The unseen war of the antichrist

... Oh, My children, the little ones, there is today a great feast on earth and a holy celebration in heaven. All the heavenly powers worship My Mother; all revere her as a queen of heaven. Only the ones on earth, impelled by Satan, dishonor and hoot her. The sects have increased, My little people, the sects that hoot My Mother. Oh, how can I bear with those Antichrists who throw arrows into My Mother? They call Me „Lord Jesus,” they make Me Lord, but they scorn My Mother. Oh, sons, I confess to you that these will not have forgiveness for ever.

Sons, I give you a holy command: the same way you honor your mother who bore and raised you, you should honor My Mother beyond it. My Mother is the link between clean Christians and Me. I listen to My Mother as an obedient son, and if My Mother was not to pray for this earth, the world would have been punished long ago. Three hundred Adventists have come today and sit at the gate of heaven but I do not receive them, I do not know them.


Oh, My children, My flowers, today I am much more sought after by other Herods than then. The Caesar, the head of the Herods, (The dictator Ceauşescu, r.n.) is looking for Me through his antichrist servants to take My life, but what is hurting Me most is that I have many Herods in My church, among the servants at My holy altar, and these are looking for Me. (The priests with commitment to the Security, secret police service, during the communist dictatorship, r.n.) The one in the past did not find Me, for My Father covered Me, but these who stand in My church, they constantly stab Me with their deeds and they are enough and serve the Caesar. They will remain ashamed, for I, what I have to fulfill I will fulfill even if I remain without the altar servants.


… Children, be strong, as the stones are against you too, there are only demons around you, only Antichrists everywhere, that it is harder for you than it was of the saints who had lived here ahead of you. There are only demons which deceived you. Be strong and wide awake as the Father is waiting for you. He does not let the little angel to pour out the bowl; My Father is still waiting.

Oh, well My children! You know that among you are wolves dressed in sheepskins? (Informers for the communist dictatorship „Security” r.n.) Here is how they throw the pearls which they have received; (Body and Blood of our Lord in Holy Communion, r.n.) they show no pity. Here is how they throw them and mock at them.


The Antichrist fights with Me; he wants to put out the light, My light on earth. Do you not see him? You will see him when the church perishes and when the priesthood perishes and many will call themselves wise people.

The hour is coming, son, when you cannot buy or sell without a stamp, („The Seal” on the cards that the communist regime divided for bread, oil, sugar, and so on, the ones that were given with portion only to those who received them, r.n.) but you, My children, do not give up, for I do not forsake you too. Have hope and faith for in no way will you die with hunger.

My sons, when you receive pain and have no comfort, fall on your face and ask, for I, the Lord, will give you peace and calm the storm. Ask and I shall give to you.


… My children, a train is a snake with an iron beak which carries thousands of people on its back, in all parts of the world, full of all kinds of sins: pride, wickedness and debauchery; it carries the work of Antichrist. Behold, that it is being fulfilled all that the prophet said, that the earth is filled with birds with iron beak, snakes with an iron beak, turtles with an iron beak.


It is the time of the Antichrist. The Antichrist is working invisibly; he has servants who are running from man to man and tell him to leave God, the Creator of heaven and earth. Oh, My people, do not forsake Me, and I will not forsake you as well.

Oh, My children, be strong, for now I have told you who you fight with. Behold, take the sword into your hand, for those without the sword are not strong, for look, the king had the commandment not to touch the oil, (Faith and God’s love, r.n.) but he broke the commandment; he touched. Do you understand?

Oh, My children, who still keep My commandments, beware so that the stamp may not be put on your hand or on your forehead (The stamp on the membership card of the Romanian Communist Party, r.n.) for look, My little church is empty, and those who come, one percent, is good; the rest are dirty and filthy. But the entertainment lounges are full.


The devil comes and enters the church, but you, now, are not seeing him, but you will see him too, him and all of his bad work and dirty filth. The women go to church muttering, not praying, rather chanting and spellbinding, to cheat and lead astray from the truth. Here, the devil has herds of sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, heifers, geese and ducks. Where did he get them from? From the world, sons. What will you say, man? That all these you gave to the devil? They were theirs and you used them. Untie them by praying. It is sin to eat and drink from what you gave to the devil. It is sin to use the things given to the evil one. Untie them by confession.


Here, the Satan comes in front of the Father and the world says that it serves him through defilement and without christened children, who need to be cleansed and sanctified, for they serve Satan. You know that many serve both God and Satan and go to the church and worship and then they go to the church and get drunk and swear and talk dirty and filthy words. Many pass by My cross and worship and then go forward and swear.

I will judge first the Antichrist.


The Antichrist is fighting against the Christians. The Antichrist is working in the way of God and enters the church in the altar, (Priests with a commitment to cooperate with the Security, the political police of the communist regime, r.n.), but you hold on tight. I asked the Father to let Me manifest in the body so that you may not fall again.


… My people, do you know the signs of the Antichrist? Here they are: falling away from the faith, denial of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the denial of the holy work. Oh, there is another sign, there is something more. The first sign is falling away from the faith; the second is removing of the icons and of prayers from school, and the third sign is the desolation of the house of God. Here the cornerstone, and in its midst is the wickedness.


… All say that there is no coming anymore; for it is the man and not the Lord. Do not be deceived for the world died when the Antichrist came. The spirit took them and only their body remained, and the Antichrist makes with the body palaces and wonderful and desired things that the body can never forget. Yes, the Antichrist took a wonderful image that the man worships him. The beautiful has come, son, to a high scale, but you should know that the beautiful will be ugly. And it will be ugly, wry, raddled and with an unusual image, which the angels run away from, as a bird flies away from the fox. (Ceauşescu, r.n.). The angels say: „Oh, Jesus, that beautiful de-ceived the one on earth.” The Antichrist set himself as a God and set in front of the public on high. No one knows what great height he has. Oh, world, world how you have deceived yourself! This beautiful which is in you, when revealed, (See, The Revolution in Romania, in 1989, r.n.), you will run away and will not know where to hide, as even the rock will be crashed so that you may not enter it; and the earth will break open so that you may not hide into it. World, world, put off the beautiful and break the connection with the Antichrist and with this nature that the An-tichrist made. Son, a day is coming when you will smear your face so that you may no longer be beautiful and leave the beautiful little coat, but know son, that everything you did on earthly with pleasure will be written down in the book.


Oh, Verginica, antichrist is not in the world, but he is in the church; he is near Me to fight against Me. Behold, Caesar, also called Herod, (The communist dictatorship, r.n.), used the church servants; he used those, who sold their sheep, (The collaborators of the secret service of the dictatorship of the communist red beast, r.n.); they sold them to Caesar to be imprisoned and that the antichrist to get rid of My good sheep, so that he may rule in My church. And that is why I chose you from an ignoble birth, so that I may let down My richness for the sheep, for if I had gone to the people of the church again, they would have closed My word up, as they closed some of those that I choose from among them to sound the trumpet, as they also closed you, giving you over to Caesar to imprison you. Caesar did not understand what I was doing with you, but the people of the church knew the word of My judgment and they hid, as they were naked before Me. The people of the church were and are antichrists, who stand against My word, and they call Me a false prophet within this work of trumpeting. Caesars had their own mission and the people of the church, who wanted to get rid of the strong and healthy sheep, so that they might not believe and to take their place, went to Caesars and told them other things than those from Me by My vessels, as it was with you, Verginica. Now, Caesar became a believer (After the anticommunist revolution in 1989, when on December 25, the dictator Ceauşescu was condemned and executed by shooting, r.n.), and he set himself in fear of God, and the people of the church have no longer got a prison for My sheep, and they try to hide from the sheep, for they are naked and are not shepherds; rather they are Pharisees and not shepherds of people, and My sheep are without shepherds. But look, I Myself take care of My sheep, and the people of the church laugh at My sheep, and call My sheep „sect”, and „wondered away”.

