The Word of God at the feast of the beheading of Saint John, the Baptizer

You should be careful, My people, you should be careful to My teaching upon you, for who is careful that one receives it immediately and puts on him to have it for eternity, because its fulfilling fruit turns into a happy eternity, paradise and feast in man, for God and not for man. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, My people, if the man draws out from love and its benefits for him, they do no longer remain for God, and they remain for the man’s temporariness instead. If the man’s heart is not full of God and of the Lord’s feast in it, it is full of man’s love and not of My love in man, of which I may take and to be loved by man. Oh, the man is weak in his love for God, but you should be careful to My teaching upon you, My people, and to its fruit in you, for I died and I was resurrected for the man to live in Me and to learn well what this means, what I did for the sinful man, for he who is not born from above, does not have God’s kingdom in him, and the apostle Paul, in order that I may live in him and not he, was speaking to the people and he did as he said, and he was saying: «I die every day so that I may be raised to life for Christ!». Amen.

The resurrected man is the one who works God, and that one needs to learn from Me how to work in him, so the one who looks at him may see Me in him, for the man does not take in him the love and its benefits for himself, but God does, and only then can the man take Me from the one I live in. Amen.

Oh, My people, I am happy into your midst only when I have My love living in you and between brother and brother, and My mother, the Virgin, promised you by her last word upon you that she would still teach you the mystery of the embodiment of My word in your body, in your soul and in your spirit, that I might be your God, and you might be My people, as I call you before the human kind on earth.

Those who are the true sons of My church, believe and fulfill the word of the love of God in the love between them, which has the purpose to confess the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because the love of God has no other goal, My people, but the people are without any teacher upon them and they do not know how to gather around Me when they go to church if the priest is not spiritual to serve God and not to his own self. The priest gets upset when the people call him „parson.” Oh, he should no longer get upset if he has got his life and not Mine, for the priest lives Christ’s life on earth and not his life, and only in this way he is able to speak with humility: (At the Holy Liturgy, r.n.) „Lord, make me worthy to bring You a spiritual sacrifice for the forgiveness of my sins and for the forgiveness of the hidden errors of the people, that You may make us worthy of the grace of Your good Spirit upon us, and to be able to love one another within one mind, and to confess You, Lord, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the inseparable Trinity of one being.” Amen.

Oh, My people, the love and its benefits make the man confess Me, as they fill the man with love, with forgiveness, with peace, for the man is small and he does not have to do otherwise than I did for the man and otherwise than I taught the man by My own life and by the life of My saints who had Me in them and not themselves. John, My baptizer, had Me in him, for he was born a man on earth by God’s promise brought by Gabriel, the archangel, as he also brought it to My mother the Virgin, for My birth of promise. By the working gift of the prophecy, John wanted to separate king Herod from his sinful love, for Herod was king over Israel, but the king did not want to separate himself from his seductive love and he ordered that John might be killed.

Oh, the man does not know to receive Me to do him good and to put away the evil from him, which comes from self-esteem, for man’s self-love. Oh, the man does not know Me when I come to him for his good, the blind does not see Me when I come to him to heal his eyes, and if he does not see Me, he does no open to Me to bring the doctors to him either. Love and its benefits come only from Me in man, but the man is too great to humble himself to receive God when He stays hidden in man, as He dwelt in John, My baptizer, for Herod’s salvation from death, from his sin. Oh, the man does not see with his eyes if he does not receive from Me sound sight so that he may look at himself and to see himself and then to receive God as doctor upon himself, as the One Who sees the things in man.

My people, by no means should you bow to look at you through your eyes, for I look at the man with the prophet’s eyes and I teach him to look at himself likewise, and I teach him that the gift of the prophecy is the stairway on which I come down to the man on earth and I make prophets of those who love the gentle and humble spirit and who have in them the love and its benefits by which the man confesses God. Amen.

Oh, My people, the sinful man calls Me „the blind one”, and he calls himself „God does not know and does not see those in me and those outside of me.” However, I have come down to you as prophet on earth and I envelop you within My teaching and I teach you through it for you to make yourself a little garment for eternity, for its thread is woven with tears of longing from heaven to earth and I make choice linen out of it for the little garment of your body and of its life, only for you to receive it and to acknowledge Me as your King, as the invisible One and surrounded by angelic hosts when you confess that I am when you sing together with the angels the songs of the mysterious supper through which I, the Lord, become bread and wine on your table, My Body and Blood, food of eternal life for those who love Me. Amen.

I also wait for the day of memorial of the birth of My mother, the Virgin, and My bride, when she will give you the teaching about the mystery of the embodiment of My word, My people. I wait to hear how she teaches the man, for the gift of God’s confessing through the man is great, the gift of prophecy, which keeps the man away from perdition and from his own self, for the man cannot kill God more upon him as then when he does not receive the Lord by the gift of prophecy, the stairway on which I come down to man to take him out of himself, and to take him in Me to give him life, for life means God and not man. Amen.

