The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

I strengthen you, children under the burden of My coming as word on earth, because you are weak and under the pains of body and spirit. Oh, if the sons of Jerusalem knew how much I labor in heaven and on earth to feed them on My word giving of life so that the faith and its working power may not die in them in a time like this, they would try to work with a greater power of spirit all My word, for I squeeze it out of Me with much pain and in the same way I put it before those who share it to their life. I am the One Who have the spirit of life giving for this is how the Father made the man in the end, and I want so much to have disciples of the same work with Me, for I am merciful and that is why I said that I want mercy and not sacrifice, because mercy overcomes sacrifice. Amen.

And now, in a day of royal feast, I come down with My mercy upon you, children from under the burden of My coming, and upon all the people fed on sacrifice and pain. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, My people, it is a royal feast into your midst, and I am in those that are not seen and I am staying with the entire heaven for celebration, with you and not without you, for My mother is celebrated in heaven and on earth. Oh, My people, I have spoken into your midst that the man needs to have a body from heaven and not from earth, for otherwise he becomes sin. Oh, My people, it is a great wonder that I have a people with heavenly bodies on earth, for it is writ-ten in the Scriptures of My apostles: «There are terrestrial bodies and celestial bodies, but the glory of the celestial differs from that of the terrestrial»; and another is the glory of those who have their bodies in heaven, «for as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly», as it is written.

Oh, Jerusalem, nourished from heaven, you need to have glory on earth as in heaven, for the heaven feeds you as mother her little child, and the earth comes to the help of your body, for Me to have heavenly bodies before Me on earth, to have a heavenly people in the midst of the people, who do not know to be with the heaven on earth. I have always, always exhort you to heavenly experiences, and blessed are those who fulfill all My word, and you, My people, if you want that your word and your good will to be fulfilled for building up, then be My blessed one and put on you My entire word, as I worked before My Father and as I worked His entire word on earth, and those who have received their body from heaven on earth they have taken all My word upon them and have given light to those who stay in death and have seen with good eyes, for their body is from heaven, as it is written: «If therefore you eye is sound, your whole body is good, but if your eye is evil, your whole body is evil». However, you should be heavenly on earth, and in order that the man may be with a heavenly body on earth, he has to have a Father from heaven and to do his Father’s will on earth as in heaven, and to have bread from the Father and to be as merciful as his Father. Amen.

I want you to take on you the lesson of spirit humility in this day of holy feast from My mother the Virgin, My people. She was full of mercy, full of patience, full of God, for she had her body from heaven and not from earth, and she was shining with Me in herself among the people, and I with the Father protected her from all that was evil on earth, and all her body

was as good as her eye. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Son of the Father and mine, You are the Good Shepherd Who laid and lays down His life for the sheep, and how much I wanted You to be rich in sheep, Sons of mercy, Son Who have no mercy from the man! Oh, those who keep us in this day of holy feast are weak, and suffer in their spirit and body and I have mercy on them, for the burden of Your descending with the saints is to heavy upon them, and we have heavenly bodies and heavenly good eyes. Son, give them comfort and powers of spirit! And let us take care of them with the heavenly things and through them to teach all the sons of Your people to take care of us and of them with those from heaven, and with those from heaven carried by them, child of God’s pain after the man. Oh, if you did not come to them again and again as word on earth, You would no longer have a people in this time, for the time is hard and not seen by the man, and the man does not want to believe and to be afraid of those that he hears from Your mouth and then to hide from this hard time and to take You as his shield, Son.

Oh, how is the man supposed to have mercy on You, if he has no mercy on himself? Oh, You do not have any mercy from the man. The man has not learned to deny himself and to have mercy on You, following You with a gentle and humble spirit, Son. Oh, what a great miracle is seen from heaven to down on earth that You still have a people now, in the days of Your coming! Teach him to be a child, child Son of the Father, for he who does not love to be so, cannot bear in him the beauty of the kingdom of the heavens on earth.

