The Word of God at the feast of the birth of the Saint John the Baptizer

In this day of heavenly memorial on earth, I bring you from among saints and through the saints powers of soul, spirit of patience and of holy hope, My people, to pray with much power and with much pain to God, because it is a great sufferance over the Romanian country, and it is much pain in you, Israel of today, and I have turned to you with comfort and with John, My baptizer, so that We may settle down, We, those from heaven and together with you in a spirit of power and hope, for the days are hard, My people. However, I need to hear your voice, which calls out to Me asking for the protection of the Romanian people, and then that I may settle down with bounds between good and evil, between faith and unfaith, between holiness and lawlessness, for everything has to be renewed for the visible descending on earth of those that are not seen, but which will be, because the world will be renewed, as I promised My disciples two thousand years ago, for the last days, for the establishing of the kingdom of the heaven on earth. Amen.

John, the Baptizer, waits to call out to the people to repent for the kingdom of the heaven to come near on to the earth, clean and holy. You are very weak, children from the gates, but John waits and he will not go back into heaven with his word until you set it into My book with you, because every saint, working by My work of today, does not stop from his work on the earth, because it is not possible without the written work to be worked on earth each time, and especially now, when I, the Lord, am in My last coming, and I have with Me the hosts of saints, to the fulfillment of the times, to the men’s turning to God, Who is making the world again. Amen, amen, amen.

— My voice cries over the people, Lord, as I was crying two thousand years ago, when I was making Your way for Israel to know You and to believe that You are the Son of the heavenly Father and that You are sent from heaven for the salvation of the fear of the death of all those who were to believe in the salvation from You upon them.

Oh, what sufferance on the earth, Lord! The man has no longer been satisfied in spending his life, and You have spoken to Your people of today, that it is mourning in heaven and that on earth it is only partying, and the man does not know that there is no joy without lamentation on it, without the reward of those who live within their blindness. I come, because I am Your forerunner. I come on the way of Your word, which comes with the clouds, and I cry over the earth and I sound the wake-up to repentance.

Repent, you, sinful people, from the whole surface of the earth and come into the bath of the birth from above, to the forgiveness of your sins! I am the voice, which cries and announces the way of the One Who becomes word on the earth for the new birth of the world, for the Lord comes and baptizes with Holy Spirit and with fire, either to repentance, or for every man’s rebuking, and He has His winnowing fork in His hand and He thoroughly cleanses His threshing floor and gathers His wheat into the barn, but the chaff He will burn with fire, because He prepares with Holy Spirit and with fire His kingdom on the earth, and then it will be without end. I am the one who exhort you to repentance and then to the spring of life, which flows from the Lord’s mouth into the midst of the Romanian people, and His word from now gives birth again to the world and establishes on earth those that are not shaken, as it is written into the Scriptures.

Oh, Romanian country, in these days the Lord has prophesied upon you that you will be brought to cleansing and whitening, so that you may be beautiful again, and that your land may be cleaned, and thus He may prepare the great glory of His coming with the saints on your hearth, for you are His chosen one. Oh, I look at you with pain and I see the angels who cleanse from the way of the Lord those that are shaken by man, and I call you to the baptism of repentance and to the forgiveness of your sins.

Oh, Romanian people, the Lord is visiting you, as He has prophesied in His word of today upon you. However, you have tried not to hear, but He fulfills. So, get ready for days of repentance and prayer and for a fasting pleased to the Lord, for the Lord gives you grace and power if you want to listen to this. Set down to call Him to protect you and to give you the spirit of faith, obedience and love for His coming to you with the spirit of comfort, by which He has been dwelling into your midst for fifty years, to prepare your glory with Him if your receive Him, if you wait for Him and if you love Him, oh, dear country of His coming after two thousand years on the earth, as word. The Lord is in you to protect you and to renew you by your repentance if you want, and without your love He cannot do you good. However, you are the country of His returning to the people to prepare His endless kingdom, and if you do not want this, the Lord can do what you cannot, what you do not want to do. So, get up! Amen.

Let your sons exhort one another to repentance, oh, country of the Lord, for your birth on the earth was at the same time with His birth among the people, and this was your mystery, and the Lord is coming with it to you, after two thousand years from His birth and yours. I, John, the Baptizer, am the word of the Lord’s coming to you to give birth of His word to the world again, and behold, in the day of the celebration of My birth from God in the house of Zacharias and Elisabeth, I am coming now and I am celebrating this day by your calling to repentance, Romanian country. Get up to be chosen, as it is your fate to be chosen from among the nations, and to be the Lord’s house. Get up from your blood, for the Lord has got you from the Father for His coming now in the end of the time, as on His first coming He had Israel as the people of His coming. Get up, shake off the entire lawlessness, and do not stay without love. Be wise and put light to your candle, for the Lord has become Your bridegroom and he cannot forsake you, but He can cleanse you, He can renew you and He can give you birth. He, the One Who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire, He is the One Who renews the world destroying the lawlessness, for the time has come near, and it is written: «He who is holy, let him be holy still, and he who is filthy let him be filthy still, for the Lord is coming with His reward to repay each man according to his work».

Oh, country of the Lord’s returning, repent from the injustice that you worked and come towards love and prayer and ask Your Lord: “Come, Lord!” and He will come and adorn you with the glory of His coming with the saints, to your peace and His. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, you, the one who called out the people two thousand years ago, calling them to the kingdom of the heavens, to Me, the One Who has eternal life for man, even now you give Me to the man by your preaching about Me, and I seal your calling with power, and I will make the people look for God and for the spring of the word of life. Amen.

Oh, My people, it is written for the time of My coming a Scripture with bounds between good and evil, between faith and unfaith: «He who is unrighteous let him be unrighteous still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him work out righteousness still; he who is holy, let him be holy still», and behold, John the Baptizer is still crying to every man to take his time and turn to God, for I am merciful. However, the man does not know that sin was unsealed and that it has caught the man under it, and the man does not know what is sweet and what is bitter, what is to life and what is to death, for the man has always been coming back to his vomit and he is not able to come to life, because he has no life at all; the man has no fear of God and he has no steadfast humility, because there is much sin on the earth, and the lawlessness has been poured out everywhere. However, I shake the man and I still call him under My saving shield, but if I see him without steadfastness, without an earnest life and without a calling and faith with love in it, I cannot make more than man does, for I am humble and I do not go beyond his will, because this is how God is, and He is not like man.

Moreover, as for you, My people, stay with power of faith full of love, stay with the hope in My promises for those who persevere in My wills, and stay with earnest prayer and watch now, when all cry on earth, even when the people linger within the parties of their life. Stay, My people, with My Spirit in your spirit and put on you all the fulfilling of My word into your midst, for I wait for you with your calling to Me, to fulfill by it everything that I have to work and fulfill in this time of Me with you, and do not forget that all the saints wait for you, and do not forget to become with every passing day more and more My image and My likeness.

Be good, and stay within the Holy Spirit, My people; stay within the birth from above and ask upon you and over the earth for My kingdom, which I prepared from the foundation of the world for those who love it. Amen, amen, amen.