The Word of God on the third Sunday after Passover, of the prudes

The heavenly hosts descend on the way with those who come at My spring of word and with those who come together at the table of the feast of My second coming on earth to prepare a people for My glory in the end of the time, the glory within which I enclose it, the glory of My word, that is the food with which I come into the way of those who want Me, those who believe in Me and take Me from this word to their life.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lord resurrected from the dead during the days of Pontius Pilate, after the Jewish people condemned Me to death on the cross two thousand years ago. I am the Lord and I am the Teacher of My female and male disciples of that time. As nowadays, I also made disciples then. As at that time, I am also making disciples now and I am travelling with them in My memories of that time and I am bringing them here, at My spring of word together with My witnesses of that time, for God is always today, and He joins the beginning with the end, meeting them in a spirit of feast, those from heaven with those on earth, for other feasts are not with God, and they are without God and they are without saints; it will not be written up there with God and they will not make the Lord and His saints come down in a feast on earth with the people, the heaven and the earth celebrating together, there where the Lord comes from and glorifies Himself with His glory from above.

I am coming down with the greeting of My resurrection before those who come together with the heavenly guests, with whom, I, the Lord, am coming down here, on this day, at My spring of word.

Christ is risen, I am telling you, those who are gathered for Me, to listen My word!

Christ is risen, the heavenly guests are telling you, those who accompany Me, My female and male disciple, the witnesses of My resurrection on the third day from the tomb sealed by the people that crucified Me after it had given Me to death on the cross!

Christ is risen, the spirits are telling you, the spirits of those who were resurrected once with Me and confessed in Jerusalem their redemption from the dwelling of the dead and My victory in hell, (Matt: 27/52,53.) crushing the latches and saving the ancestors!

Christ is risen, those who are asleep are crying, those whose name is called at the memorial of today for them!

Oh, Christ is risen, My people at the spring! You have prepared a table of feast for those in heaven. You have listened to Me and prepared My meeting with the people gathered at the spring, and I am accompanied by those in heaven. Oh, peace to you for your obedience to God! Blessed are those who have seen and believed through all the things that I was and fulfilled two thousand years ago into the midst of the people of Israel, but blessed and even more blessed are those who believe today in the glory of My word, with which the Father sends Me on earth for the living and for the dead to hear Me that this hour has come!

Oh, two thousand years ago, the men’s faith in Me was otherwise helped during the time I stayed among them on earth and then after that on that time, for after I had been resurrected I went and stood on the right side of the Father, where My place is from eternity, and I told My disciples this: «Go into all the world and preach My Gospel to the whole creation… These signs will accompany those who believe: in My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new languages; … if they drink any deadly thing, it will in no way hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover». (Mark: 16/15-18) And behold, those were the faithful ones and they were those who were helping the faith of many of those who did not see the things of My Gospel of that time.

I made to be great the confession of My Gospel through the mouth of My female and male disciples, who confessed My resurrection! Early in the morning on the first day of the week, the angels spoke to My prudes about My resurrection, for the angel stood in the tomb where I was resurrected and he told them the message: «Christ is risen!». And he also told them to go and let the disciples know, and then I appeared to them; I appeared in turn to them and I greeted them: «Peace to you!» and then I sent them into the whole world with the great news so that many might believe through it and to be able to call them more blessed than those who had seen and believed.

Oh, come into the glory of My word of today, you, those who saw and believed two thousand years ago in Me, Jesus Christ the resurrected One! Peace to you! Come into My book of today for the spirit of testimony. I, the Lord, am blessing now the entrance of My saints. Amen.

— Your way with us is between heaven and earth, oh, resurrected Lord. Your glory with us is between heaven and earth, oh, Lord. Oh, blessed are those who receive You with Your saints in Your coming of today, oh, Lord! Your coming is confessed by the word, it is glorified by Your great proclamation and is shared to the people, and this news passes everywhere and Your voice is heard on earth. There is only waiting in heaven. All the angels and all the saints are looking after You when You are coming on earth during these days. All the heavenly hosts are in Your glory, in Your coming of today, and You give them the great joy that the Lord is coming on earth as word with tens of thousands of Your saints. Oh, how shall we do, Lord, and set this great joy into the hearts of the people on earth? Oh, when will they confess so that those in heaven may also say: „The Lord is coming with His saints?”.

