The Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent, of the right faith

This river of word is God’s love Who comes on earth after man to tell him the truth and to show it to him, as the way that goes to the road of life has been covered in order that man may no longer seek after his salvation; however, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of the Father Sabaoth, as in the beginning of the creation of all things, have been sent by the Father to become word in the end too and to make again all things by the word, for those set to be lived by those who are faithful have been shaken more and more from their place, and God has to work because man have spoiled everything, if he has not built on the known foundation, and behold, the Lord is coming, because it is written for Him to come. Amen.

Oh, the Lord is coming and speaking on the earth, and he who hears from My mouth that I am coming, then let that one say: „Come, Lord!” and let him also open for Me to come; to come in and to work, for it is the time for Me, the Lord to work, for man who has set himself everywhere in My place on the seat of the church tries to put aside little by little the holy ordinances from the fathers. Oh, there is no fear of God in people. Even if there comes upon them the wages for their work, people are not worried, they are not afraid. However, I cannot leave the earth without God on it, without God’s Word always today, Who is speaking now as in all the times against the man’s stubbornness. The time is at the end, it is not at the beginning, and even if the beginning has departed so much from the end because of the man’s departure from God, I, the Lord, still come, and by the spoken word, I strengthen on their foundation those set by Me at My beginning with the man two thousand years ago, for many found Me then and many knew Who I was and where I came from and many have loved Me from that time and up to this day, and for them I am coming now as word on earth, because many have loved Me according to the truth and many love Me today likewise, and I am coming to shepherd them; I am coming to be their Shepherd and to keep them on My right side, for their love comforts Me in My pain.

Oh, I am coming from the Father as word on earth to teach the man what fast means, what church means, what salvation means and that he may know these things from Me. When I came two thousand years ago, many found Me, knew Me, appreciated Me and loved Me, as it was for them that I came, not for those who minded further on their own business while they were hearing My voice and when they were seeing My works above the human nature and which proved where I came from and who I was within My coming from the Father to man. I have built on earth by Abraham’s faith, I have built a people whose parents were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I called Jacob Israel. Then I worked into the midst of this much-blessed nation a lot of word from heaven by the spirit of prophecy, as I am working My word now into the midst of a faithful people to Me by the teaching from the fathers. All the time I had been announcing My coming and I had always told the people of Israel that I would come, that I would work, that I would glorify Myself and that I would make new heavens and a new earth; I had been preparing and advising this people and I had kept on preparing the thread of My coming; I had kept on speaking and revealing that I would be working into the midst of this people when I came. It is not for something else that I had separated this people Israel from the other nations on earth; oh, it is not because of that, but only because I had to come on earth after five thousand years from the man’s creation and from his fall from God then, for I did not create the man to die, to fall, but I rather created him as My house and I longed to rest in him after that. Oh, how was God supposed to show the face of His love, His Being, made out of love, if He had not created the man to give him His entire love and to make Himself known as God? Then He decided to make the heaven and the earth and all that are, and then man, to set in him and upon him His love and then the man to confess God as his love and as his spring of love. Oh, it is for that that God created His people among the nations of the earth in the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then their people after them. With much workmanship, I took Abraham from his land and I set him in a new land and I let My voice come upon him and spoke My blessing upon him and upon My seed blessed through him. I had worked step by step then the way of My coming into the midst of the Israel people, and by the word spoken through the prophets I made My coming on earth, My descent in the body of a Virgin to be born of her as the child of the Father and of her and to grow up into the midst of Israel that I called My people, to prove My origin and My divinity into its midst, and all the nations of the earth have known since then and up to this day that Israel was My people and it did not receive Me when I came; and more than that, it rose against Me by those who ruled upon it and they took Me away from them; Israel took Me away of its house, for it wanted to be the master over the earth.

Oh, Israel received Me, neither when I was born and nor when I was resurrected. From My birth and up to My death on the cross and then further to My resurrection, Israel had not been able to receive Me, but rather this people condemned Me to be cruci-fied. However, I gave birth to a people from above by My word over some people in its midst, whom I made the disciples of My love for man, and with them I went from place to place, making a way for Me with the miracles I did beyond nature over the weak people of Israel, until the day when I let Myself be caught and taken to its chiefs on the mount of Golgotha to be beaten in nails on the cross, and I stayed three days in a borrowed grave and after that I got up victoriously from the dead; I went into their dwelling place and I appeared before them to tell them who I was, for I was the One promised to Israel to come as the man’s Savior and Liberator, and then I did My work for which I had come. I have raised saints behind Me, and then the people of My saints have multiplied from one to another and from them I have kept from time to time the Christian people and its flock faithful to Me; however, in all the time, paid shepherds have been sneaking into the flock and becoming rulers upon it in My place and they have always shaken My things that I have established through the saints once and for all, and it has happened to those who have been good and faithful of My flock, shepherds and sheep, as it happened to Me; they have been taken out and given to be crucified, and behold, the rulers over the Christian people did and do what the people of Israel did to Me, to rule in My place, and the Holy Spirit to be silent and not taken into consideration, so that only they could speak in the name of the Holy Spirit as they want.

