The birth and baptism of Romania

I was born a baby and you were born a people in one day, on the day of My word that was proclaimed upon you, Romanian and Christian country! Oh, do you know what Romanian means? You do not know what this word, Romanian, means. In what language shall I speak to you, so that you may understand Me as at your beginning, Romanian, My people? Oh, you got into your box, (Residential buildings, r.n.) Christian, and you no longer have a courtyard and grass, trees and wood, glade and honey little houses, hoe and harrow, and you are no longer Romanian. You are German, as you went after the German feasts. You are French as you put on a French coat. You are Englishman as you confused your very sweet language. You are Turk as you did as Israel did, which mixed up with them in one body on their way. You are American because you forgot your age, which is as old as Mine, and you forgot your ancestors that you have under your lineage. You are American as though you no longer have forefathers and ancestral beauty. You forgot your grandfathers, Romanian people. Oh, Romanian, why do you no longer speak

Romanian, son of Mine and of your grandfathers? You do no longer speak beautifully, and behold, I speak Romanian, as the Romanian language is beautiful on earth and in heaven. Your language is no longer beautiful today. You have confused it by loan words from the people foreign to your language, and it was not nice what you have done. Oh, where is your Christian language? I have let you known about the kingdom of the heavens since your birth, and I have dressed you in white cloth of baptism and I have taught you the prayer „Our Father”, and I have sent you the heavenly language, the language of the Gospel of the kingdom of heavens on your land. I have sent you a clean son, born of Me, (Apostle Andrew, the first called to the apostleship, r.n.) to make you a bride for Me, Romanian people, and he brought you a robe woven of water, spirit and blood, and I gave you a new name and I called you Romanian. My Holy Spirit called you by a new name, Christian country, as My godfather gave Me the name Jesus Christ. This is how God gave you the name of Romanian at your baptism. And this is how all the nations have been blessed into the name of Abraham by the name of Israel; the same is now, Israel of today; all the nations will be blessed into your new name that you have got from Me two thousand years, as every man, who dresses with the little robe of the Christian, will be called Romanian.

Oh, I come to call you. Your beginning and My first love for you is calling you, as I pronounce the sentence of the sin and the Gospel of the creature’s resurrection into your language, and you, Romanian, have hated your own language, My Gospel, and you have taken in it from other nations that do not have your anointment. It is only you that you have had the anointment even since your swaddles; only you among the peoples of the time; only you, Romania, the land of My coming back. That is why I gave you birth and I have prepared you, both at your beginning and in your end,


Oh, Jerusalem, the land of Romania bears on it the mystery from the beginning, My working word. Why does he hold this mystery on it? Because Romania is the land of My choice and My nation elected again. And why did I choose this land? Oh, I did not choose. It was a chosen land and I established a chosen people, born at the same time with Me, beginning at My word, for I sent My anointed one to put My sign on this earth, the chosen earth with a mark on it and a man born of Me, My people, born of My word, born of a Christian, spirit and body, a man christened by the Christian, by My anointed, by My apostle first called.

It is a feast of a saint Andrew in your midst, Jerusalem, people of the feasting of the heaven on the earth, for I am with the saints in My coming to you. Andrew, My apostle blesses upon Romania. My apostle blesses from Me:

— From You, Lord, Jerusalem from above, for in You all Your saints rest, Lord. And if You are with the kingdom of Your word in Romania, Your saints are with You, and they come together at Your feast, at Your word, Lord, and the saints speak from You and testify about You from Romania, a chosen people on a chosen earth, chosen from the beginning, Lord, sealed from the beginning to be chosen to the making out of the fullness of the times, so that all may be in You again, those from the heavens and those on the earth, all in You.

