The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Resurrection

The bells are ringing on earth everywhere; they are also ringing in heaven, they are ringing for resurrection, they are ringing on earth and in heaven and the Christians and pagans are singing in all the languages of the earth and they are singing that Christ has risen!

The song of My resurrection is sung everywhere on earth from midnight and until dawn, and I, the Lord, am thrilled with all the hosts of saints and angels before God’s love, for My Father had sent Me two thousand years ago to bring down on earth on His behalf face to face with the people the love crucified on the hill of Golgotha, God’s Son dying on the cross for His longing after man, the shattering moment when God the Son was rejected and brought to crucifixion between two thieves, enduring lovingly and full of longing to rise from death and to testify the truth of His coming from heaven on earth, the love that brought Him down from the presence of the glory of the Father to become known as true God of true God, the redeemer of the man fallen from haven through sin and the man to startle before this great love too, for the Lord suffered for all the men’s sins and there cannot be any greater love than this, oh, and then I taught those who followed Me and said to them: «Love your enemies and bless those that curse and persecute you». This is what I taught them, for I want to take after Me those who follow Me so that they might know the love, its mystery and its power, and there is no greater love than the love which God wrote on earth with His own blood, with His own sacrifice on the hill of Golgotha two thousand years ago.

Oh, sons, the power of My love on the cross is great, dear sons with whom I have been writing My coming after two thousand years in the glory of the word. I am coming to you so that you may put Me into the book and to share Me in days of Passover over the earth with My speaking.

It would have been very hard on earth and over the people if during this time of such great darkness I could have not set apart an little and tiny people to stand before Me and to set Me as word on earth to be able to stay by the spoken word in the battle against satan, the ruler of this age and so that I may rule, not he, oh, for God cannot leave His victory into the hand of His adversary and man’s, for he brought the man down from heaven at the beginning, and now, in the end, I am coming to snatch his victory he had at that time, and I have proved this two thousand years ago, and since then he has been very much perplexed and extremely mad about this. Oh, but what shall I do to you, satan, if you have not wanted to understand in time God’s word through the prophets, and kept on struggling in vain, and here I am as word over the earth behind you to spoil the whole of your plan worked in darkness that you may gain something, but no, I am watching and always overthrow your work, for I am God and you are My opponent and I am waiting for you to leave aside your tricks with which you test the human kind, for I overcame and judged you two thousand years ago and you are wretched and keep on struggling in vain. I am behind you with My word and of those that serve your hidden plans, and behold, a great day, a feast of resurrection and you are staying and listening now to how is sung on earth and played everywhere in a sound of bells and semantron that Christ has risen! Oh, those who do your will are singing too; they are singing and the Christians and the pagans are singing the song of the Lord’s resurrection too: Christ has risen!

Oh, God’s sons, and you, men’s sons, I am teaching you with the same word: love God; love Him truly with all the power of your love and heart in you, and this I am teaching you specially. Oh, love as I love and not as you know what love is. Love showed its image two thousand years ago on the hill of Golgotha on a wooden cross, enduring crucifixion and loving in great pains of the new birth of the world, as it was prophesied to be fulfilled then and from then on to the end of the time, for I, the Lord, am coming to renew everything and I work by the word. The Christians and the pagans are singing on a day of Passover, Christ has risen! What does God have to say by this?

Oh, obedient sons, and you, those who are not obey God, what does it mean to be a Christian, and what does it mean not to be a Christian? It is time to be known the names of God’s sons and the names of men’s sons; it is time for God’s sons and men’s sons to know what God has to say by what He says.

A man cannot have a life of a Christian or a life of God’s sons anyhow or any way possible. This has got a long tradition with much dowry, with a steady work of the Christian traditions left by the saints and then followed with a great holy duty by those who are Christians all their lives on earth. If you are a Christian in your life then you must keep it not mixed and you do not have to neglect your duties as God’s son. In Christ’s church is all the teaching of the right faith and the duties of a Christian. Those who leave these and use the name of a Christian by not keeping the guide and the step according to the tradition, they fall in paganism, they swerve from the right work of the son of Christ’s church, and behold, such great pain goes up to heaven, for those who call themselves Christian do not have, they do no longer have a life of Christian, they do not walk in Christ’s order, they live in their sins, they violate the ordinances for the saints, they do not resemble the saints and rather, they take after the sons of the world, they walk with them-selves and like themselves, they love the passing age and all its occupations, they do not have any close and unopened relationship with the Lord the Savior, Who gave His life for the live of His church, they do not have the work of obedience and blessing over their steps and works, oh, and pain is going up to heaven because of those who having a name of Christian do not have their life accordingly, they do not have the Lord with them, and without the Lord no one is able to escape from satan’s sting, which has brought his merchandise at sight and does not stop from his work that deceives the heart in man every moment.