Oh, the way was covered and it has been covered all the time the way that leads to the spirit of life and to the obedience on it for the man to have life and to have it in abundance; however, I, the Lord, am coming with My river of word, with God’s love, which is coming on earth to tell the truth to man, for those ordained by the saints to be done and lived by those who are faithful to Me are shaken more and more from their place and God has to work if man spoils, if he does not build on the foundation well established and well known, and behold, the Lord is coming because it is written for Him to come. Amen.

On this Sunday, the first one of the Lent, it stands established by the saints and by the fathers the Sunday of the Orthodoxy. Oh, how shall I, the Lord, not deliver My speech over this day of memorial left by the fathers? Under the work and under the coming of the Holy Spirit upon them, this is how the saints and the fathers worked, and they worked with fast and living prayer before the Lord, each of them working more and more fully for the Christian people to have a guide upon it; still, many wolves clothed in skin of sheep were sneaking all the time inside of My church and they have been grabbing the rod to shepherd in My place, and their face was seen after that, for they rose, scattered and then spoiled; however, the saints have always fought on My behalf and raised saints and gave them their victory even then when they were sacrificed on the altar of the right faith, for they were fighting and overcoming with Me through many cold oppressions and they kept the faith and the people after them, which was strengthened more and more by the miracles and by the revelations of the saints working with Me, even after they had been given to be sacrificed on the altar; and they were overcoming like the snowdrops, which after they struggle against snow and frost that do not let them pull their heads out when they come into bloom, they wait again and again under the thick layer of snow and ice and finally they overcome and break the crust with their little head faithful to the spring and then come out in bloom after much struggle while trying to come out and to appear.

Oh, Orthodox people, take from Me the word of watch and get used to keeping your land, your mystery and your traditions! Get up to watch for everything starts to go bad because of the paid shepherds who rule over you; however, you look up at the saints and fathers and do not grow less under the hand of those who estrange you from your salvation, for the dyed face is not the face of a shepherd. Your shepherds are the saints and all those who sanctify themselves for Me and for you, and you should pay good attention to what you are doing, because I help you to know and to do, and I come as word to you and I exhort you to know. You should dedicate half of the days of the week for your soul and you should eat food for fasting after the sunset, (Monday, Wednesday and Friday, r.n.) which guides the time of your days and nights for you to know the measure of the time, as if your faith does not exceed that of the Pharisees and the Scribes, who fast twice a week, as they boast about it, and who say that they do great things, then you will not have into your midst the kingdom of the heavens, the kingdom of the saints, who sacrificed themselves on the altar for your faith through them.

Oh, the bitter pain comes up to Me, as the heaven sees that many fast much, but they walk nakedly with their body and soul; they walk uncovered before the heaven and before the people; they dress in fashion and stir up each other’s senses for sin, from which they do not fast. Oh, a fast pleased to Me is needed from those who want to fast from food, as not eating or the lack of eating brings the man before Me, but his holy life makes him the heir of the heaven on earth. Holy food for soul is needed in time of fasting. You have to read about the saints who have ruled well over the church. Less work done by hand is needed and much watching work is needed for fast and for the prayer for the forgiveness of the sins, as man is a bondservant of sin.

