The Word of God on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the Saint Pious Mary of Egypt

My word is a feast in heaven and on earth, for the saints are in a feast when I, the Lord, have poured out My glory, My word over the earth for more than two thousand years ago, oh, and much more, for the time is at the end, and it is great the preparation for the appearance of My glory with tens of thousands of saints, as it is written. (1Thess: 3/13; Jude: 1/14; Apoc: 19/14.)

Oh, the glory of My coming as word on earth is great, for with it I am preparing at sight the glory of the new heaven and earth, and let no one wonder of My coming as word over the earth, for at the first beginning I also worked everything by the word, everything by the word, and I did not work otherwise then, and in the end the mystery of the new creation, the renewal, the new birth of the world, this new creation could not be worked otherwise but only by the word, oh, and the new man cannot be worked in another way, the house where God and His saints dwell, he cannot be worked but only by the word; and the word of the new creation is God’s feast and resurrection; it is the kneading of resurrection, and all the first creation listen to the word of God when the Lord speaks over the earth from the midst of His saints, oh, and the man has to listen, too, for man is God’s creation, the creation for whom the heaven and the earth was created, and for this wisdom set over man is much to be done and spoken over the earth and over the man on it, and behold this is what I, the Lord, do, I speak and work speaking.

Oh, I have no other way to defeat satan, the one born of the man’s disobedience in paradise; I have no other way but to work with the word in order to overcome him, to cut off his false work, so deep hidden by the man’s mind, for hypocrisy sits on a high seat and it works over the man’s mind in every way possible, oh, and man keeps looking all day and all night at this work spread all over the face of the earth, before which the whole world bows in the way the Christians bow before the icon of those in heaven that are God’s and of His saints, oh, and the world worships this beast that fights against the Lamb of God, for satan has made himself a visible icon (The TV set and sites of the news, r.n.) and with it he gathers a great fortune, but he gathers it for his own fall, because man will come to life, he will be renewed in his mind, feeling and body, because this is that God’s word is working, it is working the man’s godliness, the wisdom from above for the man’s soul, for the spirit and for the body, oh and the glory of God’s word is a heavenly feast, My coming as word on earth.

Satan is upset and his servants are speaking from the frame (The frame of the TV set and of the computer monitors or smartphones, r.n.) day and night to keep the man in front of its icon, (Apoc: 13, 14) with which he is working visibly with his lies devised skill-fully and with many other things, for when the desired fruit does not work for him, he has many other gimmicks and takes them out, he tries them on and renews them, and I, the Lord, scatter them all one by one and bring satan to shame and give him away with his hidden work behind a deceitful face, and behold the fight of the Lamb of God with this beast with many heads, oh, and what joy comes from the earth to heaven when I put down on earth the word written to be able to fulfill it then!

Each and every bit of My word that has been written is fulfilled, only to be written into its today’s book, for behold why I love and protect so much this land that My Father has chosen for Me, the Romanian land, in which I, the Lord, have been waging war against satan who thinks that is the victor over the earth and over man, poor of him!

Oh, My country of today, I am coming to you as word, and I have made a ruling citadel on your hearth for you need heavenly protection over you now, oh, for you are conquered by pagans, you, country with a Christian name even from My birth and yours on earth, I and you at the same time, for then My Father gave Me your land to have it when I come as word on this land to the end of the time, for the people of Israel gave Me over to death; it gave Me away from it; it did not receive Me when I came from the Father to it; they did not want to believe, oh, they did not want to do this, and behold, you have been My Christian country even since that time. Even from the old time the pagans have been coming against you with weapons and war, and now the pagans submit you to their will by working against you from their homes, from their hiding against you so that you may not know its place, its attack and weapon, and behold, the pagan man keeps you down under its pagan will, for he does not want you to be Christian, he does not want you to be with God, and the servants at the altars are keeping a council with the pagans to sell you on money, for they need money, not God, not their salvation from God.

Oh, behold the human kind with a mask on their mouths, put by the spirit of lying with a hidden face!

Oh, you, those who are have high seats over the nations, what is this that you are doing to the people? What is it, I, the Lord God, am asking you?

Oh, you, people fed with the spirit of lying of the apocalyptic beast, rise up to watch and come to prayer and call out to God to come and save you, and call out to My mother Virgin, too, that who is crying and praying for all the creature oppressed by satan’ spirit! Oh, become Christian by the power of the baptism with the Holy Spirit and be baptized within My word, for it is the water of the river of life which flows from God’s throne, as it is written, (Apoc: 22/1; 17) and behold, the Romanian country is the country of My coming as word over the earth, it is My Christian country with My name over it, with My seal over it, with the cross of My and its resurrection!

Oh, cry after God; cry out with prayer like fire and ask Me to come to you with unheard signs and wonders to bring satan down, who keeps you in the darkness without God! I want to raise you to the victorious faith against satan, the antichrist man, and I want you to seek after My will over your life, oh, for there is no sweeter life than the life of a Christian, a life lived with God, the Lord with man on earth as in heaven, and let there be nothing on earth without God, for woe to those without God over their lives, woe to them, soon, soon!

