The Word of God at the Synod of Saint John, the Baptist

The word of God is being written on earth and in heaven, and no word of God set on earth and in heaven is powerless, according to the word of the angel who told this when he came and brought on earth the great news of the birth of John the Baptist, and then the news of My birth from a Virgin mother, two thousand years ago.

It is being worked on this day in a spirit of Epiphany, and I am coming down in the book of My word with John, the Baptist, and We are revealing heavenly mysteries, for because of the lack of the wisdom from above over people, many are led astray, because people have got used to take for them only from the earth, and the book of the Holy Spirit, the book of the heavenly wisdom, the Holy Scripture, people do no longer have it opened on their table to know from it everything man has to know in each time and what he has to do with the steps of his life, with his mind, which he keeps on completely spoiling with all the things written from the earth; things spread from the people and then also gathered from the people, for it is written in the Scriptures that every man is a liar, because man cannot be otherwise if he lives separated from God and from the wisdom set by God on earth over the people.

Every man is a liar, because he does not take from God for him and for man, but he rather takes from man, from the lying one, oh, and it has never been on earth otherwise among those who have not chosen to be with God, as the Christians have chosen God for them, and they are nourished likewise; they take and eat from God.

On the second day of the feast of Epiphany, I am leaving on earth a written word of advice for man to take from God, if he wants to know, and to have somewhere to know from, what to do in the midst of the time on earth now, for even now it is a time of ignorance, and this because of the spirit of lie, which wakes up in people early in the morning, and day by day it is shared to the sides and the people take for themselves, poor of them, and behold a time of ignorance, for the book of the heavenly knowledge, and which has written in it all the times under the heaven and the knowledge for each time, oh, this book is completely put to sleep, and man does not take it from its covers to know what time is outside and inside, to know whether it is cold or warm, to know how he is supposed to put on him according to the weather, and to know how to live and walk. And behold, I am coming; the Lord is coming down on earth as word. He is coming with the saints, as it is written (1Thess: 3/13; Jude: 1/14; Apoc: 19/14.) in the Scriptures about the time of My coming after two thousand years from My great victory against the ruler of this age, satan, the old serpent, and which even now, as in all the times, keeps on whispering to man no to listen to God, but to stay above and to know all things so that he may be victorious against the Lord, the One Who has built the man.

Oh, behold, man, you have always taken from man to know, and man, oh, every man is a liar, because man wants to be greater in such a way that he may no longer need God, the Only and great One.

I have mercy on you, man, disobedient to God and ignorant concerning satan’s deception that whispers to you as he did to Adam in paradise and by so doing he drew out of it the man built by God as rest for the Lord between heaven and earth. Man, however, behold where he has exalted himself, as he has ascended above the clouds with his haughtiness, with his throne, and from there he looks over the earth and over the people to put fear in all so that they may listen to him and in this way to be able to draw all on the side of his hell, and you, man, who are on earth today, oh, you are in danger, but I am coming to teach you to call out to Me to come, help and rescue you from the roller, for satan wants all, all of the people, and he turns on all sides to be able to overcome God and man, as he forgets, or at least he seeks to forget how shamefully he was defeated and judged by the God of resurrection two thousand years ago, and since then he has kept on losing, as without knowing what he was doing, he filled My heaven with confessing sons against him and he lost everything he thought that he had earned for himself.

However, he is very much against Jesus Christ, that is, against Me, he has got the pride of overcoming Me, as he knows well the Scriptures which say that Christ overcomes the beast, that is satan, and that the chalice prepared for the destruction of the beast’s seat is ready to be reclined and to make a great noise, and to destroy the whole fabric set up by all the servants opposing God, who are afraid of the light because of the darkness in which they all are taught to stay well hidden, for before the light they all fade, they all flee from the light.

Satan is very much afraid of Jesus Christ’s name, he is afraid of God’s word, he is afraid of the cross and of its power, he is afraid of the incense dedicated to God’s glory and he is afraid of Christians too. And now, I am taking from the Scriptures and giving the news for the Christians and I am saying this: «Stand firm in faith, resist satan, and he will flee from you and will go away from you», (See James: 4/7), this is written in the Scriptures.

Behold, on this day, I am advising the Christians, the Romanians, for the Romanian people has been a Christian people even from its beginning on this ancestral land two thousand years ago. I am grazing all people on a day of Epiphany, all those who know or do not know My river of word during this time in the midst of the Romanian people, and I have here with Me, John the Baptist, the godfather at My baptism, the confessor here for My word and I am saying this:

Read the Scriptures, dear Romanian, for it is the time for you to know well and to stay with your finger on this map, because satan, the antichrist man, the one who resists the Lord, your God, has an unrelenting longing to tear your little robe of Christian, your little shirt of baptism, and he is walking around you with all kinds of schemes and is lying to you so that you may receive his baptism, his needle in your flesh as a Christian. (Allusion to coronavirus vaccines, r.n.). Oh, your little shirt of baptism was put on your body as a Christian people two thousand years ago, two thousand years of faith, of the confession of your faith in Jesus Christ, the One Who overcame satan.

