The Word of God at the Synod of the saint apostles, Paul and Peter

I come down from heaven on earth as word and I come down crying and strengthening the way for My coming down. Amen.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father Sabaoth. If this word were from the evil spirit, then world upon world would have come around it and it would have done it’s will as it is on earth, but My word is a consuming fire and the man from everywhere does not come close to it, for the man keeps to his will itself and he makes it greater than he is and the man flees from God’s will on the earth. My word is a consuming fire, and only the one who brings himself to God stays around it, as a sacrifice of righteous love, without any blemish, holy love like Mine, love from My love in man, and happy is the man meant by God to be taken by My will on the earth, as My apostles were, whom I called at their right time on the earth to be Mine and then to be in My image and after My likeness before Me, by a sacrificing love for many of those who, waiting for Me to come, love the eternal things in them and who do not pass away, just as I, the Lord, do not pass away, for I am Who I am. Amen.

Peace to you and power from Me in you to be able to open to Me, children who stay as My path to come from the Father to the man! Oh, your power has been crushed, and your hope is shaken when it comes to believe that we will be able to pass over so many kinds of hardships. Oh, not in this way. I come with the angels and strengthen your power for the descent of My word, which can work, children sons. For such a long time, I teach the people of My word not to have any other worry more important than Me, more than My descent as word to him, and I have always, always taught him to pass from body into spirit, for he does not need to have time apart to work at this miracle, which is far above than any other accomplishment among people, and that I may come as word on the earth, for My word is a consuming fire, in which any weakness, which stands against Me, is destroyed and the power of God takes its place, children sons. Oh, I was teaching My disciples two thousand years ago very much. I was interpreting for them the work of the kingdom of the heavens with them and I was strengthening them in My work with them and assuring them by great signs that I was the Christ Who had come from the Father on earth to save the man from himself and to fill him with Me and to give him life without death in the place of his life full of sin and pains from the sin, and I was walking with them from place to place under the sight of My Father Sabaoth and among people to draw them to the Father and to Me and to separate them from the lying of life full of sin and from which the man so hardly comes out, children sons. Oh, the whole kingdom of the earth is garbage and empty glory. It is full of empty glory and it cannot get rid of this sin, and even being dead it cannot get rid of it, for the man has got very much empty glory and he leaves it to his heirs to sing it for him, to keep it alive and that the man may perish from God by it. When I see this pain over the people, I come down from heaven on earth, and I come down crying and I come speaking over the man to show him the abyss in which he stays and to give him a little gate to escape and to take him out of the abyss of this sin and to teach him how to look at Me and how to let himself be seized by My love, by which I come down from heaven on earth after the man to give him living life, holy life, which does not perish from between man and Me, when the man loves the life without sin in it. I have come down from heaven on the earth in the image of the Saint of the saints, and this is how I have come into the way of those whom I have made My disciples from the people, and I had given them power to become God’s sons, after I had given them birth of My word from above, work like the fire, which burns from man and from the temporary body in such a way that the man may become living being, life of My life in him afterwards.

Oh, children sons, the word that sets a holy life in man is not from the evil spirit, but it is My word, and wherever it has room, the spirit of live moves, the heaven on earth is worked in man, and I, the Lord, make My beding in the man’s spirit and body, and happy is the one who hears this spring of word and becomes My obedient child, for the life of such a man is in My care, it is worked and guarded in My name on the earth, and it is submitted to Me and saving over many people, and it is eternal, for all the eternal things, which work together in man from Me, are eternal life in man, but the man who knows this spring of life from Me and first he gives himself over to the spirit of fleeting glory, that one is mourned by the angels and saints in heaven, and behold, I cry over the man who does no longer have any salvation, and I cry and mourn over him and I do not know what to do to wake him up, for I have come from the Father to wake the man up and to work him, if he can, if he comes to give himself over to Me to make him and then to be. Amen.

