The Word of God for Romania

I have descended upon My manger; I have descended with a seat of angels. I put My seal again upon Israel, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. This is the seal and the sign through which, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, come down and work upon Israel, which turns forty years; forty years of food by the word of this work.

Peace to you, watchmen of the manger where My word comes down! Here is what I do: I build Myself as a word before you, My people. I build Myself into My garden and I become word. I create Myself and I call Myself the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13, r.n.) and the word remains on your table, in your heart and in My book from Israel, in My history of word during this time. My word remains with you, Israel, and you should fulfill it, son, as there is no one to fulfill My word on the earth. My word was built by the prophets as they wrote My word, and I fulfilled it. Well sons, My word was through Verginica, and you listened to it, My people; you have listened to if for such a long time, as I have built Myself before you by the word.

Jerusalem, people of Israel, I have been with you for forty years, and I have sent a voice of trumpet upon you to gather you together now at the great celebration, as I, the Lord, open the seals of the book, and I will celebrate this book, which is called the Word of God. But you have no more time to learn from this book, and that is why I have come before you. I take the sons of My garden and I come down with them into your way, at the lap of the mountain, as you are My mountain, and you have peak and you have laps. You have no more time to learn to do the things from the book. The time of learning has been until now. Now it is a celebration of passing. You have to fulfill this book, again and again, and that is why I have come down now. I have come down to speak a word to you. And what kind of a word? A word to be fulfilled! Be careful, as Moses fasted forty days to speak to Me and then to sanctify himself and to remain into Me. Elijah fasted forty days to speak with Me and to take him up by a heavenly chariot and heavenly horses. Son, Verginica fasted forty days and then I descended in her and I made her the spring of the river of life, and you drank from this river. I am the river of life, and I sprang from Verginica into your way, as I turned her into a rock and a rock foundation, and I came and touched it with My staff, and the spring of the river of life gushed out of it, and you drank Israel from the river of life. If you have not known by now what you drank from this rock, behold, I tell you today what you drank from. You drank from the river of life, the river that the Scriptures write about. And how comes that? I came down and I overcome the world from you, and I overcome the unbelief from you, and I pointed with My hand and I showed you My spring and I gave it you to drink from and come to live; and to give you a way of heaven under your feet, son. I stayed with the little path toward heaven into your way, and I have always showed it to you, and I have always exhorted you toward heaven. The river was flowing to you, as I turned Verginica into a riverbed. Oh, what I have not made of her to stay before you! In the time of Moses I was working under cover. I was covered by a cloud of mist or by air, and Moses listened to My voice and then he was telling My word to the people; and I worked then as the man was. During the time of Elijah I worked likewise and I hid Myself into the wind and I spoke with Elijah. I spoke with the prophets likewise too! With Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I worked the same. Behold, Israel, how many sons of faith! And you have been written today and chosen to hear My voice and My voice upon you, and now I put the book into your arms, as if I has been to fragment it until now, you would have not been My people now, because the time and its sons would have been broken you into pieces, but I gave order that the seals of the book might be open; however, I am worthy to take it and open these seals. I said shortly before: „Woe to him who dies before the opening of the book!”. And here is why I have come. I have come to tell you to rise well, well, Israel, before opening of the book, and to be great in holiness from now on, and to be good from now on; as good as you have never been, as My book from your time is being opened. Be careful My people, as it is not a joke, and from now on it is about to rise. Rise, rise, Jerusalem, as God’s glory comes and covers you! Rise and rejoice over resurrection, and let the death no longer be in you from now on, as he, who causes death in you from now on, will be more pitiful than any other sinner.

Call out the trumpet upon you and prepare yourself by fasting forty days, and we will welcome the feast of the opening of the book, of the opening of the seals of the book, and you are written into this book and are called Israel, the Lord’s people. Let the watchmen come; let your centurions come before you and bring My word to fulfill and to remain forever in the heavenly holiness on the earth and in the spirit of your body, as your body will be seen as My temple in the time that is still left, and the man, who will seek for repentance and salvation, will follow you.

