The Word of God at the feast of the saint prophet Elijah

With My great and glorified godly power, I strengthen the gates of My word and I come into the book with a feast and I glorify Myself before you, My people. There is great comfort on Me because I have how to speak on the earth, and I have no other comfort.

The Father and Me, together with all the saints and angels, come down in the feast and bring You the power of heavenly victory on earth, My people. Oh, there is only man on the earth, but God is with you and teaches you how to be with Him, and He always exhorts you, always, to take on you the law of the heavenly law and to listen to it to be comforted into your midst, for the world does no longer let Me work with My good things, with My rest on earth; it does not let Me come with the love of the heaven, with the joy for the saints on earth, and My saints wait with Me for the glory of their works, the inheritance of the kingdom of the heavens on earth, love that they worked on and labored and waited for, My people.

There is a feast of saints, and I have with Me My prophet Elijah, and he has got the zeal for My coming with the saints on earth after two thousand years after My glorified appearance from the Father, perfect Man and God among people, calling them with longing to the glory of My life, which I wanted and want to give to the man as his life and salvation from the corruptibility to which he has been drawn for seven thousand years. The Holy Spirit is My mouth and I have put Him in the mouth of My prophets all the time, and I called the man from death to life, because I have had no other work except the making of the man in My image and after My likeness, after I made Adam in the beginning, and after he pulled back from Me and left Me without any comfort and he left Me sighing after the man; he left Me working hard at the making of the man who comes out of the man to have somewhere to bow My head, to have a man, in whom I may find My rest, My day of rest, which I have asked the man not to forget about and to remember it and to honor it, to remember himself and to honor his life from Me in him, for the Lord to able to have rest and a day of rest, for the Lord to be able to have a house in man, because I made the man for My rest in him.

Oh, My people, My Spirit full of longing after the man, I have always put My word into the mouth of My prophets, and My Spirit has cried in their mouth and in their speaking, and their joy has been like that of Mine, because the man has not listened to My prophets, he has not pulled back from him to give himself back to Me and to comfort My wound and its pain from the man’s departure from Me. I have been crying all the time and sighing with longing after the man, and My prophets gave Me speech on the earth to bring the man together in Me and to clarify to him the law of the heavenly love, the calling of the heaven, which sighing, it calls the man to the obedience from where he fell, to the repentance for his sin, to his rest and Mine, to the victory against the spirit opposing to God and to the man, for the man made by God is the beautiful man, just as I made the man, but his opposition gave life in him to the spirit opposing to God.

It is a feast of calling of the man to Me. It is the spirit of the prophet Elijah over the earth, because My mouth speaks through the voice of My prophets, and you, My people, should learn to pray, you should always learn and you should pray always, because all that is to come from God and to remain as joy on the holy land will be fulfilled only by your prayer, only by My Spirit, Who becomes speech by those whom I make them into the power of the fulfilling of the faith for the kingdom of the heavens on earth and over the man, as I worked and could speak by the mouths of My prophets. Amen, amen, amen.

— I am Your calling full of godly zeal, Lord. I suffered from the life of Your mercy as long as I lived among the people who departed from Your love for the man. I sighed painfully and I longed with zeal for Your love in man and I waited for the people of Israel to wake up and to come back to life for You and not for him, for the man without God in him is devil, he is God’s adversary, Lord Creator. Oh, good Lord, my zeal is like the consuming fire to tell the man that he cannot serve two masters as he has thought for seven thousand years. You came on earth and became Man, praised Lord, and You spoke to the man that he cannot serve two masters and even now he does not believe that it is not possible this way. However, I call to the man as I called when I lived within My body seen among the people, for My spirit was longing with burning in Your Spirit and it hurt me just as it hurt You because of Your losing the man. I am calling out the man now, and I am praising the day of My coming within those that are not seen, and by calling to the man, I am giving praise to my day from You. I am calling out to the man because I am mourning for Your mourning, and I am mourning just as I was then, and I am going on earth with mourning and cleansing Your earth from the man’s work in order to exhort the man to Your Spirit, Who calls him from You, because the man is himself, and You are forgotten by the man, and I tell the man that he cannot serve two masters; both to his own self and to you; both to the death and to the life. The man cannot make peace between these two services in him, because they abolish one another, and this division cannot be brought to an end, until the man chooses the One from Whom he has got his life in him. Amen.

My spirit is full of pain for you, people who wander away without comfort, for you do not know what life and its comfort is, and neither do you want to hear the Lord, Who becomes word in the midst of those who are called, chosen and faithful to Him, to His glory over the earth, for the Lord made the heaven, the earth and the man, and the people forgot and became their own masters over themselves, forsaking the Lord’s will for their will on earth. This is how the Lord has been calling after the man in all the time by His prophets from among the people, and the people have been taking care of their own lusts, of their own will broken from the Lord’s wills.

Oh, people, the life that keeps you is not from you, but it is from the Lord of life. How comes that you do not get up from unbelief, from your indifference, from your wandering away full of you and without any fear of God, Who made the heaven and the earth His throne and footstool and not yours?

