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The Word of God at the Feast of the Lordís Circumcision, and the Feast of the Saint Hierarch, Basil the Great

In My longing for you I keep on the way My coming as word on earth, sons who keep watch over the citadel of My word that I may come and speak over the earth, for I have made Me a citadel at you and with you so that the Lord may be in it with you and to be fulfilled the prophecy which is to speak over the citadel that there the Lord is, and My citadel with you to have this name, to be known this over the earth, and the devil, My enemy and manís to know it, too, to be afraid now more than any time in the course of time and to see that it is My time, the time of My coming with the saints (Jude: 1/14) in tens of thousands, oh, because I needed to have a citadel with watchmen in it to give them this garden of paradise to work and keep, and the work of My coming as word over the earth after two thousand years, as it is written the account from the Scriptures, at which the todayís man has worked and made changes in such a way that no one on earth may be able to know the time of the Lordís coming, and all the people to take the Lord away from their way and to remain with this passing age. In addition, behold what this age does, for the sons of this age marry, are given in marriage, and take great care for their fleshly pleasures and their living in sin, all full of this pride face to face with God, the Maker of the heaven, of the earth and man.

Oh, but with you I, the Lord, am with My kingdom from heaven, and I am coming with it to you on the way of longing, and for this I have set you in faith, sons, for I would not have been able to fulfill My coming if I had not put faith in you to believe that I come and fulfill this Scriptures expected by all of the saints, oh, and I want this flower of longing to bring forth many other flowers, which you are to keep it alive within you, for the flower of longing is an eternal flower, as I am, and he who has got it in him, has the way with it up into the eternity full of its flowers with the name of longing, sons.

Oh, two thousand years ago, I had a word of longing in My speaking on the way with the disciples with whom I walked, and I said: ęI came to throw fire on earth. I wish it were already kindledĽ. (Luke: 12/49) Sons, sons, the longing is this fire, the longing for God, for heaven, for saints, for the heavenly places, for the mysteries of My kingdom which are still hidden and prepared for those who love the Lord with the longing on earth. Without longing man cannot love and keep the Lord in his heart. If the longing for the Lord does not burn like fire in the one loved by God, oh there will be sufferance and the longing will burn in God and less in man, and My love will be sad if it is not big in man too, in order to guide the man to Me with longing and search, oh, and that is why, sons, I have also said with sighs from time to time: I miss!

Behold, My saints had within them the movement and the work of the longing, and the longing in them met the longing in Me and this mixture worked a miracle in them and with them, oh, and their faith and longing were put to test, and My saints taught all, that living and tests were needed in order to become a Christian, and that you must bear sufferance, slander and humiliation, for otherwise you will not be able to be a Christian, you will not be able to be like Christ, the One persecuted even before His birth, and the way for man to become a Christian has great work, for the more, the greater, and the more beautiful your love for the Lord on earth was, the greater share on My behalf you will have in heaven.

Therefore, work, sons; work the love for the Lord, for it is much to work at it, in order that it may work for you a shining place near Me in the eternal heaven, in the age of eternity. For two thousand years, I came to be among people and the world of people to know Me, to work in them the longing for Me and that they may be with Me on the way, oh, for only man keeps himself aloof from God on earth, and he is stubborn in My relation with him.

Oh, what does man on earth do! Oh, where will you go, man, with your way of living? You are extremely hypocrite, you hide in yourself, you hide from other man, you work with a lie, and you are true neither for yourself nor for your neighbor. However, I am the Truth. You are not, because you do not want to be like God, like His angels, for you are used to lying and to its father all the time, and it works you always because you have got used to serving in this way with your life on earth, for you and for your fellows. Oh, if you do not like to speak on the side of the truth of all things, at least do not speak deceitfully, for the lie is the voice of the devil, and the truth of all this is with God, not with you.

Oh, if the life with God remains forever incomprehensible and unknown even for the people who have it to work, because this life has not been born and because it is without beginning or end with its work, oh, how can you, man, believe that you know to speak according to the truth, when it is not with you? Behold, that is why you have always spoken deceitfully, because he who has no love, he who hates and speaks lies, cannot speak the truth.

