The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

I am coming down with the heaven on earth as word, and the heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool, and this is how God’s house is, and man cannot build Me a house, for I am He Who built and builds. I take the heaven of saints and I walk with them on the footstool of My feet, and those that are not seen cover Us from the man’s eyes, for man is far from heaven. I come with the heaven on earth, as man is far away from heaven, and My Spirit struggles to make the man divine and to bring him near so that he may see God, for God’s invisible things were made first and then were made those that are seen, and man was made after that.

I Myself came down on earth two thousand years ago, after I had sent many messengers to the people by the spirit of prophecy, who were to preach God to them. I, Myself, am coming today, after many have confessed in My name so that the people may believe in Me and to be saved, and the world has not risen from the death that comes from sin. I Myself come, I Myself speak on earth and My gentle whisper draws to the Father those who long like Me and comfort My pain after man, for I lost the man after I had built him.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father Sabaoth and of the Virgin, My mother, and how easy it is for Me to stay with the faithful ones, to come to them and to give them food of My mouth for their soul! I have announced at the gates the feast with which I come on this day, and behold, We are coming as word into the book, I and My mother the Virgin, I and her feast of two thousand years ago, when I descended after her to take her near Me.

Oh, I open up My arms to embrace all those gathered at the spring. I give Myself to them with My embrace and I embrace them within the word. From margins to margins, there is no other place more beautiful and more praised than this mountain of mystery, the top of the mountain on which the word of My mouth is, sharing comfort to those who find it and take it as the healing from their longing. Oh, may your steps come to rest on this little patch of land on this day of feast for My mother the Virgin! Be blessed by God for the restless love in you, which gives you power to become God’s sons among people, and I give you knowledge to know after that how God wants you to be and to live on your way with Him! I shepherd you with a gentle word and I exhort you to love and to perceive with your heart the mystery of the peace between Me and man, from man to man. Oh, I exhort you to work out peace between Me and you. It is My will with you to your work and nothing else means peace between Me and you, and there is no forgiveness from sins if first there is not peace between Me and you, as it is written: «Blessed are those whose iniquities are forgiven!». (Rom. 4/7) I am from those above and you should be likewise. I am not of this world, and you should not be of it too. This is how the peace between Me and you should be, for I told those who believed in Me then: «If you remain in My word, then you are truly My disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free». (John 8/31-32) And I also told them: «Most assuredly I tell you, everyone who commits sin is the bondservant of sin. A bondservant doesn’t live in the house forever. A son remains forever. If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed». (John 8/34-36) Oh, behold the mystery of the peace between Me and you, the mystery of not separation between God and man!

Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful My mother the Virgin answered to God’s messenger! The mystery of the peace between God and man is for man to do like her and then to say like her: «Lord, be it to me according to Your word!». (Luke 1/38) Amen.

Oh, with how much word I have come down over the earth and those who do not listen to it are not from God, for he who is from God listens to God; and behold, the mystery of the peace between God and man is that man may believe My word and to listen to it. Amen.

I have the angels as My ascending and descending, and My mother the Virgin is on My right hand side and she is celebrated and carried by the heavenly and angelic hosts; moreover, she is speaking a gentle word over those who listen to My word and come to take it from the spring and they come to be comforted, and behold her speech and her comfort now over those who are gathered at My spring of word. Amen.

‒ Oh, my dear child of the obedience to the word of the Father and mine in all things! Oh, dear child of my virgin womb and of my loving heart, who had You in it until I was to be Your dwelling place to come on earth as man! Oh, how much I suffered in secret and in great mystery after You left the earth and went to be with the Father, from where You proceeded, and I remained! I am speaking to the people gathered at Your spring of word that You came then and took me from the earth into heaven, and now You are taking me from heaven and bringing me with You down on earth, and I have longed for this so much, to come with You to these sons, who have borne Your love and Your coming of today, Lord. Then I wanted to go with You into heaven, and now I want to come down with You on earth to Your people of today, for Your gentle whisper comes over those who take Your word from the book and then put it on the table for those who are hungry after You, hungry after Your word in heaven and on earth at the same time, for they have come from the earth at the Spring, Lord Word, souls that find You because they look for You, for You let Yourself be found by those who do not tempt You and You come into their way on the wings of word and set the word on the table for them and teach them the longing after God, gentle Lord with those who are gentle like You. Oh, many want to seek after you, but not all of them have a clean heart, oh, not all of them, for many try to love You only for them, not for You, and they do not comfort Your longing with anything. Oh, I have mercy on You and I want You to have a beautiful people and more beautiful from which You are to be comforted in all the crushing of Your Spirit, tired of waiting and full of longing after the Father’s victory through You, victorious little Lamb, for He has sent You again on earth after man.

