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The Word of God on the Sunday of Adamís Expulsion from Paradise

I am coming down on this day into the book of My word with a gentle spirit and gentle word so that I may shepherd those who stay under My voice of Shepherd from heaven, because no one tends My flock on earth as I shepherd it and as I give it from heaven, and I become a book of holy word to have Me on the table those who have founded Me as word on earth, oh, and I am speaking with gentleness to teach them how to work with Me, those who are taking My word from My spring here, for I have My citadel on earth, here, and I have a throne of word in it and I shepherd from it, as the Father is sending Me to fulfill His word on earth, oh, and God does not stop from His work even for a moment, and He has always watched, and during this time much speaking is needed on earth, when the spirit of aatan thinks that is victorious and that it rules, because it works blindly in order to have full control and to have dominion everywhere.

Oh, but do not forget, satan, do not forget that God has been against you for seven thousand years, and He has overcome, not you, and you will receive your share written by God in the Scriptures through His servants overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, and you will be overcome by the Word of God, for this is written, and I, the Lord, will repair after you all that you have corrupted with your wickedness of satan, for you are the wickedness that hates God and men, and satan is the name of evil, it is the evil which has prompted man to obey evil, so that man may lose his good from God. However, I am coming and I have within My work the new birth of the world and everything will be again, and it will be new, and you will be finished and no longer be, for there will no longer be any evil, but only Godís goodness and His heavenly work, all His glory from the beginning and from the end of the time, and there will be only the new beginning, its joy and its heirs, who have overcome through the blood of the Lamb, as it is written.

I am grazing you, people fed from heaven through My voice of Shepherd, and I am advising you to be gentle and humble in your heart, in your conduct and with the word of your heart and mouth, as I am and work between you and I, for satan prompts every man to do evil, that man may walk with satan, and I come from heaven on earth as gentle word so that man may see how God works, and that he may do good and make God, for he who does evil makes satan, oh, and satanís entire work must be broken, and this is what Godís word does, and this is how you are supposed to do by My word upon you, My dear people, for behold what great part you have of the good in heaven, which is coming with Me to you as word on earth to begin the renewal of Godís kingdom with the people, oh, and in a godly way I work Godís good on earth and I have heavenly armies in service, who fulfill My word within a great mystery, until the great revelation of Godís glory, which will cover the heaven and the earth, and everything will be new, for this is written.

Now, My people you and all those who receive My word on the way, which goes from place to place on earth, now I am working upon you a holy lesson for the likeness to Me of those who listen to God.

Let the heart, of the one who chooses to take after God and not after satan, work a gentle and humble spirit, as satan teaches man to be ruthless and unrighteous, to be cold in his word and with no humility, proud and judging against his neighbors, and I am saying this so that it may be known well satanís work through the man who does his will. Oh, if man does not know, then I, the Lord, tell him. I tell him to know and to see after that on which side he works and chooses to be after he has known from God what good and evil are, the Lordís things and satanís things.

Sons, sons, the Christian people on earth is looking at the Christian calendar and is reading on it that starting with tomorrow there will be a time of fasting from all kinds of food and there will be releasing only for the food of heaven, that is fruit and vegetables, seeds, bread and water, as God gave at the beginning to be the food which man was supposed to eat on earth, (Gen: 1/29.) only that man went wrong against God and then he lusted and started to eat living creatures, bodies with a living spirit in them, and after that the living creatures could also do like man.

Oh, sons, the kingdom of the heavens is not eating or drinking, oh, and the man does not now to look for it, to build it, to have it as his share, as his life on it.

The human kind has been divided in two even from the very beginning. The manís disobedience in heaven lead man to fall from heaven, after he had taken of the tree the man was told not to take, and to take of the other trees, oh and when he took, behold, the man took in him the good and evil, and the man and the woman gave birth to two sons; one was good and the other was evil, and the evil one killed the good one, his brother, and this was satanís work, for man forsook God and took from satan his evil advice.

