The Word of Got at the feast of the beheading of Saint John, the Baptist

In a spirit of heavenly feast and with love full of mercy, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, am becoming again word into My book of today, for man needs God as much as he does not understand this, but I have mercy on him and I speak so that he may hear Me, for where I am, he cannot come to hear Me, because the man is from those that are beneath and I am from those that are above, as I said at My first coming into the midst of the people to which I came then and I was telling them: «You are of this world, I am not of this world; you are from beneath. I am from above and unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins». (John 8/23-24) I told them this because the unbelief brings harm to the man on earth, and then in heaven, and I was exhorting the people to follow Me so that they might have the light of life, and that their life may have truth. However, they did according to their pride and said that My testimony was not true, because I testified about Me. Oh, what did they benefit if they said that? They died in their sins, because they did not want to know Me and to heal them, and I was telling them: «You judge according to flesh. I judge no one. Even if I do judge, My judgment is true, for I am not alone, but I am with the Father Who sent Me. It’s also written into your law that the testimony of two people is valid. I am One Who testifies about Myself, and the Father Who sent Me testifies about Me. You know neither Me, nor My Father, and you do not know where I come from and where I go, for you judge according to flesh and you do not know Me, as if you knew Me, you would know My Father also. I am going away, and you will seek Me. Where I go you cannot come and you will die in your sins unless you believe that I am He. Everyone who commits sin is the bondservant of sin. A bondservant does not live in the house forever. A son remains forever. If, therefore, the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed». (See John 8/21-36)

I, explained all things to them and I unsealed from the Scriptures the mysteries that could not be perceived by their mind from beneath, in order to make them believe and to forgive their unbelief somehow, for when I called out so that someone might hear Me and speak about Me, Isaiah answered Me and I made him My prophet; I made Him a prophet of God, and I spoke to him in a vision helping him and telling him: «Behold, this coal has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away», (Is. 6/7), and I made him a godly man, for he believed and followed Me within light, and I told everyone: «I am the light of the world and he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life». (John 8/12) Oh, this is how the one who follows Me on earth is born of My word, and this is how I have made prophets and disciples working with Me and then they have no longer belonged to this world but they have been from the things above and I have no longer taken into account their iniquities, for I touched them, cleansed them and set them on the way of love and they have listened to it after that.

Oh, Herod did not want to receive from John, My Baptizer, his forgiveness and the salvation from his sin; he did not want it and as a result he remained on the side of the sinful lust, which always killed him, until it pushed him to make a bad promise, in which he was caught unknowingly and then he had to respect it and thus he cut John’s head. Oh, the man has to shudder, for his lust becomes sin and it comes through the gates in his body and it brings him to the sin of pride after that, sin that leads him to make promises while he is drunk, and then his soul falls in fetters and hardly does he receive Me when I have to come and save him somehow, for man hardly knows Me and hardly receives Me to believe and to follow Me. He is used to knowing the sin and to receiving it upon him, because man is from beneath.

Behold, Herod did not receive his neighbor, the one who tried to do him good, and because of the sin that he loved, he did not love God, and Herod loved himself instead and that is why he loved to lust and to rejoice in this way. Oh, woe to the one who lusts, because this one comes to die on this way! Man lusts in his heart and then in his body, and man lusts another man because of his weakness against which he does not come to stand. The streets are full of lustful people after man and after sin. There are no longer any places cleaned from the sin in man. At all crossroads the sin lies in ambush from man to man, and the devil gets rest because he has made the people to work for him. Man falls into the trap of another man and there are many who pretend that they have God and that are the saviors for the sinful people, but God’s people do not walk like that, God’s people do not walk alone, as I also did not walk alone when Father had sent Me to walk on earth after man and to turn him back to the Father. Man has to walk alone only when he is alone, and when he walks among people, he needs to have companions doing of miracles, miracles from heaven, not from him, for the man who serves his lust has the devil as his God and the devil also makes false signs, not real miracles but only some of his fakes to deceive those who do not know his work, and then man falls into the trap of another man because of his lust, which joins his body and then man becomes a devil. However, I come on earth and let it known that it is the time for great iniquity on earth; it is a time with sin and then with bitterness for sin and people die in their sins, and I call upon them so that they may hear Me and that I may heal them somehow, and the one who hides from My calling that one becomes like Adam, which hid from Me because of the sin in him, for after he had sinned against Me and against himself, he wanted to hid from My face, and hearing My walking and My voice, he hid even more, for his sin departed him from God.

Oh, the man is a stranger; he is so much of a foreigner, poor of him, for he departs from Me by his sin and then he walks within this condition, and the more I would try to call the one tormented by his conscience, the more he runs away and hides in himself. However, I come and keep coming and I want to touch his heart with My word of fire and I want to give him hope and salvation and take him into My service and then I want to tell him as well: «Behold, this has touched your lips and your iniquity is taken away». (Is. 6/7) Amen.

