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The Word of God for Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, at the Synod of the Saint Archangels Michael and Gabriel

The heavens are opening and the heavenly glory is coming down above, here. Those in heaven are taking their places in groups, those who are not seen by the eyes that are held to see. Glory and only glory fills the sky here. The hosts of angels have come with Me at the feast of the angels, and I, their Lord, have them as My glory.

I am Who I am, and My glory follows Me wherever I am. I am the One Who comes with the saints, as it is written for Me to come, and behold the day of the angels’ feast in the citadel of My word on the earth of the Romanian people, here, in the city of My coming as word on the earth! Oh, and since when have I been coming and speaking with My voice over this land and time? For over sixty years, I have been coming and going all the way between heaven, and earth, and I have been coming on this land and I have got written word with Me, which testifies about My great love and about My coming to show the man the way on which I come and descend to him, and man is supposed to learn the way from Me, for I am the way and there is no other way besides Me, and he who does not know and does not walk on this unique way, he does not go anywhere, poor of him. However, I am the gentle Shepherd and I come into the man’s way and I offer and show him the way, but if he does not want to know Me and believe after that, then he does not find the way and he goes without any guidance on earth.

There is much word on My tongue now, and I want to write everything into the book that is being written today, on a day of feast for My angels, God’s angels. Behold the shelter here under which I come together with you, those who have gathered at the spring, has no border. Oh, there is not any border, for between Us and you is only glory now, and you are enveloped within it. Nothing keeps Me far from the place where I want to be and work, as the stone on My tomb could not prevent Me either from staying far from those that are seen, and from the people. Oh, now it is the same; the glory with which I am coming is great, and the shelter here is not between Me and you; it is neither for God or for those with whom I am coming, or for those to whom I am coming, and it is only the glory with which I come and that is all.

Oh, it is so majestic, so solemn, the image of My coming to you with the saints and with My angels on this great day, sons, who open to Me to be able to come in when I come! There have come near Me and near you those who have known and have been longing after My coming to you. With festive splendor, this is how you, those from below, have to prepare the feasts and meet those who are celebrated in heaven, for you believe that they have come and that is why the saints come to you, and that is why you always prepare My coming and you welcome Me with honor, sons. Oh, it is not as in the world, because it is not for the world, but rather for those in heaven, of whom the world does not take care on earth.

You, those who know that I come, and those of you who have come at the spring of My mouth here, you believe that I come and that is why I come and I give you when you come. Oh, peace to you, peace to you and welcome for My days of glory here! You are going to meet your ancestors, for I am coming with the saints and they are going to meet you, for God’s mystery is great and much, and the Lord urges you to it by His word, which has been coming down for you.

Oh, this is what I am going to tell you: put to work the sight of your faith to rejoice over the greatness of those who come from heaven, for the ancestors with whom they are coming have got white little shirts, they have got holy garment, for those in heaven have linen garments and they are My glory. You will say: “How comes that those in heaven have little shirts?” Oh, but how could it be possible that they do not have? It means that without a shirt they would be naked, they would be without their glory? I, the Lord, have also got a little shirt, and this is how I walk among them, and all the hosts of saints have, they have little linen shirts.

Oh, here is what I am going to tell you: Those in heaven have got the sign of submission on their head, for I am the King among them. Does the man on the earth know anymore how to stay before God the King? The little cap is the sign of those who are blessed, the sign of those who obey, having the Lord King upon them. Why do the soldiers have a cap on their heads, both the soldiers with high ranks and those with low ranks have got one. Because they are under authority. Oh, but man is on his own, poor of him, and all are on their own on earth, all have their heads uncovered, men, women, children, masters or servants, and no one has the sign of submission anymore, and no one has God, and all stand before the Lord with their heads uncovered, oh, and how the end of the world is not supposed to come, how can it be otherwise, when all ask for this? In the time of the ancestors, only those who had someone dead in their family walked with their heads uncovered, and then they shaved off their beards and heads, and the others knew this sign. However, today all point to a death sign, and no one knows anymore the mystery of the covered head for submission, and even the angels appear with a little white band on their heads, as a sign that they are submitted to the Lord, their King, but in this time, almost everywhere there is the end of all things and the beginning of everything, a new heaven and a new earth, as it is written to be and to appear, oh, and all are on their own, not obeying anyone, and no one knows that only satan’s spirit shows that man is separated from God on the earth, and even more, it wants to teach the man to believe and to say that there is no God, and all those who believe and speak so are foolish, as it is written.

Oh, sons, who make and prepare My coming with honor as many times as I knock at your door to open for Me to come, oh, sons, every day, and now, on this day of glory, early in the morning, I am examining with My spirit and eyes all the preparation, the spirit and the work of today, and I am saying: wonderful, wonderful, sons, and I am the One Who sees ahead of time and works beforehand. But those to whom I show beforehand, they also know what and how is going to be at the feasts, and they begin to fear to say, lest you may be afraid that you cannot do, that the time is little for such great work, which you have to do for the feasts every time.

Oh, and I am keeping My eyes upon them and I am embracing into My arms those that have come together here, at the glory of the angelic feast, and I am giving them those things from above, and you are to give them those from below near Me.

However, I have to knock on this day at the doors of the kings of the earth and of the nations on it, and I am telling them what I am going to speak to them.