The Word of God sets a holy teaching over all the people on earth and gives promise of resurrection and of knowledge of God by not sinning and by the repentance for the sins, and behold, behold, a man sins only when he is not with God, only when he does not have the Lord in his heart and mind, only when he tries to take God out of him for the thought and taste of sin, only when his love and heart is inclined for sin, only when he does no longer love God with his heart and spirit in it, oh, and man does this again and again, again and again he lives without the knowledge of God in his heart and mind.

Oh, there are many, and there are even Christians, who do not like life with God, for life with God means a lot, for a beautiful life one needs many ornaments to be beautiful among people, and it needs those from haven over it in the midst of the people.

Oh, people on earth, a multitude of sins come upon man, they come in heaps because of self-righteousness, for this is a rather great sin and it always gives birth to sins, and therefore, teaching is needed for self-denial and for the love of God then. And if you, man, love your neighbor and say that you work love, oh, take care, you, Christian man, take care, because all the love you say that you work, must spring from the love of God, for the pagans of the world also love their neighbor, but not God, oh, and that is why you must take care to carry the cross, for the love of God, which is whole and not divided, and with it you are to give your help to your neighbor, for otherwise you do not know how to love God, but only your neighbor, as the pagans do.

Oh, this is how you are to teach the Christians, you, servants of the teaching from the Christian altars and you are to tell them not to be afraid that their place of worship will be taken away, for I, the Lord, said a great mystery for the true worshippers, who are those who worship in the spirit of truth, a spirit that cries out to the Father for them, and you are to feed My flock especially now, in times of trouble. Do not try to take after the antichrist man who wants to take you out of the ancestral inheritance if you do not gather the flock to feed it and do not close the door for it, because the house dedicated to God by the forefathers of old and by the Christians is not yours, for this house belongs to the Christians, and do not become cruel masters over what is not yours, for those in heaven look at you, wonder and ask why you are doing this, why you are trying to become masters over what is not yours?

Oh, suffering flock now, do you see what it happens to you if you do not appreciate when you have? However, wake up now in bad weather, oh, wake up! Do you hear what God is telling you? Oh, wake up for your Bridegroom, and wake up!

You ministers for the Christian flock, be humble before the flock, for you live at the expense of those who give you money to take care of them with mercy and self-denial, in a gentle and humble spirit, for you should work the Gospel of the Lord without any money so that I, the Lord, may pay you with salvation, for man has got used to giving you, but you should not ask, you should not impose heavy burdens to serve them between God and them, because I have been giving them, and took them not, but on earth there is no longer any fear of God, oh, there is none.

Behold a great example of great instruction in the fight against the enemy sin in man, for the holy fathers left to the Christian church in the time of the Lent the parable of the spiritual life of the one who gave up sin in order to be sanctified and forgiven from her many sins, Mary the Egyptian.

Oh, Christian, oh, Christian, stop having fun in a sinful way, and do rejoice in a Christian way so that the Lord may rejoice in the midst of the brotherly fellowship, and let not only the devil rejoice, for the devil is constantly gathering the sins of men to give them the wicked payment, but behold, beside My voice is now speaking this warrior against sin, after she had renounced the poisonous sweetness, for she overcame satan with Me, and here is now her advice:

― Oh, Lord, oh, Lord, the bitter taste of sin, the sinful man like me, does not know its bitterness except after he is driven away by Your love, suffering from his black sins, and with which he cannot stay near God with his life.

Oh, Lord, there is no greater bitterness than the expulsion of the sinner from before Your mercy, oh, for the spirit of the man driven from paradise was painful, and he did not want to come to repentance for the pain which he had inflicted on You with his sin, but he rather sided with sin.

I, Lord, completely repented, I totally dedicated myself to You, oh, because I had sinned too much and too hard, and only a life far from sin and far from people was able to keep the promise I had made, and so that You might not drive me away from Your face because of my heavy sins. Oh, and now I am telling to all the sinners to sweeten themselves with the life of their Christian life, and in such a way that they may not find the bitterness worked through sin and which drives man away from Your face. This is deliverance from satan: non-sinning is, oh, Lord.

Oh, the whole of Your word over the earth and over man is waited to be fulfilled, Lord, because righteousness will come, for this is written, but make all those on earth one hour before, doing this, so that You may give them a good reward too, Lord, oh, and that You may have reasons to give them too.

― You, dear loved saints, you accompany Me within My coming, and your prayers go before Me, and the love in them works and will leave love in men, love for God in them.

And now, I am also exhorting My today’s Christian people, the Romanian people, to the holy watch, and I am saying to them this:

Oh, Romanian nation, protect your fatherly wealth, protect the dowry of your soul, your country and faith, your church and people, as blessed is the people that has the Lord as their God, as it is written, and you are Mine, and I am yours; I am the Lord and I am the Lord your God, oh, My Romanian people. Amen, amen, amen.