallen state, not exalted; however, man is afraid of God and he is hiding from God as he did in the beginning.

I came and I come down from heaven because of My mercy on man, to have mercy on him, to protect him from the big trouble which he alone has built, for he has built without God and, therefore, he is a thief, and he is afraid like a thief and he would not like God to be, but only man to be. However, man does not know to do good for himself and for man, oh, and man will humble himself before God and will see his fall, and now, in the end, he will ask for his forgiveness, and every man sees in the end the evil that he has done, the mind which has separated him from God, for the fear of God comes when man cannot do it anymore.

When man does no longer have his work with God, the evil spirit brings to him self-desire, and you crave after yourself, man, and the evil spirit takes from your things for him, oh, and it is bad for you when you lose what is yours and what is on your side, if you do not think with your mind that God can let you suffer when you make Him suffer, when you grow cold to Him little by little, as this is what you think you have to do with Him and with His people, with whom He carries His cross, and behold, you need God in your mind, for you are weak when you do not like to be with God and to be on His side so that He may be your power and you to be His dwelling place, to be His rest.

Oh, how much pain is on Me and on those in heaven! Time after time, the thirst for knowledge has increased and the man’s search for God has come to an end. Man needs sunglasses to look up in the sun, and God’s love has grown cold in men. Oh, and man also needs glasses to look up to God, for the man’s sight towards God has grown very weak and he no longer sees God anywhere; he sees only people everywhere and that his all.

Oh, man, you shall not say, you shall not say that the earth goes round if I did not say so! Oh, I did not created it to go round, rather I set it on its foundation and I brought into its service those that had been created to serve it visibly, but the invisible things are also among those that serve the earth, for there are the elements that are not seen but only their work is seen, and all things work through the angels.

Oh, what shall I do to make you come back and be sorry that you lost God, man? How shall I deal with you to make you come with your love to My love for you? Oh, give Me your heart; give Me your hand so that I may lift you up! I want to be in your heart, because you need comfort, man lost from God. I am with My mercy after you, for your fall is great and you do not have eyes to see it and to believe that you are far from your own good, from your peace.

Oh, it is a day of Epiphany, man separated from Me. Come to meet Me and you will find the life, the light and the way! Do not forget that for your sin I had taken the cross of My crucifixion on My shoulders and after that I rose from the dead to give you comfort and salvation from the reward of sin. Oh, do not forget about God, man! Let Me heal your pride so that you may be able to see your Creator, the One Who loved you on the cross, man!


Satan is the enticing serpent, and man listened to its voice in paradise to take from the tree of the good and evil, the tree of knowledge, oh, and satan and man fell from paradise, and man has in him good and evil, and the devil is the evil, it is the adversary what made man fall from paradise, oh, and you do not have to stir up evil in you, man, but you should choose good, but do you know what good and evil is anymore?

People go to the priests about whom people say that they draw the devils out of those who are possessed by the evil spirit. Oh, I could not do anything to escape Adam from the devil, and man, poor of him, thinks that the priest saves the wretched one from the evil spirit, when sin is the greatest dirt, but until man does not agree for his good, oh, you have nothing to do for him, because the devil makes a circus before the people by his servants, and then the news is spread that the devils submit and obey, when every man is full of the spirit of pride on earth, and pride is a demon, and many years ago, I said that there is no man without a demon in him, oh, and I saw the spirit of murmuring working against the word I had spoken.

Well, man, who are you so easily ready to commit sin in your body, oh, why did you wonder, why do you wonder? However, if you do not get rid of the spirit of pride, the spirit by which you got angry with Me when I spoke the word against the sin in man and I called it demon, oh, why do you still wonder?

Man makes a circus with a spirit of pride, with sin, with all kinds of tastes pleased to satan, and he still wonders that God speaks about the demon in man. Oh, do not wonder, but rather humble yourselves! Do not do like Adam, who got upset with God after he had listened from satan and took in him the work of good and evil by eating from the tree of knowledge, and thus eating at satan’s advice. Oh, is it possible to say that the Pharisee from the Gospel did not have any demon in him, when he left being ashamed before God, Who sees the man and the man’s work? Is anyone able to see that satan did not work in Peter, the apostle, when I rebuked him and I told him: «Get behind Me, satan!»? (Matt: 16/23)


Oh, sons, oh, sons, man had to be and keep himself as God’s paradise, for otherwise he does the will of his body, that is satan’s will, the evil enemy, who sneaked in paradise to make him fall from God and from paradise, and in order to draw him on the earth, to have him at his hand for his will in him. This is the picture of the man’s life on earth, oh, and what does man do, poor of him, after he had known that the Lord died for him and he does satan’s will and taste?

I painfully sigh for the weakness of the man who had disobeyed God and I am telling him: Oh, man, when are you to pray to God to wash you from your sins, when, really? I have among the heavenly armies, groups of saints who prayed their entire life for the Lord’s forgiveness, after they had known the Lord’s mercy for those who sinned and then they prayed to the Lord all their life for the forgiveness of their sins.

Man does not pray with a crushed heart so that his committed sins may be wiped out, and if he does not pray, it is because he likes to stay in sin, he likes to be with satan, who searches after man to feed his mind with sin and with the commitment of sin, so that God may not have any part in man.

Oh, man, keep away from sin, not from the sufferance from sin! You need the fire of the Holy Spirit inside of you so that sin and its works may flee from you! Sin makes you to pay, because it brings about sufferance, and you flee from the sufferance that comes from sin and do not flee from the sin that brings you sufferance.

Oh, the first created man hears My word and cries. I can hear him how he cries. Oh, how shall he not cry? He cries because of My pain. Let the earth hear his crying, for he cries because of My pain from him!

― I’m crying for You. For Your pain from Me, Lord, I am crying for it.

I fell from the paradise’s happiness because I had chosen the guilty happiness of the sin, which separated me from You, Lord, and I had been suffering nine hundred years on earth, and after that I put off the body and suffered in the spirit until two thousand years ago, before Your coming with the cross, which my sin made it for You, and Your sufferance on the cross had mercy on me and on many of Your righteous ones, who were waiting for You to come on earth and to give them their resurrection, Lord. However, You had mercy on me first, for I was the one who came out of paradise and the paradise was closed behind me, but You came with the key, with the cross, Lord, oh, You came to open to Your righteous ones so that they may come in with You, to take their share for which they worked hard with You, and then they waited for You to come, to open to them and to give them comfort, Lord.

Oh, forgive them; forgive all the people who sinned and sin because of the lack of the fear of God, as I sinned in paradise, Lord!

And I am telling them, to those who keep on sinning: Oh, fear God all the time, for you cannot otherwise put the sin in you to death so that you may get away with it and to out from its condemnation!

The Lord’s saints remember me on this day so that you may look at the man created by God and at the sin of his separation from God because of his sin.

Oh, turn back from sin! Come back to the Lord and to your holiness through Jesus Christ, for the Lord is holy, and he who stays near the Lord, has to be like Him!

Oh, wipe out my tear! Come back to the One Who had mercy on me, the one alienated from Him because of sin! Cry with me; cry for me and for you as well!

The Lord suffers bitterly for the man’s sin. The day of His glory is at the border, His visible coming. The Lord is coming with His saints! Pass from your bodies into spirit and make way for the Lord so that He may work for you, and to give you forgiveness!

This much is now the crying of my word, Lord, on my day of remembrance, of my fall from paradise, oh, and am looking at that moment and at how much You suffered for me and for You, and I see how long it had been was for You to wait and I thank You for forgiveness, for love, for patience, for Your mercy on me, I thank you with the humility of the pain, oh, because it was no one else to cause You a greater pain, but I, I alone, only I, oh, Lord, and I thank You!

― Oh, but I, the Lord, too, I am also the One Who heals the greatest pains, those unspeakably great, for My love is My being, which can heal His creature, Who puts wine and oil on the great wounds, and satan is overcome by My love for the man healed by God.


Oh, man is weak; he is very weak and inclined to sin, and that is why he does not want God to be with him on the way of his life, for sin makes man to be ashamed before God and before men, just as it happened in paradise, after man, made by God, worshipped sin and gave himself to the disobedience to God the Maker, for I placed the man and his wife in paradise, but they did not listen with their lives to God, and therefore they separated from Me by disobedience, oh, and after that Adam was ashamed of Me to see him naked and he was afraid too, and from that moment on, I did no longer appear before him, lest he might be ashamed even more and be more oppressed because of his nakedness that he felt, for this is what sin makes in man; it fills him with shame, with the need of hiding, oh, and from then on I was no longer seen by man, and this is how I have stayed, and man only heard Me in paradise; he heard My walking, My movement and My word with which I was speaking, and that is all, and since then I have remained in God’s invisible things up to this day; however, man has always committed sin and been ashamed of God and man, for the sin and the joy for sin cause man to keep hiding and being ashamed, and behold, it is a shame for man to sin and he has been hiding with his shame like Adam in paradise, oh, and behold what great coldness, what a thick border; an insurmountable wall was placed between man and God because of sin, after man had no longer remained on God’s side with his life, with the cross of his life.

