The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Mother’s Birth

I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, for I am born of the Father before eternity, and I am the Son of the Virgin mother, born of her two thousand years ago after I had sowed Myself in her at the moment when the angel told her about Me that I would be born of her by the work of the Holy Spirit in her. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am coming after two thousand years of word on the earth and I have a wonderful name, as it is written in the Scriptures that I would have, and My name is called the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13.) Amen.

I have from the Father My return to the Romanian country, the New Jerusalem, for it is written in the Scriptures that the Lord will choose Jerusalem again. I have made My bride people into her midst and I have made it into a watching servant for My coming, and he watches before Me with faith, as not the light of the day is the light for man, but faith is the light which shines and watches waiting for the day of My coming at the middle of the night. Amen.

Oh, open to Me at daybreak, you from the gates, for the Bridegroom is coming at the middle of the night and happy is the servant He will find watching before Him. Open to Me to come in as word into the book and to meet with it those that come with longing at My spring of word, for I am the One Who fills the man’s soul with longing after I have revealed Myself to him with My coming to feed the man with the spirit of My coming for him for his resurrection from among the dead, from among those who are not faithful to My coming of today, in order to judge the living and the dead and to give them to the Father saved by My great work and love for man. Oh, grow in people their love and watch for Me and for My coming as word on the earth, for they take My word from you and then they come to take from Me, of My table with My people of today, people taken of the Romanians for My glory of today and tomorrow, and My glory is the word.

I suffer from every man who does not come to the spring of My word of today that I may draw the man to the Father, as My work is that for which the Father has sent Me. Oh, I do not want to let the man be up to the end the servant of this passing age and to be his own servant as well, but I want to draw the man to the mystery of the age that will appear soon, soon on the earth for those who are faithful. Those who are faithful are those who are illuminated by the gift of the holy faith, for the faith in Me is the man’s light from the end. Oh, the man’s wandering away through the fog of unbelief makes Me suffer! The man without faith and without hope by faith is like the blind man who has got used to his blindness and does not want to see, for he has got used to it. However, I suffer deeply, I suffer in the Father and the Father suffers in Me from the lack of the light, from the lack of the faith in man, and the Father sends Me on the earth as word to man so that I Myself may become the man’s light and the way with light, for two thousand years ago, I came on the earth and I said that I was the light of the world, and he who came after Me would not walk through the darkness but rather would have faith in Me, and his faith would give him light, and it will be eternal life for him. Amen.

Oh, sit down, My people from the spring, sit down son, and give water to those who come to the spring, give them the water of life! It is a feast for My mother Virgin, for her birthday on the earth two thousand years ago, and the angels carry Us for her celebration with the man and with you on the earth. Oh, make the light grow, make the faith grow in those who take from you the word of My coming on the earth now, in the end of the time, and the Spirit leads them to My spring giving of heavenly life in man. I give them fresh teaching and I help them to manage with My holiness in them, for man needs great power and love for his self-denial to be able to be My son then, and to be My son, he who wants to confess Me to those who are not believers so that they may see the work and the light of My coming on the earth after the man.

Oh, it is not hard for the man to believe, but it is hard for him to love. It is hard for man who loves himself to love God inside of him and visibly outside of him. I give Myself to many as word by those who share Me to the sides with My spring, but when I want to make them people to fulfill, I see self-love in them, because of which man cannot give himself over to Me with love and fulfillment. However, I am powerful, I give to the man to be able to work, and I fill him with longing of life from heaven, for this means the man to be born from above at My preaching.

I am with the heaven of saints above you, My people from the spring, and the angels carry us with the feast of My mother. She is full of grace from Me and is giving herself with it on this day as food to those who have new longing and are coming with longing to the spring coming out from above. Oh, let the people take from it and be filled with longing! The longing from heaven is the fire which I, the Lord, throw down on the earth and I want it to burn in man and then I want to go off from man to man.

