The Word of God at the Synod of the saint archangels Michael and Gabriel

The heaven is opening and the word of God is coming down on earth. Those that are not seen by human eyes come down among those that have been seen even from their making, for God made the heaven and the earth, the visible and invisible things.

The Lord comes down on earth as word, accompanied by heavenly hosts, those that are without body, because it is the feast of His angels. Amen. I, the Lord, announce Myself at the gates in heaven above and on the earth beneath. I open the heaven when I announce Myself with My descent, and I announce Myself in heaven to the angels when I descend, for I have the angels as My servants, and, again, I announce Myself on earth to those who stay for Me as the gates set by Me for My coming as word, for I have them as My servants. Amen. I have the seraphim near Me, those with six wings, loving of God, and they are in the image of fire, for it is written: «The garment of His glory is like fire». Oh, you who have come together at My spring of word for the feast of angels, pray to the seraphim to kindle you, to warm you and to give a godly nature to your love. Amen. Then I also have cherubim before Me, those with many eyes, out of which understanding and wisdom is poured out for the spiritual eyes, to give them the sight of God’s knowledge and of the mysteries from above. Oh, pray to the cherubim to illuminate your souls with the spirit of the knowledge from above. Amen. God’s carriers, that is the thrones, this is how they are called, because I rest in them as it is written: «You, God Who make justice, sit on Your throne». Oh, you who rule and reign upon people, pray to God’s carriers, to the thrones, which give rest to God, to give you the spirit of the right judgment. Amen. The dominions, the powers and the principalities come in a row in My heavenly glory, and these rule over the angels from below who give people the power of reign and of the wise stewardship over those entrusted to them, hosts of people, and then the powers which help the people in all their work, giving them greatness of soul in troubles and submissions, and the principalities have power over the devilish spirits, protecting the people and helping them for the kingdom of the heavens, which is earned by the victory against lusts and their hostile thoughts. Then there come in a row, the beginner spirits, the archangels and angels. The beginner spirits ordain the angels from below for services commanded by God over nations and lands, raising the worthy ones among people on positions of honor and exhorting them to praise God and not to look after their own benefits. The archangels are those who announce God’s mysteries, the prophecies and the Lord’s will, to increase in people their faith and understanding, and the angels, those who are close to the people, protect the people and protect them from falling and they raise them when the fall, and behold, this is the angels’ ministering, receiving service from one another. Amen.

I, the Lord, come with heavenly hosts and stay above you, people gathered at the spring. He who has ears to hear from God, let him hear My word with them and let him give you from Me by a ministering of angels, for I have ministering angels of My works, and this is how I serve from heaven and down to the earth between Me and man. I work through angels, and so little do the people know about angels, My people! The angels do not have a body and they surround Me and are My garment, and that is why the man cannot see Me, but I have a body and I go from place to place with the man, and the angels cover Me. I tell you, My people, about those that are not seen and are. Be faithful, therefore, for the unbelievers do not know to have the Lord as their Master, they do not know to keep away from their falling from God. I have called you to the spring, to refresh your understanding from above for those from above, then your faith and then the works of your life, son, for the ministering angels from Me up to you work from Me for you, and you should not be a pagan within your heart, but you should rather love the Lord with it, because the Lord is, son. I would like you to receive the mystery of the virginal heart and not to love other gods beside Me, for the common man cannot perceive how many gods the man is able to worship. However, you have been very much taught by God and I will ask an answer from you for everything I have given you to know, and I will give you a grade for everything that you have learned. I have work to do with you on earth, the work of resurrection, son, for I have lifted you up from the people for the resurrection of the dead to be My people, now, in the end of the time. Be faithful when I tell you that all those from the graves wait after you to come to their resurrection, for I have released upon you a mystery through those that are My gates and I have spoken through them about those that are not seen and I said that I have worked to do with you with depth, up and down, in heaven and on earth, for the unfaithful man works on earth and those that are seen are on earth. Oh, pray for the increasing of your faith and sight for those that are not seen, and let us work for these, son, for I need servants on earth, and I have angels as servants in heaven, for there is much to be served for the fulfillment of the last Scriptures, My people. The angels exhort you to the spirit of love and to the spirit of faith and then to the spirit of the comfort for Me, to be able to make you a healer from Me over the Romanian nations, My people, for this nation needs healing from sin and unbelief, and behold, I call it out again to its healing, for My wound for this nation is great, into whose midst My Father has sent Me to do now the work of My coming again from Father to man. Oh, the Romanian nations sleeps towards Me, and I try to teach it its resurrection and to call it on its name, to call it out from its unbelief and to give it the spirit of the understanding of My mysteries, for this nation has God’s election upon it.

