The Word of God on the Sunday of Adam’s expulsion from paradise

Oh, God is needed on earth, and God is One, and there is no other God but the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man, the visible and the invisible, and His name is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and all things have been made by Him, as it is written.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and all things were made through Him. In Him was life. Oh, and the same is in the end, the Word is with God, God is the Word and in Him is life, and the life is the light of men.

Oh, I come down on earth with the word of life in it to feed the man’s soul, that „man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”, (See Matt: 4/4), as it is written, and My word now is saying this:

Oh man, oh man, I am speaking over you My word now and I am saying that I am God, the Son of God the Father, and I am His Word upon you, and I am reminding you that My Father sent Me two thousand years ago to become Myself known as God from God, coming down from heaven on earth to become a Child and to grow up as the man born of man grows and that man may have Me and take Me as his God on earth. Oh, and then I returned to be with My Father, at My place in heaven; to be with My Father for you and to embrace you within the Holy Spirit the Comforter, man, and that you may have upon you the Spirit of the Trinity of God, working and protecting, and that you may not stretch out your hands to other gods that are not gods and that God may take care of you, man.

Oh, it is not good that the man should be a fool. Man must be wise and he must know God and believe in Him by the wisdom given to him by God at his creation, but for this faith is needed followed by obedience, man, and when you do not listen by the word left upon you by God, then you lose the fear of God and you are not afraid to come out from His protecting hand, and you lose your fear, for you lose your wisdom from God because of your disobedience to Him, as it happened to Adam, the man created by God at the beginning, and behold, when you lose the spirit of obedience, then your faith in God is futile, for he who believes listens and has faith for his protection.

And now I am speaking like this for those who believe in the Only One God and stay within this faith and inherit it from one another, and especially that from two thousand years when I came and appeared as light from light, true God from true God, carried in the womb by the Virgin and born as a Child to grow up like a man after that, oh, and I am the One of one Being with the Father, by Whom all things were made. And then comes the faith in the Holy Spirit the Comforter, proceeding from the Father and Who is worshipped together with the Father and the Son and is working thorough the prophets, and then all things through the church in a Synod of apostles, as My church was founded at that time. And I am saying this to urge and exhort you to the faith in One God, man, and to know what great God created a mature man at the beginning and you to stay under His hand and learn not to forget about God, for if you forget about Him, then you go and choose all kinds of other gods, which are not gods, for God is One, man.

And now, after I have sat down as the true God before man by My word spoken today, on the hearth of the Romanian people, poured out of My godly mouth, now I am saying over the entire people far and wide all over the earth:

Peace to you, sons of God on earth, and peace to you, sons of men! I am speaking like this for you to know how decide to be, for the sons of God are those who listen to His word and fulfill it, and the sons of men decide not to listen to God and choose their life without obedience, and when you have no one to listen to, then you do no longer have any protection over your life and listen to yourself and to those, who are like you and do not do God’s will by their obedience to His word.

And to you, Romanian people, oh peace to you, threefold power of peace, as on your hearth is the book of My word during these days, and for more than sixty years, I have been writing Myself into it and I have opened it to let you know that your God is with you, a country which has inherited its faith from its ancestors, an Orthodox country, with which the Lord has been well pleased and has His coming as word on earth, now, in the end of the time!

Oh, peace to you, Romanian sons, peace to you, for the people on earth have lost their peace, (Because of the coronavirus pandemic, r.n.) and you, My today’s country, should not lose it, My love, for God is with you, and you should be with Him, too, for you know what God you have and Who is Him and what He does for His people! Oh, behold, do not forget, do not forget about the weapon of your victory, My today’s country, do not forget about the weapon which cuts the entire enemy intention, for you are a people with a cross in your walking on earth, and I urge you to make the sign of the cross all the time so that you may be My confessor, and to be protected by the cross for I paid for your salvation and for your faith in God by the cross, Romanian sons. Oh, son, make the sign of the cross so that the Lord may send you angels and protecting saints to protect you from the evil things on earth, the place where the devil wages war against God to win the man on one side or the other, as man wants to choose, for on earth there are whole nations of people without a cross, without saints from heaven, if they do not believe in them, but you have got a great inheritance of saints which have left your path to God, and a path from God to you so that you may know the way and the cross on the way. Therefore, lift up your little hands to your God, Jesus Christ, and call Me near you to protect you, for I have always taught you to have God with you, for behold, I stay with you, and I hold council in your midst, and „blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for His inheritance; and the true God foils the plans of the nations, He thwarts the purposes of the peoples, He despises the counsel of the princes, but the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations”, (Ps: 33/12, 10, 11, - 33 MT = 32 LXX), as it is written.

And you, Romanian people trust in the Lord your God and stand under His protection; love Him and sanctify yourself for Him, for your God is holy, and behold, the time of the Lent and the remembrance of My passions through the cross are coming, and you should take from the teachings set by the holy fathers at the foundation of the Christ’s church two thousand years ago, and then by the holy hierarchs, and not by any kinds of hierarchs, oh, and do the will of God, do everything through the church, because the Christian people is God’s church and the Lord is its midst and holds His counsel, as it is written. Oh, and the church of the Romanian nation has great favor with God, and behold how I come, how I stay in the word, how I shepherd you and how I tell you not to be afraid, and I strengthen your faith, your hope and peace; therefore, be intelligent, Romanian sons, and do not forget that it is written: «Unless the Lord watches over a citadel, the guards stand watch in vain». (Ps: 127/1) Oh, and let everything be done only with God.

