The Word of God at the feast of the Spring of the healing

I am the Lord of resurrection and I am coming down on earth as word, and My name is called the Word of God, a mysterious name, (Apoc: 19/13.) like My coming as word on the earth to man. I am sitting down with the greeting of the resurrection before My people from the midst of the Romanian people and before every man on the earth who knows and who does not know that I am coming now on the earth as word to man and that I am preparing the fulfillment of My great victory, for I am the Lamb of God, preached in the Scriptures to come and to overcome the iniquity on the earth and to make a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jerusalem and to make a new man out of man. Amen.

Christ has risen, New Jerusalem!

„Christ has risen!”. I, the Lord, resurrected from the dead, tell every man on the earth, who knows and who does not know, that I am with the glory of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people!

„Christ has risen!”. My mother the Virgin greets the heaven and the earth for My resurrection!

„Christ has risen!”. My male and female disciples call out up there in heaven and down on the earth, for I come with the saints when I come, as it is written for Me to come! Amen.

Oh, My people, let every man, who loves Me and waits for the Lord to come, take from you! Oh, let those who are unfaithful to Me also take Me from you and believe in Me by this word! Let those who love life and want to see good days from the Lord on the earth take Me from this spring, for I announce Myself with days of healing over the man, and his healing is in his hand, in his faith, in his pleasant will to God.

Christ has risen, I, the Lord, greet those who have come together at the spring of the healing and I teach them the resurrection. I teach them and I teach every man on the earth! Keep My word, sons, for it teaches you life. Believe in Me, for he who believes in Me will never die; this is written in My Gospel two thousand years ago. I said this so that the man may no longer sin, for this means his healing. Love heals man. Love heals the man from sin. He who loves God from all his heart, mind and soul, that one does not love death, does not love sin, for the love of God is God in man. Oh, I want to heal the man from his self, as the man sins because of his self-love. I want the man to serve My Gospel and the man’s resurrection, for the man’s resurrection comes from the work of My Gospel over the earth and upon man. I want the man to be spiritual, and not fleshly or earthly. I want the man to pass from flesh into spirit, as Mary did, who chose the good part and which will not be taken away from man, and it would be only that for the man who loves God to choose, but it is written that the son born after the flesh persecutes he who is born after the Spirit, for he who wants to be according to the flesh serves in a fleshly way and persecutes the one who loves to be spiritual and to be nourished with the love of God, with My dwelling within My teaching and sweetly eat it sweetly, for it is sweet and it is for the sweet ones, for those who love God and who are healed with God. Amen.

I, the resurrected Lord, become healing over every man on the earth and I teach him goodness, instruction and the knowledge against his mistakes, for David, My anointed one, standing before Me was saying: «Lord, You have showed Your loving-kindness to Your servant, as Your word was, and now teach me Your loving-kindness, instruction and wisdom, for before I was humble I went wrong and that is why I have kept Your word after that».

Oh, man, get healed from sin! Be your own healer, for sin is an unsleeping worm and the man’s body is food for the worms even from his being alive, for the man is comforted with fleshly lusts against the elevation of his soul and there is no one to tell him to leave death, to condemn the sin in his body and to be healed from sin, because after this sin the pain comes, the disappointment comes and it condemns the man.

Oh, how great My pain from man is, from the weakness of the man fallen of My glory! I look down on the earth as the man cleans his house and I see how he cleans and makes beautiful everywhere around himself. I look down from heaven and see how the man cleans and makes everything shine in his household and courtyard, as well as his clothes and food once with the coming of the days of My resurrection, but if he does not clean his inner body for Me, if he does not clean it from sin, from this unsleeping worm in man, oh, it is in vain, in vain that the man keeps his house clean, it is in vain, because I do not dwell in a house made by the hand of man, but I dwell in the man’s body instead, if I dwell at all, if it is clean for Me to dwell in it. Oh, who is the one that understands this? The man goes to be anointed with healing oil, as the Christian instruction for healing is, but if he is not anointed within those inside of him for his healing of sin, it is in vain that the gets anointed on his forehead and on his hand, and everywhere on his body outside of him. Oh, who is to teach the man his healing and then its keeping in him? Oh, if you do not keep your inner body clean from sin, your cleaning is in vain, man, but come, come to learn the glory of the resurrection and come to love sufferance, for your happiness separates you from Me; it separates you from life and from its cleanness and its greatness from Me. I, the Lord, tell you that the sin in man is the unsleeping worm and it eats him up inside of him and God in man and then the man dies within his body and becomes food for worms. Oh, the man’s destiny was not supposed to be like that, because I made the man to be church for Me and not a dwelling place for sin, which has become an unsleeping worm in man since the man cannot walk after his healing from sin!

