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The Word of God for the rulers and peoples who are at war, at the Feast of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrius, the Myrrh Giver

Peace and holy power over the citadel of My word so that I may come in with the saints, for it is a feast in heaven among the holy martyrs, and I, the Lord, am giving them comfort, I am giving them My coming on earth with them and I am giving them near My speaking by which I confess Myself during this time over the earth, oh, because I have always said that this is the time of My return to prepare a people for heaven and to fulfill the Scriptures of a new and heavenly age, for the old ones pass away and everything is being done new, as it is written. (Apoc: 21/5)

The young confessor Demetrios is celebrated in heaven among the martyrs, the one who did not hide before the pagan kings in his time and proclaimed Me as his God when the rulers of the pagan time gave to be torn apart all those who were found with My love in them and among them.

In all the times I have had some of those who loved and confessed Me and this happened because those, who encouraged one another against the unfaithful ones, understood God, oh, but now it has not been seen such power of faith and love of God; however, behold, such times were also necessary because faith in Me had to be strengthened so that a Christian people may be preserved for Me through time and that I may have at the end of the battle against unbelief, to have a ministering and confessing church through its holy witnesses for Me and through the signs beyond nature when I, the Lord, worked through them to put to shame the unbelief of the proud who wanted to be strong gods; however, the young David killed Godís enemy with just a small pebble. Oh, and thus the heathen kings were put to shame through those who loved God on earth, and the Christian flock now has great intercessors in heaven, and faith and its gifts are to be nourished and stirred up and this makes the remembrance of Christís confessors and they are intercessors and supplicants in heaven for the followers, and behold, there is one church, only one, there are not many, and if there are, they are something else, they are strays from the flock and it is written about them in the Scriptures that they will arise to deceive many; however, I the Lord, come and work with the word and stand in battle against the wandering spirit of the herd, oh, because it is so easy to tear down the Christian that does not stay with God in prayer and in holy fellowship, and this is what I say to every Christian, to all the Christian people:

Do not be a people without prayer, Christian people! Let all Christian houses have prayers to God so that I can protect from heaven those who are connected by prayer with God, because only pagans do not stay in prayer in the time of their life.

Oh, blessed are and will be the Christians who pray to God through the spirit of the holy fathers, for the spirit of these prayers keeps them in the root; it keeps My true church, one by its name and life, and according to the order left through the saints.

Oh, Christian sons, gladly receive My exhortation, for this is what I am telling you: you may not have anything to eat, you may not have anything to wear or where to find shelter, but in spite of all these the prayer to God should not cease from your mind and lips, and stay with the Lord more than you stay with yourselves and with one another, oh, sons.

The flock of My church has been torn apart by pulling away from it of those who fell into temptation at the voice of some who wanted to have their flock, but I say again, there is only one church, and it has fathers and confessors in heaven. Amen.

Man chooses his own Christian or pagan life and there is no middle way. That is why the one who wants to be Christís should learn, understand and choose the Christian life, a life of prayer, of fellowship with Christ and with his confessing saints through water, spirit and blood, and the root of the Christian is that from the beginning and which confesses as in the beginning for Christian life.

I said and I am saying again: no war between peoples is raised except for the defense of the church of Christ and for the faith, and pagan fights against Christian, antichrist against Christ. And I, the Lord, am looking now at the time of war in the neighboring countries, where the antichrist enemy tries to show himself as a friend and approaches with the wandering spirit of the flock of the Christian people, and until it becomes clear to those who make war on account of the ambition of those who stir them from afar under the name of friends, behold, pain, tears and blood flow.

Oh, thatís how it is all over the earth; the battle between Christ and satan with the name of the antichrist will be to the end, and about this battle it was prophesied two thousand years ago, but I, Jesus Christ, am in front of the battle. The Lamb fights against the beast and the Lord overcomes because it is written: ęThe Lord scatters the counsels of the nations and rejects the thoughts of the peoples and denigrates the councils of the rulers, and the council of the Lord remains forever, from generation to generations His thoughts, and blessed is the nation whose Lord is God, He has chosen as His inheritanceĽ. (See Ps: 33/10-12, Ė [33 MT = 32 LXX]); And let My Christians confess and sing by saying: ęLet all the kings of the earth praise You, Lord, when they hear all the words of Your mouth, and let them sing in Your ways, for great is Your glory, Lord!Ľ. (Ps: 138/4, 5)

Behold, prayer is needed for the strengthening of peace where there is war, but peace means victory on the side of Christ and His church, and, therefore, I, the Lord am saying:

Peace to you, nations, and to you, rulers over them, for the victory is for Christ! Those who fight against Me, let them lay down their weapons and seek peace for their people, peace in Christ, and all through the church and for the church, all for the flock, for the people. Amen.