The people of the church are against Me, Verginica. I speak with the saints in heaven. I sit in counsel in the midst of the church and I tell them: the people of the church are from the earth and they took hold on the keys of the kingdom of heavens, and they are against Me, so that I may no longer come to gather My sheep together and to make them all one flock. But I am the key of the kingdom of heavens. I am the Son of the heavenly Father, and he, who will come in and out through Me, will come in and out and will find pasture. Amen.

I am God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but who are the people of the church on the earth? To whom do they belong? Which is their kingdom and where is it?

I am the kingdom of heavens, and the saints are with Me within My coming, as I come to put My kingdom back to its place. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, sons, the people were afraid, the Christians also were afraid of the communist man, as they said that he stood against God and against those who were faithful among the people, but this communist man, (The red apocalyptic beast, r.n.), did not know those things of Mine, but only from the antichrist man who was near Me, near those holy of Mine, near those that were established for Me and for those with a holy faith. And behold, the communist man was the slave of the antichrist man, who was standing near Me to take My kingdom and to reign through those that are My holy things. The communist man could not be greater and worse with God than the antichrist man. The first God’s enemy is the antichrist man, and only after that comes the communist man. And behold, the communist one bows to God’s mysteries, which come from heaven on the earth, but the antichrist man does not bow, and he hardly lets himself be thrown down from his place near Me, as he does not take care of My things, and if he does, he does it only that My wealth may become his wealth; his and not Mine.

Oh, little children of the holy faith, I want to win over My vineyard through you from under the antichrist’s slavery, as My vine is Mine, and I am God. Antichrist does not want Me to be a free God. He believes that I will stay forever under his dominion to work as he wants, but the mystery of My kingdom is an unfathomable and incomprehensible mystery, and it is with its dwelling in the sons of the holy faith. Of what use is a dyed kingdom for Me, on which to stay written: the kingdom of God? Oh, the kingdom of God is inside of its sons; it is not within the boundaries of the antichrist man. (In stone churches, r.n.) What does the antichrist man do? He woke up and dressed with My garment and set himself in My house and turned it into a hiding for him and for the deeds of his iniquities and for his disciples who keep the world in slavery, for the antichrist man cannot bring the man to the kingdom of God. I told to My disciples when I saw the antichrist that he was setting down over those that are established by Me; I told them: «Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but be afraid of those who kill the soul to throw it into Gehenna, to throw it in unbelief and into a state of not watchfulness and carelessness of soul». The same is today; the man should not be afraid of the communist man, but rather of the antichrist man, who took My little house and garment, and My path to the people.

Behold, sons, My path, which was leading the man to Me, became a human path, so that the people might know the path to those, who took My vineyard and house and table and garment and My path to the people, and the people do no longer know the path to the kingdom of God. No one teaches the people the way to the kingdom of God anymore. There is not another way to be crossed by foot and by walking of the body, for the kingdom of God is in man, and the man looks for it outside of him, as this is how the antichrist, who fights to keep his sons in slavery, taught him, and he fights to take the sons of My kingdom into slavery, who do not know from Me the place of My kingdom in man. No one can find the way to the kingdom of heavens, as it cannot be found on the earth. It is written: «The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool», and this is the kingdom and My rest. And what did I make the heaven and the earth for? Oh, sons, I made them for the man, so that I may be the God of the man, and for him to be a dwelling of My kingdom, to be a throne and a footstool to Me. But the antichrist man teaches his sons otherwise; he does not teach them as I teach, since his sons look otherwise for the kingdom of God, which is given as a gift and not on money. But today, the churches are ruled by those who stand against Me through the people of the antichrist, and they reached to a means of dishonest gain for the man of the antichrist. Salvation is not bought. It is from God, Who gives Himself to the people to save them and to make them His sons, and the Lord is not a king, who takes tribute from His sons. The buildings of the churches, which do not have Me in them, reached to be a goods store where Chris and His forgiveness and the services dedicated to Christ are sold, and in the place called the Holy of Holies, there where My Body and My word should live, the money slip in, the measure of Caesar, sons. Behold what it is on the earth.

Oh, little children of the holy faith, the communist man is not an enemy to Me as much as he is the antichrist man, and My church, My true church is the man of the holy faith, and many of them coming together into My name, as where they are I may also be, and I am with them, for the man of the holy faith is not swallowed (supported, accepted, r.n.) by the man of the worldly church, who stands against Me through this deeds and through his unbelief.


The antichrist will come up to heaven, as he says, and then to come down from heaven into My place and to tell every man that he is the Christ Who comes. The antichrist totally lost his mind. He looked into the Scriptures and says that he looked well and that he saw; he read in the prophets about My glory and about My coming and set himself to work. What did he do if he set himself to work? He did his own things and of his own mind; he made a glory like that of Mine, out of iron and lying, as he says, and this is how he created an immoral man out of the spirit of the man and out of the flesh of the man, and he clothed himself with the power of his lying and made the creature to create a glory like that of Mine, a body like that of Mine, as he says, a body which ascended into heaven and which comes down from heaven. He took the word of the angels of the heaven who said: «This Jesus, Who was received up from you into the sky will come back in the same way as you saw Him going into the sky». He took over this word and spun around it to fulfill it through a newborn man, an immoral man. Oh, poor of him! He lost his mind and forgot that he was a sinner and that cannot be God into My place. He took over the word of My prophets, but those were prophets, not sinners. He should have taken over Mine too, for I spoke over those that I put to preach My word with great power. He should have also taken over My word, which said that «the false christ will come before Me and will do sings in heaven and on earth and will deceive many, and then the Lord will destroy him by the power of His coming with glory and with thousands of angels on His coming». But I come before him and I let him know, him and his angels who serve him, that I will destroy him by the breath of My mouth, by My word, which blows over My garden, and from it over to him, and then I will come down as I ascended, and I will appear as the true God, and I will come coming from heaven as I ascended into heaven, served by angels, the bodiless angels in a visible glory, as My angel came visibly and covered Me when I ascended into heaven, taking Me away from the eyes of those who saw Me in the body, the incarnated God.

I had covered My glory as long as I stayed on the earth. I was true God of true God, but I had stayed among the people as a man and I had stayed without glory. From time to time I had appeared in power, as a God, doing the unnatural works of My invisible Father. From time to time I had appeared as the Son of the heavenly Father by the testimony of My Father, the One above Me and the One inside Me. I also had appeared again and again accompanied by the light of My angel, so that the angels may testify about Me, not I. My angel was coming and embracing Me in his light round about, and then he was hiding for My humbleness and his too. And then My angel came when My Father raised Me up into heaven, and My angel became a cloud and stood between Me and those who were looking at Me when My Father was taking Me up. My bodiless angel always covered Me when I was doing the work of My Father before the man, before Israel, the same as he stays today again between Me and those who receive My word, for it is My angel by whom I, the Lord, sound the seventh trumpet over the earth, as it is written into the Scriptures about the sound calling of the seventh angel for the opening of the book of the judgment.

I will come suddenly to you, children of My garden and I will speak with you about My angel. But now I want to tell the antichrist that he cannot turn into My angel and that I will come as I ascended with My angel. Amen, amen, amen. His angel is taken from his made spirit but he lost his mind and does not know what an angel is and does not know what Christ is but I tell him to know that. Amen. I tell him: I am a consuming fire which burns the antichrist. I am a doubleedged sharp sword which cuts to his bones the antichrist, who cannot do what I do. I am a covering cloud for the sons of heaven on earth, the same as you was. I am the Christ of the Father and he is a devil. I am the Judge and he is the judged one; he and all his servants who are his angels, the angels of the red antichrist, red all over, the same as he was born and lived by his sword, not from Me, for if he lived as I did, the antichrist would not become My adversary and the adversary of My blessed word before his birth.