May You, Lord, be blessed, You Who are, Who was and Who come, for You chosen Romanian people before the creation of the world, arranging it in Your love, to be Your Son, according to the counsel of Your will, to the praise of Your greatness, Lord, so that all may be in You, those from heavens with those from the earth, all in You, for in Your queen country You brought together those from the heavens with those from the earth, the heaven held together in Romania, Your queen country, Your bride country, a country with a King, oh, a King with a Queen! No one knows sufficiently the mystery of the chosen land in which You came as a word in the end, You Who are the Alpha and the Omega. The man does not understand the work of Your word in Romania, Your new creation, Your work of creation, Your word, Lord. I was Your messenger to put Your name and Your life upon the Romanian people, and I did not know then what this land was, but now, I bow down to You in it and kiss it, for then I did not know; I did not know its mystery from the beginning. It was Your mystery, Your coming, Your word, Your manger in which You become the word in the end as You were in the beginning. I bow down and kiss this land as You have always been kissing it with the sweetest word, for when You worked the word for creation of the heaven and of the earth, You said this: «Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters», and it was so, according to Your word. And the expanse of the heaven was made and it divided the waters which were under the expanse and above the expanse and he called the expanse sky. And You said that the waters from under the sky gather together to one place and the dry land appear, and it was so, and You called it earth. And when the earth appeared from the water, the first dry land was the Romanian land, the first to appear from the water, and you took clay from it when You created the man. And You built for him a garden facing the east and put him into it, and you called that garden happiness; You called it the happiness of the man, the garden of happiness, the same way as the man has a house and a garden. When Noah sent forth a dove from him to bring the sign of the reconciliation, the olive branch, it was the same way. This land was the first dry land which appeared out of the water, after the flood of water passed, the first green oasis, and the dove broke the green branch from it and flew to Noah with it.

And you said to gather together the waters from under the sky to one place and the land to appear, and it appeared and you called it earth. And when the land appeared from the water, the first dry land was Romanian land, the first to get out from the water, and you took clay from it when you made the man. And you built for him a garden facing the east and put him into it, and you called that garden happiness; you called it the happiness of the man, the garden of happiness, the same way as the man has a house and a garden. When Noah sent forth a dove from him to bring the sign of the reconciliation, the olive branch, it was the same way. This land was the first dry land which appeared out of the water, after the flood of water passed, the first green oasis, and the dove broke the green branch from it and flew to Noah with it.

Oh, Lord, You became the word on the land of the reconciliation, and You reconciled the man to You. Your word worked out the reconciliation, for it is working and You have to make the new man, born of Your word, for You are the Word. Romania is the land in which the new man is born, the man from the heaven, for You are being born from You as the word into Romania, and from Your word a new man is being born, a man born from above, for You are from above. Oh, Lord, when this land received on it all the nation which is today on it, the Father blessed his nation from the beginning and said to be His son, Your Son to be, the son of Your Word, in the beginning and in the end of Your work with him. The Father sent Melchizedek and blessed him in You, Lord, the Son of the Father. The father blessed this earth according to the order of Melchizedek, and then I came as Your messenger, Your witness, and I gave You to the Romanian people, and I made it Your kindred by bread and vine, by Your Body and Blood, which You left to Your children, and Israel’s remnant became relative to every Romanian people, and we all are one people. Your people is that one which believes in You, a man kneaded in the end, for You are the beginning and the end.

I pray in You to the Father, I pray for the Romanian people:

Good Father, the Romanian people is Your Son’s people, Your people, good Father, for when You made the heaven and the earth, You made them by Your Son. I pray to You in Your Son in Whom You rest with Your work. Forgive all that You have to forgive to the Romanian people; forgive the smallest one, and redeem through him the human kind and make it anew; make it a Christian people to live forever, good Father, a people of a new and green vine, and raise a holy and clean priesthood out of it, a people earned by Your work, by Your toil in Your Son. Let Your Son rest into the man, and make from it the Romanian Christian people, the true worshipper in spirit and in truth. Let Your Son be spirit and truth in the Romanian man; let it be the word and the body into the Romanian people, on the Romanian people, on the Romanian land, the chosen land, the land of brightness of Your word, as it is written in the prophets about the country of the brightness on the earth.

And You, Son of the Father, Bridegroom sent from heaven on earth, You should be a good Shepherd; You should be a sweet word and to shepherd the nations of the earth from the throne of Your glory; You should shepherd them with an iron staff, with Your everlasting word, Lord, as Romania is the throne of Your word, and the river of life runs from Your throne, which is the word of God on earth. Oh, You become a book on the earth, Lord, and this miracle is a great mystery, this book, the book from heaven on earth, a book lowered from heaven over those without a book, over the mindless man, Lord, a book from heaven on the earth, so that the man may take it into him, so that he may have mind; for the man to have book, Lord, to have You, as You become book and You share Yourself on the earth. Your saints are in Your coming. Your saints are with You into Your book.