Oh, I am the One Who made the heaven and the earth, oh, you those who are kings according to their ranks! Stand up and open to the One Who reigns upon you and over the earth, and Who has His seat in the sky, in heaven, surrounded by hosts of cherubim and seraphim, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, and many among these do not know, they cannot do, and do not want to consider that I, the Lord, am the great One over all gods, over those that are not able do like Me, Who do everything I want in heaven and on earth, on seas and in the depths, the only One Who can make miracles, and who can reach My knowledge? Any man who leaves the earth comes to stand before Me for his life here and for everything that it will be with him in eternity, and woe to the people who trust those who are strong among the sons of men, who cannot save, and whose spirit comes out of them while they return to dust and all their thoughts perish once with them!

Oh, kings of the earth, I am He Who sends My word over the earth, but I do not show My judgments to every nation. Oh, come closer to listen to My mouth! You do not have to come to this mountain, but you have only to listen to Me, coming near with faith in that what I am speaking to you, just as the people of Israel received the Lord from Moses, who was going up in the holy mountain and was taking the word from the Lord by which He was shepherding. I am coming as Shepherd upon you, and I am coming in a humble way, for this is how God is, and the Lord cannot be otherwise. I am coming as Shepherd, and I have the rod of gentleness and affection to lead to My pasture all those that I am shepherding. I am coming down from heaven to you and I am coming with the clouds, as it is written, as I promised through My messengers, and on the day of My ascension to the Father after forty days from My resurrection, they proclaimed and My messengers spoke to those who were seeing My ascension into heaven, and they said this: «This Jesus Who was received up from you into the sky will come back in the same way as you saw Him going into the sky». (Acts 1:11)

Oh, kings of the earth, you are weakened by your sins, and you cannot rule over the people but only to sin, for a sinner cannot guide another sinner; they cannot protect one another because people are people and that is all, and that is why they need a God over them, oh, and only One is God and man does not seek after Him earnestly, when he wants to have a God upon him.

Oh, kings of the earth, what makes a king? A king is to take care first of his people and not of himself, and the king also has to give life and bring victory for his people in times of trials over its life. When a king departs from God’s law, he falls down suddenly, but when he takes care of his people and of his soul, then he is protected and he goes in front of it, giving thanks to God for him and for the people.

When a people departs from God and from the laws of his life, then that people falls into bondage under wicked rulers like him, who are wanderers and who all wander away, but if that people stands up for the Lord with remorse and when he repairs his walking, oh there comes the Lord’s mercy, it comes for forgiveness, for repentance and then it comes for getting out from the wandering of life bondage.

Oh, kings of the earth, those who are faithful and unfaithful to the Lord and to your people, oh, open up your ears to hear God. Oh, until when you are afraid of each other, or one from another? And here it is why you make dangerous weapons with which you threaten one another, when God has not told you to do this. Nevertheless, on the contrary, it is written a prophetic word, which says: „He strikes with the sword will be struck by the sword”, and „Let him who threatens be cursed”. And these threats have to perish, and not those who instruct have to perish. Oh, until when, until when will you be afraid of each other? Do you not know that everything that comes from the Lord is free to come after everybody`s life? Therefore, direct your feet and correct your work, so that the Lord may come near with His protection, for only I, the Lord, oh, only I can protect you and your people, but not you.

Oh, kings of the nations on earth, do no longer seek after seats of king if you are not able to lay down your life for the people. No matter how big you may think you are, do not forget that he who is great is the one who is able to lay down his life to crucifixion for his people, as I laid down My life on the cross for the people. Oh, do not forget that, when you give away from you the work of the commandments of life, you will not be able to get rid of them, and no matter how much you may want to forsake My word from upon you, you will not be able to get away from it, because this is what is written.

I am speaking to you in the Romanian language, oh, and how much I would like you to read My word so on, in the Romanian language. Romanian country is the gift of the God Father, given to Me at My birth on the earth two thousand years ago to have it as the country of My coming with the saints in word on earth, and from its hearth I speak to the nations, to the languages and to the kings as it is written, and they have to receive from the Lord, as the land from which the Lord speaks in the end of the time is a high mountain, so that there may come under the word of His instruction thirsty nations, those that are not comforted and not released, and they will go to the Lord with their salvation on the way. Therefore, I have been calling you from a high mountain of holy mystery and I am bringing you the word full of comfort: peace to you, oh, peace to you! And let it be so, as I am speaking to you now from the midst of the glory of My angels, once with their Christian feast through the church, of the saint archangels, Michael and Gabriel, kept at its place in the calendar, and not replaced, as it happened, behold, over the flock of the Romanian people, too, when there were removed from their place in time the feasts of My saints, as the holy fathers had laid them down according to the tradition by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and the Messenger for the foundation of all things.

And concerning this pain of Mine, still not healed on the hearth of the Romanian people, I am coming down to speak to the Russian people and to its kings; not only to thank them for their humility, but also to ask them to stand right with respect to the saints and to the fathers, for the persecution is at its height over the Orthodox flock, oh, and let the walls not fall down everywhere, for the pigs are ready to break down the hedge of My vineyard and to throw it down completely.

You, the one who rule over this great people and land, oh, humble yourself and stay in unity with the ruler of the Church of your people so that it may not be any agitation, so that no one may go weak, and let everyone stand right for the Orthodox faith, that which is set by the fathers forever, as it is written. I, the Lord, ask you this. Take this book and read it with humility, read it in the language by which I am speaking to those great and small from the earth; read it in the Romanian language, and I will be relented for your obedience, for I am the One Who knows your secret.