And now I am writing Myself into the book with the commandment of life and I bring it into the man’s memory, the commandment from the beginning and which I, the Lord, and John, My beloved disciples, renewed it two thousand years ago and I said: «I give you a new commandment: love one another with the love of God». (John 13/34)

Moreover, I spoke to man and said: «You shall love the Lord your God, man; you shall love him with all your being, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself». Man does not understand how to fulfill what I have given him to work, and I want to advise Him now. My Spring of word becomes ember and a burning coal to touch the man’s heart and then the man to take it on his lips, and I call the man from the midst of the citadel to hear Me, and I am calling him from the midst of the citadel of My today’s word, from the midst of those who hear from My mouth My word of fire in order to take it and throw it down on earth and then this fire of My word to be kindled and to burn the people’s iniquities, for the devil has established the sin on earth as a law. Oh, woe to him, for his destruction is coming! Amen.

Oh, man estranged from God, I have told you a word even from the beginning, a word of fire, and I wrote with fire on the stone and I have told you to love God and to love your neighbors as yourself. When I have told you to love God, I have also added word near this, and for the fulfillment of the love of God, I have given you your neighbor as your helper, the one who brings you from Me the commandment of the love of God, for God has to be loved in obedience and submission, and there is no other stairway on which the love for God in man may ascend to Him. Oh, man, you are not going to see, you are not going to see the wisdom in man that may perceive and understand this commandment for man’s love of God. Man calls other man his neighbor. Oh, no, as behold, man kills man by his sinful lust, which becomes hell in man, and the commandment of the love of God wants to make God man. Man cannot be man’s neighbor, but only the enemy of his salvation. Only God’s messenger to man, only that one is the man’s neighbor, only the man who has become godly by grace, and from whom God overflows before man with His holiness from above, with those from above, not with those from beneath. John, My Baptizer, such a messenger before My face, such a dead man to sin and dead to the unbelief on earth, only such a man can be man’s the neighbor. The people do not welcome this kind of people, for men are used to those who are from among them and like them, as John went to Herod, who was a stumbling block to the people because of his iniquities and estranged the people from God, and he told Herod that he was not permitted to do those things which he took the freedom to do, but those who loved sin as Herod did, cut John to the ground because of their lust, which took shape in them and which they allowed within their life.

Oh man estranged from God, God does not allow you to enter a sinful union, for the man’s body was not made for immorality but for the Lord. Oh, be good and do no longer commit sin! Kill your lust because it becomes your punishment! Love your neighbor, which comes to you from God in order to bring you to Me, to the law of the love of God, and only in this way you should love yourself and not otherwise, for otherwise you work out your death and not the love from God. Do not forget that God is against sin and against the frivolity that comes from sin! Oh, do not forget that sin brings about death and it is truly death, and death does not know what light is and neither does it know the shame for its works! I am the light of the world. I, and whoever follows Me, will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life. It is the time to condemn sin, a time prophesied by the prophets of old and who had in them God’s sight, the Spirit of God, the Spirit Who is speaking today with you, man, estranged from God. Oh, do no longer stand against Me and yours as Herod did, who did not love and who did not receive his neighbor, the one whom I sent to do him good! You have no one as your neighbor, you do not have, you do not have, and you do not know whom and what surrounds you, for man needs men for his needs and desires, and he does not seek after God. Oh, receive Me when I knock! Receive your neighbor and do not receive man, for man is just as weak as you are and there is no one to give you! The devil has learned to take on the image of a fasting and abstinent man so that you may believe him, but God never works without disciples near His messengers to you. John has disciples when He came out to be seen as the prophecy was in the Scripture for his appearance among people, and he gave Me his disciples and did not keep them for himself, and then I worked with them after that, and they worked for Me further with disciples near them, with those like Me and like them in their work among people, and in no way did they work in a spirit of carelessness as the devil tries to take on the man’s shape and to appear in My name over people and through people. Oh, behold how I come with the saints to you and how they bring their testimony to you from near Me, about My work among people. Behold, John’s voice, My Baptizer, who went to Herod to tell him that he led the people away from God and that the work of iniquity committed at the top becomes a bad example for the city; and that it became the spirit of death among people afterwards. Amen!

‒ Oh, I am the voice, which clears the way before You, Lord. I was Your messenger then and I am Your messenger now, and I testify about You before those who hear when You come with the saints into the word on earth to the people. I breathe the spirit of faith in You over all the people and I am telling them:

The Lord is coming, sons of men, He is coming and is finding you in unbelief and in its works! Faith has its works and the unbelief has its works too. I call to you to separate from sin and from the deceiving superficiality, from which man stumbles against man. Oh, do no longer cut me away as Herod did with me from his face! Receive the calling of God’s messenger, the voice of your neighbor, for when the Lord told the man to love God, He also put his neighbor next to him and He said to the man: «You shall love God and you shall love your neighbor as yourself, man!».

