The Word of God on the First Sunday of the Lent, of the Right Faith

I am Who I am. This is how, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am proclaiming Myself to those whom I am sending My word on this day, the Word of God, so that God may speak with them in His language. If people speak in their language about God, then the Lord is speaking in His language for all those who speak as they please about God and about His way with man.

My way with man; two thousand years ago, I said in My language that I was the Way, I, as I am and not as man is, who chooses according to his mind and his desire his way to God. Moreover, on this day, the Way Itself is speaking through the ways people choose towards God so that God may have them as His people, as they may say.

Oh, not so. Not like that. Not everyone can speak about the way with God, and be-hold, it is in its prime the time I spoke about in My word two thousand years ago, that all sorts of false prophets would arise to distort the men’s way towards God, and then I clearly said to My disciples about this dangerous time for the faithful people from the end of the time, and My disciples were clothed in the Holy Spirit, as I had promised them when I came back home to the Father after My resurrection.

Oh, and I am going to speak now about the way to God and then I will go on with My speaking far and wide all over the earth, and My speaking will remain written on the earth and in heaven, for I am the merciful One and I stretch My hand after man, only that he may believe powerfully in God’s word from this time and in its power, for I come on earth as word, as it is written for Me to come, and I want to find faith on earth when I come to man.

First, I leave the word of reconciliation and comfort over all and everywhere My word penetrates, and I am saying:

Peace to you, those with whom I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am speaking on this day, the first Sunday of the Lent, of the right faith, the Sunday of Orthodoxy, the right way with God of the man who wants to walk with the Lord on the way!

It is written in the law and in the prophets about Me that I would be the Word of God over the earth in the end of the time, (Apoc: 19/13) and that I would be accompanied by armies of saints, and those who do not use cunning in their hearts and faith, these can recognize Me in this word and can say with holy faith: „Lord, speak to Us; You are the Son of God!”. And I will tell to the hearts, illuminated by My word: „You will see the heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending, taking and bringing, and again bringing and taking God, the Word, over the earth”, (See John: 1/51), for I work the word on earth among men on this day and My word is going to My Father, as it went two thousand years ago, when I was speaking on earth with the Father and I was asking Him, and He was listening and fulfilling whatever I was asking from Him, for I said to the Father in the sight and hearing of My disciples: «Father, I knew that You always hear Me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that You sent Me». (John: 11/42) Oh, and then I called in a loud voice to Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, to wake up and to come alive into view, and My relationship with the Father worked in plain sight, for I said: «That they may believe, Father, that they may see that You hear Me, that You listen to Me and that I do nothing from Me but only from You and that I am Your Son».

Oh, this is what I am doing now on this day: Father, what You are giving to Me, that is what I am speaking on this day, and I do nothing by Myself, because I do not do My will but Your will, heavenly Father.

— And I, the Father, am speaking and saying to those with whom you are speaking now, My dear Son, Jesus, and I am telling them all this:

Amen, amen, I am saying to you all: every parent enjoys his child and makes him only joy and comfort. However, I have been crying for seven thousand years; I have been crying with My beloved Son Jesus, and We have been crying with the fire of longing, for at the beginning We made a man in Our image and after Our likeness to rejoice with him and to receive joy from him, but he was not a child, oh, he did not want to understand like a child, and deeply grieved God because he did not listen, and therefore he got lost from God, and God cried and cries, oh, and He has always cried; He cries because He had sent His Son, with Whom He has been crying, and God’s son came down on earth, became very little and nestled Himself as a baby in the clean womb of the prophetess Virgin to carry God, oh, and He was born as a little baby, and God was an obedient Child, He grew up and was obedient, oh, and then He was raised on a cross to die like a man, to die through the cross for man so that He might be able to draw the man to the Father, Who built the man. And I cry with My Son Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and We have been waiting to embrace the man within the mystery of the new birth, from above.

And on this great day, Jesus Son, I, the Father, am speaking over the human kind and I am saying for Your today’s word upon them: As the water, which is prepared by the priest for the day of Epiphany, receives upon it the word of sanctification and becomes holy water and protecting from the evil things upon man, and which always remains clean and fresh having God’s power over it no matter how many years it may be kept by man, a miracle of the Holy Spirit upon it, in the same way should all the believers bow through this word and receive the sanctification of the mind and the wisdom of their minds, and of their hearts after that, and then to know by faith the man’s mind, which is the only one way, on which one walks with God.

