The Word of God at the feast of the first martyr and archdeacon, Stephen

My birth from the Virgin, the miracle by which, I, God, the Son, was born a child on the earth two thousand years ago, was the humility of the Father, a miracle that does not enter the man’s mind, for his mind is small in order to be able to humble himself when God speaks to him by miracles, and that is why God came on earth, was born and grew with a gentle character, both inside and outside of Him, covering His glory, for the man is small and is not born of the heaven in order to be able to perceive the heavenly things that have come on earth under the image of humility, covering their glory before man, for it is written: «The man cannot see God within all His glory and to remain alive». Under the way of My humility, the man could see Me for thirty three years on earth, and in whom I put the gift of the humility of spirit, those could see Me that I was God, the Son, the messenger of the Father sent after the man, and I fulfilled My work, for the man is the one who fulfills My works on the earth, and I cannot fulfill them without man, but I need a gentle and humble man in his heart, just as I am, because of the man if not so, he cannot believe in those that come from God among the people, which cover their glory in order that they may be able to come. Amen, amen, amen.

The memorial of My birth two thousand years ago would be to make the man even more humble, and to have more room within him for God, for I completely humbled Myself in order to be able to come down on earth, but if the man does not have any room in his heart for My humility, then he rejoices and exalts himself within him at the remembrance of God’s miracles and makes the days of My humility into his days of joy, for him, and not the days of the humility of spirit and of the fruit of holy faith, which is to bring forth in him the gift of the humility of spirit, which would teach him about this mystery, for great mystery is the gift of the humility of spirit, and the heavenly mysteries, which come on earth, for the man’s making does not enter into the man’s heart, because the man is not made and there is no one to make him after that.

On earth there are two kinds of people: the human kind and the Christian people. The human kind bears the name of the sons of people, and the Christian people bears the name of the sons of God. I came on earth completely in the image of man, for I died like the man in order to destroy in My body the death, the last enemy, which the man has to destroy, but with My power in him and not with his power. However, the man does not come closer to know this miracle, working out the new man in man. However, the man has to destroy the sin in his body after he comes to remember the death of the man built by My hand out of clay, and to whom I said that if he did not listen, he would surely die.

Oh, sons of God, and you, sons of people! The man cannot sin but only after he dies, for first the sin is conceived in his mind and then it goes down into his body and kills the man’s heart by its poison, and the man loses the power of his soul and agrees with the reward of the sin, and this is how the man dies and this is how he becomes the dwelling place of the devil, which took the man out of the paradise, which I established on earth for the man to be in My image and after My likeness and not to become a devil by disobedience and insubordination, works that the man does and by which he becomes a god over himself.

My mother, the Virgin, looks at Me with her spirit full of humility and she has near her and near Me, for the feast of My birth, all the heavenly powers, all the angels and all the saints in My feast and hers. My mother comforts Me as she caressed Me when I was a child, in whom it grew the miracle of the new man, a man born of heaven on earth, coming down from heaven and born on earth for the work that the Father had to do for the new birth of the man, who wants to be from heaven on earth and not from the earth, as the man who got out of the man has remained for seven thousand years.

My mother full of gentleness and humble spirit like her Son, the One Born of the Father and of her, comforts Me here, on the land of My returning with the spirit and with the word among the people, on the land which first came out of the waters at the creation of the heaven and of the earth, in the place from where I, the Word of the Father, took clay into My hand and kneaded the man in the sixth day among the days of creation, days that were measured by a heavenly measure: one evening and one morning, each one of the sixth days of creation. And on the seventh day there was My rest, and I sanctified it, for the man was holy like God then, by submission and obedience, and he did not know fear but only My joy within him.

My mother comforts Me here, on the land of My returning within the spirit and word among the people, and she speaks with Me and I speak with her before the nations on earth. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Son, child of the Father and mine and of those who know You and grow You with love and longing within them! I stay with my hands reached out over the Romanian land to protect it for You and for those who became Yours in its midst. Its mystery is as long as seven thousand years. Its mystery is covered, for this is the work of Your mysteries and this is how it works for its revealing. However, the man has established himself too great on earth and does not expect You to come and to tell him that he is not master on earth and that You are, because You are God, the Creator of the heaven and of the earth, and the man on earth is man, for if he were not a man and that is all, he would not dare to become master over Your things and a thief before You, Lord.

