The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration

From feast to feast I come down into My book of today for your heavenly food, people, faithful to My coming again from the Father to man. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, born of the Father before eternity. At the creation of the heaven and earth I made the man from dust after that and I put the spirit of life from Me in him, and I looked at My image when I kneaded him. And after he pulled himself out from Me to be by himself, the Father and I had cried with a heavenly cry after man for more than five thousand years and then the Father sent Me on earth to make the man’s coming back to the Father through Me. I bore on the earth the entire burden of the man’s sins and then I nailed them to the cross together with Me and then I was resurrected for man, I took him and went with him to the Father together with the work of his worked salvation and I spoke to the Father: Father, behold the man! This is how I worked then for the man’s salvation who was lost from heaven, and now I become word over the earth and I come from the Father on this way and I greatly teach the man; I teach him to pass from body into spirit, from death to life and from darkness to light, from sin to holiness, for this is My will: man’s holiness. Amen. Oh, and why the man’s holiness? Why this, oh, My Father?

– Oh, dear son, after We, at the time of creation of everything that had been made, spoke to One Another to make man in Our image and after Our likeness, and You listened to Me and made the man from the dust of the earth and then You breathed upon him and made him stand up, a man with a living spirit. Then You separated him in two calling him male and female, as You built him to be, and You did in this way so that the man might not feel alone; however, he immediately became more proud when he did no longer feel alone; he became more haughty than at the time when he spoke to himself that he was great and when he exalted himself above God in his thought, and the angels who were serving him started falling down once with the man’s exaltation who fell by haughtiness, and then Your mouth spoke over the angel Michael to command the angels to fear God and to take heed of God and not of man.

Oh, the man had become even haughtier if he saw that was not alone. The first host of angels fell; they fell down from the honor they had; they fell once with man’s fall who exalted himself above God, and this evil worked by man was called satan and it fell down from heaven together with man, and You, dear Son, stood witness to this sufferance, and You have been standing witness from then until today, My Only Son! The time was created then and since then We have been suffering in time and the man the same. Now We have come down, in the end of the time, with the glory of Your word on the earth, and You work again the word of man’s creation as You did when You spoke to Moses for the people of Israel to make it a kingdom of God. God’s kingdom is there where God speaks and where He can work with His power, but the man has always stood against and become haughtier and haughtier in the face of God, as it also was with the people in the time of Moses, to which You had been speaking for more than forty years and into whose midst We had greatly showed Our glory and power spoken by the word to be and to work on sight so that God might have a people among nations.

The greatest enemy in man against Us is not his sin, oh, Son, as painful as I, the Father, am, but his unbelief, for it deprives the man of God. Oh, I sent You back on the earth two thousand years ago and the man’s sins did not thwart Your coming or the work of the man’s new making, but his unbelief thwarted it, for those full of sins knew You and received You in them and then they had You and showed You to the world by their humility, because a sinner, separated from Us by sin, is more humble than a righteous man who justifies himself before God by the works of his justice and by his serving before Us, dear Son. Two thousand years ago, You took three of Your disciples, whom I revealed to You, so that You might be able to show Your work among people, and went with them up on a high mountain and You allowed them to see the glory You had from Me before the foundation of the world, for Your face and Your clothes shined as the sun and became as white as light, and You appeared with Moses and Elijah and spoke with them before the faithful ones and You talked with them about your passion, which had to take place for the man’s redemption, and Peter wanted to tell You to remain in the mountain and he wanted to make three huts; one for You, one for Moses and one for Elijah, but Your will was to suffer for the man’s salvation and then You, by a luminous cloud had shadowed the sight on the mountain, and I, the Father, spoke over them from the cloud and said: «This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him». (Matt. 17: 5) After You raised them up, in their terror, they saw that only You were among them, and You asked them not to tell anyone of Your glory with them until You rose up by Your resurrection. Oh, dear Son, You showed them the Scriptures of Your coming with Elijah, as it was written into the Scriptures to be, and You made clear the work of John, the Baptist, who had made known at that time to everyone the kingdom of heavens and the people’s repentance to God, so that God might be merciful on them. Oh, dear Son, in the same way I have released in this day of feast My voice over the ones faithful to Your work on the earth and over man, and I am speaking to them in the same way and say: This word is My Son, in Whom I am well pleased; listen to Him! Amen.

– And I am Your word, oh, My Father, and I tell them: he who listens to Me, listens to My Father, Who has sent Me, for My Father glorifies Himself in Me with His entire word, with His entire work. Amen.

