The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross

I am coming down with groups of saints and angels between heaven and earth, I am setting the table of word in the citadel of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people and I am dedicating the sitting at the table with the sign of the holy cross, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, according to the state and the setting of the glory of the Lord, for the Father is above, the Son is down at the Father’s bosom and the Holy Spirit is placed on the left and right side within God’s trinity work, and behold the name of the holy cross, God placed in this way, as I was put on the altar of My sacrifice, on the cross, which I, the Lord, sanctified by My laying on it, nailed to it by My enemies, and I and it, I and the cross, remained then the consolation of those who believe and follow the way with the Lord, the way of the cross, the most comforting rest for the soul of the man who loves and longs after the Lord on earth all his life, with the cross of his life, and there is no other walk on the way of the man’s life with God, but it is the man’s separation from God for his own will, oh, and the earth is full of people against God with their life, and even with enemies of the Lord and of His great and holy name, of the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man, oh and those who love their will and the walking with sin on earth cannot be otherwise.

Oh, man is weak; he is very weak and inclined to sin, and that is why he does not want God to be with him on the way of his life, for sin makes man to be ashamed before God and before men, just as it happened in paradise, after man, made by God, worshipped sin and gave himself to the disobedience to God the Maker, for I placed the man and his wife in paradise, but they did not listen with their lives to God, and therefore they separated from Me by disobedience, oh, and after that Adam was ashamed of Me to see him naked and he was afraid too, and from that moment on, I did no longer appear before him, lest he might be ashamed even more and be more oppressed because of his nakedness that he felt, for this is what sin makes in man; it fills him with shame, with the need of hiding, oh, and from then on I was no longer seen by man, and this is how I have stayed, and man only heard Me in paradise; he heard My walking, My movement and My word with which I was speaking, and that is all, and since then I have remained in God’s invisible things up to this day; however, man has always committed sin and been ashamed of God and man, for the sin and the joy for sin cause man to keep hiding and being ashamed, and behold, it is a shame for man to sin and he has been hiding with his shame like Adam in paradise, oh, and behold what great coldness, what a thick border; an insurmountable wall was placed between man and God because of sin, after man had no longer remained on God’s side with his life, with the cross of his life.

Oh, man, you do no longer know to make friends of your soul heavy with your sin, you do no longer know that, and you need so much comfort for the heaviness of your soul, for you have always been under a burden and it grows once with your sinning, with your separation from God for sin. To know how to make friends for your soul means to be like the one with whom you want to be friend, because friendship does not last; the spirit of friendship in those who do not take after each other is not the same, because man makes his closeness only to sin, and sin is his enemy. Oh, and you cannot make God your warm and close friend either if you do not want to do His will, to take after Him and be very carefully for this.

Behold, the woman who believes that she loves a man, oh, poor of her and of him, that one pushes him away to the misery of sin, with her heart and body after that, for there is nothing else; it is not love but only the sin that incites the man to do it and man departs man from God for it, for sin and towards sin, oh, and this is the face of the world of men, and is totally against the carrying of the cross of life, and behold, behold, a three-year old child has more reason than a man whose mind and heart is inclined only for sin, to the love of sin, and that is why I, the Lord, said that the kingdom of God belongs to children and to those like them, who are not search after sin, who do not love sin, and he who loves sin seeks after his separation from God, for I am without sin, and that is why man does not want Me, oh, and I remain to mourn behind the man who keeps on separating from Me for sin, and the way of the cross is the way with God on it, and those who sanctify for it walk on it.

And now I am writing a great mystery in the book of My word and I am saying this for those who have a mind to understand with it, and here it is what I am saying: He who unites with My body and blood should no longer unite with other bodies, for he who shares with Me is My bride, and My bride has to be faithful to Me, oh, but where is found such a great love of God, such mercy for My wounds borne for My bride, such faithfulness?

Behold, those who take the Holy Communion, eat all kinds of bodies, those who partake of the Lord`s body and blood when they go to church, and I am mixed by man with all the things he likes on earth, and I have come to be like man, for this is what he wants to do with God, this is how he has got used to; that is, to walk on the way without a cross with Me, without a holy stature, without any resemblance with Me, with the One Who told man what to eat (Genesis: 1/29.) after He had made him, but man did not want it that way.

When I, the Lord, want to be merciful with the man, who had gone wrong, to clean him from the sin committed, he does not receive Me with his door wide open, he is troubled, he is restless, he stirs the feeling of his heart and by no means does he rejoice that I come to save him from those that oppress him, and which satan writes in the book of sinful man. The man did not recognize his sin in paradise, which made him to be ashamed then, and urged him to hide with it, but, on the contrary, he blamed God and blamed the satan serpent, and he did not admit his guilt and to be sorry and to bow for the forgiveness that comes by repentance. I had to come down from near the Father, to be born in a human body and to assume the guilt which man cannot assume, oh, and in this way, I showed how much mockery man brings against God when he does not assume the sin, he has committed to ask the Lord for forgiveness, from the One Who has the power to forgive the man’s sins.