The antichrist spoke My word of My coming from the Scriptures everywhere and he is looking into it and wants to fulfill it, but I come with My angel not with his angel, and here, I deliver his earthly word in Romanian and say: My prophets from the Scriptures, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah and all who discovered My glory and My coming by the word said: «The glory of the Lord», and did not say UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects, r.n.), as the antichrist wants to speak about the glory of My coming. He is waiting for Me on the Mount of Olives but I am waiting for him at the same place as well in order to consume him, for I am a consuming fire, and I will destroy him by My coming and by My angel. Amen.

Elijah, My prophet, was taken up to heaven in a fire horse-drawn chariot, not by UFOs. Ezekiel revealed My glory shown to him by Me, a living glory, a fire glory, a glory of flowing fire, fire wheels, bodiless angels, a vision of fire, no UFOs, and I standing in the middle of the fire, not in the middle of human creatures. I was walking, the sea on foot not by boat as the antichrist is going, he who talks taller than Me, for it is not hard to go by boat, but it is hard to walk on foot upon the water as I walked with My disciples.

I am walking bodily in the sky, attended by angels, not by plane, not by rocket, not by UFOs, as the antichrist does, for it is not difficult to go into the sky by plane or by UFOs; rather it is difficult to walk on foot in the clouds coming up and down and on the wings of the winds, as I and My saints are walking. But here, as the false man who fell down from heaven at My word delivered on earth by the holy one, and as that one who set himself as a god upon people, crashed himself falling down from heaven after ascending into it, the same way the nowadays lying will be consumed into the quenchless fire delivered by My word, for the antichrist will soon go up to heaven in order to come down on earth in My place to be king. And he will rise up to heaven only to fall down, for God is in heaven. But he does not believe it, poor of him, for he lost his mind before he was born, and fought against My faithful one even from the belly. (Jacob and Esau, r.n.)


The antichrist does not work against Me, for he cannot, because I am God in heaven and on earth. He works against him, and he dig his own abyss, for he is on the earth and he is feeble for himself and for every man, for he is in the darkness, as his light is falsehood, not light. Soon, soon, the light made by him will be put out by his own hand. When he will get up to come down from heaven, as he says that he will do, then My angel will take fire from the fire of My glory and will throw it down on the earth, and the light made by the hand of the antichrist man will catch fire. Then everything of the man’s work will come to an end, and the wisdom gathered by the man will be put out, and the man will say that he does not see it any longer and that he does no longer know it, as it was fabricated and it was not wisdom; a fabrication wiser than the man, more industrious than the man, for the haughty man made it.


The kings of the earth and the men of their church gave gifts, stars and medals to one another into the name of My grave from Bethlehem, as in the time of My crucifixion, and they do not know why they do this, and willy-nilly they fulfill the Scriptures which spoke in its time about this work. Here, at Bethlehem was fulfilled the Scriptures which says: «I saw a woman drunken with the blood of the saints and of the martyrs of Jesus. And on the waters that she sits upon there are peoples and nations and languages. And the ten horns and the beast will hate the prostitute and will turn her into a wilderness and naked, and they will eat her flesh, and burn her into the fire; as the Lord put into their hearts to do his will and to come to the same thought so as to give their kingdom to the beast until the words of God will be fulfilled. And the woman is the great city which has authority over the kings of the earth».

The kings of the earth met at Bethlehem and bowed down to the beast and to the woman sitting upon the beast, the woman who as authority over the kings of the earth, and she gave them gifts, stars and medals. But she is falling down by her fornication, and the saints are standing up and testify from heaven and earth about the holy truth and about My coming with the judgment; the judgment by the word. Amen, amen, amen.

What kind of work of brotherhood can the mixtures of the church with the world full of her lusts be? What kind of church work can this be? Oh, it is written in the Scriptures: «Friendship with world is enmity with God».


It is only through the cross that the man can be My follower, for I was not otherwise. The one, who does not stay through the cross before the people, is not My follower, but rather he is a thief and a robber, and he is the antichrist who comes before Me to do his own signs for those who are to receive their reward through this tool, through the work of the antichrist, who deceives by his coming every man who does not know to wait for Me, as I said that this waiting should be.


The antichrist was in the church then too and persecuted My church, and then he dressed in a holy garment; and he has done his work until today, for his human work has something to do with My work, with My church. For two thousand years since he has been hiding in the church, he has made for himself sons in the body to persecute those that are born in the spirit for Me; he has grown rich in glory on My church. Oh, little, very little was My church, and his church hardly gets in its house. The one who really followed Me was persecuted and lived in narrow circumstances. The man, who walked in My way, had no room in his church. The same is today too, for he is in no need of a holy man, for at the prayer of the holy man, the walls of disbelief, which hide in them the false man and the antichrist that has his life in the church, have always fallen down. Who becomes a shepherd needs to have money, and that one becomes a shepherd for ranks and for money. The true shepherd does not gather anything but sheep and takes care of them that they may breed sheep and give them to the shepherd, so that he may give them forward to Me.


There is a great need of peace on the earth and into the midst of My today’s people, and My peace with it is a great mystery, for the devil has put forth his strength against the work of My coming of word on the earth and he tries to put down to the earth those who are sitting at My table.


Behold, the convulsion of the beast in agony during My days with you, My today’s people! My whole heaven has been watching for My victory against it and for your victory for you are the faithful one and I sealed you with the seal for the faithful ones, but take great care of your faith, and I have always told you this, for outside is the time of the faith-denial, My people, and behold, the outside church has clothed in red completely and has made a covenant with the beast (With the communists and their successors to support Mircea Geoană to be president, the representative of the left politics Ė the communists’ successors, r.n.) and there is no longer a church on earth now, for it has been filled by its dead, because it gave its control over to the beast (In the time of the communist dictatorship, r.n.) and it did not watch when I called it from the throne of My word upon it for its awakening before the Lamb Who comes.


I will gather on earth under My protection the realm of My kingdom and I will sanctify it and I will strengthen it for the holy ones, for those who are obedient and humble and full of the spirit of repentance before Me, for the man of lawlessness is everywhere on earth, who deprives every man from his powers and dresses him in disobedience and all kinds of weaknesses, for the antichrist reigns everywhere and tries to bring under his control even those who are My elected, who did not want and do not want to stay under My protection, in My folds, and in which I hardly enclose the man to be able to protect him from the evil things on earth.


Satan, My adversary, has been standing for seven thousand years against man and has drawn the man to him, for he got upset with Me and with man after he lost his beauty and his place near Me with his service; after he wanted to be the first over everything and even higher than God, Who made the world, the visible and invisible things, and His angels as His servants and man’s between earth and heaven.


You should bring before Me and before the praying saints, for you, prayers for the releasing of the witchcraft and spells, for many traps have been coming out and worked again and again to prevent the progress of My work with you and to stop the river of My word into your midst from its course! Many have fallen in their fight against Me and against you, for they have thought to destroy My work through you so that it may no longer be done through you, but I cannot let the work of My word to stop from its course, for it is written that much fruit is to grow behind My trace with you on earth, and it is My walk, this walk that I am doing with you today, as it is written into the Scriptures to walk and to fulfill.