Oh, My people, the hostile spirit does not like it when it hears from Me that I call you My people: it does not like to hear that the land of the Romanian people is My today’s homeland, the homeland of My coming on earth after two thousand years for the Scriptures of the new birth of the world, as it is written into the Scripture to work. Behold, even today I have not stumbled against man’s sins, but I have rather stumbled against his unbelief; however, you should love My glory into your midst and be faithful, for My kingdom is not of this world, and that is why the world does not receive it and does not want it, because it has itself and it does no longer want anything else. However, I tell it that Elijah’s scourge is coming and the world will go from bitterness to bitterness, and there will no longer be peace and it will only be making with sufferance, and there will be God with His work over the earth and He will glorify Himself through it as it is written to be fulfilled in this way. Amen.

Oh, My people at the spring, get up early in the morning and make for Me a feast again with gathering at the spring for there come to the spring those who thirst after Me and after you, and you are to organize a stopover for the Lord with them, for He will gather them near Him and feed those who seek after Him, those who want to learn to be. Ask from Me for a serving time for Me and for you and for those who come after food from heaven, because it is beautiful to ask from God, son, and it is beautiful to be His son, a son who asks from the Father those which the Father tells him to ask. Amen.

May the assembly of the people full of longing be blessed, for behold, it makes its way to the spring in its heart, with its heart and step and then with its food from My mouth! Amen.

May you also be blessed, you who prepare a table for the feast and a stopover for the Lord to be with the people, with those who come believing, and by teaching to believe to be! Amen.

May it be blessed your wisdom and its work for which you have prepared before those who come to the spring, oh, My people! I, the Lord, give you from Me to have and to be able to work for My testimony, for I wanted and want you to be My witness. Let the gentle time accompany you at the feast for My mother the Virgin and let all and everything be for the ministering of the feast, My people. Amen.

Oh, My people, you should not judge your neighbor but only yourself, for there is no salvation otherwise, but it is judgment. He who knows this wonderful work, that one is free from the judgment of his evil deeds before God, and he who works otherwise, that one is already judged because he has trampled on God, Who does not want the death of the one who has gone wrong, but He wants his resurrection instead. Amen. Take care of your salvation, son, for I work it for you, only for you to want it and to have it. I am He Who works before and behind the weak man, as I have always worked. On Thursday I became body and blood on the table for supper and I gave Myself to My disciples and only on the second day I fulfilled what I had given them on the last supper and then I worked beforehand what I gave them by My sacrifice, and, again, I have become bread and wine on the altar and then the one who shares Me for the man’s life goes with Me to a sick man or to the faithful one and gives Me further. I work before and behind man as I have also worked with this word coming out of My mouth once with the mystery on the altar of My sacrifice for man. I have become body and word on My today’s table and I have worked by the word and become body and word and I have given Myself to you, My people. I want to heal from unbelief and doubt the one who stays like this in My people, and I do not know how to do it in order to distinguish Myself with My work into your midst, together with those by whom I have come down to you to make you grow within a heavenly spirit, with love from heaven and not from the earth. The birth from above, this is My desire over every man, a desire which burns My bosom, My people. Your holiness is My way to you and you shall be like Me, gentle and humble in your heart, and to stay faithfully before Me for your work with Me, for I need faithful sons more than anything else, loving and full of heavenly longing in them, for the heaven is My throne, My people, and I reign from on it everywhere and over all if I have it in man. Amen.

You, children from the gates, be My children, for the love in you is that of a child, and those who judge you and do not love you, those are not children, but they are rather judgers, and they see you likewise. However, you should be full of My godly plan and do not be conformed to the sufferance which has always tried to put down the power for Me, and this is how you are to be able to work for Me with it in you, for woe to the one without a cross like Mine, and woe to the one who makes his own cross in order to carry it! Be long enduring and serve Me with love, for I need your service and by your patience and service for Me, I, the Lord, will win many over to My Father and then I will work much to fulfill the last Scriptures: the new birth of the world, a new heaven and a new earth and glory of new Jerusalem on the earth, as it is written. Amen.

Oh, My way with you, My people is My way and I have to speak and not be silent on it, and you should work according to My word like a son, for My son is he who listens to Me as I listen to the Father and I am His beloved Son with Whom He is well pleased, and Who you have to listen to, oh, My people. Amen, amen, amen.