Oh, Christian people, Orthodox people, you should eat decently the food on the table during the time of fast and all the time, and you should not eat it with joy, for the flesh is against the spirit through fleshly desires, which come up to the soul, and man is used to rejoice over eating and over preparing his food to eat as well. When I submitted to the forty days and forty nights fast, after My Father’s will, during all that time I had been tempted and tested by satan, but in all that time I had remained gentle and humble, as it is required in days of fasting, but the fasting man does not know enough what true fasting is. David was king and he paid great attention when he was fasting and he said: «For Your words, Lord, I have kept harsh ways, so that my mouth may not speak the things of men». The days of fasting are for those who are faithful after the truth, but the gentleness and the humility of the heart have to be the food of the fasting soul from the fleshly and human things and they have to be very nourishing for the heavenly things; the fasting man needs much instruction so that the sacrifice for his salvation may be useful to him, and the saints have instruction given by Me to them for the Orthodox people, for the Christian according to the truth, as there is no longer My church on earth other than the Orthodoxy lived where it is still lived, that which is well kept under the Spirit of God and well kept by the human spirit, because otherwise the people may become corrupted, the dough goes bad and it is no longer good after that. Lying is a great lady on earth and the proud people have through it; they have the boldness to bring within the reach of the people the false teaching in order to lead it to falsehood and that is why the Lord has had to come on earth as word! Let no one wonder at My coming on earth as word now, for I am the Light of the world and I have to work over the darkness so that the way may be seen and the people may know it, for the valley which leads the man to God has been covered, and it has been covered by the lie which is called truth.

However, I am coming and I am bringing light, and I have My dwelling place in the sun and I am as a Bridegroom coming out of His chamber, as it is written; and the sun is like a strong man rejoicing to run its course. His going forth is from the end of the heavens and his circuit to its ends; there is nothing hidden from his heat. The whole nature rejoices and exults at My light over the earth, with My river of word, which exhorts man. Amen.

Oh, Orthodox people, take note at My voice, which speaks to you while you do not watch for your faith, for your church! Remember the Romanian voivode Mircea the Elder, (Romanian: Mircea cel Bătrân, r.n.) who did not bow to the Turkish Sultan when this one came to ask Mircea for his kneeling. Respond to the antichrist enemy when it comes to you to strip you off your little shirt and to give you a red shirt only to mock you, (Red - the color of communism, neo-communism and left-wing political, r.n.) as the rulers of the Israel people gave Me when they took Me to be mocked and crucified so that I might no longer be; oh, answer the enemy of your salvation, answer him as the voivode Mircea did and take care to know how to answer before those who come to make you kneel before them and stand up and look up at the saints and at the fathers and ask them so that you may not go wrong for your faith, for faith is accompanied by holiness, and only the saints have their faith well founded in them and revelations from the Lord for its way. Oh, keep your faith, keep your possessions, Orthodox people, and do not be afraid of the one who has taken on him the robe of faith! However, you should watch with the saints, who have revealed themselves to you by their holy works, for there is no one to help you but the Lord and His saints in your hard trial of nowadays for your faith, Orthodox people! I let you know that My patience is great and it is much for your resurrection, for your salvation from slavery, only for you to take My advice upon you. Stand up like a voivode, Orthodox people, and shake off the slavery and the threat of the antichrist enemy, who envelops you within his read robe when I ask you to take on a white little shirt and to stand before Me, for it is the garment of glory, not as My enemy and yours, the antichrist, has taught you and made you dress in red your little house, your body and the whole of your order, so that you may take after him in dressing and in your faith then, because his faith is unbelief in Me and it is also his denial of God and yours. Oh, do not seek to get used to saying like your enemy who wandered from the way saying: «„I follow Paul”, „I follow Chefas”, and „I follow Apollo”». (1 Cor: 1/12). Oh, not this way. You too should not say: „I follow John”, „I follow Basil”, „I follow Gregory”, or any other saint, or even more, someone who has no saints at all, but you should rather say: „I follow the holy fathers who give me to God by their holy teaching”, because if you do not listen so, I tell you that you will get lost, you will get lost before Me, by the antichrist enemy, who has entered your house with his order and with everything and within all things, because you have not watched that your house might not be broken into, and it was broken, because the antichrist does not want you to be My bride now, in the end of the time, as I come to you as a Bridegroom, and I do not come otherwise, and when I come I find you engaged to My enemy who has enslaved you to be his. Oh, let Me redeem you, as it is for this that I am coming to you during these days, Orthodox people! Beloved people, try not to do like the Israel people did two thousand years ago when I came from the Father to it and it sent Me away!