And I, the Father, am sealing now for the man’s mind what I have spoken and meant for man to do, to be able to believe from God and like God, for behold, faith does not belong to anyone, but only to those who sanctify their lives, and then with their living with God by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, This having His order through the church, for the church, which has the way, the truth and the life, is that which You have left through Your disciples, Jesus Son, and they have put it to work from disciples to disciples, and it is called the right way, the way of Christ with man, the way of Orthodoxy, on which many, many, oh, too many have left and gone astray according to their mind, and Your church has remained for those who are holy, for those who have sanctified themselves for You and for it, so that it may not be overcome, and so that its root may remain and bring forth buds to heaven by the spirit of humility and obedience, works that have been forsaken by those who have pulled themselves out from under the blessing left by the saints. However, the saints have remained and they are, and there is an army of saints carrying of God and the heaven is full of their work for those on earth, who believe by the faith of the Lord’s saints, oh, and We have fruit in heaven, dear Son, and We are working from above, and behold, We are working below, too, and mending the ways and smoothing everywhere, so that the way may be seen, for You are the Way, Jesus Son, oh, but who else does really know You, the way You are, who, Son? Who does still want to side with you, to be in Your image and after Your likeness?

— Oh, My Father, bless My word, so that I may become known through it as I am for all those who have distorted the man’s ways, and as a result, men do not long know their way to God and God’s way to them!

I am coming after man on Your behalf, beloved Father, and I am doing Your work, You in Me, and I in You, and in those who believe in My coming as word on earth, so that many may believe that You sent and send Me, that You are working, that I am Your obedient Son and that I take from You, for it is written: «We make new all things!».

Now, listen you, all those on earth, who think that you are on the way with God, and you too, those who do not believe anything or in anything of those that are from God and with God between heaven and earth:

Amen, amen, I say to everyone: I am Who I am! I am the good Shepherd, Who laid down His life for His sheep, and Who has in other folds sheep that He wants to bring them to Him, to the way that is His way, the way with God on it.

Oh, man cannot choose his way with God; he cannot, but only if he takes that one which I have laid and sealed by the saints of My church, for My church is the church of My saints, of those who sanctify themselves for Me to be My dwelling place, and then together to be My flock.

Oh, pay attention to the word of My mouth on this day of Mine with you in speaking, for We are going back to the beginning of My church and of the way of My faithful ones; and he who does not want to hear and to read the history of that time of Christ’s church, of My first disciples and of those left by them from generation to generation as those in the beginning, (See the lives of the saints of Patericon, Synaxarion and Philokalia, r.n.) oh, he who does not want to hear, then let him not hear, let them not know this, for they are not pushed to believe, but are rather asked to remember that Christ’s church is not as man chooses it to be; rather it is as it was established and strengthened on strong pillars once and for all and left to the Lord’s saints.

Oh, but who are those who were and are the saints of the Lord? They are those who sanctify themselves for Him; they are those who believe and work as those at the beginning, from where the faith and the man’s way with God started. Then the time has come when, by the Holy Spirit, there stood up with power from above the three great bishops of the Orthodox flock, Basil, Gregory and John, over whom the great work of the Holy Spirit and its great power descended, and they established good order for those who would be worthy on the way of the Orthodoxy with their life to God, and the Holy Spirit sealed this wisdom, descending and working a great deal over them, and He left the things that were taken from My things and announced to be established over the holy things and over the saints of the Lord. To these three great and holy bishops are added, for the strengthening of the church of the saints, the bishop Nicholas, the bishop Spyridon, the bishop Charalambos, some of them are now being named in My speaking about the holy beginning of the work of My church, strengthened by the saints full of modesty and full of humility of heart and absti-nence by their self-denial, as I, the Lord, require of those who walk with Me on the way, and they and many others like them walked having great struggles between My holy ones and the enemies of the right faith. And after one thousand years since the foundation of My church by My disciples, oh, the time of the separation had to come, (The year 1054 – the separation of the Catholic Church, r.n.), and if this time came, then I, the Lord, have remained with a little flock, because most of it chose its way, and it threw the dice to know the fortunes and to choose its own order; however, by coming out from the obedience at the beginning of the church, its order has became variegated in such a way that, from time to time, it has taken place over the separated flock many other separations, (The protestant Cults and neo-protestant, r.n.), until there have appeared many other paths and names of paths, many choices of paths, each at will; how-ever, I, the Lord, have remained faithful and wholly with those who have persevered in their walking according to the guide sealed by the saints for the spirit, for the body and for the walking of My church.

And behold, two thousand years have passed, and I am as whole as in the beginning, I am not divided, but I am working with the Father by the order that has remained and has been kept by the Orthodox church, the steadfast bride for her Bridegroom, and that asks from the Father for the forgiveness of her mistakes, as she also forgives those who sin against her. And over time, from one time to the other, there have been many, and still there will be many who will bow to thoroughly know the true history and the faithful walking of the saints of My church, and they come with faith on the one which is the true way and kept at the root of the life pleased to Me for My church.

