The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross

I am proclaiming Myself at the gates to come in as word into My book of today and I am welcomed. I am the Great Bishop, the head of My church, and I am a Servant together with the church before the Father Sabaoth, and My Father is working and I am working as well. It is proper for Us, those in heaven, to work over the church more than the bishops and more than the priests of the church, as the church is not Ours otherwise, the Father’s and Mine, and it is something else when it does not have God as its Master over it and as its Counselor, the Son of God, always.

I am the Word of God; I am the Son God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Great Bishop of My church according to the order of My Father Sabaoth. Who is the one that asks Me Who I am, the One Who speaks over the church? I answer him I am Who I am; however, if I ask him who he is, can he answer Me according to the truth? I would ask him whether man could serve two masters? What answer would he give Me if I asked him who he is? Oh, if such a man were My servant, could he answer Me? However, if such a man serves himself on behalf of God, he will not have any answer and he will be ashamed to answer, he will be ashamed of Me and of people. Two thousand years ago I said: «For whoever will be ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man also will be ashamed of him, when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels». (Mark: 8/38) When I come with the angels, I come to speak over the church, for I am carried by the angels, and the angels are those who cover Me; the angels are the cloud above My body, resurrected from the dead two thousand years ago, and My glory, covered by the angelic hosts, is beautiful when I come and speak My word into the midst of My people, faithful to My coming of today on earth to it, as I also stand before it with the same glory, both when I come down into the book and when I come to it as word spoken out of the book, and I am always, once with the hearing or the reading of the word by those who either hear it or read it, and I stand face to face with those who have fellowship with Me by this word coming out of My mouth; and this is how God works, as the Lord is true and He is the same always and He works perfectly all the time and He shares His word everywhere. Amen.

Oh, Romanian people, I am descending into your midst as word; I have been descending on your heart with the glory of My word for such a long time, but you have done just Israel did, which had had Me into its midst for thirty three years by My birth, by My childhood and by My growth, and then by the preaching and by the pain of its denial of Me all this time, and then it denied Me completely and gave Me over to the cross, as though I was their greatest evil; however, I have been into your midst, Romanian people, for more than fifty years as word of the Holy Spirit and I have been leading a people, which I have made faithful to Me and the distributor of God’s word during this time, for I am Who I am; I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the beginning and the end, as it is written that I worked and that I will work, and this is My word, as it is written that it will be and that I will be, and be attentive, Romanian people, with the way I am in My work into your midst, on your hearth, for I am telling you again: I am the First and the Last, the beginning and the end, and I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am not only in the beginning, not only the First, but I am also in the end, I am the Last, as it is written. What am I coming out of this book with, the book of My name and the book of My work, which foretold Me and I am and that this is how I work? If I am the Alpha, then I will also be the Omega. If I am the beginning, then I will be the end as well. If I am the First, then I will be the Last too, and I will work in the end as in the beginning. I am the First, because I proceed from the Father before eternity, and I am the Last, as I finish the work of the Father with My word, the word as in the beginning, for God works by the word, as He has made the entire creation. I make a new creation, for this is written to be, and man cannot do this, that what is written. If I made the creation in the beginning by the word, I do likewise in the end, that is the creation again, and man had no understanding for those that God has to do, and man needs to do only what I have told him to do if he wants to be Mine here and then forever, but he needs to remember what I told him two thousand years ago when I came from the Father and then I ascended to the Father again, as then I said that, the one who wants to be his, should take after Me, and I also told him: «Whoever wants to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it; and whoever will lose his life for My sake and the Gospel`s will save it. For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life?». (Mark: 8/34-36) Oh, happy is the one who perceive the power of this word spoken by My mouth over man two thousand years ago, as that one does not lose its time and its reward! Oh, happy is the people that has separated itself for Me out of your midst, Romanian people, so that I may be able to write during these days into its midst the book of My coming on earth now, in the end of the time! I am the beginning and I am the end, and if I spoke two thousand years, I also speak in the end, I am also speaking now, for I can do this, as a true God that I am. Amen.

