The Word of God at the feast of the birth of the Lord’s Mother

My word with power in it is blessing the feast of today whose preparation has lain down to work even for a couple of days for its crowning with the voice of My word after that. The heaven, not seen by the eyes of the flesh, has lain down with its entire glory in the garden of My meeting with the man, at the spring of My word. However, now it is only the heaven with the saints and angels and all its beauties that are set down in the garden for the celebration of the memorial of My mother’s birth on earth, who gave Me birth then, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, when I became Man to be able to die on the cross for the man’s life, and then to be resurrected in the body, as I had already fulfilled it, and then to ascend again to My Father’s right hand in the invisible heavens, and still then to come again, as I have already worked so, to judge the living and the dead and to reign forever, because I am without beginning and without end, as My Father is. Amen, amen, amen.

Praise and blessing over the glory of this day of feast! It is the feast of the birth of My mother, the Virgin, and the heaven, invisible to the earthly eyes, has lain down with great glory, with sweet feast in the garden where I meet My people to feed the man too, when I feed My people on the word, for I have always called the man with a sweet calling to My spring of word, to show him the way with salvation on it, the fulfillment of the word of life in man’s life, and I have always, always been hurt that the man has used to come and enjoy at My feasts from the garden, but I have not been able to enjoy over his life that he has dedicated it to Me. I have had mercy on the saints and on the angels that they have not seen the man coming after Me, after I have invited him by My word. I have used to set the table for the man, and I have used to set the table both for the body and for the soul, and the man has used to come as to a heavenly feast, but I have wanted him to come to resurrection as well and then to stay alive, and few of those who have come did so, few of them have received resurrection and life in them, that afterwards they may always ask from the spring, and that the living food to be given to them at their requests, that is My word, which becomes a scroll and is given to those who receive resurrection on them from it. Amen.

Oh, children who give being into the book of the glory of My word, for a few days I have set you face to face with the celebrated glory coming down with the saints and with the angels in the garden, and I would have liked that those who were added to you by Me to come earlier into the feast, which has been lain down in good time in the garden of the meeting, for I have exhorted you to testify about it and that at least you may remain within its spirit. I have taught you not to worry as on earth about the food and about the staying of the guests for those who have come, because they are from heaven and they have come with the treasures of the heaven, and they have everything and you do not need anything for them as for those who have come from the earth. Those from earth are weak even for the earthly things let alone for the heavenly ones. However, those from the invisible heaven have gained the benefits of life, which all those who loved and love Me with a heavenly love on earth come in. I confess, that you can hardly have the courage to open your little mouth for the confessing of the glory that has come down in the garden of the meeting. Behold some flowers and beauties! You have mercy on the flowers not to be trampled and crushed. Oh, those in haven do not crush anything, and rather they adorn with their coming in the garden the beauties that have come into view in it, for you have got sight from Me for those who are not seen by the fleshly eyes. You have asked yourselves what you were to give them to eat from what you have, and I immediately told you not to worry what they would drink or what they would eat or how they would sit down, but only to look at how the tables are set and at all the glory of the feast where the birds of the heaven (Saints in heaven, r.n.) take part eating of the food on the tables; tables from heaven and not from earth, white towels, and long from place to place, counterpanes and blankets for beds among clusters of countless flowers, which drop and rise again not being crushed from the sitting down of the saints and angels. Oh, you have mercy on the flowers when you walk and step in the garden! Be good and take a look. Be good! Let us leave all the joy for the saints and for the angels, all our party, and that We and you may testify about it that it is and that it is laid down without any strange feeling over the blessed things by My word, which is glorified among you in the days of My coming from near the Father as word on earth.

Behold how beautifully a party is given by those in heaven. There is no such music on earth, children sons, such signals for any movement and work, such a heavenly will, free from the human will and wisdom. However, the man does not humble himself for all his making on earth for everything he has done under heaven, and he does not see his weakness concerning those things that are above anything he tries to do and to give to the people like him. I suffer great pain because I cannot show to the man the richness that is not seen, but which is. It is not seen because it is and I have always exhorted the people to learn the parables of the kingdom of the heavens, and I told them: «Make treasures in heaven where moth does not destroy them and where the thief does not rob them, for where your treasure is there will your heart be also». But here it is where the man’s heart is. It is there where he gathers for himself and where his heart remains on earth, and it makes Me suffer that I cannot show the man the heaven’s richness, which is not seen if the man is flesh and only that.