Behold, do not shake! Strengthen the faith left by saints! Stay within the right feasts and do not change them, too, do not join those who fill Me with pain within their human gatherings, which do no longer take after those of the saints of My church, and I, the Lord, will leave My blessing upon you. Oh, Moldavia also has to stand firm in its faith. In her situation, it is to be pitied very much with longing and mourning, as over it rules a man with a wicked soul, without mercy, proud and without any gratitude, and he does not love his people on which he is set to rule, and to be a big lord, and because of his haughtiness, which he keeps growing, he does not want to confess his history, and therefore, he tramples over it as an enemy, without any thankfulness for the ancestors, for those from whom those of today have descended.

Oh, I am telling you about My pain for the church from the fathers, as I do not want everything to be torn down to the ground, as it also happened over My Romania, the country in which I made My little path for My coming from the Father, now, about two thousand years ago, when I came as a Child born in Bethlehem, having been grown by My mother Virgin until I went to be again with the Father, on His right hand side, from where I had humbled Myself to come back again on the earth, to lay down My life on the cross for man, and I stayed with the people thirty-three years and a half. Now am speaking with a river of word, and I have the spring in the county of My coming, My little fish, the fish that has remained without her little wings, because of those who had envied her beauty and broke four parts from it as from communion bread; however, she has remained My loved fish and behold, I have made a citadel of throne on her hearth, on the hearth of her ancestors of two thousand years ago, and I go as word to the nations of the earth to tell them: Peace to you!

I want to turn Romania with its face to the fathers, too, (To change the holidays, to put them back on Old Style, r.n.) for behold, it has not been celebrating today with a churchly honor the feast of My angels, the archangels Michael and Gabriel, and everything is upside down among the rulers of the church, who went, who went to those who want to spoil completely everything that it has remained of the churchly order from the beginning.

Oh, be and remain with your face to the parents, to the saints, for the saints are intercessors, and I, the Lord, will have the joy from you. And you, do as well as you can and be all the time a peace maker and trust in Me through the church, and believe what I tell you, for this is what I am telling you: Those who have My face in their country, My church from the beginning, with its beginning from the apostles and from the saints, they will be protected, and especially those who take care of My face upon their flock, cleansed from sin, restraining their way with sin in it, and this is how they will be protected by God, and the enemy will not be able to invade them.

And now, humble yourself to receive My peace: Peace to you! The river of My word, the word of God is flowing from heaven into Romania. Take and read in the Romanian language My book that is for you and for the churches of your country. Amen.

Now, because I have found comfort for the wound of My church, strengthening on its way the foundation the Orthodox church, I am proclaiming over the kings of the nations from the earth the greeting of peace:

Oh, pace to you, kings of the earth! Humble yourselves before the Lord, Who is speaking to you! Seek with humility after peace and put away fear, for it is written into the Scriptures that a time will come when the weapons will be turned into ploughshares, and when nations will not threaten each other with death and destruction. Oh, if I, the Lord, did not watch moment by moment with the whole power and with the holy armies everywhere at the borders, then man would go on killing and killing and he would no longer work something else. Oh, this is how I watch and I have Romania as the country of My returning on the earth as word, after two thousand years from My birth on the earth, and now I want to come with great salvation, only the people to find My gift, their salvation and My way forward to them so that they may walk in it with their holy walking, that which is expected by God over the nations. Amen.

Oh, how sweet is this day, and it is great both up there above and down below, and I, the Lord, am writing Myself with it into the midst of this land. And I am also taking the word of comfort over My little Moldavia, which is still foreign from its root; however, a wise man of the country said that „we do not live in a country, but we live in a language”, oh, and how beautiful this word is, how beautiful!

However, you, Moldavian, those who are still with tears in your little hearts, in your little cheeks, oh, be good, sons! You are Romania. The Romanian land is the land, on which you stand, even if the cruel man had acceded to the throne and worked separation from brothers upon you, but a sweet time is coming and patience is needed, wounded sons. Behold, the feast of the Romanian is coming! (December 1, 1918, is the National Day of Romania, and on the 1st of December 2018, there are 100 years since the Union of Transylvania with Romania, in the year of 1918, r.n.). Do no longer cry, oh, do no longer cry! I have you within the borders that are written in heaven, and on this great day I am sending you holy exhortation, so that you may keep your faith, your saints and your orders from the saints, as behold what a great storm wants to pull you out of your roots, My dear vineyard, Orthodox country, and its traditions from your ancestors, but the saints pray to Me, and I am coming down to strengthen the watch of the vineyard. Oh, do not forget this: the Romanian people cannot be broken apart into little pieces by the flowing waters, for the waters keep it together; they bind it, water it and sing to it, and the Russian brothers are your brothers in Christ and by the holy tradition, which the home nation, the Romanians, shook by those who had not watched once and by those who are not watching now over the nation, too.

I am reaching over the earth with the feast of the angels and I am saying: Peace to the earth and peace to the man on it! Come to the water, nations and languages! God is sweet. Taste and see! Peace to you, from here, from the country where I have come and from where I am speaking now, in the end of the time! Amen.

And now, peace to you; peace to those who have been watching and laboring for the glory of My word upon you and upon Romania, and over those who have come together near you for the feast of the angels! And some of the angels will accompany them to their houses, those who have wanted Us and have come at the table with the Lord here.