Oh, man, you do no longer know to make friends of your soul heavy with your sin, you do no longer know that, and you need so much comfort for the heaviness of your soul, for you have always been under a burden and it grows once with your sinning, with your separation from God for sin. To know how to make friends for your soul means to be like the one with whom you want to be friend, because friendship does not last; the spirit of friendship in those who do not take after each other is not the same, because man makes his closeness only to sin, and sin is his enemy. Oh, and you cannot make God your warm and close friend either if you do not want to do His will, to take after Him and be very carefully for this.

Behold, the woman who believes that she loves a man, oh, poor of her and of him, that one pushes him away to the misery of sin, with her heart and body after that, for there is nothing else; it is not love but only the sin that incites the man to do it and man departs man from God for it, for sin and towards sin, oh, and this is the face of the world of men, and is totally against the carrying of the cross of life, and behold, behold, a three-year old child has more reason than a man whose mind and heart is inclined only for sin, to the love of sin, and that is why I, the Lord, said that the kingdom of God belongs to children and to those like them, who are not search after sin, who do not love sin, and he who loves sin seeks after his separation from God, for I am without sin, and that is why man does not want Me, oh, and I remain to mourn behind the man who keeps on separating from Me for sin, and the way of the cross is the way with God on it, and those who sanctify for it walk on it.

And now I am writing a great mystery in the book of My word and I am saying this for those who have a mind to understand with it, and here it is what I am saying: He who unites with My body and blood should no longer unite with other bodies, for he who shares with Me is My bride, and My bride has to be faithful to Me, oh, but where is found such a great love of God, such mercy for My wounds borne for My bride, such faithfulness?

Behold, those who take the Holy Communion, eat all kinds of bodies, those who partake of the Lord`s body and blood when they go to church, and I am mixed by man with all the things he likes on earth, and I have come to be like man, for this is what he wants to do with God, this is how he has got used to; that is, to walk on the way without a cross with Me, without a holy stature, without any resemblance with Me, with the One Who told man what to eat (Genesis: 1/29.) after He had made him, but man did not want it that way.

When I, the Lord, want to be merciful with the man, who had gone wrong, to clean him from the sin committed, he does not receive Me with his door wide open, he is troubled, he is restless, he stirs the feeling of his heart and by no means does he rejoice that I come to save him from those that oppress him, and which satan writes in the book of sinful man. The man did not recognize his sin in paradise, which made him to be ashamed then, and urged him to hide with it, but, on the contrary, he blamed God and blamed the satan serpent, and he did not admit his guilt and to be sorry and to bow for the forgiveness that comes by repentance. I had to come down from near the Father, to be born in a human body and to assume the guilt which man cannot assume, oh, and in this way, I showed how much mockery man brings against God when he does not assume the sin, he has committed to ask the Lord for forgiveness, from the One Who has the power to forgive the man’s sins.

Satan always, always writes down the man’s things, which are not according to God’s will in man, and satan writes because he has things to write, and the man’s mind does not care for his things gathered from satan and mourn for the forgiveness from the Lord so that he may not mourn in the end, for he who mourns in due time, that one sanctifies himself for God, and this is seen then in his humbled and proper conduct, by his love of God and neighbors, by a holy fellowship with Christ’s church, oh, because for two thousand years, satan has been striking against My church to dirty it, to take its watching away, to lead it to the pleasures foreign to the way of the cross, and I am watching with those in heaven to destroy satan’s work, to put away his guard, only that man does his own will, and with it, he presses on the cross which I have been carrying for two thousand years for the destiny of My church on God’s side so that it may not perish through the work of the malicious satan.


Behold a great example of great instruction in the fight against the enemy sin in man, for the holy fathers left to the Christian church in the time of the Lent the parable of the spiritual life of the one who gave up sin in order to be sanctified and forgiven from her many sins, Mary the Egyptian.

Oh, Christian, oh, Christian, stop having fun in a sinful way, and do rejoice in a Christian way so that the Lord may rejoice in the midst of the brotherly fellowship, and let not only the devil rejoice, for the devil is constantly gathering the sins of men to give them the wicked payment, but behold, beside My voice is now speaking this warrior against sin, after she had renounced the poisonous sweetness, for she overcame satan with Me, and here is now her advice:

― Oh, Lord, oh, Lord, the bitter taste of sin, the sinful man like me, does not know its bitterness except after he is driven away by Your love, suffering from his black sins, and with which he cannot stay near God with his life.

Oh, Lord, there is no greater bitterness than the expulsion of the sinner from before Your mercy, oh, for the spirit of the man driven from paradise was painful, and he did not want to come to repentance for the pain which he had inflicted on You with his sin, but he rather sided with sin.

I, Lord, completely repented, I totally dedicated myself to You, oh, because I had sinned too much and too hard, and only a life far from sin and far from people was able to keep the promise I had made, and so that You might not drive me away from Your face because of my heavy sins. Oh, and now I am telling to all the sinners to sweeten themselves with the life of their Christian life, and in such a way that they may not find the bitterness worked through sin and which drives man away from Your face. This is deliverance from satan: non-sinning is, oh, Lord.

Oh, the whole of Your word over the earth and over man is waited to be fulfilled, Lord, because righteousness will come, for this is written, but make all those on earth one hour before, doing this, so that You may give them a good reward too, Lord, oh, and that You may have reasons to give them too.


Behold, man does not worship God. He rather worships satan and does not know what he does. Man worships man and sinful pleasures, but not God. Man does not want to eat like God, to do what God does, and because he does otherwise, the Lord always has to rebuke him as a disobedient son. I have listened to God as a Son, but man hasn’t done this, and the man’s pride lies exactly in this: that he does not do God’s will. Therefore, I am great and the man is small, but behold, the little one exalts himself higher than God and does not do His will, he does not submit so that I may glorify Myself through him, only I and not he, and behold, satan is followed by man by man’s haughtiness, and man’s haughtiness is a devil, he is God’s enemy in man and man does not try to do God’s will for in him has been the seed of haughtiness even since he exalted himself to take from the tree that he robbed, and since then the man has been taking care of his own mind not of God’s word over him; the man is stubborn on earth as well as in heaven, and behold, God became man, He, the One, Who made the man and placed him on earth, for after He had put of His Spirit in man, he stood up on his feet and started to carry his body, and man does not want to do like God.


Oh, man, man, I obeyed to come from heaven after you on earth, but you do not listen to come from sin to Me, to the One in heaven, Who has sought and called you for seven thousand years and asked you: Where are you, where are you hiding from Me, oh, where? And you are in sin and are not ashamed that God sees you, calls you and asks you to give Him and account and an answer concerning where you are, and say to Him: I am naked and therefore I hid, Lord.


Christ has risen, I, the Lord, am telling you, those who have chosen to declare that you are not believers and that you say to each other that God is not and those who think that are God and that God is not; nevertheless, behold, I, the Christ, resurrected from crucifixion, am telling you now that man says that there is no God because the one who says this is a sinner, and because he wants to sin at his will and that his life lived with sin may not have a bad reward!

Oh, if man did not sin, he would never separate himself from God, but he, poor of him, does not know what sin is and he does not know that is a sinner, and because he does not know this, behold, he always sins, and he does this before God, and God saw it and sent His Son, Jesus Christ to make Him known on earth as the Savior for every sinner, only that the sinners would bow and each say: „Lord, remember me in Your kingdom, for I am a sinner!”.

I am coming down on earth as word and I am speaking with those who are separated from God by sin. I am coming down to them to make them know Me by this word and to touch their heart to have mercy for Me, for My love, with which I fought with death which has always put down the sinful man and brought him down to the carelessness which condemns him and makes him worthy to go to hell, to receive the wages of sin.


You, those who have been baptized since you were little, or those who were baptized later in My name and in the name of your faith in Me, you, Christians of the Christ’s church, and you, ministering priests at the altars, listen!

Oh, listen, dear Christian, for the heavenly mercy is close to you, and it is great mercy to know Me by this word with My coming after the man and to confess Me as your God and to ask Me to remember you in My kingdom, for the unfaithful robber on My right hand side had God’s mercy on his side and knew Me that I was the Christ coming from the Father, prophesied by the prophets to come, oh, and he asked Me on his cross, He asked Me with great respect: «Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!». And I said to him, «Assuredly I tell you, today you will be with Me in Paradise!». (Luke: 23/42-43)

Oh, the same with you, Christian man. You should die on your cross and then you should remain with propriety near My cross and stay in humility near Me so that you may no longer sin, that you may no longer commit sins and that you may ask Me to remember you into My kingdom when you say My name of God into your heart, with your faith and with your humility.

Oh, Christian sons, man has separated himself from God in paradise, not to speak on earth! Man is haughty before God and to each other, that is why he does not find, poor of him, the way of humility, and that is why he stays without God in him in the time of his life on earth.