Oh, I have deep pains, because the lack of humility and disobedience of many caught them in the devil’s trap, which always pours out into the way of My people spells and witch-craft, for people do nothing else, and all put obstacles to each other by devilish intercessions, asking the devil to do his work to them, because the people are full of wickedness, and they take revenge against each other and ask the devil with his help for this, because I cannot do any harm, but rather I prepare, and keep preparing only forgiveness for man, and I do not work revenge, as the heart of the revengeful man and the devil’s servant does by this sin.


Oh, sons of men, do not cast out the Son of God from you, but rather take Him from heaven, from His coming as word over the earth, as I come to meet you so that you may not go astray not knowing how to meet the Lord and taking from you without being advised from above for this.

This is a great danger over the earth and on man. The men who seek after God do not know where to take from and to have the Lord after that. There have come out into the way of men many distorted customs to their greater temptation and to their wandering away from the Lord’s way with the man. I was into the midst of the people of Israel two thousand years ago, and I was speaking to those who were faithful and to those who were unfaithful and I was telling to the hypocrites who relied on Moses: «I don’t receive glory from men. Nevertheless, I know you that you don’t have God’s love in yourselves. …There is one who accuses you, even Moses, on whom you have set your hope. For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me. But if you don’t believe his writings, how will you believe My words?». (John: 5/40-47) And I also told them: «I have come into My Father’s name, and you don’t receive Me. If another comes into his own name, you will receive him». (John: 5/43)

Oh, many souls have received and will receive the antichrist, who comes into his name, who wants to wipe out My steps and My name on the earth and from the people, and that one comes into his name and he does not come into the name of My Father as I came and as I am coming today. Oh, this enemy is easy to recognize, for since then and up to this day I have been teaching the people and behold, even today I am telling all those who may not want to be deceived and I am telling them this: «By their fruits you will know them… A good tree can’t produce evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit». (Matt: 7/16, 18)

I have advised those who believe in My coming of today and I have told them not to receive the one they do not know; they do not have to receive him in My name, because the Lord does not work with the one He does not know to get into the man’s way and to lead him on the earth. In all the time I have revealed Myself from those who have been known as Mine to the saints and I have not worked with the one I have not known on their way, but I have used a known image and speaking when I have spoken and revealed Myself to the righteous ones, to those who have loved Me, and those who have received from the stranger, they have not found the Lord, for another has come into his name and they have received him, as I said that this would happen to those who would not have in themselves God’s love.

Oh, sons of men, open the Scriptures and you will see in them My teaching, which is God’s wisdom, for when I gave the little Samuel to grow under guidance and to raise him as My prophet and through him to guide the disobedient Israel, I spoke to the little Samuel in a language he knew and I called him from heaven and I did not come to him in a language foreign to him, and this is how I revealed Myself to the priest to whom little Samuel was entrusted to grow and to serve the Lord with his life afterwards, and the priest believed that the Lord was calling Samuel to speak to him and to those to whom he was sent with the word of God into God’s name and not into his own name, and Samuel was made known to Israel.

I have exhorted those who have with them My coming in the word in My name and I have told them not to receive into My name the one they did not know; they did not have to take the Lord or speak about the Lord with those they did not know. I have also taught them to receive advice only from Me for My work with them and to keep away from the danger from which cannot be protected those who walk without advice in an open field and without any protection from heaven upon their faith, for the teaching upon them.


Oh, sons of men, you cannot be guided anyhow if you want to be the sons of God and to receive this power to be His after that too. Oh, there have come into your way people whose thought and conduct you do not know and they want to teach and draw you to the Lord, as they say, but you do not know their thoughts, their pride of hypocrite Pharisees, and whom I do not send to you, but they come by themselves, and they come into their name and with their dough. Oh, do not receive these, do no longer receive them! Remember of those in the time of My body and then after My resurrection and My ascent to the Father, for they were divided among themselves and they were quarreling for their mind, and some believed in resurrection, and others did not believe, or some believed in angels and others did not. Oh, only the spirit of revelation is the spirit that works having been sent by God and is confirmed after that, and all the things from God stand because of their testimony; all are built by many witnesses and then are revealed working then to the salvation of many.

Oh, keep away from those whose thought, conduct and work you do not know. I am He Who knows the man’s thought and let man take from Me and not from man, for behold, I come into the man’s way and speak to him, and the Spirit of God is the Spirit of confession, and I said that you will know those that come into their names and you will know them after their fruit; this is what I said.

Oh, all the time instruction is needed as in heaven over the faithful, and they have to be good and eat from their table, for the time is with much lie through those who are the sons of lie, the sons of the antichrist, the king of this fleeting age. Oh, happy are those who remain in My word, which carries them to heaven, to the kingdom from above; and behold, I have spoken on this day and left instruction for a holy watch, for holy humility, lest the spirit wandering away from man may have the power to work upon man against God inside man.

Now, peace to you, My people who support Me for My today’s coming as watchful word over those on the earth, who receive Me into My Father’s name when I come! I do not work in an unknown manner by this word. My today’s coming stands well on its testimony and on witnesses and it has power, for I am this word, I am Who I am and I speak by this word into the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, in Whose name I speak over the earth, and My name is the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13)


Oh, sons, only the longing makes man able to know the Lord and then it makes him long for the one expected, to sing His coming and to sing the man’s love and longing after Him. At the time of the building up of Christ’s church, skilled builders were to be chosen to work with God at the building up of the body of the church, of the Lord’s flock, at the man’s new birth, and there were enough who came closer for the creation above. And when the twelve apostles saw this zeal for building, they appointed seven of those who were skilled in the Holy Scriptures of that time and gave them this authority, and there was Stephen full of longing, full of the fire of longing for Christ and full of love, for he knew the Scriptures and from them he knew the work of God with the fathers of the people of Israel, and he cared for the Holy Spirit Who was descending upon the everincreasing flock, which had to be taken care of with both those from above and with those from below, and this disciple was worthy.

However, how could the evil spirit endure this defeat, and how could the scribes, the Pharisees and Sadducees of the time, those filled with the vain glory to their teeth, submit? Oh, they immediately planned the loss of Stephen, and the Pharisees and Sadducees stood up with a concocted lie and paid some men to say that they heard Stephen blaspheming Moses and God so that they might accuse him of blaspheming in this way and then to condemn him to death penalty. However, coming before the Sanhedrin, Stephen confronted them all and so they could demand the stoning of Stephen.

Oh, behold the woven work of the lie, of the little and tiny people of the spirit of hatred! However, Stephen told them how he saw Christ on the right hand of God, the Father, and the heavens above open and looking down at the injustice done by the liars.

Oh, how much were working those selected from among the people who worked together with the Holy Spirit and who knew very well the Scriptures set by the Holy Spirit on earth! Oh, and how far from the spirit of the Scriptures were the rulers of the Sanhedrin at that time, sons, those who wove lies to clean the land of Israel from Christians, and their lack of wisdom put to death those full of longing after Christ, after the One Who appeared at that time in Israel, the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Oh, this is how the Sanhedrin has been working since then over time, for the disciples of the Holy Spirit died and die and have been given over to torments and death for My name, for their longing of the Lord, sons. Here, in the Romanian people many confessors of the wisdom from above, of My humility worked by them, have perished in prisons and because of hard work; they have been put to death without any mercy, (In the time of the dictatorship of the red communist beast, when some of those who received the confession of the men’s sins, continued to „denounce” to „the security of the regime” those they were shepherding, r.n.), while on the chairs, dearly adorned, sat and sit those of the Sanhedrin of every age, and the Holy Spirit has been sighing in those oppressed for My name.

Oh, sons, if I, the Lord, with all the heavenly suites, had not been with great protection over you and over the work of My word, oh, then for more than sixty years, the woven lie would have been trying to do everything possible to bring to destruction the way of My word over the earth, since I, the Lord, have been working from heaven and making My way to come and to leave My word, My exhortation and My commandments against evil and blessings as well for those from heaven on earth!