In great humility I would ask those who have remained in the Romanian Church of the right faith, the other synod of bishops of this people, (The Romanian Orthodox Church in the old style / after the Julian calendar, r.n.), and for which, in order that it may be now, many saints gave themselves as sacrifice to the Orthodoxy, when the feasts of the saints were shaken from their places and when you fell under the bondage of the enemy who deceived you then to make you deny your saints and your tradition left for the church from generation to generation; I would ask these to understand like Me that you are in bondage, Romanian Orthodox people, and that I have endured much for you as I used to endure for the Israel people when it fell into slavery because of his disobedience to God, to the prophets and seers, because of their violation of the ancestral law. I would ask them to stay humble and in great love and patience, in a gentle and humble spirit in them, with the hope that I, the Lord, come on earth as word to work the restoration of those that were thrown down from their place because of the lack of holy watch of the church servants then when these were shaken. I am reminding them that I, the Lord, two thousand years ago, spoke to those who relied on the fact that they were the sons of Abraham, not understanding that I am greater than Abraham, that I am before him, and I told them when I saw that they did not receive Me and wanted to do away with Me from among them, and I told them that even out of stones God can raise sons of Abraham. (Matt: 3/9) Behold, I can do that now, as I said at that time that I could work like a God, for I have come from the Father on earth and I have put aside a small people in number and condition and I have blessed it with a new blessing and I have been staying into its midst as word and I have been renewing everything by word, as it is written, and I have a clean and new anointing upon it; also I have been working these things upon it with the saints in heaven and I will endure into its midst until the day of victory, when I will prevail to redeem the church and to call it Orthodoxy, My bride, that had deceived Me with so many lovers and because of that I do not have it now as Mine; however, I am working for it from the sides and am calling out to her to let her know that I have come to deliver her from bondage and to give her the first garment if she turns back to Me, if she wants to be with Me; on the contrary, if she does not want, I will give My glory to those who love Me after the truth and I will multiply them like the stars of the sky, as it is written about the sons of Abraham, the father of the right faith before Me, for he did not doubt of Me when I revealed Myself to him among all those in his time and I spoke to him from heaven and when I put My promise upon him for a great nation raised from him between heaven and earth before Me, the people of the saints, the nation of the right faith. Amen.

I am inclining the ministering church on the side of the Orthodoxy from the fathers into the midst of the Romanian people and I am saying these things dedicated to the ancestral faith by sacrifice and by a firm faith before Me, and I am telling them that I, the Lord, have come as word over the earth on the hearth of the Romanian people, and I have been working for a long time by tools prepared by Me to prevail with for the deliverance of the church, for in the year of the tearing down of the feasts of the saints, I raised a great hope, a new branch, and I had taken care of it until I was able to work through it by great proclamation and by My holy trumpeting and that of the saints from heaven on the earth and over the church, and during all this time I have said that My right and clean church in faith is that which sacrifices itself for the faith and it is that which watches then against its enemies, and My church is not that which only eats and drinks and dresses up in the name of the faith, opening its door whenever someone knocks at it to enter those that are foreigners to its holiness left from the fathers. Oh, the true church is that which suffers like its Master: mockery, denigration, persecution and through all these has victory, for this is how I overcame and am the victor of death and hell and I am the Savior of the righteous and faithful people; moreover, much patience and a gentle and humble spirit are needed in those who are long enduring like Me for the salvation of My church, which is now enslaved by those who are foreign towards Me and towards it.

Oh, Romanian people, watch and try to see what you are doing to be again My church according to the right faith, as your church and its servants are in bondage and are in union with My and its enemies. I give you the power to wake up, to watch and to look well into the heaven, and then to ask the saints about what you have to do so that your life may not perish. Come back to the first condition of My church, come back to the feasts of the saints and to the wellset course of the church, as it is not good the way you started to walk in, while mixing the Lord with those of a foreign nation, for the saints have advised you in a holy way and you have to listen! The fathers and the saints have established on the first Sunday of the Lent the memorial of the right faith and the sons of the church do not know what the right faith means. The Orthodoxy means the holy fathers; this is what I, the Lord, say on a day of Sunday for the memorial of the right faith, and I have been enduring painfully for your awakening to watching, oh, flock of the Romanian people! Come back to your place from where you fell in wandering; turn back on the way of the saints’ history and try to see your wrongdoing; stand up and shake it off from you and set your way as the Christian tradition requires and not as you or your rules upon you may want, who are in union with the antichrist against Me and against you, because in this way you cannot be Mine, and I want you to be My bridegroom now, in the end of the time with your whole body under the cross of the right faith, as I come on your hearth, Romanian people; furthermore, I become word far and wide over the earth from your midst, and I call under this new vineyard all the nations to My light, to My teaching which saves. Amen.

Oh, peace to you, Romanian people! Come back to be My church, to be My bride again! Listen to My voice, and open to your Lord, Who has been speaking with you His word on a day of memorial for your faith! Come to life according to the truth within the right faith, according to My longing, oh, church of the Romanian people, and after that become My bride and then let yourself be advised from heaven, for this miracle upon you, only I, oh, only I am able to accomplish for your life, when you open to believe in order receive Me and to be saved from your bondage, at My word that is upon you now. Amen, amen, amen.