Son, My people, you should fast for forty days; you should no longer give yourself up to food for forty days. I will give you great power, son, My people. I will give you heavenly satiety, Israel, My loved son. Eat bread after the day is passed. Eat wheat son, as Ruth did, the daughter of Moab, who found mercy in Israel picking up wheatears after the reapers. Ruth was a relative to Abraham’s family, and I added her to Israel and I counted her into the number of My ancestors after the flesh. Behold what feasting does; as it led this daughter to the God of Israel. The man, who eats wheat, becomes god in spirit and body, as the mystery of the wheatear is as great as from here to heaven, son, My people; there is a great power in man. I trained My apostles into this mystery, and I also want to train you, Israel of today, people of the apostles from the end. I want you to eat wheat as well, and I will give you much, much health, if you listened to Me to love this food; and I will give you a spirit of holiness, as the living wheat grain will work in you and will make Me grow in you; and you will love Me with much grace and much love. I come to prepare you well and to teach you to eat the seed of wheat and the seed of oil, milk and honey (Spirituals, r.n.) from those that I grew up for the saint on the earth. I come and build Myself by the word before you and I give you teaching of wisdom of an endless life, as you are to pass a bridge with Me, so that you may not remain and taste from the end of the world too. Behold, the world remains on the earth and will serve antichrist, but I will be with you, and I will sanctify your body and mind and I will bless your bread and water and your seed of wheat and oil, and I will bless your clean fruit, clean food from earth and blessed by Me. Fasting is useful only to those that love to fast. During the time of the clean fasting the devils do no longer have the courage upon you, but the angels take delight in those that fast. During the fasting all prides, claims and rope that is hidden in the man must disappear, but the man of the world of today does not know the point and the power of fasting. The fasting heals the man and feeds him spiritually. All the body of the man goes to healing by fasting. The man does not believe that all the sickness of the body and of the soul comes by food and from the belly with food. The man does no longer believe so. The man says that he has no vitamins if he does not eat; this is what the man of the sciences says. Oh, and he is right, but he does not know how to get them. Oh, if the man kills the food (Boil or fry food, r.n.) and only after that eats it, and if he does this with all the life from food, where should the food get life and strength from? The food fleshly work, and fasting is spiritual work, sons. The prophets had their fasting in their life, and that is why the Holy Spirit was speaking upon them. Who, Israel, shall believe any longer that My voice with you is the Holy Spirit upon you? You, My people, had a tradition for fasting and food, for living and consecration. You are blessed if you listened to Me! Behold, if you did not listened to Me in everything, from now on listen to Me My people; listen to Me in everything up to the bridge and then you will see why you have listened to Me.

I will tell it to the world that there is God. You will see what I am about to tell the world that God is and how is He. Settle down, Israel, My bride, as the world will see that you have a Bridegroom and that you loved your Bridegroom. The Bridegroom of the world is sin, but the Bridegroom of the Christian is the Lord, Jesus Christ. My people, you are My bride, son. You should be a clean bride, son, and My people, as woe to the one who will be put on the left when we will step on the bridge, when we pass through the little door of happiness! Clean yourself well, Israel, and clean your feelings, and feel Me with them, as I am close to you, and you love Me with them, so that you may not remain without Me, son and My bride. I am without sin and I want My bride to be the same, as I took you out of the world to make you worthy of Me, My people and My bride. I took you from the Romanian people and I want to make from the Romanian people wedding guests at My wedding with you, Israel, loved bride by God.