Oh, man, learn to begin the life of the love from above, to love those from above and that it may be called that you love, that you have love, because the living, the spiritual love is a senseless creature in the one who loves in heaven, and not on earth, and for this you must love only the truth, not man, for man is not the truth. And in the holy law, set upon the man who loves to live the spiritual life, much watch is needed over senses and feelings, oh, and there were in the people of Israel large cloths, worn over the garment of the body, so that the forms of the body under them may not be seen, the forms by which man fell from heaven, and behold, the evil nature of the flesh must be kept under control and hidden because it easily arouses and is aroused, and if these forms are wrapped, they are protected, and, at the same time, they protect those around. Oh, and in this way the one who loves the spiritual life must start working. Everything that grows and deforms the soul and body must be cut and set aside, like nails, for example, which if man does not cut them off, they grow big, they make ugly and frighten from the spirit of the man, who is careless and unpleasant to those around him.

Oh, man, do not longer go wrong, for after a man goes wrong, he is afraid and becomes naughty and scornful with those around him, who might ask him about the things he has done wrong, for he loses his humility and gains courage to excuse himself, to increase his boldness, with which he covers himself, and here you are: a man with two faces, a hypocrite, a proud and unyielding man, a judge of others, with whom you are also disappointed, as it were, oh, and your pride grows like your nails that grow bigger and bigger, uglier and uglier, if you do not cut them.

Oh, sons, there must be obedience; there must be rules for the spiritual life in man, because without a ruler upon it, no one can be with God. I came down from heaven and I did submit on earth to the governance that was at that time over Israel, and I did not come out of lines to show Myself off, for My caretakers took Me to be circumcised on the eight day after My birth as a man, because I came down to work obedience and through it to be spiritual.

Oh, do the same, Christian sons, if you want to form your spiritual life and that it may be governed. For behold how beautifully the saints worked while they were on earth, and how much and how holy they ruled then upon those who were filled with longing for the heavenly things in them! Oh, because the hierarch Basil was fighting, the saint of the Lord was fighting to free the people from the devils, from the life without God, from bad and sinful habits, for many seek after the Lord in times of trouble, as two thousand years ago, when many flocks of people were looking for Me to heal them from their infirmities. However, I long for the man who comes after Me because of his longing, and such a man do I want to follow Me, for only at the hearing of the confession about Me was the longing for God built in those whom I had chosen to be My disciples then.

The great hierarch Basil has on this day a celebration among the saints, the day of the year when he entered the heavenly dwellings of those who love with longing on earth for them, and he is greeting near Me those in the citadel of My word and he is coming now into My book.

ó The longing for You and for those in heaven, burned like fire in my heart, Lord, oh, and how much You long for the people who are consumed with longing for You, Good Savior!

I am only bringing my greeting now to the citadel of Your word and to those who watch over it for Your coming with the saints and I am saying: The Lord wanted and wants to throw fire on earth and more and more people to catch fire, sons from the Lordís citadel with you. The longing is the fire, and without this fire the Lord is not warm in the manís heart.

Oh, keep your fire, sons! Give to each other from it to be fire, for without fire it is cold in a house, and the Lord is cold in man, in the house of his heart, and then among brothers.

There comes the feast of the Baptism and we all will be sitting with the Lord at the table of the feast. Oh, make fire, sons! Make those who come to the feast take fire from fire, and let them understand what you are doing here for us and for them, for you are working hard to make them burn for the things from above, those who come at the Lordís day with you, with the table of word in the feasts. Therefore, the Lord have set you now to prepare a great feast of Epiphany and to open the heavens above and the grace to flow, sons. Be full of longing, be full of courage, be full of word, full of signs and symbols, of shared joy, and be children for these accomplishments, because only the children are the lucky ones, for by obedience they are small and are destined for the heavenly things on earth, and then in heaven, oh, sons.

ó I rejoice with My saints at the feasts with you, but do not forget, oh, do not forget the longing, sons, do not forget the great longing in you for Us, and work with it and prepare and set the heavenly feasts here, whenever they arrive to be put on their table and with guests at the table, guests from above and from below, sons.

Now, peace be with you all the time of the preparation of the feast of Epiphany, sons! All things have to be worked and established with guidance, and be receptive to advice and work like the children who listen, sons!

I am going to come with great glory of word upon you and upon the guests who will come here, oh, and over the waters, My sons.

We are smoothing the way of those who will travel to Us here, and who will receive comfort for the longing in them.

Blessed be the whole day of the feast with gathering at the spring of Epiphany!

Praise the Lord in each and every thing, sons! Worship the Lord with the string instruments and organs as well! Make the round dance of joy; clap your hands and sing a new song, as it is written, sons!

