The Word of God at the Feast of the Saint Elijah, the prophet

I come in the clouds and speak upon the earth. I am God, the Word. Amen, amen, amen. Oh, children of Jerusalem, I have come down with the entire heavenly host, and I speak upon you out of the midst of the glory. When the rain falls down on to the earth, the springs hold water from abundance, and the earth blossoms with life; however, when the chambers of the rain close, the springs begin to dry out and their bosom also dries out. This is what I do with you, My people; I keep you to My bosom to eat and that your life and your offshoot may not dry out. The voice of My word flows like a spring over to you, and I grow you up with manna from heaven more than I did with Moses’ Israel. I make a spring of word come down from heaven, to turn you into a spring of word on the earth, and all passers-by to drink of you, that they may be thirsty of the living water and to look out for it, and those who drink to grow up. Israel, Israel, that is why I brought you up in the time of My coming back, so that you may tell to the world about My coming back and about My glory and My kingdom. Let the man look at you and follow you and drink from the river of My word. Peace to you, My people! In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I open My bosom and I come closer to give you to eat. Take son, and eat. Take My people, take from God and get used to My life within you, with Me in you, as he, who has Me in him, has life in him; oh, and what kind of life he has in him!

The man of the world does not have My live in him. Israel, Israel, teach the man of the world what it means to have life in him; teach him if you can, and I will give you a high price for it, son, but you should work carefully lest you may go wrong; lest you take and learn something from the man of the world. You should not learn the work of the world, as the man of the world has no life within him. I am the life and he, who does not have Me, does not have life in him.

The Holy Spirit is above you, My people. It is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and it is worked out by the word, by a spring of word of the Holy Spirit, as I promised that the Holy Spirit would come and proclaim everything that is to be brought into view between heaven and earth.

I look upon My work in heaven and I see it in the time of Ahab when My prophet Elijah closed the bosom of the heaven by his prayer to the Lord. The earth had not received rain for three years and a half. The springs dried out; the earth opened its mouth and was asking for water. The earth cracked open sons, and it was with its little mouth opened to God, but Elijah’s prayer was before Me, and My compassion was bound under the word of the zeal of this heavenly servant on the earth, as his zeal was better than My compassion. Here and there had it got a few springs. And where did it still have from? Out of My mercy!

Be careful Israel, to have a spring blessed by Me into your courtyard, as it will be a great work with your spring. Be careful My people, and have Me in you, as I will do a great work with you, son. And why shall I do it? Because I proclaimed the word that I would do it, as the people that was with Me and left again for the world did no longer thought when it left that I would fulfill all those that I proclaimed and that it would be hard for the one who left Me. It will say that it did not left Me, but in no way was it right, as I am the word and I come to perfection and those who left do no longer hear Me. They are far away from the spring and do not hear Me and do not eat, and the spring that has no water dries up and he, who left, does not know what it means a dried up spring; he does not know, poor of him, that I am the spring, and that if I do not come into his ear and into his heart, he does not have Me. I do not have any other path for the sons of this work, and the ear is the gate of entrance for the word. Only those that ate, only they hear. Only the springs that receive water have water. The others dry up and their stream of the spring is clogged. Oh, what mourning was in Israel when the bosom of the heaven was not giving rain any longer! Hardly, hardly did Israel come back to Me, to the Lord. It was bound to idols; it was seized by idols and sinfulness, and it could no longer escape with its thought to God. Israel was feeble and dead, as the one without God is dead, and the one without food is weak. He, who is without Me in him is dead, but he does not say that he is dead. But I said it, and I said this: «He, who does not eat and drink of My Body and Blood, has no life in him».