Oh, dear Christian, your remembrance into My kingdom is great mercy for you. Behold, you Christian, who love and listen to My today’s word, with which I am coming on earth after the sinful man, you are remembered before Me here, in the citadel of My word; you are remembered in its midst so that I may be able to forgive you, and you, during this time of prayer set for you, you have to humble yourself like the robber who, from his cross knew Me on My cross, crucified for him and for all like him, oh, and you should no longer be ignorant of your forgiveness, but rather be humble all the time of your life, for the robber who was once on the cross with Me, was no longer careless, and if it came for him to know Who I was, he said to Me with submission: «Lord, remember Me when You come into Your Kingdom». (Luke: 23/42) And, therefore, I had mercy on him, remembered him and forgave him by his repentance and faith and I said to him: «Today you will be with Me in Paradise», (Luke: 23/43), for I opened the heaven so that the righteous might enter, those from Abraham’s bosom, who had been waiting for Me to come and open to them.

When man knows Me as his God and receives Me on earth with him, then he does this because of his need of God with him on earth. When I, the Lord, receive man in heaven by his prayer, I do this because I need the man to be near Me in heaven with his longing spirit after God, with his longing of Me, oh, and this is how I am with man, and man with Me.

Oh, sons, confess your sins to each other so that you may be healed, so that you may pray for one another before Me for your healing, so that I may see My love in you, mercy like Mine in each other, and then you should give resurrection to each other, for the work of the Christian is the work of resurrection, but the world and the church in the world do not know what resurrection is; they do not know well why a man goes to church, why he goes to the service of the resurrection on the day of the feast of My resurrection, and he goes there because this is ordained for him to go to the resurrection service, but the man does not know to call out to Me like the sinful robber and say to Me as that one said: «Lord, remember me, into Your kingdom!»

Behold how the man’s coming to Me is, for the man who follows Me, follows Me because of the spirit if his humility, if he comes at all, and he chooses to walk on the way with Me for the humility of his heart, and if he does not choose to be with God on the way of his life because of this, oh, then he goes wrong against God in every way possible, and the same does to his people on the way with the Lord, and then he holds God indebted to him, because the one who does that, does not come because of the humility of his heart, oh, and behold, if you do not have wisdom from heaven, Christian, you do not know what you do or say; you neither know to choose to be with God, nor to be after that with your time on the way of the Lord’s cross, oh, for it is too much of a mystery and work to decide to be with the Lord with your steps, with your heart for its humility, for your life with the Lord so that He may have you in His great work against His enemy and yours, to have you in His great plan for the victory against satan and for the renewal of the world, as it is written.

The man would be to come on the way of the Lord’s cross after he knows the Lord well, after he sufficiently knows what it is to be known, worked and observed for the fulfillments on the way, and if he comes otherwise, he comes without wisdom and does evil on the way with Christians on it, and if he does not know to come and how to come, he does not come at all and remains for sin; he remains for the pain due to the sinful who are not forgiven by God because of the lack of humility in the heart of those who do not humble themselves so that they may also be forever with the Lord, as it is written about those who belong to the Lord.

Behold, even from the very beginning the man robbed in paradise the tree set apart by God so that man might not take of it, and when he took, then he was proud of his knowledge, and since then he keeps on being proud with what he has got, with God’s knowledge with what he had stolen, and because of that he lost the paradise and fell on earth again; nevertheless, the man fell on his head, and since then he has kept on falling on his head, poor of him, and keeps on saying to himself that he knows, that he has knowledge and has more and more of it and he has been seeking to have it, to be more and more proud that he has and to show himself with what he has, with what he is, for the man spoiled his mind from God and does no longer have any of it, and he has in his head only what he had stolen from paradise, oh, and he has not humbled himself for his sin committed in paradise.

And now, I am telling this to man:

Man, you have to get ready to die like the robber on My right hand side; to die to yourself on your cross and to come to life within Me after that, as the robber was resurrected and found his salvation from God, oh, as is great this work that you have to fulfill near My cross with your many sins on it, and behold, the Christians cannot fulfill this miracle of their resurrection; they cannot but only if their mind helps them, if they work with it in God and for God, and not for them.

Man, get ready for your resurrection through death like the robber on My right side, who crucified his mind on the cross and received faith in return, and in this way he humbled himself for his mind without God in it, and then with great propriety asked Me from his cross, he asked Me to write him into the book of life, for he will no longer make any separation from God, that he dies on the cross and he dies for his resurrection; that is resurrection through death, through separation from sin, from death, oh, for this is what resurrection is and the going to resurrection, but man goes to the church in the night of resurrection and does not know what he has to do for his attending the service of the Lord’s resurrection, of the remembrance of My resurrection from the dead who have sinned in their life on earth.


Oh, how beautiful are those who believe in the Lord and in His works, dear sons, how beautiful! Therefore, faith is great beauty; it’s the health of the spirit, of love, and disbelief is the weakness of love, is the lack of health, is unhappiness, and it is murmuring, sons. Man is unhappy because of his sin and worships sin, and he does not worship God, and I teach the man by the word and I tell him to choose his happiness and holiness for it and I am telling him now this: Oh, man worship God, not sin, nor flesh, nor yourself; rather worship God only and serve Him with your life, for behold, man worships the woman as Adam did. He gives her gifts and stays at her feet to win her over for sin, oh, and even sin would have wanted to dwell in paradise, but God cannot dwell with those who are not careful to belong only to God with their love, oh, the Lord cannot be with those who are discontent, with those who murmur for the lack of self-denial is God’s enemy in man, and that is why I said that man should take care of God in him, and behold, those who do not leave for the Lord mother and father, brothers and sisters, wife and children, possessions and ranks, friends and the spirit of the world, these cannot be among those who become My disciples; they cannot become worthy of God’s love in them, and as divided as they may want to be, oh, they cannot be with God or belong to God for they still have love for the separation from God to their detriment and of those who dwell in their hearts and do not understand what it means for a man to give him-self to God, to forsake their past for the renewal of all things, for the mystery of the new birth of the world, that the Lord may have someone to show to the world with His fulfillment in them and that some others may come to God, to the love for those from above, oh, and this wisdom is too great to dwell in man for man can hardly want to deny himself and all things afterwards lest he may lose the paradise if he does not listen in this way.


now is coming at the pulpit the one who was bridegroom at the wedding where You were invited together with us, with Your disciples. Glory to You with us here and let us all greet in one voice Your resurrection for which we confessed far and wide at that time and, Lord, let us all cry with joy at once: Christ has risen!

― Oh, true and beloved child; true, for I was resurrected like I had told you ahead of time, and then you confessed this.

And now is in the word the one whom the apostle Philip announced and told him: «We have found Him, Jesus Christ, of Whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, wrote. Come and see!». Then he came and I said: «Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit!». And he confessed Me and said: «Rabbi, You are the son of God! You are the king of Israel!». (John: 1/45-49)

Then I was invited at his wedding and I performed the miracle of the new wine and I said to be given it to the ruler of the feast to drink, and he drank and called the bridegroom, for he did not know what to believe while tasting the wine. I did this miracle in Cana of Galilee to strengthen the faith of My disciples and I showed My glory before them and before the wedding guests, oh, and the party of the wedding broke; it turned into faith and wonder and all understood what it was to be understood at that moment, for I blessed the bridegroom of the wedding with the seal of apostleship among My twelve disciples. On that day I blessed the apostleship, not marriage, as most of the people may try to say so that they may keep on marrying, poor of them. Only that at that time it was the marriage with Christ, of the bridegroom of the wedding and of the guests, and no one should disregard the work of God’s miracles, that for the strengthening of the faith of those who are given from the Father to believe and to understand that it is of no use for man to get married, oh, no, rather it is useful for him to confess Christ to the sons of men, Who is without any sin, the resurrected Lord, Who by His death on the cross paid for the lives of the sinners and for the life of those who were deep in sin so that they may believe as did the bridegroom in Cana of Galilee who knew the Lord, believed in Him and left with Him, leaving his bride, his wedding and the wedding guests being born from above, of God’s love for man.

Now, behold the bridegroom of the wedding in Cana. He was My disciple among the twelve and is sitting on this day in council with Me, with My disciples and with you, sons, with you, those who are Mine today.

― Oh, it is my day of feast among Your elected from that time, Lord. I am happy that I have the privilege to thank You with my voice now because You took me from the way of sin of the men’s sons and kept me as a bridegroom, oh, Lord. I am blessed, and I am bowing in submission to Your care, as four days before my wedding day You called me to You and then You came to the wedding and took me with You to be Your son and You helped the wedding guests to understand that You are God’s Son and that we had to follow You and to leave everything for You, for Your glory, which You showed so wonderfully on the day when You asked me in marriage to be Yours; and You also taught me to leave everything for You, father and mother, brothers and sisters, bride and wedding guests and then to deny myself so that I could be Your disciple.