Oh, peace to you! This word remains upon you for your mission is hard; it is hard, but My peace helps you, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God at the Feast of the Saint Apostle, the First Martyr and Archdeacon Stephen

In the feasts of the saints I am sitting down into the book with My saints and you should welcome Me, sons who watch for My coming and speaking in the feasts with you.

We are in the days of the feast of birth, and I, the Lord, am telling you not to rest from worries, not yet, sons, that in ten days you have to be ready with the preparation of the feast of Epiphany and to open the gates for the people to enter the celebration.

Oh, so is your work with God, and carry it on your little shoulders, for your power comes from Me, because man is small, small, so that God may be big, My sons. In the world, however, it is otherwise, for the sons of the world, the sons of the people are full of themselves and do not want to know how small man is, and that is why they puff themselves up before one another, oh, and that is why it is not beautiful on earth, sons. And how can it be beautiful on earth when people are so big and strong that God does not fit in with them, when they do not recognize their weaknesses and their so small measure? Oh, that man has no intention of looking and seeing himself well, as for that you must be very smart and wise, in order to look at yourself all the time, and to see yourself if you do look, and to acknowledge all your infirmities and let go of the spirit of pride, the spirit that fully deforms a man, after a man does not know how to behave and be brave that the Lord may take the brave one back in His service and to give him a great job, to crown his life and the works of his life, and then the wages for his works, the payment both on earth and in heaven, sons.

Behold a day of the feast of saints and here I am at the table with them, and We are setting a table of word in the citadel to take those with a longing after God in them, sons! Oh, in the Romanian people there are many names of people with this word in their names, the name of the longing, and they are called: Longing (male), Longing (female), Little Longing, Longing in and so on. (In Romania, diminutives are used for the word Ė ĄdorĒ Ė longing, like: Dorul, Dora, Doruțul, Dorin, Dorina, Doruleț, and so on, r.n.) Oh, how beautiful! However, it is not only by name that people should be called so, but also by the way of their soul towards God, by the longing in them after Me, full of longing after Me, for only this longing can keep man with God, and he who lives with the Lord without the longing after the Lord, oh that one does not have any power for God and the Lord does not know him.

Oh, sons, only the longing makes man able to know the Lord and then it makes him long for the one expected, to sing His coming and to sing the manís love and longing after Him. At the time of the building up of Christís church, skilled builders were to be chosen to work with God at the building up of the body of the church, of the Lordís flock, at the manís new birth, and there were enough who came closer for the creation above. And when the twelve apostles saw this zeal for building, they appointed seven of those who were skilled in the Holy Scriptures of that time and gave them this authority, and there was Stephen full of longing, full of the fire of longing for Christ and full of love, for he knew the Scriptures and from them he knew the work of God with the fathers of the people of Israel, and he cared for the Holy Spirit Who was descending upon the everincreasing flock, which had to be taken care of with both those from above and with those from below, and this disciple was worthy.

However, how could the evil spirit endure this defeat, and how could the scribes, the Pharisees and Sadducees of the time, those filled with the vain glory to their teeth, submit? Oh, they immediately planned the loss of Stephen, and the Pharisees and Sadducees stood up with a concocted lie and paid some men to say that they heard Stephen blaspheming Moses and God so that they might accuse him of blaspheming in this way and then to condemn him to death penalty. However, coming before the Sanhedrin, Stephen confronted them all and so they could demand the stoning of Stephen.

Oh, behold the woven work of the lie, of the little and tiny people of the spirit of hatred! However, Stephen told them how he saw Christ on the right hand of God, the Father, and the heavens above open and looking down at the injustice done by the liars.

Oh, how much were working those selected from among the people who worked together with the Holy Spirit and who knew very well the Scriptures set by the Holy Spirit on earth! Oh, and how far from the spirit of the Scriptures were the rulers of the Sanhedrin at that time, sons, those who wove lies to clean the land of Israel from Christians, and their lack of wisdom put to death those full of longing after Christ, after the One Who appeared at that time in Israel, the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Oh, this is how the Sanhedrin has been working since then over time, for the disciples of the Holy Spirit died and die and have been given over to torments and death for My name, for their longing of the Lord, sons. Here, in the Romanian people many confessors of the wisdom from above, of My humility worked by them, have perished in prisons and because of hard work; they have been put to death without any mercy, (In the time of the dictatorship of the red communist beast, when some of those who received the confession of the menís sins, continued to ĄdenounceĒ to Ąthe security of the regimeĒ those they were shepherding, r.n.), while on the chairs, dearly adorned, sat and sit those of the Sanhedrin of every age, and the Holy Spirit has been sighing in those oppressed for My name.