And you, My country, My little fish, Romanian country, you should know from Me that I suffer from you. The celebration of one hundred years from the completion of your body is coming upon you and you do not know that you shine from up down. And I am coming here together with the saints and I am getting comforted from the pain, which You have caused to Me because of the lack of the spirit of brotherhood, and because of the reckless spirit of division among you, which works with much lie among brothers, as lie comes from the devil. Oh, I have patience with you and I wait for your repentance and I wait for you to overcome sin and your separation from God, to be able to come closer to you and to do you good, and you are to comfort Me with your transfiguration, and do not forget, I wait for this. Amen.

This book is going now over the earth and it is taking My word with it, the word of God.

I am Who I am, and I have been speaking over the earth and over the kings on a day of the feast of My angels.

I am and I am comforting you, those who carry out My coming, and I am strengthening you further to be My watcher and to watch for Me with love, as I am giving you My love, and I give it to you always, always, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God for the people of old Israel The Word of God on the Palm Sunday. The feast of the Lord’s entrance in Jerusalem

This day of great feast is remembered in heaven and on earth by all angels, by all saints and by many people, and the people of the prophets have great joy face to face with the feasts of the great fulfillments of the written words of the Scriptures by the spirit of the prophecy, the Spirit of God by the mouth of His prophets, for the great promises were written over the people of Israel, and all those written were wonderfully fulfilled according to the map and at the appointed time for each promise, and My time, Messiah’s time, was to test the faith of the chosen people powerfully, its love for the Lord its God, and its stature, but this people was broken in two at that time and it made two ways, and Israel was tested at that time and fell from faith; however, a remnant, chosen by grace, remained of him, to be the new seed of God’s people, a new nation, the nation of Christ, Messiah, that Who was promised by the Father through the prophets as a great Savior, the Son of God coming on earth by the birth of a Virgin, the Holy One, Who was to renew the world and to raise a people of saints before the Father Sabaoth, a new Israel, after the grace, after the spirit and not after the flesh, as the promise made to Abraham was spoken, a great people, as much as the stars of the heaven, a people of saints, that laid down its life for the faith in Christ, the Messiah, promised by the prophets to be the Savior and the Lord.

I am Who I am. I am the Word of the Father Sabaoth, as I was in the beginning when the heaven and the earth were made. Oh, I am entering now as I did two thousand years ago; I am coming into Jerusalem, and the white horse is My word. I am not asking the Israel people whether I am welcomed to come in to him or not, but I am coming through the walls, which are between Me and him, and I am coming through the closed doors because I am the resurrected Christ, and there is no boundary to stop Me, as they could also not prevent Me from coming out of the tomb from under the great and heavy stone. Oh, all things bow before Me and know My name, the grace and the power from the Father in Me, and behold, I have given to the people of Israel My speaking with him after two thousand years from the day of My entrance in Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey, and when it was fulfilled the prophecy, written ahead of time, to come out into the midst of Israel, to the glory and appearance of Messiah, the Son of God, the Father.

Oh, I am coming and I am coming in again to you, Israel, people with a great name among the nations. Oh, peace to you! This is My seal when I enter a house or a citadel.

Oh, sons of Israel, in order that you may receive Me, I give you the greeting for the disciples: Peace to you, peace to you, sons of old! Peace to you in a day of remembering of God’s works into your midst, sons of Israel! Oh, here it is what I am doing on this day of great remembrance! I am taking them here with Me, at My spring of word into the midst of the Romanian people, where I came with My mysterious horse, for this is how My Father Sabaoth has ordained for Me to have now, in the end, a new country of My coming as word on earth, and I am taking them at this table full of word; I am taking those of that time from Israel who chose not to receive Me from the Father among them in the image of Messiah, and who signed the act of My death on the cross; I am taking them, showing them and speaking to them that which they did not want to see and hear when they were on earth in My time, and they were able to believe but they turned their face and ear so that they might not see and not hear Messiah, Who, behold He is speaking now and here His word in the end of the time as it is written to be fulfilled at this time His coming on earth under the name of the Word of God, (Apoc. 19/13), the Lord clothed in a cloud of word speaking to the earth.

I am sitting down with you at the table of word, Israel of that time and now. Here I am, being fulfilled on earth for two thousand years by a people of saints in heaven, but also on earth in this time and to the end, My time with a people of saints, to whom I told by the prophets: «Be holy for I am holy».

Oh, Israel, remember of that time when, one day before My entrance into Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey, I was coming from the city of Lazarus and of his sisters, Martha and Mary, and I was going to Jerusalem when a multitude of Jews found out from one another that I called Lazarus, who died four days before, and I said to him: «Lazarus, come forth!». And He came out and stood alive. However first, I asked Martha: «Do you believe that your brother will rise again?». And she answered: «Lord, I have come to believe that You are the Christ, God’s Son, He Who comes into the world». (John. 11/27). Oh, behold faith in Israel on that time, when some believed in Me and others did not believe even if the pigs that spoke with a human voice through the spirit of a devil called Me God’s son, for the devils in the pigs were afraid of Me, asking Me not to torment them ahead of time.

Oh, behold, after the remembrance of the Saturday of Lazarus’ resurrection, the Sun-day of My entrance into Jerusalem follows, and I am sitting with you in the world and coming into the city, Israel people. I want to speak clearly to you about God, about the Son of God, about the Holy Spirit and about My coming to you in this time, about the unbelief of the rulers upon you at that time, and behold, about the holy faith of many in Israel, who, like Me, had died for their great confession, for the One sent by the Father to raise a great people to the Lord on earth and that many nations and languages may flow to His teaching, as it is into the prophets to be fulfilled.