Oh, through how much pain You come down to speak, my Son, and You do not know how to strengthen Your way anymore. My day in heaven among saints becomes Your way on earth to Your people, which set a table for You to put on it word full of longing for those who have come together at the glory of this day near those who carry Your word over the earth, little Lamb, Lord.

I am speaking with you, those who have come together in cluster near the voice of my son, Jesus Christ and near His people of today. Oh, learn the love from Him. Do not learn from you or from man, for man is passing. Love heals you from sin. Learn this from the Lord. It is that which does not fail, it raises the man from death and it has the cleansing within it. When it asks you in marriage and when it speaks to you, then learn from Me and answer to it: «Be it done to me according to your word!». This is how I said. Learn completely and do not learn only halfway the mystery and the power of love! My Son is coming to teach you. Listen to Him, for He laid down His life for you! Everything that separates you from Him or one from another when you belong to Christ, then you need to know that it is not love that does this. Oh, it does not look for gain but it rather looks to earn you, and you should earn it for your eternal life. Oh, be with a clean heart, for the mystery of the peace between you and the Lord, this is the power of the cleansing of your heart and your reconciliation to the Lord all the time. Learn the mystery of the longing and His power in you and be gentle, sons, so that you may escape of the judgment from the stiffness of the heart, but do not forget that without watch upon you and for you, the devil is not ashamed of any good power in you.

I would teach you much and gently, for it is seen well from the heaven the good and the evil that is worked on earth, and the Spirit of the Lord in the saints and in those who bear God among people can lead your steps through the dangers in such a way that you may not be wounded either by evil or by good, for the good is only in heaven, only holding the Lord’s hand. And, finally, learn, learn not to separate yourselves from the Lord if you have found His way to you, for those who separate themselves from the Lord want to hide from Him after that. Oh, He is eternally everywhere and everyone sees the Lord. You, those who want to be born now from His word of today, do not be shaken from any trial when you work your growth, for the Scripture of the new birth of the world has come and it is preached coming over every creature. Oh, it is not the time for born infants anymore, but it is the time for you to be born from above, for the babies born now are taken away from the wave of the world and fall as food to the devil and they grow in the darkness outside. Those who love the Lord, love Him without sin, and tread upon sin, trample with death upon death, as it has to be crushed with its weapons so that it may no longer come to you. Come out of the world, come out of its traps, and look for your future with the Lord, with the One Who has made the heaven and the earth, the sea and the dry land and all the creation! Give power to the Lord upon you! Be small under His strong hand, and let the holiness in everything become a new creature in you, in God’s image and after His likeness, and, finally, pray incessantly, and especially pray together, brotherly, persevering for those from above on earth and over man, for the earth and all the man’s creation on it have the man’s days as food. Oh, do not forget that nothing means light anymore. The light is only my Son, and the one who walks with Him and believes in Him will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life. Live on earth as in heaven, so that you may bring the heaven down on earth and the people to see the light in you and to marvel at its sight. Be holy for the Lord is holy, and all those, who will live like that before Him, will see Him and He will see Himself in them. Amen.

Oh, do not lose your patience. Do not tempt God. Let your love and faithfulness be your faithful way, and through all these may the Lord give you the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of everything for all that are and come, for the Lord has put the man to reign over all things lest some of these may kill him when he would try to reign these things.

