The Word of God at the Feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross

I have prepared My word to write it down into My book of today, as this day is a day of holy feast, and I, the Lord, am coming down to you as word, My people who make My coming when I come to you as word and you are to spread it all over the world, as the world has to be woken up to watch and we need to anoint the eyes of all the people on earth to see with their eyes wide opened and awake the danger of drowsiness, as the evil spirit, the hostile spirit prepares its shaking secretly when there is no watching, and I watch to wake it up and the world to know Me as God and its enemies to lose their work, who think that they are not defeated, not shaken from their places on which they sit upon people without giving them the good hope; however, I give them hope if they want to know Me well and to know Me as their Master in heaven and on earth over the whole creation, which only by the word of My mouth I built it so that it may be and it was made and it is.

Oh, who was able to make the world and all things, all in heaven and on earth, from heaven and down to earth, if not a great God, Who spoke and everything was made? Oh, how much and how great it would be when man worshipped Me as all, all things worship Me in heaven and on earth, and everything that is from heaven to the earth!

Oh, man, stop searching with your mind and let it come to Me for a while, as I made the heaven and the earth, and everything in heaven and on earth, and all things between heaven and earth so that you may give Me the honor you owe Me as the Creator of all things, and before Whom all things have to bow down so that man also may know what bowing is, and not greatness as he has always tried to take it for himself and which he expects from the sides, when he is only the making of God’s hands, Whom man should always serve on earth forever, as God also serves man with all His things, with everything, for God has made everything for man, whom He created with endless love and put him into the midst of His creation between heaven and earth; God has made him to be rich in everything and He has made him to thank God and to worship Him with longing and greatness, to worship Him as a feast in man’s heart and I, the Lord, to give him joy, as he also gives Me.

It is a day of holy feast, sons. The spirit of revelation and the spirit of God’s greatness gave birth to this feast for My glory on the cross, as the cross, which I carried on Golgotha, and on which I was put and nailed on its posts, was discovered, erected and brought to a place of honor on earth after a long time by the servants faithful to My being, who had suffered for man, and then it was founded the feast of the Christians, the feast of the cross, and those who are good and faithful have great gifts upon them by their faith and by their love for Me, and by the pain in them for My sufferance, which they do not forget but rather bow before Me as before One God, victorious for them by the cross, and they exalt it for Me and do everything for Me.

Oh, sons of My word of today, sons, sons, appreciate the spirit of revelation and learn to appreciate it, for this spirit brings from Me to you, and I am the One Who share it to you, for I am He Who foresees and I am the One Who always gives you news about those that were and were written so that they may work now, for this is how God works.

Oh, well sons, be happy and be very much happy, that I have the work of My Spirit in your midst, the spirit of revelation, the spirit that brings news from Me to My welfare among you, from which you can have from Me, sons. Oh, I have spoken with you about so many words, so many works by My word upon you, and then I work according to the spoken word, and you are those through whom I fulfill My word.

Oh, sons, love more and more the fulfillment of My word and work at its fulfillment, as there is no other place on earth where one works according to My word spoken upon man. However, be more and more dedicated, more and more alive for My fulfillments through you, as many things are written to be, and I have not many people on earth to have them, to know them and not to forget them, to be able to work their fulfillment. There are no people on earth to work according to the truth the things that come from God to them to be worked, and this because there is no faith by which to come and to be with the people and to work in their midst, and if there is a way among you for Me to speak and to fulfill with you, oh, be happy, and do not be tired for Me, on the contrary be alive and be more and more active with your power and will, for I will through you, I and not you, sons. When I revealed My cross to man, on which I was crucified, I prepared those through whom I had to fulfill this, and My will was fulfilled through the kings, through the servants and through the people and I raised My cross up into view and I praised it. Oh, behold sons, in My days with you, when I want to reveal on earth God’s power and truth, I prepared you and I started to fulfill, for My word works as much as it does not come to man’s mind, and it is being perfected working, for I have to clean My path, sons, and I have to prepare the entire day of My glory and then I have to show My face, and much preparation is needed for this light, and you should not doubt as though you are small and weak, because for this faith one does not need any power but love and steadfastness in needed for Me, Who work so wonderfully by those who believe as I give them to know, to believe and to work My fulfillment. Let your mind into My hand, sons, for the man’s mind is a great gift, but man takes this gift and do whatever he wants with it. However, you shall be afraid of Me with you, as woe to those without God on earth, sons, and without My guidance upon them!

I am teaching you the way of the cross. The way of obedience is this way, sons, for you have to listen to Me. All men do not have someone to listen to and that is why they do not listen and do not have the work of obedience, and if you have this gift, then be only eyes and ears so that you may not fall from it, so that you may not separate from the work of obedience, but to listen to the spirit of the revelation that works among you on My behalf, for in one day I am going to give you news to fulfill in obedience quickly and with faith, and if you were not used to listen to My word then you would perish on that day, I would remain without you after so much waiting upon Me and upon you. Therefore, be obedient, and for obedience one needs faith and submission, sons, and love is needed too, for obedience without love brings neither blessing nor reward to the one who only obeys, because God is love and only love goes up to Him and remains. Look at My blessing two thousand years ago, when even under the sufferance on the cross I listened, only to do the will of the Father and the redemption from death of the man lost because of his sin. Therefore, I have become a living example for those who listen to Me with love as I did, because I obeyed and fulfilled the work of obedience, and when My word comes to you, after I have looked among you, in you and for you, oh, fulfill My word upon you exactly, for man, poor of him, has got used not to listen, and especially he has got used to listen to hide from those around him with his disobedience, and it is hard for those who do not listen hiding for disobedience, as they do no longer have the will and the power to confess their disobedience and remain unclean, unhealed from disobedience, and thus they incur upon them sufferance, and their spirit becomes restless and oppresses then, and the fruit of the disobedience upon the one who does not obey becomes weakness, and then the one who disobeys leaves Me and works his things and does not longer has anything from God and for God, for the wages of disobedience is the separation from God of the one who does not obey.

