The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s circumcision in the flesh and the feast of the saint hierarch, Basil the Great

I am coming down as word into the book, and My book of today is called the Word of God, as each book bears the name of the one who makes it. My book of today bears My name on it, and I bear its name too, and it is My testimony from the end of the time, that is My word of today, and I have much work of word in it, a lot of word, and in it there is life, and life is the light of the people, the light which shines in the darkness, and which is not overcome by the darkness. Amen.

After eight days had elapsed from My birth on earth, I was taken for My circumcision in the flesh and I received the name of Jesus, a name spoken over Me by My mother Virgin, as I was named by the angel before her, before I was conceived in her womb. I am coming down into the book with a feast of word, and My word is loved only by those who grow by it, after the birth from above was conceived in them by My word, their new birth, a miracle conceived by faith in the inner man and proved by faith and then seen as the work in the outside man, who testifies about himself confessing the Lord in him and with him, and the miracle of the new birth is great, a mystery that does no longer die in man if it is conceived in man.

I am embracing you within the word of holy feast, My people. I am speaking to you, for My work given from the Father is the word, son. Oh, I thank you with humility, well son, for you are helping Me by your faith to fulfill now the Scriptures of My coming from the Father to man, with My new name fulfilled upon you, as it is written into the Scriptures for My second coming, followed by armies of saints, to call My name the Word of God. (Apoc. 19/13) Oh, I thank you that you are helping Me with your faith, and you should also thank Me forever that I help you, on My turn, with My love for you, with My care, with My mercy, with the forgiveness of your wrong doings, with My comfort in your pains, and you should not forget to tell Me, in the gentleness of your heart, the word spoken to Me, as the king David was speaking with Me according to the multitude of the pains of his heart and he was saying: «When bitterness is multiplied in my heart, Your comforts sweeten my soul, and when my foot is shaken, then You show me Your mercy, Lord».

This great word of Mine, which gives birth to sons for God, if it is not always read, then the one who is born of it dies again, as it is the guide of life of the one who is born of it. Oh, you should read it a great deal, My people, for in it there is life and it is the light, which shines in the darkness, and it shines in everything that tests your life on earth to put it down. Herod also tried to know from the Scriptures the word about My birth, but he sought after that only to come into a battle against God and to destroy Me from the earth, and thus Herod killed in his madness fourteen thousand babies in order to get Me in it as well, the eternal One; however, the Father protected Me. Oh, this is how I also protected you, children from the end of the time, when the unfaithful ones sought after your life twenty years ago, (At the revolution in 1989, when the Security of the Communist Regime followed them, r.n.), but I protected you by a strong hand and I covered you under My mantle, and then many perished in exchange of your life (The victims of the revolution, r.n.), when the Herods of the time set about to kill you, and they finally killed their people instead. Oh, but when you are shot at from the inside of the walls, oh, how great army I have to set to watch and work between you and the blows against you, so that you may remain!

Oh, be faithful, be strong in your faith and ask with faith for the fulfillment of the Scriptures! The fasting (On Monday, Wednesday and Friday without oil, r.n.) and the prayer, these you have to work for the last fulfillments, and I can do everything by these, into My name worked by you, only for you to be full of love, full of peace, full of loving kindness, full of propriety and not mentioning any evil; you should be like God, sons, forgiving all those that arise against you, forgiving them like God, because today we have at My feast, we have the celebrated Basil, who was great in his faith, in his deed and through whom I have showed My mercy for those who have repented in sufferance from their sins, and I have showed the power of forgiveness and also the power of faith and repentance, well sons, because in the time of this great servant before Me, great in his heart and perseverance, I showed a great sign, and proven to everyone then, because a woman full of sins, coming to the sense of repentance by My grace, wrote down on a sheet of paper both her small and big sins, and she went with the sheet of paper to the bishop Basil, asking him to intercede with Me for the canceling of her sins from before Me, and a great sign appeared, because My bishop prayed, and while he was opening that sheet of paper, written with the sins of the woman, all her sins were wiped out, almost all of them, but his great humility sent her then to another priest from the heart of the wilderness, and this one, as humble as Basil, said to the woman: „Go woman, for I am a healthy man, and have Basil pray for the wiping out of your sin”. And then, those who were carrying Basil to lay his breathless body to its place, which went to rest, opened the sheet of paper and there was nothing written on the paper, and the sheet of paper was cleared of sins, and also was the woman, who cleansed her life by repentance and thus escaped from her past, which oppressed her inside of her and before Me.

Oh, sons, forgive and you will be forgiven! Always forgive, as I tell you to work on this day of the great saint, remembered among the holy servants among those in heaven, Basil, the great. Get together in one crushed spirit for prayer and ask forgiveness from Me for those who go wrong, for them and for you, and rebuke the devil, as the bishop Basil did, and let it to be worked on earth! You should bring before Me and before the praying saints, for you, prayers for the releasing of the witchcraft and spells, for many traps have been coming out and worked again and again to prevent the progress of My work with you and to stop the river of My word into your midst from its course! Many have fallen in their fight against Me and against you, for they have thought to destroy My work through you so that it may no longer be done through you, but I cannot let the work of My word to stop from its course, for it is written that much fruit is to grow behind My trace with you on earth, and it is My walk, this walk that I am doing with you today, as it is written into the Scriptures to walk and to fulfill.