Oh, I have longed very much to speak and bring the life from heaven in man by the spoken word. I miss my Son with the people on earth. Make your way to the people for my Son, you, those who have found Him here, at His river of word, by which He rules the world without it understanding this! Take care, when you stay together, to know that to the extent you are united, to be separated in the same way, lest something or someone near you or far from you may separate you from God, for the Lord said: «Those who use the world may be as though not using it, and those who have to be like those who have not», (See 1 Cor. 7/31), for the man is weak in regard to the temptations that come into his way.

Now, I am speaking with my Son for you: my dear Son, give them grace and gifts so that they may be fulfilled within You and that they may have You as their home, Lord, the house of the life teaching! Give them to know Your mystery with the Romanian land in these days, for the name of the Romanian will be great among the nations when You will soon be glorified with Your Christian people, chosen out of the Romanian people and given to be sowed. Your entire mystery with this chosen land will be seen and known far and wide and the angels will serve it before the nations. When there will no longer be on earth light and house to give light into the world and to show the way, when all the people will try to forget Your name and the name of the Christian, then You, within a great mystery, will go on the same way of the love of God among people and will be victorious with the new name of those who will follow You not swerving from the way, and the name of God’s sons will be the name of Romanian, for the evil devil will want to wipe out the name of the Christian from the earth. And I am also praying to You, Lord Son, that we may no longer leave this place, we, those from heaven, as this land, this nation and this new beginning and seeding is to be watched and protected. Let us teach them the prayer with sacrifice and let us tell them that if forty hearts will come together to ask coming with one day of prayer with fasting added to it for a great victory with You on earth and against the evil that blows everywhere, they will receive it, and more, to each one of them it will be written forty days of persevering fasting near their prayer to You. And behold, it is one thing when those, who fast in order that they may receive fulfillment from You, to fast alone, and it is another thing that all of them come together in one spirit, in one request and in one power and to be one, and in this way we will be able to put away the obstacles and we will overcome them, Lord of the faithful ones.

Now, let us give them the joy and its spirit in a spirit of holy feast and let us refresh this day, giving them grace, teaching Son! Oh, may they be careful so that they may not be separated from us. Amen.

‒ Oh, mother, I do not separate Myself from the people of this mystery and I always come to the spring with word of power and I give Myself to those who come, so that they may also be able to do it. I, mother, have stayed and eaten of the speech of your love for them and for My mystery with them. I, mother, wait to be able to work by those who take Me in order to bring the fulfillment of the last Scriptures: the new heaven and the new earth, mother, and I have given this to be seeded for those who are faithful, who wait for God’s promise, mother. The whole world burns like a furnace, but those who are faithful to Me do not burn in it, mother, but rather they stay with Me and burn within Me, and I take My fire from them and cast it out on earth so that the world may burn in it, mother, the world that burns within its fire and the sons of the world catching fire from fire. However, I have made up another fire and I set the evil on the earth on fire to wipe it out from among the people, and I do this with the people of My word, mother, and it will be heard from margins to margins that I, the Lord, was with this word into the midst of the Romanian people and that I go with it to the great victory, mother. Amen.

Peace to you, on a day of feast for you, My mother!

Peace to you, peace to all who have come together near My today’s voice! I will embrace you again in the word to the end of the feast and I will give you of it. Rejoice, but be accompanied by those in heaven now, and in the same way, be accompanied then to your little houses, as My today’s grace for those who are faithful is great as there has never been to these days, for the time is at its end; it is not at its beginning.

You, those who come to grow within your life from above, ask and it will be given to you, for I have got sharing stewards for those that you want to learn, to bear and to understand so that you may be able to fulfill afterwards. There is much word from Me on the table of My people. Make your request and you will find the answer and the teaching for everything. Amen. May your return to your home and the mystery of the peace between Me and you be blessed, an untouched peace by those that are evil in man and on earth. Peace to you! I bow and thank to the love in you, which will be increased in you if you persevere in it. I bow and I strengthen your steps to the spring. And you should strengthen them too, for I come here and always set the table for those who love My food.

Peace to you! I seal with My name the feast of today and all its celebration, and My entire word has been given to you for your growth. Amen.

And to you, people from the spring, I am giving you the power by which meets Me, the Lord, when I come to shepherd the faithful people, which is and which grows in number, and you will have joys in your work with Me, oh, son, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


The joys of the feast for My mother, both from heaven and from earth, have come together. From heaven and from earth, I, the Lord, has set before the people, sitting at the spring, the wisdom of love and its life in man.