There is no one to interpret God’s word to the people, and only the Lord does this, the Father’s messenger does this, the Son of the Father, the Lamb of God, the One Whom I baptized as a man then in the river Jordan, while I was calling out to all the people to repent and to receive the kingdom of the heavens, which was coming near to them, the Lord, Who appeared at Jordan, so that the people might be able to know the One confessed by the Father with His voice coming down with the clouds above the river Jordan, telling those who were present there: «This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased». (Matt. 3:17) Oh, this is how we proved, the Lord and I, as the Father’s messengers, for upon my coming out of the wilderness I preached about the Lord and I showed Him to the people, and the Father in heaven fulfilled the miracle and testified about it in a loud voice, and the voice of the Father was written on earth against His Son Whom I baptized as a man at Jordan, submitted in everything, gentle and humble, and through all these exalted among all the people, who keep on being proud on earth.

Oh, receive those who are confessed by God in heaven and on earth, for those who are today among you and who pretend that they are sent by the Lord to you are liars, oh, sons of men! Behold, the Lord is coming and speaking to you, and in a gentle and humble way, He is giving Himself to you as word from the midst of a people like a citadel, the citadel of God’s word, a people grown by His word and taken care by the Lord on earth so that the Lord may have a citadel among people and to do them good, coming towards them by the word for the salvation and holiness of men. Oh, come back from sin to holiness and receive the word of God and open to it so that it may give you light, so that it may call you to the power from above and by which you may be able to overcome the sin in you, the lust, which becomes one with the man’s body and then it fills the man with pride!

I am Your messenger, Lord, and I become the man’s neighbor to bring him to the love of You, the true love between earth and heaven. Oh, tell them no longer to love their body, for the body lusts in them against them and against You, against God in them, against the Spirit, Lord, as death is born in them by the lustful body. Oh, tell them about me, for I did not love my body, but I rather loved You in me, and therefore I wanted neither food, nor water, and I had You so much in me, and this is how I was and this is how I came out among people, in order to become their neighbor and to give from You to them.

Now, have mercy on the Romanian people and do it according to Your promises, Lord, and prepare its salvation from the darkness, from lawlessness, from sin and from estrangement from You, and do not allow this nation to perish! Help its mind, help it in its time of unbelief, for sin has increased and estranged it from You and it has departed it from You very much! Oh, Lord, destroy the enemies in its midst who are against its salvation from You, those inside and outside, and show Yourself as a true God upon it so that the nations of the earth may see and bow, Lord! Oh, this nation is on the point of giving away his soul; do not let it perish, for it has not shepherd and You are its Shepherd! Make it hear Your voice and open to You so that it may know You and listen to You, and that You may save it from death and to have mercy on it, and to see You those who wanted and want to put in bondage the one chosen by You for Your glory, for the glory of the faith in You of the people, little and slaughtered Lamb, Lord, Who lifts up the sins of the people, as it is for this that You came on earth. Amen.

‒ Oh, great prophet and My baptizer and the baptizer of many who came and put their faith in Me! Oh, what shall I do to them if they do not hear Me, if they do not open to My great voice upon them? They bring upon themselves what they have been working for and this is how they see God, Who calls out to them to hear Him and to listen to Him.

Oh, Romanian people, the saints in heaven call you and they call you My chosen one. Oh, set yourself apart for God, because I do not want that you may perish together with those who are not faithful. Faith has its works and do not get enchanted otherwise, for you are dead if your faith does not have heavenly works in you. Oh, I call out to you; do not leave off My calling!

Wake up, you, those who sit on a seat of shepherd over the soul of the Romanian people and open to My voice upon you! Do not be deceived with the passing things, because it is God, and you have to prove Him if you sit under the name of servants for Him on earth! Oh, open for Me. I do not come to do any harm to you, but I come as a Savior instead! I ask nothing from you but love, welcome and faith to give you salvation, to save this nation. Do not do like the Jews so that you may not receive Me, because it is a shame to do this if you call yourselves Christians! Be saviors, wake up, and wake the people up from their sin to the light of the holiness, for the time is at its end and the signs have been proving this! Amen!

And you, My people, citadel of My word, My fold of today into the midst of the Romanian people, ask Me, ask Me what this nation has to be and what to have, for I have come down with the word of My coming into its midst and I want to make it the light of the nations, but let it also have its desire and serve Me like that, for you are a beautiful people and the Romanian people has someone to take after if it wants to be light on earth as I was.

I am into the midst of the Romanian nation as word with light in it upon man and I dwell into its midst with you and I work wonderfully, My people, so that this nation may know that I have you between Me and it as the forerunner to it and that I always come to it as word to make it the first among the nations when no one expects it to be like that, and the Lord to be with the people on earth. Amen.

Peace to you, My people, and be My disciple, for I do not work without disciples on earth! Amen, amen, amen.