Oh, My disciples, I have chosen you from the people two thousand years ago and I have made you the messengers of the kingdom of the heavens, and very few people understood this royal life on the earth! The man does not give up his life, but, on the contrary, he struggles for it, but in the Scriptures it is written My word, which says: «He, who gains his life, will lose it». (Luke 9:24) Oh, dear disciples, I have showed you My divinity, by which I was working power and signs upon people, to be able to choose you as sons of steadfast faith, sons of miracles. Then you have received spirit of My Spirit, for I had breathed Holy Spirit with My mouth and I said to you: «Receive Holy Spirit and go in all the world and show the kingdom of the heavens in you by the signs and miracles of your faith, and baptize the nations in the word of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and whoever’s sins you forgive, they are forgiven them, and whoever’s sins you retain, they have been retained». (See also John 20:22, 23) Behold, I speak now a great mystery: the Holy Spirit appears over the man to whom his sins are forgiven, and in this way it known the one who is forgiven, and he who does not receive in him the sign of the Holy Spirit, that one remains in his sins, in his blood, far away from the life of the kingdom of the heavens in man. Amen.

Oh, dear disciples, open your little mouths for My glory in you and give voice of teaching over the earth, for I have chosen you and I have sent you saying to you: «Therefore go in the whole world and baptize the nations of the earth in the name and the word of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, preaching from margins to margins the kingdom of the heavens that has come on the earth with Me, the Son of God, Savior Who has come from the Father then and now for everyone who believes this miracle: My coming». Amen, amen, amen.

– Lord Word, Your coming is as sure as the crack of the dawn, as it is written about it in the prophets, but the people have made a wall between You and them, the spirit of empty glory, for the man does not escape from it even if he is dead, oh, Lord full of compassion for the last man. We cry with Your Spirit to be heard from margins to margins and we say that the kingdom of the heavens has come with great power over the people and is shaken from its foundation so that they may fall down and Your kingdom may be established in man, for some with glory and for some others with wrath, righteous Lord. You have made us into Your word on the earth, and behold, even in heaven, Lord Word, we are an example of the kingdom of the heavens, which You had put in us when You called us to it with Your power. Oh, pull the people, with Your power, out of their spirit and set them in Your Spirit. Set Your Spirit in them so that the people may see Your coming, for behold, it makes noise and its voice blows to be heard, and its voice urges the people to wake them up and they to be able to see how fleeting their labor is and how truly Your Gospel is, which says this to the people: «He who gains his life will lose it».

We sit together with You as word over the earth and over the Romanian nation and over Your little people of today, for we are Your messengers, Lord, and only he who is sent has a hundredfold, good harvest to be put into the barns. Now we celebrate our day of synod as in heaven among those who are Your little ones, and then we set down to work, Lord. Let Your peace be the foundation for Your work, and let it be built on it, Lord, the kingdom of the heavens in the people, so that You may have rest in those who do not know this time: Your coming, for behold, You come down crying from heaven on earth as word, crying You come down from the Father to the man, and crying You strengthen Yourself to be able to work, Lord of the powers. Amen, amen, amen.

– Peace to you, sent disciples! We have feast for you in heaven and on earth, sons, who have come with Me from heaven to the earth. May your work and the word of your feast be blessed, but let us also strengthen the power within the gates and then let us give ourselves to the people, and those who will believe, will receive in them the sign of the Holy Spirit and their sins will be forgiven, for those who will be forgiven are those who have in them the sign of the power of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the giver of the kingdom of the heavens over those, who working hard towards it and through it, earn it for themselves. Amen, amen, amen.


I, the Lord, before the making of the heaven and earth, I had set the heavenly and angelic powers, and I have established them by the word too, by wisdom and by word, and then I made those that are seen. Amen.

I, the Lord, have displayed now My entire word and work of the feast of My disciples from two thousand years ago and I have put the heavenly powers to strengthen the gates to be able to come in through them with the whole word, which is to be established in My book, the book of the Lamb. I work with disciples, for this is My work upon man. At the creation of the heaven and the earth, I had the heavenly and angelic powers as obedient disciples of My word, and then, at the new man’s making, I made disciples from among people, and I wrapped them up within the mystery of the heavenly powers, like Me, and this is how I worked on the earth, and this is how I have been working today, and I cry for the pain that the man does not have any readiness for God, for My struggling after the man to make him Mine, and then to make him in My image and after My likeness by My work with disciples. Amen.