Oh, I come into your way, man, I come out with My spring to give you to drink of it and to feel the coolness and sweetness and life and your healing in it. Take, drink, and get healed from those inside of you, which you have taken out of My hand and become your master, as you do not love your life, if you do so, and you do not love God either, if you do so. Oh, give yourself over to Me to heal you, for behold, I give you medicine to get cleaned and then to sit down and rest within those inside of you, cleaned from sin, cleaned from cunning and emptiness and from the death that comes from them. Oh, this is how I taught and teach My people, that which comes at My spring of word, and I take from the spring and give to you too, man from the earth, and you should hear Me, hear the Lord, how He calls you to give from Him what you cannot give to yourself.

However, you, Romanian people, I want you very much to be Mine, and to be humble to My will, for your choice for the man’s salvation from Me is great, your choice is from the Father, and satan knows it and wants your evil because he is upset with Me and with you because of his fall from heaven, but you are My hand of victory and I want to tell you this and I want to make you hear Me to heal you from satan, for he wants to stretch out his tent in you, and you are My holy mountain for the sake of My word, which is flowing in you as a river on the earth, now, and it is becoming a river of life to water the earth far and wide, for My Spirit can do this. Oh, Romanian people, oh, I exhort you with longing: this kind of demons does not come out of you but only with fast and prayer. I have the people of My word into your midst and I set it to the work of your salvation, but get up and believe and shake off the yoke from your neck, which satan wants to put it now to your scorn. Do not forget that your ancestors were coming with holy days before Me upon them, days of fasting and crying out to God, and they set holy angels as their protectors and the saints were coming and overcoming for them, for your people, My country. My mercy asks you to learn and listen, for behold, I announce you for days of fasting and crying out to heaven, for My mother the Virgin comes before Me for you with a new calling so that satan may not tear you down in the dust of the earth. I establish into your midst days named for fasting and crying out to heaven, the last three days of the month of the flowers, (April, r.n.), and I teach you to light the candles and to put in them your prayer and to write this: „Lord save the Romanian nation from satan and from his black work, by which he tries to separate us from You and from our salvation from You. Be victorious for us, for the days are hard and they are not seen. Teach us your loving-kindness, the instruction and wisdom, for before we humbled ourselves we went wrong, and because of this give us power to keep Your word and take us out from under satan’s hand, for You are the Lamb of the Father and it is written that You will be victorious. Amen.”.

Oh, My Romanian county, oh, My Zion of today, the foundations of My today’s Zion are in you, and they are My holy mountain, from which I speak. Oh, I love the gates of your Zion more than all of your places and I spoke about this citadel, and I am born into it as word, for My Father founded it for His Son. Oh, clean your body from sin, Romanian son, for Noah lived in cleanness, clean from sin, he and his whole house that entered the ark before the coming of the flood, and this is how the eight souls and all the living creatures in their ark were saved. Oh, run towards Me with days of feast and crying and sanctifying of your body, soul and mind to God, Romanian people, to get away from satan’s traps, for you have the Lord God into your midst, speaking and teaching you the loving-kindness, the instruction and wisdom. Get up, Romanian people, and destroy the sin into your midst and set holy laws upon you that they may protect you. Give up your drunkenness and smoking, sexual immorality and unbelief and at My word stop from food and meat, for man kills to eat meat, but soon, soon, I will stop the man from eating meat, for he will no longer have, because on the earth there will come the new heaven and the new earth and the New Jerusalem, as it is written into the Scriptures, and I will work all these with man, but not according to his will and plan, but according to My Father’s will and plan, Who works by His Spirit and by the prophets, by His sanctified people and given to be sanctified into the midst of the Romanian people for all the nations on the earth, who will want and listen to Me for the good things that come from the Lord on the earth soon, soon.