Oh, I am, Israel, open to Me! I am Who I am, as I told Moses up on the mountain to tell you who I am, so that the people of Israel of that time and the people after that time may believe in Me. Oh, I am, but you did not want to know Me and you found it right to be you and you did not want Me to be after that. Oh, you did not take well into consideration then so that you might no longer go wrong. You stayed with the book of the prophets closed by your eyes and mind and went wrong bitterly before God the Father and you put the Son God on the cross, and in order for you to understand that there is is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, that is God within three aspects, behold, I am reminding you now, and you are to open the book on your table once with Me and read in it what I am reading to you from it so that you may know that Messiah had to come from heaven, not from the earth, and I descended from heaven and entered the womb of a Virgin to take the image and body of man and to pay by My death on the cross for the redemption of the man fallen from God by his disobedience from the commandment put on him in paradise, and behold, I came down from heaven and proved that I came from near the Father, as He had sent Me, and you have to understand the name and the mystery of messenger, of the messenger from heaven, Israel, stubborn people and which the Lord even today is calling you to the love from above.

And now, behold, seek, because everything is written clearly in the prophets what I had fulfilled on earth since My birth and up to My resurrection, and then it is written about My ascension back to My place near the Father, on His right hand side, because I fulfilled everything He had given Me to work on earth. Moreover, in order for you to know that, and all those on the earth, that it is the Father and the Son, I am reminding you, Israel, that at the creation of the world, on the sixth day God said: «Let Us make man in Our image and after Our likeness». (Gen. 1/26). And again, the Lord God said: «It is not good that the man should be alone; let Us make for him a help suitable to him». (Gen. 2/18)

Keep your eyes and ears open, Israel, and you, nations from the earth, for the Father and the Son were speaking in the days of creation, and They were speaking after each of the works God had made.

Oh, and then the man went wrong, Adam went wrong by his disobedience and the Lord God said: «Behold, Adam has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil. Now, lest he put forth his hand, and also take of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…» (Gen. 3/22) Oh, Adam had to die because he did not listen in order that he might not die, for I told him in paradise: «In the day that you eat of it you will surely die». (Gen. 2/17) And behold, disobedience is death and that is why man dies; he dies because of disobedience, and the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden and put him to till the ground whence he was taken. And He placed Cherubs with the flame of a sword to turn every way and to guard the way to the tree of life, as it is written. (See Gen. 3/24)

After that people and nations multiplied on earth and minded only their own business, and God was looking upon them and at what they wanted to do and the Lord said: «Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is they begin to do. Now nothing will be withheld from them, which they intend to do. Come let’s go down, and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech and we scatter them abroad from there on the surface of all the earth, so that they may no longer build the city and the tower. Therefore the name of the city was called Babylon, the tower of Babel, the place where the Lord god confused their languages». (Gen. 11/1-9)

I am telling you all these written from the book to remind you of the Father and of the Son, Who were speaking and working the creation and then all things. And God’s Trinity appeared to Abraham under the oak and spoke to him as today, when, behold, into the midst of the Romanian nation and earth, the Lord has got His river of word (Apoc. 22/1), the word of His mouth to the healing of the nations, as it is written, and the promise made to Abraham calls the nations to salvation, to a holy church, as its foundation was put at its beginning, on My sacrifice on the cross, and the cross has re-mained for Christians the sign of the victory, My embracing with them from generation to generation, and the cross has become the sign of salvation by My sacrifice on it, and woe to those who despise this nation, which I, the crucified One, have left over the church, be-cause My church needs to take after Me and not after the sons of the world, not after those without a cross, who cannot deny themselves in order to come after Me carrying their cross, as I told those who wanted to follow Me.

And God appeared to Abraham, and Abraham spoke with the Lord as with three faces and beings and he said: «My Lord, if now I have found favor in Your sight, please don’t go away from Your servant. Now let a little water be fetched, wash Your feet, and rest Yourselves under the tree. I will get a morsel of bread so You can refresh Your heart. After that You may go Your way, now that You have come to Your servant». (Gen. 18/3-5)

Israel, oh, Israel, I come to you to comfort you so that you may be gentle with God and so that I may soften your heart and wisdom and to ask you to read the Scriptures, son, in such a way that you may find in them the Son of God spoken by the prophets, and Whom you did not receive when the time came for the Father to send Him to you. Oh, it is in vain when you say that you wait for Messiah. I am. Welcome Me, at least welcome Me now, before My dreadful glory, when I will give everyone according to his deed.

I cannot come down with the day of the judgment of all people until I call you out again, people with great promises spoken by the prophets for the Lord to work in you. I cannot force your love and faith to open the book of My Gospel and My witnesses, worthy to be believed, who sacrificed their lives for My testimony, but I ask you, and I ask you with longing and with fatherly sigh, I ask you together with Abraham, with Isaac and with Israel, the fathers from the beginning, I ask you to seek and want to hear Christ in His Gospel left on earth by messengers, and by which many holy people like Him have risen in love, sacrificing their life in order to give it to their Lord, for My Gospel has filled the earth with love, and My love and the love of My disciple of that time is sweet, those chosen from among you for a holy mission on My way with them, when I have come from the Father by the birth of My Virgin mother, and of whom My Father took Me out miraculously at the fullness of time, and her virgin body remained holy, as God also worked as in the beginning, when He took the woman out of man and filled the empty place with flesh, and two thousand years ago, took God of the Virgin mother and closed up the flesh in its place, as by the Virgin sleep, and the Lord put the child near the mother, and she brought him up as His mother, the mother of Christ, Messiah, the One sent by the Father on earth.