We are today on a great feast with You, here, at Your spring of word. Your young people of today is preparing Your sojourn with Your saints, oh Lord, and blessed are they for their faith. Oh, let those who doubt about Your coming of today as word on earth not come among them! Two thousand years ago, there was also a spirit of unbelief in us, but we strengthened each other’s spirit in You, Lord, and the faith was growing in people and many believed in us after that. Oh, may Your will be done among people on earth, but help their faith, by which they may be able to follow You, Lord!

You, those who come and drink of the river of life, be faithful to the end, for great pain goes up in to heaven from those who come to the spring of the Lord and do not remain! Oh, work out faith and prayers for it, for everything is possible to those who have faith, and all of the things of the Lord come to him and lay on him, and after that the man works too. Nothing, nothing has the one who has not faith, and the one who has faith has dominion over the world as much as God has. You should not seek after greater miracles than your faith and do not seek to see and to receive. The miracles of your faith are worked in heaven, not on earth, and all the heavenly powers rejoice. Miracles for those in heaven are those who believe in God with the people on earth. Be miracle-people and rejoice to be like that! Be full of humility and rejoice to remain like that! Oh, be the fruit of the Lord’s faith in you, for the Lord needs to believe in you for Him!

Oh, get up, Lord sower, and throw seed on earth for faith and let many nations believe in Your coming of today on earth! We are the witnesses of Your resurrection, like those who were the witnesses of Your birth from Your Virgin mother following this good news spoken by the angel. We confess that You were crucified and mocked by crucifixion and that You were resurrected and appeared to us during forty days from time to time, and then You ascended to the right side of the Father Sabaoth, and that now You are travelling with us again on the way of Your second coming after two thousand years from Your first coming, born of a Virgin mother on earth. We are the confessors of Your resurrection together with those that were resurrected from their tombs once with Your resurrection, Lord, and they appeared alive in Jerusalem and confessed Your entrance by the cross into the hell and making free the ancestors with Your brightness, with Your victory against the hell, which had kept in its prison those that had been there up to Your coming, Lord. Oh, glory to You, resurrected King! The Christian people has You as King upon it and Your Kingdom and its Kingdom remains forever; it remains with those who love You according to Your truth and they confess You likewise by their faith and by their holiness before You, now and forever and ever, oh, resurrected Lord. Amen.

— Oh, great spirit of confession, in which you are included, dear confessors, may your name be blessed from now on and forever, and may your faith catch a miracle in many by My gifts for it, which bring forth fruit! I stay with you in the glory of My coming and I give Myself to you with joy to the people gathered at the spring around My young men, near My young people, which is My help for My coming of today as word on earth! You are My witnesses in heaven and on earth, for you are within My coming of today. Oh, remain in My joy. Amen.

I am speaking with you now, oh, My people, people from the spring. Be brave in your faith and in its works, for the whole heaven looks at your choice and rests deeply in your faith. You are My young people. You have not wasted your life for the spirit of the world, but rather you have brought it to Me since you were little and you have worked into My vineyard, and your reward is high, well sons. You should know, well, well My young men, that the world does not look well with you when you pass through the world by your step. You should also know, sons, that you do not look nice with the world when it tries to come closer to you and see, for the world has its spirit and it comes with it when it tries to come to you because you are Mine; however, you want to show it how you are, and the world has to see by this and understand well that the spirit of the world is foreign to you. Oh, blessed are those who have you in their hearts with names of the sons of God on earth, because their faith will not be overlooked on the day of their visitation. Remain in My love! I take you within it, and everything comes to a stop in Me, no matter how many things they might try to strike you, for My love protects you in it, sons.

You, those that run with faith and love like the thirsty deer at My spring of word when you come to the feasts, keep your hearts in the fear of God, for this is an angel of great protection against human works, which struggle to live in people and because of which the people do not come to this spring. Get used to take your steps to the spirit of holiness, so that you too may become God’s sons fully and to give birth to a holy people for the holy heaven and not for you. Turn your bodies into clean vessels, useful to the Lord, and there will be no richer people than you are on earth. Oh, come, drink and have a party with the Lord and with His saints. Come to Me, you those who are heavily burdened, and you will taste the sweetness of your rest! I come always; I come into your way and I give you of My graces and I want sons, to bring you as offering to the Father, according to the order in the people of My word of today, an order in which I, the Lord, have set it in order to know it that it is Mine. Oh, its life is not too tough, for it is beautiful before Me and it is for Me, not for them, and I set My works upon them, and by this time, I have not got so much support from the earth, and the people know that all the glory is given to Me with it and with the entire help from one another, the heaven and the earth helping each other at work for the last Scriptures.

