The Word of God on the sixth Sunday after Passover, of the blind man

I am coming down into your midst, My people, as I have set you with your dwelling and Mine into the midst of the world, and this is how I am coming to you, because as long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world, and I make see those who do not see, and I make blind those that see, for those who do not see come for their healing and those who see remain in unbelief and are blind as far as My glory in their midst concerns. However, two thousand years ago I said that I had to do the works of the One Who sent Me while there was still light, because the night would come when no one was able to work, and that I was the Light as long as I was in the world. Amen, amen, amen.

I wait for you to open My book with you and to come into it with My light, for it is a day of the memorial of the miracle of the healing of the one who was blind from birth that the works of God might be revealed in him, children who stay before My word, which has come to you to be the light of the world. I have come again into the world and I have come as word into the world, for I am the Light of the world. The life is within Me and the life is the light of the people, and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. My word is the true light, and behold I am into the world and the world was made through Me, and the word did not recognize Me and does not recognize Me as its light, but as many as have received Me and believed in My name, to those I give them the right to become God’s children and to do His works. Amen.

Oh, Jerusalem of the faith from the end of the time, you have to understand with a depth of wisdom the mystery of the second birth, because it is written about Me: «As many received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become God’s children, who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, not of the will of man, but of God». The second birth, the birth which works out from above the new man, the man born of heaven, a godly man born of My word, born of God. Amen. He who is born again is born of My Spirit, My people, and that one does My works, the works of God, as I showed them when I healed the one who was born blind of his parents, and then he saw God.

Oh, My people, I teach you again and again the mystery of the birth from above to be born from above. You should again and again be born of My Spirit, of My word, which is the Spirit of God and which always blows upon you and you should always be born from above by Him and to believe in My works into your midst as one who is born of the Spirit, son of the word from above. Remember My word by which I spoke and said: «The wind blows where it wants to, and you hear its sound, but you don’t know where it comes from and where it is going. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit». Amen. Oh, this word spoken by Me for those who are born from above has to be understood by those who believe in My name, for otherwise they are not born from above, but remain born from the earth and they cannot do My works, the works of the Spirit, Who blows wherever He wants. For this great mystery faithful men are needed. I have come again into the world, and those who believe now in Me by My word of today, have to be able to believe more powerfully than those who saw Me then when I came into the world in the flesh to be the Light of the world, because I work now with the Spirit and I give birth to those who believe in My name, and those who are born of the Spirit, are Spirit, as I am now. Amen.

Oh, people who have My word upon you, I gave you birth from it to have you, and you have to be spirit of My spirit and to do My works on earth, as I do the works of the One Who has sent Me, the works of the Father. «While I am in the world, I am the light of the world», this is how I taught My disciples to believe in Me and this is what I told them, and then I spat on the ground, made mud with the saliva, anointed the blind man’s eyes with the mud, and then I humbled Myself and I said to him before My disciples: «Go, wash in the pool of Siloam», and he went away seeing God and the people, for he believed into My name and confessed Me to the Pharisee saying: «Since the world began it has never been heard of that anyone opened the eyes of someone born blind. And if This man were not from God, He could do nothing, for we know that God does not listen to sinners, but if anyone is a worshipper of God and does His will, he listens to Him, and this is the amazement, that you do not know where He comes from, yet He opened my eyes».

Oh, sons, you have to be God’s miracles in the midst of this sinful and immoral people, because the people on the earth do not perceive the mystery of the birth from above and do not see God. Oh, children from the gates, I have showed you the mystery of the Holy Spirit to comfort you in your pains, and I told you that the wind blows where it wants to, and the one who listens to it hears its sound but he does not know where it comes from and where it is going. I have showed you how the Spirit of God hovers above the earth and moves with power those on the earth, who confess God by their obedience. I have whispered you to teach the people of My word the mystery of the Holy Spirit, Who blows where it wants to and how it wants to so that everything may listen to Him. Who knows where the wind comes from and where it is going? However, those who are faithful believe in My Spirit and conform to Him, for this is how those who are born of the Spirit are, those who are born from above, of God’s word.

