The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism

The heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. This is God’s house - the heaven and the earth, and peace to you, heaven and earth, peace to you from the One, Who made you by the word, and you are! Oh, peace to you on a day of the feast of Epiphany, as the Holy Spirit is going with the baptism of the word, with the river of word, and may all and everything be renewed by the breath of the Holy Spirit and let all things bring service and glory to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen.

Peace to you, peoples and nations from all over the earth, because God is speaking in a spirit of Epiphany, and the spirit of faith is descending over the earth so that all people may have faith, and in this way they are to meet the One Who is coming, for the Lord is coming, and all those who are pure in heart will have great joy, for they know Me and will know Me in this word, and they will know Me by the purity of their hearts, and those who are thick in their feeling will not be able to know Me, for they have nothing to know Me with, they have nothing but from the earth of the men’s sons!

Oh, behold why I told the man in paradise to listen to God and not to take from the tree of the knowledge! Knowledge puffs up the man and thus man dies because of haughtiness, and I have not made the man to die but to be eternal.

Man has received knowledge and then he has been good at dying. Behold what knowledge does! It makes the one who tempts God lose his life, and I have come after man to repair his eternity, which he keeps on putting it to death knowingly! Only God is supposed to give to man knowledge to know, and the man should become small, for the Lord reveals to him according to His will those that are revealed to man. Nothing without God, this is how man is supposed to believe and work. I do not want the man to be foolish, but I also do not want him to become haughty by knowledge and die afterwards, for I did not want and I do not want this over man.

The man has become proud, and he became proud after he had taken from the tree, and behold, the man has been like this for seven thousand years; he has been proud, and he has kept God small and smaller and smaller, the One Who made the man. Man cannot be God because he is haughty, he is not humble like God and he has not listened to his Creator.

I have become the Son of Man two thousand years ago. How would it have been like if I had not obeyed the Father after He had sent Me to become flesh, to have a body like a man, and to be the Son of Man? If, I, the Son had passed over My Father as the man built by God passed over God, oh, what would have happened, really?

Crowds were streaming to the Jordan at the baptism with water for faith, and John the Baptist, was telling them all that the One, Who was going to baptize with the Holy Spirit, was coming after him, and He would cleanse His threshing floor before Him to walk. This is what I am doing now, on a day of Epiphany, for I am shepherding with the word of the Holy Spirit and I am showing the way to repentance to every man so that man may know God in this baptizing word.

Oh, blessed are you, those who have a clean heart to step to repentance by the exhortation of the Holy Spirit, Who is baptizing the earth far and wide today! Man has many defects and he has always made mistakes on earth, and if he does not have the right correction, then he is not able to know God, he cannot do this if he remains with the sin, which takes the man’s fear of God away from him. God’s church is the house in which man is built for the kingdom of God on earth and then in heaven.

Without anyone to watch over you always, or at least from time to time, then no one can belong to Christ if he does not become an obedient disciple, as I was.

Oh, how can I make you get accustomed to the holy life of the son of God? Oh, man, grow small under the hand of the smallest one, for under a stronger hand it is more natural for you to do the Christian bowing, the humility of the heart before God, before people and before all God’s creation.

In a spirit of Epiphany, I am calling out the man to repentance as John the Baptist was calling, and I am telling the man that he is under sin and I am telling him to know his weakness and to humble himself so that I may save him, for after man came to know, he turned his back to God and hid, and since then he has kept on hiding from God, and man has been hiding from man, as a sign that he knows that is guilty by knowledge, guilty before God, the One Who he has not listened to, for man has wanted to be over God, above the clouds, where he says that came up and set his throne, and from where he has been looking down over the earth and over the heaven and he sees, and he has been looking with great pride, and his pride keeps him in his fallen state, not exalted; however, man is afraid of God and he is hiding from God as he did in the beginning.

I came and I come down from heaven because of My mercy on man, to have mercy on him, to protect him from the big trouble which he alone has built, for he has built without God and, therefore, he is a thief, and he is afraid like a thief and he would not like God to be, but only man to be. However, man does not know to do good for himself and for man, oh, and man will humble himself before God and will see his fall, and now, in the end, he will ask for his forgiveness, and every man sees in the end the evil that he has done, the mind which has separated him from God, for the fear of God comes when man cannot do it anymore.

When man does no longer have his work with God, the evil spirit brings to him self-desire, and you crave after yourself, man, and the evil spirit takes from your things for him, oh, and it is bad for you when you lose what is yours and what is on your side, if you do not think with your mind that God can let you suffer when you make Him suffer, when you grow cold to Him little by little, as this is what you think you have to do with Him and with His people, with whom He carries His cross, and behold, you need God in your mind, for you are weak when you do not like to be with God and to be on His side so that He may be your power and you to be His dwelling place, to be His rest.

Oh, how much pain is on Me and on those in heaven! Time after time, the thirst for knowledge has increased and the man’s search for God has come to an end. Man needs sunglasses to look up in the sun, and God’s love has grown cold in men. Oh, and man also needs glasses to look up to God, for the man’s sight towards God has grown very weak and he no longer sees God anywhere; he sees only people everywhere and that his all.

Oh, man, you shall not say, you shall not say that the earth goes round if I did not say so! Oh, I did not created it to go round, rather I set it on its foundation and I brought into its service those that had been created to serve it visibly, but the invisible things are also among those that serve the earth, for there are the elements that are not seen but only their work is seen, and all things work through the angels.