Oh, I have deep pains, because the lack of humility and disobedience of many caught them in the devil’s trap, which always pours out into the way of My people spells and witch-craft, for people do nothing else, and all put obstacles to each other by devilish intercessions, asking the devil to do his work to them, because the people are full of wickedness, and they take revenge against each other and ask the devil with his help for this, because I cannot do any harm, but rather I prepare, and keep preparing only forgiveness for man, and I do not work revenge, as the heart of the revengeful man and the devil’s servant does by this sin.

Oh, My people, I bear My mourning with you and with those who take care of you on the earth on My behalf. Stand up, son, stand up and be great for the work of repentance, for I, the Lord, give you this grace and I always help you in all My pains with you and yours with Mine, only that you may not have your pains, but rather that you may have only those pains from My way with you, as behold, those who get hold of their pains, of dissatisfactions and then of revenge, get lost on My way with you, well sons, for it is bad of the man who throws away My grace and mercy for him! You should work the fasting and praying and the humble spirit as the saints worked them, and then ask Me to give your salvation by prayer, and I will give it to you and I will give for My way with you, My people, I will give you so that you may have, in order to be able to work for Me, as I can work through you, but you should also work much humility for you and then your prayer will have full effect before Me. Amen.

— I come into the midst of Your people with You in the word, in my day of feast, Lord Word, and I remind it that I passed with my soul to You when the woman, guilty of sin, was coming again to me to intercede with You again for her forgiveness, and I, in my way to You and to the saints, asked You, because of her crying, everything that was still left on the sheet of paper of her sins, and to Your glory, You showed a great sign, because everything was wiped off on the sheet of paper, and this was shown to everyone and thus it was confessed like that afterwards. I am speaking a big word to Your people and I am telling it to intercede with You by the saints for the work of their forgiveness from God with respect to all those who may go wrong, for it has saints in heaven coming out from its midst, among the saints, and they knew the pain of life and the pain of their trials on their way with You on this word, in which they believed and persevered on earth, and today they are standing before You in heaven for Your people of today and for Your work with it.

Oh, people full of gifts from the Lord, seek to be useful, son, and to keep your mind in great humility, for this is how the Lord can do great miracles. The Lord has got much pain because of the lack of spirit from those who shot and are shooting from the midst into His difficult walk of today. Oh, ask Him through the saints for the release of the bonds from upon those who caused and still cause pains, and ask Him with tears of humility, son!

Speak out prayers with power of spirit, you, servants at the altars into the midst of the Lord’s people and ask for the destruction of satan’s work, for he does his entire work over those who grow less in their faith and takes control over them so that he may not lose them, so that he may do them every evil possible and to keep them like that. Oh, ask for the forgiveness of the sins over all and for the breaking off of satan’s bonds from those who have fallen under these bonds! Do not forget about the holy water for your comings in and out! Do not forget about fasting and praying, these without sin beside them, for even those who have fallen to the sides do these things, however, they mix them with the sin of the hatred of brothers and revenge, with the sin of slandering and anger, with the sin of doubt in their faith, and the days of fasting and praying stand against them, for they do not have the humility of their heart, and if they had it only in their work, then they would get away with the devil’s traps and then they would see that all the Lord’s words were and are true, only that they may open their eyes to see and to understand. And I would also tell them, and I would tell them from among the saints, I would tell them as Lord, that revenge strikes back with its evil work, because this is its course, and I would tell them to use humility of spirit and repentance for sins instead, because it is hard without these on earth, and the life of the one, without a humble spirit in him for his salvation by this spirit, is in great danger.

The Lord has got word of sufferance to tell, and He finds pain within the gates, but He gives strength in order that He may be able to speak, and I am blessing as a bishop from the Lord the praised course of His work with you and you, those who walk, because you are not supposed to wait for this walking, and let us ask the Lord for powers for His today’s walking, and let us always ask Him, oh, sons. Amen.

— Oh, My power by those who are faithful is fasting and praying, My beloved holy people, and I have always taught them My heart in them, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and in this way these weapons of My victory, with them and through them, have power. Amen.

May your fasting and your praying be without sin, sons! I, the Lord, teach you the power of these weapons against the devil that is hostile to Me and to you. Those who have fasted and prayed, having sins in their nature and in their heart with which they feed the devil: slander, bad talk, anger, revenge, judgment, lie, denigration, the mention of evil, oh, they hurt themselves even worse, for the devil has caught power upon them by these sins while they were fasting and praying. All, let all those who have worked like that, go and repent so that the work of the devil may be destroyed upon them! And I have to write into the book an epistle of awakening, and I am strengthening Myself within the gate to be able to work, and to be able to work by those who are stricken, for this is My ordaining for the work of My word in the time of nowadays, when the devil is angry with Me and when I try to tear down its hidden work, and I work by a written word, in which is life, much life and the life is the light of the people, the light which shines in the darkness, and it is not overcome by the darkness. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, sons in the gates, receive power in you from My power, for now we have to put into the book an epistle of awakening, My hand stretched with mercy towards those who are wounded by the devil, and who have lost the spirit of humility and repentance, sons, and then the devil has been able to do this by his work in them and upon them. We have been working in mystery. We have been working with pain and mystery, sons. Amen.