Since then many people have come out of your nation, Israel, and they keep on rising now, but I want you to make peace with Me perfectly and to put you on My wounds, for I suffered for you, having My hands and legs nailed on the cross and thorns on My head that pierced My godly forehead, and that pain broke My power, and in My pain I called out to the Father and I told Him: «My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?» (Matt. 28/46) Father came out so that I could pass to death in My flesh like man, but He immediately comforted Me and empowered Me to come out from the heavy stone on the tomb, which sheltered Me, and out of which I had to come out being resurrected so that My resurrection to be spread everywhere, high and low and from margins to margins. However, you, Israel, were the one that was judged, for the judgment changed from Me to you, oh, and it was in vain the lie so badly devised in the hurry of that moment, as though My disciples took Me out of the tomb while your guard was sleeping aside. Well, if they were sleeping were they able to see those who supposedly took Me out from that heavy stone, so hardly rolled over My body’s tomb, which was also borrowed?

Oh, that lie was not very well devised; it did not work and it did not last long, and the shameful news spread all over about the rebellious Israel against Me, and you, Israel’s sons, since then and up to this day, have been staying under this seal of shame. However, I have come as word on earth and I come in to you on a white horse to wipe out your face and to embrace you so that I may have you stand before Me with faith, sons, and that you may be My Orthodox people, for the right faith is only in the Orthodox order, among the names put over so many kinds of people beliefs without a guide from above upon them, and the Orthodox order is that which has been kept as in the beginning, even if those who are baptized by this church are not followers in their deed.

Oh, do not vindicate yourselves, but rather repent deeply, sons, as you know how Israel did whenever he fell into bondage because of his departure from God, and when he called out with repentance, the Lord heard him and saved him; oh, and I would also like to do likewise with you, but if you still keep on vindicating yourselves, you will remain in your sins, sons, but may them bring you to humility to have a hope, oh, sons, for the sinful tax collector cried out with hope and humility and he received mercy.

Oh, man cannot bear his guilt and he does not know what he loses, for he loses God’s image upon his being and takes after the devil, who cannot humiliate himself and always stands stiffly.

Oh, Israel, Israel, open God’s book, Who was speaking once with you and on Whom you rely as your foundation, as the Lord’s people, for behold, even that you do not try to understand, and you interpret it according to your desires, but it teaches you the faith like that of Abraham for God’s mysteries with Him and then with His seed, that after the spirit and that after the flesh, for that after the flesh has embraced the unbelief, but if I had not come down from haven to come then and now, oh, it would have been very hard for all people on earth, and people do not know what God means, and they remain in this ignorance and perish because of their lack of knowledge, poor of them, as those who do not have God in their faith.

Oh, it is written, Israel, that not even with the closed book, not even with it open, did you not want to believe the miracle of My coming to you, and I came and died for you and for your unbelief, son. Behold, I have been calling to you now to heal your heart, to make you again and to work you to be Mine again. When man gets dirty and he becomes filthy with many things, then he washes, or I wash him if he asks Me to wash him inside and outside to make him new again. This is what I did with the earth when it became filthy with the men’s sins, and as I took it out of the waters, and by the flood I brought it back into waters in order to take it out new again, oh, and I am doing this now too, I want to take the man out of the fire to save him from all his sins and make him clean and holy, but behold, I have been calling out all the nations on earth to their salvation, and I have been calling out to you even louder, Israel, for I have a written history into your midst and I have been staying face to face with it and finding you unfaithful to My fulfillments with you and I want to renew you and tell you that you do not wait for Messiah, as you say that you wait for Him, for at My coming of that time I was foretold by many of your people, and I healed and led many to My sweet and healing waters of sin, and then a great people arose, a people of holy martyrs from you and they are Christ’s people and are your ancestors, with whom I have spoken the heavenly things and sat in counsel for your salvation from the sin of unbelief and from the love of silver and of the greed of riches, and the rich are the poorest, for Mammon, that is the money, is not wealth but rather a curse, and it dries the man out of his life, and this is what the money does.

Oh, do not forget Israel, do not forget that Judas, by whom I was sold for thirty pieces of silver, given to him by your rulers of that time, oh, he confessed Me too before he gave Me over to destruction and he said: «I betrayed innocent blood». (Matt. 27/4) And then he threw the money he received before the bishops, and they denied him then, for they only used him and no one felt sorry for Judas; however, it was only I that I felt sorry and I feel sorry, and behold, he who walks alone, not being supervised, that one is worked by satan, and he who is watched over is protected.

Oh, Israel, the devils confessed Me and called Me the Son of God and they were terrified when they met Me, and everything was written down. These confessions, seen while they were fulfilled in plain sight, have to be believed, and you are not exempted from the answer for everything that happened to Me at that time, before My resurrection, and then after that, to the fourteenth day, when I was covered by a cloud and went to stand at the right hand of the Father, promising that from there and from near them I would be with those of Mine to the end of the time, for My mystery with the people is great, well, well Israel, oh, and I long for you and tell you that I miss you and I wait for you to My love, to My church and to its mystery, and I am giving you power today so that you may believe; I am coming towards you for you to hear Me; I have been waiting for you for two thousand years to wipe out your guilt and to embrace you through the church, son Israel.