Two thousand years ago, after I let Myself be put on the cross by man and after I was resurrected, I revealed completely the truth of My divinity, My being of the Son of the Father Sabaoth, born of Him before all eternity, and then born on earth from man, the Son of Man, I said to My disciples this: «All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Receive Holy Spirit, and therefore go, preaching over the nations the kingdom of the heaven that has come to them, for all those who will believe and will be baptized in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit» (See also Matt. 28:18, 19) Oh, but how shall I tell My disciples now to work upon people? The people say that they are baptized, that they are faithful, that they have got God as their Father and the Son as their Savior and that they are good as they are.

Oh, how shall I tell you to work upon the people in this time, beloved disciples? I am coming with you from those in heaven and we are, among those from heaven, a table of disciples with a Teacher, as I was on earth with you too. How shall we work upon the people on the earth? My fifty year old word, this word which springs from God’s throne and the Lamb’s, as I, the Lord, showed to My disciple John, that he could see the time of nowadays and to announce it to be, the man does not wash in this river of word; the man does not look to see his face and to thirst and then to look for My spring. I spoke through the Scriptures: «He who is thirsty, I will freely give him of the spring of the water of life, and then the one who will overcome will be heir».

Oh, beloved disciples, I come with you from the bosoms of the heaven to work on earth and the man to hear now the course of the spring of the living water and to thirst after it. I in you and you in Me, this is how you have to work. May your work and word from heaven on earth be blessed, for the earth is Our footstool for work, as the heaven is Our throne of council. God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; you should work in these names and you should speak from the table of the holy council the word of the renewal of the world, for it is written about you My word that was written then, that «at the new birth of the world, you will also sit on twelve thrones, judging over the earth». (See also Matt. 19:28) Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, sweet and praised Teacher! We knew You in all Your glory after Your resurrection from the dead, when You spoke upon us with much heavenly greatness and told us our sending to the nations with the news of Your kingdom, saying to us: «All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Therefore go, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you, and I am with you always, even to the end of the age!» (Matt. 28:18-20) Amen. We were deeply hurt in the day when You clothed us with the Holy Spirit, ten days after the glory of Your ascension, and we sighed with pain for all the moments of doubt, which we had, like some simple people, for Your divinity, before and after Your resurrection. It was very hard to You with us, as doubtful as we were; it was very hard for You, Lord. We doubted at the news of the witnesses of Your resurrection, and even then we doubted before You in Galilee, in the mountain where You planned to appear resurrected before us, and we worshipped You then, but we also doubted, Lord, and You were aggrieved. When You clothed us within the garment of the Holy Spirit in the day of Pentecost, then our spirit, clothed within the birth from above, was in the Holy Spirit, and we saw perfectly, and we knew it likewise, and we repented then for all Your pain from us. Oh, not the one who knows God, not that one is he who loves God. He who loves God is he who is known by God and the love of God in man is not otherwise, Lord. You knew our doubt and rebuked us for our unbelief, and in this way You proved Yourself that You are He Who knows all things, and then we loved You, and by the Holy Spirit, the Omniscient in us, we knew You and loved You, after You showed us that You knew us. Oh, how beautiful it would be for the man to love You after You show him that You know him! However, the man gets upset when You tell him about his sin on the earth. «He who loves God is he who is known by God», as it is written in the Scriptures for Your disciples, but this mystery is too foreign to the man’s heart and feeling, Lord, and the man is not supposed to go wrong, if he cannot repent, if he cannot kill his sin, for the sin, which is not killed breeds offspring, Lord. Oh, the sin that is not confessed is that which breeds offspring, and woe to the one who does not confess with repentance from his invisible and upper stature, and to that one is written that he has got another god, and not You, Lord. Oh, the devil has covered Your face with the memory of the man’s sins, and the man does not know how to wipe them out from Your face, Lord. We mourn those that stay under the name of Christian and do not have the sign of the forgiveness of their sins on them, and we try to teach every man how he is not supposed to go on the way, which is called the Lord’s way on the earth. We sit with You as word over the earth and over the Romanian people and over Your little people of today, for we are Your messengers, and only he who is sent by You has got fruit before You, oh, true God.

Peace to you! Wipe out your tear! Oh, Lord, You come down from heaven on earth crying, and crying You come down from the Father to man, and crying You strengthen Yourself within the gates so that you may be able to work for Your coming. Amen.