Not even the faithful man can sufficiently imagine the invisible things made by God; how they come together, how they are intertwined with the visible ones to rejoice Me; with those that are seen, with those who see, and those that are not seen are myriads of myriads, as it is written; there are saints and groups, thirsty after My glory upon man on earth, for the whole heaven wants Me to be with man on earth so that the heaven may be on earth as well, for I come down with the heavenly hosts.

Oh, when people do something wonderful and want to show it to many, to as many as possible, then multitudes of people herd together; they come together and rejoice and marvel and then they share their thoughts and feelings with one another and fill their hearts and nourish them with those that are seen with their eyes, and then they spread the news from place to place to those who were not there to see in person, and the earth is filled, from mouth to mouth, from man to man, from the things that come out from the people for the people and the man’s works remain written on earth.

Oh, well My people, oh, how comes that man cannot bring his mind and his heart for God’s things, which are not seen, as wonderful as they are? Oh, sons, there is no faith. This is what man lacks. The greatest gift, the best fruit, from which man would be able to take in him the good things and the beauties of the sky and the Lord’s to nourish with them his heart, his life, his steps and the course of his life; man needs this great and heavenly good; he needs the sight for the heavenly things. Man would not need school or knowledge to learn the gift of the heavenly sight, but he would need faith instead, for this is what I said: «He who believes in Me will never die». Oh, where would it be possible to see a man on earth that he may not wish to die, who would not work his death because of the lack of this heavenly gift, which God has given in abundance to the people even from the beginning of the man, even since, I, the Lord, built the man with My own hand and of My Spirit? Oh, there were and are people on earth, who have not died, and they will be, for it is written into the Scriptures that not all will die, but their bodies will be changed into the immortal ones.

Oh, why the prophets of old prophesied about Me that I was the Son of the Father, that I was and that I would come on earth as Savior and that I would receive death and then raising and resurrection, and they called Me the Son of Man? Oh, they saw Me, for they had the gift of faith in them, which gave them eyes for God’s invisible things and they saw them; moreover, visions have been given to men on earth, and they have been governed from heaven by those who have seen the things that are and will be. Oh, the people have woken up, as they say, and they say that the man who sees some of God’s invisible things is out of his mind, and they speak about that one that he is either mad or sick and proud or, more than that, that he is a liar.

People do not have faith for those that are not seen, which work, fulfill mysteriously and then are fulfilled in such a way that they may appear afterwards. I have said in My speaking of today, that I, the Lord, at the making of the heaven and the earth, first built those that are not seen and then I built those that are seen, and only after that I made the man. I did not make the man first, but I made the gifts for him and I made for him first a house and after that I put him into it, and the house is the heaven and the earth, which are God’s house as well. Oh, the man does likewise, first he builds his house and then he enters and dwells in it, and he helps with it for the needs of his body.

I become a teacher with depth of teaching in the word so that the man, who lacks skill in his faith, may take lessons from Me, for where much wisdom has place in man, and he keeps on acquiring it, there much foolishness is also, that is, much pride, much food from the earth and from man, but there is no place for wisdom in man for God’s invisible things. Oh, My people, oh son, it is one thing for man to write on a piece of paper one, two, three, four, and to keep account of his laws and possessions, and there is another thing for him to know how to speak and to speak out words. The word is something else, not numbers. I speak like this for the man to understand what I want to say to him, for man counts his time, his money, his possessions and works, his friends or his enemies; he counts his sheep, goats, birds, clothes and he also counts all that he has got and what he is going to have, and he has learned only to count, poor of him, and there is no man that he might not be caught in this trap on earth; however, he forgets to count his days and keep a record of them, their income and shortages, and I do this for him on the day when he leaves his body and meets Me and when he gets terrified on that very moment when he realizes that he did not know that he also had to believe in Me, to have faith in God’s invisible things as well, and which have waited for him at the border.