Now the martyr Demetrios is adding next to My word his confession like this:

ó Oh, do not rise higher than you can be, you haughty rulers, for the true victory is not the earth for which you are fighting, but heaven, and you are fighting without the love of God against those who have this love.

And you, who bring your people in danger, oh, stop relying on friends, because there are no friends but only thieves, only robbers, because love does not seek after its own, oh, no. Therefore, this is what the Lords is saying to you now:

ó I, the Lord, am giving you fatherly advice: peace to you, to those who do not have peace, for behold, there is pain in your country, and the foreign enemy lies to you and pretends to be your friend! Oh, be at peace in your things and have mercy on the suffering and perishing people. Your war is coming from the outside not from the middle, not from the neighbors. It is the antichrist enemy under the guise of a friend, and he is the enemy who is fighting to bring and spread his paganism all over, and behold, here at you too, here, near the Orthodox nations, here, where Christians are all around, Christís Christians, the church of the Lamb.

You, Christian countries, lift up the spirit of prayer up to the sky and ask for the good of God over your lands, not other kind of good, for the good of the antichrist wants to take from the good of God. Oh, peace to you! I, the Lord, am giving you this word and this gift: Peace to you!

Now, sons in the citadel of My word, let Us prepare and put a spirit of prayer for My victory among those who have turmoil and are attacked by the antichrist enemy. The war of these times is fed by My adversary, antichrist, who presents himself as a friend, as a benefactor and as a defender.

Let the council from heaven remain, and let the councils of the enemy leaders fall and peace be made, and let it be worked with it among the peoples!

It is the heaven of the saints at great watch and everything that hurts on earth hurts in heaven as well. Let us give comfort by calling through the spirit of prayers the heavenly powers to rule on My behalf, and let the Father watch. Amen.

Now, you, sons in the citadel, you are to prepare the autumn memorial for those asleep, oh, because for a long time they have been waiting for you, sons, and blessing I leave upon you for this preparation once with the feast of the angels, and we are also going to comfort those who wait from Us and from you.

Ask the Father through Me, ask, sons, and the Father will give you, according to My promise.

I am placing you within the spirit of peace and of the holy hope and all these for My love of you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God at the Feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - this is Godís name, a name I wrote down two thousand years ago on earth, the name by which Godís Son is speaking His word at the end of the time and is fulfilling by the word the last Scriptures.

If confusion still arises for My todayís way from the Father again after man, if is doubted the truth that I am this word on the hearth of the Romanian people, behold, I am reminding now all the word of My mouth spoken two thousand years ago when I was preparing My disciples for My departure from them, because before My passions on the cross I had told them that the Holy Spirit was to come on earth and He would guide the faithful ones in all truth and He would not speak from Himself, but He would take from what was Mine and revealed the coming things and He would fulfill the Scriptures and would work with power of word by the spirit of revelation and He would remain with His heavenly work on earth.

Oh, the Lord has not stopped from His work after He had finished his work of two thousand years ago, because the spirit of the revelation has been bringing on earth from the Lord and it has set the fulfillment and faith for the fulfillment and the Lords has been working to complete on earth His work to the end. If the antichrist man works so much, how could the Lord not work even more to the end?

Oh, on earth My adversary of two thousand years ago has been unfolding his work, and now, at the end of the battle, he is deploying his forces fully all over the earth in order to bring many down on his side, and if possible to bring down those chosen to be on the right side for faith, especially in the Romanian country, My Christian land as long as two thousand years to which, behold, I come with the river of My word and I share Myself with it to the margins, and I protect with heavenly powers the way of My coming and I put to shame by the word those who have been hiding under the skin of good sheep, who have spread relentlessly all kinds of heresies, striking the Christís church, the saints, the cross, My word, the Lamb of God, the word of the Father over the earth, and which wages the war in the end of the time, the battle of the Lamb with the beast that tears down; however, I will come out victoriously, for this is written.