Oh, daughter Romania, you should be as pure a virgin as I was. You should always be born a virgin; you should always be born of the word, as the Lord’s grace rose over you, country queen, country bride, the first on the earth! The Lord was born in the flesh into the people of Israel, the one that crucified the Lord, and out of the crucifying people a chosen remnant arose, chosen by grace as the interceder for the crucifying people. But in you, Romanian people, the Lord was born as word to make you into a nation, which gives light to the world, testifying about light, as John was testifying the light about Christ. You are the land, which shines, as look the Lord is brightness in you, as the word of God, which shines in you, is your brightness, Romania country. Oh, it is sun in you; the Lord is word in you, the Lord, the shining sun, seven times brighter. That is why you are the country of the brightness; the Lord shines from you as word, and you are, and he, who loves you, loves you after the justice. Come my love, for the creation of the new age over the earth! Come, as I came then and I was your godfather on the day of your engagement, and behold, I am with you from the Lord, the Jerusalem from above, to be the godfather on your wedding day, together with Verginica, the trumpet which announces the wedding of the new age. Come to the everlasting wedding, bride country, queen country among the countries, as this is how You were pleased Lord, and great is Your mystery in this people on the Romanian land.

Oh, glory to You, the One Who made the heaven and the earth in the beginning and on the end, as You are the Alpha and the Omega, and You work in the end as in the beginning. Glory to You, the One, Who made the Romanian heaven and earth, to the glory of Your word on the earth, Lord, as Your saints give You glory from Romania, the land of Your brightness, and its tribe will be like the stars of the sky before You, a new man before You, Lord, Amen.

— Oh, you are blessed, My apostle, who has seen and loved Me and has followed Me since then and until now! But happier are those who do not see Me and love Me and believe in Me and follow Me believing into My word. Blessed are you, who saw Me and believed Me, but more blessed are those who believe in My word, in the Shepherd enshrouded by His mystery, as the Romanian land had the anointment of the Holy Spirit over it, and the Holy Spirit preached the parables of the kingdom of the heavens, who will be the truth in it,


I am victorious for My Romanian people, and the Romanian people is victorious for Me, as it has kept the image of the kingdom of the heavens in its belly like no one else, and behold, I have sons of it, sons which have My image in them, My living life in them.


But you, Romania, you have My people in your midst, which gives you from Me for you to have knowledge and to know the time of you love, for your time with Me has come, and I, the Lord, let you know about it, amen, as this is what I told to My Father: «I thank You, Father Lord, that You hid these things from the wise and understanding, and revealed them to infants, Father of the heaven and earth, for so was well-pleasing in Your sight. All things have been delivered to Me by My Father. No one knows the Son, except the Father; neither does anyone know the Father except the Son, and he to whom the Son desires to reveal him». My Father hid the mystery of My coming; He hid it from the Israel people, who called itself wise because of the word of God for it, and He has revealed it to the Romanian people, which was born Christian on the earth, through My death and resurrection, for I, the Son of the Father, wanted the Romanian people to know the Father as I know Him, for I do not speak from Myself, but rather I speak everything that My Father gives Me, and they are from the Father.

Let all the earth from margins to margins sharpen its hearing at My word, which speaks from heaven and tells about the Mystery of the Romanian people, a people born Christian, the only one people on the earth, which has its beginning in Christ, the only people which has had its right faith from its swaddles into the middle of the nations without God on the earth; a people with the birth certificate from Christ, and a people born after the spirit of My apostles that I establish as a new beginning on the earth, for it is written: «It is not the children of the flesh who inherit the promises, but it is the children of the promise that have the promises».


I have told you, Romanian Israel, that you are My true Romania between heaven and earth, and the whole Romania and the entire people, which wants to be Romanian people, will be born of you, for the name of Romanian is the new name of the people chosen by God, and which the Scriptures write about: «I will give them a new name and a new heart».

Behold, I reveal to you, Romanian Israel, the Scripture, which says this: «To him who overcomes I will give of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name, which no one knows but only he who receives it. And I will write on it the name of God and the name of the citadel of God, of the New Jerusalem, which is coming down from heaven, from God and My new name». Amen. And the one who does not believe in this Scripture, which I reveal today, to be known and believed, for him it will remain the testimony against his unbelief into the word of this Scripture revealed for the whole world. Amen.