– I, the Lord, come down in tears on earth and this is how I strengthen My gates in order to come. My power is crushed within the gates. The hope of those in the gates is shaken that they may be able to go through hardships. As the lack of rain makes the land become dry, the same is with the lack of the working faith in the Christian, it dries up the power of hope in those who carry My work for the man on their shoulders, My coming after the man.

Oh, I give you power, children who keep watch for My coming as word on the earth and over the Romanian nation to which I come, and over the sons nourished with the richness of the grace of My word making of man and making of work of the faith in man. I put the heavenly powers to refresh you and to fulfill this, oh, children crushed within the gates. Only on the earth, your power for My coming is crushed, and this is the time of nowadays: My coming. Amen. Oh, stay open for My coming. The word of My coming is that which can work and the heavenly powers can work for it, and these can work for you too. Be My comforting disciples, as I have made you to be, for your dough is good, and the one who is known by God, is he who loves Him. Amen.

That one works through My disciples in heaven. I in them and they in Me, so that the world may believe that I have sent them. Amen, amen, amen.

– We are set for the proclaiming of the kingdom of the heavens on the earth, disciples coming from heaven, coming on the earth with their Teacher, Christ. Amen.

Oh, people from the earth, God sits in the midst of gods and has council for the salvation of the nations of the earth. We speak over all the creatures by our sending. He, who believes and is baptized in this word, will be saved, and he who will not believe, will be condemned, as the Lord spoke through the Scriptures. The angels of the great council are with us, and we are His disciples. As the Father had sent Him, in the same way He had sent us as well. Amen.

Oh, people on the earth, do not seek after the gifts! Do not love glory, but do love humility instead, for the man is sinful, and he needs forgiveness and resurrection, not gifts that may glorify him on the earth. The empty glory has always taken the man away from before the Lord. The empty glory is a severe and stinking illness in man, and the angels of God flee from it and they flee from the man in which it makes its nest. There is no more man who does not crave for glory. If the man looked at himself, he would see his sinfulness and repent from it and would stay in humility by the gift of repentance, which would bring him the forgiveness of his sins.

Oh, man who lack the grace from above! Have you not really read in the Scripture, the work of those who are forgiven by the useful faith for the man? The Lord had sent us, and if He had sent us, then He had also taught us to know those who believe as one believes in Him, and He told us this: «To those who believe I will give these signs: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new languages, they will take up serpents, and they will not hurt them, and they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover». (Mark 16:17, 18) Oh, people from the earth, the heavenly powers cannot work by those who love the glory of these powers for them!

Oh, man who lack humility, you lack repentance as well. Do no longer go wrong for behold, you cannot humble yourself, even for your forgiveness from God, lest that the heavenly powers may work through you for the people lost from God. Bow, therefore, and seek to thirst after God, for you are sinful and you need forgiveness and resurrection. To the one who thirsts, the Lord gives him freely to drink from the spring of the living water, and if he drinks and controls himself, he will be heir of the kingdom preached by us on the earth, for the Lord had sent us, and if He had sent us, He had also told us: «Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to the whole creation. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who disbelieves will be condemned». (Mark 16:15-16) Amen.

Man, you condemn yourself to the fleeting glory if you do not want to believe and to embrace the work of humility, which is to help you understand the kingdom of the heavens, the Gospel of the Lord’s coming with the reward for any good deed. Those who do not wait for the Lord are condemned to taste the passing glory on the earth, of everything that withers away under the man’s eyes, which passes once with them. Behold, this is the condemnation of those that do not believe. However, we, the Lord’s messengers, bring on earth the spirit of the humility from above, the spirit, which gives the man power to believe and to know God on earth, and then to receive the heaven as his inheritance, as we had also received when we followed the Lord in our life in us, with our love in us. Oh, man, bow, and the Lord will exalt you, coming down to you to give to you and for you to be able to work for your salvation. Amen.