Oh, Romanian, Romanian Christian, remember Me, Romanian, My chosen people! Oh, perhaps that some ugly word enchanted you and you took it over on your tongue and it seemed sweet to you and you ate it and you clothed by the fruit of this word! Perhaps it came to you that stranger and whispered into your ear this word: civilization. There is no such a word with Me, and this word was not in the book of your language either. But this word is paganism. Nothing of this word with a hidden face is from God. And who saves you now from this sweetness anymore? Oh, here is what happened to you, Romanian, as the flies are attracted by this sweetness and they eat from you and leave you deprived of Me. Behold what a word, what a language foreign to Me: civilization! Romanian, you should serve God, Romanian, My people, as you have anointment from your beginning, Romanian Christian; you have My sign on you, and this sign is: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. You should not serve your body, as you commit sin in your body if you serve this way. You should serve the Spirit of God with your mind, as you give forth heaven, holiness and true life by your spirit. Oh, Romanian people, you got civilized and have departed from God. I gave you birth from the Holy Spirit at My birth from the Virgin. I was born a baby and you were born a people in one day, on the day of My word that was proclaimed upon you, Romanian and Christian country! Oh, do you know what Romanian means? You do not know what this word, Romanian, means. In what language shall I speak to you, so that you may understand Me as at your beginning, Romanian, My people? Oh, you got into your box, (Residential buildings, r.n.) Christian, and you no longer have a courtyard and grass, trees and wood, glade and honey little houses, hoe and harrow, and you are no longer Romanian. You are German, as you went after the German feasts. You are French as you put on a French coat. You are Englishman as you confused your very sweet language. You are Turk as you did as Israel did, which mixed up with them in one body on their way. You are American because you forgot your age, which is as old as Mine, and you forgot your ancestors that you have under your lineage. You are American as though you no longer have forefathers and ancestral beauty. You forgot your grandfathers, Romanian people. Oh, Romanian, why do you no longer speak

Romanian, son of Mine and of your grandfathers? You do no longer speak beautifully, and behold, I speak Romanian, as the Romanian language is beautiful on earth and in heaven. Your language is no longer beautiful today. You have confused it by loan words from the people foreign to your language, and it was not nice what you have done. Oh, where is your Christian language? I have let you known about the kingdom of the heavens since your birth, and I have dressed you in white cloth of baptism and I have taught you the prayer „Our Father”, and I have sent you the heavenly language, the language of the Gospel of the kingdom of heavens on your land. I have sent you a clean son, born of Me, (Apostle Andrew, the first called to the apostleship, r.n.) to make you a bride for Me, Romanian people, and he brought you a robe woven of water, spirit and blood, and I gave you a new name and I called you Romanian. My Holy Spirit called you by a new name, Christian country, as My godfather gave Me the name Jesus Christ. This is how God gave you the name of Romanian at your baptism. And this is how all the nations have been blessed into the name of Abraham by the name of Israel; the same is now, Israel of today; all the nations will be blessed into your new name that you have got from Me two thousand years, as every man, who dresses with the little robe of the Christian, will be called Romanian.

Oh, I come to call you. Your beginning and My first love for you is calling you, as I pronounce the sentence of the sin and the Gospel of the creature’s resurrection into your language, and you, Romanian, have hated your own language, My Gospel, and you have taken in it from other nations that do not have your anointment. It is only you that you have had the anointment even since your swaddles; only you among the peoples of the time; only you, Romania, the land of My coming back. That is why I gave you birth and I have prepared you, both at your beginning and in your end, and why have you forgotten your language and your Gospel? Why? Oh, this is immorality. You have done as the pagan nations did? You have made factories of smoke and enterprises of death, to prepare the death of your body, and the small man in you does not know what you do upon him. You became a master over the man, Romanian, My people, but I made the man to be free and not the man’s slave. You have also learned the pagan way and science, and it has not led you to the good, and rather it has led you to lie and death. But I come to set you free. You are My chosen people; you are the man born from above at My birth and yours, as Father gave us both birth at the same time, Bridegroom and bride from heaven, from water, spirit and blood.