Oh, behold such a beauty of heavenly richness! Behold such a feast with generosity in the garden! Do not look after the Christians! Now there are those from the invisible heaven with a feast of generosity and only as in heaven. The dishes on the towels are not as on earth, even if they are eaten from the table by all of those surrounding them who are taking from them.

My angel and My mother, the Virgin, are in good temper during the whole spirit of the feast, and under their walking, the grass and the flowers do not remain down, for they rise again and stand within their beauty, like all those who are laid down in the garden. My mother is sweet, and she is not walking without My angel and she is ready to speak for those in heaven and for those on earth. Amen.

Oh, children sons, I much I wanted the people to be able to do more for those in heaven on earth! I would like him to be more heavenly on earth, and My mother, the Virgin, promised him that she would teach him more for his wisdom, the mystery of the embodiment of My word in his body, his soul and his spirit, for I call him before the human kind on earth, and I call him My people. Amen.

The one who truly loves the heaven on earth, that one is careful to My teaching and he immediately receives it and puts it on him to have it for his eternity, for it is this way and no otherwise that the man gets together with all that he has earned in heaven. I have taught you to catch a little bit of courage beforehand to teach the people for its healing from the joys which do not last forever, and that he may learn about his pain, children sons, for happiness is not made of joys, but only from pains, and if the man looks for his joys, then he does no longer seek after God, as you can see this, children sons.

I said that I have been waiting for the day of memorial of the birth on earth of My mother, the Virgin, and My bride, to give instruction of eternal life to My people and to every man who will receive from you the word coming down over the earth in order to cleanse it from the evil in man. I have been waiting to hear her speaking, for great is the gift of confessing, the gift of prophecy, which keeps the man away from perdition and from his own self. God exhorts the man to get love and its benefits in him, as the gift of prophecy is the stairway on which I come down on man with the joys of love, with those from heaven, to bestow them on man, but there are no longer seers on earth, there are no longer priests on earth, for the people destroy them by their longing after the temporary life, and the man does no longer see anything. However, I have prepared a great feast of word that the entire earth may receive from it and all the nations on earth may hear that the love and its benefits are no longer on earth, and that is why the gift of prophecy is no longer among people and there is no one to turn them back to the people from their wide way and to show them the way with life on it, and which the people do not walk on it, and it has been covered like a mere path, which, if the people do not walk on it, it is no longer known that it is.

Oh, children who stay at the mouth of My word to put it into the book, the most painful thing is not that the man does not want to become like Me. More painful than this is the fact that the man makes God like him, and the mystery of the embodiment of My word in man is completely strange on earth, because the love and its benefits, which are made known by My word, by the gift of prophecy, which crowns the man with life from heaven, do not longer have room on earth, and the man does no longer want to do like God not even in hard times; however, even then he wants to do like him, and I, the Lord, would like to do like him, to become like him, and this pain is hard in heaven when the man tries to make God like him.

All the saints and all the angels have heard from Me and from My mother, the Virgin, that we have been waiting for the day of her celebration, and she will still teach you the mystery of the embodiment of My word in your body, in your soul and in your spirit, My people. The love and its benefits are kept over the man by the gift of prophecy, and I have been teaching you, saying to you: «By no means should you bow to look at yourself by your own eyes so that you may not receive Me, for I look at the man through the eyes of a prophet, and I also teach him to look the same way, and I teach him that the gift of prophecy is the stairway on which I come down to the man on earth, and I make My prophets of those who are faithful and who love the gentle and humble spirit and who have got the love and its benefits in their spirit». Amen.

