The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism

In a spirit of Epiphany I let My word come down over the earth on the hearth of the Romanian people, and I share Myself with it and I comfort with it, for I miss comfort, and My comfort is man whom I built to comfort Myself with him and from him, and I share the spirit of comfort on a day of the feast of Epiphany, a day of the memorial of My appearance as the Son of God the Father, born on earth of the mother Virgin two thousand years ago and confirmed by the Father’s confession in the days of John the Baptizer, the forerunner of the announcing of the kingdom of the heavens once with the confirmation at Jordan of the Father God, Who testified from the cloud and said: «He is My beloved Son with Whom I am well pleased», (Matt: 3/17) after John had seen Me coming to him for baptism, and he declared testifying about Me: «Behold the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world». (John: 1/29)

On this great day over the earth and over the waters, I am proclaiming Myself as word over the earth; I Myself am speaking about the memorial of My day of baptism, when the Holy Spirit, the Comforter confirmed, coming down in the image of a dove above My head, for I am the Son of God, that I am the One waited by the whole creation, partaking on that day of the miracle at the Jordan which showed Me once with the Father’s confession, and the waters marveled and mysteriously confessed God being received by the water of the Jordan and since then and up to this day the waters have been confessing the Lord coming down on earth among people (See the miracle of the return of the Jordan on the Epiphany day, r.n.) to give them His comfort and that the Lord may find His comfort and the rest lost at the beginning, for man had to be My comfort and that is why I am coming down on earth and getting into the man’s way and I Myself am speaking to him, oh, for I miss man, I am longing after My comfort!

Peace to you, oh, peace to you, citadel of My word! Behold My house, My stopover, the altar renewed by grace, by the word of God! I am coming closer on a day of the feast of Epiphany here with My ministry and I am proclaiming over the waters a word of holiness once with you, My servants, and let Us say once, sons: The water of Epiphany is blessed and sanctified in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oh, I am sitting with you and spending the memorial of that time, and the waters are sanctified year by year and they also sanctify those who are faithful and steadfast to the love of God, sons, and I am teaching now every man to become a son of God, to learn the spirit of comfort, to share it and to have this work of the joy of the spirit, for man is without any comfort upon him because he does not become one with the Spirit of God, dear sons.

I am looking for you, man, your comfort is looking for you, God is looking for you to embrace you within His Spirit of Father, to make you used to His love and to fill you with it. My word and My coming after you is sweet. I am full of the Father’s longing after you, wandering man from your Father. I am coming after you, I am speaking with you and asking you to become a son of God by obedience and to listen to Him. Take water, take word, take the spirit of repentance in your heart and wash from the lack of knowledge, for the Lord is coming to you as word and He is calling you to life and to the joy from heaven, with which He is coming to give it to you! Joy is not on earth, for it is from heaven. Receive the Lord when He knocks at the door to give from heaven! I am making a way with the word upon you to help you come near to God, your Creator. Oh, receive this great grace and learn the mystery of life, for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and only with Me you can have these, only near Me, man deprived of the love from God in your heart.

Oh, My today’s country, I am coming to you, I have been coming for such a long time, My country. I am blessing you on this day with a spirit of Epiphany. I am comforting your body, soul and spirit, Romanian people. I am taking you with My word over the earth and I am confessing you that you are My today’s country and the country to which My Father is sending Me as word and as a man’s way to God.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; this is what I have told the man. Oh, what shall I do so that you may believe Me, man? What shall I do to you to draw you, to put you on the way and to walk in it, on the way with God and not without God in your walking?

I am advising you, Romanian people, to strengthen you in the faith from the fathers, to keep it holy more and more and to stand watch for your faith and for its works. Oh, it is not good for you only to know God’s will but to do it too, for all your good giving is hidden in the commandments of life, as the way with life on it is not otherwise. Behold, the way has to be followed and not only known. Let no one enchant you that one can walk on the way with God otherwise. Rather, on the contrary, you shall watch for the steps of His life over your steps, for the way is one and it is called God.

I am giving abundant grace over the water of Epiphany. Let it reach everywhere and let it share blessing and power of life with God over the people, for I, the Lord, am waiting for the miracle of the man’s return to God; I am waiting as the man waits for miracles from God when it is hard for him and has trials on earth.

It is a feast of Epiphany in heaven and on earth and the evil spirits are lamenting with a great noise because they are banished from everywhere on earth with the word of the prayers of the sanctification over the waters, with the spirit of My word, with the spirit of My feasts on earth, oh, and how much I would like the man to overcome satan, and no longer to give any place and rest to this hidden enemy, who stays hidden so that he may not be exposed and cast away from man for his evil work! Therefore, man, I am asking you, that is God is asking you no longer to give satan the joy by not doing God’s will. Defeat him through My will in you, for My will is in heaven and let this enemy see God’s will worked by man on earth. The pure heart in man can do this miracle and are needed this knowledge and the kind of the clean heart in which God dwells within man and through which the Lord can be seen in man with His light and with His work.