Peace to you, peace to those who watch over the citadel of My word and open for Me to come in as word into My todayís book, the book of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the King coming from heaven over the earth, the Spirit of Truth! Antichristís people are blind, they are without the book from above, they do not see and do not want to see anything else but their hatred against the Lamb of God, and these will suffer like those two thousand years ago, who opposed the coming of Christ and then they came to weeping and shameful reproach, oh, and so will happen to all who do like those people by their own accord, and it cannot be said to them: Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing! Oh, it cannot be said so, for these do not want to know as much is to be known and knowable, and they want simply and solely what it has remained in the Scripture since then. Oh, but those under My grace do not allow themselves to be uprooted and they stand with faith in the root, for their faith is their help and salvation, as it is written.

It is a day of holy feast, a day of confession and a day of the mystery of salvation through the cross, through Christ, and I am leaving a word marked with the cross to rebuke all those who flee from the cross, and whoever flees from the cross flees from Christ, Who appeared two thousand years ago through the cross and resurrection. I declared the word cross through My Gospel, and then My disciples proclaimed it, too, and I sealed with the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit the Christians, to be known by Christís cross who is a Christian. By this sign placed with the right hand on the body of the one who is a Christian, this one confesses My crucifixion and memory and has a share in the healing of his sins, for I, the Lord, suffered the cross and My placing on it for all the people who were, who are and who will be on earth, a man born of sin.

I came from the Father for the cross, and I lay down nailed to it for every man, and the man who make the cross, confesses the One Who paid on the cross with His life, on the cross and not otherwise.

He, who does not make the sign of the cross, commits sins. He wants to be free to do whatever he likes, to do and to keep on doing sins, oh, and in this way, he keeps on punishing Me without any mercy through his sins and he does no longer stop, he does not want to bear the payment of his sins in order to carry a cross like Me.

Behold the work of the antichrist; he has much to do with the cross, with the icons of the saints, with the mystery of the church, with everything that hinders his victory, but I, the Lord, powerfully protect the way of My coming as word over the earth, as much as the hidden work of the antichrist man may want to strike the land of My coming and My mysteries with it, but the more he hides from being seen and caught, the more his power is brought down, for My todayís country and My Romanian people from this land, this means the place where I, the Lord, work with the whole heaven in order to put to flight, to completely destroy the plan of the antichrist man, the one hidden under the mask of good, but this country is not in his hands, because here, I, the Lord, have much work against him to throw him down, for I am the Lamb Who overcomes the beast, as it is written.

However, you, who want to overthrow the unshakable things and go out to hunt the sheep that are not yours and to draw the flock with your voice of wolf, you had better kneel down before the cross and seek to ask with tears the forgiveness of your sins that you committed and keep on committing willingly, oh, and you still want to pretend that you know what you are talking about. However, how do you know that you know what you say and that it is as you say? You pretend that are smart, smarter than the saints who suffered in their lives under the cross and reached the heaven on the way I walked, on the way of the cross, and behold, the prayers of the saints are before Me in full cups, as it is written, (Apoc: 5/8; 8/3, 4) but you read as you like, not as it should be read; you read and pretend that you are smart and tell others what you have to say, but actually you are the thief coming out on the high road after the venison, well-dressed, according to the fashion of the world, and want to strike the weak sheep to hobble and then to pull them from the way of the cross, left by the fathers, oh, and you lie to them and you buy and sell them as well, because you are a seller, you are a traitor, you are an executioner, you are the wolf that attacks the sheepfold, this is what you are: a deceiver by trade, an informer, foreign to the truth, and God knows you, sees you, measures you and you will receive from Him the reward according to your works, as it is written.

You who have the faith and the right way under your feet, strive to be the sons of faith! A man must learn to have faith and its holy gifts, and he cannot have this gift anyway. Therefore, fight under the cross and stand watch against the enemies of the cross, for My great victory and yours is won with fight.

The cross is the sign of the Christian and his way to heaven. The cross led Me to My resurrection. The cross leads the man to Christ, and the antichrist and his people are known by the lack of the cross, by their opposition to the cross, which may want to call it an idol, which the world worships. Oh, how can those on the side of the cross not worship the cross if it gave Me the victory?

Behold, you must be worthy to make the cross, to mark your being with the sign of the holy cross, confessing in this way Christ as your God. The cross is not just mere wood and that is all. The cross is Christís sign, the sign of His victory through the cross. The cross leads the man to resurrection. The cross is not an idol. The idol is for those without God and who make their God out of wood, iron, out of whatever they may want, (Like Ąsmart-phoneĒ, Ąsmart-tvĒ and others like them, - see Apoc: 13/14, 15, r.n.) and the cross is the seal of Godís sons, from which the evil spirit flees and mourns in fear before the sign of the holy cross.