Oh, Virgin mother, your day of feast in the garden is sweet, for I have wanted to bring it into the view of those who carry Us into the midst of the elected people, mother. Oh, My life is sweet to Me when I am able to appear with it on earth, when I can find a humble place, a way that I may be able to walk on and to set a table of word and to reveal Myself, mother, and I have always exhorted the people of this descending of word not to have any worry than the one before My path towards him, the same as now, when I have given him exhortation to come to the feast ahead of time, for I told him at the right time that you would make a halt over him and that you would still teach him, and that he would have to sit down for you to teach him, to feed him on the love and its benefits, mother. The love for Us is not the love for him, but let us make this people perceive and understand how much we have stayed in his way, in front of him, to know Us and to receive Us and to take care of the love and its benefits on him, mother. I have told him that your feast is beautiful in the garden of the meeting and that the saints have freely sat down within your feast, and that the people is set aside at this time and I want to teach him to keep Us close to him, to keep himself close to Us, mother, in such a way that My word may be embodied in him and that it may not get used to grow weak within its fulfilling, mother, and that the people may listen to Me, mother. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Son of the Father Sabaoth and mine, and God of Your obedient people of Your word! The most painful thing is not that the man does not want to be like God, but that it is his will to make God to be like him, heavenly Son. Of, if even the one who hears the word that comes out of Your mouth gets used to it in order to fulfill it after he hears it, how much more when he sees You with Your godly body, how would it be not possible for him to get use to it in the same way, mysterious Son, Who remain hidden under the image of the bread and wine for them to long for You and to love You, as I loved You when I always saw You within the image of the mystery of the bread and wine, then when Your apostles were giving You to me as a mysterious baby, perfect man and God. Amen.

Oh, there are no longer apostles and there are no longer priests on earth, for those who dare to get under the work of priesthood without any heavenly calling, they have been growing weak for two thousand years in grace and in power by those who have taken away from them Your Body and Blood, mysterious God. In the time of my body and after Your ascension into the Father, Your true church was not so, because every family had a priest of Yours from it who was put over it by the gift of prophecy, and there was no weakness upon him, for he was put over his entire house orderly, and there was good behavior in spirit and in nature, and there was love only for You, and it was grace, Son, and where there is not this kind of order, the priest goes astray and he can neither put in order or take care of his house and nor of his fleshly and spiritually relative, as it also happened with Your body and mine, which were brought together into a kinship relationship, and this economy of God was worked out mysteriously for Your coming into the world, for my coming into the world, and for the work of the supper afterwards, Lord, for the bonds made from God upon man, established through the word, are bonds according to the spirit, as it also was with Elijah the prophet, whom You sent to the widow to bring her son to life and to make him a prophet and to multiply in that house the bread, the oil, the food and the grace from God within a hard time, mysterious Son. Oh, I have been looking down to earth for two thousand years and I have seen apostles and priests crushed as in the time of the first Christians, for if there is not always teaching upon the mind of the priest, he grows weak in love and in its benefits. The apostle and the priest forget that even You were not able to carry Your cross, made by man, let alone the priest; how can he carry it? However, he does not know what it is when he says that he is a priest. When Your crowd was pressing against You, the sick woman touched You and You lost Your power and asked: «Who touched My clothes?», and the disciples did not know what You said and they marveled that You asked such a question, and they responded in a discontent wonder: «You see the multitude pressing against You, and You say, „Who touched Me?”» However, You were the true priest of the Father and You lost the power of Your body because the woman took of Your power by touching You in order that she could be healed. But the priest of today does no longer lose his power, for it is his power in him and not Your power, which feels the heaviness from the man. The one who truly feeds the man with Your Body and Blood, that one grows weak from the man if he really is a priest, because if he gives of Your power from him and he is always pressed against because he is a man from where the man draws for him, not for You in man, Son, grown weak from man.

Oh, if You had not set aside those anointed by You in the garden of Your word a long time ago, in the old times, You would have not had them as intercessors for the whole human kind before You, and that is why You had always been teaching them that their life had to be God and not to put out their power, in order that You could remain with them and not without them, and that they could be Yours and not man’s, as the priests of the world are, for You need priests for all human kind, down to Adam and up to Your coming, and You had always been teaching them to be good and to live in such a way that You might have Your wisdom in them, Lord.