However, you, oh, country of the Lord, country of His coming again to the man, listen with more longing to His voice, which becomes the spring of the water of life, and which flows out from the throne of God, the Word, as it is written about His word of today and which is prophesied to be, and if you wake up, stay awake at His voice. Oh, do not submit to His wrath full of pain, for the man’s unbelief, but submit to His glory full of protection for those who bow to Him. Behold, the mourning still stands over you, and your sons are afraid of the voice of His wrath. You have a treasure from heaven into your midst, a spring of salvation for you. Bow down to learn from the Lord’s aura. Learn from heaven, for you are under the cross and you cannot work for your freedom if you do not want to be able to work.

Oh, country of the Lord’s coming, the Lord is with His disciples from heaven into your midst with a feast. You have to be cleansed, watered and weeded out, but you need to be broken fresh, oh, country of wedding. The Lord is Bridegroom in you, with a bride asked in marriage into your midst. Open your door and look! Open to Him! Open to Him! Learn from Him and become His work, His kingdom. He has got His shovel in His hand and He cleanses His threshing floor. Look and open to Him to understand His coming to you, His coming from the Father, and you will understand, for the heavenly powers will fulfill this. Amen.

Oh, Romanian sons who rule over this nation from the top! Be faithful, do not be unfaithful, and be Romanians! Pay attention to those things that are written in the Scriptures and which say that the city with all kinds of rulers over is torn down and it is like a city without a leader. Oh, this is how the face from above looks like, that from your helm, Romanian country, but we, the Lord’s disciples, His messengers on the earth, then and now, tell you for those who do not love justice and peace in you, and we tell you this: «Those who wander away on unjust ways, the Lord will take them into account with those without a law», as it is written. Amen.

Oh, the injustice that wants to rule over your head, country of the Lord’s coming, will be to fall away from your head, and the Lord will make you understand what justice is and what it does when it is, and it will brighten your face and the Lord will teach those that are righteous in you the work of justice, justice and its glory. Amen.

Oh, Lord, make the justice in the midst of the Romanian people and its victory come down on the stairway of the heavenly powers, and then become glory, and become glory and Tabor in Your country of coming down, for the Romanian land waits for Your victory from the end of the time in it, and it carries in it the way of Your coming from the Father to man. Lord, strengthen a governance with righteousness at the top of this nation, so that on the land of Your choice justice may dwell, as it is written, for Your promises are just and come down on the earth. Amen.

Come to justice too, country of the coming of God’s Son to you, come to believe and by your faith everything will become new. You should be a new heaven and a new earth, as the Lord has meant it for you, oh dear country of His coming. Amen.

You, little and tiny people in the midst of the Romanian people, sheltered by the Lord on a mountain of new Zion, get together at the Lord’s bosom and stick to Him, for the time of the Lord’s coming is with wrath over those who do not believe in His coming. Oh, do not be afraid, but strengthen your love and voice to God and ask Him the entire glory of His coming on the Romanian land. Learn the work for the disciples and work as the Lord has taught you. Fill your mouths with the work of the Holy Spirit upon you, to be watered and to bear fruit, and learn what it means to stay under guidance, sons. Be careful so that you may not understand this in a wrong way. As long as you stay under guidance it is well with the Lord and with you, and the Lord works miracles with you over the earth and on man. Be wise, for the Lord has got upon you sons full of grace and full of mercy for you, full of the wisdom that brings you His victory and peace. From all the people, which sprang and spring from the Lord’s word, the Lord made them big, for they were small, like David among his brothers and young in the house of his father. His brothers were good and big, but the Lord was pleased with the one who was small among them and He anointed him with the oil of His anointment and he came to lead the people.

Oh, stay under guidance, people of God, the Word, and learn what it means to live like that, and become fruit in the vine, for the lack of fruit will be removed, as it is written. Amen.

Oh, Lord, teach them to be, for You are the Lord, the Teacher of those who are the disciples of Your coming. Peace to You! Wipe out Your tear, for You come down from heaven in tears, and in tears You strengthen Yourself in the gates so that You may be able to work for Your coming, in tears, Lord, in tears. Amen.

– Oh, dear disciples who have come with Me as word on the earth! I release those who carry Us for a moment from the power of My coming, for My coming is hard for Me too, let alone for them. In tears I strengthen My path on which I come down and in tears I come down after man to comfort My pain, for I am aggrieved and I am still very much aggrieved from the man. Amen, amen, amen.


