România - Pucioasa

«….I have chosen in Romania the small land that have first come out from the water when I made the sky and the earth, and I named this small land the garden of My Word, My mystery from the beginning, came out from water, the first small dry land, the head of the earth, the stone from the summit. And when I made the man from dust, this was the place where I took the dust from…»

(Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Holy Prophet Ezekiel, from 21 July - O.S./3 August 1997 - N.S.)


«…Let everyone wonder and no one be puzzled of the ones I bring above My garden from Romania. This is the manger of My Word, the holy mountain where I, The Lord, am sitting, to call all the nations to hear the news about kingdom of heaven, which comes with Me and with the new sky and the new earth, and with the spirit of justice, heir of the new ones…»

(Excerpt from the Word of God at the Third Day of Pentecost, from 17 - O.S./30 May 1999 - N.S.)


«…In the past I came from Bethlehem, and now I have come from this small village that man named it after the earth*, and this name was born in secret through My angels who watched for the name of My little village from today…»

(Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Nativity, from 25 December 2001 - O.S./7 January, 2002 - N.S.)

*Glodeni (Pucioasa) << glod: dust, a handful of earth, clay, (r.n.)



Prophecy about Romania



A strong voice is heard, which calls: «Who will speak for Me?». Behold, I blow a spirit of awakening over the nations, to awake the spirit of discovery over the wisemen of the earth, to let them know that I am God. I come to smooth the paths, I come to clean the earth and to water it afterwards, for a new and rich grass to rise across it and to feed the crowds once more. I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me. For I fulfill nothing without revealing My secret to the prophets.

Jerusalem, you who kill prophets and exterminate the ones I have sent! Behold, I am coming to perfect Myself. Let the nations and all the languages hear that I am coming with the Jerusalem from above to settle it on the earth and to put in the middle of it the ones which are written in the Book. I am coming to choose the Jerusalem again.

Behold the voice of Lord on earth! Write and tell the others what God speaks. The spirits of God blow across the earth, and who dares to disturb My plans? Let him come to fight Me, let him judge between Me and My vineyard.

Woe the ones who call the light darkness and the darkness light, who call the bitter sweet and the sweet bitter! The Lord is coming and the mountains are shaking and He annihilates the Babylon.

Oh, how you have fallen from the sky, you who said that you will settle your home in My holy mountain! Behold, I have thrown you to the ground like a priceless branch. Behold, a king is coming after you with My justice, and the eyes of the ones who see will not be closed any more.

You, the weak at heart, strenghten yourselves and fear no more! I shall walk in front of My chosen One and I shall smash the iron locks, as I am calling a man (King Mihai, r.n.) from a far away land to fulfill My plan.

Rise, My Romania! Stand up, My love! Get rid of your yoke and come towards great-ness, o, the citadel of My love! Do not cry any longer, My love, for the hardships will go away; there is only one hour left. Behold, a new sun is rising and the flowers are blossoming and I am coming to make you a bride, I am coming to love you and to put you into glory, and all your friends will see you and will walk into your brightness, My love, for it is so written about you, that the kings will walk into your greatness. The Lord is coming to rest upon you, for behold, I am willing into you.

Your poets sang about you, your pagans sang about you, and they did not know what they sang about, My love. My Spirits used to blow over you every morning and they woke your love song, and you sang, beloved citadel, you sang your love song and you were beautiful and you sang.

Clouds and fog passed across you and they changed your beauty and your laughter ceased then, but I did not let any temptation to cross over your power. My Spirit, like an alphorn, used to wake early in the morning and to blow sadly and I rose from you My brave men and I girded their waist and set you free from your burden and then, you smiled again, My love, for I have loved you since your birth and I destined you to be Mine.

But when the (spiritual, r.n.) winter came upon you, a heavy snowfall came upon you and it covered you up, My love, and you almost died. And you struggled into your own blood seventy years (1921 - birth of the Romanian Communist Party - 1991 - one year after the Revolution, r.n.) and the snow became almost red with your blood. (The blood of Christians killed in the prisons of the communist dictatorship, r.n.) And I passed by you, and you were naked, My love, and I took off My coat and I dressed you up, because I remembered your youth, when you were beautiful and white. Oh, the strangers have enslaved you and dishonoured you and they forced you to circumcise, but God will humble themselves and they will bow to your feet to know that I loved you, My love, that you were poor and under the cross, but you guarded My patience. And now, behold, I wake you up from your sleep, to clean the dirt from you and to dress you with new ornaments. Rise and come towards greatness, as this is your fate from God.