And behold, I am saying now: anathema are all those who strike against the sign of the holy cross and against those who are sealed with it on their face in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!

My Gospel and My disciplesí - these witnesses are full of the name of the cross, for the cross is one with Christ, unseparated. For two thousand years it has been a weapon against the devil. Those who throw away from them this sign of life, Christian, those throw away their bridge which helps those who pass from earth to heaven over the precipice of death.

And now I say: Make the sign of the cross, mark yourselves with the sign of the holy cross all the time, to be victorious over everything that is evil between earth and heaven, you, sons of the church and cross! Reject any creature that may want to uproot you in order to prevail against you so that you may fall down! Lift up your weapon and stay like that! Lift up the cross, and you will overcome with it, as I, the Lord, overcame death and I was resurrected!

Oh, remain within Me, sons of the people of My word during these days! Watch, sons, to remain in Me, not in this world, in which the antichrist people walk to wipe out My trace on earth and from the people! Oh, why did I say then? ęRemain in Me and remain in My loveĽ. (See John: 15/9) I said this because the man has the guilty custom to stay outside of Me with his nature, and, therefore, let him be deprived of the grace from above, careless of soul and obedient to the flesh, and when a man is a Christian in Christís flock, then this emptiness of God is reflected through those who are devoid of Him, oh, and Christ is no longer wholly in the flock, and this because of those without My grace working in man and from man through all who live together.

Sons, sons, as long as a man tries to do something for himself, God cannot work His grace, and you, those who want to be sons of the people of My word, oh, flee from lusts, sons, for Israel was seized with lusts in the wilderness and perished by lusts, for the lust draws the man into sin, it draws him to separation from God. When the flesh does not live in Christ, it makes the man idle, it draws him to carelessness, to drowsiness, to the lack of love, to a lazy body, deprived of willingness and humility. Behold, you have to be worthy in order to have faith and its gifts. Otherwise, it will be taken from you and you will remain sterile, you will no longer have any fruit in Christ, and your mind will be a place for lie, of self-partiality and of the lack of the Lord in it, and woe to those who loved once and then gave it up by having been deprived of faith and of the spring of this word, and I say this for those who had Me as theirs by their faith in My word of today and yesterday, and then they fell by their carelessness and, as a result, the gift of faith was taken away from them!

Sons, sons, the carrying and the love of the cross will not let you fall from My arm of Shepherd! The lack of the carrying of the cross bring about dangers, it brings about falls and pains. Be bearers of Christ, of cross, sons! I tend you as a Shepherd on the way of the cross, for this is the way in which I also walked to the Father, oh, and My grace is great and abundant on the way of the carrying of the cross.

I am embracing you into My arms, in the cross, sons. It is the altar on which I lay to prepare food for you. Peace to you, oh, peace to you, sons of My cross!

The cross is the mirror that I have left for you to see Me through it, to see Me in it, to see yourself in it, and that it may remain with you to My coming with glory, sons, and then it will be the seal of the victory, the chain with which we will destroy and bind satan forever and ever, as it is written, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God at the Feast of the Birth of the Lordís Mother

I am embracing My citadel and those in it with the voice of My word on a day of holy feast for My Virgin mother, I am putting My word into the book and I am sharing it to those who seek Me here, at the spring of My voice, the place from which it springs over the earth the voice of Godís word, My word during these days, My coming from the Father as word on earth during My time with you, sons, and there is no wise mind for this mystery of God in the midst of the people on earth!

With this work of Mine with you it happened and it happens as two thousand years ago, as then when I came from the Father a born Child of the Virgin mother and when I grew once with Godís new mystery, sons. Then I set those coming with Me from heaven in the place of the old ones that had been by that time, and I began with the order of the renewed church, oh, and none of the great ones of the temple knew enough what had been ordained for the future and those coming with Me from heaven, and when they were finding out something they were killing those included within the new mystery and others were springing up sprinkled with the blood of those killed like Me by the rulers of that time.

I and My disciples of that time worked then at the renewal of all things, as the harsh law pressed on the salvation of the sinful man; however, I died on the cross for the forgiveness of the sins of the sinful ones and through this I worked their salvation, of those who believed in the things with which I had come from the Father to work further over the people, and behold, I worked with a great mystery.