I, the resurrected Lord, open up My arms for you and I am thankful to you for your faith in My coming as word of Holy Spirit on earth. I, the Lord, call those who are faithful to My coming of today of the Romanian people, I call them My Romanian people, and they are the Romanian people, for it cannot be Romanian otherwise the man on these heavenly fields where the heaven works, sanctifies and prepares the view of its glory in the end of the time.

I, the Lord, teach you, and you should learn that the sons of My people from My spring of word cannot give you anything else than what I give them to give further, and they cannot take in order to give after their will or yours, for I give them what they receive and what they give, and their whole word and work is given by Me to them when they work, whether they give or not, when they let themselves be carried by My will. Amen.

I stay with you in a feast, and the heavenly hosts stop together with you and wait for you to go with you on your way back, for I have given them word to take you within the protecting spirit, which goes with those who come to Me to My glory with them. I will accompany you with great word at the end of the feast and I bring My exhortation before you and I will also give you holy strength in you and I urge you to be Romanians, as behold, I suffer from a fresh wound, an open wound, the storm which has been beating now from the enemies to pull out from the top those with a clean watch over this nation. The Romanian people does not like peace and the spirit of brotherhood, but it likes the spirit of pride instead, which those, who are not faithful to the truth of the works, feed themselves with, and then they feed each other on it to the sufferance of this nation, who has not wanted to hear My whisper and watch for its destiny.

Oh, Romanian people, how many times have I tried to gather you under the glory of My protecting word upon you and you have not wanted. Your destiny is in My hand, but it is in your hand as well; however, if your hand does allow Me to hold it into My hand, then sufferance comes to you, because you have not wanted to know those who do you good so that sufferance may not touch you, lest your enemies from the middle may take advantage of your destiny. It will be bitter for those who want to pull the helm out of those who rule over you cleanly. However, I will watch upon your destiny, but your sufferance, which you alone do to yourself, will plough you, to the atonement of the hatred of those who are in your midst and who do not know what justice is or what love does.

Oh, peace to the people gathered at the spring on a day of My feast with the male and female disciples of My resurrection! I will stay with you in the word to the end of the feast, sons, and I will give you the whole word on this day of holy feast. I am giving you sweet advice: walk in My ways to be born from above, to love the truth and the justice of everything. Be My Romanians, be Romanians born from above so that you may be My Romanian people, the beginning of new nation, of new people, to be in My image and after My likeness, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


The love of God turns the man into a god; it makes him a son of God, and the son is obedient, and by it he keeps himself to be a son and he brings joy and comfort to the Father and works like the Father and only in this way he is in the image of his Father and after His likeness. The son who overlooks the Father and minds his own business and not the Father’s, that one uproots himself from the Father and brings forth fruit from himself, not from the Father, and such a son remains without the Father.

I have stayed with the heavenly armies in the sky of the Garden of the Meeting, and I have measured with a measure from heaven the heart and the conduct of those who have come to the spring, at the feast of resurrection, for this feast has been lasting forty days and I spent a feast like this with My female and male disciples two thousand years ago, and I gave them the spirit of resurrection, the spirit of the love of God, and then I went to be on the right side of the Father, submitted to Him further for the whole work, since then and to the end of the Father’s work, Who is in Me with His work.

I have looked with love, but I have also looked with mercy, for those who love Me with obedience are those who are loved, and those who want to love Me as much as they want and not with obedience in respect to the laws of the whole love, they are those who are tolerated and shown mercy by My endurance, but what do they know whether My mercy and patience face to face with them give or not give them salvation? Two thousand years ago, I said that all those who did not know that they sinned when they did not do that which was to be done, but those who know from God what it has to be done and do not do or do other way than it has to be done, then they commit the sin of disobedience to God, even if they think soundly that they have love for God in their deed.

I, the Lord, am word on the earth and I dwell into your midst, My people from the spring. I take from the Father and I teach by the word the one who gives his ear to hear. There are some of those who come and work then as they hear from Me the word shared to his work, but there are also among those who come and hear the word and believe it, but as they have got used without obedience for the work of the word, they remain as they are and come and go from the spring as they are. They believe that I am, that I speak and that I share the word to its fulfillment, but if they do not have any roots in their obedience to God, they cannot get used to giving forth fruit in the vineyard, and they cannot remain in My love in such a way that it may bring forth fruit in them. I give them further advice, for I it is My duty to be a Teacher on behalf of the Father Sabaoth for those who come to hear the voice of My word and who take or not take the work of the obedience to God upon them. I am speaking to them in the end of My feast with the male and female disciples and I am giving them My word further.