There is still a little while of My word, for My longing is too great to be able to quench now, but I pour it out little by little, to make it known by the man and to find comfort from man somehow, for only the man can quench My flame for seven thousand years, since, crying as a true God, I have remained without house, without rest, without any beding for My pain, after I lost My joy. The man was My joy, but the joy left Me. And because I lost My joy, the father lost it too, even if I, His son, was for Him house, joy, obedience and rest, but I was crushed with pain, after I lost the man, and I have stayed in this way and this is how I have dwelt in the Father, and I still dwell in tears and full of longing, and the Father is in Me.

Oh, people from the earth, I want to knead your faith and your feeling again. I come as word full of longing on the earth. When I ascended to the Father, after My resurrection from the dead, I told to My disciples that I would be with them to the end of the time, but a cloud covered Me from their face, to remain with them mysteriously, and after that the cloud rose in the air, and since then I have remained covered from the face of man, but I have remained to the end with those who believe, loving Me and receiving Me to be with them. I am both with the Father and with the man, and I am without an end everywhere, for this is God, the One Who made the heaven, the heaven and man. Amen.

Oh, people on the earth, do not live without God on the earth, oh, do not live like that, for it is hard on the earth and the man does not know, poor of him, that it is hard without God on earth. As long as I lived on the earth with My disciples, I protected them from every evil, from every hardship, and then I left them and settled within a mystery, and I went to be in the Father, and since then I have lived mysteriously with the man, and then My disciples had taken after Me on earth, they had suffered like Me and were in My image and after My likeness, for when We sat in council, I and My Father, when it was about to make man, We said to make him in Our image and after Our likeness. He who comes to be Mine and then he does not want to be in Our image and after Our likeness, Mine and My Father’s, that is the one who does not see Me, for it is written about those who see Me: «They will be like Him, for they will see Him as He is». (1 John 3:2)

Oh, behold, man, how much I am aggrieved because of your departure from God. I want to knead your faith and feeling after God again, and I want to live in you in My image and after My likeness, full of the pain from man and from the longing after the man. I want you to suffer too from My pain after you, and I want you to carry Me too, man. I am full of mercy after you. I want you to be likewise after Me, too, that we may take after each other, man. The man built by My hand did not want to be like Me, and he gave Me the pain and he chose the joy of his life and he took his place away from Me. And since then, I have wandered away after the man, and I have gone after him in tears. I have cried through the prophets and I have gone after the man with the voice of My word spoken through the prophets, but the man has been stiff-necked. Now I have become a river of affectionate word, sweet word to the man, and I would have not worked that way if it had not been written in the Scriptures to become over the earth, the river and the water of life, as clear as crystal, and which springs from the throne of God and of the Lamb, for two thousand years ago I said: «Until heaven and earth pass away, one jot of My word shall in no way pass away from the law, until all things will be accomplished, as it was spoken». (See Matt. 5:18) Behold, My word has become a river over the earth, and I have given it to the people, as I have always given it. Take and drink from it, man, and seek it with thirst, for it seeks after you, walking from margins to margins, and it has called you to thirst after it. It is God, the Word, and it springs from My mouth, and I am the dwelling of the Father, God’s throne, I am God’s Lamb. Amen.

And now, oh, My country of coming down on the earth now, in the end of the time, if I, God the word, overflow on your hearth with the river and water of life, as it is written in the Scriptures, then you are preached over the nations that you are My wedding country, that you are the hearth in which, I, the Lord, the Father’s Lamb, set within a table of the supper of My word, and in this word I want to baptize all the nations of the earth, and behold, this is what I have been doing, and I work as in the time of Noah, bringing on the earth the river and the water of life and catching under it the nations, to come and to drink and to thirst then after the life of My word that is on it, but behold, everywhere I find parties, and I find eating and drinking on earth, and I find marring and giving in marriage on earth, and the man does not hear the noise of My coming, for I come smoothly, and I speak sweetly in the word.