I set over you kings and waivodes, brave and full of My Spirit, and when you went wrong I would punish you by My tool. I would punish you according to your staying with Me and I would comfort you according to your faithfulness, so that I may not lose you from My arms, and that I may not remain with empty hands without bride. Oh, you have stripped of Me and I forsook you. I stay hidden from your face and I wait for the moment of your redemption. Wake up, I call you! Do you hear My voice? Get up and go after the one that is sold and expelled, as your anointment is on his head. (The King Michael, r.n.). When he was exiled by you, (By the Communist regime that came with Russian tanks, r.n.) I gave him all your anointment and he left with it on his forehead and not a wicked one lost the one of yours that wonders away.

Oh, Romanian people, your voivode is crying in the middle of Egypt; (Exile, r.n.) your king is crying, Romanian; he cries and blesses you always crying, so that you may not perish; he cries and prays with all of his heart, as David, My anointed one did, when he wrote his prayers on earth. You king is crying, Romanian, as he was taken away his house and his country and his kindred, and no one really wants him from among those that struggle for him, as they do not do My will on earth, and he will overcome by My will against the man who is against God; he will overcome by My sanctified people, and your king will come to Me and to you, My Romanian people. Oh, he was thrown away from his place, and since then it has not been going well with you, as you removed the small one far away to be eaten by the beasts. You did like Joseph’s brothers, who casted the little one away, and since then you have been a slave, as Israel had been as slave in Babylon.

Oh, Romanian, Romanian, are you really a people with a wicked soul? You are not with a wicked soul, but why did you cast away the one that I gave birth for you? Who taught you to do so? I punished and I still punish those that took you out from the man with a good soul to a man with a ruthless soul. Oh, it is not allowed for a brother to kill his brother, Romanian Israel. God does not allow you to destroy and murder. I forgave you and I will refresh you with the Holy Spirit, but wash away of this outrageous sin, as I wrote in My commandments that you should not kill, that you should not give false testimony against your neighbor, and that you should not covet your neighbor’s house. I did not tell you to cut your head off, and why did you do it? You cut your head off and put something else in its place. (The communist dictatorship, r.n.) I did not tell you to cast away your anointed and why did you do it? And where is the anointed of this people? Oh, I have protected him as he cried out to Me for him and for you. I have never had a people without a shepherd and a shepherd without a people.

Wash your sin away, Romanian, and repent as by your deeds you prove that you are the son and the daughter of those who agreed to the evil deed by which My anointed ones from you may be killed and casted away. Behold, I come and breathe upon you with My word. Take on you the holy garments, Romanian, My people. Where is your costume of Romanian, Christian? Oh, you are a pagan people according to your costume. Your grandfathers look for you to see you, to know you among those from the earth, and they do not see you. The whole heaven bears the name of the Romanian on their lips and in their singing. The whole heaven and all the angels sing the song of the Romanian crown. Only the Romanian is no longer shown to be seen by his grandfathers. Romanian, where is your Romanian shirt? Seek well to find your little shirt, Romanian son, as I open the book and you will see where the world, pagan in image and in its costume, goes. Receive My image, the image of your grandfathers, but you should not hide yourself under My image to tell Me that you are Christian and you are not Christian.

Oh, you do not know what I have prepared for you, Romanian. I have in you a little and tiny people. I have taken it out of you and I have brought it under the ray of My word, and I have grown it up in spirit and word; moreover, I have kept it hidden from Herods and Judases, and I have gone through it through the wilderness of disbelief, (From under the dictatorship of the communist „read beast”, r.n.); and I take it over and put it into the lamp stand to give you light and for you to take after its life and to make out of it a model of life without death upon you. Oh, Romanian son, how little you are! Why are you so little, so spiritless? Oh, the sin is not good. It has separated you from Me; it is not good. It has separated you from cleanness and united you with the immorality, Romanian son.