I suffer in heaven; I have been suffering since then to this day and tomorrow, for the day of the wedding in Cana was a good opportunity for those who choose their life for sin, marriage, and all try to forget that You, Lord, said that the wrath for sin would come as in the time of Noah, when all were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, and by so doing they incurred the flood over all the creature on earth. And I suffer in heaven as Adam suffers, for because of him people lose their obedience to God and their love for Him. They lose the paradise and give it on sin, oh, and it is to weep in heaven for the sins on earth, because on earth a man and a woman get together to spend their lives together, but first the sin draws them to each other, the lust between man and woman for sin, Lord, which does not keep long, for nothing is eternal on earth, and after the evil power leaves the two, they grow cold to each other, for sin gives nothing good to the man but only disappointment, anguish and fleshly pains, sorrow because of the waste of time and of the power for life, oh, and this is how the man’s life on earth is, a life with sin, which God and the soul in man hate, but behold, the flesh overcomes the man because of the lust of the flesh, the flesh which will go bad because of sin, and behold, man, you need much love, and love is God. If you are male, you need manhood, holy wisdom and holy stature for your walking with God, and if you are female, you need much humility, much, much propriety, great modesty and wisdom of spirit and speech, a measure given by God for the woman so that she may not do like the woman in the beginning, that who made bold so much against her man and against God, helped by the spirit of her weakness, the spirit which kills.

Behold, there is much and great difference between man and man, between Christian and Christian, as great difference as from heaven to earth between the one who knows and does everything a Christian man has to do, and the one who is not of the dough of which a Christian is born, and this difference is like that between the flax pure linen and that which mixes the thread of linen, oh, and this difference is like that between the crystal vessel and the plastic vessel, and we are speaking in the language of the earth, for its word and speech is otherwise in heaven, but on earth is like a man who makes something and then names those made by him of sin, of fire and by the fire, by a great flame, for the spirit foreign from God follows the man in order to push him to do evil, as it did in paradise and caused man to fall from God’s presence.

Oh, there is great and a lot of difference between the man pure in his heart and the cunning one in his heart and word and with his outward works which reveal his face and his deceit after that, and behold, the one among the saints of the church from the beginning of the Christian people has left a written sign that when the time comes to show that the woman’s shame will no longer be, the end of the man will come to an end and the end of the world will end as well, so that the Lord may come with beginning without sin.

Oh, Lord, what a great joy, Lord, what a great joy! Once with the occasion of my feast among Your elected ones, since that time I have stayed near You and spoken on earth, and this day is a great miracle, for I have had the occasion to bring upon people the news that all those who want to be with the Lord, Jesus Christ, all these should no longer seek to marry and get married, for they are God’s sons and are the sons of resurrection and are with their Lord, and they listen to Him and to Him only, and they come from among of the men’s sons, they come from the mixture which is called Babylon. (See Luke: 20/34-36)


I am going to work with great care. I am going to speak in detail, for I want to be known what has not been able to be spoken by this time, but the mysteries of My Father have to be well perceived; they have to be well known, sons, oh, and that is why one has to speak, then is to be understood and then the way to be chosen, and especially those, who did not have and do not have wisdom, need repentance, oh, and there has been two thousand years of the lack of understanding, even if some without much knowledge have chosen their life with Christ, but now the life with the Lord is very little understood in all its power, and behold, it has not been followed according to the law of the love of God by those who have set themselves apart for the Lord, for man loves himself too much, sons, and he loves his family too much as well, and because of this reason he does not perceive the wisdom of the mysteries of the life with the Lord so that he may be then with God and only with God for his life.

Now, I am reminding of the word of My Gospel and of that of My work over those whom I chose to be My disciples, as in the time of the preparation of the faith and of their heart to follow Me, I was telling them: «He who does not leave for My name mother and father, wife and children, brothers and sisters, riches and ranks and who does not deny himself, cannot be My disciple». (See Matt: 10/37) And again, I was saying: «He who does not hate mother and father, wife and children, all of those in his house and friends, is not worthy of Me! He who loves all of his family more than Me, is not worthy of Me».

My disciples were working hard in their mind and understanding while I was giving upon them the mysteries of My Father in order that they might understand them. They were not able to understand quickly enough; they could not until all those written about Me had been fulfilled, for I revealed Myself to them as much as it was necessary for them to get to know Me, to believe and to follow Me and then to love Me for them, for I said from the very beginning: «You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might, man!». (See Deut: 6/5) Oh, and that was all with My saying, because man chose and chooses other kind of love, like Adam, and he raises followers like him, as Adam did. Man is very much for marrying and giving in marriage to raise descendants for flood, for garbage, for the emptiness of the earthly life, and not for the love of God, for the Lord built the man for Him, but does the man want to know this?

Oh, man, oh man, God is love and Satan is sin, and it is no use for man to get married; it is harmful for him both on earth and after that, after the earthly life. I revealed to My disciples that it is no use for man to get married, and that is well with the one who wants to keep his daughter a virgin and that all who get married will have to go through sufferance and they will not be spared if they do not embrace the holiness at the voice of My Gospel for those who sanctify themselves.

Oh, man’s sons, your children are the proof of your sins, after you also had been conceived in sin by those who gave you birth, and therefore, I said: «Let the children come to Me to be worthy of My kingdom if they come and follow Me, denying everything and then following Me!». I have given them soul at their birth and every man has a duty to Me for the soul he has got in him.

I told the Christians who had part in this word in the first years of My descending as word on earth by My trumpet Virginia and I advised and told them: „Give your children as alms to have part of them in heaven and that the devil may not have any part of them.” (As alms to God, that is to give them to live in monasteries, r.n.) Oh, and they could not do that, even if some of them tried this, because after that they went back to take care of them and they did not leave them where they gave them to be, and all those who went to monasteries finally fell into the world with their lives; they fell because of the mixture with the members of their families, after they had given themselves to Me, for I said: «The man’s enemies are his own family».

Behold, I am telling now a great mystery: The Christian people on earth has to make its disciples and children from among the children of the men’s sons, and to the men’s sons I said: «Let the children come to Me!». (Matt: 19/14)

Oh, let those who are married, let them no longer ask themselves how those, who keep themselves as Christians in their lives, multiply. The Christians have to get spiritual sons from among the children of those who give birth to children, of those who marry and are given in marriage and are in the world with their lives, oh, for I, the Lord, cannot be on the side of those who marry and are given in marriage, for I said that My will is man’s holiness, (Lev: 11/44, 45; 19/2; 20/7; 20/26; Num: 15/40; 1Pet: 1/15, 16) and not a man with a taste for sin in him, for a man does not get married for giving birth to children, but for the taste of sin of which children come out, and then the sin calls man father and mother, and this is how the fruit of the worldly and fleshly man is.

Oh, if God had been pleased with marrying and giving in marriage, I would have no longer said that the man’s enemies are his own family, I would have no longer said that if someone wants to come after Me let him deny of his own family and follow Me as My apostles of that time did, My first church.

In the beginning through Jesus Christ, all those who perceived profoundly My love for man, My coming on earth and My will and their walking with Me, all these would gather under the love of God and all of them would live in a brotherly fellowship and love Me, not being possible to live otherwise but only with God Jesus Christ and all were together day and night in My love and had all in common, and all of them wanted to come near Me first, everyone wanted to be the first, the quickest to come to Me, oh, and all of them loved Me to their martyrdom, which brought them to Me and then they loved Me in heaven for on earth they fulfilled My Gospel with great and much love to the end. As for those, who were getting weak because of their lack of watch, they were falling from love, they were falling in all kinds of weaknesses and then they were getting away from God, while still others did not deny because of the fear of sufferance that came from those who wanted to separate from Me. Oh, and all that time of the Gospel of My love for those who decided to be with Me from among the men’s sons was called the first love and its time, the first Christians, victorious for the treasure of their hearts, for I was their treasure, the One in their hearts comprised in My love for them, because they loved Me so much, they were bounding Me so much with their lives that I redeemed by My death on the cross for them.

Behold the mystery of the first love, the love between the Bridegroom and bride, the heavenly love, and behold marrying and giving in marriage were not and are not for Christians, for those who want to be God’s sons on earth, and all these are for men’s sons, and for Christians is the first love, the lack of the separation between them and Me to their sacrifice, to the martyrdom of My beloved ones.

Sons, sons, I am speaking with you to share the mysteries of My Father over the men’s sons. The true repentance is felt only in those who separated from the Lord after they had loved Him with self-denial, and then after falling, they have cried because of the pain that comes to them and because of their remorse, which bring them to a great repentance by their turning back, oh, and great joy is in heaven when one of My beloved ones separates from Me and then comes back again to Me with great pain, with lots of tears because of the separation which has lasted for such a long time.

Oh, but I have nothing to do and work with those who marry and are given in marriage, as they are the slaves of the sin in them and then they are loved by sin and cannot be Mine, for they are fleshly, they are something else than the sons of God, the sons of the heavenly love.

Oh, I have no longer someone to say: „Come back to the first love!”. Oh, I do no longer have any! Who else separates from sin to be Mine after that and without any sin? The Christian perishes like Adam; he falls from God even from his birth. Sin is the venom that enters a man by satan’s bite, this venomous enemy and by so doing sealing the man, for the exaltation of the mind leads a man to his falling.

I was rejected by the people of Israel, who was a people according to the flesh and not according to the spirit, but behold, in the Romanian country I am welcomed and the Christian people brings those without God to the kingdom of the heavens for in the kingdom of the heavens no one marries or is given in marriage and all are like angels, and behold in My New Jerusalem, too, in My new Israel, the first churchly community, the same as the one at that time, and those, who are worthy of the mystery of the first love, the mystery they have come to understand, neither marry nor are given in marriage.