Oh, Romanian nation, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by ignorance of God! Oh, not this way! I have made great heavenly love come down for you and I have reminded you of Me and you. You have with Me a heaven of saints on your hearth and those who cry out to Me for your resurrection. Here I am into your midst as word of love and resurrection. Angelic hosts accompany Me. I have opened the heaven again, I have come down on your hearth as word, and I have made you sit with Me at the table to eat from My mouth. I feed you bit by bit, as the parents feed their children. Take, eat and come to the spirit of understanding and do not work anything without God, for it is not good to play with your life. It is written into the Scriptures: «Let he who does not love God be accursed!». (1 Cor. 16:22) The angels who fell after the man built by Me became haughty and fell from heaven exhort you to serve other gods. Lucifer, who became satan because of the man’s haughtiness, draws you to your service with him, for he sees your election and he does not like your place near Me, and he wants to take your life away from Me. Oh, let us serve the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and let us make any effort to be able to do it too for those who fell by their haughtiness, people and angels, and let us do the work for the establishing of the kingdom of the heavens on earth, for those who are not seen will no longer be when the calling to account will come for all people on earth about their life and its works. Be a wise nation and do not doubt of the truth of My coming to you as word of resurrection. Oh, do not doubt because there are not many those who are My people of today and by which I rely on with My today’s coming. In the time of Noah there were not many who pleased God either. Neither in the time of Israel nor in My time could many people be distinguished, but as few as they were, they were God’s kingdom on earth and they fulfilled My Scriptures with the man for that time. I promised Israel many good things, many fulfillments, but because it did not enter into them and into My rest and theirs, those that I promised were not fulfilled for it and for Me with it. Oh, I have meant so many prophecies, so many good things over the nation of Israel among the nations, but I have not put in vain the parable of the wise virgins and of the foolish ones into the Scriptures, for behold, the virgin body does not watch, but the soul watches when it watches, and the heart watches as well, by love and by faith in it.

Oh, Romanian nation, your land is sealed by the Father for My coming back after two thousand years. The ministering angels on My behalf over the people leave over you the spirit of understanding of God’s mysteries into your midst. You are in a time of trial for your life from above and from beneath. I ordain you to become wise from heaven and not to be able to do your will, that which stands against you, but to do My will on earth instead so that God may be your father, and you to be His nation among nations. My angelic hosts are ready to serve you to do My will for you and not your will, because you are My chosen people. I do not come to ask you anything but the faith that the Lord is He Who comes to you to lead you for your life and you to serve Him for the resurrection of the dead. Man is not king on earth, and it is not good to be so, but it is good for the man to have God as his master. Amen. Oh, you shall not become haughty in your spirit and say that God is for you, for Israel said the same thing after I made it to be God’s people, and then Israel fell from My face because it rose against Me when I come to appear before it, to announce Myself to it and to announce it with Me on earth. The angelic armies comfort your forehead and give you great news. Do you hear how beautifully the heavenly armies comfort you because you are Mine?: „Rise from earth to heaven, Romanian nation, for you are Christ’s confessors at your root, who ask for the reward of their faith and sacrifice. Your place is before the Lord, for before Him your saints stand and ask for you to be with them before Him. You should have justice and peace as your way. Your should have mercy and love as your power, and let your faith teach you to sow a new seed on the ground, the news of the kingdom of the heavens, as John, the Baptizer, and then the Lord, Jesus Christ said. Work out light for you and not darkness, for the darkness comes to its end and there will be a reward for those who will have worked them, and the light is the Lord, Who comes to you and is glorified with His light into your midst.”. Amen.