My word comes on the wind; it comes with the wind; it comes with Me to you in the still breeze, Romanian, My people. It comes in a gentle breeze, as it went to Abraham, to Moses, to Elijah. I speak otherwise with the pagan world. I speak by deeds with the pagan world. I proclaimed and I still proclaim today by the prophets. I proclaim plagues over the pagan world, and the word becomes deed. I speak to the world by thunders, but thunderbolts, by flood, by earthquakes, by fire, by a bad slap, by lack of wisdom upon the world.

Oh, Romanian people, I have nothing to do with the people with schools; I have no work for them. The school is holiness, and those that are learned from the earth do not have the training of holiness and its work. I can do nothing with those that have schools; I cannot. I can teach them nothing but about Saul who had education and persecuted Me because of his so much learning, and after that I appointed him to preach Me to those of other nations and I humbled him becoming Myself a victor in him. This is how I overcame Saul, the one that was educated on earth. I have nothing to do with those that are proud, with those that are haughty in their mind. I need a poor man in his spirit. The one that is haughty is a god to himself. I have nothing to do with the haughty one. I have nothing to do with the one that is dyed, with the one that is madeup, as dying is a dirty thing that covers the wickedness, the ugliness and the lying, so that they may not be seen. Make-up is a dyed countenance to cover the ugly face. I stay hidden from your face and wait the moment of your redemption, Romanian, My Christian. Wake up! Do you hear My voice?

Wash your sin away Romania, and repent! I am ready to forgive your sin!

I have in you a man that is anointed by Me, a man in My plan from over you. I made a wonderful thing in you and I brought you a little white stone, and I want to write your name on it, and I want you to know My spring. I have in you a little white and holy stone with many eyes in you, and I have the seven godly spirits written on it, and on its top is written: The Word of God. And I have had during this time a witness at the rock of this spring, to give you a rock of spring, Romanian people. I took this witness and I commanded him to strike with the staff into this rock, so that the river of life might spring out before you, My people, Christian Romanian. I have a son that is anointed by My word of nowadays from the sons of the church of the world. (Bishop Irineu-Bistriţeanul, r.n.)

Oh, My Peter of today, the one that put My church on the rock by your testimony! Oh, Irineu, a word of peace over the church, My Peter of today, I thank you because you came on the water to Me, but you doubted on your way to Me. But I will strengthen the water under your feet and you will not sink. I thank you that you helped Me to raise My church on its first stone, on its first deed. Peace to you! Your name means peace. Peace to you, My anointed one of today! I thank you son; I thank you with all the heaven, with My twelve apostles, who laid down the foundation stone for My church; I thank you that you listened to the courage that I gave you, and raised My church to its place, so that I may put it into the lamp stand. My church from the beginning was ruined as there was no one to put it back on the stone. I thank you and I call you My blessed one. I call you too blessed for your purpose from Me. Behold, some have spoiled the church, and others have built it back. When I could, I made of you a hand stretched out to the church of the world. I anointed you and I put you on the throne of the church and I made of you a hand stretched out to the church of the world. When I could, I made room for Myself. I can no longer stretch the hand out to the church of the world that has departed from Me. I am ashamed with it before My Father. It is full of sodomy, masturbation, fornication, belly and lawlessness. Only the belly and the lawlessness were left out of it. Look, I will give it something more; I give it the book of My word of today, My seat of judgment and I ask her: why did you leave Me? Why did she let herself bought by the spirit foreign to Me?