Oh, country chosen from among nations, if you cannot wake up at My sweet voice, which is affectionate and gentle, as I come to you, behold, the swift blizzard wakes you up, which blows against you without mercy and damages your savings, for the heavenly powers woke up to fulfill My word and to lead you to it, to My calling out to you, for I call you in a painful voice, and I call you out within a noise of swift wind, if you do not want to listen to My sweet voice, which teaches you to be sanctified by My word, and to come with holy works and to be with holy faith before Me.

Oh, country of My coming now, in the end of the time. The heavenly powers will not leave you to rest, and they will still shake you even if you do not make peace with the Lord, your God, for behold, I stay as word of the Holy Spirit on your hearth and I announce that you are Mine among nations, and you have to listen to God and do His will if you are His. Oh, I call you under the glory of My word, and I call you at the table with Me, and I lay a table from heaven for you, for My food is from heaven and it is for your resurrection. I call you in a smooth voice, and if you do not hear, the heavenly powers call out to you, the heavenly ghosts call out to you with power, and their calling fills you with terror. The heavenly powers cry to you to wake you up and to hear My voice, which calls you to come back in the spirit of the holy faith, and to make peace with God, for the time of your reconciliation with Me has come for you, Oh, My country of today. Either you want it or not, believing or not, knowing or not, you are the country from the end of the time of Jesus Christ, and the Lord is coming to you for all the nations of the earth, and they will take of My river of word, which flows smoothly in you from God. Oh, do not live alienated from My mystery in you, for I have made you into a mountain of the blessings spoken by Me over the earth, that they may be over those who enter under their glory.

Oh, wake up, My country of today! I have been calling you out for a long time to hear Me. Wake up! It is the Lord. Get up at His calling! Behold the Bridegroom! Be a wise virgin, My country! I have in you the mouth of My spring and I do not ask anything else from you than to drink, to be resurrected, and to be Mine, for I am God. Oh, come out from the noise of the heavenly powers, which blow against you in order to shake you and so that you may wake up, or which take your blessing away if you do not value it, thanking to God for it. Oh, I do not want you to cry under pain and under the rod of My wrath for your disobedience, but I want you to sing the song of your redemption, My country, and I want to teach those who have established themselves as shepherds upon you but do not shepherd you, and I want to teach them to take away from Me the gift of the holy faith and to then to be able to teach you to believe in My coming to them and to you, for I have not come to do any harm to you, but I have rather come to give you happiness with Me. Then I want to call out to those who have established themselves to rule, and I want to teach them, for they are stiff-necked and hypocrites and they want only their glory, and those who love the man’s glory cannot love justice, oh, My country. I want to cry out to them and to exhort them still, and I will exhort them until they listen, willy-nilly, for the heavenly powers are My disciples for the fulfilling of the entire word, which comes out of My mouth to become true, and then I may be able to say: «It was done!». Amen.

And now, I am speaking with you, people nourished by Me on the hearth of the Romanian people. Oh, My work upon man has become hard, very hard. If I tell the man about his sin, he knits his brows and commits sin even worse, because the man is not hospitable or humble. This is what happened to Me even from the beginning with the man; he did not listen to Me, His Creator, and he became upset when I showed him that I know his sin hidden in him, and the man built by My hand out of dust got upset with Me, and if he got upset, he pulled himself out of Me and has no longer received Me to tell about his sin and to correct him; and when he became so, his sin has been handed down to all his generations until today and tomorrow.

Oh, teaching children from Me for the people that stay under My coming as word on the earth! Let them not become upset with you if you tell them about their wrongdoings. Oh, let this not put you down, but rather welcome you, to do them good and protect you from every evil. Oh, My coming down has become heavy not only for Me but much more, for you! And the pain after man gives us power. The man, poor of him, wants to be praised, he wants to be comforted, he wants to be understood, but he does not work the things to be worthy of praise, for the man is unjust with his justice in everything that is. Only after the man passes away with his body, only then he stays humble and face to face with all his sins, if he does not humble before all the people in his time on earth. Still, on the contrary, the man with the weaknesses of his discontent nature, because of his pride in him, he makes without seeking too much, he makes disciples of his weaknesses, and the weak ones take after those who are weak, for the man is weak; he is just as weak as the one he takes after to fall in weaknesses, and the man multiplies his weaknesses, and I suffer because of My great pain from man. I have to let Myself overcome by the man so the man may welcome Me one way or another. I cannot be more righteous than the man, for the man does not want to be right. I look at the man, who does not receive Me with you, and he who does not receive you banishes Me, and he cast Me out and not you. The man takes after the man who takes after him in his turn, who wants like him, who says like him, and the man does not receive correction on him from another man for the correction of his life. And the man stands his ground, poor of him, but he still remains weak, and only the weak one fights so that he may work. The man does not receive Me but only with My comfort upon him, and with help for him, sons, and he does not receive Me otherwise, and if I come with correction to him, then he casts Me out, and he casts Me out with his grief that he has got at least, if not even with his angry against Me, that I am not good with him in the way he is able to receive Me and not otherwise. Oh, only before My anger the man is not able to establish himself greater than God.