And as for you, men’s sons, do no longer ask yourselves how does it come for these to multiply and increase if they do not give birth to babies, but rather wonder how the people perish like mere worms under the heel of the lack of love of people, under the feet of the killers of men. And let the Christian people multiply and increase by baptizing the men’s sons in Christ through the Holy Spirit of the Father, and this is what God’s sons have to do, those who choose to live an angelic life on earth. You give marriage and giving in marriage to your sons, and to God’s sons, I give eternal life, to those who come to the baptism with the Holy Spirit, to the mystery of the first love, and the children who are born today are for satan; he takes them as long as they are still small and puts into their hearts the abomination of desolation of the heart in man so that the Lord may no longer get into the heart of the child who is born during this time.


Oh, sons of the world do no longer touch the woman, for the woe will be terrible for those who will have in their womb, for those who will be with child, as it is written. (See Matt. 24/19; Mark: 13/17;) Oh, do no longer rejoice over the venomous pleasure of sin, for this pleasure, which makes you draw to one another, will come into your way with bitterness and with its eternal curse, oh, and who will wipe out your sigh during this time of pain and trouble?

Oh, be for my Son, Jesus Christ, be bride and be the joy of bride. Keep away from satan’s voice, from all his tempting tools, for the whole good with which he is trying to smile at you now is only a lie. I am calling you now to my Son Jesus Christ. I have the Romanian country in my arms for the Lord has within it the mystery of His word working over the earth and over the sons who are listening to His will now.

Oh, get dressed in the Romanian style, Romanian sons, for there has not been another people to have more beautiful apparel than the Romanian people, and the heaven is full with Romanian in their costumes, according to holy traditions like Christ’s will.

Oh, be careful not to violate the commandments of life, the ten commandments and the regulations for the food of the body, for this way with the Lord is the way to heaven, and the law of the heaven opens the heaven for the one who keeps it.

Oh, be healthy in the fulfillment of the Lord’s will! Do not be sick or keep on being sick when it comes to violate the holy laws of life, for there is nothing else on earth to give you life and health more than the guarding of the holiness and the heaven in you, if you work it in you.


When the man’s body starts growing little by little in the womb that is to give it birth, first, I, the Lord, bring into being the heart and the place in it, the cross, the altar, which I place in man so that I may live in him. And I am saying this so that every man may know that he is a thief and that he lays hold of what he does not do or have, of what he cannot do, of that he did not do because God did for every man so that no one may have anything to say from now on that My place in man is the man’s heart; however, man sets himself, oh, and he places in him whomever he may want and I remain without any dwelling place in man and then I am thrown out.

Oh, sons, I want to dwell inside the man’s heart, but the man does not take Me in his house, for he says that it is his house and man despises Me and he does not understand this pain, which he does to Me. The man got lost and I also lost the man, and God has been in tears for seven thousand years after His rest that he lost, for man had to be My day of rest.

Two thousand years ago I had My arms outstretched for embracing. I stayed with My arms outstretched and this is how I remained before the Father and I thanked to My Father that He helped Me to listen to Him for the work of the salvation of the lost man, and since then the cross has been the sign of My embracing, My outstretched arms, in order to embrace with them everyone, and especially the afflicted and destitute of bread and clothing, and to take them under My cross, for those who adorn themselves with soft clothes are in rich houses, when My place is on the cross, for there is where those with high ranks and soft clothes put Me to stay. Oh, I lived in poverty on earth, because I was God and I had to be completely humble because this is how God is. Oh, man on earth, look at you, for you sit more highly that Me before Me and before all My creation and you build houses and cannot gather Me in your house, for I cannot live in your luxury, in all that you do from your desire, and behold, you commit only sins, and you do everything after your own mind and you cannot do the things from Me if you do not have love.

Oh, man, what else does your life mean in all your affairs, when you do not receive from My hand and you do not take from My Spirit in order to do and to have the saving work so that the Lord may work with you and so that it may not be any separation between man and God?

Behold, I am weeping so that you may hear Me because you keep Me at a distance, man, far away from you, for you do not love Me with your heart and in your works. My word is a spring of weeping, oh, and how much I would like to burn for Me the one who hears the sighing of My tears, for I walk in tears behind man, as he does not let Me to walk before him in order to guide him.

Oh, man, you have heaped treasures and they take you out from God because your heart is with them, with those that you do not remain for you have gathered without Me, as I do not want you to gather any possessions on earth, because I have also nothing in this world, but you have and because of this you are of the world, oh, and this is how you get lost from God.


All the nations without God on them have other gods, but now them hear the voice of the Son of God, a voice from heaven over the earth and they have nowhere to hide from the One Who speaks from heavens. Oh, the time has not stopped yet; God has not stopped from His work that started two thousand years ago over the earth and over man, but the opposing man has not come to stand still yet either. Those who look back, only at My work two thousand years ago and only to My word of that time, those have despised the Scripture that writes about Me saying: «I will be with you to the end of the time», oh, and two thousand years ago, I made My way and since then I have been working through the church; I have not worked otherwise, and those who work on the margins, I ask them where do they take to work from?

Then I said: «I will come to the one who believes in Me, I will dwell with him and dine with him and I will appear to him”, (See also Apoc: 3/20) and this is what I ordained then, and this is how I am fulfilling now those promised that would be and that would be fulfilled.

You, people without the true God upon you, oh, look for My ordinance made two thousand years ago to be on earth from God and stop from your search without any answer for you. I am with those who are faithful and holy in their life and love. Receive from the Holy Spirit, receive through the church and you will say that My church is not worthy, but I ask you: Is it yours to say this or that?

Now, I am telling you: I have made My way so that it may be with the people on earth. He Who does not want so is rebellious and always wanders away. It is not given to you to judge the sins and the sinners. You must believe in God and in His establishments, His way over the earth. And you ask in prayer, seek to Him and tell Him to reveal Himself to you. And whoever searches, finds, only if he searches with faith as it is written. This is what I have wanted to say now over the people on earth, and happy are and will be those who stay under My word (Luke: 12/37) and do not tempt or despise My coming as word over the earth, My voice of Shepherd, Who is coming to show the way to God.


You, people who know that I came on earth two thousand years ago to give you the heaven, oh, flee from the luxury so tiring for the soul of a Christian who loves God, and you, too, will have the heaven and its place made of God. Do no longer fill your houses with those that are tiring for God’s dwelling with you and near you. The kingdom of God’s sons is not of this world, but their kingdom is in God.

Man needs My help, but let him look for Me not only when in trouble to be for him and with him, but always to be with him, to be able to be, to give ourselves from one another everything that is holy, for if man does not speak with Me, then it is in vain that I speak with him, and behold, man, you speak too much and too many things and all the time, oh, and you speak too little with God or even nothing and you need God and help from heaven, and whole peoples are on earth without the true God on them and they make their gods after their likeness for a man cannot live without joys, without hopes, without any longing of salvation from his troubles.

Man takes his mind from God and does whatever he needs with it. Oh, poor man, do no longer stay so foreign from God with your mind, do no longer stay like that day by day, and get up and see what it is with you and where you go with your life. Call Me to hear you and to reveal Myself to you with My great work for you, for your redemption from the enemy who took you from paradise to separate you from God, the Creator of the heaven, the earth and man. You ordain your plans, your thoughts and desires, but you do not work your sweet bond with Me; it does not come to your mind to do this holy miracle for your life. Maybe you say that you have God, that you can be with Him like that, that He can be like that with you. Oh, you cannot be for God through so many that you did and do after your mind, after your own tastes. Oh, you have so many things that you do not need so many things that you want to do and have them, but you do not need them, and you do not stop from doing this to know this. I teach you the new birth from above and I come with it to you. This is what I do when I speak these to you in a day of the feast of the birth of your Lord. I did not gather anything for Me on earth and here it is what you do! And you do this because you do not love God Who gave you life to have if you were born in the flesh on earth.


I have in heaven among the confessors the hierarch Basil on this day with his day of feast in the hosts of the saint hierarchs, oh, and behold, I am coming with My table at you, in My citadel with you, sons, for I am coming with you here as word on earth. When I left to the Father two thousand years ago, I had with Me the disciples and those who believed in My coming of that time and in everything I left to be worked on earth by My confessors. Now it is the same with My coming again from the Father after man; I have near Me those who believe in My coming as word on earth after two thousand years as it was written (1Thess: 3/13; Jude: 1/14; Apoc: 19/14.) that I would come again.


and come, you disciple of Christ, sit down as word near My word into the book with your confession, with your Lord!

― Come Lord, with Your walking, with the word by which You confess that You are the One Who is and Who is coming! There is so much need of You on earth and over the people, as much as no one knows anymore, no one has the measure of the lack of God in the lives of the people, Lord. You are merciful and want to forgive the human kind, so much lost from You, oh, and in this way You have always wanted to forgive the sons of Israel, who were falling in bondage and sufferance because of their estrangement from God, and who were calling You to them when they were suffering forsaken among the foreign people, oh, and then they were turning back and sinning again, and then again they were calling You to save them from perishing, and this is how that people were behaving until they worked through their rulers at Your death by the cross of Your crucifixion, oh, but You have loved the world, Lord, and You rose alive through the cross and appeared as a great God and true God, but satan cannot be at peace with this truth, and behold him in the spirit of the man’s pride who plays important and strong in the fight against You, oh, and the earth is full of people of the spirit of haughtiness, and the spirit is not seen and has power as it is not seen, and I was Your servant, Lord, and I fought in Your name against the spirit of perdition over the people to quiet to put away from the people the opposing work against God and against man!