Behold, I am standing in the midst of My church in the Romanian people with a day of memorial of the Holy Cross, of the way and of the man’s walking with the cross, as I walked to the resurrection two thousand years ago, when I carried My cross on which I was crucified in order that I might come to life from the dead then. I had walked into the midst of Israel for thirty-three years with My godly step, and in the end of My time then, I walked with My cross, I walked to resurrection and thus I showed the man his way to resurrection, and then I told him to take up his cross and follow Me that way, if he wanted to come after Me in his walking, with his life given to Me and not given to himself. I am the Shepherd with the cross, and not the One dressed in fine clothes and having a mitre3 beaten with precious stones, as the bishops of the world wear before of the world to their glory on the earth and in no way to My glory, for My forehead was stung by the thorns and the crown of thorns was filled with the blood of My godly forehead, crowed with thorns by the Jewish people, and then I died the cross of My crucifixion with My blood flowing on it out of the wounds of My crucifixion, out of My hands, legs and side, as the soldier pierced My side, the one who helped Me to give My Spirit finally, as I came from the Father for the redemption of the man who went wrong through the woman, as the woman was taken from man, from the man’s side, and after that she harmed her husband, and I had to heal this wound made at that time and I had to fill it, as I had to heal the man’s whole body, both man and woman, for the woman was taken from the man, and I gave My spirit both for man and for woman and I threw Myself into the hell by My death on the cross, by the way of My cross, on which I was crucified, and by carrying My cross and in My obedience, I followed My Father and then I came to life to pay for the man’s resurrection and then I went to be with the Father; now I am at His right side and I am His work between heaven and earth; I am His word and His hand, which is at work by My body and Spirit, Who is working from the Father for man. Amen.

The saints and the fathers have set a feast for the cross, for the way to the man’s resurrection who abstains from food for forty days until the feast of My resurrection and his, if he also wants this, and now I am comforting, I am comforting with the glory of My word those who have fasted from food in the time of those seven weeks of fasting, and those who fast properly, as I, the Lord, have left it through the saints and through the good fathers of the church, who were working from the Holy Spirit upon it, to these I am giving now, at the middle of the way, My comfort by the word and I am telling them now, as two thousand years ago: «Whoever will lose his life for My sake and the Gospel`s will save it». (Mark: 8/35)

Oh, what great sin commit, during this time, those who sell meat, drinks and food forbidden for the time in which it is written fasting upon it! There are no priests and there are no bishops who suffer for Me, and for people in order to tell them all with the greatness of word that it is forbidden in an Orthodox country to violate the time of the fasting disorderly. It is written into the Scriptures that the nation, which violates the holy orders coming from the father, is called an adulterous and sinful generation, and behold, those who sit in My name over the church are ashamed of My Gospel, and they do not tell the Christians to prosper with days of fasting before Me for their salvation. Well, how are they supposed to tell them when even they do not fast and eat in secret so that they may not be seen doing this? These are not faithful, and even if someone came to life from the dead, they would not believe or fulfill God’s word and the word of God’s saints, for Lazarus came to life and I, the Lord, also came to life, and even so Israel did not believe; the Israel, which today is trying to cause Me another crash, and is trying to lead the world to the denial of God in such a way that it and only it may be god over the earth, and only money, for money is the curse on its head, because it sold the Son of God on money when He descended from heaven to it to be crucified by it, by the people to which He came to be its Savior.

Oh, the Father sends saviors over people and they do not understand the Father’s love for them. When the Lord took Israel out of its bondage, did He not send Moses before it as savior? Oh, this is how God works in all the times and He sends salvation for those who are in bondage, and He does not ask anyone on the earth or any people on earth when He works, and neither does He ask the leaders of the church, for I, the Lord, am greater than them and I am their savior, when they also want Me in the way I work, for the Holy Spirit descends to work when He wants and not when the earthly man wants, not when he believes that. I cleansed the lepers from their sufferance by My word before sending them to appear before the priests so that they may see them healed and to ask them who healed them. However, to what kind of priests did they know to go? The priests who rebuked Me, who persecuted Me everywhere because I was healing the weak and because I was making too many miracles and by so doing I made them look so small before the crowds they had been keeping in bondage, and because of that, they said that I had to be crucified lest their seed might perish, their entire people, but they did not escape from what they were afraid of, for their people perished before Me even because they persecuted Me into their midst, and now it is the one wandering away that is leading many in errancy.