I came two thousand years ago to give life to the man, but what did Israel do? It killed Me and did not believe that I was resurrected, and to believe that I was the promised God. What did it do? It bought with money the guardians who kept watch at My grave and it told them to say that My disciples stole Me while they were sleeping. Oh, if it was true that My disciples stole Me while the watchmen were sleeping, then the watchmen had to be killed because they slept during their watch. Sons, sons, the lying of the bishops from the time of My glory by resurrection was big. Their unbelief was as big as of the today’s bishops. A lie bought with money and spread on all sides, as this news has remained until today, as though I was stolen from the grave by the disciples. Not until today has Israel believed that I was God and I was resurrected after I gave Myself as a sacrifice of atonement for the man. The lying word of the bishops has power, as the people are simple minded when they have not got the Spirit of God. Israel did not have in mind to believe in the Christ that was sent from heaven, and that is why the lie bought them so easily. Israel has not believed even to this day; it has known so to this day; this is how it has believed, that the disciples stole Me while the watchmen were sleeping. However, I was resurrected and the testimonies of My resurrection spoke more than their lie, but they still have not wanted to receive Me as God. I had a small people of witnesses who stayed within My closeness and to whom I appeared alive after the resurrection, and with whom I spent time after the resurrection, and Israel came out as a liar, but its pride has kept it opposing to this day. Behold, today it is the same! I have you today, Israel of today. I have always had you close to the miracle of My word; I have had you as a people of My coming back, as I have come back through the word and I have worked so wonderfully; however, no one has believed afterwards; no one from the church, and the bishops of the church try to lie as then. But I have come out as then and I have appeared through the word, and I sit at the table of heavenly supper with you, Israel, and I give you to eat wisdom from heaven, and you testify about Me, as the little ones, who were with Me in the time of the work of My body, testified about My time in the flesh and about My glory through the resurrection.

My people, you should know, son, that you will soon meet with the tabernacle which has sheltered Me in the time of My coming of today. You will meet My trumpet, and you will see her in a great glory if you have been with Me and faithful to Me. Those who gave up My work, gave up also My trumpet, and they will no longer see her. My people, it will happen to you as it happened to Peter, James and John, on the day when I changed before them, as they saw Moses and Elijah near Me. This is how you are to see My glory soon, and you will not know who I am and who My trumpet is, as Vergin-ica was My tabernacle on the earth, the body that sheltered Me before you. And a great glory will remain upon you, My people, and the world will not understand My love from over you. But I still have a little bit to sieve out; I still have a few empty grains of wheat, which will not be able to stand next to My glory. I still have a little bit to clean out at My table, as only the one, who believe by fulfilling the words that came with Me, is faithful at My table; all the settlement of the Edenic man on the new earth. The man with a life of Eden within him is a new man, and under him it becomes a new earth, and he will do the work of a new earth upon Romania. Amen.

What a pity, Israel; what a pity for the son who heard and tasted from this table and had not stayed until the distribution of the table gifts! What a pity for the one who knew this bosom and did not stay to eat forever of it! What a pity! And why do I say so? Because this is the greatest sin! And why it is the greatest sin? Because there is nothing left to be washed with, as the scroll rolls up, the road wraps up, and the time turns into a scroll, and the unfaithful perishes forever. What a pity for the man who takes delight in money, in days like on the earth, and in greed of earthly things! I cry over the man without God as a dead is mourned over. I will take the death out of the earth; I will remove the sins from the earth; I will take them away, so that they may no longer be on the earth, as the sins brought about death to the man; however, the people will weep for longing of sins, for longing of pleasures, for longing of lusts and of sinful joys; people will weep for longing of death, and the death will no longer be. I will take it and I will punish it into nothingness, as this is written into the Scriptures, and the sins will no longer be, and it will be the reward of the sin, as this is written into the Scriptures and the Scriptures are true.


Oh, the way is no longer seen; it is no longer seen! A great many of evil spirits conceived by people, a flood of spirit darkened and blurred the way. The way is no longer seen, but the light of My people, its white coat and God’s glory will be seen above. This will be light; the place of My people, the land of My people, the new land, which will bring forth afterwards and will include in it all those that were created in the beginning; and Adam and Eve will finish their way of coming home to God and they both will be one body. Amen.

