The Word of God on the third Sunday after the Holy Passover, of the Holy Prudes

My word is coming into the garden; it is coming into its book and preparing its glory.

It is a feast in the citadel of My word; it is a feast like that for Passover in the garden. The Lord is coming in with His saints. The guests from heaven are coming in groups: My mother Virgin, disciples with whom I had spent My apostleship and theirs for three years and a half and the prudes of My resurrection are the bouquet of the feast, and this Sunday is given to them to the memory of their faith and love for the crucified Christ, Who has given them a new heart and the love from heaven.

Here in the garden, here, in the citadel of My word, year by year on this Sunday, is laid a memorial and a table with Christian food and those who left the earth are invited at the table and we are saying them the Passover greeting, the good news of the joy of those who cried at that time: Christ has risen!

Oh, the disciples cried and the prudes cried as well, they cried all the week before My resurrection and then I appeared before them resurrected as I had told them before, and this is what I told them: «Most assuredly I tell you, that you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice. You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into joy». (John: 16/20) Oh, and it was so; and also cried those who prepared My crucifixion, and they cried with terror and his is how they ended, for I had told My disciples when I appeared resurrected before them: «Go in the whole world and preach the Gospel of the resurrected Christ to all the creature under the heaven, and he who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who disbelieves will be condemned». (See Mark: 16/16)

Behold, disbelief condemns. Oh, how shall disbelief save a man? I appeared in death and resurrection as true God, coming from the Father God to draw to the Father those who would receive Me and believe that I came from the Father for man, to save from perdition the one lost from God, but if he does not believe, that one is condemned by his disbelief as he does not expect, poor of him.

Oh, the same is today for the unbelief of those who do not believe in My coming as word on earth, and these are condemned by their unbelief. Oh, how shall man believe those from God coming on earth when he loves to yield to the pleasures that use up his life little by little until it remains nothing for him then, as to a man condemned by his disbelief, by the lack of God in his life?

I brought news to be set a table of feast in the garden, for I am coming with the saints to this meeting and those asleep are coming as well to the table set for them to come.

Oh, peace to you, watching sons for the lord in the citadel! Peace to you, sons, peace to you! Christ has risen! You have prepared a stopover for Us, peace to you! We bow to your faith, to the love with which you receive those in heaven when they say that they come to you.

Oh, if I had not set aside a small people to prepare it for faith and for the ministry that fulfills the Scriptures that are to come, it would have been difficult for the Christian nation, for the land of My coming, for you, My today’s land, My Romania. Oh, I have prepared a great salvation for you. I have raised out of your midst a little and tiny people to stand before Me for you as praying and intercessor. I have loved you from the creation of the world when My Father told Me your mystery. I molded with My hand out of your clay the man’s body and put in him a spirit of life by My breath over him. (The name of the locality where the monastery is, is Glodeni, derived from the Romanian word „glod”, which means clay to be processed by hand as in clay vessels, r.n.) I loved you as I loved the first man built and behold your mystery, My love for you, My country from the beginning and from today, when I, God, the Son, am coming again on your hearth and building again, and I am working again the word from the Father and then its visible fulfillment then, and he who does not believe My coming and the work of My word, that one is condemned, as it is written.

Oh, how dear you are to Me, but also to My saints and angels, My country! Peoples around you or from far away coveted and covet you, but you are God’s dear one, you are the first one, as in the beginning of the world when the earth was taken out of the waters. I am speaking to you before the peoples on earth and confessing before them that the Lord is your God and protects you in a special way from beginning to the end and forever.

I am standing with the armies of saints and angels above you and at your borders. You are God’s Garden, the edelweiss so much protected on earth and in heaven, and the Lord is fighting for your life, and satan is fighting all the time as well. I have always spoken My word in you and chase away satan’s army, so that the ruler of this world without God may know, to know that he has no right upon you, that he is not allowed, that he cannot pass over God and that he must obey God’s word in your midst, oh, and this enemy will be completely overcome, who is as old as the world is, and old in all evil things from the beginning, since man started to listen to him in paradise, oh, and since then the paradise has been closed to be protected, but once with the falling of the disobedient man in paradise, satan started his fight behind man that he may not escape the fallen one from his cunning advise in the garden of the paradise, oh, and no one has known until today that by man’s falling in the disobedience from God and in haughtiness the angels of the cunning advice also fell then, but My watch stopped that pain in heaven, only that the fight on earth against man has been great since then, and it has on the side of the light the Son of God, by Whom the heaven and the earth were made, oh, and satan is weak, but man has given his work and that is why he can and works.