Oh, do not be afraid, Romanian people, do not fear, Romanian sons, (Fear caused by the large number of deaths in China, Italy, Spain and the United States due to the virus, r.n.) for God is with you through His word and protects you and He also teaches you how to protect yourselves by the cross and how to make a cross over all of your things, over water and food, over the earth you walk on and over the air that surrounds you, over your entrances and exits, oh, and stay at home, stay in your country, in your blessed country, for I have come in it as the word of new creation, the new creation of the new world, sons, and you shall not leave far, well Romanian sons, oh, for many have gone wrong concerning this country and left it; they left it, they went away on their own like those who are scattered far away, and the Romanian saints cry in heaven; they cry because of those who have left the country, blessed today, when the Lord is the defender and the treasurer of those who are faithful, for those who are faithful do not need riches or money, but love, health, obedience and thanks-giving in all things. Oh, there are no longer merciful teachers over you, My country, and I have come to help you under your cross, but stay under the cross, for woe to the people without a cross, woe! (Allusion to non-Christian peoples, or those who claim to be Christians but despise the sign of the cross, r.n.) Oh, and who is to tell the nations about this pain that goes up to heaven from all those who despise, at their expense, the weapon of victory and by so doing, put their life in danger? And when you make the sign of the holy cross, do not forget, Romanian son, to keep the three fingers of your right hand crossed in the name of the godly Trinity, Whom you worship and in this way to mark your body and all your things, your way, your food, your sleep and waking up from your sleep, your thought and peace and your love of God, and you will be the people loved by God, the obedient people and protected by obedience, oh, and do not be afraid of what the fearful are afraid, and do not receive the evil rumors from them either, for the fearful do not have God in them, for God is One, and their gods are not. And as for you, do not lose your peace and take Me as your protection and help, Romanian son, for your Father God knows what you need, only for you to have Him.

And now we are setting into the book My remembrance with My disciples of two thousand years ago, for I was exhorting them what to say in their prayers and I was telling them to recognize God as their Father, to be obedient, to forgive and to ask for the Lord’s protection, and to do everything on earth as in heaven, that is the Father’s will in everything and all from the Father, and the sons to learn the forgiveness of all those who sin against them so that their Father may also forgive their mistakes, only to ask for their forgiveness from the Father for everything they go wrong as men, and those who are forgiven are those who are protected from the evil by the Father, Who forgives and does not punish those who humble before Him and ask for forgiveness.

On this day, the preparation for the ascent is made by refraining from rich food and by the great sanctification of the sons of God, of those who love the Lord, and it is established by the holy fathers the memory of Adam who lost the paradise by his insubordination and by disobedience to God, for he took and ate what was forbidden to take, and in this way, he shook in his love and then he fell from paradise.

Oh, sons, a man takes a wife for sin, for man loves sin, and that is why he takes a woman, and in the Scriptures it is written that because of fornication a man should have his own wife, but it is also written into the Scriptures that a man should not touch a woman; however, because of fornication he should have his wife, oh, and each one of the two becomes a slave to the other; they control each other for themselves and have the ring as a sign of slavery, and in this way they, the man and his wife, enjoy each other. Oh, and this is what it happened to Adam, when he remained with his wife and both were separated from God as all those who chose a woman and marriage as their life, that is the two become slaves to each other.

Oh, sons, be God’s sons, and then stick to this choice, for he who unites with the Lord is one body with the Lord, and this one is not like the man who decides for man, and My union with man is done through the church, that is, I give Myself to man with My body and flesh as I gave Myself on the cross for him, for his life with God, and not with God’s enemy.

Oh, sons, be holy for I am holy; this is what I am telling those who choose God for their likeness to God. By such sons I hold My protection over the earth and over the sinners with their life, but who have faith in the One God, even if they are weak for themselves and for their way with God in their life.

Oh, protection is needed on earth, and there must also be saints in the cities inhabited by men, that I may be able to come closer with My protection and to keep the danger far and not to lose My place near men everywhere, and that I have where to go in My spending on earth, walking and doing My work mysteriously.

Oh, do not forget, sons, that where God is with man, His protection is there as well. Let the human kind hear Me speaking from every place about how they can have My protection over them and let them look for the Only One God as their God, for their gods are not gods and are nothing.

And now, I am saying again and again: Peace to you, nations on the earth! Peace comes from nowhere, except from God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and God is the Merciful One, the One Who forgives, for He loves so much, and those who forgive have My love in them.

Oh, peace to you, Romanian people, and make the sign of the cross all the time and rejoice over this protective sign, and let your priests open the churchly books and send prayers for peace and protection from any evil, and I will receive the prayers of the church and those of the people and I will place them before Me, for you are My today’s people, the one to whom I have come now as word on earth, the Father’s messenger to you, Romanian people.

Be at peace, Romanian sons! Rejoice over the Lord! He is your protection, for the Lord loves Romanians, and I will give them the word of wisdom for their faith; I will give them soon, soon.

Oh, peace be with you, sons who put My word on earth, God’s word! We are beginning the time of the Lent and I am coming to bless you, to forgive your mistakes and to bring peace and strength, sons, and I am giving you power of My power; I am giving you comfort and I am giving you so that you may have, sons.

I am saying blessing on this day over the Romanian people and over the time of the fasting, for its love of God!

And again, great blessing over the entire people, which is nourished with My entire word, which is flowing now over the earth and over it, and let everyone strongly believe in this blessing and may him be able to work through it!

Oh, sons, ask from the Lord what He wants you to have and to be able to work for Him. Oh, peace to you! Rejoice and be glad all the time over the seven weeks of the fasting, for he who shows a gloomy face loses his reward in heaven; nevertheless, you should be alert and full of the Holy Spirit from one another, and be nourished with God’s word as with bread, for My word has got great power, sons, and you know this.

Oh, peace to you! Keep God among you. Peace to you, sons! Amen, amen, amen.