You give birth to the word of life and comfort on earth, calling the man from Your gifts, the gifts of humility of spirit, by which he can perceive the mystery of life, the spirit of childhood, without which the man cannot perceive the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens, Your kingdom in man, Son Lord, a kingdom stolen by man after you made him. The man was not a child in the beginning, for You made him in Your image and after Your likeness, but he was not like You, obedient and submitted like a child, and he did not receive this spirit of childhood from You, the spirit of son, which You had, for You were the Son of Your Father.

Oh, Your strong and protecting hand has been like this since it has had someone to work upon this way, when the man stays under Your working hand, after he gives himself to You for his new making, from heaven and not from man, as the man is made. But now Your hand is drawing aside from every man who does not have You as God coming from the Father so that the man on earth may listen to You. The man makes of the days of Your humility days of joy for him and not for You, but Your hour has come now closer than two thousand years ago, to take back what is Yours and not man’s, Lord and Master of everything. The Romanian land is now into Your hand and not into the hand of man, and I am asking You now, from it for You, and I am not asking You for the man. Obedient and humble Son, please remember Your promises made for the Romanian land and take over the helm of this ship, which will float above everything that is evil, which will overcome the sin on earth and every great man in his spirit and who still tries to rule the land of Your choice, the land of Your returning from the Father with Your saints, Lord Who are written into the Scripture to come back again.

Let the unfaithful man open the Scriptures of these days and seek for their wisdom and for their mysteries, and let him seek with a humble spirit and not with self-aggrandizement how to know Your word, and he does not want anything else than the Scriptures. However, You did not die, but You came to live with great glory two thousand years ago, and that You did not come to life in order to be silent forever, but to speak then and now, as You have spoken to the man that You are the Alpha and the Omega, and that You are not otherwise, and the one who does not receive You, will be severely beaten, as well as the one who will be found being idle for those from You brought with You to the man on earth. Amen.

Obedient Son, please do not let the heaven and the earth pass into the mystery that is not understood by the man for a new heaven and a new earth, unless You will glorify Yourself on the Romanian land with all Your promises spoken by Your mouth before the sons of Your word, of which You made Your people of new Jerusalem on earth, a people of saints into the midst of the nations of the earth, into the midst of the generation of people, an evil and adulterous generation, and through which they shine like the stars of the world, Lord. Be merciful and protect Your coming down on earth on the Romanian land with all the heavenly powers, and set down mysteriously and uncovered at the helm of the ship of salvation, and make the people learn and worship You within the Spirit of Truth, by which You teach those who are Your chosen ones for Your glory of today and in whom You have always been putting the gift of the holy faith, the spirit of prayer spoken by Your mouth for the Romanian land, for You to have faith on earth in the way of Your coming, and that You may come on its way, as You have also been able to fulfill like a God, Who can do everything in the name of Our Father, the Father Sabaoth. Amen.

Take a look, Son Lord, to those who call themselves Your church on earth, and shake from its high place the lie clothed within a lambskin, because You, as two thousand years ago, are kept under a bushel and Your name is used by the people of falsehood, who call themselves church, to make of it their own glory. But the Christian people are otherwise, and it is not like the worldly one, which soon, soon, will fall down from everywhere with all its towers, on which fire from heaven will fall, so that all things may be refined and tested by fire and not otherwise, to the sight of those that are and that will remain, and of those who will burn by fire. Amen.

Oh, before the refining of all those that are yours and not those that belong to God, how you seek to deceive the people who do not see the way of life and its truth, stand aside from your high places, from your adorned chairs! Put off the garment of vain glory, throw away the pride from you and willingly put on a sackcloth, to repentance and to the forgiveness of your sins, by reconciliation to God, for there will come upon you a frightening day, a day which burns like fire and which punishes in it the entire vain glory and all those who worship it, and which worships them. Come to repentance! Bow down to the spring of the word, which becomes a breeze of Holy Spirit, over the faithful ones, and brimstone over those who are unfaithful to My Son!

The word of the Father is my Son into the midst of the Romanian land. His birth before the eternity from the Father, and two thousand years ago, a child of my virgin body, was the Father’s humility, Who bowed with His Son to the man, and this miracle cannot come to the man’s mind, who cannot humble himself when God, the Creator, speaks to him by miracles, by His gentle face and humble among the people and through the people. Amen.

