The Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent, of the Orthodoxy

Peace over the Romanian land and people!

Peace upon the citadel of My word in the midst of this nation!

Peace to you, guards in the citadel! I am coming as word on earth and receive Me in the book, sons! My mystery with you in the midst of this nation keeps God closer, because God is needed on earth and that is why I, the Lord and the Shepherd of the Christian flock, find places and loving souls and give them the gift of faith to be able to be among people on earth, for I said and I say again: it is hard without God on earth, oh, sons.

And why is this thing hard? Because people sin a lot and far too much, and the heaven and earth would be destroyed by this unquenchable fire coming from men who burn by sin, because I said that sin is death, and especially, that sin drives God out of man, and the Lord has nothing and no one by what and through whom to dwell among people on earth, since His right as the Creator of heaven and earth is closed everywhere, for people, almost all of them, have rejected Me, and the devil has a kingdom established in men and here he is lord over My creation and man’s and, therefore, people say that there is no God, and this madness is the disease of many and these say like some foolish people, and they say that there is no God and this only that they may multiply there iniquity and that they may not be stopped from trespassing upon the order made by God over the heaven and earth with you and I speak so that you may share My word to be able to work by the word, oh, sons, because it is written into the Scriptures for Me to come with the armies of saints and to proclaim My new name: the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13)

Behold, I will soon bring forth My history of almost seventy years of word over the Romanian land, because I said through the voice of My trumpet Virginia, because I said that everything will be written and given to be known into the midst of this nation that finds through you My spring and word over the earth in My time with you, for many will search in detail as written, (Daniel: 12/4) and the wisdom and the faith of the faith will increase, first through those who will believe and then through those who do not love God in their hearts, but many of them will be startled by the longing for Me and they will long after the holy law of God and there will be resurrection from sin, sons, for I, the Lord, have not labored in vain and not put to hard labor those who have stood under the cross of My coming as word on earth, starting with 1955 and until now, and I had great love in the word and all of the words are meant to be fulfilled and were not spoken in vain by My mouth, oh, and that is why I have always said that great is before Me the people that have believed, if they have heard My voice speaking to them, for by sons, this is how I am working today, too, and happy were and are those who are wise in their mind, heart and faith, which fully fit into them and who took in them My word spoken at the beginning by My trumpet and then through the whole setting before My word of the people that accompanied Me, and by which I, the Lord, had spoken during this time of seventy years, oh, and the light is coming over this history, which is becoming an open book and light over the earth, for I am the light of the world as it is written, and behold, as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world, and through all times I have had those who have carried Me to be on earth and to work by the spoken word, by the spirit of prophecy, oh, sons, oh, and those who think they are smart do not know, they do not know My mystery among people, they do not know how much I work and how much I love to make a place with My love among people to be able to work with them on earth too, and that the enemy satan may not destroy My creation and work and My order among people, and here he is now, at the end, tired of the wickedness against Me trying to stand against Me to the end of his fight against God, the Creator, for he has no power and wants to destroy man, for this angel fell from heaven through man when he fell from God’s presence, and since then he has been My enemy, but he cannot do more than he is allowed to do, for I am the Lamb of the Father and I have written on the garment a new name, and armies of victorious saints accompany Me and here I am in the fight to put down My enemy, for this is written!

Oh, sons of men and of the unbelief that separates man from God, the Creator, you will not be able to hope in the lie of the ruler of this age, for I am Who I am, and I have been at war with him even from the very beginning, and I know his hostile plans against God and man, and I have mercy on those who have been deceived by satan’s painted face, the spirit of sin, in which he keeps people on earth, and behold, sin brings man to despair, because satan only knows to do only what is evil that works against man, but I, the Lord, I am at war with him to snatch his prey, and this is why I am coming on earth!

Oh, there is nothing else that I come for and speak among those with the gift of faith in them, oh, there is really nothing else that I come for. I come to defeat the one who spoils the human kind and feeds it with the spirit of sin, and sin is death; it is separation between man and God as satan did even from the beginning, but now I am coming, at the end of the time and renewing everything and I am doing everything by resurrection. I am restoring everything and setting My kingdom in man on earth and I am crashing the power of sin and putting faith, its gifts and fruit before Me, and behold what this Sunday means, the Sunday of the Orthodoxy, the first Sunday of the Lent, because on this Sunday Jesus Christ’s church is proclaiming the book that blesses the faithful ones and curses those that serve the opposing spirit, the spirit of unbelief and that of men’s wandering away from God, (The Holy Synod of the Orthodoxy, r.n.), oh, and the memorial of the Sunday of the Orthodoxy means nothing else; it does not mean money collection with the plate through the churches, but separation of the darkness from the light by the spoken word, for satan, the understanding wolf, has taken upon him the robe of a priest and shepherd and mutilated My flock and its sinless walking of the flock, scattered all over, and it has no merciful shepherds for her and I am coming to shepherd her as it is written for Me to do, and to ask the shepherd why they have not tended the flock, and behold, I am working according to the Scriptures, and I am taking from them to do My work and to bring the painted satan to shame and to take him out of the shepherd robe, for he is the liar, foretold in the Scriptures, that would come out as a deceiver to put down to earth My flock and the walking of My faithful ones.

The man has no mind. Let the man no longer say that he has. Whoever has a mind is the one that understands the lie with the name of satan, and wants to keep away from him and draws near under My hand to protect him, oh, and that is why I am shepherding you in a special way, Romanian people, for you are the son of the Lord’s faithful ancestors and you are from a good stock and chosen by God for His glory, oh, and I will do a lot of good on earth through the Romanian people, and behold, prayer is needed that wisdom from above to come down for the work of the maker of peace and harmony, for where there is peace, the Lord is with all His goodness, with all His protection and with all His love.

Oh, no one asks in prayer for help and victory against the antichrist, My enemy and men’s. There is no churchly prayer to ask from God for the undressing of the antichrist enemy and for the overthrow of the enemies of My church, of God’s children on earth, and behold the antichrist hidden under the garment of the church and with the name of the shepherd of the Christian flock, while he kills God’s Spirit in the people, for people sin and have no shepherd to advise them to their life with God.

Two thousand years ago, love came on earth to the sinners to forgive them, and who could love so much? Here I am! I am coming again! I am love.

Oh, Romanian sons, become love so that you may be eternal. Love never fails for it means God, and I leave great blessing upon you to be able to be on the faith side, oh, Romanian sons. You are God’s people at the end of the time and you have God’s tabernacle in your midst, dwelling among you with My word. (Apoc: 21/3) I will appear with you on the earth with the church of the right faith as well and all wanderings will die out and there will no longer be any crooked paths but only My church and then I will say: «Here is the way, walk on it!».

I am bestowing My peace at the end of My today’s end, too.

Peace to you, Romanian people!

Peace to you, citadel of My word, and to you, too, watchmen of the city!

Peace to you, sons with whom I, the Lord, open My way and the love in it so that those who are saved may walk in it, those who overcome the sin and walk with Me on the way to the Father, for I want to draw all to the Father, as it is written, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.