The Word of God at the feast of Saint hierarch Spyridon

The Lord comes on earth as word and He gives Himself to the people to their salvation, and woe to those who have saturated of this food that keeps alive the one who eats it, and who does not only eat bread, as man is used to be fed on earth!

The Lord is coming to you as word, oh, people grown with the food of My mouth on your table of word, for you eat of My mouth like a child, to whom his mother gives chewed food of her mouth and thus her son grows up. The devil, hostile to Me and to you, would like and seek that I may no longer come to you with so much word that has so much life in it, to catch you then uncovered and to weaken your watch, your power, then your hope and the work of your salvation; however, I do not let him come and I come to you with My warmth, with My hand above you, to hold your little hand, My people, as I would no longer have you if I did not come to you as word and comfort of word. The world would also like this, that is I may with-draw into heaven with My river of word, for the spirit of the world is jealous of you when he sees that you are Mine on earth. It cannot be counted how much your enemies looked and always go on looking to see that I leave you without My support, without Me, My people. Your enemies lie in ambush; those who are not faithful also stay and look to see what else I am going to put on your table, what else I am going to give you and what I am giving you on My table. They would like you to be like them; to eat what they eat and no longer to take your food of My mouth, but you are in My plan and I work according to it and not after man, for man does many of his works without God, and flesh and blood cannot reveal My coming as word and My calling.

Oh, no, it is not flesh and blood that reveals to man those coming from God on earth, but My Father in heaven does this, for man turns from flesh into dust, as he was made flesh from dust and then God gave him breath of life, and flesh desires as much as blood is alive in it, and it cannot inherit the kingdom of the heavens but only when the body of the flesh becomes a temple for the Holy Spirit, a holy body by the holiness in it, a place dwelling for the Lord in it.

Oh, My word is not much upon you, My people. You would die without it with you, like those who do no longer hear it, as they do no longer want it; however, salvation is going to be with Me here, not somewhere else, only that the spirit of haughtiness hates man and overcomes him with this work when man does not have a strong watch upon him and his love totally for God in his choice by his steadfastness for the Lord.

In heaven among the saints, it is not the feast of My birth now, as the world and the antichrist changed it according to their will without God, but it is the holy feast of the great miracle worker Spyridon, the one full of longing and full Holy Spirit into the midst of the people in his time, and by whom God worked wondrous miracles on earth, and he worked always miracles upon miracles, as much as he had to aid all the helpless, those unhealed, those poor and sorrowful, and the group of hierarchs from heaven is staying now with Me and with you at My table of word on this day of feast for My archbishop Spyridon.

Oh, I have not got anything left for man to do but only what I have to do, though man is stubborn up against God’s throne and I do no longer have great saints in this time, through whom there may be worked miracles and signs over the people full of conceit and full of the spirit of the world in them, and there is no longer any light on earth if the Lord does no longer have a dwelling place in man, for I am the light of the world, not man, and if I do not have any place in the world with the man, then there is no light in the world.

At the creation of the world, after God’s word said to be light, and it was, the Lord also spoke again the word for the creation of the heaven and of the earth; after the darkness departed from the deep and from the waters; and the waters were divided in the waters that were above the expense and those that were under the expense. In order that the waters to be gathered together to one place and the dry land to appear, it was like a given clot and the waters and the land appear, and the whole creation of the world was beautiful; furthermore, I am going to do this now, as though I would select a clot, and I will choose a faithful and righteous people, for My Spirit hovers above the waters, over the whole darkness and its mixture on earth, which has drawn the man into the deep, and My Spirit will work the new creation, and the Lord says the word and it is made, and man cannot say this word and to take effect, because the Lord does not allow the man to do what the Lord does, and man is supposed to see his small measure and his great weakness, and let him bow before God, as it will not be otherwise, but only so.

I had among people the bishop Spyridon, the holy and great one in his life, in his heart and deed, and many miracles and signs, which I was doing for many by his faith, by his union with Me, made the rulers of the church of that time to set him as a bishop and to work with God for men, and he received so and worked so, with great gentleness, with great love over all the men’s bitterness, and there was no man to come back from him without receiving his salvation. I am sitting with him at the table into your midst, My people, and he is bowing much before My work with you, and with him he has companions, the holy fathers, the fighters for the spirit of the truth, which was one over the church in their time, and the whole spirit of Babylon was taken out of the church and there was light, and the bishop Spyridon, in the midst of the churchly assembly, was cutting the whole wandering that might have appeared, and he worked great miracles and overcame everything into My name; moreover, this bishop did not have much education, but who else was more than him a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, the worker of signs and miracles, which one has not heard of?