And now, Son Lord, give birth to the world again, as You promised two thousand years ago, and with the Spirit of Truth make Your room into the minds and hearts of those who do not know anyone but themselves as masters on earth! And for them to know You, touch them, and set Yourself as Master of everything, as You are over the faithful and unfaithful ones, for the world to know that You came out from the Father and that He sent and sends You with the Scriptures, which wait from You, by Your word in them, their fulfilling, Son. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, I was born on earth, mother, a little child from you and as a great God over the earth, and blessed is the servant whom I will find watching before Me, on My coming, and those, who do not believe into My coming, will finally believe in it, mother. Amen.

In the time when the martyr Stephen was confessing the living God before those who killed Me, for My resurrection and for those who were faithful to My coming after the man, those, who saw him shining like the angels from heaven because of the reward of his testimony about Me, gnashed their teeth at him. But two thousand years have passed since that time, and those who today, as at that time, sit on the seat, which My Father has meant for Me and for My followers, became too fattened, for the Father said to Me by the Spirit: «You are priest forever in the order of Melchizedek», and this mystery is not otherwise.

Oh, for a long time there has not been church that one, which has called itself My church. It is rather the place of the vainglory of the people of the earthly greatness. It is in vain that they keep on holding on their seats with both hands, which are only wood and stones. These false people do not know obedience and submission before Me, and whoever is not submitted to God does not see Him and does not know God, and that is why they dare assume greatnesses, which perish once with them, judging them before Me by those who are Mine, faithful, confessors and bearers of God on earth. It is in vain that they hold on to their seats, fore behold, there comes a great wind from Me and it will pull them out from before the people, and the people will see My power, which puts down to the ground those who are proud and it lifts up the humble ones, as the Scriptures prophesy that it will be. Amen. And the confessor Stephen, the one who was martyred for My glory, confesses with longing from among the saints and speaks like that:

— Redeem, Lord, my blood and the blood of those who were cut off from the earth because they confessed You! Open the book, open the heaven for the heavenly powers to come down, the heavenly dominions on earth and do justice to Your saints and to You, Lord, crucified for the forgiveness of the sins of the world that comes back to repentance, and make a kingdom of the heavens on the Romanian land, on which Your saints come with You and confess that You have opened the heavens and speak, and Your name is called: The Word of God. Amen, amen, amen.

— I opened them. Amen. Fifty years ago, I opened them mysteriously, and the enemies of the kingdom of the heavens still found Me and persecuted My vessels. There has passed fifty years since then and the heavens have not been closed yet, and I have been the word over the Romanian land with a loud sound of trumpet.

The heavens have been opening wider and wider for Me to come down with great glory and with the truth. Amen. I am the Truth and it is only I that I am; I and those who become into My image and after My likeness, and then on their outside. Amen.

I am the Lord of humility and of its glory. There is no greater glory than the humility of spirit. Blessed is the one who is found doing so and the one who becomes this way before Me, for My coming is ready, and I am celebrated soon on the Romanian land with the feast of the Pentecost of My coming.

There have passed fifty years of My word over the earth, and the world has been found unfaithful, for My coming, over those who do not watch over it, comes unexpectedly.

I come as a word of new making on the Romanian land to renew them all. Bow, you, those, who set yourselves to drive My ship through the waves, that is this land, the Romanian land, on which I set the throne of My word, on which I speak and bless and cleanse the lawlessness from everywhere. Amen.

And as for you, people of My word, learn the gift of humility of spirit, the gift of childhood, the gift by which the man is submitted to God and obeys the Father. Strengthen the gates of My coming and protect them carefully, for they do not have to be smitten but strengthened. I speak from the gates and I work according to My will, which stays within the gates. Amen.

Oh, My people, do not forget to be like a child, like the kingdom of the heavens from the little ones on earth. You shall not seek after your rights; you should not look for things like that, but you should look for the wisdom of the sons of God, who have only obligations and leave all their rights into the hand of their Master, the Lord, Creator. Amen.

Peace to you, and do your duty before Me for My time once with you on earth! May My peace be over your gates, the gates between Me and you, and watch like a servant who is happy with his service done for his Master. I am the Master. I am the One Who is, and you shall be a holy people, a grain, watered and protected by My hand, and out of which the Romanian people will come out, My new Romanian people, a holy people, to My glory over all the nations on earth and to the redemption of the righteousness of My saints, which wait for My coming with them on a holy land. Amen, amen, amen.