I took fishermen from their fishing and they left their nets and followed Me and I set them as priests, bishops and apostles over the earth and rulers of the renewed church by My sacrifice on the cross, and among them was also Jacob, the patriarch of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem did not know that, but the faithful Christians of the renewed settlement knew this, and in this way it was fulfilled My word of that time by which I was speaking to the Father: ęI thank You, oh, Father, that You have hidden these things from the wise and understanding, and revealed them to little children, to the ignorant, to the disregarded by the great of the time, scribes and PhariseesĽ. (See Luke: 10/21)

Behold, I am walking today, too, with those who know they are the ministers of the temple, the rulers of the church built two thousand years ago and who do no longer have any mercy on God and on the flock and they mind only their own business; however, I am calling out in this way to them as I was calling by the voice of the prophets those of that time who did not shepherd the flock with mercy, and even since that time, I promised that I would come and ask them to give an account for the sheep they had not been tending and that had been wandering through the thorns and I would take them out of their hand and I Myself would shepherd the sheep, and I would bind their wounds and take them in My arms to My springs, for I am the Great Shepherd and I visit My flock all the time, as it is written.

Behold, I have mercy on whom I want to have mercy; so, it is written. I am the One Who works, not man, and man obeys. Behold, I will make all things new as I did two thousand years ago. Then I came down to renew all the things, too. And it is likewise now. I am coming, working and strengthening the work of My church, for it is written for Me to come and visit My flock and to give it healthy pasture and to lead it to the Father.

Those at that time boasted that they had Moses whom they obeyed, as they used to say, and that is why they did not receive Me, and I was telling them: ęFor had you believed Moses, you would have believed Me, for he wrote concerning MeĽ. (John: 5/46)

I am saying today for those of nowadays that if they had believed in the Christ of two thousand years ago, they would believe Him now when, behold, He is the word over the earth, but they, like those at that time, have something else to do and they submit to the work of lie in the world and to the rulers of the world and not to Christ, under whose name they serve. And I suffer for the flock and this has been hurting Me for two thousand years because there is only lie in the world and the faith on earth perishes from the manís mind, and Christians no longer have works of faith and miracle-working shepherds in order to give food to the sheep of the flock, oh, and the sheep get lost and wolves come and take them away from the fold, and that is why I am mourning for the sheep and coming after them. I am coming as word from the Father, I am coming and calling them out and teaching them to gather together in the fold and to keep away from the wolvesí way, not to stray from the flock, for behold, I am coming from heaven and I am coming as word over the earth to visit My flock which is without any watch over it.

Oh, people of My word, I have been crying in your midst and I saying to man: ĄMan, teach Me what to do to find My day of rest because I lost it once with manís fall to satan in paradiseĒ.

I am speaking now on a day of holy feast for My Virgin mother, I am speaking a clear word for all who know the teaching of My word during this time, for all those who look into it and do not fulfill it, or they fulfill it as much as they want, and they do this because of their lack of self-denial, a sin that does not leave man to become a lover of God and one with Me in the holy thing of My coming as word on earth by the faith and steadfastness of the people close to Me.

Behold, draw closer in your heart to Me, and not to one another on the way to Christ because if no one teaches you the way with Christ and how one walks on it with the brothers, you will have no way to perceive the mystery of the brotherhood in Christ, and you will fall into mistakes and into troubles of the heart, into separation from God when you do not even think about or expect it, when you do not feel this.

Oh, sons, guided from heaven, from the place of love, loves means God, only God, and let the Christians become one in one spirit for the love of God and only then will they understand what God with people on earth means, for otherwise Christians see to their own things and to each other and the Lord is no longer their love, their life, their true way and they fall into all kinds of sins, after they have known the Lord and His mystery with man. Oh, for this kind of sins I was nailed on the cross and the nails were the sins of those who love sin, and all who sin are the nails from My hands and legs, in My coast, the place from where I took from Adam and made his woman, and she made Adam fell from God together with her, oh, and the woman crushed the work of the manís creation.

You, those who want to learn Godís rest in you and My day of rest lost by the manís lack of humiliation, behold, learn from Me, learn from My work on earth. I worked humiliation. I have always bowed down even before the unfaithful ones, for I have My Father resting within Me and that is why I have humbled Myself. Bowing down is the sign of My rest in man. He who cannot bow shows that I, the Lord, do not have any place to rest within him. He who does not bow indicates that is prone to sin and not to the obedience of God and of his brothers, and even to the unbelievers to whom man obeys so many times on earth, for this is required on earth.