Oh, My people, you always have My word upon you, and since I have taken you near it, I have always, always, taught you its mystery, its blowing upon you, and you have to work and believe like the one born of the Spirit, for I am with you into the world and while I am in the world I am the Light of the world, and I am your life, and you should also be My life, and to be the light of the world, for this is how the one who is born from above is. You should be light of the Light, because there is no longer light on earth, and I want to shine with you into the darkness as in the beginning of the creation of the world, when My Spirit was hovering over the waters and when I said: «Let there be light!» and then it was light.

Oh, the whole creation listens to the Spirit from above, Who gives life, and in no circumstances should you forget what I said that the Spirit is the One Who gives life, My people. Everything what grows from the earth is to decorate him and all the nature shows the mystery of the resurrection, which is to be. However, the man cannot listen as the creature listens to its Creator. The flowers and the grass and everything that passes under the frost, which scorches everything, come to life from under the ground when My heat and My light beat upon them once with the coming of the spring. However, the man cannot do this so that this may be seen. The man has remained unfaithful, not born from above, and does not understand the mystery of the birth. However, I have come as the Light of the light on earth, and I tell the man to speak with everything that comes out from the ground each year, and waiting and earnestly desiring the coming of My day and My new earth and My new heaven afterwards, and which will last in the age that is to be and which means eternal life, My people. I wait for this love from you to do My works on earth as I did and as I do the works of the One Who has sent Me, and as I am the Light of the world.

My whole word, which has been breathing from My mouth upon the earth for fifty years is the voice of the Spirit, Who blows where it wants to, and I ask you, My people, not to stay without looking always, always into My book from the end of the time, (The book that comprises in it the whole word of God beginning with 1955 and up to this day, r.n.), and in which I have been writing Myself into your midst, and I ask you, son, to get used to the mystery of the birth of the Spirit, to be listened by God when you ask from Him. Let your mouth be the spring of the Holy Spirit, of whom you have always been fed of the breath of My mouth upon you, for this is how the one who is born of the Spirit is, My people. Let there be only peace into your midst, only the Lord your God with His Spirit between brother and brother, for the Spirit does not ask, but gives, My people. Those who are born of the Spirit have My peace among them, and there has always been strife between spirit and flesh, and that is why I exhort you that you all may be born of the Spirit, and this is how you are to have in you the gift of the spirit, which works by love and which has never asked anything in return for it, but it has only given from it, sons. I look into My word and you should also open it so that you may measure yourselves through it and not otherwise, and that you should also give each other to God and to be His life on earth among people and to be light from the Light one for another and not darkness, for the darkness does not comprise the light within it, and the darkness is sin and it keeps the sin within it, while the light has proved everything out, sons, and this is how all those born of the Spirit are and who overcome with Him over the darkness from the man, for the man thinks that he is right and cannot see the one who is not born of the Spirit, but the humble one cries after the light and stays within it crying upon the one who has no light and who stays in the darkness not seeing and not believing.

I lift you up, sons, and I set the light and the feast of light of the world from Me with you in My gardens with you. I declare ahead of time the blessing of everything that means God’s glory over the feast of the Pentecost and which is coming near to you. I call to the feast through you. Call out over the earth so that all who have come to come together and for all those who are to come. Lift up clean hands and ask from the Father and from the Son and from the Holy Spirit for a sunny weather, with warmth and coolness, with gentle breeze and gentle voice of the Holy Spirit, with glory in heaven and on earth, and with the spirit of My peace among you and among all those who will come together near you to receive from My spring. Ask for a clear sky from God. Ask that the clouds may be gathered in their chambers and be right with God and then you shall receive. Amen. Be lovers of God, sons, for God’s love responds to the love of God. Do not only do your work by hand, but more consistently add to this the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the heavenly Spirit among you. May the spirit of peace and of My love among you be blessed, and let your love be My fruit and not yours within you. Help Me so that I may always be able to come, always as word among you and do believe everything that I teach you from heaven and from the earth by those who I help Myself with to be able to come as word. I speak with you and I do it in a special way, to teach you as God’s sons, and God’s sons are those who listen believing and believing they have life. Amen.