Oh, no one, no one can mock Me for the course of My church over time, even if there were and still are some of those who do not walk beautifully in their life according to the order of the saints of the church, for men fall in sins, but they still have at their disposal repentance and rising, and I am saying this because I see the boldness of the false prophets who keep on saying here and there that they have gone away from the order of the church left by the fathers because the servants of the Orthodoxy are not worthy, they do not honor God, they do not take care of their flock. However, I also ask these mockers: were or are they worthy since they stepped back to listen to the callings foreign to the Lord’s voice? Alternatively, are those, who persevere with steadfast-ness on the way of the faith of the holy fathers foolish? How about those who bow at random? Are these smart really? And do they leave because of they are so smart? Oh, it is not so, but these are those who let themselves be fooled and pulled out from the root; they are stubborn and haughty, and they are drunk with love foreign to the spirit of humility in Christ, even if they feel, as they may say, that they love God and that through the love they have, they draw and save many to God. Oh, who sends these people to do what they do? Oh, I`m not sending them. It has been prophesied that they will appear, that they will come out of the flock and will deceive those who do not love God, and that they will say that Christ is with them, even if they cannot show that God is with them.

Oh, and who are those deceived by them? They are those who do not know the history, its steadfastness and the abstinence of the saints and founders of My church through the Holy Spirit left by God upon them. Those who have been deceived are those who have not put their hearts to know and to follow the Lord, and when they are shown the bait they think that the Lord has come out into their way.

However, I have a birth certificate like man, and My church has one too, but who is to tell this to those who are deceived and who do not know that God is confessed through the saints, through the disciples, through those who keep their body in control, through the teachers who are very skilled and wise, not just picked out from anywhere on the road, not formed anyhow, but by self-denial while they have been illuminated and equipped by God for the people?

Oh, and then I look at those who stay at the crossroads hunting souls, and see how they seek after those who are remarkable, known by some with a great name among people and they try to convince them so that they may be believed then and to draw others, ignorant on the holy way, as they may say, oh, and these remain in their wills, not in My wills, and they do not have any seal known by God, and they let themselves be fooled by any trap that may come into their way. However, I, the Lord, am clearly telling to all those who have been fished and fooled, and I am also telling this to the fishermen and their catch, and I am saying this: «The Lord knows those who are His». (2 Tim: 2/19) This is written and it is not otherwise, and it is not as man wants it to be, for man receives that what he deserves and finds that what he has been looking for, and then he thinks and he has found God. However, he who wants to find God for his life, then I, the Lord, am telling to all those who have been seeking, that it is through His church that He lets Himself be known, found and given as a gift to those who sanctify themselves for Him, for My church is the church of My saints, of those who, step by step, go up to the knowledge of God and to the obedience to Him.

And now I am saying: Those who want to be with God according to the truth, I am the Way for you, and I cannot guide you but only towards the church that I established through the saints, through the fathers and through the confessing martyrs of the holy faith, and the way is called, according to the language of the people, the Orthodox Church, and all its order for those who become God’ sons through the church, because other kind of sons God does not know to be His, but only if they come to the truth through His church, who come to become Christians and then to the life for the faith after that.

Therefore, this is the way, which I, the Lord, have spoken about that I am the Way. Oh, the history of My church is so beautiful, so beautiful. If man wanted to come on its path, then he would be filled with the wisdom of My saints, and he would be clothed in the wisdom from above, and I, the Lord, am saying on this day, marked with the name of the Sunday of the Orthodoxy, and I am telling to all those who want to try the love of God through the church, either good or bad, Orthodox or separated from it on other paths, and I am saying this: Oh, make the sign of the cross with your three fingers of the right hands and mark your body on the forehead, on the chest, on the right shoulder, then on the left one and then say: “Lord, have mercy on us!” and then you will see many miracles and overthrowing of devils, and then you will see satan shouting beyond you, and you will also see the fulfillments that will save you in times of war against the devil, oh, for men lack the weapon of victory, the cross and the use of it of those who are baptized, they do not have the cross just as the soldier lacks his weapon in the time of war.

Oh, I do not want you to suffer dangers, Romanian country, (Now, from the coronavirus pandemic, r.n.) My country, Orthodox country, but I am telling you to make the sign of the cross and erect crosses all over your land, and do make the sign of the cross, Romanian sons, for Christ has come on earth and embraced the cross for you, and for those who believe in His coming, and then keep yourself in the faith of the church from the beginning, oh, and call Me close to you, for blessed are those who choose Me as their Savior in time of trouble!