Oh, sons, I am very vigilant for My walk today. Be very careful to stay under My mantel, for whoever wants to stay under it is protected, sons, and those who do not want and do not stay, become My enemies and then they walk cunningly in My steps with you, and the devil inspires them with visions, dreams and evil things, for woe to those who do not allow themselves to be protected by God and who fall into the temptation of the evil spirit that tries to win them over as opposing workers!


Oh, sons, the kingdom of God with the people on earth is always put in danger by those who sin and have their lives without the fear in God among people, and they are a danger to those who love and honor God on earth, and here it is where come the dangers from and where they are brought forth from when they come! However, I protect in the midst of the sinful people those who stay under My help with their life and hope, and I want to make the sinful ones to correct their lives before the Lord, to have a good conduct, to holiness and not to remain on the side of the devil by their heavy sins and without peace in them and among them. For if this trial (Pandemic, r.n.) would have not been appeared, then all the places for the doing of their sins were full of the iniquities of those who love and seek the sins and the sinful pleasures, to which the Lord, together with those in heaven, are looking and sighing, as He did in the old time over Sodom and Gomorrah, cities that were sexually immoral, which incurred the cleansing fire from the sins over their land.

Oh, when I see such a lot of struggle for the enactment of the immorality on earth, I am overwhelmed with grief. The people without God in them try to bring, without knowing what they do by this action, fire and brimstone over the earth and over those who are far less sinful before God than those who work their immorality day and night face to face with the Lord, with the heavenly and angelic powers of the Lord’s glory, and by so doing pressing on ruination over people. However, I, the Lord, can I stand and do nothing to stop these people? Can I let Myself overthrown from the throne of the heavenly glory and let them act up in the name of their people, over which they are incurring wrath and curse? Oh, no, I cannot! And the prophet Elijah is coming and doing his work full of zeal for God, to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers, and the holy fathers to their followers, as it is written about the coming and the work of saint Elijah in the end of the time, for otherwise the curse is coming; it is coming for I cannot tolerate those who trample over God. And for My elect that are on earth, I am going to cut short these days and satanic works, as it is written, and I have to fulfill the Scriptures, written to be fulfilled, and I have much more work to do than those who keep on testing My power, which is eternally unshaken.


Oh, man enslaved by sin, how easy it would be for you to want to be guided by God on earth on the way of your life! Oh, how easy it would be for you, how happy you would feel because of that! Oh, behold, behold what happens to you if you let yourself led by the people with a hardened heart for God, who lie to you all the time and who fill you with fear, with despair, with sadness all the time! (Everything that has come especially after the corona virus pandemic, r.n.)

Oh, I have great mercy on all people, as all are guided by lie and by its work through the people, who are highly placed by the spirit that is foreign to God.

I am calling out to the people and I am telling them the word from heaven, the true word.

Oh, listen to Me, you men! I am speaking from heaven upon you. I am calling out to you and saying: everything is a lie on earth. Do no longer receive anything from on earth! Oh, do no longer seek to believe the news which are given to you, but have wisdom from God and for God instead, for God is at the helm of all things, and He knows all things, for all the people receive what they have worked for themselves, and God is proving Himself more and more, and everything is sorted out to the right and to the left, either for glory or for fire, and man will listen to God’s will on earth, willing or not, poor of him.

Oh, arise, you those with a weak spirit and fed by the spirit of falsehood, which is shared with you as plain truth! Oh, flee from the deceit, which is given to you by television, by the news, which makes your mind sick, your life and your good faith, and which fills you with disorder, with despair and with fear. Oh, do not stay without God, because it is hard without God on earth. It is destitute of power and grace the man who does not have God as light in him always, with which to see the spirit of lie, which swarms everywhere through the people who give over the people. Oh, do not sit at the table with them, do not sit before the television with them, and do not eat what they eat with their soul in them! I am calling out to you to hear Me that I am calling you out, and I do this so that you may eat from God, from the Spirit above, Who sees from above the whole work of the lie, for it will be completely brought into the light.


To those who are hardened in their heart I am telling as I told those who were hardened two thousand years ago, and I am telling them this: You do not want to receive Me, however, I have come in the name of My Father, and you give yourselves away that you do not have the love of God in you to love His glory, not the glory from the people, and if you do not have the love of God, behold, you give what you have; you give lies and with them you intoxicate all people with it, everyone. Oh, you do not receive Me because of the hardening of your hearts; still, if someone is coming in his name, you receive one like that. And I am also telling you this, as I told those two thousand years ago, who did not receive Me. Yes, you receive the one whom no one in heaven sends to come to you, but comes on his own and does on his own everything he does, and the one who puts over the people the work of those who want and try to rule the world on their own.

Oh, behold, even the shepherds of the church of the Romanian people are among them, for they have let themselves lied, bought, led by those who want now to take from their hands the work, the flock and My house. And if even now they do not wake up and do not unite for their life and for the life of their flock, they will remain with empty hands, and the antichrist man will put on airs in the churchly dwelling places, where the Christians will no longer have any place. However, the Lord is coming down on earth as word, and He will give to those who are with Him, and behold, He is giving them from His mouth and He is hurrying with the day of His glory, because it is written about the Lord’s faithful ones, that they will not be ashamed during the bad time, and in the days of hunger they will be satisfied because the Lord will take care of them when no one will be on earth to take care of them.


Oh, the blindness set over all the people is great. I want to come with the healing from blindness and that it may work over those with a humble spirit, and happy will be those who will let themselves be healed, for the antichrist man and his soldiers are on earth, all with a hidden face under a benefactor mask, but they are the cunning ones, and the Lord is coming to heal the blindness set over the people by satan’s lie, and woe, woe and woe again to the rules of the nations and to the rulers of the world, woe to those who have to do the work of the darkness of the world, and who want to throw God aside so that the antichrist work may reign on earth and to have a papal dominion over all the nations of the earth! (A sort of church with all the religions and beliefs taken together, including the Jewish one, each one „relatively independent”, under the leadership of the Pope from Rome, a Jewish pope, - see the prophesy about the last Pope, r.n.). Woe to the chiefs who have gathered together in one thought against God and against His church to take it over!

Oh, I am inviting them to sit in council with Me. Let these have their finger put on the pages of the Scriptures and let them read by light how the Lord will put them to shame, and they will not rise at the judgment of the righteous ones, and the wrath will come upon them and they will incur troubles, and it would be better for them to receive teaching and to tremble bowing and learning the way of life from Me. Oh, but how are they to learn from God?

Oh, keep your finger on the lines written in the Scriptures that announce this time, Mine and yours, you those who want to understand and learn from the Lord, and to see how are being fulfilled, line by line, all those that are prophesied to come, and that they are not dreams or lies, since they are fulfilled precisely.

Let all those who say that see open their eyes wide and all those who say that the Scripture is no longer in fashion and that there is a new fashion now, but let them also keep their finger on the Scripture, because it is written that all, all things, the heaven and the earth, all will pass except God’s words and their precise fulfillment, and there is no lie in the Scriptures, for God is true, and those who are God’s will overcome with Him, for they are sealed on their forehead with the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit forever and ever, and they will sing the song of the victors against satan and the beast, as it is written.

To those who are sealed with the name of God, I, the Lord, am giving them from heaven, I am teaching them from heaven and telling them this: Let you, those who are faithful to the Lord, those who do His will on earth, have your candle always burning with oil and prayer written in it, and soaked in it for the sealing with the sign of the holy cross on your forehead, on your hands, on your soles, and on all your joints and wrists, and fulfill everything in this way. Until the wrath (The corona virus pandemic and other plagues, r.n.) passes, enter and stand still, with the door closed behind you, for this is written for you to work now, it is written for you to come out of the world, sons, not to drink of its wine, of its wages, so that you may not fall into the antichrist’s trap, for those who will be caught and deceived with the sign of the antichrist, those will receive through the angels of wrath a painful abscess after that, because they worship the read best, drunken with the blood and always thirsty of blood.