Sons, sons, the man who receives advice from satan, forsakes God and serves satan, and, therefore, he chooses to do evil, and not the good that comes from God. Oh, sons, learn and learn again to keep a perfect fast from satanís things. Which things are from satan? They are the things that do not take after God. I am humble and gentle in My heart and I want manís holiness, and these are Godís things for man. When a man is not like God, that is humble and gentle in his heart, he does not have My humility in him; he is harsh in his word, he is discontent, hottempered, grumbling, pretentious, liar, judging, full of self-desires all the time, ambitious, haughty with many faces like the Pharisee man; he is lazy with respect for the heavenly things and he has no fear of God, which helps man not to choose the sin which brings punishment in the end, oh, and the man who is not humble and gentle in his heart like God is in many other ways. When you know this from Me, then you should examine yourselves, sons, to know after that to fast truly in the time of the fasting from food, for otherwise you take after the world that reads in the calendar that the time for fasting is coming and the world does not know what the fasting from food is and what it has to add to it on the way of the time of fasting, and there is no one to tell him on earth, as in order to stand against sin, man has to restrain himself from fatty, oily and tasty food, just as sin for man is, and the fleshly desires are on satanís side in man, they are the evil taken by man from the tree in paradise, when man did not listen to God not to take from the forbidden tree.

Oh, sons, be humble before God, for God is holy, sons. Do not serve satan by the spirit of pride and haughtiness, but rather be gentle, humble and full of humility like Mine and by which to stand against satan in you, for the Lord waits for man to come to holiness, for His dwelling place in man, sons.

Do this in memory of Me, dear sons. Do this every time so that I may be with you moment by moment and that satan may be overcome, for I promised and said: ęI will be with you to the endĽ. (See John: 14/16) If you remember Me, I will be with you, oh sons, by what I am, for I am Godís Word, and in this way I am with you, and you will tread on serpents and scorpions and they will do you no harm and you will say, ęMay Your will be done, Lord!Ľ. (See Luke: 10/19) And My will is manís holiness, the paradise man, in whom God dwells with man, and if the man is not always holy, then God does not dwell in him.

Oh, sons, oh, sons, man had to be and keep himself as Godís paradise, for otherwise he does the will of his body, that is satanís will, the evil enemy, who sneaked in paradise to make him fall from God and from paradise, and in order to draw him on the earth, to have him at his hand for his will in him. This is the picture of the manís life on earth, oh, and what does man do, poor of him, after he had known that the Lord died for him and he does satanís will and taste?

I painfully sigh for the weakness of the man who had disobeyed God and I am telling him: Oh, man, when are you to pray to God to wash you from your sins, when, really? I have among the heavenly armies, groups of saints who prayed their entire life for the Lordís forgiveness, after they had known the Lordís mercy for those who sinned and then they prayed to the Lord all their life for the forgiveness of their sins.

Man does not pray with a crushed heart so that his committed sins may be wiped out, and if he does not pray, it is because he likes to stay in sin, he likes to be with satan, who searches after man to feed his mind with sin and with the commitment of sin, so that God may not have any part in man.

Oh, man, keep away from sin, not from the sufferance from sin! You need the fire of the Holy Spirit inside of you so that sin and its works may flee from you! Sin makes you to pay, because it brings about sufferance, and you flee from the sufferance that comes from sin and do not flee from the sin that brings you sufferance.

Oh, the first created man hears My word and cries. I can hear him how he cries. Oh, how shall he not cry? He cries because of My pain. Let the earth hear his crying, for he cries because of My pain from him!

― Iím crying for You. For Your pain from Me, Lord, I am crying for it.

I fell from the paradiseís happiness because I had chosen the guilty happiness of the sin, which separated me from You, Lord, and I had been suffering nine hundred years on earth, and after that I put off the body and suffered in the spirit until two thousand years ago, before Your coming with the cross, which my sin made it for You, and Your sufferance on the cross had mercy on me and on many of Your righteous ones, who were waiting for You to come on earth and to give them their resurrection, Lord. However, You had mercy on me first, for I was the one who came out of paradise and the paradise was closed behind me, but You came with the key, with the cross, Lord, oh, You came to open to Your righteous ones so that they may come in with You, to take their share for which they worked hard with You, and then they waited for You to come, to open to them and to give them comfort, Lord.

Oh, forgive them; forgive all the people who sinned and sin because of the lack of the fear of God, as I sinned in paradise, Lord!

And I am telling them, to those who keep on sinning: Oh, fear God all the time, for you cannot otherwise put the sin in you to death so that you may get away with it and to out from its condemnation!

The Lordís saints remember me on this day so that you may look at the man created by God and at the sin of his separation from God because of his sin.