I have spoken cessation by the word to the work of the evil spirit, who bring people into bondage, and I have worked with mercy to graze Your flock to Your heavenly pasture, to Your will with the man on earth so that man may no longer do satan’s will, so that he may no longer work at his fall again and again, to gather pains on earth again and again, and then in heaven, for everything man does, everything follows him in heaven then, oh, and he does not know this, since he does not care so that he may not gather an evil reward, pains and tears for him, for his eternal live after that.

I suffered as You did for the man’s destiny. I fought against satan to overcome him and to save the man from this bondage, but now I want to call out from Your presence and to tell it loudly to be heard into the ears of the men’s hearts the truth that I am speaking now, and behold, I am saying this:

Oh, people on earth, faithful or not faithful to God, bow to believe what I am saying to you: Everything you work on earth to your salvation or to your punishment follows you then in the life to come. Your love of God and holiness, these bring you near God, and the carelessness of soul and the sin worked by you brings you together with the sinners.

The Lord is coming as He did two thousand years ago and He is speaking over the earth so that you may hear Him. The Lord is calling you as He called Adam in paradise after he had sinned by his disobedience. Oh, bow and hear how God is calling you and ask you to work your happiness with Him, the holiness that keeps you near the Lord and the Lord near you and then a palace of heaven to you!

Oh, sons of God, and you, sons of men, raise to the Lord and work with your steps only those that will remain that you may also remain with them, for the sin and all those worked without God are those that will not remain and they will pile up in the place of perdition and they will wait there those what worked them on earth.

Oh, listen to Basil, God’s confessor! Resist satan! Satan separated the man from God and from paradise. Flee from satan, flee all the time, but also watch all the time to flee all the time and no longer to give him any time to have advantage against you, for behold how easy he is putting the man down, oh, and there are so few who still stand up by waking from their fall.

Lord, Your will is the man’s sanctification, the lack of his sinning. This has to know and not forget the one who wants to choose life with God on earth and then in heaven. A man needs a teacher all the time, for the man has no mind for You in him, and that is why he needs exhortation, awakening, forgiveness, correction in order to stand watch to living prayer, to the holy work for You and for him, to Your building in him, Lord, to have God as his master and that man may bring the Lord on earth.

Oh, man, how much time you have lost in your life on earth! Stop and give away your evil work and take the Lord’s work to have it as your work! Do not gather on earth, for you gather punishment if you do so. Gather in heaven if you want a place with the Lord! Love the Lord, as if you cannot do this from all of your heart, you cannot do His will and do the opposite, the things that are not with the Lord and with His life of man on earth as much as He lived, keeping in secret the glory of His divinity, for the Lord is gentle and humble and He teaches us all these.

Oh, Lord, with zeal I have spoken for You from Your presence to the people on earth. I am asking You with a burning prayer, bring down over the people the spirit of the love of God, bring down to them the work of the return to You for this life pleased to You in them and among them! Help them to be holy and then to keep themselves Yours, so that the spirit of satan may no longer have anything to peck for him of the men’s life, but only You, only God’s angels to have something to bring to heaven to the men’s heavenly life, Lord! Oh, listen to my prayer for man and come with the heaven on earth! Work great miracles so that the people may see the light and follow it! This is how Your saints are speaking and this is how they are waiting, oh, Lord. Amen.

― I am blessing your prayer and exhortation to the people, confessing disciple! And as for you, satan, listen to God and to God’s servants, be afraid and step aside, for My way with the saints goes towards heaven and earth and it levels and cleans your wrong doings! Be, therefore, ashamed! This time has come, oh, to be seen, and it will be seen that God is overcoming!


I am looking for you, man, your comfort is looking for you, God is looking for you to embrace you within His Spirit of Father, to make you used to His love and to fill you with it. My word and My coming after you is sweet. I am full of the Father’s longing after you, wandering man from your Father. I am coming after you, I am speaking with you and asking you to become a son of God by obedience and to listen to Him. Take water, take word, take the spirit of repentance in your heart and wash from the lack of knowledge, for the Lord is coming to you as word and He is calling you to life and to the joy from heaven, with which He is coming to give it to you! Joy is not on earth, for it is from heaven. Receive the Lord when He knocks at the door to give from heaven! I am making a way with the word upon you to help you come near to God, your Creator. Oh, receive this great grace and learn the mystery of life, for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and only with Me you can have these, only near Me, man deprived of the love from God in your heart.


I am giving abundant grace over the water of Epiphany. Let it reach everywhere and let it share blessing and power of life with God over the people, for I, the Lord, am waiting for the miracle of the man’s return to God; I am waiting as the man waits for miracles from God when it is hard for him and has trials on earth.

It is a feast of Epiphany in heaven and on earth and the evil spirits are lamenting with a great noise because they are banished from everywhere on earth with the word of the prayers of the sanctification over the waters, with the spirit of My word, with the spirit of My feasts on earth, oh, and how much I would like the man to overcome satan, and no longer to give any place and rest to this hidden enemy, who stays hidden so that he may not be exposed and cast away from man for his evil work! Therefore, man, I am asking you, that is God is asking you no longer to give satan the joy by not doing God’s will. Defeat him through My will in you, for My will is in heaven and let this enemy see God’s will worked by man on earth. The pure heart in man can do this miracle and are needed this knowledge and the kind of the clean heart in which God dwells within man and through which the Lord can be seen in man with His light and with His work.


I want to heal you from the spirit of perdition, you man who keep on gaining in order to have. You lost the humility of heart, which kept you bound in your heart to God; you lost this rest and took in your mind and heart the pride to separate you from God for the spirit of the world, and the world and its ruler have taught you the love of silver, the second heavy sin from the seven sins of death, oh, and there is no longer any man, any child that may no longer play with this serpent, which touches with his hand whenever he wants to satisfy the pleasures of his heart, for only with the money man can buy the world, its pleasures and needs for a life far from the Lord, and the wisdom of the healing of the love of silver has no place to enter men, oh, it has no more time, too.

Behold the ruler of this age, how easily has control over man as man cannot get away to God! Oh, how shall I heal the man anymore? The sin of the love of silver is too much covered from the man’s mind and eyes. Man is after money, he goes over seas and countries to get the money, this serpent which has taken great control over man’s heart, and satan helps every man to walk with his tools and stay in the spirit of the world, the hidden enemy even by those who are chosen for the Lord on earth, oh, and there are so few from among those who flee from this serpent: money.

Oh, you man hungry after the spirit of the world; the money is that which fills your mind and heart with worries. Do you see what you are walking with? Do you see what you are after? You are after the money. Behold, the money is the serpent that took the man out of God, the Father God, and you do no longer have God as your Father and you walk with the serpent in your hand and do no longer fill his bite that digs little by little over your life. Oh, what shall I do with you so that the spirit of the wisdom from above may seize you, the spirit of resurrection from this death, which seems life to you?

Oh, what shall I do to those who are rich with possessions and money? What shall I do to those who have kept on gathering and doing the pleasures of the heart and putting in their stores in order to have? How shall I heal them any more from their love of silver, the root of all the sins?

Man seeks after money to fulfill his desires, oh, and he does no longer fears of this sin, he does no longer flee from the serpent, he can no longer escape from it. I go from place to place to find the man and heal him from the sin in him and to have him clean from sin. The spirit of the world wanted to take Me and make Me bow before him and bring the world under My feet, but he left defeated and ashamed, for those who are God’s on earth must worship God only. Oh, man cannot do this; he cannot resist in order to say to him: „Go away, satan!” Satan gives money to man, and with the money he buys everything from satan, everything from the world under his authority, and this is how satan keeps man under his control. Man cannot buy anything with money but only from satan, for the money is the fruit of sin and the love of silver is at the hand of everyone who does not want to love God on earth

Oh, who shall tell man what only God can tell and reveal to him? Who is to tell the rich what they have earned with their life on earth? It comes to the man’s mind and nature the money-making at any price. You can no longer see a man to be afraid of the money; man is no longer afraid of this work of the soul perdition. Man has pulled himself out of God from the beginning, and I, the Lord, am walking now crying, in the end of the time, to call the man, to make him used to the word, to show him the emptiness of his searching, to tell him about how God is crying in pains for him, to advise him to flee from satan, from all his schemes hidden from the mind and heart in man so that he may not break loose to the freedom from God, oh, and I do not longer have any rest seeking to embrace the man in the love of God and that he may no longer have so many worries with which to fill the time of his life and to forget about the life of his soul.

Oh, it is very hard to have as Mine the one who seeks after Me with the heart in him. The man has retiring pension and he does not know, poor of him, what this work of the ruler of this age is, who made his plan well so that he could have man under his control on earth until the end.