Son anointed by Me within this time; anointed by God’s word! I do not write to you staggering. My enemies and yours rejoice in vain over you. I do not appoint you staggering, as the man of the worldly church has taken away My spring from you and has taken away your steps. If you tell Me now that you do no longer believe the work of My word, I do not write you denial, but I write it to those that love to hear you saying that you deny the work of My word. Your heart does not resemble their heart. You do not have any room as you are among the people. The people do not know what God is, but you know from Me what God is and what life is, life without death. Oh, only if the man of the church knew from Me what God is and what life without death is! Life without death is holiness in body, in mind and in soul; it is a life of eternal Eden in the body. This means life without death. The man, who loves his life, listens to the word of God, believes it and fulfills it. I would like son, to reconcile Romania to Me, Son of God. I would like Romania to come to repentance and to make out a birth certificate from above, from water, spirit and blood; an agreement of reconciliation to God. I would like My Romania to know and to believe that you are My anointed and you are My word upon it. Oh, what a beautiful salvation I wanted and want to do through you upon My Romania, My chosen people! I do not tell you any more «Get up and come!», as you are a slave and you cannot, but I tell you to stay with Me, with Me into you, until I will give you back the path to My spring. I thank you for your work with My word, as I reached out My hand, so that the one who wanders away without Me may get up out of his downfall. I thank you son for the sufferance of your spirit, inflicted by those that are not faithful to My word. I thank you seventy times seven, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. And I will work with the whole heaven over Romania, My chosen people, and every Christian will be called Romanian, as I have My sign in the Romanian people; I have the people of My word, the mountain of My Zion, and all the nations will receive My law from this mountain, from My Siloam of today, and I will baptize the one who believes, in the healing water of the new Siloam, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I will baptize some by the water of the Holy Spirit, and others by the fire of the Holy Spirit. I will work by water and fire upon the wheat and chaff and I will strengthen My work and I will undo its scroll. The heaven is waiting for the unfolding of the scroll of book.

Romanian, Christian Romanian, take your Romanian costume on you! Take, Romanian son, your baptismal garment on you and stand before Me, as I come to you, Romanian people and I will raise from you a people of apostles of God’s word! Amen, amen, amen.

My watchmen, I stay a little longer above My manger. I still remain with My Israel; I stay a little longer. I still have a little word upon Israel. Israel, what are you doing, son? Oh, I have always cried because you did not want to read the Scripture, and I have always told you to read it, and I have always asked your rulers to teach you the lesson of the Scripture. If you had read the Scripture you would have seen what sin was and you would have no longer done it. You are ungrateful concerning the Scripture and you will not be able to tell Me that you have not got the Scripture. Behold, My book of today is one with the Scripture. That is why I have come with this work, as you did not want to read it and to understand the Scripture. In the Scripture it is written well about the sin and about the reward of the sin. There is also written that the repentance is the end of the sin, but not only for a while. Did you know that it is written so in the Scripture? I knew that I needed you to be holy, and that is why I asked you to read the Scripture and to stay with Me in a spirit of repentance.

The sinful woman was not convicted by anyone, and I also told her: «Neither do I condemn you. Go your way. From now on, sin no more». This is what you also had to do when you came to Me to forgive you. You should sin no longer then, Israel. I did not condemn you, but you should have not sinned any longer afterwards. He, who came to Me, came not to sin anymore, but you have sinned after that and have committed shameful deeds before the heaven, as you were to destroy all My work, if I was not working as in heaven with justice. It is otherwise with Me. To be Mine means not to sin anymore; not to live within the lusts and fleshly desires; this means to be Mine. Otherwise you belong to the flesh. Behold, you have reasons for crying and I will wash your garment with your tears, son. Yah! As you do not cry. You should cry and get up in the last hour, son. I see today that you still have a shameful lust in your mind. Saint Martinian threw himself into the fire to cast the body of the shameful lust away from him. And what do you do? You confess that you have a shameful lust. I come and tell you to clean yourself through tears and heavenly love and not by fleshly love and shameful folly. Oh, why do you not want to die? Behold, you have not died by now and you have not crucified yourself by now. I told you son, to die, and you did not listen to Me, as if you had listened to Me, you would have died long ago, and now you would have been alive. Son, the sin is committed by sense, by mind, Israel. Receive Me into your mind and talk with Me in your prayer and counsel. You say that you have fear of God, but you do not know what it means to have fear of God; you do not know. If you have no fear, you have no restraining from the evil things. And if you do so, rather stay at home and do no longer go to the Christians, as there is no more time to go astray by the shameful lust. Oh, I am sorry that you did not sanctify your mind, your heart and your love, as if you had done this, now you would have been the healer. I forgave the thief on the cross in the moment when he repented of his wicked deeds and believed in Me, and I gave him the heaven for his repentance. But you, My people, you have known Me for a long time and you had a long time to repent. Repentance means to sin no more, to deny of your own self and follow Me in a conduct of clean and holy cross, not of a dirty cross son.