Oh, on this day of feast I have entered Jerusalem, I have entered Israel and spoken with him My mystery of that time and up to this day, working over the nations on the earth, for I was resurrected from the dead and I proved that I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, Who confessed Me from the clouds in My days of glory into the mist of Israel two thousand years ago.

And as for you, Romanian Israel, people of My grace during these days, take this book and put it on the way to the people of Israel everywhere on earth, for on a day of Palms I have spoken to him after two thousand years from My resurrection to tell him that I, the Christ resurrected from the dead, am Messiah, and I am from that time and up to this day and to the day of the great glory and of My appearance in glory, as it is written. My word is My messenger to the people of Israel in a day of the feast of Palms, for I confessed to him as the Son of the Father, coming down from heaven into the midst of Israel two thousand years ago.

Oh, peace to you, Israel of old! Peace and faith to you in Christ, and if you are not faithful, let My peace come back to Me. However, I will speak to you again and again, for My love for you cannot forget you. Amen.

Oh, peace to you, My watchmen into the way of My word, when it comes on earth and goes where it sends a book! Oh, sons, it is a feast of Palms. Be full of spiritual gifts and rejoice over this feast and give glory to the Lord, for behold, I set you as a witness between Me and you because I have spoken on this day to the people of Israel, My people of old.

We get ready for a feast of resurrection, sons. Soon, the saints and the angels will sing with you, „Christ has risen!”. From heaven and down to earth, from earth up to heaven, there will be heard the song of feast and resurrection and the joy for the resurrected One will inter-twine and the joy from Him will be over all.

There will be a feast of resurrection in heaven and on earth, soon, soon, sons. I, the Lord, let My peace upon you, and I put My hope in you for all My work of today and that of tomorrow with you, for I long and it is dear to Me to set on earth the word and its fulfillments, so that the sweet rest and the reward of the faith may be over those who are good with the Lord, and for whom I am their sweetness and goodness, I, sons, I. Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God over the nations and their leaders. The Word of God at the feast of Saint Hierarch Nicholas

I come near you and I prove that I am near you by the voice of My mouth, by My word, sons, who receive and share My coming to you. However, I come near you with the saints, well sons, for they get very much impatient when the days of their feast come, and I see and put them near Me into the book with you with My entire word and theirs.

The Christian people is having a feast of saints today, and the heaven is having the joy of today too for My hierarch full of Holy Spirit, the one kneaded by the work of the Holy Spirit to be My chosen vessel, God’s support on earth, the hierarch Nicholas, for I, the Lord, have always sought for the support with man, because it is very much to be worked and fulfilled, and I have no one to work with on earth if man has departed so much from Me, from the Lord, and the Holy Spirit can no longer find its nest, and by working, to raise a Christian people, God’s people, just as in the beginning of My church I was building a Christian people for My kingdom.

Sons, sons, those who are called Christians, do they really know which is the messenger sign, the sign, which indicates that a man is a Christian? Oh, rarer and rarer are those who understand what would indicate that they are Christians, that I can work with them in order to rely on them on earth. Those who make their steps to a Christian life have to know from the Scriptures the work of the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and which goal they are to look for.

Oh, it is easy to be written on earth that you are Christian, that you are baptized and ready to work with God and to rely on the Lord with His much work. The speaking of the Holy Spirit in the man’s mouth, this is the sign and the goal, which the man is supposed to look for a Christian name and life, and if this search is not in the Christian’s life, then he will not receive the Holy Spirit, Who proves that those who choose this are Christians.

My today’s teaching over those who seek after My word here at the spring, from where I, the Lord, take and preach My coming and its work, oh, this clear teaching I am giving now to those who desire to know about it, and by which they can measure the shortage of their Christian life, the lack of the Holy Spirit, Who works all things and make them grow in man, or they can also measure the Lord’s fruit in them, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Christian life, if it is working.

I have a great example for the understanding of the teaching of today; I have the hierarch Nicholas, on whom the Holy Spirit worked and confirmed him with this bearing of God gift, under which he sheltered and hid, for he humbled himself very much and in secret he gave help to the people tested by temptations and weaknesses, for the Holy Spirit is humble and He has life, work of grace and power to raise many from sin only in those who deny themselves and in those who are humble.

Oh, this is how I built My church in its beginning, and I put the Holy Spirit as sign upon it, Whom those who were baptized received in them, and who spoke then by the Holy Spirit and proved out their resurrection, God’s sons, becoming Christians with My name, and by this sign and work from above, they became the sons of the Father and My brothers.

You, those who find the Lord by the spring of this word, you should know, sons, that your purpose has to be this: to receive the Holy Spirit and to work within Him, for the Holy Spirit in the working man puts out the longing from those that are earthly and sees through man to those that remain, and then He works them, being separated from the spirit of the world.

Oh, let no one boast or believe that he can be a Christian anyhow if he does not receive the Holy Spirit Who proves him as God’s son. It would be enough deception for man, and it would be better for him to start with his seeking and receiving of the Holy Spirit, but without self-denial or without cross, oh, let no one follow My steps, for this is what I have asked from those who seek after the Lord, lest they may seek in vain if they start otherwise.