Oh, it is easy for your heart and mouth to sing Christ has risen! If you do not do the Lord’s will fully in you and in your work, then He cries because of you, He cries because you do not love Him, that you do not follow Him, that you are not afraid to do these. The Lord cries when He sees that you do not want to learn the life and work of a Christian, your love and duty before your Lord.

I have brought great mercy down on earth. I have come now and chosen a little hand of Christian sons and strengthened them to great watch for the Christian life, made of them the way of My word over the earth and I have set them as a gift of high price to Christ’s church, very much disobedient with respect to its duties left through the saints to be lived with holiness by the Christian flock and she has tried little to understand this mystery of Mine set in its midst, for I have taken out of her a little hand of sons and put them to the work for the redemption of the creature fallen from God.

My coming as word on earth, the little and tiny people that helps Me come and work My word spoken and fulfilled then, this mysterious work is still not understood, but it brings you great joy on earth, oh, and patience is needed in heaven and on earth for man is hard of understanding as My disciples were before seeing My words fulfilled.

Just a little more patience and the wisdom from above will come in many at a sign from above, for I, the Lord, need to have great care to cover and protect the way of My coming, and I will work in a wonderful way through the fulfillment of My word, with which I mysteriously rule the world and the fulfillment of the last Scriptures, for the love of God has to overcome over the world and many have to put on their little shirt of Christian and Romanian, for I have set the work of the new birth of the world here, on the Romanian land, in the language of the Romanian and in the faith left from the ancestors through the church of My saints, and behold, today, on a day of Passover, I have with Me at the table of word a Romanian saint, the hierarch Calinic, and He is marveled looking with Me and with My saints at the fulfillment of the prophecy of New Jerusalem in the Romanian people and which God revealed to him par-tially, for the Lord protects His fulfillments and does not bring everything into the open because the enemies are many, and great care is needed not to be stirred and start poking and thwarting the Lord’s mysteries.

I have with Me at the table of resurrection My mother Virgin and I also have the male and female disciples with Me. On a day of Passover, I have made a stopover with the saints in My garden of word and We are speaking the word with you, sons in the garden, and We are also singing Christ has risen! We are strengthening the love of God among you and We are waiting many hearts to understand My mystery with you, the mystery and life of a Christian, the true name of the son of this work of word. I have let you know that I suffer because the Christians do not want or love Me because of their self-love, because of the lack of their longing after God, but I want to wipe out this painful tear with you and to comfort you in your pains too, oh, for you have many things to bear and carry, and I have so few of you to do that great work that is asked for My walking, for the citadel and for the care of the people, sons, and the people do not bring Me joy because of the self-love, well sons.

We need patience and love, we need burning prayer to the Father as I prayed two thou-sand years ago for the disciples that had to pass through the temptation when they came to take Me by betrayal and then My crucifixion; however, at that time I brought them joy, and to those who rejoiced over My catching and then over My crucifixion, there came great sadness, fear and then, pain.

Oh, this is how God works after He has endured long, with much love and mercy, but if those, whom God endured, do not soften their toughness and heart, they do not have any part in the fruit of the love of God and they alone choose to remain on the side of pain after that.

It is a holy feast in heaven and on earth, but people have a pagan life, according to their love, and they do not know to rejoice the Lord when they want to sing: Christ has risen!

I comfort the Father because of this pain, and the Christians do not love Me with their lives. I comfort you too, sons, and the Father is with you with His comforts, for it hurts the lack of the love of God of so many Christians on earth who have not learned yet the mystery of life, their life with God and for God, lived on earth.

We are singing in heaven, We are singing on earth with you: Christ has risen! Let us give ourselves holy comfort and hope, for this is how We comforted each other, I and My disciples two thousand years ago, on the day of joy after pain, the day of My resurrection, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.