You, those who dedicated your life and its works to the Lord, oh, sons, persevere more and more in holiness, in faith, in prayer with fire in it, and have hope. You have a great and eternal name on your forehead: the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and all the power of the antichrist becomes dust before this godly seal, when he may try to cross the border, for this was done once before against My work, against My today’s word, and God overcame for you, and you were kept from trials.

Satan flees, the antichrist flees from the power of this sign, he is afraid of My holiness in man, and that is why he wants to take the power on earth over the people too, and that is why he wants to set himself in the church to be believed that he is the messenger who saves the people from pains and troubles. However, I work with a threefold power and I am the Lamb of God, (John: 1/29) I am the One Who fights against the beast of the time, (Apoc: 19/19, 20) with the antichrist and with his people hidden under a veil; however, I will expose his hypocrisy and he will be overcome by those who make the sign of the holy cross all the time and those who fulfill all the holy and Christian ordinances will be victorious: fast and prayer, cleanness with respect to lusts, holy love between them and the Lord, humility, holy communion, Christ giving Himself to them and I am telling them this:

Be all gathered together in prayer, you, sons faithful to My word. Be united in one thought; this is how you should read with great godliness the book of Psalms. Read it through each one of you, and read the entire order of the Christian prayers from the Orthodox book called Horologion (Ceaslov in Romanian, r.n.). And then the Akathists to the saints, for the saints are gathered in groups around and to the benefit of the Christian saints on earth, and let holiness be multiplied all the more, let it be always, for the Lord always waits for your holiness so that He may overcome with you, sons.


We have always put holy power over the sons of My word and We given them from heaven, mother. The power of the antichrist man is growing weak, it always grows weak, be-cause I always tell him to leave My inheritance, for the Romanian country has been Christ’s church for more than two thousand years, as it was set from its very beginning, and as its truth has been kept through the time, and I will work through the church, as it is written for Me to work, for I have faithful sons after the order from the beginning, and I have and they will be, for the Holy Spirit the Comforter, is coming and breathing, and many will receive the Holy Spirit, and the pure hearts will multiply, and the longing in them will call for the Lord with His great work over the earth, oh, and there are many, mother, and more and more will wake up with their love and will help Me to work with My victory, for I have to find faith on earth and to be able to work through it, to be able to work through the faithful ones, mother.


I am coming down on this day into the book of My word with a gentle spirit and gentle word so that I may shepherd those who stay under My voice of Shepherd from heaven, because no one tends My flock on earth as I shepherd it and as I give it from heaven, and I become a book of holy word to have Me on the table those who have founded Me as word on earth, oh, and I am speaking with gentleness to teach them how to work with Me, those who are taking My word from My spring here, for I have My citadel on earth, here, and I have a throne of word in it and I shepherd from it, as the Father is sending Me to fulfill His word on earth, oh, and God does not stop from His work even for a moment, and He has always watched, and during this time much speaking is needed on earth, when the spirit of aatan thinks that is victorious and that it rules, because it works blindly in order to have full control and to have dominion everywhere.

Oh, but do not forget, satan, do not forget that God has been against you for seven thousand years, and He has overcome, not you, and you will receive your share written by God in the Scriptures through His servants overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, and you will be overcome by the Word of God, for this is written, and I, the Lord, will repair after you all that you have corrupted with your wickedness of satan, for you are the wickedness that hates God and men, and satan is the name of evil, it is the evil which has prompted man to obey evil, so that man may lose his good from God. However, I am coming and I have within My work the new birth of the world and everything will be again, and it will be new, and you will be finished and no longer be, for there will no longer be any evil, but only God’s goodness and His heavenly work, all His glory from the beginning and from the end of the time, and there will be only the new beginning, its joy and its heirs, who have overcome through the blood of the Lamb, as it is written.


I am looking with pain, I am looking at what it is on earth and at what the antichrist man does through his habits, with which he can do through those who do not love the Lord with their lives and are overcome by satan’s spirit, God’s enemy in man.

It’s Sunday. On Sundays one goes to church, not to the fair, not to walking, not to bed, not to earthly affairs, not to plowing, not to parties, but he rather goes to church, to prayer, for the repentance of his sins. Oh, but now where are you going any longer, you those who know yourselves as Christians through Jesus Christ’s church? Behold, the ministers of the church have forgotten the work, the power of faith and My word, which told the Christians that even if they drink poisonous drinks, they will not be harmed, for they have the faith, the cross, the baptism and the life of the Christian pleased to Me, and all these are God’s seal on those who are Mine among people, but the antichrist man does not like this, for he has prepared his seal, (Apoc: 13/16) which he likes, and even those who are with God on earth want it, but I am telling him this: “Put it on those who are yours, for if you do not listen to God you will lose yours too, those who do not know how great God’s power is!”.

The Christians are coming to ask what to do and how to keep away from those brought by the time, (From the corona virus pandemic, r.n.), and I, the Lord, am telling them what is written in the Scriptures to do now so that they may remain Mine, protected from those who walk on the way to steal from Me those who strive for the life under the cross, under the seal of the man’s salvation.

Oh, one goes to church on Sundays, but behold, the places of prayer and brotherly assemblies have locks on them, and the priests listen to the spirit of disorder, for they are afraid of people and let themselves bought without any price, and they forget, poor of them, that the Lord’s people was protected in Egypt when the angel of death was walking only at those who were God and of His people’s adversaries, and the Lord’s people was under the seal of the lamb’s blood, put on the doorposts and on the lintel, and the evil angel did not come closer to this protecting sign. And behold, the priests of the church are not on God’s side and have their churches empty, for this is what satan likes, who wants to weaken My flock, the Orthodox flock, which he is very much against because it is Mine, it is My invincible way, the way of the cross, and the cross is the sign, under which the sons of God take refuge, for this sign has great power when the Christian places it beautifully with his right hand on his body, declaring God’s name and then the Amen: in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and then Amen, the Father on the forehead, the Son on the chest, and the Holy Spirit on the shoulders, on the left and on the right, and then again Amen to this seal, and behold the protection, the protective seal against satan, who walks with his seal on the way!

you passionately against God’s will, Who has told the man: “Man, love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your virtue,” and this is what man has to work on earth, not satan’s will, oh, for I want to overcome satan, I want to turn the man back to his home, for man is My creature, the work of My hands over whom I breathed then and gave him spirit of life, and I wanted him to be My rest, My day of rest and My love in him, and this is what I want the man to be, and he will be, for satan will no longer be, and there will be God and man and the Lord’s will with the man. Amen.


Oh, well satan, well, for two thousand years you have been struggling, you keep on wriggling around the body of My church, and I, the Lord, am getting ready to defeat you and to bring you to shame, even if I do not have now any help from the Christians and from their rulers, for behold, My Romania, the country of My second coming from the Father as word on earth, has in the divan from above some from among those who do not love the Lord because they love their greatness and are not God’s confessors, as the old Christian princes of this people were. For behold the prince of Romanians, the confessor with his entire house for faith and for the cross, the prince Br‚ncoveanu, the martyr surrounded by his children who had been martyred in front of his eyes by the pagans because of their faith in Jesus Christ, in the cross, in the work of the fathers’ church and in all the holy truth.

Behold such a beautiful Christian in front of the country, a prince with Christ in his soul and deed for his people, the Romanian people, a true ruler and faithful to his people, a chief who laid his life for the country and for the people, and who did not deny this high honor of martyr for the protection of his church and people!

