The Word of God at the feast of the Saint hierarch Spyridon

My word will work the revival so that it may come with Me into the book, children from the gates. I am the Lord, and I wake you up with My word, which made the heaven and the earth and the man at the beginning, and in the end it has made you to be His word, for the Word is God, and everything was made thorough Him and will be made again. Amen, amen, amen.

New heavens and new earth are being made. Everything is born of My word again, for everything has grown old from the man on, because the man has separated himself from God on the earth and he does not know and cannot do, and cannot turn back to Me but only by My word, which comes to him and guides him again for his making and over everything that has been, for the man between heaven and earth is My pain, which stands against Me before the falling of the fallen angels from My glory, and every man has to bow to My voice, to My word, which made the heaven and the earth in the beginning. Amen.

The man, who has grown old in the evil things, does no longer know; he does no longer know My way to him. My word is My way to him, for when I come to the man in another way, he gets scared, and his fear is the lack of God in him, but My Spirit teaches him to believe in Me, Who am his salvation and his help in time of hardships and strength, even if the earth will be turned over and even if the mountains will be cast out into the depth of the sea, for I am into the midst of the citadel, and it will not be shaken, and I speak to the people on earth: «Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.». Amen.

Oh, My people out of Romanians! If when I made the heaven and the earth by My word out of waters and spirit, and I took the first patch of land out of waters and I called it then the Romanian land, a mystery that has remained between Me and the Father until the end of the time, when I came on earth and took a body from the Virgin by the seed of the Holy Spirit, behold, this mystery that has not been known by the man for such many thousands years, it is made now clear by My word, the word, which made the heaven and the earth in the beginning. The Romanian land was the beginning of the earth taken out of waters, and the entire Romanian land is the beginning that came out of fire, for it will be a citadel of refuge, a green oasis, which I, the Lord, protect it by a great miracle, by the word of My making, which starts as in the beginning, when I took dust from the Romanian land and I made the man by My own hand and I breathed word with My mouth over him, and the spirit of life came into him, and the man knew like God, and he was My rest between heaven and earth.

Oh, My people of Romanians, I am into your midst with a feast. I rejoice over a memorial of a holy day over the one among the bishops of the heaven, the great miracle doer, Spyridon. Oh, great is the man who knows God’s making, the Creator, and by believing in Me, he appears to the people as wonderful for My glory, which is no longer sought by the people, for the people stay within a spirit of pride and they have become haughty because of the praises from each other, and they do no longer desire My glory on the earth, but they rather hide it as much as they can, for they are afraid of one another before My glory and they are not afraid of Me, the Wonderful among My saints and by My saints, and even if they are afraid when I shake their whole work to show them their vanity, they stand strong by the spirit of haughtiness, which becomes opposition before Me and they are no longer afraid of Me for their perishing. However, I make My way to them and I reveal Myself as the Wonderful one, for the bishop Spyridon made Me known, a true God in him and a miracle doer through him before the unbelievers. Amen, amen, amen.

— My faith, Lord of the saints, was my love for You, and it was Your love, which had nestled in my heart to love You with it and to make You wonderful before the unbelievers, who were nourished by their haughtiness, Lord. Oh, how patient You are among the unbelievers, until You make room for Yourself with Your wonders through Your saints among the people, by those who are faithful who make room in them for You to live in them with a sweet life, with sweet peace, richness of grace and of Your miracle among them!

I confessed You as true God among the people and I showed You that You are the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man, Lord. I suffered from the unbelief of those who were haughty and who wanted to understand the meanings of Your mysteries, hidden from the man’s mind, and then from the midst of the bishops gathered together within the synod, I took a piece of clay passed through the fire, a brick made by the hand of the man and I held it into my hands before them and I broke into three separate parts, by the miracle of my faith, in water, earth and fire, as they were before the making of the brick, before the water and the clay passed through the fire and became soften after that, and then it was allowed to soak, and then kneaded, moulded and put into a form so that it could be dried again and made useful for building, Lord, Who made the heaven and the earth out of waters by the word, Lord, Who are a consuming fire, and the man does not know what You are and what You do for the man to know You as the true God all the time and over everything always.

I have shown to the unbelievers how You will make the heaven and the earth in the end with the Holy Spirit and with fire, in such a way that You may make them all new again on a new earth, passed through the fire, Lord. Oh, how much fire the man makes on earth and he does not know that if he does so, he asks for You to come with fire so that You may refine them all and to make the heaven and the earth again!

Oh, come Lord, and fulfill Your prophecies for the new heaven and the new earth that rose from holiness, from a new and holy man, new by holiness as we also were, Your saints, who believed in You, the One God, the Creator, confessing You as wonderful among the people by Your saints.

Come, Lord, with the spirit of Your power in Your word, which becomes a river into the Romanian people, and make Your word and the Romanian land a citadel of refuge, clean and watered, and then a green place, a place full of light and peace and of calling of the man to You, wonderful Lord. Come Lord, and separate into the midst of the Romanian land the darkness from the light and the light from the darkness, and make it into a place of Your justice, a place of peace, Lord! Do not let the man of falsehood live on the land of Your glory any longer! Take him out of his darkness and give him sight to see You and to be ashamed of the darkness in him and to come to the spring of Your word and to water from it with faith and with life of Your life then, and do this with the spirit of Your power in Your word over the man, Lord of powers.

Oh, give them holy wisdom and power from You to those who share You as word over the earth, and anoint the eyes and mind of all those who were unfaithful, hostile and proud and make them see and understand and humble themselves, Lord, under the hand of Your power, by which You work the Romanian land as a new heaven and new earth and a New Jerusalem, and the news about it will be spread all over the nations on earth to come and see Your glory and Your people who believes into Your coming as word on earth, for You made the heaven and the earth by Your word, and show to the people that You did it this way. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, this is how I will work, and I will work by fire, for I write the word of the making of the new world by fire.

From the invisible heaven and from the earth, let all the cries of prayers come together for the fulfilling of all the Scriptures of My coming with the endless age! Amen.

Oh, My people, you have been made by My word in your days to pray to God and to remind him of the Scriptures of the promise of the Lord’s coming on the earth with the saints, for behold, I come to you as word and I give Myself away over the earth as the good news of resurrection for the renewal of the creature. Little by little, I dispel from the land of My choice, the entire opposition, which stands against Me by the man’s haughtiness. I will knock down all those who try to stand at the head of the Romanian people stained with the blood of those who have been crying out to Me from the ground to do them justice.

Oh, stand aside, you, who are so much stained, you, who are so haughty, you, who want greatness and ranks, for I lift up the strong by their humility and I give them faith and fear of God and power of My power for them to tear down, at My word spoken into the midst of the Romanian people, all the witchcraft, which darkens the man in his mind and heart and eyes so that he may not see the light and the darkness to separate them and then to be light! Amen.

Oh, I cannot halt Myself until I expose the whole emptiness of the mind and those who have it before Me and before My people on the Romanian land. I will arise and this is what I will do. Amen. Little by little I settle on the Romanian land a great light for all the nations to know that I am a great God and wonderful on the Romanian land and that I will be glorified from it everywhere and over all things, for this is how the Father is well pleased with. Amen.

Now, sons from the gates, make together with My word power for prayer to Me from the midst of the people of My word for My fulfilling into the midst of the Romanian land. Pray, My people, pray to God, for you are My tool, and I will plough with you and I will seed and I will water and bring warmth with you and I will make grow the fruit of the kingdom of the heavens into your midst and over the entire Romanian land, which the Father holds into His hand for My glory and yours, so that all those that are within their darkness to see the Lord’s glory and its new fruit. Amen.