Oh, Romanian people, only you have been Christian for two thousand years, only you among the nations on earth, only you alone, and you are a great mystery among God’s mysteries with the people! Arise and watch, stand up, I am calling out to you, for Satan’s servants, the antichrists, Christ’s adversaries, are very much against you because of your great name, with your mystery from God, with this land chosen for the Christian people on it, kept as Christian until My coming, the country of My coming as word on earth now, in the end of the time, for Satan’s time will finally end with the cups of the wrath poured out over the work of the darkness of the man who has been opposing God for two thousand years.

Oh, read the Scripture, Romanian people, and do not leave your God! Woe to you if during this satanic time you do not know the Scriptures in which it is written about this time, and when the antichrist man believes, more than any time, that he completely removes God, and that man, willing or not, will need only bread and not God.

I, the Lord, come to you, Romanian Christian all over the earth, and I teach you, I exhort you and gently ask you no longer to walk from here and there on earth, for satan is everywhere and he tries to write you down into his register, and you do not know how to be on your guard during this dangerous time. Receive advice from the Scriptures, dear Christian, so that you may know on which side to walk and what to do with yourself, because the Lord wants the Christian as he alone chooses to do, and satan does no longer want man to buy or sell but only if he sides with him, with his stamp. (Apoc: 13/15-18; Apoc: 14/9,10) However, I have taught the Christian ahead of time and I have told him not to worry what to eat or what to dress, because I will give him, only for him to like to be with Me and with My table food, for there is much holy food for man on earth, only that he may eat of it and be satisfied with what I give him, and let no man take from the one with the stamp in his hand that wants to put on all people, if he can do this, first on those who are on satan’s side and with their lives with him.

Oh, Christian, satan does not save you from any danger; rather he draws you under his will so that you may no longer know who you are, what your name is and who satan is.

Oh, Christian son, stay on My arms of Shepherd, in My care for you and be firm in your faith and life as Christian in time of trial of your love for God, of your faith in your salvation from Me, oh, and do not be afraid of anything and of anyone but only of your separation from God during this hard time, for satan with his entire trick and with all his army are going to fall down with a great noise, and also all his deception by which he thinks that is going to overcome the church and the Christian people on earth.

And here it is My advice:

Stay in humility and in the spirit of repentance, dear Christian! Oh, be good and do no longer walk on the way with the world, as the chalice full of lawlessness is being poured out, and I do not want to find you on the way with the world, but I want you to stay on your grounds, in obedience to the Lord, in a holy prayer, Christian son, for here it is what I am doing: I baptize you in My word when I come and speak to you. Oh, for such a long time I have been speaking to you to know from Me how to behave during this dangerous time for the world, and even for those who are on God’s side in their heart.

I said by this word at the beginning, I said, Christian, if you stay with Me, even on your feet you will not be splattered, just as I said in My time with Virginia, (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet, r.n.) and you are not supposed to ask Me about you, for behold, I am asking you about Me and about those that you have learned from Me, and you have to know as a man who has been taught by God.

«Come out of the world, My people!». This is written in the Scriptures for God’s child to do. God cannot protect you if you do not come out of the world, for in the world are only those who serve the ruler of this passing age, and I said: «Cheer up! I have overcome the world!». (John: 16/33)

Satan walks, and he stealthily tries to gather those on earth for himself and to put on them his pagan sign, as it is written that he will seek to do, so that he may lose all people afterwards, and not to be the only one to lose, for he knows that he will lose his fight against Christ.

However, you, those who know Jesus Christ in this word coming with the clouds, oh, do not be afraid, do not fear of anything but only of your separation from God, sons, only when satan puts his sign on you! Do not be inclined within your will to side with satan and with his robe of benefactor!

I have always told the Romanian people not to let itself be deceived and enchanted by the antichrist’s servants, who have their hearts set on this land, on this Christianized land, and I have also told it not to let itself be injected by satan’s sign, for a bad pestilence comes after that, written in the Scriptures that it would come over those with satan’s sign in their flesh pushed by a hidden trick by the mind of the man who does satan’s will, who makes peace with satan. Oh, and I have also asked the antichrist man to depart from the Christian people, to leave those who are Mine alone if they have chosen to be Mine, and I have asked him to go to his own and exercise his will there and not over those who have chosen to be Christians, unless they have allowed to be undressed of the Christian garment and of the robe of their baptism.