Israel, Israel, this Scripture is great: «And they will be one flesh, male and female». Oh, and what did the man do with this Scripture? He abolished this Scripture and did something else. The heaven cries and the earth, which was created at the same time with the heaven, cries, as the man trampled under his feet those that were created, those that were clean. Ask, My people, the priests and the bishops and the theologians of this age, and see what they tell you about this Scripture which says: «And they shall be both one flesh». But son, come back there where the man and the woman were both one flesh. Leave your father and your mother; leave them, as it is written to leave them, as you are not of that seed. Leave them and take My word which gives you birth.

Sons, sons, when did Adam and Eve sin? They sinned when they were no longer one flesh, as if they had been one, they both would have thought like God. I wanted to repair the mistake made by Eve, and I told Adam to separate from Eve, so that I might start all over again from there where Eve was not created yet. I told Adam to put away the sin, which arose in Eve, which is Eve. I told Eve that she would die since she gave rise to sin. I told him not to give up to death and that Eve will die. But Adam did not want to separate from Eve and he said that if she died, he did not want it otherwise.

Do you see My people, why I ask you to separate from the one in your house that is not with Me? To save you son, and then also for you to be a savior and not a mortal one. Be one body with Me, son, as you have no one to be one body with, as the Scripture says. Do not do as Adam did, who did not want to separate from Eve, who listened to the devil that tears the man apart from God. Adam and Eve were one flesh as long as they had listened to their Creator, and they were the Lord’s perfection in the man. When man and woman separate themselves from their fathers and mothers, then they are born of God and become one flesh; one Christ in them both, and they are born of immortal seed, of Christ, the One, Who created Adam together with the Father.

Behold, sons, the world will be born again; the world will be renewed as it is written. The world will receive its first appearance, the one from its beginning. The visible world will be in-cluded in the one that is invisible, so that the invisible one may be seen into the visible one, the world created by God and not by man. The man that was born of the man got into the earth again and will come out of the earth as in the beginning, at God’s word, at the work of God’s hands. The man will be made out again from the earth. Every man that knew God will get up in an immortal body and will stand before God. God’s man will come back into Eden. It is written into the Scriptures about the new birth of the world, about the renewal of the world. You shall not stagger My people, as the fact that you are today in the body, that you are today with God and that you have got a skin from God, is a great work from God through you. I will put you face to face with Elijah, the prophet, as the beginning is joining with the end; the first ones are joined to the last ones, and we all will be one body. Amen.

Israel, Israel, what does this mean, one body? Soon, you are to answer what this Scripture is about. He that is joined to a body of a prostitute is one flesh with her, as the Scripture says: «They both shall be one flesh». He, who is joined to Christ, is one body with Christ; you and Him, one body. My people, the first time is coming; not lusting is coming on the earth. The man that does not sin anymore is coming on the earth. Christ is coming, sons; He is coming. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I became one flesh with you, My people. He that is one flesh with Me can no longer sin. He that is not one flesh with Me becomes one body with the sin. Elijah, the prophet, had no lusting in his body, and that is why he had so much power in word and deed. Israel, you should not look to get an answer from your body to save your soul from the condemnation of the sin. The body does not sin until its mind gives to it the conceiving of the sin in the body. Turn your mind into heaven to have God in it, son from the end, as all the heaven has to come down in you and on the earth through you. The heaven comes to an end too, as it is written, and it will come down upon you when its dwelling and waiting will come to an end; it will roll up like a scroll and it will be given to you son of God from the end. I come with the clouds as it is written. The clouds also come with Me, and they remain with Me upon you and in you. And why do the clouds also remain with you? So that you may have, son, something to take you into the invisible ones; to be taken, as I am, on the clouds and with the clouds. If I come, I come with everything I have; I come to take you with Me; I come for you to take Me with you and both to stand before the Father with this kingdom of new heaven and new earth as it was in the beginning. Who has ever heard that such a little accomplishment, which is within your reach to fulfill, may hinder you? And if you do not want to fulfill the entire preparation, who has ever lost what you are to lose, son called and elected to stand before Me on My coming? Be faithful Israel, as it is not enough if you are called and chosen. The faith perfects you; it makes you to be complete. Without it you do not do everything that is to be done. That is why I declared in your time: „So great a faith like yours has not been heard through the ages”. The one with a clean heart that cannot escape and wants to be with Me, I save him with My angels, but I leave the one that takes Me jokingly. «One will be taken, and the other will be left». Take a good look, that this prophecy is seen into My work. He that is left is the one that gives up My work, the skin that I gave you within this time. He that is taken is the one who goes with Me and with My word to the place where the heaven meets the earth in view of waiting for those who will finish their way well.