Oh, what shall I do to make you come back and be sorry that you lost God, man? How shall I deal with you to make you come with your love to My love for you? Oh, give Me your heart; give Me your hand so that I may lift you up! I want to be in your heart, because you need comfort, man lost from God. I am with My mercy after you, for your fall is great and you do not have eyes to see it and to believe that you are far from your own good, from your peace.

Oh, it is a day of Epiphany, man separated from Me. Come to meet Me and you will find the life, the light and the way! Do not forget that for your sin I had taken the cross of My crucifixion on My shoulders and after that I rose from the dead to give you comfort and salvation from the reward of sin. Oh, do not forget about God, man! Let Me heal your pride so that you may be able to see your Creator, the One Who loved you on the cross, man!

Now, peace to you, sons of the citadel of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people! With you I am writing on earth the word of My coming to graze with it those without a shepherd, and I have spoken on this day to those who have separated themselves from God by the spirit of the pride, and I am only pain because of My mercy for them.

Oh, sons, My word on this holy day is in a spirit of Epiphany. Now have in your speech the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and with this name speak over the water for the sanctification of the holy order for its transformation. Let there be power of victory and grace upon it, and you should let its drops fall on the way so that you may be victorious, for We are putting the Holy Spirit on it, sons, the Comforter from the Father. Then share it with and over the people of My word so that the power of the holy water may be enough and help them, for the heaven is working on earth more than anytime during this time of Mine with you, a heavenly time on earth, sons, oh, because I want the tower of Babel to fall down and the angels from heaven to call out and say: «It has fallen down!». (Isaiah: 21/9; Apoc: 21/8; Apoc: 18/2) And the nations on the earth no longer to be deceived so that I may graze them and give them the living water, then faith and forgiveness, and to put in them the love for God, for the darkness has withdrawn because I go forward and I keep on going, and those without a way will come back to God and they will see the way and say: „Let us walk on it!”

Oh, Romanian people, it is a feast of Epiphany in heaven and on earth with God’s faithful ones, but you do no longer know how to read the book of your history, as it was not at this time the feast of Epiphany at the Romanians, but it was at its right place and time in the calendar, and today you are engaged in your own things and you are not giving honor to the feast of the Lord, your God. I will send My messenger to sprinkle you with the water that is being sanctified here today, and may it bring mysteriously the protection over the country, as I have great care of My today’s country, for I have been dwelling in it with the word of My coming in order to renew with it everything and all things, and let all and everything listen to My word, as it is written.

I would dress you in holiness, My today’s country, oh, because I miss to see you beautiful! I would give you faith in the word of My mouth, in My river of word overflowing above you over the earth, but you have proud guards who are lying in wait so that they may not let you stand up and take from God for you. However, I am a merciful Shepherd and I am going to comfort you mysteriously until the appearance of the great day of My glory, oh, and My patience becomes harder and harder, because My mercy is great!

I have been calling out to the priests on the altars to take care of you, to strengthen you on the way, to confess the truth for the faith, but they have turned their back to God, as the rulers on the high seats, My country. Oh, how much sweetness and comfort on Me if I saw that you would call Me to come to your help! All things are fulfilled when man wants, when he asks the Lord to come and work.

I miss very much for the man to have fellowship with Me and no longer to have time for sin, for this enemy devil of man. Oh, My country, the time is coming when I will dress you in all the beauty from above, and within you, I long for your day of glory, for the day of your baptism with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Oh, humble yourself, Romanian people, to My love!

You, people of My word, give Me help to My patience and help to My victory! Call Me to work faith in the Romanian country, My country and yours, as well! In a spirit of Epiphany, let it be spoken from your midst the blessing and the power over the water that will work holiness, cleansing and protection wherever it may be sprinkled, and let the devils complain by mourning before the power of the water that brings victory with God and with His faithful ones against satan!

I am getting ready to come down into the book with John the Baptist, and to speak in a spirit of Epiphany, to comfort and to get comforted, as well. We are up in the sky with the glory of the feast. The working angels keep on moving, for the Holy Spirit is working over the water, set before to be blessed now.

It is being blessed and sanctified this water brought before for sanctification, with the power, with the work and with the coming of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! And I am here, together with you, speaking over the water, and the heaven and the earth are embracing each other for the sanctifying work, and I am with the people of My word before the Father, working and sharing over the earth.

I am speaking to you with gentleness, people of My word from all the corners of the country. Do not be sad that you are not here, at the spring, in your body, for I, the Lord, am working at the same time with My opponent and I am putting the man far away from sin and far from the desire of lawlessness, (By coronavirus restrictions, r.n.) and I have great joy whenever it is possible and any time, because in this way, it keeps on cutting from the great sin on earth.

Rejoice, sons! I am in everything that comes out over the earth and I am doing My work against My enemy, satan, and I am firmly telling this to him! „Remove your hand from the country of My return from the Father, take your hand off, satan, take away your hidden plan, with which you are giving yourself away without you knowing what you are doing, and step aside! The cross of My crucifixion and resurrection overcame and judged you then. Now, the word of My coming for the new birth of the world is telling you that you are and will be defeated by the power of My word, and here I am, coming with the saints, speaking and making My way in order to come; and you step aside, for this is written!”. Amen.

And as for you, those who are making a way for Me to come with My speech over the earth, I am giving you from heaven, I have always given you from heaven; I give Myself to you every day so that you may be My people, sons.

And let the adversary satan hear this, and let all its servants hear too, that you are Mine and that I am the Lord, your God; I am your Shepherd, the Shepherd of My sheep, of those who hear My voice of Shepherd, oh, sons.

Amen, amen, amen.