Behold, today is a feast of word in My garden in you, My country! I am comforting you with the voice of My word that breezes like a sweet little wind above the garden and they bring comfort by speaking. In the time of My trumpet, Virginia, I put word into the book and said: „The Romanian land is being prepared for the godly commandment and plan, and rejoice, Romanian people that are Christian, but woe to you that live on this land and are estranged from Me!”.

Oh, this is what I said then, but now I am working My word foretold for more than fifty years ago, oh, and I am working mysteriously, as there is much disbelief, and especially more carelessness than unbelief, and it is even with those who knew, know and take My word from here, from the spring, to know it.

Step by step I have climbed the fulfillment of My word, oh, for there has been no stead-fastness in those who have come near. I kept waiting and I still wait. Oh, I am waiting to get out of bondage of sin the one who chooses to walk with Me on My today’s way with My today’s people. I have waited for the Christian to come out of sin and to do like Moses, who, after he had spoken on the mountain with God, sanctified his life and fleshly nature, and the Lord shone in him, Who spoke with him in a flame of fire, oh, and Moses did not die after-wards, neither in his spirit nor in his body, for he did not put away his body and is alive, and he has been walking with Me and for Me since then and to the end.

Oh, this is what I also told little Virginia, My trumpet, and I am putting on this day My speaking with her word by word, for you, even if you die, you will be forever alive, and he who is to die will die, but you will never die. Be good and listen to My commandments for we will feed many hungry people, and this people will meet the Lord at His coming on the clouds of the sky and you will feed this synod for a long time, oh, and I had also told her, showing the mystery in the symbol: „Little Virginia, pick up this stone and give it to Me. It weighs a kilogram and you cannot lift it up but you will lift it up and know it forever. You have to know that the number of these steps are sealed, and in due time you will know everything, and the Lord will strengthen you and will be able to pick them up like some tablets and open them in two and from them you will know all the mysteries of God’s work, and before My coming you will receive two reports and you will prepare the people to meet Me!”

Sons, sons, I have put in My trumpet the fire from which I spoke with Moses on the mountain and I spoke with this people with it, oh, and how many have gone down from this mountain and have not wanted to become holy as Moses did after he had spoken with God on the mountain, hearing My voice from the flame of fire upon him!

Oh, this people did not sanctify itself, no, sons, no, for it did not love. Whoever loves can, for love can. Moses was shining with the Lord inside of him before the people, as a sign for the people to listen to him from the mountain feet.

Moses took off his shoes and this is how he came near to the place from where I spoke with him from the flame of fire, and then My Father’s messenger to Israel loved and was full of mercy for the people, and he was as merciful as little Virginia, and then he wanted to work only for Me and he did no longer work anything for himself and has remained Christ’s company since then and up to this day and he has followed Him in eternity, the One he prophesied about that would come and all those who would want to listen to Him and love Him in obedience.

Oh, sons in My garden with you, but you too, sons gathered at My today’s table with the saints, with the angels and with you, I am giving you now holy exhortation, advice for the love of God, and behold what I am giving you to fulfill in love: Seek all the time to have repentance in your soul, sons, for, you must know, you need to, you always have the reason why, oh, for the spirit of repentance is needed, who keeps the Christian good and humble, but let this work be seen on your face with great care for your living within Christ, for how can you be Mine otherwise? Oh, for many of you started lacking this nearness to the Lord, the need of the Lord within them all the time, and if this is how you are getting used to, then you can anytime perish unexpectedly like those who fell from My little boat, falling because of the lack of love, sons.