Oh, Romanian people, put the candles on the table and write in them your prayer that I have given to you to burn for God once with you, once with your heart to Me and get up with crying and with days of fast before Me so that we may overcome satan, who tries to seal you under his will and under his seal upon you; however, I teach you to call out to God to your help to give you victory then, Romanian people. Oh, your priests see to their things and play to satan’s liking with their life and will, but I, the good and merciful Shepherd, call you under the rainbow of your victory and salvation, Romanian flock. Take My word upon you and give it from mouth to mouth, and let it go from Romanian to Romanian, and he who will give My word from mouth to mouth, from Romanian to Romanian, for the announcing of the days of fasting and crying out for My salvation for this nation, that one will not lose his reward. Amen, amen, amen.

And as for you, those who share Me, the Lord, as word over the earth, get up to fulfill. Oh, he who loves you on the earth because you are My servants, that one will not lose his reward, but even more I will forgive all his sins that he will have made as a man and I will wait him to his holiness and to the victory through the saints, for My saints come with Me on the earth and they give themselves as help to those who overcome themselves for My victory. Amen.

My word is a spring of healing, and My mother the Virgin is giving herself as word by My spring to the healing of the many. Oh, mother, the saints of the heaven celebrate you in heaven and on earth, for you are the healer, mother. We are giving the spirit of the healing to man, only for him to hear and listen to us, mother. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, Lord’s sons, and you, men’s sons! Christ has risen for you! I suffered with Him and for Him and for you when He was put on the cross by satan to die, but satan deceived himself then, for the Lord was resurrected and overcame, and the ruler of this world was judged at that time.

„Christ has risen!”. Romanian people, the mother of the sacrificed Lamb is telling you now for your salvation, for the salvation of those faithful to Him, the Lamb of God, Who washes away the sins of the world! Oh, the Lord has sent you heavenly news. Mind you do not violate His word from above and from below, for the heaven works with the earth for the victory of the God’s Lamb and for your victory to the salvation of many. The Lord has let you know for days of fasting and crying with burning and praying candles on your hearth. The Lord has written down the three days of fasting in the end of the flower month in heaven and on earth as days of fasting from food and sin, fasting and crying, Romanian nation. Oh, you shall not eat during these days, but rather cry out in tears like the city of Nineveh for your salvation from under satan’s hand and then for your resurrection in the resurrected Christ. You shall eat clean fruit and drink clean water if you cannot stay hungry for your joy after that. You shall eat only fruit and vegetables, as the man in paradise ate, son, and if you can, if you are healthy, you should eat after the sunset, and if in you, the weak one is overcome by its weakness, then that one should eat fruit and vegetables and drink clean water, with days renouncing sin, smoking and drinking unblessed drink, for the drink from the Lord is only water and wine, and any other drink is against the man’s life and his blessing from God.

Tell each other, Romanian sons, for the obedience to God and be faithful, for the Lord loves you and calls you to listen to Him for the victory from Him, and then, loving sons, loving of God and hating of sin, as sin is a devil, it is satan in man even from his beginning, since the man lost the paradise because of sin.

Be the blessed of my Son, Jesus Christ, the One resurrected from the dead two thousand years ago, oh Romanian people! The word of my Son and my word through His spring into your midst is a healing spring upon you and from you over to many. Be faithful, and not be unfaithful, for the Lord wants to wipe out your sins from His face for which you suffer, and He wants to set you in His holiness, for without that nobody will see the Lord, and behold, the Lord is coming, as it is written. Amen.

Christ has risen, people of the word of my Son!

Christ has risen, sons of men!

Christ has risen, Romanian people, and come to my Son with your obedience, for this spring of word is my Son, The Lamb of the Father Sabaoth, the Father’s messenger to you, for you and for all the nations on the earth then. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, My mother, spring of power for the sinner who repent! My great grace is with My entire word and yours in this day of the spring of the healings for man. When I sent My angel to you to tell you those from Me for My coming into the world two thousand years ago, you said to the angel: «May it be done to me according to Your word». Let the Romanian people speak like this for My word that is preached in this day over him for his salvation. Amen.

Oh, Romanian people, the Lord your God, the Lamb of the Father, has spoken to you in a day of the spring of the healings, a spring of word upon you. Happy, happy you will be if you listen to Me and if you are faithful to the One Who has spoken with you for your salvation. Amen.

„Christ has risen!” Romanian people, the Lord of resurrection is telling you, the resurrected Lord. Oh, lift up your gates so that the Lord, your God, may come in to you; your King, God, the King of the heaven and the earth, Romanian people, My new nation, and may your obedience to My word be blessed for your life, for your salvation. Amen, amen, amen.