Oh, and here is what are doing those of today, who are sitting on the divan of the country, for they are selling the country with its entire people to the foreigners! However, in spite of all these pains, I am getting ready to put you to shame and to defeat you, satan, who want to throw down My vine and its surrounding hedge, and I will do this to you because it is written in the Scriptures that the Christ, the Lamb of God, will overcome you, that He will overcome all those who stand against God, all the antichrists, great or small, that He will proclaim in a loud voice that God is and that they are the rebellious ones, and that it will be as then when the Romanian prince, Mircea, told the enemy, who was asking him to bow before him and submit his country; he told him that he was an enemy and that he would be defeated, and it was so, for these princes had the cross and had the victory through it.

Oh, there are still great souls in the Romanian people; there are still some, and I will wake them up to watching and to the praying with power in it, and you will surely be defeated, satan, and you will be brought to shame by the Lamb of God, by Jesus Christ, of Whose name you are afraid, and about which you do no longer want to hear on earth, but what shall I do to you? This is your destiny: to be defeated by Christ, by the One Whom you cannot overcome, oh, and you will be overcome by the steadfast Christians as well, by those with the cross on their chest, by the power of the cross, which fights for them against you. Did you hear? Oh, and you will keep hearing the One Who has victory against you, satan, and do not forget that My today’s country, to which I am coming as word now, is the country in which you lose, because this is written to be, and that is why, go away, go into places without God, go and wait for Me there to give you what you have worked! Did you hear? Go away, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is telling you! Amen.


Oh, but what a match on this day, sons! I have with Me the beloved disciples, John.


We have remained at the gates with a great longing to come to you with the Lord of love, with the Bridegroom of the heavenly love. And now, I am telling you to ask from the Lord the wisdom of the saints and of the revealing of the miracles of the last Scriptures, lest you may lose the holy watch for those that are and are coming now over the people on earth. Oh, seek after the wisdom for the present days more than anything you may want to know, for the satanic time works stealthily to catch under the seal of the separation from God even those who have God’s word as watch upon them during this time filled on all sides with the spirit of satan, well-dressed within a spirit of well-doing, (With a first attempt, through the "free passport" of those vaccinated, the seal of vaccination, - see Apoc: 13/16, 17, r.n.) but with evil power over theearth, and the sons of men do not know this and many go willingly to be sealed with the seal of the eternal perdition, with which satan is walking now on earth to put on as many as possible and to have them on his name and under his watch.

However, the Lord is telling those who believe in Him and in His love for them by this river of word, and the unfaithful are receiving their reward; the reward of disbelief is coming closer to them, satan with his needle in their flesh, after for such a long time he has been looking for this occasion to mark those who do his will so that he may not lose them, oh, and he is not content only with that, as he also wants to stretch his black robe over those who do not do his will either.

Oh, let all who choose to be on the side of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Victor of the apocalyptic beast, let them all withdraw from satan’s way! Amen.

You, beloved of the Lord, you, who love the Lord, hear my calling to you: come out from the world, beloved ones, come out, Christ’s children! (1 Corinthians: 5/10) Come out and overcome with the Lord, by overcoming the world as He did for the men’s sons, behold, they let themselves be caught willingly and they are afraid! Oh, flee from the way of satan with his today’ name, the antichrist, which has been struggling for two thousand years to snatch Christ’s victory, after the Lord defeated him on the cross and He judged the guilty one forever and ever and completely overcame him, as it is written. Now, you should also overcome him, Christ’s children, and you should come closer to the Lord, and let His cross be the seal over your body and hearts, against satan’s seal, who has now found this occasion with which to deceive the whole nations of the earth, and he would also give a try to blacken even the Lord’s elected, with his black seal, set upon those who stagger and do not know to stop their looks and see God and satan well and only after that to choose.

Therefore, as many as of you have been baptized, remain clothed within Christ, and remain with the seal of the baptism left through the fathers from the Lord for the sons of His church! Oh, and again, tell to as many as possible that satan is walking with the seal of death and the Lord is walking with the seal of the living God, and man has to choose. Amen.


And you, enemy, antichrist man, you and all your servants, be all afraid of the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man! The Lord is coming with the heavenly army and it sounding the trumpets with great noise so that you may fall at the sound of the trumpets and fear, tremble and blind-ness may catch you, for the kingdom of the heavens is coming, not you; the Lord is coming and He is coming with His armies from above, with those clothed in white as it is written, and those in the dark will be brought out into the light with their black work against Christ, for Christ is coming with what is written for Him to come and He comes!

And here I am in battle against you, antichrist enemy, old enemy in all kinds of new and old evils of two thousand years, and woe to you, for now you are meeting the One Who was resurrected destroying death for all those who love My resurrection and the life of the age to come, and when enemies will no longer be!

Oh, let yourself be defeated, satan, black in your work and spirit! I will bring into the light all of your deceitfulness, your entire lie. I will destroy every evil thing you have planned, I will crush your whole work, as for two thousand years you have been fighting in vain, for I always was and always am your victor as then on the cross, when you least expected it to see that at that time.

Oh, may it be blessed the Christian people all over the earth! Moreover, may you and your servants be cursed! Have you heard, satan? Let all the earth and every man on it hear, and let you and yours hear it as well, for the Lord is declaring now over the unfaithful: Anathema!


We are resting now from the hard work of the preparation of the Feast of Pentecost, We and you, for We have been at work as well; We those from heaven, as We took and take care so that you may be able to do, to have power, help and joy in your work, hope and all the support from the sides for such a great and beautiful preparation from you for the guests of the heaven with you, sons in the citadel, oh, for you have little brothers and sisters who have come near you under My cross with you and they become one with you in hard times, and then to the joy that comes after that.

Moreover, behold, sons, all the hearts of those coming at the table have been seized with the holy thrill of the day of feast, and they have been looking at you insatiably, as those coming from heaven as well. And even if you have been few in number and those with you in the fulfilling of My will like you, everything has been only love, only holy joy, especially for those coming at the feast from heaven.

Oh, but there has been, sons, it has been a great groan in satan’s kingdom, dear sons. Satan is afraid, and all who are his are afraid of the trumpet sound, of the spirit of the holy joys. The whole hell has groaned, just as a dragon would groan when its enemies would play on his chest.

Oh, it was a day of terror for satan, sons. We always have work to frighten him completely, for I am the Lamb of the Father and I have the duty to the Father to overcome satan, the antichrist, the false prophet, the dragon, and others who is to be defeated among the enemies of eternity with God of those who are worthy of it between heaven and earth, sons.

Now we are resting for a moment, but we do not let down our weapons, we do not let satan take his head out from under the feet of the victors of the beast with many heads. We are coming together with you at prayer on the day after the Pentecost, and we are praying to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we are rejoicing the Most Holy One and of one being and life of the maker of Trinity, Whose remembrance we are celebrating today, of the three holy God, your God, the God of the Christians with their whole life, with Me, wholly, sons.


Oh, well satan well, you cannot overcome the King God. Oh, it is not as with the king, whose pillow the thieves stole from his seat by releasing a flea to sting him so that he might jump up from his chair. Oh, it is not so with God. In vain you keep dreaming of the throne of all greatness. You do not deserve this, the one who are against God and against His flock, because you deserve only fire, which you prepare for yourselves, and you do not know to do something else but only want the throne of shame to build it higher and higher, which will throw you down for eternity, for this is written in the Scriptures against the one who fights against God. Therefore, willing or not, you are submitted to God and to His Will Who is defeating you in your fight against Him, and behold, you have already been defeated, you are judged by your own evil work.