He who does not remain in the spirit of repentance is known by his conduct, the one who does not live with God all the time, fearing not to go wrong in his walking with the Lord. Kind David was speaking with Me when he sinned; he was not careless and was praying to Me to be with him when he was in trouble, he was calling Me, singing to Me burningly praising Me, he was prophesying in My name, oh and he was king not an ordinary man, and he had always time to be with Me, and I to be with him.

I want to see Myself shining within you, Christian son, for you speak with the Lord as Moses did on the holy mountain, as if only you know My word and do not love it and you do not love Me by it, oh, how shall I appear thorough you so that you may be My confessor, son who has come to Me to be Mine?

Oh, sons, seek to be like the apostle Thomas. He came to believe and he did. However, Adam believed otherwise; he believed that he could hide with his disobedience, oh, but he could not do that, for I called him to appear before Me and he came, but he was upset, murmuring and disobedient. Then Cain also thought that he could hide with the work of his disbelief and envy, but again, he could not do that, for I came into his way and showed him the hiding of his brother’s killing, after he had hid saying that he did not know anything about his brother, and then he submitted when I showed him what he had done.

Oh, no one, no one can testify for himself, because it is written that any testimony is valid when two or three witnesses testify about the invisible things of man. Behold, man cannot get used not to exculpate, not to justify himself, not to testify about himself. Oh, he cannot do this. I keep on waiting for man to come out of his bondage and to be useful for Me for his salvation from under satan’s spirit. Oh, you do not know, Christian son, you do not know how much and how many things you work for satan, and I want to have mercy on you, to help you come out from this bondage, oh, for there is great sin for God’s creature to sell oneself to satan by all kinds of ministry contrary to God’s commandments written on earth for Christians.

I have all the power in heaven and on earth. My Father has given Me all things because I obeyed Him and saved the man by My death on the cross, by which I worked out the man’s salvation, the man’s escape from satan’s bondage, only if man may want it, too.

I am speaking to the Christian people and to the Romanian people, as well. I have power to command the storm on the sea not to touch that what is God’s, to the country of My return from the Father as word on earth, only that I may be able to work with My word upon them and the Romanian people to believe Me that I am at the helm and that I can work with the word for this country and nation.

Oh, what a sweet feast I have set today in the garden, here! All those sitting at the table are comforted. Unforgettable memories are to be reminded. I was with the Father in Me all the way of the cross and that is why I was able to drink the cup of suffering, for I loved the man as much as My Father did, oh, sons. Then My Father forsook Me for a while, the moment on the cross, the end of My suffering on the cross, and then I called out to the Father to come again, but I laid My Spirit into His hands and this is how I reached the end of the suffering, waiting to come to the place of the glory near the Father. However, I had to go to shatter the latches of the dwelling of the dead and to get out of bondage those before Christ (Mat: 27/52, 53) and then I appeared resurrected to My disciples and spent with them a little while and then I took My place near the Father, oh, and sweet memories I was spinning when I was spending with the people in the name of the joy of salvation of those who chose to be with the Lord, the spending with those in heaven on earth with the people when man is Christ’s Christian.

The priests of that time were My enemies and then they became wolves and tore down the Lamb of God, but the greatest memory of that time is My resurrection and meeting with the disciples and female prudes, rejoicing that I overcame death and satan and that I was and am alive from everlasting to everlasting.

May the table of the memorial be blessed for those asleep and called at the table to their comfort, for we are giving them comfort and we are singing at the table: Christ has risen!

May you be blessed for the preparation of the feast of the prudes of My resurrection and My disciples, who wept at that time, and then they rejoiced over out meeting again, and you, sons, behold, you have always been preparing a stopover for the Lord with you. I am comforting you in mystery for you have always been under burdens, oh, and I do not see you resisting, but rather bowing down as My word is coming to you. You have brought joy and comfort to those who wait there for the Lord as also on earth many have been waiting for Him full of longing, as it is hard on earth, sons, and they are calling for the Lord to come and comfort them waiting for Him.

I am embracing you within My mercy, within My love for you which protects you, sons! The disciples and prudes are looking from My presence at Our spending with you and all are saying to: Peace to you!

Christ has risen! Peace to you, and peace over all the table of today, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.