Satan always, always writes down the man’s things, which are not according to God’s will in man, and satan writes because he has things to write, and the man’s mind does not care for his things gathered from satan and mourn for the forgiveness from the Lord so that he may not mourn in the end, for he who mourns in due time, that one sanctifies himself for God, and this is seen then in his humbled and proper conduct, by his love of God and neighbors, by a holy fellowship with Christ’s church, oh, because for two thousand years, satan has been striking against My church to dirty it, to take its watching away, to lead it to the pleasures foreign to the way of the cross, and I am watching with those in heaven to destroy satan’s work, to put away his guard, only that man does his own will, and with it, he presses on the cross which I have been carrying for two thousand years for the destiny of My church on God’s side so that it may not perish through the work of the malicious satan.

Oh, well satan, well, for two thousand years you have been struggling, you keep on wriggling around the body of My church, and I, the Lord, am getting ready to defeat you and to bring you to shame, even if I do not have now any help from the Christians and from their rulers, for behold, My Romania, the country of My second coming from the Father as word on earth, has in the divan from above some from among those who do not love the Lord because they love their greatness and are not God’s confessors, as the old Christian princes of this people were. For behold the prince of Romanians, the confessor with his entire house for faith and for the cross, the prince Brâncoveanu, the martyr surrounded by his children who had been martyred in front of his eyes by the pagans because of their faith in Jesus Christ, in the cross, in the work of the fathers’ church and in all the holy truth.

Behold such a beautiful Christian in front of the country, a prince with Christ in his soul and deed for his people, the Romanian people, a true ruler and faithful to his people, a chief who laid his life for the country and for the people, and who did not deny this high honor of martyr for the protection of his church and people!

Oh, and here is what are doing those of today, who are sitting on the divan of the country, for they are selling the country with its entire people to the foreigners! However, in spite of all these pains, I am getting ready to put you to shame and to defeat you, satan, who want to throw down My vine and its surrounding hedge, and I will do this to you because it is written in the Scriptures that the Christ, the Lamb of God, will overcome you, that He will overcome all those who stand against God, all the antichrists, great or small, that He will proclaim in a loud voice that God is and that they are the rebellious ones, and that it will be as then when the Romanian prince, Mircea, told the enemy, who was asking him to bow before him and submit his country; he told him that he was an enemy and that he would be defeated, and it was so, for these princes had the cross and had the victory through it.

Oh, there are still great souls in the Romanian people; there are still some, and I will wake them up to watching and to the praying with power in it, and you will surely be defeated, satan, and you will be brought to shame by the Lamb of God, by Jesus Christ, of Whose name you are afraid, and about which you do no longer want to hear on earth, but what shall I do to you? This is your destiny: to be defeated by Christ, by the One Whom you cannot overcome, oh, and you will be overcome by the steadfast Christians as well, by those with the cross on their chest, by the power of the cross, which fights for them against you. Did you hear? Oh, and you will keep hearing the One Who has victory against you, satan, and do not forget that My today’s country, to which I am coming as word now, is the country in which you lose, because this is written to be, and that is why, go away, go into places without God, go and wait for Me there to give you what you have worked! Did you hear? Go away, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is telling you! Amen.

Behold, the name and the power of the holy cross works this way in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and do not forget, Romanian people, the sign and the power of the holy cross, for with this sign I will appear as two thousand years ago, and with the sign of the Son of Man, as it is written, with the cross, which kills satan.

You, those who do not know God, and who have made room to sit over the Romanian people, oh, learn who God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are and the power of the holy cross! Oh, do no longer wander away on to the side of the spirit of lie with a hidden face, for people do not die of microbes, rather they die because of sin, for there was no greater microbe than sin and there will never be one.

Behold, you have set yourself at the service of lie and make the people kneel before it. (By all kinds of restrictions which “would stop the pandemic,” r.n.) Repent and wake up and do not give the people over to mockery, oh, because what you are doing is seen. It is sin to receive order from the foreigners of your people, and who are not on your side, and you know that they are enemies under a robe, which is hidden from your eyes. Oh, leave the people to be able to work for their destiny in its country! Have mercy on the people, after whose word you sit at the helm over the nation!

Oh, have mercy on the children! What will happen to the children that are being born now? Children are born and the whirlwind comes and takes them away, because they are taken by the man who opposes God, that is satan, who is well hidden so that he may not be seen, and from where he gives orders over the earth, over the nations, and you play into his hands. Oh, no! Do no longer make mistakes! Let the Christians go to church! Let them do this, for you have made a mistake by touching the work of God! Romania is a Christian country and it has the Lord, Jesus Christ, at its helm, and it also has the cross, as the weapon of victory in battle against satan.

I am calling out to you so that you may hear Me! Oh, hear Me! You, those who are sitting on high seats, be faithful to My word upon you, and by which I am calling out to you to hear Me! I am getting ready to release signs and work holy miracles to turn you back with your face to God and with your ear to God’s voice, Who is calling to you, for I, the Lord, have to fulfill what I speak.

Now, I am laying down the feather and I am leaving the table of word before those who are taking from it to listen or not to listen to My word. However, I have been speaking now over the earth and over the people in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I am giving hope to the Christian people, and the whole heaven is waiting for My and its victory against the man who is working against God, satan.

And lift up the faith, the cross and the holy life, Romanian sons, Christian sons, and let the spirit of repentance comprise within it the Christian people, because is time for fasting and for the praying for the spirit of resurrection, and I, the Lord, this is how I overcame; I overcame by faith and by the cross, and this is how My Christians overcome, too; they, too, overcome like their Lord.

And now, I am leaving over you the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and His comfort over those who are good and faithful to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.