The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Birth – the second day: The Synod of the Lord’s Mother

On the second day of the feast of the memorial of My birth on earth two thousand years ago, I am writing into the book My speaking with My mother Virgin, and mother, let’s awake the memory of My coming down on earth to you. You have received Me through the angel and then you set Me among the people on earth as a little Child, oh, and you had no rest; you found no place to rest with Me and to take care of Me, as a little and newly born child. Your arms were My place at My birth. You carried Me in your arms, you were My little cradle and walked a long way with Me in your arms, My mother. The angel immediately brought the news that the king Herod was looking for Us to take My life and its body, oh, and Joseph took you and you walked a long way with difficulty, mother, and it was full of dangers because Herod’s people were behind Us and were looking everywhere, and both your walking and Mine as well, you with Me in your arms, were always looked for, and this is how We travelled to Our exile to Egypt, until the angel came again and told Us to turn back to the Israel’s country, after the king who murdered the little children died of a severe death and then We came back into Our country, mother.

It is your day and Mine and We have the feast for My birth on earth, My mother, but near Us, Who are celebrated, My today’s country is celebrated as well, the country of My second coming from near the Father after the man, mother. There is no one among the wise one who understand and see then the fulfilled Scripture of My return to the people, as the messengers from heaven told My disciples on the day of My ascension from their presence to the Father that I would come back in the same way as I went to the place of My heavenly glory so that I may come again at the fullness of time, the time that gives Me back to the people, oh, My mother.

Oh, behold how mysteriously I have come and keep coming! Is there anyone on earth to read once again with his eyes wide open My coming again on earth as I went up into the heaven on the clouds of the Lord’s glory and then to believe that I am coming in this way?

I set faith and a place of welcome and I have come, as it is written for Me to come, and My today’s coming country has received Me and this happened and happens mysteriously, mother. I am coming with the clouds, as I went up to the Father and I am releasing My voice from above, from the clouds, and I am coming near with great care and protecting from all sides the mystery and the work in order to come and to make Myself heard and set into My today’s book, which I have shared over the earth page by page in order to feed the multitudes and for some to take from others the word of My mouth by which I shepherd.

We are coming with a table of word on earth, mother. Oh, how mysteriously God has to work so that He may fulfill all of His Scriptures, for all things are written to be fulfilled and there were not written in vain all the things of My work over the people, My mother! Behold how much protection We have to set all the time for My today’s path among people, as at that time when I had work to do on earth, mother! Romania is very much protected, for My coming has to be protected, My way, My walking on earth set in its midst, My mother.

I am protecting you with the whole heaven, My country. You are My today’s country, that from the end of the time, My Romania. My enemy knows your mystery and he does not rejoice, but he rather gets upset for pride is a very restless spirit and it does not let go so easily the proud man who thinks that he is great and strong; nevertheless, the devils tremble in great terror when they see God working and overcoming against all satan’s opposition, who loses ground once with the fullness of time for the day of the Lord’s glory, the day of joy in heaven and on earth, the day of the victory of God’s Lamb against any enemy.

Oh, My mother, what a great protection you work over My today’s country! Behold, take care of her as you took care of Me when I was a little baby and then always until you gave Me back to the Father, mother, for I went to the throne of God’s glory and set then the Holy Spirit to work in order to fulfill the threefold work of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and then the day of My glory to come mother. (The threefold work of the Godly Trinity: From Adam to the first coming of the Son - the Father`s. Since first coming to the second - the work of the Son, for the salvation of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Since the second coming - the Word of God (Apoc: 19/13.) - The Holy Spirit, the sanctifying work of the creature, «For I am the Lord your God; and you shall be sanctified and you shall be holy, because I the Lord your God am holy;» - Leviticus: 11/44, r.n.)

It is My today’s country under your care and it is the people of My word under your cover of My mother and you work all things for Me so that the day of rest, so that it may come the day, so much waited for, that is God’s rest for all the work of the new birth of the world, My mother.

― Oh, my Child of two thousand years, I received You in my arms as a little Baby at that time. Then You grew up like a man, little by little, until the time of Your cross came. You paid for the man’s salvation by Your sufferance on the cross to give the forgiven man back to God, for he was the work of Your hands, dear Son. If the Father loved the world and gave for its salvation His Son sent from the glory above down on earth after man, Your cross and death on it was the reconciliation to the Father of the world fallen from God, because God cannot lose His work, oh, and the Lord looks after His rest in the middle of His creation and then at the end of His work of creation, at the beginning and in the end, and behold the end starts with the beginning, they are bound together in the first place coming out of the waters at the beginning of the heaven and earth, and the Romanian land is this little patch of land with which it started the visible appearance of the creation of the world, dear Son.

We are coming to it, to the country of the beginning of the man made by God; we are coming to lift it at its first glory and then the renewal of the world is coming, the new birth of God’s creation from margins to margins, all by the Your word spoken over the Romanian land, for You are God’s word (Apoc: 19/13) and all are made and worked by the word as in the beginning.

Let us bless our today’s country, our way with it to the nations and languages of the world, Lord Word! All the heavenly protection works for it, for You with it. My arms spread all over for Your beautiful one, for God’s Romania, who carries in it the holy mystery of the world’s new birth, this mystery well kept by all the kings and rulers of this country over time, and who are working now over it and for it for Your mystery on its earth, Jesus Son.

It is a day of the feast of the birth, Son and God, and it is Your day and hers too, the day of the birth of Your Romania, born as body and spirit on the day of Your birth on earth among the people two thousand years ago, a country and a people born once, in one day, once with You, Lord. (See Ps: 22/30, 31 - 22 MT = 21 LXX; Isaiah: 66/6-24) The table of Your word on it in its midst is a high mountain, from where You speak and bring the renewal, and its buds burst open, as it is written. I am giving my protection for Your day of birth, Yours and hers, as well, and I am also embracing the people of Your word, Lord.

― Oh, My dear mother and the mother of God’s sons, My brothers, We are in days of feast, mother. The voice of My angels resounds from margins to margins, even if the world does not have ears to hear the voice of the heralding messengers, but the angels work and speak from God, they speak and proclaim My word once with Me. Let Us work holy powers for the way of My coming; let Us make a clean path to the people, and let there come a great light over the people and let these works be seen that they are being fulfilled, My mother! Amen.

And as for you, people who welcome God, take care of My country and yours, take care of your little robe from God and from His path to you and then on the earth with His voice, with His walking, for God goes speaking, and His word and calling are His steps over the earth, oh, My people. Amen, amen, amen.