Oh, sons, if I, the Lord, with all the heavenly suites, had not been with great protection over you and over the work of My word, oh, then for more than sixty years, the woven lie would have been trying to do everything possible to bring to destruction the way of My word over the earth, since I, the Lord, have been working from heaven and making My way to come and to leave My word, My exhortation and My commandments against evil and blessings as well for those from heaven on earth!

Oh, sons, I am very vigilant for My walk today. Be very careful to stay under My mantel, for whoever wants to stay under it is protected, sons, and those who do not want and do not stay, become My enemies and then they walk cunningly in My steps with you, and the devil inspires them with visions, dreams and evil things, for woe to those who do not allow themselves to be protected by God and who fall into the temptation of the evil spirit that tries to win them over as opposing workers!

Now, the disciples Stephen, is coming down into the book of My coming as word on earth and is testifying near Me on his day of celebration among saints, and he is full with longing as two thousand years ago and he is entering My book now.

ó Bless my entrance with You as word into the citadel of Your word and into the book, Lord! I am only longing, now as I was at that time. And now, Your saints are yearning with their new longing after You, with Your people in feasts of saints, Lord. Oh, we miss Your table of word, Your voice with those who are today at the table on earth, this land in which You gather the heaven as in heaven, the unspeakable beauties worked here with Your frail ones of today, whom You trust to fulfill Your todayís coming after two thousand years Lord. Oh, and this victory is great, Your coming of today, dear Lord, and those in heaven stand in amazement looking at Your victory, at Your way and work set on earth according to the sketch from the Scriptures, which has been kept within great mystery to be able to fulfill it completely, and then to leave it to the heavenly and earthly looks so that You may write before them Your victory and its day.

I am giving to these little ones of Yours the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which consumed Me then when I was working over the Christian army, and for Your confession over the unbelieving.

I want you to have a burning spirit, todayís little ones of the Word Jesus Christ. Oh, dear ones of the Lord, fill the cups and pour them over the earth, for this prophesied time has come which says that the sons and daughters will prophesy, that old and young men will have holy revelations and holy dreams, holy visions and prophecies, and behold their fulfillment! (See Acts: 2/17) Oh, share far and wide the Lordís entire work with you and fulfill these Scriptures, oh, sons and daughters! Be full of longing for the Lord on earth and stay under His mantle, being like-minded, being of one accord for the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ! (See Phil. 2:2-5)

Oh, Lord, You have opened the heaven and come down from the right hand of the Father to them and You speak over them, and they share from You. Oh, praise to You for this glory of Yours with them! Praise to Your protection over them! Praise to You for us and from them, for glory we deserve to give You!

ó Oh, blessed be the praise you bring to Your Lord and to His work, blessed martyr now! I greeted you, I came out before to meet you when you passed to those unseen of the Lord, of the heaven, of the heavenly hosts, and now I am taking you over with Me where I am going, oh, and We are travelling with the work of the Father, with the mission of My coming with the saints, for this is the time, and this time is much blessed and so is all, all its work from heaven on earth.

Oh, peace to you, sons who are My support! I, the Lord, raise you again, and do not be afraid that you have no rest, for only the body needs rest, but not the spirit, and I, the Lord, am strengthening now your spirit and body and I am saying: Blessed is the power over you, the love, the wisdom and obedience for the great preparation of the feast of Epiphany, sons! And in ten days, I am going to raise you and say: Open the gates for the King of glory to enter with a day of royal feast, with the feast of Epiphany! You will rise and open the gates of the citadel and the people will enter to the feast and We will sit upon the waters, worked by grace, and We will put on the table so that the people may take and drink, that they may wash themselves all the time with the water empowered by the word, and which cuts the power and the work of the enemy devil opposing God and man.

I am blessing again the way, the steps and the hearts of those who start walking from now one with their longing to the spring, here!

Oh, ask so that you may receive and have from Me for the preparation of the stopover of the feast of Epiphany, sons.