Oh, Romanian people, you have written on you a name of synodal and apostolic church, having its course of apostles and holy fathers. Oh, beaten people, how comes that you do not see what your shepherds do and where do they draw you? Oh, flock without watch upon you, you do not know what it is among the people of the church, who sit and serve in My name and do what they want with the flock and with God, and they became masters of the truth, as they say, and they want to adjust it according to the time, according to the will of Babylon, and the church in you has become a Babylon. I do no longer have a place at the helm and in the council of the Holy Spirit with those who want to stand as righteous, so that it may not perish the justice and the church order left from Me on earth and from My disciples, to strengthen it to the end of the ages! Oh, if there were crowds of priests to fast and to bring prayers for the releasing from lie and from the Babylon over the church, the church would come to the spirit of awakening and of holy watch and it would not come to the mixture condemned by the saints and by the fathers, and it would speak for God, but I do not give them revelation because of their lack of holy life in them, for they stay within the spirit of mixture and I cannot have them on My side and justice. Oh, where else shall I find a mouth to keep to the truth, to bring it out and to speak?

We make a calling as it is written: «Come out of her, My people, come out of her mixture and do not get drunk of her wine!». (See Apoc: 18/4) Save your life and your faith from the fathers, as those, who sit to rule over you towards them and not towards Me, do not have any answer to give Me for you, and they tear down your garment and sell you to the mixture, which has never been in My church with fathers and sons in it. There are no fearless and righteous priests to baptize you in the clean faith and with salvation, but I, the Lord, come and cleanse you, renew you and give you a new life, for I have power to do this, as Father has sent Me to you. The holy law and the prophets were removed from their place and were put under a bushel and the people of lie lead you, those who wrote God on them, but wake up and call out to Me and call out to the saints for the salvation from the darkness, which is everywhere, and for the salvation from the deep, and say this: Search us out, Lord, cleanse us, have mercy on us and lead us to green pasture for we have not done the good before You, and save us from all the worldly things and from all the devilish growth, set us as Your kingdom and do good to the new Zion for the sake of Your will, and let the walls of the New Jerusalem be rebuilt; in addition, do not let us perish from the way and send to us a little boat of salvation and of faith from above, for those from below have been badly spoiled and it is the time for You to work now. Amen.

Oh, wandering sons and you who do not have shepherds upon you; be full of hope and seek after Me to save you, for it was expected and it is still expected to fall the people of My today’s word, the one of new Jerusalem in the Romanian people, My church brought up by the word; seek after Me so that God’s church and its small flock may not perish from the earth, as I am its Shepherd and I am at the helm, and My people will not perish and I have it as My light over the darkness of the inimical man; I will judge according to justice from this throne, for the antichrist enemy covers the people to his perdition; he covers everywhere and he wants to destroy the church and to set the abomination of desolation in it, for this is written what this enemy of God and of God’s victory wants to do, but My ways are mercy and truth for those who seek after My dwelling place and after My mountain, and I will show it to them and I will take their legs out of the trap, as it is written. Amen.

I give voice to the bishop of miracles, Spyridon, whose spirit is the Holy Spirit, as on earth in his time over the church of that time, for My saints also watch from heaven and work from above for those who seek the Lord to their salvation. Oh, may it be blessed your love at My table of word, with clean food on the table of the people of My word, great bishop, and may your spirit seize My people and give it from heaven! Amen.

— I embrace it, Lord, I hold it in my embrace and I give it the strengthening, for You have it as Your light in times of great darkness, and I bestow on him a bishop blessing and I give him of the spirit of miracle making, for it is Your miracle, and You are its miracle, Lord.

I embrace you, blessed people, and I put on your head the power of miracle working on the earth. May your prayer surpass in love those who, up to this day were workers for the Lord on earth, and let your faithfulness keep the Lord near you, and you near Him, so that He may overcome together with you, and you together with Him, as it is the time of the faith denial and the church of the Romanian people has departed from God, and that which has been all over the earth has sided with its enemy at the table and with its mixture, which we, those who served the Lord long ago on earth, cursed and threw it out through the door and we kept Christ’s church clean and not mixed with its enemies and with the unfaithful.

Behold what I am telling now to those who decide in the place of those that were set once and forever for their steadfastness over the church:

I am telling you, I am telling you that the multicolored garment is not good, for the multicolored garment is for the immoral; that the white linen garment is good, as it is written in the Scriptures, for the Lord set it over His church at its beginning by the saints and by the fathers. You have under the multicolored garment, you have the secret epaulet of the antichrist if you have been working now at those set at the ancient foundation, for the antichrist, the man of lawlessness and his spirit, have overcome you and you cannot be God’s servants, for the true ones lay down their life for the Lord’s flock and they do not sell it to the pagans as you have been doing now and mixing everything together, (For ecumenism, r.n.) forgetting about the saints and father, who separated to the right and to the left, Christians from pagans, when the pagans did not want to be born through the church and baptism in order to come to their salvation after that, for it is written: «He who believes and is baptized will be saved!». (See Mark: 16/16). In addition, it is written again: «There is one faith and one baptism», (Eph: 4/5), no more than that.