Oh, I have always been looking upon them all the time after Your ascension into the Father. There, where humility was, and love for Your supper, for its protection, there was the whole heaven, for the priest had one, two or a couple of disciples and he kept the power for You in him and in his disciples, but there, where it was a multitude without grace, without spirit, the priest did no longer know the mystery of the supper, of Holy Spirit, and he used to read the book of the priest service and he was rejoicing over the praise from the people and not from You, Lord. The mystery of the embodiment of Your word in man makes the man satisfied with his life in Your life, in Your pain, and that one helps from You and for You the one who he receives Your Body and Blood from, and with this teaching I want to teach Your people today. Amen.

I speak to Your people about Your apostle satisfied within You, about James, the holy and the righteous one, for he knew that You were the Son of God and that it was why he accompanied us all the time on the way of Your cross, which started even since Herod, by killing the infants, he wanted to kill You as well, and he saved You from his hand by our leaving to Egypt with Joseph and James, his child from his marriage, before my Father gave me under his protection for the mystery of Your birth.

Oh, how much this child, James, loved You, for he knew that You were the Son of God because he loved God. From a younger age he gave himself over to an angelic living and he did not love his body, but he only took care of it with bread and water and nothing more, and he loved God, without rest in his love, day and night. His nights were only prayer, with his knees knelt down and with his hands lifted up, and the grace of the pure virginity was blameless in him until his end. When he saw You how You taught in the Temple and then the nations, he became fire under Your word, and his love for You was consumed within him and he made his life harsh to live only for You on earth. He has learned from You, Lord, the love and its benefits, and You loved him even more, and You relied on him more than on any other disciple of Yours, and after You came to life again, he was the first among the disciples to whom You appeared resurrected. So many Jews knew who You were through him, for he was a bishop and no one among the unbelievers from the temple knew that he was within You and You were within him, and that You taught him and settled him to a godly work of the mystery of the holy Liturgy by which You became bread and wine for him and for me and for the beloved John, and that he taught Your disciples how to work You and how to work this mystery with You after You had given it to them at the Last Supper, three days before Your resurrection after Your passion on the cross, when You truly accomplished Your sacrifice forever for the man’s redemption from his falling, after seven thousand years. For the love and its benefits in him, all called him: «James, the righteous one», for he loved the justice for You, and that is why he wrote to the twelve tribes of Your church his exhortation full of life and teaching against sin, and many were looking, if possible, to touch the tassels of his garment, which I made for him with so much holiness of spirit and love, to serve You in it, Lord, my Son. Oh, how much power of love he had! Love overcomes fear, and the bishop of the temple did not stop him to enter the Holy of Holies whenever he wanted to pray like this, even if one did not enter there but only once a year and never without blood from the sacrifice of animals. Oh, how much you have thriven with this mystery among the nations through him, my Son, and the rulers of the Jews did not know how to break down the nations’ faith in You, and they urged him on a Passover feast to climb the pinnacle of the Temple, where the devil set You to tempt You to throw Yourself down for Your angels to bear You up, and which You put him away saying: «Go away satan, for it is written not to tempt God», and the rulers of the temple asked him to speak to the nations not to believe in You, the crucified One, anymore. However, when the multitude saw him and asked him how to believe in You, he responded: «Do you ask me about the Son of Man, Who willingly suffered and was buried and then was resurrected on the third day? He is in heaven, on the right side of the power of the Most High and He will come down again on the clouds and will judge the living and the dead». And when the crowd said, «Hosanna, Son of David!» the rulers of the Jews spoke to them-selves: «The righteous one was wrong!» and being seized by anger and envy, they threw him down, but he, still alive, prayed for them saying: «Forgive them this sin, for they do not know what they do, Lord». Then, they stoned him to death and he was sent to You, Son and Lord, praying to You for their forgiveness. He accompanied us all the way of Your cross from Your birth and to Your ascension to the Father, and within a great mystery he was the sacrifice of love, and I speak in a great mystery as much as I can speak according to the faith and unbelief of the people, but I had You as the mystery Supper by his hand, for he was Your bishop even from the womb, for this is how You choose, and that is why You taught him the work of Your mysterious Supper and put him to its work, and I had my Son worked out by his hand and then by the hand of John, and I want to give Your people instruction and to reveal to him the mystery of the embodiment of Your word as it was in James, Your brother and disciple, Your herald, priest and martyr, Lord. Amen.