Sons, sons, I am telling you My word so that all those who seek Me with you to take it from you, and here it is what I am telling you:

Man, you have to take after Me, not after the devil, for I created you in My image and after My likeness. When you give place to the devil in you and in your work then you can make another one in your image and after your likeness too, borrowed from My enemy and yours. Oh, you need much instruction, man, much and always, and if you cannot receive with the word your correction and watching for you, then it hurts you even more when you get what you deserve, for behold, man does not want to listen to the word of correction when this shows him his fall from grace and from God’s good.

Oh, sons of men, and you, those who call yourselves God’s sons because you are baptized in the church in the name of the Lord, oh, here it is what I am telling you now: be ashamed to sin. Make a cross, mark your body with the sign of the holy cross and put away your lust for sin, the desire which get you sweetened with the poisonous sin. Put away the lust for sin, the lust for drinking and eating in a sinful way, the lust for smoking and immorality in your own body and the lust for any other sins that come from the devil’s advice, who gives you to get you sweetened with the things he is pleased to see in man in order to pull the man away from God. You will need God’s help, protection and salvation from Him for you. The soldier of old, before whom the temptation in the image of a woman, lustful for the sin committed in the body between her and him, was helped by spirit of the fear of God, and with this power he rejected the sinful moment, fleeing from temptation, and the next day he remained alive among many dead people in the battle who fought against the enemy of his people, and then the Lord showed him how he was to die from the bullets if he were not able to overcome the sin which came into his way, and how that place remained a green patch where he was when the bullets flew all over on the battlefield, but he was saved by the cleanness of his body, which protected him.

Oh, behold, do no longer sin, and be ashamed to commit this sin. Make a cross so that the Lord may help you to escape the snare of sin. The earth has been filled everywhere from the sin in the people and tries to go deeper and deeper with everything it is on it. Oh, leave off sin, ask God for forgiveness, and always repent much lest the wrath for sin may come on earth.

But especially I call out to you, oh, Romanian people, for I, the Lord, am on your hearth with great work of word and I call the man from everywhere to stop him from sinning, for all the wars have come on earth upon people because of their sins.

Oh, Romanian son, those who want to come against you are those who can call you to account because you do not listen to be a Christian according to the whole Christian law, (The Russians – Orthodox in the old style – according to the Julian calendar, r.n.), and you are guilty for law violation. Oh, cover your body, be Romanians, for if you do not do this, you will stir each other only further for sin and you will incur upon you punishment for sin.

I am standing in the air with the saints and I want to protect the Romanian land and I want to advise this people to wash away from its sins and to serve according to the law of the holy fathers on this land I have chosen for My coming in the end of the time as word on earth to prepare My path and My glory for it.

Oh, leave off the sinful and worldly luxury, you, Romanian sons, and start wearing the beautiful garment of the Romanian of old, who had the Lord on his life and whose life was much tested, and because of this I have remained with this nation and I am staying now on its hearth as word of exhortation for his life on earth and on man.

The place from where I speak to the man on earth into the midst of the Romanian land is a heavenly mountain, and I have written Myself down on this realm with sixty years of word and I want to overcome from here for those who are faithful and holy, for those who love Me on earth, and I want to give them the heavenly homeland, and this is what I want to fulfill on the hearth of the Romanian people, and that is why I have made a house and a table for Me in this citadel, from which I start again to create a new creation, a Christian in My image and after My likeness.

Oh, come to your senses, Romanian sons. I want to protect you with all the heavenly powers, sons, and I want you to will this too. I call you with longing and care, for I have great care for you, especially because I have much work with you on earth. Oh, keep away from enemies, and behold, I am telling you too what I told the people of My word, what I told those to whom I come and speak, and I am telling you this: keep the heaven close to the earth so that it flees any enemy who may try to come closer, for I am the One Who protect if I want, and I want to have mercy on you and I want to teach you to be real Christians if you are baptized, for it is not enough only to be baptized, but you have to be in My image and after My likeness, sons, in such a way that the nations on earth may see who you are and what kind of God you have upon you.

Oh, peace to you! If you love Me and if you receive, Me, I am saying peace to you, Romanian sons! I am marking you with My hand with the sign the blessing, the sign of the holy cross, but stand up to the height which the Christian people needs to have, the most powerful among the nations, and which no other people is able to overcome, for God is with it. Amen.

Oh, sons of My word, I have to send a book and I am asking you to put it with you into My book and to take it there where its word goes.

Now, peace to you, sons! Be My help, be My will on earth, as those in heaven are My will in heaven and on earth! Keep the heaven close on earth, sons, for the heaven waits for the calling on earth so that your protection may come as well, and it comes when it is called after it; there comes protection and peace from Me; it comes comfort and rest over those who call on to Me; it comes the Lord at the voice that calls after Him; He comes, sons.

The Lord is coming and will come, for this is My work: to come. Amen, amen, amen.