The Word of God on the Feast of the Lord’s Circumcision. The feast of the Saint Hierarch Basil the Great

My word is the light that comes from heaven and searches, works and brings news over the earth so that the people of the earth may pay attention, both those that believe and those that do not believe that God is and that the Lord watches from above and works from everlasting to everlasting as the Creator of all visible and invisible things of God’s creation.

And behold, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God is coming and searching over the earth and is setting down into its book of today and then it is going from margins to margins in order to be fulfilled, so that God, the Creator of the heaven and earth, may fulfill it.

For seven thousand years man has allowed himself to be seized by the spirit of haughtiness, the spirit which casts God aside, satan’s spirit, which even from the beginning has been interfering through man in the work of God, the Creator, so that man may not listen to God, and since then he has allowed himself to be carried away from God’s Spirit and taken to the delight that covers the enmity which satan’s spirit bears to man so that he may make war against God, the man’s Creator, and so it has been for seven thousand years on the earth of men.

I am Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the Word of the Father God, and I work over the earth from the heavenly heights, watching from above and then I come near and speak. I have put on earth the book in which My word is placed and then I put it on the way over the earth. It is the last time and it is written in the Scriptures for Me to come with the saints and make Myself God’s Word, (Apoc: 19/13), My new name, and I have armies from heaven in My descent full of the glory of the heavenly and angelic hosts, who serve Me.

It is a day of royal feast for Me through the church and I am coming with the saints above the citadel of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people, and I am leaving word in My today’s book over the earth to be set on the way because I said: My Word is the light that comes from heaven and searches and brings news on earth so that the nations of the earth may pay attention to it.

I am clothed in the garment of mercy as I did two thousand years ago when I let Myself crucified on the cross for the man’s life. I have always been hurt by the man’s departure from God; I have suffered from man’s haughtiness and I have also suffered from the pain that man causes to Me. Man is also in pain on earth but his departure from God’s will brings him nothing but pains over pains. I would like to comfort him in his pains but he does not know much about Me and he calls Me only when he is in pain; only then he remembers Me to seek after Me, to ask for My help. Satan has dominion over the earth through his servants full of the spirit of haughtiness and through which he works the love of sin, the man’s alienation from God by sin, oh, and there is no longer any little path that may not be watched by satan for man to walk on it and to seek God.

I am looking over the earth. Man can no longer help man against satan, who brings forth fear everywhere. This prince of the land darkened by the spirit of unbelief and lack of fear from God, behold, again and again rises against Me, but I am God’s Son and I have descended on earth not that satan may overcome but I, and also to bring to the Father the victory for which He has sent Me, for I have come to overcome satan as I did two thousand years ago, and I will defeat him again, even more severe now when he has been striking from everywhere in the Christian flock; he strikes because of fear for he is fearful and he strengthens his servants to fight and deceives and draws them on to his side, and all his servants will soon see, even those who have gathered together to battle against God will soon see that God cannot be overcome, and that satan overcomes man to his side, but the time is coming for this enemy to stand face to face with My holy power and to take his reward because of the seven thousand years of hatred against God and against those who love God on earth, and for whom satan prepares enemies through his servants he has deceived to fight against God, through people that forget how much confessed I was and am by the power which I have shown all the times for the godly truth that has always put satan to shame; however, the fight is written to be, and that is why God’s son must stand up to fight with fast and prayer against satan and his angels with or without body, for the time is coming for the full victory of God’s Lamb to appear, and, therefore, up the holy weapons, Christian people, Orthodox people from all over, for you keep the fathers’ traditions for the life of Christ’s church, but if you do not watch with fast and prayer in hard times, oh, satan cannot be overcome.

I have always called out over the earth; I have called out over the Christian flock to leave sin and all its works, for sin brings about persecutions and then it brings storms as well. I am looking together with the Father at the fight against God, not against His church, for satan has always something to do with God, and that is why he seeks to turn even the Christian against God’s will and to make him used to it. Oh, no! I am standing up with the saints to fight, with the army of the heaven, with that from above, for I suffer from such a great persecution that satan and his servants do to Me!

It is the day of Saint Basil the Great on this day of the churchly feast and I am rising with the saints to rebuke satan and to drive him away, just as he tries to do to Me and to the servants loving God and loving of the flock of the Christian and Romanian people, for satan has much to do against the Romanian, My chosen people at the end of the time for My glory, because of his faith kept from the ancestors, for his search after God, for his love for God and for his people.

And now come on, Romanians from everywhere, raise the cross to the heaven, for the devil has gone completely mad if his servants feel strong and invincible, oh, and these enemy servants need to lose their evil power against God and man and even against those who serve being carried by satan’s spirit for the fear with which he blows all over and does no longer know that the heaven is above and he fills My heaven with confessors as in all the times, and woe to him when his reward will come for his blind fight, for I said: there has never been any fight and war but only against God whenever the nations have been threatened with wars, fears and losses, oh, and this has always been on earth for satan has always fought against God and he cannot but do this.

Therefore, I am rebuking you satan. I am scolding you on this day, and I am scolding you with all the saints of the heaven and I want to cripple your steps which strike in the sons of My church, for you have no right there, and take your hand off from what is Mine; take only what your part is, that is all those that serve you, and be ashamed with all of them, for your darkness fades away when facing the light of My word; however, what will you do when I, the Lord, will strike your servants that seek to make war against Me and who have a body and stay in the leadership position of the nations, and who want that this paganism to be all over and My right to perish from all over?