You, those who come to hear My word, you need the wisdom of the spirit of obedience to God, and without this wisdom in you and in the work of your life your walking with God is weak; the walking of those who cannot learn to take from God and listen with their work after that is uprooted from God. He who is born of God, that one does not take any more after man, but he takes after God instead, and this is how the face and the work of those born from above are. I remind you, that I, the Lord, have asked from the Father by prayer My whole work, after He has given it to Me to do. Even if I received from Him all the work that I had to do, I was asking Him by prayer, as man asks blessing for the work that it is given to him to do by his father. And the Father was giving Me then as He is giving Me now to work for man, and I was asking the Father and I was not asking from Him anything for Me, but rather I was asking Him for man, so that the work which My Father had given Me to put upon man might have fruit in man. My Father gave Me the disciples, and I was asking by prayer from the Father everything that was necessary for them to have so that they might be in their likeness after God, and I was seeking the Father’s will in everything that I was asking in My prayer from Him, and I was teaching My disciples to do the same in their prayer to the Father and to say: «Father, may Your will be done in heaven as on earth with us!». (See Matt: 6/10)

I remind you, those who are much exhorted by My word, which you seek and want much, and I am telling you now that I said in My prayer to the Father: «My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass away from Me; nevertheless, not what I desire, but what You desire». (Matt: 26/39) Oh, this prayer full of pain had power in it to keep in it the spirit of obedience to the Father, for in My prayer to the Father I said then: «Not what I desire, but what You desire».

You should know from Me, sons, that the Father had listen to My prayer which I asked for Me at the moment of My bitter cup, for the cup passed, and I was resurrected, and once with Me I drew the dead out, those who heard My voice from the hell when I got into it to take them out. You should know, sons, that on that time My Father did the work beyond human nature, for God is Spirit, even if I had a body on earth to obey the Father in order to take out the bodies of the dead from the hell, but My Father kept Me near Him in the time of the carrying of the cross, and He also carried My body to those in hell, who became flesh so that I might be able to come out and walk on their way out of the hell, for how was satan supposed to be defeated if God had not showed him in the time of My cross that the bodies of the dead came out of the dust and walked on their feet on the earth?

Oh, I would go on and on speaking with you much about this great mystery of resurrection, a mystery for which My Father told Me to listen and to be born a man and to sow Myself in men with My mysterious work and to come down then by the way of the cross into the hell with My resurrection and the resurrection of the dead.

Behold, I put teaching with power over those who come and take Me from the spring and I tell them this: I have not asked from the Father for Me in My prayer to Him, but I have asked for man, as I was an obedient Son and I said: «Not what I desire, but what You desire, Father!». Oh, how much I would like the man to be accustomed to having the spirit of obedience to the will of the Father in his prayer! Oh, how much I would like the man to be in My image and after My likeness in his prayer to God! Oh, here is the reason why My Father has sent Me as word on the earth! The Father has sent Me to teach the man the love of God, which makes the man god; it makes him God’s son, and the son has obedience and by it he remains a son, for the sons are only those who have a Father, only those who take after their Father.

I measure with the measure taken from the Father, the heart and the conduct of those who come together at the feasts at My spring of word. I rejoice much over some and over some I cry much, for I would like all of them to be in My Father’s image and after His likeness, to be My brothers, oh, and I have a reason to cry! I cry for longing of brothers, for My brothers are those who do My Father’s will like Me, and the Father is in heaven, and the Father’s will has to be with My brothers on earth. Oh, shall I not cry much when the man’s lips always say: „May Your will be done on earth as in heaven, Father!” and when the Father’s will is to be so with them, then it is not, and man remains further with his will and this is how he stays before God.

I miss to have brothers and I cry for longing! My Father sees Me while crying for longing and He cries with Me too, and We both look at the pride of the man who calls himself a son of God, brother with Jesus Christ, Who does His Father’s will and not his. I long to see that man is as clean as I am, and I long to see that men do not do evil to each other by their disobedience to the Father among them. The love of God is greatly misunderstood on earth. Those who complain to God are those who are coward, and those who have God in them are those who have love. The cowardly are not those who love, and those who love are not those who are coward, for there is no fear in love, as love is love and fear is fear, and love means God and fear means man.

I miss to have brothers and I cry with longing! I long after brothers in My image and after My likeness, and that is why I cry so much in word and I speak and exhort so much. I come and speak because of My longing. Because of His longing the Fathers sends Me to speak on the earth so that the people may hear Me and answer somehow to My voice upon them. There has not been so much love poured out from heaven on the earth as now is, when the Father is sending Me with much word upon people, as much as the river with great outflow. The word is the seed and it is the water, which moistens the seed, but the soil for the seed is taken and used by the man without obedience to God on earth.