Sons, sons, I teach you what humiliation is. This proves you as lovers of God and of brothers. When you do not listen, when you do not bow or love, that is why you do not humble yourself. The lack of love is your fault for which you do not bow, and I, the Lord, want to teach you to be in My image and after My likeness, to be a Christian, to be with God and to let Him coming within you with His work, for He bows before you so that you may take after Him in the work of humiliation, and those who are many and live together have much opportunity to humble themselves again and again for their resemblance to Christ. And here it also works your living until now; it depends on the way of your being by this time and more humiliation is needed if you have not had this practice by this time and if you want to come and follow Christ now.

Oh, My mother, I am teaching the Christians on the day of the celebration of your birth on earth among people, mother. I look for My days of rest. I have been looking for seven thousand years, since the man I had built by My own hand sinned by his disobedience, mother. I have been seeking with tears and crying out: Where are you, My rest? I keep asking the man: Man, teach Me what shall I do to find My day of rest?

Oh, My mother, how much I have been speaking during this time! How long I have been seeking to find My rest, mother! I have been working humiliation so that I may not spoil My Fatherís dwelling within Me, but man bows before the evil spirit and gives him room to dwell in him, mother.

Oh, how shall I not cry? I made the man to be My place of rest and My work, and he has been giving himself to the spirit opposing to Me, and I suffer more than on the cross from the manís departure of Me and from his proneness to sin.

I want to rejoice you on your day of the feast and now I am wiping out My tear and giving strong exhortation over those who carry Us over the earth with the works from above, oh, and We are seeking comfort with them, mother. And now, teach them, too, and let them all take and receive the teaching from above and those who truly receive will really learn what humiliation is; they will give within them the rest I lost and will give Me comfort, My mother.

ó Oh, my Son and my God, we have comfort through those who bow and know this mystery of Your dwelling within them, and only those whom the Father reveals, only they will understand this mystery, the mystery of Your rest within them, my dear Son.

Oh, beloved people, you, who are near to the spring of my Son, the grace of humiliation is great among those who bow; it is great because of my Sonís rest within them. They are Godís lost comfort. They are bearers of God, His rest within them. You have to be great saints, where God may be able to rest, to bow before you by your humiliation, for His rest within you. Humiliation is a great mystery and it starts from down upwards, from the smallest proofs of humiliation and it begins from up down, from the great poofs of humiliation of those who are humble, oh, and only those who work the bowing down, only they are the people who work humiliation, too, for to the one who has, it will be given more, as it is written about those who cannot carry God and He is given to be carried to those who carry Him with His many works, according to the requirements from heaven and earth according to the time, according to conditions.

Christ has placed much teaching and advice into the book on this day of teaching. All the mystery of Godís rest is humiliation, oh, sons. Nothing and no one can throw down the one who humbles himself, and the spirits opposing to God flee away from the one who bows after Godís image and in His likeness, Who humbles Himself.

Those who want to learn and stay in the work of humiliation of spirit, let those always say to themselves this: God is love but man is sin, and that is why let him humble himself and learn from God; let him learn to humble like God and he will be then the Lordís rest; he will be a bearer of God. Oh, this is what should say the one who wants to work out his humiliation, for this is how I worked, too, and this is how I was a useful vessel to the Lord, His way on earth for the people.

And now, Jesus Son, glorify Yourself within the word over them and for their steadfast-ness in those they have learned, and let the grace of humiliation grow over them from one another by humiliation, and let them learn what humiliation is from us, from You, from me, and then from those who do not humble themselves, seeing through these the departure from God of those who are not humbled, dear Son Jesus.

ó Oh, My mother, faith and steadfastness in faith, this work is understood only by those who humble themselves because otherwise faith is useless, mother. Behold, the work of the steadfast faith brings God from heaven down on earth and the Lord comes by the faith of those who receive Him. How shall I go to speak to those who do not believe and do not do the works of the faith? Would the people of the church receive Me if I went to speak to them from above and to tell them what I tell them here and send to them to know My speaking for them?

Oh, unbelief is Godís stumbling block towards people. The Lord cannot put His works on earth but only with those who are faithful and humble before Him, My mother.

Oh, sons, I want you to speak among yourselves, too, and I to look at you from above with all those in heaven, with whom I may watch in the feasts. The mystery and the work of humiliation and then its fruit in you, these you need to have as work among you, oh, sons, for I do not have where to find My rest in other places but only where humiliation is, oh, sons.

I hold you close to My heart so that you may feel its beats and to remain united hearts within One, within My heart, which bows down before you and teaches you what humiliation is, always humiliation, always like God, always like that, always, always like that, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.