This work of word coming down from heaven is My second coming from the Father to men. I, the Lord, am this word, and those who serve Me take from My mouth and share over the earth so that every man may here and come to eternal life even from the earth, a life without sin, when man hears from God and chooses to separate himself from sin for a life with God, and as for the one who hear from God and does not separate himself for God, that one remains a servant of sin, a son of disobedience to God and to the salvation from God.

I love the man as My creature, but he does not love Me as his Creator. Man has life in his body from Me, for when he is born, I give his soul and his body catches spirit of life and then he walks. Oh, but you, man, you do not let Me be and remain your Father, you do not know to be your Maker, even if you have from Me the life in the body from your parents, for I gave your soul, but do you really know this?

What a shameful history has a people that has brought in bondage other nations and lands, and what a fate will have in eternity! What a shameful history a man has, who has violated God in his disobedience and over His word of resurrection of the man condemned by the sin in him, and what a terrible fate will have such a man in eternity!

Oh, Christian man, think about the judgment day of your life, when you will have neither accusers nor witnesses, but only the book of your life open with all things written into it by that time. Oh, think with pain and cry out with pain to My mercy to help you no longer sin, for if you do not call Me in tears, you go wrong again and again and fill the book of your life with the sin of carelessness to the life of the soul and to the judgment that comes to put you near your possessions without any saving fruit. Oh, do not rejoice over not being seen with the works of your life when this is what you want and seek, but rather be afraid of the punishment of the hidden things and do no longer seek after darkness not to be known or seen, for the light comes and brings you out, and all things work from God, only you, oh, only you man, only you work against Me, only you do not work for Me. Water does not stop from running and working and the light does the same. Oh, work too, and do not stop from the work of your life, for the work of your life is to prepare you to meet God, from Whom you have life.

Oh, man without humility, you cannot endure humility when it comes from the sides for your lack of humility before the Lord and Creator. I, the Lord, am telling you that more than your sins all the time cannot humiliate you more. However, you want to appear as righteous and worthy, but if it were like that, you would love first the humble spirit inside and outside of you and you would receive with humility the cleansing of your sins when humility comes to you from the sides, oh, for you have many sins and keep on doing to have and you do not want to humble yourself for your forgiveness from God, for you laugh and joke, you become upset when someone does not behave properly with you, and the sin writes you. Do you see what it happens to you when you do not have the grace to work with you for your salvation from satan’s hand? Sin looks for you to use you if you do not seek after the work of the grace, oh, and then there comes even greater lack of work, it comes and keeps on coming if you do not want to have God in you as your Master and protection against the enemy sin and thirsty after man.

You need a guide every step you make, man, but you do not seek it, as though you have decided for your destiny to remain with the sinful ones. Oh, humble yourself, for you are a Christian with the name of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Oh, where is your guide, dear Christian? You would give everything to have him when you seek after someone to be on your side against the threaten that will appear so that satan could not release you from the noose when all will be sorted out to the right and to the left!


It is a feast, a day marked with a big sign in the Christian calendar, and I have come with food to you and then you are to share it all over the earth, because it is not growing less but rather it increases more and more when it is broken of it and is given all over abundantly.

Now, I am clarifying for all the meaning of the mystery of shepherd, for it must be known, since so many keep on rising up to learn from the book and take on shepherding over those around them without even knowing the duties of the one who rises to be a shepherd and to work by this name. Such a servant cannot take for himself but only if he is sent from heaven by appointment and with blessing by the greater one, and who, in his turn, is a messenger.

When I, the Lord, began My work as a Shepherd, I had been sent to earth because the Father had sent Me to descend from Him and to be born on earth as a man and to grow in spiritual things and then to come out perfectly with the work of the Shepherd and to tend the sheep of My Father, those that hear My voice and follow Me in order to tend them with those given from the Father to share with them. I do not force anyone to follow Me and only those who hear and know My voice come.

A shepherd is known by his life and then by his voice, by the food he gives and especially by the power that he proves through the word and through the fulfillment of the word, by proven signs, as it happened with the disciples sent two thousand years ago in My name and who worked from Me, not from them, and they appeared wonderfully with great signs; shepherds who laid down their lives for the sheep.

Oh, but let no one forget that a shepherd has the appearance of a shepherd, he is known by his appearance, by the clothing of the shepherd, of apostle, and especially by the sign of the shepherd sent by Christ: the cross.

Behold the multitude of those without the shepherd’s signs; behold the many who have come out to the harvest, as they may say! I, the Lord, speak for them, and here is what I am saying:

The Lord’s people and all the workers from the Lord among those who are shepherded, this kind of people has not been since the age anyhow in appearance and clothing, but they have been only with holy garments and only like God. And let those who shepherd anyhow, let them look at Jesus Christ’s church, at the ministers in the churches, who kept their God-given garment for the shepherds, and that is why monasteries and holy settlements have been built so that those who have taken on a holy life and garment to gather together and to live likewise. But you, who dress like the sons of this age, with a suit and tie, tied around your neck, is your tie the sign of the shepherd to you, I am asking you? Oh, where have you heard in the Scriptures that you have been reading that God’s servants, the prophets and the apostles wore worldly suits and neck ties? Behold, the ministers in the churches, that are a stumbling block for you and for others, these keep the garment that look like that of Christs and His saints’ and you take after the sons of the world, not after God’s sons. You need a blessing according to the tradition for everything you do in the name of the Lord upon people, not on your own, and you take the blessing from God through the one who is given to bless, and then you are to work for the Lord and for the people, but not for you and for your pride.

Oh, it is written into the Scriptures, but man does not read, or he does not want to understand with faith and, therefore, he reads in vain and then he easily gets deceived by the error of those who rise up to deceive with the spirit of perdition many on the way among the ignorant and who do not even stay under exhortation and then foreign shepherds come and steal from the way only those who are not strengthened with the knowledge that is for the steadfast Christians on Christ’s side and of His order of two thousand years ago through the church, through the saints and ancestors.

I am at the table of the word with John the Baptist, with the one sent by the Father to be born on earth, oh, and so come those sent from heaven and show themselves in garments of God’s sons before the people, and not like the worldly people in their appearance but like shepherds by what they are with their lives and appearance, and John taught them all how to have their sins forgiven so that the kingdom of the heavens and its mysteries with man could be shared with them, and those who did not listen to his voice crying: «Repent!», oh, those did not understand anything of those coming from heaven on earth to be fulfilled at that time before their eyes. They did not understand because those who heard John crying: «Repent», did not repent.

Behold, I am also crying out at this time and I have been crying out for almost sixty years. I am crying out to the Christians and to those without the life of a Christian in their works. I am crying and keep on crying because after that I release the wrath for the sins to help the sinners to mourn over their sins and the repentance for their sins to help them, because otherwise man knows nothing else but to commit sin from the small ones to the big ones, from the big ones to the small ones, and the sins prepare the sufferance for sin, as written, only that all the blind and heavy for faith and repentance do not feel; they do not feel, do not use God’s calling, and they see to their wandering to the end, to their lack of love, in which they are cold with respect to God and who are lovers of sin.

Oh, there are no more shepherds with mercy for the soul and for the eternity of the man’s soul. Mercy emptied of life and of repentance of life, this kind of mercy gives to each other those who lack eternal life for man, oh, and I do no longer find any man to help Me and to make room in his soul blinded by the self-love, and I seek and keep waiting to find sons who will have mercy on God and on people.


Oh, My mother, I am teaching the Christians on the day of the celebration of your birth on earth among people, mother. I look for My days of rest. I have been looking for seven thousand years, since the man I had built by My own hand sinned by his disobedience, mother. I have been seeking with tears and crying out: Where are you, My rest? I keep asking the man: Man, teach Me what shall I do to find My day of rest?

Oh, My mother, how much I have been speaking during this time! How long I have been seeking to find My rest, mother! I have been working humiliation so that I may not spoil My Father’s dwelling within Me, but man bows before the evil spirit and gives him room to dwell in him, mother.

Oh, how shall I not cry? I made the man to be My place of rest and My work, and he has been giving himself to the spirit opposing to Me, and I suffer more than on the cross from the man’s departure of Me and from his proneness to sin.

I want to rejoice you on your day of the feast and now I am wiping out My tear and giving strong exhortation over those who carry Us over the earth with the works from above, oh, and We are seeking comfort with them, mother. And now, teach them, too, and let them all take and receive the teaching from above and those who truly receive will really learn what humiliation is; they will give within them the rest I lost and will give Me comfort, My mother.


Let us bless this sweet day of memorial, oh, mother of the Son of God the Father. You are, on behalf of the Lord, the queen of the heaven and earth, and you are praised through the Scriptures with this holy rank, and come to give yourself at the today’s table and let us share from it, My mother!

— Oh, beautiful Son of the King God the Father and mine too, the mystery of the heavenly and angelic works between heaven and earth is great, but the man created by God and all those descending from him have remained too little so that man may understand God’s mystery, so much working, so much, Jesus Son. Oh, there is great pain gathered in heaven from every man. Man is too earthly; he stops from his going for himself, he does not give himself to God and loses his life day after day and he does not gather in heaven for himself so that he may have life with God. Man has no mind as he lost it when he came out from the obedience to his Father, God, and since then he has done what he has chosen to do, what is to be, and as a result, God does no longer have any right over his life.