Oh, my feast of today with the saints in the garden of the meeting is so beautiful, and I want to leave the grace of the teaching upon Your people and I do not want to make him tired, because he is small and weak. Let us also have him to sit at his table for the body, and let us still teach him then the mystery of the embodiment of Your word, Son and Lord. I take from the table of the saints and mysteriously I touch them from it on their table, and then the spirit of the feast will become a sweet torrent upon them, for them to grow up and not to grow less. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, mother, My sweet mother, I have prepared for you a praised feast, and also confessed and brought into view, mother! Those who see it feel sorry to walk through the garden, and they only look in amazement and pain, mother, and they also try to teach My people the mystery of the pain after God, the mystery of life, mother. There would be a great joy in heaven and on earth for My people to know how to receive them, mother, for him to grow in the sacrifice of love, for no one can learn the love and its benefits on earth from his own self, because the man loves himself and not God and the man goes wrong, mother, because he does not know where the love and its benefits are from, what they are and what they do in man and from man. The man wants to take from them, but My apostle James, on whom I relied most, is the example of those who want to borrow, from Me and for Me, the love and its benefits. As a strong pillar, I relied on him, then on John, and then on Peter, and they were the closest to Me for the godly mysteries, and now I took him and put him in front of the people as an example of the kingdom of the heavens in man, a seed sown on earth for its fruit to remain forever, mother. Amen.

Oh, My people, the feast of the birth of My mother is great in heaven and on the earth of My meeting with the man. I have made this feast beautiful in its appearance and I confessed it to you to help you believe the confession.

Oh, My people, how sweet would you become for Me if you knew how to look at Me! You should know from Me that the eyes, which are not seen are forgotten, My people. Oh, how great and how wonderful My grace would become in you if you knew to use those who see from Me in you, and to use Me by them and not to use them for you, for I am heavenly and I am spirit and body, because when I made the man, I made him after My pattern, but he gave up this grace for he did not love My Spirit, and this is how the man has come to stay in his spirit.

Oh, My people, lay down in My Spirit, for the time is coming when you need My Spirit. Get used to Him well, for I dwell with Him into your midst, but I want to have room and not burden with Him into your midst, in your spirit. Amen, amen, amen.


Come, watching children, you still need to do a little hard labor for My descent with the entire word of the feast of My mother, the Virgin. Come, children sons, for My spirit is only fire, and if the people saw Me, he would wait for Me from dawn to dawn with this comfort of word, for the moment is coming soon for each one to remain in what he will have found. I have exhorted the people of My word not to have another worry before the one for My coming to him as word, and I would have liked him to have a stronger desire for My coming with the feast of My mother, such a great feast that My word is not going to pass without being fulfilled, the word that had to be fulfilled as I want to be laid down on earth at its time.

Oh, children sons, oh, how much I would like, and I would like this with the entire heaven, that My people could do more and more for those of heaven on earth with him, because the gift of confession is great and it is a great joy in heaven, the gift of the preaching of My word, the gift of My communion with you and among you, the gift of prophecy, which keeps the man away from perdition, and which protects him from his own self. Amen.

Oh, children who stay under the labor of My coming, if the man looks for joys then he does no longer seek after God, and the empty walnut is of no use if you want to do something with it, but it is only a shell without any kernel and sounds empty and it is put aside. However, if the man lives empty of God and confession, he does no longer gathers anything in heaven, neither for him and nor for the other, and if there is no longer the gift of prophecy on earth, then there is no one to turn the man back from life, from his lifeless life. Oh, the man does not love the Lord on earth, and My Father Sabaoth and My mother, the Virgin, hold Me in their arms and wash Me with their tears, for I have come and become the Son of Man and the man does not know Me, for if he knew Me, he would become a son of God and he would no longer seek to make God like him, neither in his joys, and nor in his hardships.