Oh, behold some holy advice I am still giving you: Do not sell and do not buy on Sunday, sons, for it is the day of the Lord, it is the day of resurrection, Romanian sons! Make a little path on your way with the sprinkling can with holy water! Make the sign of the cross over all things and over you, over water, over food, over all your work, over the way on which you walk! Oh, make a prayer to God when you go to bed and when you get up, when you sit at the table, when you go to work, for David, My anointed one, was king and had so many worries in all the days of his reign over his country, but he always had time enough to speak to God both in joy and in sorrow, to bring before Me all his joys and pains, to go to bed and to get up with God, to praise the Lord in his heart, and with his voice all the time, oh, and behold what love is and what the living with God is in all things and all the time. Oh, how could God forsake such a loving man, and how could such a godly soul stay without God?

Oh, do not leave your country that is so much blessed, Romanian sons! Do not seek that it you may be warm in it and that is all, as for faith perseverance, patience, steadfastness is needed and all must be done through love. Oh, do not be like the summer birds, who fly far away for fear of coldness, for many of the little birds are an example of steadfastness and remain at home and endure the coldness and frost, and some of them fall as martyrs by patience, but still, they remain at home and seek food at the Christians who put food in the little trees and who give them warm water when it is too cold, and behold the parable for those who love and endure firmly for God and near God, not among the strangers far away from home, for the summer birds do no longer come back, but only their chicks come in the spring, as it happened with the people of Israel that had never come back from the foreign countries, and only their children returned, and they had become stubborn and had never come back.

You, those who have left the church of the holy fathers, who separate and leave by stumbling, oh, do not forget that you too are sinful, and I have taught man not fall and said: «Do not judge, so that you will not be judge», (Matt: 7/1), and that you may not fall into the same sin by which you judge man and then, by so doing, to lose God and fall to errancy as a reward for those who judge man instead of God.

I am the Way, oh, I am, and you put at your back the love for My mother Virgin and leave the saints aside, too. Oh, and then what and who do you remain with? You need inter-cessors before God, for this is what I have left the order through the church. Do you believe that you remain with God after you have committed these sins? Oh, here are your big mistakes, and those because of which you are thrown away from your path, and you live with the thought that you have found the way, after you have left the way. In addition, you do not know about those who draw you that they are the deceivers, who fulfill the Scriptures about the groups of the false prophets, who come out and try to divide My flock, as it is written so that it may be known when this comes take place.

I am coming today by the word and I am telling you: You are not on the way with God. You are rather on the way chosen by you and by those who deceive you for their glory, for I am the Way, and this way is through the Orthodox Church.

And it is written today in the history of the church at its beginning, when all kinds of heresies and hard times appeared, and when there was striking against My church from all sides, that there was the time when the saints of the church put order everywhere against those who were striking the holy order of the church, and they wrote a book of anathematization against the times of heresies, and behold, today is being read in the church the anathemas over all those who have been violating those which were once set forever by the saints over My church, that of two thousand years ago, faithful to Me, and if there is no love of God, then it is written by My disciples for the unloving ones: «If any man does not love the Lord, Jesus Christ, let him be accursed!». (1 Cor: 16/22)

And now, I am leaving the exhortation full of mercy over all those who look for the way, and I am saying: I am the Way, and I have left it as inheritance to the holy fathers, who strengthened My church on its foundation, the Orthodox Christian Church, and that which is called a church on the outside, is against Me, it has turned aside and made its way, from which those, who have been broken into many pieces for a thousand years, have made paths of all kinds, after the great earthquake in the church life of the Christians who kept for the first thousand years the right way of walking with God for man, and God had reigned for a thousand years within His right path. And those who had served faithfully during this time, are the saints who are reigning with Me in heaven now, and those who are taking care of their believers in every Orthodox Christian country, and every country has its own army of saints, and Romanian have many saints, too. Russians have also got many saints, and also the coun-tries, which had grown old in faith and which kept their faith strong in the first half of time of the church on the way with God, the church kept through the saints between earth and heaven; and after that there came a great division and pains of all kinds.

Now, peace to you; peace to those who hear this holy epistle, left with great mercy over you on the first Sunday of the Lent, the Sunday of Orthodoxy!

Oh, peace to you, if you want it! I am the Way, if you want to believe that I am He Who am speaking with you now, and that I am Who I am, if you want to believe.

And now, I am putting down My writing pen, after I have put My name on My letter to you, to those who believe, and also to those who do not believe this word coming out of My mouth.

I am Jesus Christ, the Father’s Messenger sent on earth to you.

And now I am going to close My word as I began it and I am saying: I am Who I am! Amen, amen, amen.