Oh, turn back from sin! Come back to the Lord and to your holiness through Jesus Christ, for the Lord is holy, and he who stays near the Lord, has to be like Him!

Oh, wipe out my tear! Come back to the One Who had mercy on me, the one alienated from Him because of sin! Cry with me; cry for me and for you as well!

The Lord suffers bitterly for the manís sin. The day of His glory is at the border, His visible coming. The Lord is coming with His saints! Pass from your bodies into spirit and make way for the Lord so that He may work for you, and to give you forgiveness!

This much is now the crying of my word, Lord, on my day of remembrance, of my fall from paradise, oh, and am looking at that moment and at how much You suffered for me and for You, and I see how long it had been was for You to wait and I thank You for forgiveness, for love, for patience, for Your mercy on me, I thank you with the humility of the pain, oh, because it was no one else to cause You a greater pain, but I, I alone, only I, oh, Lord, and I thank You!

― Oh, but I, the Lord, too, I am also the One Who heals the greatest pains, those unspeakably great, for My love is My being, which can heal His creature, Who puts wine and oil on the great wounds, and satan is overcome by My love for the man healed by God.

Oh, sons, you should spend the time of the Lent with much and great humility, and let My holy power be with you on your entire way of the fast and let it give you love, faith and humility, and by these it is possible to be with God and with His will in you.

Oh, humble yourselves much, sons, for man can overcome only by humility. By the spirit of humility, I was able to overcome, and the same is with you, sons; you will be able to overcome, too. Let My love help you; this is what I wish for you, but have and keep My love pure and not mingled within you.

I will go with you with the comfort of My word on the way of the time of fasting, and your holiness will help you too, for it can do everything, sons. Do not forget the work of your holiness. This is My expectation, and it is all the time, and now peace to you sons!

May it be blessed this time for you before the feast of My resurrection and its joy, and peace to you, oh, peace to you, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God on the Sunday of the fearful judgment

My coming as word on earth is great joy for Me; great joy because I have someone to come to, that I have someone to speak to and to become a book on earth so that it may be written on it My todayís name: The Word of God! (Apoc: 19/13)

The whole heaven and I have great joy and comfort for the faith with which a Christian people receives Me in this time of unbelief, of great darkness on earth!

There is no greater darkness on earth than the unbelief and denial of faith, than the separation from God of those who sit in Godís name on the seats of Jesus Christís church, and who do not shepherd those who believe and wait from God help with hope in times of trial, and who receive the reward of their lack of love of God, for which the Christian flock is left at the mercy of the soul thieves.

You feed Me with great joy, those who open to Me when I speak from above, when you write and share My word and give Me power to come on earth as word in order to fulfill the Scriptures of My coming with tens of thousands of saints and to make room for the day of My glory, for this day has to be prepared, and I cannot fulfill anything unless I first proclaim it by the word, and I have never worked otherwise for the fulfillments that come from God between heaven and earth, and behold, first I proclaim and only then I fulfill.

Those in heaven tremble at the unbelief on earth, at My persecution and the persecution of My kingdom among people, oh, but there has never been a persecution for faith and not increase even more the faith and the search for God of the people, for the spirit in man longs for help from God, even if man does not understand this with his mind; nevertheless, the spirit sighs and waits with hope and keeps close the heaven on earth and calls on the Lord to come with deliverance and judgment for those who persecute Him in order that they may rule over people, over the earth and to rule, if possible, even over the heaven, as well. Oh, but I, the Lord, am the One with the word and not man, not unbelief, not satan, the restless one through his servants, in order to hold on to reign by his teeth, with his entire power against the power of God, the One Who has overcome, and behold, I am the One Who overcomes and comes as word on earth and strengthens His kingdom and the judgment seat of the works, and I will give each one according to his work, as it is written.

Now, peace to you; peace to those who are giving Me way and power to come on earth as word, sons! I Myself am strengthening your faith. I am giving you from Me so that you may have, to have Me and to work resurrection, as I worked on earth, sons.

I have prepared you for the work of the resurrection of the dead, and especially for the resurrection of those asleep, dear sons, for they are those who wait for the Lord, and those who are dead in their sins and alive in their body, those do not wait for the Lord and do not want Him unless He does according to their pleasure; however, we also have to give them Godís word, that perhaps, perhaps some of them may also catch fear of the Lord and of the judgment of their works in order to work out their repentance and forgiveness from God and then the way of the cross.