Come, My mother, to feed with longing those who have just been attracted now by the sweetness of My word upon people during these days of My coming again from the Father to man! Come, mother, come to give them power and to teach them to watch and to love God, as for love always watch is needed, mother, for otherwise it goes out like fire, which does no longer have logs to burn, mother. Oh, you are blessed by Me, your Son in your word of today for the country of My coming and for those who are hearing My voice from the spring and are coming to it from distant areas so that they may also learn to become God’s sons and heirs of the holy faith, which is the power for God in man, oh, mother. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, I am in You, as You are in me, dear Son, child given to me by the Father, as I born You from the Father among people two thousand years ago and I gave You to be carried then by all those who are born from the heaven from above through You and for You in order that they may carry You and to be Your kingdom on the earth. Oh, who else gives his kingdom that You may be king over it? Only those who believe in Your coming do this miracle, Son from heaven, my Son, and blessed are those who take You in them as their Master, for this is what You told the woman who blessed me in Martha’s house when she said You that the womb who bore You and the breasts which nursed You were blessed, and You answered her saying: «Blessed are those who hear the word of God, and keep it». (Luke: 11/28) And then You blessed Mary, Martha’s sister, who chose the good part, the way, which it would not be taken from her, Your kingdom in man’s heart, Master Son.

Oh, country with Bridegroom, oh Romanian country, your Christians sing in churches, they sing the song of the coming of My son, but they do not watch in the way of His coming. Oh, to whom do they sing: behold the Bridegroom is coming at the middle of the night? Oh, to whom do they sing? Oh, country with Bridegroom, here He is! He is my Son and He has come to ask you in marriage, and you had to be the servant who He is supposed to find watching before Him with holy faith like your ancestors and not like the unworthy servant whom the Master may find idle. Oh, take care, take care and watch, country chosen by my Son to be the bride, and take care not to sleep, for the sleep is the death of the kingdom of the Lord in man and the man loses the Lord because of his falling asleep. Oh, get up for it is a dark night, get up and call out praising the Saint of the saints, my Son, and go with your thought to the dreadful day and to not leave it for tomorrow, but light your candle instead before that day comes and when you will hear the voice which says: „Behold, the Bridegroom!”. Oh, meet Him now and come from now on into the mystery of the chamber of His godly glory, for I, the one praised by all the angels and by all the heavenly powers for my Son, are helping now the Romanian country for its protection, the country of my Son’s returning in the end of the time, and I fight for it against the whole council of its adversaries. Oh, do not look that it is the light of the day, for this is not the light for you to stand before the Bridegroom, but faith is the light and the candle with which you have to stay on fire before Him for His coming, oh, daughter waited by your holy forefathers, on whose faith and testimony you are built today.

Oh, often the sons and the daughters of the Romanian people go to other countries after the Lord and after me, but they make the heaven go into tears when they do this, for the Lord announces Himself with much power over the earth into the midst of the Romanian people, and coming, He finds it without watching for His coming now after man. Oh, get up from your slumber, bride country and hear His voice, which is calling you and which is waiting for you to open to Him! Oh, open to the Bridegroom! He is coming and waking you up. You are now in hard time and you do not know this as much as you have to know. Open to Him to show your way and to show you how you have to watch on it and for it and how to walk on it then, oh, bride country of my Son. Amen.

And now, you, who are coming with a fresh longing to the spring, you little hearts with a burning longing in you, take from me advice to keep within you the first love for my Son so that you may not lose it, because the first love is burning, is powerful by itself, and he who has lost it has to come back to it again, for without it no one can come into the chamber of the wedding of my Son with His bride. Keep this day of wedding holy in you; the day of the first love, the bride with the Bridegroom in the mystery of the heavenly love, for the bride is only that who always remains a bride after that. Oh, you should always keep the first love new, and you should make it to be, and I will teach you, but love the spring, which flows for the life of the people, and watch to keep it afresh in you, for the spring is my Son, the Bridegroom of those who love Him, and He is the Lord, Jesus Christ, Who is coming on the earth as word. Amen.