You those who come and get comforted and you also comfort Me by your coming to My spring of word, oh, learn what the life with obedience of God is! I lived three years and a half with much word upon My disciples two thousand years ago and they saw My great works and the power of the Father in Me, and they still minded their own things. Here it is why it is so hard for the man to be completely dedicated as a disciple in the hand of the obedience to God! Oh, if I cry with longing to have brothers in My image and after My likeness, then you should also cry with Me, cry with longing after God, for the longing is crying, and crying is its work! You should also cry until the Father will have in you the power to make you God’s sons, My brothers, for I listen to the Father and I do nothing from Me or take or give or speak, for I know well which is My Father’s will, and I work only His will, and only in this way a son according to the truth is.

Behold, it is hard for the man to die to himself. I would like the man to get away from this death, from his self that uproots him from God, for the one who brings fruit from himself and not from the vine, that one is uprooted. Learn the work of the vineyard and the work of the branch in the vine, sons. When you come, I come down here at the spring and I give you much to learn. I count your steps when you come and I want to count the works of your obedience to God, and I also want you, sons, to become My brothers. I am giving you advice and I am putting it before you, now after the end of the feast. I am also giving you holy power for exhortation, and the power is your very obedience to My exhortation. Now, I am waiting for you with longing and I am waiting for you again at the spring, to help you with My Spirit to learn how to become My brothers, the sons of the Father wholly, in My image and after My likeness. Amen.

Oh, My people from the spring, I have put into the book the word for the love of God of those who come and take the Lord from you. I have showed that I have the son’s propriety before the Father both in prayer and conduct and in modest obedience to the Father. Even face to face with man, I showed My godly conduct, the humility of God’s Son. The humility among brothers teaches them the love of God, and when it is not among brothers, they do not learn what love is and what God is. The holy decency among brothers teaches the brothers to obey the other one, to be humble to one another by the spirit of the love of God, for love submits itself and does not bring into submission.

Behold a great teaching: love does not bring into submission but it rather submits itself, and it cannot be otherwise. Those who do not show the work of their life in this way, they are not brothers among themselves in My name and no one can love God otherwise on earth and in heaven, and again, no one can say that he loves God if the holy propriety is not among brothers that teaches the brothers what obedience to each other is, but it rather submits itself, for it cannot be otherwise, and man cannot be otherwise in the image of God’s son and after His likeness, Who, in a holy propriety, submitted in heaven and on earth before God and before man, and by so doing, showing the work of the love of God, the work of God’s sons. Amen.

Oh, sons, the holy propriety that submits itself teaches the brothers the highest conduct, the highest wisdom of those who are called brothers among themselves in Christ. They are no longer as on earth, but they rise high by their highest conduct between brother and brother, and the submission to one another proves that they are no longer from the earth and that they are the new earth for the new heaven, in which justice and peace dwell. Justice is the will of another and not yours. This is the face of justice, the spirit of brotherhood and the propriety above him, the spirit, which makes man god and God man, for I, the Lord, showed that I am God because I obeyed to become a man, for love submits itself sons, and love is God and it makes man god. He who loves mother and father, wife and children, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends and riches on earth, that one remains in his blood, for this is how he wants to serve before God, and he who submits to the love of God, that one becomes god by his submission and he makes God a man in his own being, becoming God’s house, God’s heaven on earth among people, by the spirit of the holy submission, the spirit of God’s sons.

I bow down in submission before My Father Sabaoth, I glorify Him by My submission and I give thanks to Him for all His love, which passes through Me to you, those who come and learn from God.

Let Us put Our love full of submission upon them, oh, Father, and may the spirit of the holy submission teach them the propriety among brothers, and let those who come to the spring come, take and learn the work of the love of God, the work of God’s sons, oh, My Father. Amen.

— Yes, My beloved Son, I, the Father, glorify Myself in You, for You are My will. I give Myself to man through You with the whole teaching word upon man, for Your crying to have brothers in Your image and after Your likeness, My Sons, oh, and Your crying is also My crying, and Our work can work by love and it can do it, oh, My dear Son, Jesus Christ, for Your name is known on the earth, a name which has been so much persecuted by those who do not love God for them into the darkness of this passing age, oh, My beloved Son, My Son before eternity, the One with the same being like Mine, as We also work in heaven and on earth, dear Son. Amen, amen, amen.