Oh, how far you have strayed from the Father Creator, you wandering man! You have lost you way back home. You wander wildly among all those who lack God like you and you do no longer know to look at your wandering steps and you keep wandering towards the land of your fathers; you are on the way of the world without God and you walk naked like all those who lack clothing, but who is to make you believe that you do not have a little shirt, that you do no longer want to have from heaven and to wear? The lack of the commandment to love God in your heart changed your being and alienated you from your Father in heaven. You keep lying to yourself that you love God, that you are His, when actually you serve everything that separates you from the fellowship with God, from your state of obedience to Him, as I lived on earth even since I was a little child, serving only Him by self-denial so that only God might be my will. However, you have chosen what to do, what to be, what to have, oh, and you do not know what to do and you do not know how much you despise God the Father, by so doing, and all those in heaven, for you have chosen the earth and the pride to be your own master of the steps of your life. I am reminding you all these things of yours so that you may know how far you have left God and how far you stay from His love.

Man should work everything only for God and nothing for himself. However, he has a family, he has children, he has worries, and behold, he struggles with them and does not have any time to look up at the poverty he has earned in heaven, for he has chosen the earth and forgot that he has lost his life and that he does not earn it to have in heaven.

Oh, Son Jesus, this is how the Spirit has led me to speak now, for the loss of man hurts, and this pain grows with every moment, with every man that does not live his life on earth for God. The man’s work was to be the paradise, the care and the work for paradise and then his entrance into rest, into the wealth of paradise.

Oh, if in paradise man did not want to listen, how can he listen on earth to the work of paradise? Man does not want to work and keep the paradise, oh, he does not really want this. I want to stir the man’s heart by my today’s speech so that he may turn back and work what God has given him to do, to listen in this way and to ask with tearful prayer from the Father to give him a new heart, for man has lost himself from God and he no longer has any fellowship with his Father, oh, he does no longer have any, like the prodigal son who left his parents and ate husks with the pigs, with the sons of the world, with those who left the Father God.

Oh, you who wander away without the Father, make yourselves known to God! Leave the way of the world and say with sighs: Father, I have sinned, receive and forgive me and I will be your subject, and I will work with You to the end to receive back my wasted life. So help us all. Amen.

— Oh, how much humiliation towards man, how much perseverance you have put in your word to revive the spirit of God in man, mother!


I have spoken about man’s alienation from God and about My love that can move him to repentance, to the receiving of the holy grace against those who are on My side on the way of their life.

I have mercy on all people and I have mercy now more than I had two thousand years ago when I humbled Myself on the cross to give Myself as redemption for the man’s salvation. Oh, I have even greater mercy than at that time. I have mercy when I see man wasting the days of his life without earning in heaven a holy place with Me for his coming to Me after he finishes his walking on earth.

Oh, man, come to the Lord! If you do not come when you are young, at least come when you fall under the burden of your many sins and while suffer under them! Come to have mercy on Me that I suffered for you! Come to grow for the heavenly palaces. For the Holy of Holies of the Lord, for Jerusalem that I want to give now, in the end of the time, to those who listen to God and to My coming with glory of word on earth, for I want to make heaven on earth and I want to set it before those who have loved the Lord with their entire humiliation, with a river of repentance in their hearts for their many sins! No one deserves anything from the Lord, but those who have repentance in their heart come under the grace of forgiveness like the thief that repented and I took him with Me in heaven as an example of repentance for the sinners who stay on God’s side for their wrong doings.


On this day of the feast of birth I, the mother of the Son of God, confess the mystery of the birth from above of the sinful man and his salvation from sin by the forgiveness that comes from the sacrifice on the cross of my Son, Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of the sins that man has made in his life and then he came to the knowledge of God and to the holiness from above, by which the Lord dwells then in the man, clean from sin, and the Lord grows within him and appears with His holiness through those who carry Him within them.

And now I am saying this: as on the day when the angel announced me that the Lord incarnated Himself within me for His birth then from my virginal body, so it happens now with the placement of my Son, Jesus Christ, in the faithful ones by the sharing of His body and blood in the time of the Holy Liturgy by which the Lord sacrifices Himself for the birth from above and then for the growing within Him of those who sanctify themselves for Him by the union of the Holy One of God, because the Lord gave Himself to them and said: «Take, eat and drink My body and blood for the forgiveness of the sins of life and for My dwelling within you!». (See Matt: 26/36; Mark: 14/22; Luke: 22/17)

Then they must take care of the Lord Who gives Himself to them, as I took care all the time of the carrying of Him in my womb, and then to my meeting with Him among those in heaven, and this then means the Lord’s birth within them during their time on earth and keep-ing in holiness of the dwelling place of their body in which the Lord enters, grows and shows Himself that He is, and all the time to take care of the Lord, the One Who enters them through closed doors and Who dwells in them without any sin then, because their sins done by that time are forgiven by the Lord’s dwelling within them, oh, and let them also not forget that the Lords needs a holy place in them as He had in my virginal body, and let them not give their minds more to something else than to the Lord, Whom they must take first care and love, the love of a mother and this unique joy to the end.

And behold, Christ’s mother confesses the mystery of the birth from above of those faith-ful to Him, for the Lord enters them as in the Holy of His Holies and strengthens within them His kingdom and which grows within them and they grow within Him and there is no more place for sin, and the Lord’s love is within them and among them, as it was within and among His first disciples, by the mystery of the Last Supper, by the Lord’s dwelling within them, and then they were the holy ones of the lord, the Holy of His Holies, and I was happy then for my Son, Christ, Who fulfilled upon them the work for which He had come from the Father to bring to the father those who were given to Him and to whom He gave Himself by His dwelling with-in them as body and word, and this is the man’s salvation by the mystery of Jesus Christ’s church, the mystery which sanctifies the man, and then he becomes a holy manger, the mysteri-ous cave in which the Lord dwells to the birth from above of those who long to become God’s sons by His incarnation within them and by their great holiness, for the place where the Lord dwells is a holy place, as it is written.

This is what I, Christ’s mother, am confessing on a feast of birthday. And from this mo-ment on let them all know, those who have united themselves with the Lord by the sharing with His body and blood among them, that they are the Holy of His Holies and that they are separated from sin and are the sons of God’s kingdom and the sons of His love, only of His love among them, and let them remain within it all the time, for He said to those who love Him: «Remain within My love!». (John: 15/9) Amen.

— Oh, My mother, what was not known well and fully by the sons of Christ’s sons, behold, from now on it is known, for you reveal with great light the mystery of My birth among those who follow Me by self-denial and by holiness, by a life without sin, mother. The remembrance of the day My birth is great. And your confession is also great now, for you have set within great holiness those who unite themselves with Me by My body and blood, when I, the Lord, give Myself to them to the forgiveness of their sins done by that time and then to their holiness.


Oh, man, oh, man, how much danger on God and on you to cast aside the Lord’s counsel and to act according to your own mind! You are hungry and thirsty and you are still looking for salvation, and you do not know how to find it because you lost the wealth Father gave to you at your creation. You have always looked that it may go well with you and it does not come to your mind what you are looking for. Oh, you are looking for the paradise from which you fell through your fallen mind. Your mind fell from God when you were in paradise, where you could not stay without Me, for I had given your life for your body and then to the spirit in it from Me.

Oh, you left Me in paradise, man, you forsook Me completely. Then the paradise also left you, if you forsook your Father and everything Father had done for you. The paradise left you, wandering man, after you had fallen from paradise. With all the mystery and work of the paradise, I have been looking for you for more than seven thousand years, from margins to margins, and I have been keeping into your way for you to understand that Father has been looking for His lost son to show him the way back, the love that awaits to teach him the way back.

The land of wandering is full of debauchery and every bitter deceit. Oh, it is only debauchery on earth, because on earth is the man who forsook the Father God in paradise and fell on earth, because he chose immorality and the time in exchange for his eternity in paradise. I wrote forgiveness for man after he had forsaken God and fallen from paradise, and it was for Me, the Son of the Father, to come and pay for his forgiveness on earth, and then love came on earth after man, the love from paradise, oh, for only love can heal the man from sin, only it, and behold, now I am crying in the word for man to hear Me so that I may give him back the paradise and his entrance into paradise, his likeness to God and his coming back home, in the glory of the son of the Father God.

Oh, My love is great, and with it I am calling out after man and saying: Do no longer sin, man lost through sin! God did not create you for sin but for your likeness to Him by holiness, and whoever love so and sanctifies himself, becomes a dwelling place for the paradise, for the Lord, for the glory from above, who is waiting to descend on earth with all the mysteries of the invisible things of God’s creation, the kingdom from above on earth with those who love, with God’s sons, with those who have God as their Father on earth, and with whom, I, the Lord, want to defeat satan, and behold, I want to start the renewal of the world into the midst of the Romanian people, for here I have set My tent to come as word on earth and to work everything by the word as in the beginning, as it is written for Me to come and to work under My new name: the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13)