And now, I teach you the virtue of the self-denial, without which no one can be a disciple to the Lord. It is a big and great love in man for the life of my Son in him. The time is coming for the man to be sorry that he has loved himself, that he has served himself, that he has lived for himself and for his folks and that he has not lived for the Lord on the earth. When man sees in heaven what he has not gathered and his emptiness there, oh, he will cry bitterly. This sin gathered in heaven comes from the man’s lack of self-denial and that is why man does not have to love himself on the earth. Only the love of God has to reign in man, oh, only it, and all come for the Lord from it and for man on the earth. Oh, do not love the world or its works! Receive heavenly powers in you for this fight, but stay in the spirit of the first love if you want to go to the end, for with this kind of love in him, man goes to sleep. Oh, my Son dwells only in the wakefulness of the one who loves Him, and this is how you should learn and this is how you should remain in my Son, and I will teach you even in this day the mystery of the love of God and I will exhort you on the sweet way for the new seed, sown in you by the sowers on behalf of my Son on the earth. Behold the Bridegroom is coming at the middle of the night, and happy will be the servant He will find watching; this is how I call out over the earth, and my Son hears my song upon His bride. Amen. And now remain in the spirit of the teaching on my table of feast and grow through it for my Son and for His glory on the earth. You have come to the spring. Take of it to stay alive your first love. Amen. Grace to you, peace to you from my Son, the Our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Savior of those who are faithful. Amen.

Now I leave them to Your exhortation, my dear Son, and then we will give them again, we will feed them again for my day of feast with them. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, mother, praised in heaven and on earth by the angels and by the people, oh, how shall I do to make your voice be heard, which for a while, keeps on singing the song of My coming? Oh, if only those who sing this song on earth would sing like you, mother! I call all to a holy love and especially I call them to come back to the first love which they have lost on the way, for he who loses it loses the light, loses the faith, because faith is the light and light is not something else, mother, and if this salt is no longer good, then My life in man does no longer have any taste in man, oh, mother. Oh, I am comforting you for your day of feast as you comfort Me in My pain from the man’s unbelief, which becomes enmity in him, mother. Come to blow into the fire to go off in flames, mother, so that its heat may be felt and many may come to it, mother, because I miss the man very much and I miss to be in man, oh, My mother!

Be more and more consuming after My longing after man, oh, sons from the mouth of My spring of word, and give it to the sides everywhere, sons, for I miss very much My that spring in people may flow into each other and that My spring of word may flow into the great sea, for I make it sweeter and sweeter and may it flow more and more sweetly, and more and more inviting, to call out through his voice which has sprung from Me, a spring of Holy Spirit over the earth, sons.

Let the man be silent through his wisdom by which it makes the man no longer take from God! Let the man keep silent and let the people take from Me, for I am the One Who is and Who comes! Behold, My mother Virgin is singing from heaven to the earth, and she sings for a while the song of My coming. Oh, learn to sing with her and like her, truly learn to sing and to understand this song. She is waking you up to meet Me, for I am coming and My mother keeps singing in the way of My coming, she is singing for Me and is telling those who hear her. I am telling everyone about her song, for My mother Virgin is singing with longing and crying: „Behold, the Bridegroom is coming in the middle of the night, and happy is the servant He will find watching, and unworthy is the one He will find doing nothing. Watch, you people, do not go into deep sleep lest you may give yourselves over to death by it, for the sleep locks you outside of the kingdom of my Son, but you should wake up and sing praises to the Lord and come out to meet Him, for behold, the Bridegroom is coming!”. Amen.

Peace to you, to those who have sat at the table of feast of My mother Virgin! Peace to you from the Bridegroom Who is coming! I am He Who is, I am He Who is coming, I am the Bridegroom and I am coming, and happy are those whom My coming will find watching for it! Grace and grace upon you for My coming! Do not be afraid, little flock! Your Savior is coming to you; He is coming as the Bridegroom comes to His bride! The Lord is coming and He is coming to that who keeps herself within the spirit of His bride. Amen, amen, amen.