Go, Israel, go! Go with Me on the way, even if you do not see the way with your eyes, as the day is coming so that the world may see that you have My way under your steps. You do not have to see it. The unfaithful one has to see it! Elisha, the prophet, did not see with his eyes the heavenly host, ready for battle for him and for his escape, but Gehazi saw the chariots and the heavenly host; the disciple looked towards the Lord at Elisha’s request and believed into the word of Elisha’s faith.

Go, Israel, go! Go My people, go on My way with you, as I also go on your way with Me, and behold, I go. And we take a break of word and sit at the table for a supper of Emmaus, and after we eat, we work again, what we have to work. What do we work with? We work with our mind, with our heart, with our deed, with our step, and we work with all our spiritual members: with faith, with love, with patience, with peace; we work with the new proclamation; we work with the resurrection. Now we come to a stop to eat and drink, and then we travel again; we still have a short travelling to do and at the end of our travelling is the celebration of the end.

Go, Israel, go, for if you stay, you no longer go. Go son, as he who stays gets lost on his way, as the road turns into a scroll; the road that leads to the Lord does not remain unfolded. It rolls up behind and it is kept by angels behind you. Go manfully, as only one road goes to the Lord. Watch out for the side roads and to not turn to the left or to the right, as the road behind turns into a scroll, and you remain on the paths without spirit on them. Go son, go. I wait for you at the spring to give you to drink. Go, as here is what I do: I come into your way with the little wooden pail and I give you to drink. Go, son Israel, as this is My desire, and we both will be one body, I and you, Bridegroom and Bride, man and woman, as you are of a single one, sons of Israel; you all are one bread, one body, and you eat of the same bread, and we will always be one body. Amen.

May My supper of today be blessed, Jerusalem, loved son, and you should be alive, My people! May you have a glowing countenance from the fire of the Holy Spirit, of the love of the heavenly fire! May the heaven, the earth, the air, the water and everything into My way with you, bless you! May a fragrance of resurrection remain wherever you pass by! May the dead come out of the graves wherever you walk and sing „Christ is risen!”, so that Israel, that has been unfaithful to My resurrection to this day, may hear!

Go, Israel, go My people, go as Israel went with Moses, but go obediently to Canaan, and enter alive into the garden with milk and honey.

Go, Israel, go. Go son, as Elijah, the prophet went, as he went full of longing to meet Me, and he did.

Go, Israel, go, until the visible meeting of the heaven with the earth; go there where the two worlds become one, as the wall from the middle will be removed and we all will be one body.

Go and go again. Go, Israel, go, as you go on the way of the glory of the New Jerusalem, and I made you a passing passport through the barriers of the world, and the world will know you as Jerusalem.

Go, Israel with a new name, as I bought you a travelling ticket and the whole world knows your name.

Go, Israel, as My trumpet is on your forehead with its name, and the citadel of the New Jerusalem was proclaimed on the earth, and it is establishing on the earth, and after that, I will establish it for immortality. Amen.

The Lord, God of Israel, has spoken to His people. Amen, amen, amen.