I have always told you that I teach you both from heaven and from near you, and I long for My breadth in you, for the receiving of the faith of the Holy Spirit sons, and not just any kind of faith. And I tell you again: take care of My way to you and be faithful and hospitable, so that I may not leave you to live within you and that I may always be able to set you in Me and then before Me and then before the people as the light for the world, sons. Oh, do not wait from one another. Each one should ask for you from yourselves and then ask from Me, and this is how you will have the Spirit from others, after I have found in you a dwelling place for Him, for this is how those born of the Spirit are, sons. Blessed it be the end of the work of the fountain of the angels in the meeting garden and we will put the seal of the Holy Spirit upon it, Who sanctifies everything and this work will be perfected on the day of Pentecost, in the day of the Holy Spirit, My people. Be clean, sons, in everything and in all things, everywhere and upon everything, and set harmony among you for the preparation of the days of the Holy Spirit feast. Amen.

Oh, children from the gates, take care of you, for if you listen, you will take care of Me. Receive powers of Holy Spirit, because it is for this work that you have been established before the people. I want that your people may receive of your spirit, as you stay within the spirit of My works, which I give to you always revealing them to you. Do not stay in the spirit of the people, but rather stay in My Spirit as I also stay in your spirit, to learn from Me and this is how you also should speak and to be welcomed on My behalf for My life in those who believe into My name and glorify it.

Spread the news of this feast. Sound it upon the earth and call those who will gather at the feast of Holy Spirit. And now, let the whole spirit of the celebration get ready and let it be harmony in My body, in the people of My word, for the Spirit is the One Who gives life to it. Amen.

Oh, My people, I am coming down again as word to you, and I am coming with the feast of My Ascension into the Father, and I want to advise you again and to hold your little hand and that you may remain like that. Do not forget that I need power to come, and you should strengthen My path to you waiting for Me, for this how it is everyone who is born of the Spirit. Amen. Oh, comfort My painful Spirit and give Me power into your midst, Jerusalem with a new name, because I am the Comforter and it hurts My pain without any comfort, and I share it with those in whom I am hurt so that I may carry it, because it is heavy and I take it to carry it from those who have it so that they may be able to carry it, because it is heavy, My people.

Oh, you heaven and earth listen to Me, and let everything listen to Me for the service of the feast of Holy Spirit on earth! Amen.

The Holy Spirit is coming down upon the garden in His mysterious image and reveals Himself to those who see through Him. The Holy Spirit hovers above in order to watch upon those who come to receive of His glory, of His mystery, which is His glory. My Father looks at Me to see how I teach you My people. My Father looks at you to see you how you listen to Me, Jerusalem. Only those who are faithful listen to Me, and those who listen to Me wait for Me obeying, believing and seeing. Amen.

Oh, Jerusalem, I want to see that you cry for My longing, for the longing of your fellowship with Me, for My Holy Spirit not being quenched into your midst. I want those who gather together at the spring of the Holy Spirit to feel as you cry after Me, how you yearn after Me, so that I may be able to glorify Myself thorough these with My glory that I have from the Father before the foundation of the world and which is wonderful, My people. This mystery I want you to perceive and that it also may seize you so that you may understand how long I have been waiting and with how much longing I have wanted to be with you before the people on earth within My glory that My Father gave Me before the eternity and which wants to come into view. I want you to be gentle and humble in your heart as I am. I want you to be with the spirit of humility in the being of your sons. Oh, Jerusalem, receive of My Holy Spirit, because those by whom that I teach you from Me, and not from them, I taught them and I told them that the spirit of humility is the most beautiful spirit in which I find My pleasure, My love, My peace and My rest in those who love it and live by it. Ask wisdom from Me in all My things with you and in all your things with Me, so that all may come out from you according to My pleasure, My people, and let this be your pleasure and this is how you are to get used to be able to do it and then to rejoice that you can stay like that before Me.

Those who are alive come from the heavenly things, and the saints and those who are asleep and those who you remember come as well and rejoice over My feast within your midst. The garden of the meeting is full. It is filled with the glory of those who are not seen. The garden is filled with the spirit of the feast of those from the invisible heaven, for these are covered in mystery, Jerusalem. The angels have sounded and gathered for the holy feast of the well of the angels in a day of a Pentecost feast, and you should step shyly with a pace of Holy Spirit, and your heart should be a heavenly dwelling ready for My feast with you and with all those who will gather together at its joy. Amen.

All and everything has been waiting for you, New Jerusalem, and you should be new, and you should be new day by day, for I want to fulfill in heaven and upon the earth the Scripture by which My Holy Spirit spoke and said: «Behold, I make them all new». Amen, amen, amen.