I have sat at a spiritual table with you, My people, and with a people that has freshly come at the spring and I, and My mother Virgin with you, have given to it from the table, but you have to get used more and more fervently to work My creation in man over those who come to the spring, as you have also received when you came to be with My coming of today, to be its soldier. I want to have mercy on many with the gift of the holy faith so that they may get away from the deceptive trap of the bondage under the sign of the ruler of this passing age and to make them the birds of heaven, for the time is coming for the little birds to ascend into heaven, son, to start on the earth to the whitening and cleansing of the new creation upon it, as the Scriptures prophesy, for the man without God tries to prolong his age and he wants to delay My work of the creation of new heaven and new earth and of the New Jerusalem. However, I have from the Father work over the earth and I put on many the spirit of the knowledge of God, the spirit of My word which is upon you, and I want to work a gift of holy faith in many, for the light on the earth is growing less and less and only the faith of the man who comes to believe into My faith, only that one will remain as light on the earth, and it will shine over the margins and the man will receive in him the saving faith, the faith which was in Noah and in those in his house, when I, the Lord, washed the earth away from the sin put on it by the men’s carelessness of God in the time of Noah. What saved Noah of My wrath by which I washed away the earth, as I could not do it otherwise? Oh, the faith in the salvation that comes from Me, that and only that saved Noah. He could doubt like all other people on the earth, but Noah did not do this, and it is written in the Scriptures about him as a sign of the faith, which saves the man from judgment, for great is the man who believes in Me when I come to him and when he comes to Me within his heart, asking for his salvation from Me, his forgiveness of sin, his sonship to Me by the power of his faith in his salvation from Me, Who am so affectionate after man and for man.

Oh, how much the man should work only and only for Me when he wants to work on the earth! Oh, how great his victory would be if he knew to stay near Me with holy faith to be able to do him good because of his faith in Me and in My power for man’s life! When I was raised from the dead, as great a victor as I was at that time, I told My disciples who wondered and who were ashamed because of their weak faith in Me, and standing face to face with them and victorious upon death, I told them: «All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Therefore go, and teach the nations about this, and he who will believe in My victory will be victorious like Me and will be saved from this passing nation and will receive My name upon him and will be My son». (See Matt. 28:18) Oh, this is the work of the faith in those who take in them the gift of the holy faith from Me, the salve for the eyes that do not see, so that they may be able to see after that. My power over the man’s life is his faith in this power of Mine that there is no other healer for man on earth like Me, and I, by My spring upon you, make the waking up for all, and My word of new making upon man will be much sought by all people and man will love his making as he today loves sin, for each time gives the man to do what it has got in it, and My time of glory, seen on earth will give from it to the man and he will get used to come in Oh, My people, man needs great repentance and longing tears to Me, for he is very sinful, very feeble and very weak in his will. The sinful time has reached its climax and it keeps giving to man from its top, it gives him enough and to spare, as the wise saying goes, and man needs revival, and this is what I do by My voice upon you, and by which I pass over the border to the man to hear that I give Myself to you as word of creation and the man to come to repent-ance. In all the times under heaven, I have called out through My servants from time to time repentance over the people on the earth, and this is how I am calling today too, but today I am working more in a fatherly way, today I am passing over the margins with My endurance and with My sitting in counsel with the man to help him by My great word of My coming again from the Father to man, and I am clothed in the word before man and this is how I give Myself to him, and blessed is the one who receives from Me the holy gift to believe with it that I am this word, that I come into his way and that there is not anyone to come on this way of word. I am the One Who comes and I am Who I am and I speak clearly with the man and more and more clearly for his sold mind, which touches his heart to keep him in bondage to the time that passes, a red time because of the blood, shed by the people for all their passing cravings on the earth. I speak with the man according to his time to help him come out of it and to come into the mystery and in the time of the age to be, the Lord’s age with man, for the man to come in while he is in his body, for I have built the new age with the man and I take him to work near Me as I took Noah after I gave him love and faith for Me to work by the one with God.

Oh, how happy I would be with God’s entire heaven if the man got used to his living like Me, to speaking with Me and with man as My speaking is in Me and upon man! This is My longing, that the man may take My wisdom and My thought in him, and in this way the man would be within a great work upon earth and everything would be done by the word, as I and the Father sat in council in the beginning, and everything was made in accordance with Our counsel, for the word has such a great power when it becomes one in all, in those who give themselves to God to work for Him.

Oh, My people, remind Me of My promises for a new heaven and for a new earth and keep thinking on them so that they may be done, for they need to appear in a great measure from place to place over the earth, as it is written into the Scriptures!