Oh, My Romania, the day of transfiguration is coming closer and I am coming to settle down into you, as you are the throne of My greatness, you are the Jerusalem of My glory, for My splendour will come upon you and you will shine like the sun, o, citadel of shinings, and all the nations will come to see you, that your gates will be open night and day, but the night will not come upon you any longer, My love. I shall put on your heights a trumpet sound and a festive voice, and your sons will sing your love song, and then, the ground will give you back the dead ones beneath, for they will rise and you will change in a moment hearing My trumpet. And you shall be a queen, My love, as Lord is The King of love and He is your King.

Behold, I am coming to reward the patience, for I will protect you from the temptation time. Be strong, My love, in order to have Me with you, for no people under the sun shall have your victory and your glory, for you shall be a temple of greatness for Me and you will be called the New Jerusalem, for I give you a new name, My love, My beloved citadel. Wake up your hearing to hear My voice, for you will be My throne and My glorious song will be heard inside you: «Saint, Saint, Saint is God Savaot, The One who were, is and will be». And I shall reveal the sin of the ones who stepped over you and I shall make them to be ashamed, and I shall reprimand them harshly to come to repentance, and if they hear our voice and will open their gates, we shall enter, My love, and we shall have dinner with them and they will have dinner with us.

And I will rise a man who will be worthy to take on the glory, the blessing and the power (King Mihai, r.n.) and I will call him from Egypt (from exile, r.n.), because the ones who es-tranged him and wanted his life (Communists, r.n.), will no longer be then, for I will lay My hand and I shall take from you the food and I shall take you back to your sold and banished son, and he will cry and he will love you and he will come with the entire wealth of Samaria and he will serve you, because he comes from Me, and who will dare to rise against My plans from the eternity? And you will be named then «the one with the man», for he will triumph and he will be great through My power and My sword will be ruthless in preparing his arrival. And he shall come, My love, and your love song will be heard again then, and the voice of joy of the stabbed ones will be heard too, for they foreseen My time and your greatness, that I am coming to woo you.

And in that day I will take My revenge on the emperors and nobles, on the rich and powerful ones, on the slaves and the free ones, as I will search into you with alight torches, beloved citadel, and My eye will look into caves and over the rocks for those who hid them-selves from My anger. But in that day I shall note My name and yours on the foreheads of all your people who have guarded My patience and cleaned up their clothes, and your sons will be priests of The One who sits on the throne and they will serve day and night in front of Me and they will bring Me incense odour, love odour, My love, and they will be thirsty no more, and they will be hungry no more, for I will give them the sources of life and they will wash their tears in them and the one who will wash his life into them will add to you, beloved citadel.

Oh, I shall lay My tent over you to protect you afterwards, as My angels will unleash pain and sorrow over the ones who do not have the sign of The Living One. And I shall unleash a thunder sound, as it is written and the mystery of God will be announced again to all the nations and languages on earth and to all the powerful ones and I shall cry out: «Oh, how many times I have wanted to bring you under My wing and protect you! But you did not want to, and you sinned far from Me and you lay into ignorance and you did not want My Truth and you did not love life, as you ended your fall with deed, to be worthy of your fall. And now, behold, I am devastating you, and I spill anger over the peoples, and you shall not meet Me until it will be heard again: „Blessed is The One who comes again in the name of Lord!“». And you, My Romania, the citadel of My love, you will see the ones who used to come to curse you, for they will take the path of Valaam, because you are blessed and great with Me, My love, for Lord shall rule and He shall reward His slaves, His prophets and His saints and the ones who are afraid of God. And a new song will be sung into you, and nothing impure shall enter.

Oh, My beloved Romania, get out of Babylon, run away from fornication and sanctify yourself with Me, not to taste from the punishment of Babylon, for the smoke of the fire in which Babylon burns will rise, Babylon, the citadel dressed in gold, and the apostles and proph-ets will rejoice, for Lord is coming with His justice to redeem their blood; for the angel of the churches will sound and will spread the Word of God and the times will settle down at their place and The Church of the Living God will be glorified and power will be given to the ones on the thrones to judge and to redeem the blood of those who were tortured for the testimony of God, the ones who did not stain themselves with the Babylon’s wine. And the tears and death will perish and the sky and the earth will become new, as the old ones pass with crash.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I am the new beginning, and you, beloved citadel, will be dressed in glory and the ones written in My Book will come to you and a river of life will rise from you and I will put in your middle the tree of life. Blessed are those who wash the coat of life to enter at God. Blessed are those who listen to the Spirits of God. The flower and the grass wither, but the Word of God lies into eternity. I am The One Who gives hope. I am The One Who speaks.