I, Romanian nation, I, the Lord, dedicate you with the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and I lead you to My will and to your victory. Give voice to your prayer and say like this: Lord, may Your will be done over the destiny that is from You of the Romanian nation and come! And come to save us! Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, you from the tombs, who have found My calling to the spring, you have come from the place of your waiting to hear My voice in the garden! My angels are your servants, and you are full of longing and appreciation for My new people, to whom I am coming today and near whom I call you to come and I gather you for your comfort too. Oh, get up! Get up more and more with every passing day and come out! This is written to be fulfilled. Amen.

– Oh, Good and great Savior, have mercy on us, God, according to Your mercy, and according to Your great endurance, wipe out our transgression from Your face and wash us from our sins! Do Your church good, Lord, and let the walls of new Jerusalem be built, which those in the tombs so much have waited for! Strengthen the work of Your word and bless this little village where You call us and bring us together at the voice of Your archangel who serves to announce the resurrection of the dead, and bless with all Your blessings those who have ears to hear from You and through You from those in heaven and from those on earth! Your way from heaven and to the place of our waiting is everything that is loved and appreciated by man on earth, and we have waited for thousands of years to reveal Your sons of today and with whom You have made Your coming for those who are alive and for those who are dead in their body and soul. We need light. You are the light, but You are also the word, and Your word is the light. Oh, Your word is sweet for those who wait for it, and we, those from the tombs, wait after Your word, oh Good Savior! Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, it is written that from the bosom of the earth the shadows will come to life. I, the Lord, comfort you with the word of the comfort in the place of your waiting. In the days to come there will no longer be death and dead people, but it will be life and resurrected people, as it is written. Amen. I give you comfort and I give you patience until you catch spirit, until the earth will give you back at the voice of My archangel. Peace to you! Resurrection to you! And you will listen to My announcement and you will come up. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, people that have come to the spring from everywhere, I embrace you with the heavenly armies. I ask you not to forget God, for if you do forget Him, then your forgetfulness brings death to you, son. Oh, come and make bold your name in the book. Ask Me how you should do this. Oh, you shall not depart from the spring of My word, which comes to raise the dead to life! Refresh yourself, for you have to be refreshed, you have to be sanctified, sanctified again and again, My people. Ask Me how you have to do this. Oh, love God, oh, come back to the first love and see how that day was for you and how you were for it. Oh, do not tread upon the word spoken by God upon you, but fulfill it immediately lest the angels, fallen from glory because of their serving the man’s haughtiness, write you as a son of disobedience. Come back to your first love, for My light seeks for a place with light from heaven on it. I forgive everything you have done wrong. Come back to life! Come back to obedience with love! Oh, do no longer slide down, oh, do no longer be slow in your coming, for the time has passed and it needs redemption! The world is on the earth, but the Lord is into your midst, people nourished at My bosom. Amen.

May the feast of the angels be blessed! You shall spend within a spirit of feast, My people, and make the angels spend time with you. Draw the angels toward you and to your service for Me, for man’s service for God draws the hosts of angels to man. Amen.

Those asleep have remained now in My gardens, My people, until the day when the public call will be made, for I, the Lord, have called them ahead of time. And as for you, My people, sacrificing for My spoken word, which calls to the spring those who are thirsty, you shall not forget that I, the Lord, have a great longing for man. Amen.

I have comprised within My spirit and word those who have come together at the feast of the angels. I have given them power to become and to be God’s sons, for the sons are those who listen. Peace to you, My people! I would always teach you. The life from above is not from the earth. Oh, do not receive life from the earth! Take it from My mouth and hand, and in order to be able to see, look at the Scripture that says: «Come out of the world, My people!». Oh, those who do not come out of the world cannot get away from the wine of its burning, and the world will be punished according to its works, according to its face. Amen.

Let there be peace between Me and you, My people! Let there be peace between you and Me! Peace to you! Oh, stay at My bosom to be My child, to be My son and in such a way that no one may snatch you from My hand, My people! Amen, amen, amen.