Oh, how beautiful is the green place and full of flowers compared to the dry land and arid of life because of the dryness on it! Oh, man, you cannot harvest fruit of any kind if the place is not worked! Oh, there is no ready-made fruit, but you rather have to work in order to rejoice over it and you have to work for Me so that I may make you rich in those that remain. I have mercy on you when I see how much you work to have and I have mercy on you that you work for those that do not remain. Oh, wake up at My voice that calls you to work for God on earth and to turn the dry land into green land, just as I work and do! Oh, as you rejoice over a fruit tree, which you plant and take care to grow beautifully in order to bring forth fruit after that, in the same way you should rejoice to work for My life in man either and to start with your life first, and then to share it to be useful to others as I share Mine, so that you may rejoice over your work, over the work which remains before Me and yours, son.

I have a burning spirit to teach the man on this day, for the love of those who have come today at My spring of word has set Me on fire, love kindled in them and by which they know to feed their faith full of longing. It was pleased with Me their spirit full of thrill of longing and their word burning like fire before Me and yours, and you have felt comfort for your pains over you, My people from the spring. You have taught them the joy of pain, for your joy is sufferance, suffering son. May your pain give birth to many sons, as the fruit of My work with you, so that I may bring joy for your fruit before Me. Oh, we will give birth to many sons in pains, My people son, for the pains were more constructive in all times in those who have worked in My vineyard crying on the way and suffering from the north, from the mount of unbelief on the earth, a mountain under which so many souls lie, so many people without light, without faith on the earth.

I cry together with the heaven, I cry together with My mother Virgin, and We cry for the man who lies in unbelief of God. We cry, mother, because We are very, very merciful and man does not know to draw to Our mercy, mother. People suffer in ignorance, and We, suffer from their mercy, mother. However, sufferance is the working activity, it is the most working activity, oh, My mother! Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, the Father Sabaoth has given You all the power in heaven and on earth, Son resurrected from Your painful crucifixion, for You bore on Your cross all the people’s pains up to You and after You, all on Your crucified body, oh, Son of sufferance! You were born in sufferance, You lived in sufferance, You let Yourself be crucified in sufferance, and then in sufferance You were resurrected and ascended again into the Father, from Whom You have proceeded before eternity, and out of Your pain without grumbling, You have always brought forth saints on the earth before You, and they were Your brothers of sufferance and fathers giving birth to sons of holy faith before You, a birth from above over many on earth then, for in Your name the saints and the martyrs have testified and worked a new creation in people, in masters and in slaves, oh, Lord, giving birth from heaven to man, because You said that if man was not born from above he could, not have in him a kingdom for You, and You as its king.

We speak sweetly to one another before those who are faithful and before those who are less faithful and before those who are not faithful as well, Lord Son, our Savior, the Savior of all. Oh, what comfort we find when we speak to one another in heaven and on earth! Oh, what great comfort is the word, the word of sufferance, Lord! Our looking over the earth fills us with pain because we always see the people’s destruction, for man perishes through joys, because the joys that the man wants for him and makes them looking everywhere for them, do not do any bit of good to him. Man perishes in the midst of his joys, oh, my Son, and We go in heaven and on earth through sufferance, and in sufferance We give birth to sons for the kingdom that is to come upon people, a kingdom built with hard work and within pains for those who mourn on the earth, not for those who receive as reward the joys in the time of their body among people.

I have sat at the spring with holy table on my day of feast and I have had a young people at the table, a new people, but alive in its faith and seeking after Your river of word, which flows sweetly for those who are gentle and humble in their heart before You on earth. Oh, what gentle little hearts are with Us! What comfort they have given Us in Our pains, to Us and to your people under Your burden, the one under pains for Us, Lord Son, and for Your hard and very much difficult way between heaven and earth! Oh, there is no God besides You and there is nowhere any clean spring, and you should not be mingled with poison of soul for those who seek to quench the burning of their soul, the longing after You in them. Oh, dear Son, You are very much sought by many, wanted Bridegroom, but You do not let Yourself be found but only by those who do not tempt You in their thought and deed, and whose hearts You search and perceive the whisper of their heart.