God is blowing an awakening spirit over the wisemen of the earth: love the fear of God, love the belief in God, but love God’s love. Let My love and My wisdom come down over the wise men of this century and let no one stumble. The wisdom in God is fear of God; this is the beginning of wisdom and the one who has not got this one, that one is not wise.

Love My ways, for God is coming down over the weak ones to make the powerful ones to be ashamed, for God has hidden His secrets from the wisemen of the earth and revealed them to the children of Israel. Get rid of the slavery’s yoke, for the one who is slave to the sin, that one has no wisdom, that one changes the lie with the truth and fills with the lying spirit the one who is almost dead, for the lie seeds death and straying from the path of the truth. Look for Me with a humble heart and think about Me with justice, as the Spirit of God does not live with crime and stands away from temptation. Get your back straight and take My yoke, as My yoke is light and My burden is good. The one who is not like Me, is not with Me, and behold, the fog is coming over the nations, is coming to catch the wrongdoing ones.

Love justice, love the way of God and walk on it, for the word of wisdom is life; and, finally, love life. I am the way, the truth and the life, and the one who walks on My ways is alive. The one who knows My ways and does not walk on them, that one is not allowed to talk about God. The one who loves his life, shall lose it. Strengthen your hearts, you wise men, strengthen your knees, make right ways, for the kingdom of glory is coming and the God of Heavens wants to give you the kingdom. Love humbleness, oh, wisemen of the earth, for God does not reveal Himself and does not enter into a vicious soul. Clean yourselves up for, behold, I am coming with My reward. Run away in the front of death and reconcile with God, for God is coming to rest into His, He is coming to announce His kingdom.

My Romania, your sons are walking into wrong ways; your wisemen are sleeping and stumbling; the right one dies and no one cares, and God is strange at your place. The teachers of the law are stumbling on daylight and have no power to share life from Me. From the small one to the big one, everyone love the way of fall and no one has Me inside him. Behold, I am coming with great fire, I am coming to get the evil out of you. I am coming to clean you up and to renew you, I am coming to make your land a new one, I am coming to make a new earth and sky. I am coming to you, My Romania, for God is willing and He glorifies. Behold, I am blowing My trumpet. Rise, My love, shake the dust from you! Wash yourself, My Romania, for God is uniting with you. Behold, I am coming to unlock your sources, to reveal your fountains, to open your gates, for the one who will love you, will rightfully love you, My love.

Oh, I am coming to judge My shepherds and to gather the remains and to feed My flock. Shouldn’t have My shepherds fed My flock? Oh, My flock has spread, got lost and no one is looking for it, as My shepherds did not look after it, and they fed themselves, but I am coming to make justice for My flock, to ask My sheep from them and they will not tear them apart, they will not stab them any more. I am coming to look for them and to study them as the shepherd studies the flock when he is in its middle; I am coming to feed them, to water them, to make justice and to judge between sheep and sheep. I am coming to clear the waters and to take My flock to good pasture and, do not be afraid, small flock, there is only one hour left and I shall shepherd you after justice and I shall increase you and I shall put shepherds over you who will shepherd you with justice, and you will increase and multiply, and I shall rise a great people, a chosen people, a holy priesthood and I shall overflow the spirit of caress and of greatness over the sons of submission.

My Romania, the Jerusalem of My greatness, you will be My glory, My love, and a new song will be heard from you above all the peoples, a peace song across the nations, My love, and a hymn of eternal glory. Rejoice, New Jerusalem, rejoice, My Romania! For behold, Lord is coming to you. Enlarge your tent and look, your sons are coming to you. All those who hated you will call you the Citadel of God, because abandoned and tortured as you were, I shall make you the pride of the centuries. For I, The Lord, have decided this.

Come on, beloved people, rejoice and get up, the citadel of My love! Sing your love song in order that the other nations can hear it and rejoice. Put on a festive dress and a wedding necklace, for Lord is coming to you.

Rise, My love, and let Me hear your voice! Light up the candela and come out on the threshold and watch, My love, for I am coming soon. Amen, amen, amen.


God’s Word from 12 - O.S./25 October 1990 - N.S.

Note: This Word of God was sent and broadcast as a series by radio station Free Europe“,  during its Sunday program, named The Christian world, during that time.