I am blessing the spirit of peace, now, at the feast, and always. I am looking after you and over you to help you in everything, and you will know the entire support from Me with you, which will strengthen you in your faith, in your love and longing, oh, in your longing after Me in you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


The Word of God at the Feast of the Saint Hierarch Spyridon

I am coming together with you and I am giving you food from heaven, and you also have to give the Lord further to those who seek Me at you, sons from the citadel of My word. Oh, give the Lord to those who come with Him when He comes to you with food from heaven, sons.

It is a hierarchical feast on this day for the Christians, for those who have remained obedient to the holy fathers and to the Christian traditions as in the beginning, and for the most people with the name of Christian, it is the feast of the Lordís Birth; however, when this feast will be celebrated, the world will celebrate it as it knows, that is the other way around than the fathers of old celebrated, for people had dealt with the things they were not supposed to do and changed the times, and the devil has rejoiced over this. However, there is still an incorruptible seed on earth, and with you, I write Myself according to the healthy calendar, We work as in heaven, We take after those in heaven, and the whole nature knows how it is in heaven and the times at their place, oh, and I am coming to be together with you into the book with the feast of the hierarch Spyridon, for you are My people on earth and you obey Me, sons.

Oh, behold, we have to strengthen the Christian root and the course of things, for animals and birds take after the course of heaven, and the whole nature clearly shows the time of all things, for roosters crow in every place on earth according to the hours in heaven, and if a questions may come about the crowing of the roosters at midnight and in the hours of the day, oh, then one must know that they hear the bells in heaven, which give them the news of the hours of the day and night and the roosters hurry to give the heavenly news to the people on earth so that they may know. Oh, and in the same way it is with the feasts and times of the saints and the seasons of the year, and the whole nature listens to those set in heaven, as for times, for birds and animals the heaven is not far, but close; it is with the earth and not otherwise, sons, and I have you within My love to help you to stay in My will and not to take after the lie of the menís sons, who do no longer need the truth, or God, or the things from above on earth with men, but people only pretend that they take after Godís will over them, and that is all.

Oh, sons, you have come out and preached in the town here that the feast of My Birth and its remembrance of that time are coming. You were My beautiful ones, as in the holy stories of that time, and the sons of men thrill in their heart at the sight of My blessings upon you, for I walk with you with My blessing whenever you proclaim the Lord.

Oh, do not forget, as many times as you go beyond this little land of the citadel of My word, where you stay with the Lord over you, do not forget, sons, to carry holy water with you and to clean with it the way for walking, for the worldly footsteps of the menís sons leave their marks on the way, and you are washed and refreshed day by day, and you need cleaning water with you when you step out of the citadel, either in the feast days of the announcing or on a day of work for the affairs of the citadel, for otherwise it is not good to work, sons. You must wash your hands and feet from the spirit of the world, from the touching, with your spirit and body, the spirit and walking of the world, because the place where you stay belongs to the Lord, and I have nothing in this world, as it is written.

Therefore, your most natural thing should be washing when you come in or out, when you come out or in, for My citadel with you has to be well kept by you, too, not only by Us, oh, not only by those in heaven who have here a place and a shelter with the Lord. Oh, and My citadel with you carries many mysteries from heaven, this prepared place, which I have given to you to keep and to work with your little hands as for the Lord moment by moment, washed with holy water from the traces of those who come to you when they are due to come, and after that you should refresh everywhere, for this is what I told Adam in heaven to do, and he did not stay in My service moment by moment, for the man, created by God and set in heaven for the working and for the keeping of the Lordís garden, did not listen to God moment by moment.

We are getting ready for the feasts of My Birth, sons. There will come carol singers, they will wash their hands at the entrance, and you must cleanse them with holy water and with fragrances pleased to heaven, and after that you are to set them at My table. (This is not about bathing or showering with holy water, but only about being sprinkled with holy water, as in the Feast of Epiphany, r.n.)

All things have to be done with wisdom, all things with advice, all, My sons. And now I have something to tell you, something holy on this day. Two thousand years ago, I told My disciples the mystery of friendship, sons. This mystery belongs to Godís sons, and I spoke about it to Godís sons, and I told My disciples at that time: ęA new command I give you: Love one another, as I have loved you, so you must love one another. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down oneís life for oneís friends. You are My friends if you do what I command. I do no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his masterís business. Instead I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from My father I have made known to you. You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit Ė fruit that will last Ė and so that whatever you ask in My name the Father will give you. This is My command: love one anotherĽ. (See John: 13/34; 15/13-17)

Oh, sons, I have not been able to have many people with you and near you for Me, for they have not wanted to perceive with their works the mystery of friendship, which is the fruit of the love among brothers, sons. He who hides from the other brothers with the least of something, then that one has not chosen to let himself be touched and comprised by the mystery of friendship, for friends tell each other everything, as I called My disciples friends, and I let them know everything I heard from My Father, as it is written.