Oh, if I, the Lord, had to teach you an even greater craft, man who always run and do no longer have time to stay and see God behind all those that you see and always count, I, the Lord, would give you the gift of faith and I would teach you then for it, as you need for it much instruction for submission, for much humility, for self-denial and for many that you do not take into account and which gnaw your life inside, and you forget that you are not God and that you cannot be a God for you and that you are a mere man and that is all. If you were to be God, then you would be to come to instruction so that you may know how to be and how you can be God, for in all My work, I take only from the Father so that I may know and that I may do, and that is why I said that Father was in Me and I said this because I had obedience from Him as a gift, and I said that I did not speak anything from Myself and I spoke only those that I heard from the Father, but who was to understand My word to discern it and to work it as I did, as I had told the man that I was and that I worked? I have spoken everything to man, but has he got any time to become God at My word and to hear from Me and work like that as I do between Me and the Father? Oh, man does not have time for Me and for My word fulfilled in him, and that is why he cannot be deified, to be full of My grace that makes the heavenly man on earth. People do not want to be anything else but people and that is all. The woman does not want to be nothing else but only a woman. However, I want to be like the Father, and I am, and I work accordingly, and behold, I make a people to the Father, which becomes godly by grace, as My work from Him is to make the man be deified and to make God’s sons among people, so that the Lord may have His sons on earth in such a way that God, the Creator, may have fruit, and so that the man may no longer spoil His heaven and earth, but rather God may renew them and to be a new heaven and earth after that, because man has become corrupt just as food goes bad and then it stinks and gets full of flies and worms and then it becomes dust, where its body came from.

Oh, where should there be a more beautiful place, a more beautiful earth and more praised by heaven, more adorned with God’s invisible things, as these gardens are here, where I, the Lord, graze My faithful flock, here, where I, the Lord, come down with the clouds and speak My great word above those who have the gift of faith in them?

Oh, people of My gardens of today, feed your faith and little heart with God’s invisible things, which so brightly adorn My gardens of today with you, the places on which you live your life today that I gave it to you to have it, after I had taken you from the earth from among people and set you in My blessing. Oh, son, Adam did not want, poor of him, to be nourished with the miracle of the beauty of the paradise in which I had put him, but the two of them were nourished with each other and they did not see anything but only that, and the beauties of the paradise became dust for those two, who were separated in two from one body by My hand, after Adam had not found among all living beings a help for him on earth. Oh, behold how man stole from God, from God’s invisible things and set them on earth to boast about them after that! As Adam stole the knowledge by which he said that the woman was flesh of his flesh and bone of his bones, and then he knew to bring further successors into view, but he knew like a man and not like God, and to the end of the time, man has been stealing from God’s invisible things in order to do what he has known, what he has got in his mind to do on earth with those that are and are not seen, and this is how man has become a thief for those that are not his and belong to God, and behold, how many things he takes out to show that they are his, out of his mind on earth, and then he gives them a shape and calls them by a name that he has given them and he calls them: telegraphy, telephony, radiophony, television, informatics, and as much as he may want to call those that man brings into his hand: telephone, radio, TV set, computer, and many other deformed names, all that man keeps in his hand like some toys with soul in them, and then man gets enchanted and the heaven of saints and angels look on the earth and see how much man has been stealing from God’s invisible things, of their wisdom, which God uses between Him and man, and man has been stealing them after he was built by God’s hand on earth and keep on boasting about them; however, he boasts in vain about those that are not his, because he has been stealing from My things and then he has become proud, and then he has hidden from God.

Oh, thief man, you cannot hide and you cannot hide Me from the face of the people. I stay face to face with man and I confess Myself by all those that God has made, not because of you, and you are judged by this, for you cannot go anywhere but only in prison because of your stealing, and who is to take you out from there if not God, Whom you want to hide now completely and to take His place and to sit in His name? Oh, you are judged by those that you have done and you will need Me and you will need the forgiveness of your works, for My adversary, the devil, who fell down from heaven by his pride after he wanted to be greater, above God, his Creator and the Creator of all the things that are and will be, this rival of Mine has given you from his things, from his things fallen from heaven once with him and thus he has prepared a dungeon for you, as by his falling he also prepared his because of his audacity to become greater, before God, after that God had given him great honor among the heavenly creatures into the midst of the wisdom in heaven, and out of which God takes and works with it on earth. Oh, you will not rejoice over those that are fallen from heaven by the man’s pride, but you will cry seeing your life wasted away in unbelief and ignorance of God, from Whom you have always stolen and then have gone with them and display them on the market to sell them to the people. Oh, when are you going to put an end to this?