Oh, how much pain on Me! The man does not endure to be annoyed or humiliated by anyone, but he does not love Me in the same way, not as he loves himself, for he has always made Me upset, he has always forgotten Me, he has always left Me, he has always brought Me to My knees, he has always brought Me before the devil, face to face with his departure from Me, and I endure and I endure again contempt from man and tears for his departure from Me, and behold, the man has more rights than Me, and he stays carelessly for his sin in him, and the one who does so with God, has the same soul for the man who would show his sin and his separation from God. It was not in vain that I said that even someone from the dead would come, the man still would not be able to do more, and behold, he, who cannot do this is unfaithful.

Oh, sons of My word, which feeds you! Seek to live the mystery of My word that is upon you, for I cry through the word. Be merciful with Me! Be compassionate with Me, sons, to comfort My pain from the man. Learn from My teaching and fulfill, to My joy and yours, My entire word, for its fulfillment protects you from every evil, which has come upon the earth for the cleansing of all the lawlessness in it, so that I may have then a clean earth and to tread on it with a heavenly step and to rest from My pains, sons. The fallow land of the Romanian nation has come under the whip of the heavenly powers, for the heavenly powers are My obedient disciples, but you should be the mountain of My rest, sons, to be able to protect you and to call out the people from it to Me, to their rock of salvation, if they are faithful as the Scriptures of My coming with the new heaven and with the new earth require today. Amen.

Oh, sons of My word! Those who exhort you to Me, those who carry Me to you, love them with propriety, so that your love may be strong, and love them with longing, and in such a way that may you long after them as you long after Me, for I am with you and for you through them. Amen. Love is that which has propriety, and propriety has love, sons, and let these two be clean, for otherwise these two are not holy in you. Be in My image and after My likeness, carrying in you the pain and My love for you and for the man, sons.

And behold, My disciples, they speak to you from near Me that you will work in My gardens with you at the fountain of the apostles. They preach you the news from near Me that will stand as watchmen and protecting angels for the work of the new well, which will come into being now in My gardens with you.

The fountain of the holy apostles, and the fountain of My disciples. They and I will give you blessing by this word, for the beginning and for the end of this work, spoken from heaven to be fulfilled. Work with peace, work with heavenly powers. And I will endow you with gentle heavenly powers now for this holy work. Work like the fountain of holy angels, as I have taught you when I gave it to you to fulfill it on My land with you. Work this out too, work it with holy propriety, with holy love, for the holy love has holy propriety, and the holy propriety has got love.

Work the fountain of My apostles. Do not spoil the time of the prayer and of the holy watch, for the success and the spring for everything come this way too, sons. Be like the angels from heaven on the earth, for I need angelic life in man, in order to be able to work with you My works on the earth. Be clean in your word and in the work of peace and of the holy brotherhood, sons. Be clean inside and outside of you, be clean, so that My angels may comfort you and to comfort you with joy, but be according to their pleasure, be clean like angels. Amen. Give yourselves to each other from Me, and then let each other take from Me. Amen.

Now, clothe yourselves with heavenly powers, sons, and work full of the spirit of the holy peace, the fountain of My apostles. I put peace and blessing upon you and over the work of the new fountain. Amen.

We are going to mark the place of the fountain. My disciples stand near you, like Me, sons. Be the sons of the love of God on the earth, as they are in heaven the sons of My love. Amen.

Peace to you, sons! I have always wanted to speak with you everything that has come from Me. Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! Amen, amen, amen.