Oh, the man does not know that his greatest sin is that he does not read the Scriptures to put them on the man, to always settle in them with his life. And now You have always given to the man a new and loving word to have You and not his own self in him, and the man commits a great sin, that he does not fulfill Your entire word, in such a way that he may give birth to You to dear disciples, rewarded with the sacrifice of his mercy, with the sacrifice of his love, for love is the one who does not lose its patience for the birth of the sons, and the man has to come back to this work, and the man has to take his body from heaven to be able to have disciples on earth as You had, Son obedient to the Father, perfect disciple of Your Teacher, the Father Sabaoth.

Let us release from the burden of Your descending those that are under it! Give them Your blessing for their eating and then comfort them from any weaknesses, and only then let us come near with all our work of today. I am a merciful mother and I do not see them asking You to take away their pains, for my word has asked You not to take them away, not to wipe out their pains, in order that they may be like us, Son, that they may not forget about the Father and about His mercy. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, mother, the man born of heaven is a man of pains, mother, as I also was. Blessed is the people who cannot live without God on earth, for that one looks at Me and this is how he makes his spirit and his heart, and he is gentle and humble in his heart, and this is the mystery of those born from above, the sweetest burden of the man on earth.

Oh, mother, My life is a loving spirit in men, and it is accompanied by My wisdom by which I have answered to everybody: «Learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart».

Oh, My people think it over the mystery of My life in man and look at My mother, the Virgin, look at her love full of patience, for love cries in man and its mystery is sweet, the mystery of My life in man, My mind in the man who denies himself to be My dwelling place. Amen. May your food for living and your prayer to God be blessed, and fulfill it upon you, My people. Amen.

Oh, sons, from under the burden of My word, let us still come back into the book for the feast of today. Strengthen your little bodies and your spirit, and let us work then all the work of the day, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, My people, when you know that the Lord, the One Who made the heaven and the

earth, always call you to belong to Him and to be able to work like Him, and like all those who have been like Him on earth, you should always learn deeper and deeper the mystery of life. When I made the man, I made him into My image and after My likeness, and I wanted the man to be. However, He met another will than that of the One Who made him, and this was how he forgot about the mystery of life, and whoever forgets about it, forgets about God and he forgets that the man has to be in My image and after My likeness.

Oh, My people, the man who is born from heaven, from the mystery of life, that one is a man of the pains just as I was. The one who flees from the pain, that one flees to the pain, to the pain which comes after the joy without life in it, but blessed is the man who after he suffers after the mystery of life, loving it and living it, receives after that the crown that is not overcome of the heavenly greatnesses on earth and in heaven and it appears as the inheritance of the heavens. Amen.

I want to crown you with the spirit humility, My people, for its face in man shines in the face of the man, and it is beautiful the place, where the brothers of the humility of spirit, which makes the man beautiful, live together. From earth to heaven it is dear the man who has as the adornment of his life the spirit humility, and I am wonderful with My kingdom in him, a kingdom that is not of this world. Amen.

Oh, sons fed on the mystery of life, you all who hear of Me with you and of you with Me, to all those who come to see My things with you and you, you should tell them that My kingdom in man is not of this world, and that is why the world does not know those who are Mine, those who are Mine in the world, and that is why the world gives them a bad name, as it says, but without knowing what it does, actually it gives them a good name, a name that is not of this world. My Mother, the Virgin, even after the world had found out that she was the mother of God Son, remained within the glory of spirit humility, and she stayed full of God, for she had her body from heaven and not from earth, and that is why she easily saw the angel who brought the God Son into her by the word, and the word became flesh in her body. Amen.

Oh, My people, how much word you have received by the intercession of My angels! Oh, My loved people, follow the example of life from heaven from My mother, the Virgin, for My word given by My angel became flesh in her and it became a Man with a life giving spirit, a Man with a gentle spirit and humble in His heart like His mother. Amen, amen, amen.