Oh, no! But we are standing up for a just cause on one side and another and the power is with Me, and only lie is with you about which you boast about and deceive rulers and nations that it is bad with God and it is well with satan.

Oh, do not forget, you, satan with the name of antichrist, do not forget that two thousand years ago, I came on earth as true God of true God and I came to establish My kingdom and I did, and do take your hand off from what is Mine, and if there is something wrong in the sons of My kingdom, then I straighten the steps of My Church, and you stand aside and go with your own and do not forget that there is just a little time to stand against Me and against My church and then you are going to suffer the shame which you have prepared for yourself long ago, because the saints are coming with Me; the conquerors are coming, those that you say you have conquered, but they are in My glory, and be afraid of them, and again I say to you: be afraid satan and step aside, for the Lord is coming with the heavenly and angelic hosts, He is coming victoriously against you and the Lord and His saints will rebuke you, and then see to your own, for soon, soon they will desert you too, for their power will go out little by little because of My coming with the saints, and judgment will be done according to one’s works, as it is written!

Oh, Romanian people from all over the world, and you, Christian sons of the Orthodox people all over, I am speaking with you as much as I can speak now, for I protect My church. Oh, all of you rise up to war with heavenly weapons against satan, with fast and prayers, sons, so that satan, his servants and the rulers of nations that stir up people to war against Christ’s church, may fear.

Oh, it will not be as My enemies want, for My kingdom will be stronger and stronger, because I am coming with the saints. Do you hear, satan? I am coming with the saints of the heaven, (1 Thessalonians: 3/13) I am coming with the hosts from above, with your conquerors to make you afraid, and I will also strike you back just as you strike Me and against the buildings of My kingdom and God will bring you to shame as it is written.

I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, Jesus Christ, God’s Lamb and I have spoken a word over satan, who persecutes the kingdom of God on earth.

I will give sufferance to those in power to know Me as God of the heaven, of the earth and man, and as a Master over satan and over his servants, for it is the time of victory for the Lord, as it is written.

The great Hierarch, Basil the Great, on earth and in heaven for God, together with the heavenly powers and the hosts of saints and angels, are scolding you, devil with the name of satan and antichrist, and behold, listen:

— In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we, those in heaven, we, the servants in heaven for Christ’s church, bishops and confessors, we are rebuking you satan, unfaithful and a blasphemer of the holy things, we are rebuking and command you: go away from the way of God and of God’s sons! We together with Christ command you, withdraw from the battle, take your armies and let yourself be defeated, for the church and its faithful sons are Christ’s kingdom on earth, not yours!

Let the sons of the Romanian people rebuke you, satan, together with us, those in heaven, because the Romanian nation is God’s chosen one, and do not touch the faith of this people, but rather bow down now and worship with all your visible and invisible army, worship Christ’s plan! You are not allowed over Christ’s things! We, the saints in heaven enter the battle against you to defeat you and that you may be afraid of God’s power and of His saints! Go to the pagans who do not want to be with God, go, satan, to those who stir you against the Orthodox people, go to them, for they have no right to show their power on earth because they did not make the heaven and the earth, and go away, do you hear? Go away!

Oh, Lord King and Master in heaven and on earth, we are persevering before You for Your church! Bring satan to shame for he boasts! Stay in battle with us and take him out of his work, for You are God, and he is the adversary even to those who serve him, for he is the masked enemy, with the name of antichrist!

Bless, Lord the victory of this fight against satan and of his servants, and let the sons of the church stay with us in battle so that they may overcome for You, together with us, now, by Your power. Amen.

— I, the Lord, am coming down from heaven over those who are tested on earth by the opposing satan and giving holy advice to the Orthodox Christians of the Romanian people from all over the world to seek with great love to fulfill the commandments of life and to live on earth after the will from above and after the ordinances left by the fathers from the beginning of Christ’s church. And let those who have fallen from grace and from the church order in the beginning, let them, if they want, repent after the order, for Christ’s church is not that which is mixed, but it is chosen by grace and by the fulfillment of the commandments of life and of the ordinances from the beginning.

It is a day of glory and victory against satan and on this day, churchly scolding is being made for the weakening of the antichrist’s power and for the perishing of this spirit from the earth.

Peace to you, Romanian people! Stand up like a warrior, like a voivode, and pray and persevere in the right fight, for My church is only one and this is kept under the mantle of the Orthodoxy, and not otherwise. Oh, pray, Romanian son, and cry out to the fathers in heaven, for antichrist is stubborn and we are uniting the hosts in heaven with those on earth to defeat him. We need great faith and by faith and perseverance the Lord can work for you, Christian people, Romanian people, chosen in the end of the time for My glory.

It is time to do God’s will on earth, Christian sons, and you, Romanian people, remain with the Lord and strengthened yourself within His commandments, for satan is very much afraid of the Romanian name and he knows why.

Therefore, may the victory by faith of the Romanian people all over the earth be blessed, and for times with peace only God’s will must be done, and that puts away all the enemy opposition, for where the commandments of life are fulfilled, there the Lord has his victory too. Amen.

And I will bless the holy word on a day of the feast of Epiphany and set it on earth so that it may work by its power over those who feel that they are powerful without God, for I am the Lord and I work by the holy word.

And now, let My word go over the earth and let it be able to work by its power, by My power.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I have set word into the book to fulfill it and that satan may know that God rules by His word. Amen, amen, amen.