I am with the saints, martyrs that came from heaven for the opening of this Scripture. I am with the martyr Gheorghe, (Saint George, r.n.) the victory bearer, who accompanied the Romanian waivodes in their fight of victory for the salvation of the Romanian people, the people chosen by God in the end, for it is written: «To the one who overcomes I will give of the hidden manna, and I will give him a little white stone, a new heart and a new name, of New Jerusalem, and My new name», the name of the Romanian. Amen. But why this name? Here is why: The Romanian people in Romania are the people that overcame for Me. It has been stricken and crucified as I was, it, and the land under it. The evil spirit opposing to Me knows of the mystery of this land of the beginning of the earth; it knows from the first created man; it knows the place where I build the first created man; it knows from the man that I created. Since then and until today My adversary has been striking into this land and in whatever is on it, for this land and everything that is on it is Mine more than anything on the earth. The man on this earth, the true man, wanted Me; he had Me with him on this earth and My adversary has seen Me with My work always in man, and he has always been striking Me and My man from this earth. The man of My earth has not wished anyone’s evil on the earth; he has not gone wrong to anyone, as I have always been breathing with the spirit of My will over the Romanian people faithful to Me. But the thief has been coming from everywhere to defeat the Romanian and to take the land from under him, to defeat the Romanian people, but the Romanian people has overcome with Me and not without Me. I was its seal, and this seal has been working on it like a shield, because this people was born under My seal that I put on it before its birth through My first called apostle, Andrew, the apostle of John the Baptizer, the first one who came under the seal of the apostleship, a disciple with a spirit of a prophet, for it is written into the Scripture: «He who believes in the prophets, will have the reward of a prophet, and will do the work of a prophet». This apostle prophet overcame for the birth from above of the Romanian people, and then the Romanian people has prevailed over My adversary and his, for he has stayed under My seal. And why do I say that he overcame? If he had not overcome within Me, I would have not had you today as Christian, Romanian Israel, people of My word, for you are of your parents a son of the waivodes faithful to Christ in the Romanian people.

The martyr Gheorghe, bearer of victory, as the Christians of his time called him, fought for the Romanian people, for he sees from heaven and from near Me, whom I have as people from the Father for My second coming on the earth. He helped the Romanian waivodes to be the bearers of victory, as he was. He struck with his sword, not made by a human hand, the Romanian people’s enemy, and this nation is the bearer of victory, for its waivodes have had God with them and in them, and they have handed Me down from generation to generation so that the Romanian people may have Me until My coming, and it has Me through its fathers, and it is victorious through Christ. Amen. And the Scripture says: «To the one who overcomes, I, the Lord, will give him of the hidden manna and I will give him a white stone and a new heart and a new name, of New Jerusalem, and My new name». My new name is the Word of God. My new name is with the Romanian people, with the Romanian Israel, with the people of My word, which is in the Romanians and out of Romanians. And if the people of the word of God is Romanian, behold also the name of the Word of God, Which is speaking in the Romanian language over the earth, and is calling out its flock in the Romanian language under the shelter of His second coming on the earth with the people. Amen.

My word makes a new heart in the Romanian man and in every man who lets himself be new in his heart at My Romanian voice, the voice of My new Israel, and the hidden manna is this spring which flows freely into the midst of the Romanian people; it is the renewed teaching of the kingdom of the heavens on the earth with the people. The hidden manna is the mystery of the Scriptures, unsealed by now, hidden by now for the human mind. The hidden mind is for those who overcome for Me and for My coming, for the fulfillment of the Scriptures of My second coming on the earth, and to the one who overcomes, to the one who has the hidden manna over him, it follows the gift of the white stone and the written name on it, that no one knows but the receiver.


I come down with My bride from heaven at My bride on the earth. I come down to you, people Jerusalem on the Romanian land, and I work as in the beginning, for I start with the beginning, as the Romanian land was the beginning of the earth, and I work the same way in the end at the making of new heaven and of new earth, which will be for the righteous ones.


Oh, My people out of Romanians! If when I made the heaven and the earth by My word out of waters and spirit, and I took the first patch of land out of waters and I called it then the Romanian land, a mystery that has remained between Me and the Father until the end of the time, when I came on earth and took a body from the Virgin by the seed of the Holy Spirit, behold, this mystery that has not been known by the man for such many thousands years, it is made now clear by My word, the word, which made the heaven and the earth in the beginning. The Romanian land was the beginning of the earth taken out of waters, and the entire Romanian land is the beginning that came out of fire, for it will be a citadel of refuge, a green oasis, which I, the Lord, protect it by a great miracle, by the word of My making, which starts as in the beginning, when I took dust from the Romanian land and I made the man by My own hand and I breathed word with My mouth over him, and the spirit of life came into him, and the man knew like God, and he was My rest between heaven and earth.