Oh, Christ’s Christians by your faith in Him and by your baptism in the church, oh, sons, seek to be wise now, more than anytime. Flee from the man of lie! Hide from before the one with a benefactor face but with a heart of a wolf for Me and for you! Persevere in prayers, in the love for God and for the saints by the power of your faith and of the cross, sons! Ask from God protection and victory against the devil! Ask by the Christian cross that satan may perish! Ask this by a holy life, and watched by a holy mind, lest it may come to your mind and say like the devil who wants to undress you of your Christian robe.

Oh, do not give yourselves into the mouth of the wolf! A wolf is a wolf and is not something else. Oh, you do not know those who come near to you in order to tear you now. Those who are not known to you are a trap, sons. Behold those whom you have sent to the helm of the country, behold how they are giving you over on the hand of the foreigners, of those whom you do not know, dear Romanian sons, on the hand of the pagans in their life and faith, sons. Oh, your rulers do not care, they do not care about you, they really do not care because they have joined the mob that gathers around the beast and give it entire control, as it is written in the Scriptures about the truth of this time, and you are left uncovered, and there is no man to protect you from wolves and from beasts. However, I am coming to teach you, I am coming to clothe you with power from above and with the spirit of wisdom, for your rulers do not want to know about the danger of the time and they come out and keep on coming out and are telling you to submit to the work with a hidden face, to the antichrist’s army and before the lawlessness on earth, for your rulers have no mercy on you.

Oh, do not go alone into the wolf’s mouth. It sharpens its voice and softens its voice so that you may not know his hidden plan to destroy your future with God, your eternity with Christ, of Whom satan’s servants are afraid.

Satan is the enticing serpent, and man listened to its voice in paradise to take from the tree of the good and evil, the tree of knowledge, oh, and satan and man fell from paradise, and man has in him good and evil, and the devil is the evil, it is the adversary what made man fall from paradise, oh, and you do not have to stir up evil in you, man, but you should choose good, but do you know what good and evil is anymore?

People go to the priests about whom people say that they draw the devils out of those who are possessed by the evil spirit. Oh, I could not do anything to escape Adam from the devil, and man, poor of him, thinks that the priest saves the wretched one from the evil spirit, when sin is the greatest dirt, but until man does not agree for his good, oh, you have nothing to do for him, because the devil makes a circus before the people by his servants, and then the news is spread that the devils submit and obey, when every man is full of the spirit of pride on earth, and pride is a demon, and many years ago, I said that there is no man without a demon in him, oh, and I saw the spirit of murmuring working against the word I had spoken.

Well, man, who are you so easily ready to commit sin in your body, oh, why did you wonder, why do you wonder? However, if you do not get rid of the spirit of pride, the spirit by which you got angry with Me when I spoke the word against the sin in man and I called it demon, oh, why do you still wonder?

Man makes a circus with a spirit of pride, with sin, with all kinds of tastes pleased to satan, and he still wonders that God speaks about the demon in man. Oh, do not wonder, but rather humble yourselves! Do not do like Adam, who got upset with God after he had listened from satan and took in him the work of good and evil by eating from the tree of knowledge, and thus eating at satan’s advice. Oh, is it possible to say that the Pharisee from the Gospel did not have any demon in him, when he left being ashamed before God, Who sees the man and the man’s work? Is anyone able to see that satan did not work in Peter, the apostle, when I rebuked him and I told him: «Get behind Me, satan!»? (Matt: 16/23)

Oh, sons, make a right judgment like God, for behold, man judges by appearance, poor of him. Satan urges you from inside of you, man, and you speak with pride, you get to like yourself, you doubt others, you grow cold to God and brothers and leave at satan’s urging. You turn away from watching over yourself, from the love of your brothers, but you also suffer damage, just as David drew harm upon himself after he had sinned and assumed the right to commit sin, while he thought he was worthy of the love of God, but in fact, he was subject to guilty desires and paid with four sons in return, oh, and so does satan with those who let themselves enchanted in such a way that he may do them more harm afterwards.

John, the Baptist, came out to the river Jordan two thousand years ago and started to call out over the people: «Repent, you, people, for the Kingdom of God is at hand! Make ready the way of the Lord, make His paths straight, for it is written that every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low, the uneven shall be made level, and the rough places a plain, and all the creature will see God’s salvation». (Matt: 3/3, Isaiah: 40/3-5) Oh, and John was also calling out: «Bring forth fruit worthy of repentance… for every tree that doesn’t bring forth has the axe at its root to be cut down». (See Matt: 3/10; Luke: 3/9) And the people were asking him: «Teacher, what must we do?». (Luke: 3/12) Moreover, he was exhorting everyone according to the teaching for the fruit of repentance, and many were wondering: «Is he not perhaps the Christ?». And John was answering to those who thought he was the Prophet: «No! I baptize in water, but the One Who comes after me is greater, and He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire, for He has got His fan into His hands and He will thoroughly cleanse His threshing floor, and will gather the wheat into His barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire». (See John: 1/21, Luke: 3/15-17)

Come, My dear disciple, come, and sit down into the book with your voice! We are in a spirit of the feast of Epiphany, you and I at Jordan, you and I here, now, at the water of the river of life, the word that flows from God’s throne.