Oh, who else knows, who else would like to know that God reigns everything between heaven and earth, and that are not the people who do this? People are against God with all the inclinations of their nature and of their desires without God and they do nothing else. How-ever, I watch at the helm to keep the heaven and the earth so that God’s plan may remain above, the work that I make with those in heaven and especially the holy watch against the folly of those without God, oh, for the man’s separation from God is too much and too great, and satan’s spirit, the work of the antichrist man struggles with all his might to control the people every way possible so that he may have people to work through; however, it is to be known from heaven and down to earth that the great victory belongs to God, to the Son of God Who came on earth against satan to take the man out of destruction as it is written, and that is why I, the Lord, come on earth as word and the word once spoken and written, has power, for God is the Word, oh, sons.


And behold, John the Baptist, hears the greatness of My word on his day of the celebration of the entry among the saints and receives advice to sit down near Me as word and to speak at today’s table about My rest lost by the man without the love of God in paradise, and I, the Lord, am blessing his speech today.

— Oh, Lord and Little Lamb, the work of Your word with Your today’s people is Your victory at the end of the time, it is the battle of the Lamb against the wounded beast that howls and stirs its young to fight against You, but the end of the battle is coming, not like that of two thousand years ago, and it comes glorified as at the end, oh, Lord, for the antichrist forgets that You are the Word from the beginning, when God was the Word and when the Word was with God and all things were made through Him.

Antichrist wanted to make a man on earth without sin, as he said, and he wanted and still wants to make a woman out of man and he has tried to struggle every way possible to do what only God did, but his blindness is huge and as long as seven thousand years and by his haughtiness he keeps on struggling to take his place in man, but he will be brought to shame through all the witnesses in heaven, who prevailed against him on earth and then through those on earth, who will stand firm until the end for Your glory with them, may it be only the sufferance for You, oh, Lord, victorious through the cross, and not without the cross, because without the cross there is no victory.


Oh, on earth My adversary of two thousand years ago has been unfolding his work, and now, at the end of the battle, he is deploying his forces fully all over the earth in order to bring many down on his side, and if possible to bring down those chosen to be on the right side for faith, especially in the Romanian country, My Christian land as long as two thousand years to which, behold, I come with the river of My word and I share Myself with it to the margins, and I protect with heavenly powers the way of My coming and I put to shame by the word those who have been hiding under the skin of good sheep, who have spread relentlessly all kinds of heresies, striking the Christ’s church, the saints, the cross, My word, the Lamb of God, the word of the Father over the earth, and which wages the war in the end of the time, the battle of the Lamb with the beast that tears down; however, I will come out victoriously, for this is written.


Antichrist’s people are blind, they are without the book from above, they do not see and do not want to see anything else but their hatred against the Lamb of God, and these will suffer like those two thousand years ago, who opposed the coming of Christ and then they came to weeping and shameful reproach, oh, and so will happen to all who do like those people by their own accord, and it cannot be said to them: Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing! Oh, it cannot be said so, for these do not want to know as much is to be known and knowable, and they want simply and solely what it has remained in the Scripture since then. Oh, but those under My grace do not allow themselves to be uprooted and they stand with faith in the root, for their faith is their help and salvation, as it is written.


Behold the work of the antichrist; he has much to do with the cross, with the icons of the saints, with the mystery of the church, with everything that hinders his victory, but I, the Lord, powerfully protect the way of My coming as word over the earth, as much as the hidden work of the antichrist man may want to strike the land of My coming and My mysteries with it, but the more he hides from being seen and caught, the more his power is brought down, for My today’s country and My Romanian people from this land, this means the place where I, the Lord, work with the whole heaven in order to put to flight, to completely destroy the plan of the antichrist man, the one hidden under the mask of good, but this country is not in his hands, because here, I, the Lord, have much work against him to throw him down, for I am the Lamb Who overcomes the beast, as it is written.

However, you, who want to overthrow the unshakable things and go out to hunt the sheep that are not yours and to draw the flock with your voice of wolf, you had better kneel down before the cross and seek to ask with tears the forgiveness of your sins that you committed and keep on committing willingly, oh, and you still want to pretend that you know what you are talking about. However, how do you know that you know what you say and that it is as you say? You pretend that are smart, smarter than the saints who suffered in their lives under the cross and reached the heaven on the way I walked, on the way of the cross, and behold, the prayers of the saints are before Me in full cups, as it is written, (Apoc: 5/8; 8/3, 4) but you read as you like, not as it should be read; you read and pretend that you are smart and tell others what you have to say, but actually you are the thief coming out on the high road after the venison, well-dressed, according to the fashion of the world, and want to strike the weak sheep to hobble and then to pull them from the way of the cross, left by the fathers, oh, and you lie to them and you buy and sell them as well, because you are a seller, you are a traitor, you are an executioner, you are the wolf that attacks the sheepfold, this is what you are: a deceiver by trade, an informer, foreign to the truth, and God knows you, sees you, measures you and you will receive from Him the reward according to your works, as it is written.


I am looking over the earth. Man can no longer help man against satan, who brings forth fear everywhere. This prince of the land darkened by the spirit of unbelief and lack of fear from God, behold, again and again rises against Me, but I am God’s Son and I have descended on earth not that satan may overcome but I, and also to bring to the Father the victory for which He has sent Me, for I have come to overcome satan as I did two thousand years ago, and I will defeat him again, even more severe now when he has been striking from everywhere in the Christian flock; he strikes because of fear for he is fearful and he strengthens his servants to fight and deceives and draws them on to his side, and all his servants will soon see, even those who have gathered together to battle against God will soon see that God cannot be overcome, and that satan overcomes man to his side, but the time is coming for this enemy to stand face to face with My holy power and to take his reward because of the seven thousand years of hatred against God and against those who love God on earth, and for whom satan prepares enemies through his servants he has deceived to fight against God, through people that forget how much confessed I was and am by the power which I have shown all the times for the godly truth that has always put satan to shame; however, the fight is written to be, and that is why God’s son must stand up to fight with fast and prayer against satan and his angels with or without body, for the time is coming for the full victory of God’s Lamb to appear, and, therefore, up the holy weapons, Christian people, Orthodox people from all over, for you keep the fathers’ traditions for the life of Christ’s church, but if you do not watch with fast and prayer in hard times, oh, satan cannot be overcome.

I have always called out over the earth; I have called out over the Christian flock to leave sin and all its works, for sin brings about persecutions and then it brings storms as well. I am looking together with the Father at the fight against God, not against His church, for satan has always something to do with God, and that is why he seeks to turn even the Christian against God’s will and to make him used to it. Oh, no! I am standing up with the saints to fight, with the army of the heaven, with that from above, for I suffer from such a great persecution that satan and his servants do to Me!


Oh, no one asks in prayer for help and victory against the antichrist, My enemy and men’s. There is no churchly prayer to ask from God for the undressing of the antichrist enemy and for the overthrow of the enemies of My church, of God’s children on earth, and behold the antichrist hidden under the garment of the church and with the name of the shepherd of the Christian flock, while he kills God’s Spirit in the people, for people sin and have no shepherd to advise them to their life with God.


Satan does not like that God works on earth and, therefore, he sneaks through his people and overturns the order left through the fathers, for the earthly power of all works is in the hand of man and he is proud face to face with God, as he was in paradise when he overthrew God’s will for his will, and behold, man does not listen to God, and God does not listen to him either, but it leaves him do to his will because I teach him and he does not listen, and this is written in the Scriptures when the Lord says: «Listen My people and I will testify to you; but My people would not hearken to My voice; and Israel would not obey Me. So, I gave them up to their own hearts lust; and they walked in their counsels». (Ps: 81- 81 MT = 80 LXX - /8, 11, 12)