Oh, sons, on the last day I whispered to you even in the dawn and I taught you fresh words, for you have prepared yourself and get ready for the table of remembrance of those who have fallen asleep, who are remembered at you, and for the sharing of the remembrance at the homes of the faithful Christians of My word coming to you as food for the Christian soul, oh, and I have told you that the hearth of Moldova was and is dear to Me, (Both the region of Moldova in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, r.n.), where the Christian ordinances for the living and the sleeping have been kept, where holy stories and parables have been written to be followed and told, and that on this land the house-holders wash their floors in the evening and sweep their porches and gardens so that they may be ready in the morning to receive those who bring alms for those asleep, for the neighboring Christians come with hot food, with polenta, with pilaf, with cabbage, with brown buns, with dishes full of love for those asleep of their people, and put a linen towel on the floor, on the porch or on the cleaner ground of the courtyard, and on the towel they put the alms and the little cup with water and or wine, reclining as in worship to the ground that becomes a table to share the food, they incense the alms sprinkling it with holy water, and then call the host asking him to kneel down in order to receive and thank God. If it rains, the towel is spread on the floor inside the house, and if outside is dry and sunny, they set the towel on the porch or on clean ground and it is shared for those asleep and then they give a lighted candle to everyone in the house.

After the houses receive the alms, they go to the church with baskets of buns, with koliva and apples, with great care for this preparation, oh, and there is joy and resurrection in the world of the sleeping, who are waiting, and this expectation is known to those who are alive and prepare to meet their loved ones, who are waiting.

The villages of the holy exhortation of Moldova, their holy language, (Both in the Romanian language, r.n.), the beautiful customs for heaven, the piety with which these are worked, bring before Me this dear land, and My work with you is beautiful, sons, and you should be the beautiful ones for the beautiful thing.

Oh, how peaceful, how gentle and full of love and gentleness from heaven are those who prepare the table and alms for those asleep, who wait all the time for them! Oh, how warm in the heart and in the word must be those who cook the dishes, the joy and the remembrance of those who pass step by step to the wedding hall of the Bridegroom Christ, in the heavenly places of the Father! Behold why you should be like the angels all the time, like the saints, with a sweet and holy conduct; in order that you may be able to sent joy and alms to them, sons! Behold why I urge you to be always heavenly and warm, dear Christian!

Oh, sons, I have exhorted you and you have fulfilled in this way, and there was someone among you to remember the tradition of Moldova and to share so for those asleep, oh, and then there was joy and living and the Christians were amazed; those who have received from here, from you, alms for those who fell asleep, who expect from you here, from where I work with you their remembrance, and then resurrection, dear sons.

It is a day of Sunday, sons, and in the churches is being read My Gospel about the day of My coming with the judgment of the creatures and works. My work with you is My glory, My coming with the saints and angels, and it is My throne, before which, willingly or un-willingly, knowingly or unknowingly, all the gathered nations stand, and I separate one from the other as the shepherd separates the sheep from one another, so that I may set the sheep on My right side, and the goats on My left, as it is written, and to give them the inheritance of the kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world for My sheep, and to give the goats according to what they have worked for themselves to their eternal punishment.

Oh, sons, the goats are restless, they climb and tear the leaves and the shoots of the little trees, they jump and look everywhere and hardly listen to their keeper; they walk with their heads up and have no gentleness. On the other hand, the sheep are gentle, they look to the earth and graze peacefully, they listen to their shepherds, they do not rebel, they endure for a long time when they are powerless, they give themselves over to be sacrificed without any resistance and take after their Shepherd, Who lies His life down for them. Behold, the works speak, and that is why I always teach those who chose to be part of the sons of the people of My todayís word and to listen to it as to a shepherd, who lies down his life for the sheep, and to learn that the sheep are sheep and the goats are goats, and to take care of what they do with their walking on the way with the Lord.

When the Christian grows up, he is no longer small, he is big then, he is always big, and the one who becomes big can no longer be small, because in order to be small you need great wisdom, not the wisdom of a common man, who understands little and few things, oh, and the one who exalts himself and thinks that he is greater, becomes ugly! Behold, you are and remain small, and cannot do anything before the man who shows off, and neither can you stand and be received from Me in the mind of the man who has got used to standing and being big, big over himself, oh, and not big anyhow, but especially defiantly big, sons. However, you should remain small and step aside from before those who do not know where to take you from when I give you to work, for God measures everything and all the time, and man is out of his reckoning, for man is just a man and that is all, and he has got used to be, to measure, to be the one who measures, and then to fight against anyone that sees his works from the outside, because the man is his own partisan, he takes part with himself and that is why God cannot make man in His image and after His likeness, according to Godís measure, sons.