Come mother! Come with the word of your feast for the people to grow through Us, to listen and to grow up and not less, mother. Amen, amen, amen.

— Come, Savior Son, but You have to save the human’s mind and heart from the world first, and only then to grow in him to rejoice over him, but the man’s heart has to be touched, Son, for Barabbas was touched in his heart after You died in his place, and he loved only You then, and he did not love himself and this is how You found him when You took him near You in eternity.

Oh, Son with time and without time over the man and over the earth! Oh, nothing is passing away, nothing, and everything that man does is taken up in eternity, and he will have them as he will have gathered them, either by repentance and humility, so that the evil things he has done may not punish him, or by carelessness of soul and by love for temporariness on earth, and for which the man lives in himself with haughtiness in such a way that he does not care of his soul for his eternity, and as the man gathers for himself in order to have, the same way he has and works. However, I would want, and I work hard with all the pain to want it, and I work hard near the Father for You to have men on earth with a gentle and humble spirit like Yours, and then for You to do with him as with Enoch, as with Elijah, and that there may be someone to wait for You and to meet the man in the sky and in this way to spend with him always, halfway between heaven and earth, and then to fulfill everything with him, and then to appear with him on a new earth Son, Who work hard for the man.

Oh, nothing is passing away on earth, even if the man know that he passes away with this body, for whoever does not learn to know that nothing passes away and that everything is restored for the confession of everything that was and is again and will be.

Oh, how good it is for the little one, because the great one pretends that he is great, Lord of humility and of those who are humble, and You long after Your healing, after Your health in man, for the man is sick from his own self and from his soul that You gave him, and he mourns without comfort in him, for the man lives fleshly and he does not know what he does, Son Lord. Oh, how much I long to find a man with the love and its benefits in it! I remind the man of the bridegroom from the wedding in Cana of Galilee, where I called You to reveal Yourself that You are God of God, that he may follow You and only You, the bridegroom of the wedding, and he did it this way. How many bridegrooms would do like him if they saw You, if they saw Your power at work? Oh, not even Adam could do what he did, and even today he does not want to do it, painful Lord, even since You made the man and until today.

Oh, the man does not flee from anything as he flees from Your rebuke, which brings to him the death for Your life in him, but the man does not love You because he does not know You. You have always come with Your word on earth and has given bread to man to learn how to live on it, and You give him Your word, but he has got used to the bread, which he makes for himself and by which he eats his food. For fifty years You have been giving the man the spirit of resurrection and of eternal life, and he does not know what the word he speaks means, when he says that „God gives to the man, but He does not puts in his bag” He speaks well when he says so, but his mind is for earthly bread and goodies when he says this, and behold, You give to the man everything that he gives him back, but he does not take in him, for he is full of his own things and he does not know to put in his bag, when You give him so that he may be like You after that.

Oh, Son Lord, I have heard those who carry You as word from heaven on earth, that they asked You how the man does not receive You, how comes that he does not see You, how comes that the man does not love You, when he hears You coming, and You spoke to them that the eyes, which are not seen are forgotten. The man does not have his mind to give it to Your Spirit by Whom the man would be able to see like You, Lord, like You in everything and over everything. The man does no longer have faith, because he does not have faith anymore, for where Your love in man is, there You are also with Your face and with Your patience, with Your gentleness, Lord. The man does no longer have any guidance, and those who guide him, lead him to them and not to You. Not even the one who prays to You with tears and sacrifice, not even him has got any wisdom, because if the man does not bring his life under control for God, it is in vain that he brings his sacrifice, and this is not called sacrifice, for only to God the man can bring sacrifices, by not loving his body and by the love of his soul, which he receives from the body reconciliation sacrifice to God, when the body is for God and not for man.