Well, My apostles, My workers, gather the flock of Israel together and cleanse it of its sins by now. Stand as witnesses, My watchmen from the garden of My word. You, the three sons anointed in My garden, stand as witnesses during this time when the people will gather together, and I will declare upon it a spirit of repentance, remission of sins and reconciliation to God, as behold sons, we have forty days of clothing with holiness. Tell the people of Israel no to sin anymore by sense and mind. I will put one like that away from Me, if he still eats the dirty things that defile My place of Christian. That one will remain a man without spirit, and I will deform him to show him to you. I want Israel to be holy. If he had not been holy by now as God asked, let My people be holy in his mind, in his heart, in his love and in his body. He, who does not want, he cannot. He, who wants, I will help him and I will have mercy on him by helping him with angels and saints.

Sons, do not trust children. Do not let the children set My work on fire. Do the work of a watchman, as I am full of swellings from your children. Oh, that the Christian did not want to believe that the school of the world kills the sons of My people! But he, who loves Me, is not overcome by the sin. Why is he not? Because he loves Me, because he does not want to take Me out of him.

Oh, sons, do not cast Me away from you. The end of the world is coming. I will not be able to protect you from the end if you are not clean for Me. The Scripture, which says: «One will be taken and the other will be left» does not lie. Be awake and attentive to these words.

The servant who helps Me to do the work of repentance upon My people, and the sons of My garden will stand as witnesses in that moment, and after that you should no longer sin in your bodies, sons. Receive with love the lesson of the fast, and work out the time of the fast with great joy; moreover, work with the prayer full of hope. We will meet together after the time of the fasting and we will open the seals of the book and I will have the Holy Spirit come down upon My people. There will come a clean people; clean, and weak in its flesh and body. Let these not go astray when they come, as woe to you if error is to come from you. Receive My lesson, and may your holy food of the fasting be blessed! Let your fasting be accompanied by spiritual praises, by holy services and by prayers of reconciliation to God. I ask the servant who helps Me with the people to make prayers with the people: to get together now and again in the place where I come together with My people and to bring prayers to the heaven in the midst of the people. Let them not get tired and work at My word, and not at the word of the weak people. Do no longer go to this servant, you who do not want to listen to the word of this work. You, who work otherwise or something else than My word, do no longer go! Let this be for those who obey and sanctify themselves. Oh, My servant, listen to Me, son, not to the one who makes you get out of My law given for the holiness of My people. The others, who have not come well to life, let them go to the priests of the world. And you, My watchmen, search out well the steps of My people, and keep this servant of Mine away from those with an unsteady spirit. Amen.

My people, this is the day of your rising, and from now on, do no longer sin! Sons, pull yourselves together! You are at the end of the battle line. Choose the holy things and take holiness on you and separation from the world and from the spirit of the world.

I sound the trumpet upon Israel. Israel, you should come together at the feast of My Passover of forty years with you, as My word into your midst has been a feast of resurrection, sanctified Jerusalem. Prepare yourself cleanly, with a little clean garment, son from Israel. Prepare psalms; and you also should prepare a song of celebration and a crown for you, son. Come together within this preparation and separate yourselves from the minds that are not pleased to God. Give Me your hearts. I will come into them and I will lead you to the bridge that will appear at the end of the path. The book is opened and this Scripture is coming into fulfillment. Let the people and its teachers come together to prepare the feasting of the opening of the book. Be a people of saints, Jerusalem, so that I may give you what I have prepared for you. Amen, amen, amen.