I am giving you word again, to those who have come to the spring of my Son near His people from the spring. Oh, you have brought Us comfort in Our pains and you have given Us from you and taken from Us. May the word from heaven, which is born of Our love and yours on a day of holy feast be grace, grace upon you! The word of my Son has become God’s feast on the earth, a table of feast of the kingdom of the heavens, the heaven of saints at the table with the man on the earth, and the food on it has the holy longing as salt in it, the longing of God and in you and the Lord’s longing after you. No people on earth has in its spoken language this word: longing. (Romanian: dor, r.n.) Only the Romanian people has this sweet and affectionate word in its language: longing, and the Lord is speaking in the end of the time in this sweet language, and it was the first language between earth and heaven, the language which God spoke for the creation of everything, the language from eternity, when it was only one language on earth, before the nations and the languages were separated from place to place after the man’s fall from God. The Romanian land is a great mystery, it is great, and it was not given to the man on it to master it, for it is established in eternity, and it appeared long ago in a mystery, and it has appeared again now, and only those who are wise from God know the language and the work of this mystery, which will rule over the earth soon, soon, and my Son has prepared a beautiful people in the midst of the Romanian people, which does not know its true origin, for this land is a great mystery, and then this river will overflow everywhere and over all on the land with the fruit of this word, which has it in the new seed of our Sower, Jesus Christ, my Son of two thousand years ago, Who appeared and dwelt among people.

I am speaking to you a word of longing, for the longing in you becomes longing on earth and in heaven. I wait for you with patience and with longing to become like me before my Son, Who is coming to prepare a bride for Him and to adorn it in glory. Give power to the longing in you, for the longing is the power which seeks in man after the Lord; it seeks seeking and desiring with longing, and my Son, Jesus Christ lives in man and is alive and He is born in man, longing and longing again, and this is the part which will not be taken away from you, and blessed are and will be those who choose their good part, the part which will not be taken from them, the longing after God and the seeking after Him with tears and with longing, like Mary, Martha’s sister, the daughter which chose the good part and which was no longer taken away from her, for on whom the longing cleaves, that one can no longer live otherwise, and that man is always alive, and he is alive both in his wakening and in his sleep.

Oh, little hearts full of the blood of the love of God, the longing in you will teach you everything, and will take from the Lord and give to you, for His spring is flowing and opening more and more, and its dams fall and the river of life runs and clears the faithful man’s mind and heart and it makes him the son of the heavenly Father, just as my Son, Jesus Christ is, and He is the first among many brothers, as it is written about Him. The Lord blesses your faith and love, which you have to leave into His hands, so that He may set them in you as a new building, as the time of nowadays requires, and the foundation of these is the longing, which makes a house in you to my Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. I have carried you on the wings of angel to the spring for my day of feast, and in the same way, back to your things, until everything will belong to the Lord, everything that comforts or charges you.

Be with your hearts full of wisdom from above for the way in which you share my Son. Help by your inner and outer stature so that the man may believe through these in the Lord, your God; that he may be able to believe through you. Give gifts to the people as at the wedding and say as man says at the wedding for grooms when he gives the gift to the grooms; give to the people holy gifts, faith and love, and say like this: „little from us and much from the Lord”, so that the man may see your humility and humility in you will work much upon man, useful work for the man’s beauty from above from heaven. The holy decency in you has in its work the courage of holiness, by which he, who loves God with building faith in him, overcomes the world. Take care of the love in you and give it only to the Lord, only to Him, and let the man have of its fruit from you. This is the work of the love of God in man. Let only the longing of God dwell in you always, and let it be the salt of your life, the pleasure of your life in you. May your prayer be as smooth as the rippling water and as crystal as the gentle spring in its course, for any discontent and dissatisfied man proves his struggling in prayer, and discontentment is pride, and man cannot know the face of this sin. My prayer was warm and gentle in all the pains of my life, for my life was only God and His pain in men, and I bore His pain sweetly and not with struggle, for my humility for the Lord was without equal among people and I did not want to want and to be able to do more or less than my Lord on the way of my life, because I came on to the earth from Him and for Him, and every man can give his life to the Lord to be like mine after that, useful before Him, only for the man to have mercy on the Lord, as I had, as I worked it before Him. Love the teaching of my Son, for behold His spring, which by its springing is flowing and calling the man into the boat of salvation! The spring cries and this means its springing and it cries and sings running with its smooth ripple, and it teaches the whole justice for all things.