The man rejoices because he gives birth to babies out of sinful pleasures, but here it is, to whom he gives forth fruit! He brings forth income to satan, for the children of nowadays become a devil dressed in man’s skin and they become the servants of God’s adversary, the thief; furthermore, they become harmful tools of soul among people on earth, all the people who have liked the hoe, the harrow and the plough and then have gone away to get away with hard labor, will mourn. However, they have gone, poor of them to become the tools of satan’s thick schemes, God and man’s adversary, and many of the people who have served him know the danger in which they are and the end of all these things, but they do no longer have any place where to flee and where to pull themselves out from the way with a precipice under it, and then the man without knowledge marvels, and he marvels at My word of today and he does not know what happens with him. Oh, do no longer wonder, you, offspring of snake, do not longer raise your head in wonder and put thistles in My way. You will not be able to do this, for I have come on earth as word to catch you in the act and to tell you that you go wrong by what you do, and I tell you that you can prepare your salvation. I have come to be ready to help you, if you want to come back to the spirit of the truth, which is everywhere and follows you to seek somehow to clean your mind and deed from all your dirty things, and to cleanse your heart too, as unless you get healed in your mind from serpents, you cannot set your heart before God so that He may show you of His invisible things in such a way that you may see them and to measure through them your sin and foolishness on which you have nourished yourself far away from the spirit of the heaven on earth. Oh, you are to be pitied more than the devil, for you are the visible one, you are in the flesh and he is invisible, for he is spirit. Therefore, come back so that you may see like God and not like the devil, because the man was built by God, and the devil was built by man. Come back, for the hour has come! Amen.

Oh, My people, I have written Myself into the book with the judgment for the thief and with My coming out into his way to save him if he comes back to believe God by this word. By My coming down on earth, I give faith to man, because I come into his way to speak to him, and I do not need his tools to reach to the ears of God’s bearers and to come into My book of today with My word for any other reason than the one that I need a man with faith; that I need a man to whom I may reveal Myself, a man who has got paper and a pen to write, and I to speak to him and he to put Me into the book. I am the One from Whom the man has stolen and become a thief to make his tools so that he may be able to speak to each other, from one end of the earth to another, hearing each other by this devices made by him. I am the One Who has got all the power to go forward and speak, and I do not do this by fabricated devices but by My power. However, man makes his tools by wisdom stolen from heaven to be able to do and to go and speak to the other end of the earth, and he needs to steal from My invisible things and make his tools in order to give them soul on earth and then to call them his angels. Oh, the angels are otherwise; they are spirits and not bodies; they are not tables and iron, they are not human devices. I, the Lord, come on the clouds of cherubim, and I stay invisibly and shepherd the man, for the invisible things, which were made first, are those that cover My glory, a glory that is and for which man needs faith. Oh, this is how I have been sitting at the table of the feast of today with My people from the spring and with the one coming from far away at My gentle voice after the man in order to teach him his coming back home, and I have stood in the clouds of cherubim with My mother Virgin, the Queen, and We have spoken the word of the man’s creation over those who have come together with sweet hearts and tearing eyes from the joy for the heaven in them, for they have come to My table and sat down with the heaven at the table, and that is why those who have come to the mouth of My spring of word, which so gently I pour out so that it may flow and those who are thirsty to drink of it.

I have spoken now after the feast has risen from the table, and I have given man the power of wisdom for My word, which is the river of life, the river prophesied by John, the evangelist, My beloved disciple, and who, two thousand years ago, saw in a vision the work, which I have come today with, and pour it over the people; that is My river of word, (Apoc. 22/1) by which, soon, soon, I will flood the earth far and wide from margins to margins, and many will wash their face in it and will see then like God and they will see God, as the blind man whom I healed went where I sent him to wash and to see God after that and then to go and show himself to the priests, so that they could also know that the man saw from God, and that the man sees if God wants him to see.