Oh, people without God on earth, the Lord calls you with pain, and His pain comes down upon you with pains, in order to call you, to turn you back to Him, and in this way you may give your hearts to Him, to make them into His house on earth, but your works remain in you and around you and have covered you completely. The saints look at you and do no longer find a beautiful man among you, a man pleased to God, because the people cannot serve two masters. Oh, do not be afraid to hear and to love the law of God’s love. Do not be afraid to serve the Lord instead of serving you, because you have established yourselves as your own masters and you do no longer have God, even if you know about Him believing in Him. Come back to be His will, so that He may be your Master. Come and learn to know how to work out this way, because without the Spirit of God upon you, by those that are chosen by Him for His Spirit, you do not find the life and the way to it.

Oh, people, you have forgotten the mystery of life and you are very sinful. Take a good look at Adam, the one who chose himself by putting God away from him, because disobedience and the self takes from the man all his walking from God on earth, and the man loses the earnings of his life; he loses the path with the Lord’s will on it, the one with the voice of the Lord on it and with obedience to Him, which is your life. The Lord has been teaching you how to give your life in order to be blessed and praised by Him on His coming of this time. He will tell those who believe in Him, listen to Him and love Him on earth: «Come, blessed of My Father and inherit the kingdom of life! Receive the wages of obedience, for I was weak and naked, hungry and thirsty, in troubles because I was oppressed by those who were unfaithful, a stranger and without a home, and you gave Me comfort, bread and water, and you took good care of Me and visited Me while in trouble and in hard times, and you also gave Me warmth and took Me in your house, for whomever you did this, to My little ones who submitted to Me, you did not do to them but rather to Me».

In the time of the prophets, who were neglected by all the people, there also were people with great hearts among them who were serving the Lord’s servants, those who were prophesying the word of the Lord for the returning of the people from their wandering away from God, and those who were helping the prophets were the blessed ones of the Lord. However, the people do not know who are those of the Lord in order to do them good and not to those that take after them in trespasses, and behold, the people do not know what God is and what man is.

Oh, people, the Lord has come on earth and He is crying upon you with His Holy Spirit, to give you the wisdom of life.

Oh, country of the Lord, the Lord has come back to you, because He remembered His making you from the beginning of creation and then that from His birth among people. Oh, Romanian country, the Lord has made you into the house of His coming, and He cleanses you from iniquity to be beautiful and clean. Open your ear and give year to His word, for I am the prophet of His second coming and I want to overshadow you with mercy, because my zeal for God comes with power over the entire earth to prepare then on it the glory of the Lord and its rest, for the people will no longer be able to serve two masters: both themselves and the Lord.

Oh, you, dear country, country called Romanian country, sit down to listen to the Lord, your God, and become His will, because you have into your midst the voice of His love, which makes you the land of His wedding, the land of those who are saved, the haven of those who are protected by the Lord, but call Him with your prayer to become your Master, so that you may not serve two masters, but to serve the Lord your God instead and to take the ruler of this age out of you, who has nothing in God.

Moreover, You, Lord of those who call You with longing, hear the voice of those who ask for You and protect the Romanian country and become its haven, and then make it the haven of those who are saved. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, My people, Elijah the prophet became word in My book. Learn well the love of God, My people. See how you read in the Scriptures about the work of those who are blessed by My Father at My coming with the reward for everyone’s work. Get used no to live for you, but to live for the Lord, and give great and sweet help to those who serve the Lord with zeal and with great work for the salvation of many. My love is beautiful; it is warm; it is heavenly and you should take an example from it to love, not from you, My people son, for I am the One Who you should totally listen to, to be able to turn the man back into the happiness from which he fell, My people. I exhort you with longing to seek to perceive the work and the mystery of God’s obedience and the life with a blessing in it, for I want to glorify you for Me and not for you, My people. I want you to be faithful to Me, and you should never say when you serve your brother that you serve him, because all these that you do you do for Me so that I may give you the reward, for I am with the reward, and I will give you the reward according to your ministry, according to your heart and love. You should serve Me in the one who is weak, because I have taught you to serve those who are Mine, those who come to settle down to be small under My hand, under My glory, which glorifies them. Learn this love, My people, for the longing of love consumes Me and I want to feel you that you long after the love for Me and not for you, and I want to see you enveloped within this comfort to be happy, both you and I, and from this power to be able to share spirit of repentance over people, and then spirit of love, which does not do any harm, but only love, which gives birth to the world again, love which comprises within it the new heaven and the new earth and every man who will come up to life and to the haven of the comfort of those who are saved, My people.

Oh, I long for you, child of the heavenly love, which is not biased, but rather refreshing, love which offers the man the way, which will be shown over the earth so that those who are saved to be able to walk on it, and in that way we should be able to find the peace of the work of the man’s salvation and to be the haven of those who are saved, My people. Amen, amen, amen.