Oh, those who were with you did not want to dwell in the love of heaven, for when a master is widowed of knowing what his servant does, oh, how can one speak about fruit and the fruit to remain? I have told those who bear fruit to be light and salt, and after that all these to be poured out as the fruit of friendship between Me and them and then among them with much faithfulness, and everything they ask from the Father in My name to receive; then, what-ever they may ask from the Father to bear as fruit to receive, but only to ask, and to ask everything on the foundation of the love between them and Me, between brother and brother.

Behold the mystery of friendship, sons! Oh, if only those, who are gathered in little bouquets in My name, in My work over them and over the earth, would understand it! Oh, what else could a son of God have to hide, when all he has to keep and work is God, that is to make the Lord in him and among brethren, and then to share Him to those who do not have the Lord by the commandment of love and by its work?

Oh, sons, keep the mystery that I have set on the table now; keep it on the table to be understood and put to work, and take it into your heart and work, and then keep it also for fulfillment so that it may keep you Mine and that I may have you as beautiful through it.

You must not have anything to hide from others, nothing sons, and keep away from hiding more than from any enemy, for hiding gives birth to lie, and lying is a devil, as it is written. And your work here is to make the Lord in you and all around you with the whole love that the Lord has given you, and in this way, you will give the work of your life to each other, that is the Lord, sons.

Let those who are partaking of the table of My love now have nothing to hide, but only take care of love all the time, and let each other take care of the love in them and of its work so that their work may be like My work, because I laid down My life for My friends so that they may have life and the commandment of life, which is love, sons, love as in heaven.

Hierarch Spyridon brings you the confession of his love on his day of feast among the saints, for the commandment of love was his work, and that is why God listened to this great servant.

ó Oh, I had been nothing but love only all the time in my living on earth, and I passed with a big grade the threshold of the kingdom of the Lordís saints, for love has complete favor, it is the fruit, sons.

I am urging you from the near Lord and from near the saints, to gather together and stay, and to deeply meditate on the mystery of the Christian life, for there is a distance between master and servant, and between master and friend is love, it is the mystery of friendship working comfort, sons. Therefore, sit well for this mystery between you and the Lord, then among you, for the Lord has given you all that the Father has given Him, and you have a holy commandment to put to work, and if you do this commandment you are the Lordís friends and friends with each other and you know all things, sons.

He, who understands and works this mystery, cannot fall from the Lord, and those who hide from the Lord and from brothers, those are not friends, they do not have the spirit of friendship, they have not understood the commandment of love and cannot do this between them and the Lord, between them and brothers, and they go downhill with all their fruit, as it has happened with those who have pulled themselves out because this is what they wanted. And because they wanted and chose to do so, the love from heaven has been taken from them and they have remained only with the human one; in addition, the healthy faith has also left them, and the fear of the Lord and the mind from God as well, for the mind which they have is a mind without the Lord in it, that without self-denial, and by which no one is able to keep himself for the Lord.

Remember, among yourselves, of my heart and love and of its work, and rejoice my spirit by likening your love to my love of the Lord and of your fellow men, for I lived in love, and I was the Lordís friend, and I received everything I had asked from the Father in His name. This is how you should also pray, asking from the Father and working His love among you for Him and for you.

ó Oh, sons, the bishop Spyridon have taught and comforted you, and I am urging you to listen to God and to love as he did, sons. Oh, and do not forget to learn the way of the cross, to be the carriers of the cross on the way with Me, because cross means obedience, sons. And I also walk with you, and we are walking with difficulty, sons, for I have few left, because many have forsaken the cross and obedience, as well.

Oh, mind you do not listen to yourselves in your work with Me and humble Me, for you are My friends, sons, if you do what I give you to work. Work obedience, do not forget that! I will put this depth of mystery on the table for those who remain with the Lord, and no one will shake you, and nothing will be hard; however, sacrifice is needed, and this is obedience, sons.

Now, peace be upon you! I am giving you the blessing for the preparation of the feast of the Birth! And I am also giving you love to have in abundance that it can be with you, for two thousand years ago, I left it over the disciples as a commandment, and through it, by the commandment of the love worked by them, I called them My friends, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.