Oh, I am comforting again those who have taken of My table. We have got warmed up; I and My mother and the whole heaven; We have got warmed up from the little hearts full of warm for My grace of today upon them, the grace for those who are faithful. I will accompany them mysteriously and I will breathe within them My will in everything they do and want to be able to do. I will give them a new heart and I will pour out love there where love is, and to the one who has I will give more, as it is written. Amen.

Oh, wake up, Romanian people; wake up because it is late! Oh, how well it would be for you to hear Me and listen to Me! I would escape you from all the holes in which you have fallen due to your desires and restlessness, for you have tasted of the poison wine and you have found it good, but it is the cup of the iniquity of the whole earth, and it has come to you from foreign countries and it has stolen you away from the spirit of your ancestors. However, they have been calling out to Me for you and I have been calling out to you either for you to get up. Oh, suffice it with sleepiness. Do not seek to get drunk from water. Take and drink of My mouth the word of awakening and making and run to God, Who escapes you from falling, from the falling in which you are staying now! Amen.

You, those who come and drink of My spring of word, give Me to the people! Become messengers of My coming over the sons of the Romanian people and tell them that I have come to heal them from unbelief and from their estrangement from God! Take fire from fire and kindle with it the hearts of many people from near to near and you will receive a reward, faithful sons! Ask from Me to make you powerful in deed and in word, and give to heaven help from the earth so that We may raise the Romanian people to a heavenly rank among the nations of the earth, for God’s mysterious wisdom has been put under a bushel by those who have wanted to rule over the man’s spirit, and there are no longer shepherds to take care of the sheep so that they may not become goats if there are no shepherds for the sheep.

Oh, My mother, I ask the man on earth, mother. We ask the man to help Us, mother. Oh, how beautiful it has been with your feast in My gardens with the people from the spring and with the one that has come at My table of word! Oh, how beautiful have been those who have shared Us further, sons with whom We have been laboring for My glory of today and at its preaching over the earth! I have tasted with them a sweet feast, We, those in heaven, on this day! Glory to the Father, Who has sent Us, mother! Man does not know how beautiful it is in those that are not seen and who adorn in secret My works on earth with the people. Moreover, even if he was to be told and recounted, man is cold, and every man who does not see these is cold, mother.

‒ Oh, Son, as beautiful as the Father, You will overcome by Your patience, dear Son, as it was not only the cross which You had to endure, but You have been enduring even since the man played at stealing in the garden of paradise and he played at sin face to face with God, Who made him and set him in happiness. Behold, even today You are suffering and speaking Your today’s word with a lot of patience for the resurrection of the sinful man, and You should rather beat him, not comfort him; however, You are patient, oh, Son of holy endurance. I am comforting You with pain and love and I am strengthening Your patience; further, I am wiping out Your little tears with my little hand, as by Your patience, You make satan weak, by Your tear You make him burn, and by Your gentleness and humility You make him give his spirit away and soon, soon, he will be finished. Amen.

I am giving them the comfort of a mother and I am touching with my little hand all the heads of those who have sat at Your table of word and spirit of my feast among saints. I am comforting them and saying: This is the Son of the Father Sabaoth, and my Son, and you should listen only to Him, and, by listening to Him, this is how you should follow Him, and in this way you will become God’s sons among people on earth. Amen.

‒ Now, We are finishing mother, and We are releasing those how keep Us to put Us into the book. I have told the rain to break open when the feast has passed, and it has watered the gardens here, for they have been crying after water.

Now, My people, get rest from the work that you have been doing for the preparation of My table with the people that have come at the table, and get up rested and then set down further to your work with Me for My today’s glory with you, as I have been preparing it as a day of feast, and I keep you like that at My right hand side, and I will glorify you by the name of a disciple, and you will receive the crown of a disciple, son working on earth for God, obedient son. Oh, keep on being humble and keep on being like that, My people, for this is how God works with man. I am and I help you to want and to be able to cope with it, and you should only listen to Me, you should follow Me only, only to love Me and to listen to Me like that, oh, My people. Amen, amen, amen.