— Oh, the gift of prophecy is great, Lord! You clothed me within it even from the womb of my mother and then I grew through You and thorough it and over Your head I fulfilled the frightening mystery, Your baptism in water by my hand with which I poured out water on You as on any man who came to repentance and for the forgiveness of his sins, and You were the One Who had the gift of the baptism with the Holy Spirit and with fire, Lord, a baptism, which the man does not see, for You are the invisible King and You are surrounded by angelic hosts. Amen.

Oh, the man does no longer see anything, Lord. The baptism with water over the infants has remained without grace, since the man does not know and does not see the baptism with the Holy Spirit of Your heavenly graces. Oh, the man does no longer see! Oh, there are no longer priests on earth, there are no longer seers on earth, for the people destroy them through their longing of temporary life. However, come with the feast of Your mother’s birth for the whole earth to hear that the love and its benefits are no longer on earth, and that is why the gift of prophecy among people is no longer among people and there is no one to stop the people and to turn them back from their wide way, and to show them the way with life on it, which the people do no longer walk on, as it has been covered like a path, which, if the people do no longer walk on it, it is not known as a path any more.

In the time of my body, Israel did no longer know the way to You, Lord, and I went to the king Herod and I told him to leave off the outrageous sin, but he was blind from the spirit of woman and he was dead for life and alive for death, because he loved himself and he was not ashamed even from his rank as king. I hit into the air with the word of truth, which I took and put before the king to save him from triviality, from his lack of manhood, and to save him from the hell, for there is no deeper hell than the hell in man, which is covered with flesh and blood, by which the man fights against the spirit that cries in him without salvation, Lord. And Herod beheaded me because of his love for women, and then I went down into the hell to those who were dead and they received me with great joy seeing from me the light of Your confession over those in hell. The dead received me, but those who were alive in their body did not receive me, for the flesh of the man lusts against his spirit, and the spirit cries for the man, unspeakably and invisibly, Lord. And now I tell those who are fed by You in days of great tribulation, as there has never been since ages and there will never be such a great tribulation, and I tell them that he who loves God, that one speaks God’s words and this is the sign of God’s love in man and from man. Amen.

Oh, receive in you the Lord’s pain. Receive in you the Lord, so that it may not be you, but for Him to be in you. Love the Spirit of the Lord and listen to all of His word to be alive through it, for there is no deeper hell than the man who has no God in himself and in whom it does not enter the word of the prophets who wait at the border between you and the Lord, for God is your Father and who is the son that his father does not chasten? Be sons of the Father, for woe to those who have no discipline upon them! Be sons! Be sons! Be sons of the Father Sabaoth! Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, people of My word, by which I go in to the dwelling place of the dead when I speak it over you! You are the tool by which I can speak for those in the tombs to hear My voice, which speaks with you. Oh, sons fed on My teaching, take My pain within you. Look at those by whom I feed you with the word of prophecy. They live only in My pain and do no longer have their pain. However, you should not smile in vain, you should not mock, you should not hurt each other, and you should not cut one in other, but rather you should be wise like Me, your Lord and Teacher, and you should let yourselves be healed from all the things in you, which would strip off your garments of light. The one who loves God, that one speaks the words of God and then he makes true the Lord in him and upon him. Take My pain in you, for the holy martyr Mina (Menas of Egypt, r.n.) left off the emptiness in the midst of which he lived and, fleeing from the world and from its spirit, and he took My pain in him, My mourning, which made him into a holy man, doer of miracles, a man who raised the dead to life, for My pain in man makes God happy, and it makes a house for God in man, and the man becomes a dwelling place for Me and then he speaks My words confessing Me before the people as a true God. Amen.

Take My pain in you and do not flee from it. It makes you sweet, it makes you salty and it will make you bitter. It will make you sweet for those who are holy and alive in heaven and on earth; it will give you salty flavor for those who do not have the taste of the eternal life and its teaching, and it will make you bitter for the devil, sons, and the devil will flee from you, because he cannot look for the man who has My pain in him, the pain which overcomes death and the hell in men. Amen.

Oh, children wounded like God, oh, children who take Me and give Me to My people! Speak to My people to be as beautiful as you and not as man. Stay seized by the spirit and within the gift of prophecy, so that My Israel of today may not violate God’s word that is on it. Strengthen yourselves from time to time for the healing from the joys of My people, and let it love the pain, children sons, for happiness is not made of joys, but only of pains, as it comes only after the pain and is prepared with many other pains, for it is too expensive and it is paid dearly for the man to have it for his eternity. Remind the people that whoever does not work out the kingdom of the heavens every moment, that one becomes guilty of emptiness and deception. And I long after you, after My power in you, that you may not let My people without teaching, without watching over his life, over his spirit, children sons, and I do not know how to work upon you any more, how to breathe upon you any more for you to be able to fulfill My word upon you and over My people that bears My name, the name of God between earth and heaven, children of eternal life, which I, the Lord, want to accomplish on earth. Amen, amen, amen.