Oh, Son forgotten by man, the man goes wrong so many times in one single day and he does not take care of his cleansing, if he does not love You, if he has no mercy on You, and it is in vain that he has faith in You, that You are God if he does not also love You having mercy on You with his life according to Your life lived on earth. Oh, where is the man supposed to go to find You, to know You and to receive You afterwards? Where, Son and Lord? He goes, poor of him, to the priests, and the priests do not love You, for if they do not live Your life among the people, and they live their life instead, and their words are like those of the people and not like those of Yours, and they please the people and not You, Lord, before the people, and the people commit sin by the words of the priests and do not do like the bridegroom from Cana, who gave up sin and became the confessor of Your powers for the holiness of the people, for holiness is the reward of the life loving of God and of the man’s crowning and of his beauty, Lord. There is no one to wake up those who became priests and set themselves over the people without having Your life in them and that is why they blaspheme Your good name by their life without Your life in it.

— Oh, mother, who are to teach the people that it is not proper for the man to stay close to the body of the prayerful priest and under his garment. The priest is beautiful when he works by word and not by gestures over the people and especially over the women. I worked by the word and My word had power, but the worldly priest makes gestures, and he touches and is touched and he does not feel that his power is drained, a power which is to be consumed like Mine on the cross and for those who are wretched and weak in their body and in their faith on earth, and who did not have any hopes and joys, and My power was drained when someone was seeking healing from Me, and I was working mysteriously and healing the man, and then I was saying to him: «Go and show yourself healed to the priests»; but it was the power of healing from Me that was working and not from the priest, mother. The priest is beautiful by the word to believe and then to work over the man, and not by any kinds of gestures, because the laying of the hands, as he does upon the man, is a very great work, and this work does not have to be laid on everyone, and behold, in the world the priest gives what he has got, and this is how it is the one who receives from him, for he does not live My life to give from it, but he gives only from his life when it gives, mother.

I have spoken to the proud man in his spirit, and I said to him: «He who does not eat and does not drink of My Body and Blood has no life in him», and then many of My disciples left Me. However, I had James and John with Me, who worked Me by My grace, the grace of priesthood, which I Myself put on their heads, and I told them to do this mysteriously, and then to leave the work of this mystery as an inheritance over those with whom I fulfilled it at the Last Supper before My passion and My resurrection, and that it may be mystery and not trumpet sounding, not a table available for everyone, for who is not as holy as I am, that one kills the priest when he takes Me from him, but he who is holy gives life to the priest if the priest is faithful and loving of people.

Oh, what shall I do with the one who says that he loves Me, and the one whom I loved says: „I have nothing against him but I cannot stand him?”. Oh, you who speak to yourself like that and do so! You say this because you think that you are more righteous than the other one, and you are the one who does not know the man’s heart, but I know it. My wisdom from Me is a loving spirit of people, and it is not a self-loving spirit, which makes the man see that he is more righteous that the one who is righteous for Me.

Oh, mother, I would teach the man when I sit in counsel with My people, but the man does not receive, and I want to grow My people up so that he may not grow less before Me and before people, mother. Come again! Let your word teach Our people the embodiment of My word in his spirit, in his soul and in his body, to have fruit in the people, mother. Amen, amen, amen.

— Behold, my sweet Son, how beautiful You teach him! The saints from heaven need his life and his prayer for their crowning, Son, for they also went wrong from time to time on earth even in their humility, and great is Your teaching of today over Your people of today, and the saints receive relief through it from everything they missed seeing in them in the life of their body. You spoke to Your people that he would be sweet for You if he knew how to look at You and how to see You and not forget You, Son, for the eyes that are not seen are forgotten. And You told them that Your grace would become a great miracle among them if they knew how to make use of those who see from You and with You in them, if they made use of You through them and not of them for You, then You would be embodied in them by those through whom You pour out Yourself into their midst. However, Your people is small and I want to strengthen him in the work and in the faith for Your wisdom in man is a loving spirit of people and that for this mystery the man has to think that he is small and not great, for the one who is great does no longer loves God, he does no longer receive God from near him and God’s brother, but he receives only himself, Son. Oh, tell them how to listen! Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, sons, who give Me with the word to My people that it may be embodied in all those that are the people at My table! Oh, humble sons and humiliated before the people! With God one plus one makes a whole people, only for the people to know My way to him. The union by which I set you to the hard work of My coming to harvest a bride people, and this means that everyone of you, who has tasted that the Lord has been good to you, to gather together near the spring of My wisdom and then to live a godly life, and to share Me among the people with My entire word and with its entire life in them. One plus one does not make two with Me, but it makes a whole people of disciples and loving apostles of God, and for the embodiment of My word in them. Seek by the power by which I come to you to guide the people to My love and to its benefits. Amen.