― Oh, Lord, oh, little Lamb Lord, Your time and mine was then the work of the heaven on earth. Since the news were given by the angel to the father Zacharias, who had no longer spoken but remained mute, nine months had passed and then he was able to speak and said a prophetic word, speaking over me: «And you child, will be called a prophet of the Most High, for you will go before the face of the Lord to make ready His ways, to give knowledge of salvation to His people by the remissions of their sins, because of the tender mercy of our God, whereby the dawn from on high will visit us … to guide our feet into the way of peace». (See Luke: 1/76-79) I was just been born when my destiny was spoken over me, and then it was fulfilled the whole word spoke by God to come upon me and to make my way of life on earth.

Oh, and the same is now; we are working likewise during this time and we are working by the word and are preparing the nations for the knowledge of salvation, Lord, and this is in the remission of their sins.

The whole saving medicine for man is kept ready to be shared through the church built by You on the foundation two thousand years ago, and there is no other truth from You than through Your church, and Your church has got two thousand years of truth in the Romanian people, and we have to guard from heaven with all the armies that it may not ignore the promise within it, for the antichrist man has opened wide his eyes and understood that he can do nothing because of God’s truth in the midst of the Christian people, known by the name of Orthodox church, the church of the truth of the beginning of Your church, oh, and it has been kept here.

You, Christian peoples, and you, those who do not have the knowledge of salvation, you have to know that the remissions of sins come as a result of the repentance of your hearts for the evil done against God’s will, against the commandments of life and which have to be well-known that they may not be violated and abolished, especially by those who are baptized in a Christian way for their lives with Christ on earth.

Be careful, be careful! From margins to margins listen to Christ, God’s Word! He has got His river of word on the hearth of the Romanian people, the land chosen at the beginning and in the end, and the Lord works at the salvation of the nations, He works by the word.

Come near! The Sun on the highest is visiting you, Jesus Christ, baptized in Jordan with the Holy Spirit and with water two thousand years ago, and my hand took water and poured it out on Him, and the Holy Spirit appeared, and Father spoke the word, confessing as His Son the One Who was baptized. He is the One Who comes, having been sent by the Father, to give you the knowledge of salvation.

Come to your senses, examine your sins by repentance and then step on the way of peace, for the word of the Scriptures, of the renewal of the world, has come. Prepare yourselves, therefore lest the curse may come to you, of which will have part all those who will not repent of their sins.

Be only eyes and ears against the antichrist’s servants. Do not receive those who come in the name of the Lord! They are wolves, therefore, do not welcome them! You do not know them, and therefore, do not receive them so that you may not receive any advice from them for you for they are hidden under their clothes!

Look up from where the Lord watches and comes as a river of word to you on earth! Do not look at those who come to you from below. Come together against the man with the satanic work, make him flee from you, but also receive Christ in you, for satan’s man is afraid of the Lord and of His great name!

Be good, stay at your homes, Romanian sons! The people without God call you and wave to you from everywhere! There is no time to stay in the world and with the world. Stay with the Lord and the devil will flee from you and will leave you alone, as it is written.

This is my word on my day of memorial as Your baptizer, Lord, the God of the Christian people, oh, and let us always watch over this nation, Your nation, Lord, between heaven and earth.

And glory to Your love of people, Lord, glory to Your mercy, with which You come to the people on earth!

― I come and I keep coming; I am coming on earth to the people to meet them and that they may meet Me as well, for we have to work victory against satan’s throne, the beast that is ready to destroy God’s church, but I am also ready to pour out the chalice of wrath over any enemy of God’s people, the Christian people, Jesus Christ’s church, the Lord’s flock.

It is written into the Scriptures about the cup that is now being inclined, ready to be poured out over the seat of the beast, which is fighting to overcome Christ, and the cup keeps on being inclined to overflow.

However, I, the Lord, strengthen in faith, in wisdom and in the spirit of repentance those that choose to be on God’s side and to stand against Satan, and I am saying:

Do not receive any foreign exhortation! Do not receive anything from man! Receive only from God for you! Rejoice when you lose everything for God because everything is going to perish, and the Lord will remain with His, with His flock; the Shepherd with His flock!

Receive My protection of Shepherd! Remain under the staff of God’s word! Keep away from the antichrist man! Come to know his steps and robe! He does not have God’s sending. Do not receive Him! Protection comes from Me, not from him, and he is the lying and evil stranger, the man of falsehood.

I remain with you. Remain with Me as well, remain with God.

I putting down My feather and I am saying: Peace to you! Remain within Me and I remain within you!

Peace to those who trust only in God on earth and who receive only Him for them! Amen, amen, amen.