— You long and You hold it, dear Son of the Father and mine, You long to hear me how I stay as word from You over Your people, and I long to see Your word embodied in them, so that they may be Your body, a body from heaven and not from earth, heavenly Son. You have taught them to chew well the mystery of life, the word by which You always stay upon them to have them as Yours. It would have been to gather many Christians and many people in my day of feast to give them from the spring to drink and the people to feel You for a moment with Your calling for them, but now they are weak and destitute, those who carry You through the world, for the world to hear how You come, and those who are Yours from the world wait for You to give them a big helping hand to prepare for You the feast of the Pentecost of Your word from the end of the time over the man, Word Son. Oh, help them, for You are the will of the Father and His word, and the Father Himself loves them, because they belong to You. Amen. But now, I am teaching them with longing and great love the mystery of the embodiment of Your word in them, to have them as Your body on earth, a body from heaven and not from earth, Son incarnated in the man by the mystery, which You left upon Your disciples. Amen.

Oh, people of the word of God, the Father is in His Son when He becomes word in your heart, and the gate of the word is your faith, and it is your ear, and it is your heart, and then the whole of your body becomes God’s rest, the dwelling of His kingdom, which is not of this world. Take care, for I teach you as a mother teaches her son for you to know and never forget even for a moment that the kingdom of God with you and in you is not of this world, and the world has nothing in it, and this is how you are to embody in you the word of my Son and of His saints. However, you cannot love and live this way, if you do not completely stay within the bath of the birth from above, within the humility of spirit full of mercy and patience and of God. Amen. To my Son I was, bride, mother, his loved one, handmaid, sister and everything God is to have from man and man from God, and I carried all with a humble spirit, with the humility of the heart, which does not leave the man to exalt himself and to fall down afterwards, and my patience was like the bread, which sustains the man’s being, for I longed and I have always longed for my Son to have sheep, to earn sheep for Him by my patience and to heal their wounds and to heal their bites from wolves and to keep them for my Son through the embodiment of His word in them, which I knew by my life and which I lived in His word. Amen.

You are to know the mystery of His embodiment in you, through your life lived in His word, children of my Son, and may your humility of spirit keep your hearts embraced forever, because it is beautiful the place where the brothers of spirit humility live together; that humility that makes the man beautiful, and it is dear the man who has the humility of spirit as the adornment of his life, the kingdom, which is not of this world in man. Amen.

Oh, Son, Who keep them alive always breathing upon them! Make Yourself and ongoing miracle in them with the Spirit and with Your power in order that You may be in them and not they any longer, for the man easily exalts himself and easily falls down, and then he hardly gets up that he may be again.

Oh, Son of the Father and mine, let there no longer be Your death on earth, for when the man falls, You also fall, and You are only wounds from man, for You cannot leave the one who chooses You as his life, and when he is hurt, You suffer more than him, and no man on earth is able to understand Your many wounds, Your many falls in man and from man, and Your cross is heavy and You are crushed under it in those to whom You appear and in whom You sit to suffer in them, in their little body full of mercy for You, God Who are shown mercy by those who carry Your pains from the man.

I long for You in man, Son, and that is why I speak this mysteries not understood by man. I put You incarnated in the last sons of the word of Your life, for the mystery of the embodiment of Your word is still not perceived by the man, and I will still come with a feast of Your mother and I will still speak to them about this mystery. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, mother, you want that the humility of spirit and My godly patience to be the everlasting feast of My people, and this longing has been burning within Me for seven thousand years after the man.

Oh, My people, the embodiment of My word in you is the glory, which I wait for every day into your midst, for I want to be with you and in you and in all of your things, in your whole work, that your work to be My word, and My work to be your work, and so that we may be one in everything we are and live. Amen. Oh, sons, My word is sweet. Eat it as sweet as it is and love it and long for it before any longing of yours. Oh, sons, I give Myself to you as body and word to be always with you. Therefore, be always My dwelling place and keep Me within a loving watch, because I have always given you life so that you may be My life always on earth. Amen.

Oh, children under burden by which I come to My people! Love humility of spirit and its sweet tear, because from earth to heaven the man who has this adornment is dear and I am wonderful with My kingdom in him, a kingdom which is not of this world, children sons. Oh, I have mercy on you, because I made you in such a way that you may not be able to work on earth as on earth, and I have mercy on you on earth and I comfort you under My pains in you; I comfort you with them, children sons, and you should be gentle and humble in your heart, so that I and not you may live in you and before My people. Amen, amen, amen.