And now, oh, it is your day among the saints, humble and mysterious disciple with your work of mercy and awakening for the Lord, and the work of help of those who are oppressed by trials and temptations. Oh, sit down next to your Lord, Whom you followed within great humility, with much self-denial, because that is why you had the work of a son, of great servant with the Holy Spirit among people. You had much, much decency, and this because you saw yourself a limited and humble man for this, and the Holy Spirit worked great miracles and signs by the grace that shadowed you from your love of God and of neighbors, for you wanted to live and dedicate your life for others. Come now; put your word into My book of today. Amen.

– Oh, Lord, my Shepherd and Teacher, like the psalmist, I can also say from heaven for Your work with me on earth in the time of my body, that I was small, I felt small among Your brothers of that time, serving You and preaching God, but You sent Your angel and anointed me with Your oil and You were well pleased with me, Lord. The more I hid from the face of those who were big and small, the more You brought me forward and ordained me as a great shepherd and I have remained to a great memorial into the midst of the Christian people. I loved You without knowing how small I was, and then I loved You more and more, and I suffered for You when Your enemies wanted to speak about You according to the language of their mind foreign from the Holy Spirit. I stood surety for Your truth and I was punished for that, but by my punishment from the right ones, as they thought of themselves when it was to judge my cause, You raised me more and more, and You took me out of the pressure and gave me Your book to put into the Christian hearts as it is and as it requires of the Christian man to be. I was always modest before You and before the people, but love and mercy prompted me to those without protection, to those who were weak and deprived of everything, and if I had, then I gave them according to their needs. I held nothing for Me but You alone, Lord, oh, and who was as rich and free as I was for You?

I was a true Christian even since I was born and until I arrived at You, up there, Lord. Oh, let the Christians look into my life and humble themselves, because I also was humble, and I did not look for anything for me, but even more I disposed of all my possessions inherited from my fathers, and as a good steward, I gave them all and relieved many tears with them, and I wiped out many tears and stopped people from sinning as well.

Lord, I want to speak today about the weakness of those without God, who look for money and money again for them in all the days of their lives, and who do not know what they do, poor of them, and they do not know what money is. Money is the biggest enemy of the man’s soul, the greatest danger of his life and peace, and it is worse than the devil, with greater power against man when the man sells himself selling his neighbor on money, for the lie was worked even from the very beginning, and it has not died and all serve it, and it is the devil’s daughter, the man destroying tool even from paradise, when man was still there.

Money is the tool, which takes the man’s eye and mind, and it is the deadly enemy of the man’s soul. Oh, only if the man knew what is hidden behind this face, by which he buys and sells, and everything to sin, for this is what the money handling means; oh, the man would give everything to live the poorest life, his cleanest days, and he would flee from money even faster than the devil, for the money is the devil’s trap by which the devil sees the man’s heart; he sees the longings and the desires in man, which are born through money, but the man, poor of him, too, does not know what he holds in his hand and pocket and how much he worships it, for money is the king the human kind is subjected to, but people do not believe this. However, I had given the use of the money to a holy purpose and I overcame the devil and escaped from the bonds of death, as behold what kind of death the money brings about on earth! The lie is sold on the earth, only the lie, for the truth is not for selling or buying, but is to be lived within it and it is to be worked on earth, and especially its seed is to be sown in order to be multiplied to the salvation of many from the poisonous lie of soul and life.

Oh, Lord, this was my thirst in heaven, to be able to tell everyone to flee away from this trap, that all may escape from it who know that will remain with nothing, those who do not deny themselves on earth to be able to follow You and to deny of the work sold to the money and its lawlessness.

And I am bowing humbly now, for Your goodness, and I am coming into Your book of today with my longing, to tell those who take my advice and to deny of themselves like me, and I was able to be Your true son and great servant within the Holy Spirit in my time on earth. Amen.

– Oh, bishop servant, oh, who is freer of himself on earth? All the nations and all the rulers over the people, all fight to have peace, to be peace, but they make weapons to defend the peace in their land, and I am telling them this: It is not possible to be peace, for peace is in heaven and when it comes, it comes from heaven.

You, countries and nations, hear the Lord, for He is speaking to you! Do not defend your countries, not you, not your peoples, but rather defend the peace among nations, so that the Lord may see and protect your country and that He may come and tell you in time of trials: peace to you! When you want to forsake about God, oh, so much the more, I, the Lord, come and remind you that you are people, and that you are weak in times of trial, and that only the Lord can truly come to your help and be victorious for you and for your peace.

Oh, all your possessions will be destroyed. Do you hear? What will you do then without the Lord, without the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man? Oh, only I, the Lord, only I can remain for you and near you in times of sufferance and unexpected temptations when they come.

You, countries and nations, I call you to My peace upon you. The Lord calls you. His love, and yours for Him then, this brings your peace and all the good and eternal care for those who love the Lord. Oh, do no longer fight to be gods. Pride is not good. It draws you to destruction, not for greatness. Those who die are no gods. Only God does not die, only I, oh, peoples and leaders over the nations.

I open up My arms to receive you, to protect your nation and country, to comfort you in My Spirit.

I will stop you from making wars. Do you want Me to tell you how I will do this? Oh, no! You will understand by yourselves and will see that you are humans and man is weak and this only for the Lord to be strong and right and to be King over the creatures, and you to be those on whom I will have had mercy and comfort, after I, the Lord, will look with favor to you, and all, all the Scriptures, have to be fulfilled, as it is written in them, for I, the Lord, am the beginning and the end, I am the Alpha and the Omega, I and only I. I am, behold, in the end too, and

I will work with the man to establish My kingdom on earth, as it is written about this truth.

Oh nations, hear the Lord! Amen, amen, amen.