Man always commits sins because he does not entrust his mind to God and rather keeps it under his control, but he is only a mere man and that is all. And now, behold, the time of the great fast comes, and there is always something to be learned for this work of fasting from the evil things and from the things for the body, and that the soul may have part of those for himself in man.

Oh, sons, if a watchman does not do the work of watching, if he does not watch in the citadel, if he cannot do his watching work, then satan brings his own things, he brings dumbness, and the dumb one is no longer clean, he hides from the one who watches the citadel, he justifies himself, he is discontent, he excuses himself and blames those who show him the lack of his watch as one who is supposed to watch for the citadel.

Oh, if those in the citadel do not speak all the time with one another, the whole citadel, good or bad things, it is because they do not want this, and because they do not want, oh, they are not on the side of those who watch over the citadel, but are enemies instead, especially when they prove this by their conduct. He who is against the watchman then he is not with him, oh, and it has always been like that in the flock of My church, and there is much sufferance in the flock through those who do not stay under watching and when the watchmen of the citadel does not watch, and when the citadel does not watch with the watchmen.

Vindication is sin; it is the sin of pride, because the one who justifies himself by words, blames his neighbor and thinks that he gets clear of guilt and comes out of it, oh, but there have never been victorious those who do this before God; but on the contrary, they are ashamed, for the Lord works love, forgiveness, comfort, the spirit of brotherhood, sweet word and gentle spirit, sons.

All medicines for salvation are highly valued if a man knows to listen and to receive them in due time, for they go and have a heavy answer, because man is not humble inside of him, he is discontent, even if he tries to show on the outside that is otherwise and that is the same inside of him, too. However, if you do not watch with the watchmen over the citadel and over you for your life and for the life of the citadel, then you do not have a clean heart, you do many things on your own and do not take care against satan so that he may not have his place over the citadel, and even more, you do his will and also hide like him, you do as you please, you do not listen to God, you work without any counsel, you do not like the unity of the spirit because you have your own opinions, and if you do like that, then you are not of any help to God, instead you are a danger and create tensions in heaven and on earth with your human nature.

However, if in the citadels where Christians of My word are, those who take the word of life from Me, make mistakes, oh they do not go wrong to one another but they go wrong against God and against this work, of violate of this word.

Therefore, we work correction for the Christian conduct, let the time of the great fast start like that, with watching and with watchmen over you and over the citadel, Christian son of the work of My word, oh, and you should always learn what the fasting with power and victory is, for one fasts from all the evil things that are not Christian, and the love for God increases, the love for His commandments, and behold, you have a spring of teaching for the works on My right hand side, sons, and let the nature of the goats not be worked with those who give themselves to God for their salvation, and it is good for the teaching and for the work of salvation to shine all the time and for you to be small so that you may always learn, for those who grow big do no longer learn, and you all are remembered before God every day here, in the citadel of My word, for forgiveness and for salvation, sons.

Oh, be the little ones and learn, sons! Take of My advice and stay under it in obedience, dear sons! Be gentle and humble yourselves in your heart like your Shepherd! Be the sons of My Day, of My coming, and let satan see this and be ashamed and have nothing to take for himself!

And now, peace to you! I have advised the people as a Shepherd. Let all receive and fulfill in this way.

Peace to you in a day of Sunday, sons! Every day I want something from you; I want you to be My rest, I want you to be My day of rest, oh, sons, to be My comfort, and I want to give you My comfort, to give it to you always, always, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son

I long, I always long to open the heavens above the citadel of My word, to open My mouth and let My word flow over the citadel so that it may be placed into its book and so that it may confess the work of My coming as word on earth during this time, oh, because I have made My fortress on earth and set watchmen in it that they may receive the voice of My coming as word over the earth, to set it into motion so that it may go from margins to margins and that those on earth may be able to find Godís word during this time, that I, the Lord, have worked all the time on earth with those I have raised to My work of all times, but as today, as nowadays, I have never worked other times with just a handful of people, because My coming with the saints (1Thess: 3/13; Jude: 1/14; Apoc: 19/14.) is being fulfilled now, and I am speaking with My voice from above, as I have renewed everything, everything, as it is written about the renewal of the world, (Apoc: 21/5) and all are worked by the word as at the beginning which I concluded with the creation of man, and after which I wanted to rest and seal that what I had worked and set it to be.