Oh, children who are always painful, always weakened from the little and weak people, always patient, always waiting for them for what you love by My love in you! It is unfortunate that your good and sweet spirit, and drained by any kind of state of the people, which has not learned yet what life after death is! The one who knows what this is, that one dies in order to be resurrected and to live in My life. Oh, the one who is not one spirit with you, that one stays in his spirit and cannot do like you, and your good, sweet and dear spirit is put out before them, and what I have put in you it dies away if you have no one to share with from it. Oh, what shall I do to have you on fire? I would punish the people with fear, but you cannot bear his coming back with fear to My love and to a loving spirit of holy people dear to Me, and if I do not turn them back, he does no longer turn to Me and to you, for you are devoid of people, deprived all the people, and the entire people is deprived of you, and you stay humiliated, because I have seen your weakness and I have exhorted you to be good, because many hearts of those who have been taken care by Me and which I have been patient with, have in them only what they want, and they are known by what they have and by what they give from them outside. I break Myself in you when I show you the hidden man in himself, and you cannot even speak about Me, let alone about his stature!

When I was with you up on the hill of Golgotha, as I spoke to you with witnesses by whistling wind, and I exhorted you to look for work on earth from place to place, from time to time over the man, so that you might still be able to work My work, which I waited for you with. Oh, do not forget that you are written to Me as the guidance for My people to Me and Mine to him, and for the man, who if he knew Me well, he would follow My steps, sons, but no one is able to work over the man and to make him believe in Me and to love Me as you work upon man. No one works like you, no one, children of My pains, for I gave you birth in pains and you have grown up in great pains, and you sigh painfully and alone, children with your bosom full of My great tear in you, which waits and cries praying to God and to the saints for the embodiment of My word in the sons always nourished with it, and in the man who hears God from you. Amen.

Oh, rich people, you have God the Word. Do not burry this word into your midst, and rather bring Me fruit with it. Bow under My exhortation and under My work in those who stand before you as guidance on My behalf, for whoever does not receive them, does not receive Me, and not them.

Oh, My people, this is how I call you on earth and in heaven. I do not look at your name, but at you, My people. I look for Me in you. I look for My love and its benefits in your heart. Do not seek to be found like a walnut without any kernel in it and which sounds empty. Oh, My people, how much life I have been teaching you to take and to have from Me! Show it to Me, for the Father asks for Me to be with you working before Him. Woe to the one who is silent at My wedding table, on My coming back from the Father! That one is silent because of the lack of his garment. I have given you a garment and I have given you everything, and the time is coming soon for each one to remain where he will be found. Amen.

Oh, mother, My sweet mother and in pains like all those who bear Us with the pain in Us! Both you and I have been teaching them the mystery of the embodiment of My word in them, and it is known the one who has received teaching and who hasn’t, mother.

Oh, My people, the man’s humility is great and good, but greater than that is its visible work, the one with fruit in it and not the one without kernel in it. Oh, My people, you should not get upset with Me and with those who lay Me down as word face to face with you, if I command them to take out much of My instruction upon you on your table with you, and you should not show your humility to Me, but rather you have to show Me its work and its fruit in you, to be able to find you so when I come and to speak: «All have come to an end!» and then I, together with those who love Me, to be able to crown with longing the saints in heaven and on a holy land. Amen, amen, amen.