Oh, people of My word, oh, sons in the citadel, there is no man more filled with sufferance, more aggrieved in his inner being like the one who hides his things in him and which always put pressure on him.

However, who are and how those pure in heart are? They are those in whom God is seen with His works; they are those who share light and warmth for the souls, they are those who become like God, gentle and humble in their heart and in the works of their lives; they are those who are peaceful and steadfast and who say with longing and seeking: „My God, I look for You early in the morning. My soul is thirsty and my body sighs after You, and I am looking for Your mercy and blessing You with my life and I am raising my hands to You for You are my help.”

Oh, it is not so with those who have a trouble heart and who make use of their customs without God in them for they say like this: „There no God!” and they say this after they have become ugly by not working God’s goodness and will and the obedience to the word of the eternal life, oh, and this is what it has happened to those who have stepped aside until they have come to the fullness of their thought as though this river of word would not be from God, which washes the man in his heart both in their work and in their conduct, for if they remained and go on believing, they would not be conformed with those who are faithful in their conduct, with those who take care to repent and to remain within God’s will with faithfulness all the time, with their heart and works clean all the time, oh, and those who do not take care to have a pure heart in them are seen from far away, and then they are seen around them afterwards. However, I always come and teach every man the way how he is supposed to stay and be with God, how he has to approach God and then how to work, oh, for it is not possible all the time to believe that you are with God if you do not come to set the commandments of life over you in order to walk in them and to take care of them over your life and then to always repent from any kind of weakness for the observing of the laws of life, and that the Lord may forgive you by your repentance and to help you to overcome on His behalf the temptations that test your faithfulness and your walking with God.

Oh, how beautiful, what a spirit of Epiphany I pour out over the people through My teaching for the man’s life with God! I become a Shepherd full of comfort over the loving and watching ones for their love of God, but I also become a Teacher over those who do not want to make any progress even if they have the knowledge of the laws of life and the holy work with the Lord. My word is coming to renew, to wake up, to watch and to perfect in man the faith and the life in faith, and those who do not know that they are on the way with God, have to be careful with their steps and to be true within their burning heart for the testimony with the work of their lives, for the truth from God does not dwell anywhere but only in those with a pure heart and in whose life God’s being and brightness are reflected, God’s confession by the way of the life of the faithful and steadfast man in his walking with the Lord.

I am giving you a very warm hug. I am gathering you within the spirit of the comfort, you, those who are praised and who honor My work on a day of the feast of Epiphany. I am clothing you in the gifts of the wholly faith and I want you all more and more obedient, sons gathered in a little bunch of the feasts here, in the citadel of My word. Oh, I do no longer have many people at the feasts, for those who were coming, have stopped for themselves, and, therefore, they have not had any progress on the way according to God’s advice written in the word by which the Lord teaches.

Those who longed after the Lord, had to do My will more and more, oh, but it was not like that, and many pains were inflicted on Me because of their disobedience and they weakened Me because of My dwelling in them, for they were divided and did not have any way to listen to My advice. I have suffered and they have suffered as well, but the lack of the fulfilling of My word does not bring anything else. And that is why I am teaching you, sons, who have remained on My side, strengthen your watch for the fulfillment of My exhortation, for I want the comfort of those who listen to God to remain so that it may go well with them and not fall from My protection arms.

Oh, but can the man do this? He can, sons, if he has in him and around him the work of the clean heart for his walking with God and if he keeps the distance from any evil satan may push against the steps of those who walk with God by disobedience, sons.

John the Baptist is waiting in line with his testimony and he is waiting for his entrance into the book near Me.

And as for you, give glory to the Lord, sons, in a spirit of prayer and glory.

Oh, share holy water, and let this holiness cover the whole Romanian land, for the Lord loves you, Romanian people; the Lord your God loves you for your choice from the beginning and that from two thousand years ago so that you and your tent may be God’s tabernacle of His coming, His land for the food of His feet and of His saints, for the Lord is coming to you with the saints, as it is written.

Oh, peace to you, My today’s country! I am embracing you within a spirit of Epiphany, within the Spirit of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I am giving My gifts upon you so that your glory from God may flourish and with which I will rejoice the earth and all the nations and languages, as it is written about your destiny from God, your Creator.

Peace to you, sons, and peace to you again for you have laid down the feast of Epiphany! Remain My comfort, sons! I also remain your comfort for the spirit of comfort is My work over the earth, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.