Peace to you, watchmen from the citadel for My coming as word on earth and for the good progress of the citadel and of the work in it! Oh, sons, those who are fed with the glory of My word over this citadel do not tremble before this great mystery when My word is shared with them as their food in order to be put to work over their life with God. It would be that the thrill of the love of God and of the glory of God, hidden in My word over the citadel, to seize them, sons. The reward of their faith would be greater, more than that of those who lived in My time on earth, as long as I lived among people in My body, taken from the virginal womb of My Virgin Mother, and they would no longer be earthly but spiritual and then heavenly, all those who have taken from My word, My todayís word with you, oh, but the earth presses on them, for the body demands too much, too many, as well as the human nature, deeply fallen down from its worthiness that God placed upon man at his creation, for man knew how to be proud and to believe that he can overcome God, the Creator of all things and then of man, and the manís haughtiness became his fall from God and from the house of paradise, and behold, man has a reason to be always afflicted with repentance, for he needs forgiveness all the time in his days on earth, for his nature and flesh have always pulled him down and he has no longer anything to send up, that he may have something gathered with God, oh, and at least repentance with great humility would be for man to bring before Me, and from the spirit of humility to feel his need of God so that man may have God and no longer live without God over his life, oh, but does he know how this comes? Does the man know how he may not live without God on earth?

Oh, I know this, I have had this work over the earth with man and for man, and for seven thousand years I have been working and watching over the life fallen from heaven of the man not loving of God and disobedient to the word of God on him, for man takes his life from Godís protection and makes it as satanís spirit exhorts him, the spirit that entered the paradise to prompt man not to listen to God, but to come out of Godís will for his own will and to spend the days of his life on earth, and this happens because this is what happened to man by his disobedience to God, to the Creator of all things and of man.

My teaching about the father with two sons is read in churches on this Sunday, being abandoned by the youngest son, who pushed his father to count and divide the inheritance and give him his share of the inheritance, for he no longer wanted to be with his father; he wanted to go far away and live his life in sinful pleasures, coming out of the hell into the way of the people on earth, to entice them to their separation from God, as did Adam in paradise, who received exhortation from satan no longer to be subject to God, to do his own will and to join his wife to their separation from God.

Oh, so is with man; he separates from God for his own will. He does not know otherwise for his life but only what man has done since his beginning, and two thousand years ago, I left written about his way back to the Lord.

A man had two sons, and the youngest asked for his share of the inheritance and went away, but the Lord watched and brought great want upon the wanderer and sent great famine over the land in which he wasted the days of his life in pleasures, and the strangers of that land did not reach their hands to help him, to relive his hunger and want of all the things for the care of his life, oh, and he finally humbled himself, thought of his father and decided to go back to beg the father and ask him to give him the work of a hired man for his daily bread. Then his father felt the heart and the repentance of his son wasted in pleasures and was filled with compassion and longing for him; he waited for him, saw him from far away, and went into his way to meet him and give him courage to come near to the mercy of his father, who had felt the pain and the repentance of his wandering and grieved son due to his deed through his separation from his father, and who, on his arrival from among the foreigners, welcomed and embraced him and gave him the clothes and the shoes of his son, and then he set the table with the fatten calf and gave a party of joy and dance in honor of his return to his father.

The eldest son, however, did not rejoice at his brotherís return, but even worse, arose with judgment against his father and was filled with wickedness, with pretentious words and murmurs in them, and said to his father, when this one wanted to invite him to come into the hall of the joy for the return of his brother, who was dead and then risen to life by his repentance before his father asking for forgiveness and for service as a hired man, and he angrily said to his father: ęBehold, these many years I have served you, and I have never disobeyed a commandment of yours, but you never gave me a goat, that I might celebrate with my friends. But when this, your son, came, who has devoured your living with prostitutes; you killed the fattened calf for himĽ. (Luke: 15/29, 30)

Oh, the eldest son did not listen to his father, who was asking him to come in for the party, even though his father told him that all of his fatherís fortune belonged to him, but that they had to rejoice because of the return of the wandering one, and who came near with repentance to God and to his father for the work of a hired man.

