The Word of God for the rulers and peoples who are at war, at the Feast of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrius, the Myrrh Giver

Peace and holy power over the citadel of My word so that I may come in with the saints, for it is a feast in heaven among the holy martyrs, and I, the Lord, am giving them comfort, I am giving them My coming on earth with them and I am giving them near My speaking by which I confess Myself during this time over the earth, oh, because I have always said that this is the time of My return to prepare a people for heaven and to fulfill the Scriptures of a new and heavenly age, for the old ones pass away and everything is being done new, as it is written. (Apoc: 21/5)

The young confessor Demetrios is celebrated in heaven among the martyrs, the one who did not hide before the pagan kings in his time and proclaimed Me as his God when the rulers of the pagan time gave to be torn apart all those who were found with My love in them and among them.

In all the times I have had some of those who loved and confessed Me and this happened because those, who encouraged one another against the unfaithful ones, understood God, oh, but now it has not been seen such power of faith and love of God; however, behold, such times were also necessary because faith in Me had to be strengthened so that a Christian people may be preserved for Me through time and that I may have at the end of the battle against unbelief, to have a ministering and confessing church through its holy witnesses for Me and through the signs beyond nature when I, the Lord, worked through them to put to shame the unbelief of the proud who wanted to be strong gods; however, the young David killed God’s enemy with just a small pebble. Oh, and thus the heathen kings were put to shame through those who loved God on earth, and the Christian flock now has great intercessors in heaven, and faith and its gifts are to be nourished and stirred up and this makes the remembrance of Christ’s confessors and they are intercessors and supplicants in heaven for the followers, and behold, there is one church, only one, there are not many, and if there are, they are something else, they are strays from the flock and it is written about them in the Scriptures that they will arise to deceive many; however, I the Lord, come and work with the word and stand in battle against the wandering spirit of the herd, oh, because it is so easy to tear down the Christian that does not stay with God in prayer and in holy fellowship, and this is what I say to every Christian, to all the Christian people:

Do not be a people without prayer, Christian people! Let all Christian houses have prayers to God so that I can protect from heaven those who are connected by prayer with God, because only pagans do not stay in prayer in the time of their life.

Oh, blessed are and will be the Christians who pray to God through the spirit of the holy fathers, for the spirit of these prayers keeps them in the root; it keeps My true church, one by its name and life, and according to the order left through the saints.

Oh, Christian sons, gladly receive My exhortation, for this is what I am telling you: you may not have anything to eat, you may not have anything to wear or where to find shelter, but in spite of all these the prayer to God should not cease from your mind and lips, and stay with the Lord more than you stay with yourselves and with one another, oh, sons.

The flock of My church has been torn apart by pulling away from it of those who fell into temptation at the voice of some who wanted to have their flock, but I say again, there is only one church, and it has fathers and confessors in heaven. Amen.

Man chooses his own Christian or pagan life and there is no middle way. That is why the one who wants to be Christ’s should learn, understand and choose the Christian life, a life of prayer, of fellowship with Christ and with his confessing saints through water, spirit and blood, and the root of the Christian is that from the beginning and which confesses as in the beginning for Christian life.

I said and I am saying again: no war between peoples is raised except for the defense of the church of Christ and for the faith, and pagan fights against Christian, antichrist against Christ. And I, the Lord, am looking now at the time of war in the neighboring countries, where the antichrist enemy tries to show himself as a friend and approaches with the wandering spirit of the flock of the Christian people, and until it becomes clear to those who make war on account of the ambition of those who stir them from afar under the name of friends, behold, pain, tears and blood flow.

Oh, that’s how it is all over the earth; the battle between Christ and satan with the name of the antichrist will be to the end, and about this battle it was prophesied two thousand years ago, but I, Jesus Christ, am in front of the battle. The Lamb fights against the beast and the Lord overcomes because it is written: «The Lord scatters the counsels of the nations and rejects the thoughts of the peoples and denigrates the councils of the rulers, and the council of the Lord remains forever, from generation to generations His thoughts, and blessed is the nation whose Lord is God, He has chosen as His inheritance». (See Ps: 33/10-12, – [33 MT = 32 LXX]); And let My Christians confess and sing by saying: «Let all the kings of the earth praise You, Lord, when they hear all the words of Your mouth, and let them sing in Your ways, for great is Your glory, Lord!». (Ps: 138/4, 5)

Behold, prayer is needed for the strengthening of peace where there is war, but peace means victory on the side of Christ and His church, and, therefore, I, the Lord am saying:

Peace to you, nations, and to you, rulers over them, for the victory is for Christ! Those who fight against Me, let them lay down their weapons and seek peace for their people, peace in Christ, and all through the church and for the church, all for the flock, for the people. Amen.

Now the martyr Demetrios is adding next to My word his confession like this:

— Oh, do not rise higher than you can be, you haughty rulers, for the true victory is not the earth for which you are fighting, but heaven, and you are fighting without the love of God against those who have this love.

And you, who bring your people in danger, oh, stop relying on friends, because there are no friends but only thieves, only robbers, because love does not seek after its own, oh, no. Therefore, this is what the Lords is saying to you now:

— I, the Lord, am giving you fatherly advice: peace to you, to those who do not have peace, for behold, there is pain in your country, and the foreign enemy lies to you and pretends to be your friend! Oh, be at peace in your things and have mercy on the suffering and perishing people. Your war is coming from the outside not from the middle, not from the neighbors. It is the antichrist enemy under the guise of a friend, and he is the enemy who is fighting to bring and spread his paganism all over, and behold, here at you too, here, near the Orthodox nations, here, where Christians are all around, Christ’s Christians, the church of the Lamb.

You, Christian countries, lift up the spirit of prayer up to the sky and ask for the good of God over your lands, not other kind of good, for the good of the antichrist wants to take from the good of God. Oh, peace to you! I, the Lord, am giving you this word and this gift: Peace to you!

Now, sons in the citadel of My word, let Us prepare and put a spirit of prayer for My victory among those who have turmoil and are attacked by the antichrist enemy. The war of these times is fed by My adversary, antichrist, who presents himself as a friend, as a benefactor and as a defender.

Let the council from heaven remain, and let the councils of the enemy leaders fall and peace be made, and let it be worked with it among the peoples!

It is the heaven of the saints at great watch and everything that hurts on earth hurts in heaven as well. Let us give comfort by calling through the spirit of prayers the heavenly powers to rule on My behalf, and let the Father watch. Amen.

Now, you, sons in the citadel, you are to prepare the autumn memorial for those asleep, oh, because for a long time they have been waiting for you, sons, and blessing I leave upon you for this preparation once with the feast of the angels, and we are also going to comfort those who wait from Us and from you.

Ask the Father through Me, ask, sons, and the Father will give you, according to My promise.

I am placing you within the spirit of peace and of the holy hope and all these for My love of you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.