Take care of all the moments of your life and work the justice of everything. Early in the morning, when you get up from your bed, be awake. Take care how you get up, for you have to start the good day in the morning. Get up with piety and get out of your bed beautifully, as though you would give to the Lord your first movements and thoughts of the day. Get out of your bed on your right side of the body, do not get up backwards but with your face up so that your face may be your guide for the day after that, and when you dress, first put on the right sleeve of your little shirt and then the left one, and then take on your shirt with both of your hands, for what I teach you now is a great mystery and no one knows to teach man like me from the Lord. When you take on your shoes, first that on the right sock and the right sandal so that it may go well with you and that you may be with the Lord all the time of the day. And do the same when you work or when you get ready to go to rest within your bodies, and work everything as before the Lord for your own good from Him. When you want to speak with each other, start with a right word in order to speak what is right all day then and work peace among you by your speaking among you. Oh, hate lie for it destroys the man’s life and it destroys the holy brotherhood among the brothers loving of Christ, and it is the devil’s work in man, and from man to man, and it thrusts like the arrow when it passes through man to thrust another man. Take the truth of everything as your work, take from the right side and do not take from the left side, take from a place known by God and do not take from a place not known by you, for the Lord does not work unknown things for you, for the unknown man to a man is a trap for the man. The one who is known is illuminated outside of him and the light inside of him is seen well, just as the lie is also seen in the one who has it as the work from his wicked nature. Oh, you will be blessed if you do not stumble against the Lord, the One Who lives in those who carries Him to man. Be great with your right and with the truth in you and start with your right all of your works and movements. Be the sons of the right One in your image and likeness with all His things, and He will make you the way of the many to His spring, which cries by its course and calls the man to his salvation with its gentleness. Amen.

I, righteous and eternal Son in Your being without death, have taught them the justice and longing after You and I have exhorted them to work all their things in righteousness, from morning till morning, again and again. Oh, give them much power in their little hearts, and may their guidance be Your exhortatory word upon sons. Oh, how beautifully I have taught them at the spring at Your table with Your people from the spring and which lies a table for You and for those who come to drink! Let them take with their right hand and drink, for woe to those who take with their left hand and from their left, for they come into tears after that! We will always teach those that come to drink, and I will be comforted with my pain for You, oh, Son, forsaken by man, and we will make many sons and daughters, in order to have a people victorious upon death, sons full of victory, as You were an obedient son to the Father in Your entire work from Him for the life of the people. Oh, give them the spirit of obedience and the gift of the holy works in them and from them for the life of the people, dear Son. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, I give them, mother, I give with My right hand to those who love My coming of today after man, fulfilling it upon them, mother. To those who work by their left hand and who prove to be like that, to them I will give with My left hand, mother, as I worked two thousand years ago, when I spoke with My disciples in one way and with the hypocrites in another way, with those who lie to their life, mother. The word of your spring was sweet over the little hearts, burning after Our spring, mother! We speak sweetly with the man, for the work of the heaven is sweet, but it is for those who are sweet and it does not stick to the grumpy man, mother, for that one works with his left hand in all his things and he relies on himself, poor of him, for his wisdom comes from him.

Oh, the work of this day of holy feast has been greatly blessed, My people from the spring! Stand, son, before Me with longing for My whole work with you and always stand on My right hand, for those on My right hand are those who are righteous with Me and start all their works with their right hand from morning till morning. I have given very much by My spring flowing with life, and both My mother and I have given. Amen.

I bless and refresh the blessing for those who take from My spring with you, sons, who are My way and support between heaven and earth. I give you the spirit of the heavenly love among you. Let him give you power in all your spiritual and bodily weaknesses, for this spirit can work in man and there is no other that can work when he can, sons. Oh, take great care for My spring to run, and I will take care of all those for Me and for you in My work with you. I give you wisdom and building word for the advancing of the completion of the work of the new building in My courtyards with you, and I give you free time to work and to perceive everything that are to be done for My work with you. Amen.

Peace to you and stay under My Spirit, sons! Amen, amen, amen.