Oh, sons, great joy is made in heaven for the one who repents and turns from sin to God. However, as for the one who murmurs at the return of the one who had gone wrong, oh, what is this murmur about? What is this sin of murmuring? It is written into the Scriptures about the punishment for the peopleís murmuring, and those who want to know God and His works need to have knowledge from the Scriptures, because it is written: ęI will show mercy on whom I will show mercyĽ. (Ex: 33/19b) Oh, this is Godís justice, not as the common man may understand it, who wants justice and who does not know that he has absolutely no merit and that he is wrong for all the ugly things of his life.

Oh, it is not the justice you are looking for that you need but rather repentance, man, and you are not supposed to murmur, for I, the Lord, have mercy on whom I want to have mercy; I have mercy on whom repents from his sins.

Let all the souls that take My word from the spring here examine themselves, oh, let them examine themselves whether they may be prone somehow to commit the sin of murmuring, of dissatisfaction, of disobedience, of haughtiness, for the son, who was working with his hand in the court of the father with two sons, kept on working and working but closeness to his father, love and talking with each other, he did not have any, he was not seeking, he was not speaking with his father spiritually, and he had always sought the work done by the hands, the work of the earthly things of their citadel, oh, and therefore, he was cold, he was harsh, he was without any love towards his father, even if he was working and taking care of the needs of the citadel.

It was no longer written about this son, but it is written into the Scriptures about the sin of murmuring, oh, and let all the sons and daughters of the people of My word beware of this sin, let them beware with their heart, with their mind and mouth of it, for the judgment of all things is with God, and it is with His watching for all and over all, for the judgment of all things does not belong to man, but this belongs to God only.

Oh, repentance is good and not justification, not excuse, not coldness of soul through these, not discontent, not disobedience, oh, no, for behold, repentance overcomes all evil things, and the one who repents has favor with God; however, the spirit of repentance and its works have to be well perceived, great and much humility is needed over the Christian for this work that sanctifies man, and then denial of deadly works is needed as well, so that it may be called repentance, the repentance of the man seized with this spirit of the love of God in man, and with him, and with this love is man supposed to work his repentance, for every man is sinful and is far, far from the sight of the Lord and manís invisible things, oh, and the animals and birds have even more than them, for Balaam was a seer of the invisible things and he was a prophet, too, but he did not see as the donkey that he rode saw, for it saw the Lordís angel standing before them to prevent Balaam from going and blaspheming the people of Israel, and behold, the man does not see the angels, but the animals and birds see them, for this was given to them, because they do not get conceited like man, who, if he saw God and manís invisible things would do as Adam did, who became conceited in paradise and he no longer repented from this sin, and as a result, he fell from God because of this sin, out of which many sins have kept on coming and coming.

Oh, sons, only God has the right to judge all things and situations, for the Lord is the One Who sees and nothing is hidden from Him. In addition, man has to humble continuously and he has to love without any hypocrisy or murmuring, and this is his only share for the love of God and brothers, when he willingly chooses to be with God with his life and then he has to prove this as well.

My love for My walking with you keeps Me with you always to watch over you and over your conduct, sons who have over you My word of teaching and food, oh, and I have been looking to see how much advice you have always received, how thoroughly are solved all those that may appear to be thwarted in such a way that satan may do his work over My work with you. And you are to appreciate and learn to stand under watch, sons, for a spiritual eye sees everything, and nothing remains too small or insignificant in order to appear that there is no danger; however, all things seem to be insignificant for man, who does not have the work of the holy watch, only that satanís spirit makes the small one into a great one then, and the punishment of murmuring is painful, because the work of murmuring works its pain through it, and murmuring brings nothing good, oh, but who is the one who deeply understands the good or evil of manís life and of his works?

Now, sons, send My todayís word as a holy lesson to all those who seek with you for My coming as word on earth for the new manís work of those who are born of heaven, from above, at the voice of this word, who calls the man to resurrection, to renewal and to repentance, sons.

Moreover, work too; oh, you should always work, and let nothing remain without a thorough examination, lest satan may also work. Let only My Spirit, always sharp and alive, stay with you, and let only Him keep on the table the spirit of repentance and of its fruit, for without the fruit of repentance there is no resurrection at all, sons, there is no salvation, and there is no victory of God, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.