Oh, people of My word, oh, sons, no one of you should stay with your little mouth dry from the word spoken upon you and dry of the word of praise for those in heaven! Let My word spoken among you work from one to another. Give My comfort to each other, for those who are faithful have to feed each other greatly with the heaven, with the food of the paradise, with the saints, with the angels and with all the heavenly powers, and when I, the Lord, tell to man what to do on earth between man and man, then this is how he is supposed to fulfill, because I am God of God and the God’s word is not only to be heard and then to be taken in vain, but rather it has to be fulfilled with fear, as the fear of God is with those who fulfill as God requires and as the Lord expects from man, from the least to the great One, Who takes care to teach the man to become god by grace and obedience to grace, for grace means self-denial with humility and repentance and with much work and miracle of work by this, with much longing of God, because without the longing for God no one, oh, no one can help God on earth, no one can yearn in his heart incessantly after Him, after life without death, and I am the way. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, of which those who are proud have no share, for these take of their mind even those that are for God from them, and they do not take from God, if they do so, as in order that the man may have grace, it does not mean this, because grace means humility, as My mother Virgin always had and always, always worked, and she worked like God on earth and gave birth to the Son of God as Man on earth, and she made man into a god by grace, by her work full of grace for God and for man.

Oh, it is not given to all to believe to the end into this coming of Mine on earth now, and I say this because those who have withdrawn to the sides after they have tasted and made a feast of My coming of today, of the salvation for many of those who humble themselves for it, for some had stayed for a while and then they stepped aside and by this they taunted Me and then they left, for they judged according to their own mind and sight, and the one who judges, that one judges himself and falls into judgment; he falls because of his haughtiness, and behold, some of them trampled then over many that were fulfilled near Me, near My spring of word, of which they had been nourished much time before they stepped aside, as it was not given to them to believe to the end, and they laid down their cross and no one has taken it again. He who stays to the end is the one who does not stumble against anything and against anyone; he does not pose as wise and then is discontent by his pride as Adam did in paradise, for he who gets proud poses as an intelligent man and by so doing he thinks that he is right and judges those around him, and behold, this is how those, who become proud on the way of the cross, on the way of My Gospel with man, this is how they fall from God and from faith.

Oh, he who does not fast from his self, that one abstains in vain from food in time of fasting, for pride is with the man who lacks steadfastness on his way with Me, and behold a word with wisdom in it, for Adam was tempted and was overcome by temptation because he did not listen to fast for his own good, and I, the Lord Jesus Christ, had been tempted like a man by satan for forty days and I was not overcome by him, because I fasted, because I bowed before the Father and before the time of temptation sent by Him, and I stayed with humility before the Father and before satan at the same time, and satan did not know that Father was in Me, and I am in the Father, and that is why the victory was Mine by My humility before the Father and by My manhood for Him face to face with the tempting satan.

Oh, My people, oh, son of My word of yesterday and today, I have looked at you and I have chosen you to be Mine from among many because I have seen you faithful to the word of My coming two thousand years ago and I am taking you into My bosom now, in the end of the time, and I am giving you My coming of nowadays, as I am coming to you and I am revealing to you with My coming and you come to believe that I am. Oh, receive wisdom from heaven, son; take from Me to be wise, for behold what wisdom I give you for My love, for your love in Me, and here is what I tell you! Oh, son, in the way you treat your neighbor, in the same way you treat God, for the nature is either like that of God or like that of man, and this is what many, who have come and who have passed through the work of word, have not understood, and have not known how to understand in this way their love for God, and to those it has not been given to believe to the end for their crown from Me by this great coming of Mine to those who are receiving Me now and to the end of My speaking over the man on the earth in these last day. Moreover, I am telling them again and again, to all who believed and will believe from now on, that I, the Lord, am speaking on the earth into the midst of a little and tiny people, faithful to My speaking of today in the word, and I am telling them this:

Oh, do not blaspheme this work of word, and do not blaspheme those who carry and share it over the earth as well, for woe to those who strike into this light; and this woe has been seen over many! Those who blaspheme, those who strike and those who denigrate, they walk in the darkness and fall into the hand of the people of the world, and they separate themselves from the spirit of comfort, from My Word, Which speaks to a faithful people, and if they want that it may go well with them after they have harmed themselves by their separation from the body of this faithful people, then let them cleanse themselves from the sin of slander, denigration and judgment, and let them make peace with Me by repentance to their forgiveness after that, and if I see that they have a clean heart by a true and wholesome repentance, then I will save them from their darkness and I will give them the light back, only that they may be able to love with humility the way, the truth and their life, that is the Lord, I, the First and the Last, the One Who is and works again as in the beginning, for I am the beginning and the end and I will be, and all those who believe so will be saved and will be. Amen.

Let all the Orthodox Christian take this teaching of living life, according to the name of the faith in which they are written that they are, but in order that they may be, they need to understand that not all those who say, “Lord, Lord!” will come into the kingdom of the heavens, but only those who love their neighbor as they love God, for to those who declare that are in their right faith, I tell them that as they do to those who are around them, in the same they do with God, and it is in this way and not otherwise that they have or do not have God as their Lord and Master, like some sons who listen or do not listen to the One Who can save and redeem them from their sin.

My teaching from today is important; it is much and it is great, and it will ask for a big answer from those who hear My wisdom, that by which I am leading My people over the earth, over those who want and over those who do not want Me to lead them; however, I lead them and I work mysteriously, I fulfill and cut at the middle, I pass over everything, I choose to My right and to My left side, and I will give each one according to his work, for this is written. Amen.

I am staying into your midst on this day of Sunday of the feast of the Holy Cross of the crucifixion and resurrection, oh, My people that listen from God to His word, which is always today! I am the same yesterday and today and I am always today, for this is the way I have to be and to work, as I have already been, as I have already worked, and I have been speaking over you on this day the word of a bishop, My word over the church, for each bishop has to work over his church. I am Who I am, and I am not the same with the bishops on earth, but I am the First and the Last, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, as it is written that I am, as it is written in the Scriptures by He Who is, by Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Bishop, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, and as for you, My today’s people of My word of today, pasture, son, graze My sheep on My behalf and shepherd them with My word upon you, giving it as their food, to My sheep. They listen to My voice and follow Me wherever I go, wherever I tell them to go and to work for Me, for I am their Shepherd and I left it written: «I am the Good Shepherd, Who lays down His life for the sheep, Who enters by the door into the sheep fold and does not climb up some other way like the thieves and robbers of sheep, but the One Who enters in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens the gate for Him, and the sheep listen to His voice. He calls His own sheep by name, and leads them out. Whenever He brings out His own sheep, He goes before them, and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice. They will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from Him; for they don’t know the voice of strangers». (John: 10/1-5, 11) Blessed are those who understand this and My word that is spoken upon them, for its fulfillment proves that they are Mine, My sheep, which listen to My word, to My voice as their Shepherd. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, keep away sons, take good care of your little soul and do not have any contact with those who have gone away from among you, for you are small and the darkness which they entered is thick, it is from the world and it comes from the pride of their spirit, and the pride from them is the spirit of the world, the spirit which separates man from God when he does not understand this, and then man is lead to the lust of his mind, to the whisper of his mind, which leads him to the lust of the flesh and to the lust of the eyes, and after that these lead the man to haughtiness and to its work in man, which is darkness in man, and the man leads himself after the darkness in him. However, you should take good care of your life, sons, for I also take good care of you and I teach you well to protect yourselves so that I may also be able to protect you and to have you as Mine to the end. Amen.