I write myself with you into the book of truth and I am coming to reach out my hand to you. You have changed the feasts from their place, as you have listened to your enemies and did not seek to ask the Lord about this, but I tell you that the days are measured in one evening and one morning by their length, and not as the pagan man has been measuring them and handling with the mystery of creation of the days, and thus by his reckoning, he removed the times of the evenings and mornings, by which the Lord measures the time. Oh, why have you tried to decide in the name of the Holy Spirit on those who have come to you from the pagans? Where is, where is really the spirit of prophecy to lead you from the Lord in times of trial of your faith, as God has always worked on earth among people in hard times? You say that you work in the name of the Holy Spirit. Oh, woe to you! Get up out your soft beds and call out the heavenly powers to save you from the trap, for I say, woe to you! Behold, you are not faithful though you sit on seats of church. Oh, God is! What shall you really answer? However, fear has gone from you and it is you that have remained. Oh, God is and you will see that He is, and I tell you: wake up to see and to call out for you with holy and clean tears, cry out to the Lord to appear to you and to save you from unbelief, and let your repentance give you wisdom for repentance, as here it is why the Lord has come as word on earth! You have spoiled the law of the heaven and replaced it with yours and you have put the lie on the throne to rule, as it is written that you will do it. Oh, do not wonder that the Lord speaks much and that He builds and keeps His church free from those in hell; those that belong to the work of the antichrist, with its hidden face, the man of lawlessness. The Lord keeps the people of His word far from the mixture of those who give themselves to be cursed and to the Babylon, to the confused language; however, the Babylon is going to fall and the victory is that which sides with the Lord and with His justice, and which has His holiness with it.

You all wonder why the Lord has got Romania as the country of His coming now, oh, but do you not see that He has come to it and has become word in it and that He has in it the seat of the judgment of the deeds? God had not been able to come among you as word to be on earth with the people because you would have put Him to silence and you would have not taken Him as work upon you and shared through you in order to be believed and followed then. Nevertheless, He came as you see that He is coming now, in a humble way. As in Jerusalem, two thousand years ago, God entered humbly on a colt of a donkey, in the same He has also come now, to be able to come like that, and that is why he has worked in this way and He has come to the small sons and has become a kingdom to be able to speak and to be written what the Lord has spoken and then His speaking to be spread everywhere.

You pretend that you do not hear when the Lord speaks, but you only pretend this; however, this is not so and the Lord does not write so, but He rather writes that you have sin and that you do not take into consideration the word of His coming to the sheep and to the shepherds to see their fruit, and you do as the Israel of old did, who gave the Lord away from it. Oh, you wait for all the righteous to die, all those who have sided with the Lord’s justice, that only you may remain, you and those who are weak and not firm, and you have put them into the service of your wandering away from the right way, but the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Shepherd of the sheep and of the shepherds of the sheep, does not die and He is alive forever and ever, and He is coming and He will revel, work and shepherd, as it is written to do then when the shepherds suck the life of the sheep for their glory from the sheep.

Woe to those who ask you about the Living One, about the way of His word, that judges with justice, after that these have loved the way of this word, and they will also carry in their back the burden of those they have killed in respect with the faith in this word, (killing spiritual, killing the faith, r.n.) which flows out of God’s mouth with power during these days, and which does not stop because of the unbelief, because of the frivolity or because of the lack of stability of those who are not faithful and who are from those who go with this word and take their steps then and go to kill the innocent with respect to the way of His word of today. Those, who have taken another way, have piled up great sin and a bad reward, and all the ways will be closed down, and the doubtful remain face to face with the answer, which they will have to give to God, where there is no vindication.

Oh, ministering servants of churches, you wonder about the Lord and His word into the midst of a faithful people. It is in vain that you wonder. You do not like His coming in the word on earth when you have so much to work and to demolish, but if the Father has sent His Son in the word that He may work and not you, then He came and is coming, working and listening to the Father, Who has sent Him, and behold, you do not have the same father, how do you believe this, for there is separation and division between the Lord and you, because you do not do what the holy fathers did, who asked for the revelations from the Lord, and in this way many signs were done between truth and life at the prayer of the holy ones, and behold, the Lord is coming to you, and He is asking you about you and about the sheep too, and you will answer with your fruitlessness, with the lack of love, that you will have worked between you and Him. Amen.

I have sat with a synod of bishops in the word with those who sit on thrones of the churches during these days, Oh, Word Lord. I was a man without a human book and I was clean from the spirit of man, and the spirit of miracle making had its place in me and great grace was showed from Your work with me among people and among the servants of the church against the blows from the middle over Your church, and I showed the dogma of the Holy Trinity, God working within Trinity: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, One in their work, and I put to shame those who were haughty, who were striking Your face of the Son of the Father Sabaoth, the One born from the Father and from the mother Virgin among men two thousand years ago for the salvation of the world.

Oh, may Your will be done through the church, Lord, and may You crush all the heads of the antichrist and all its cubs, clothed in sheep skins, for You stand and watch and have mercy on those who are well and faithful, and You also separate them for You, and through them, You put to shame on earth the unbelief of the Romanian people and of the Orthodox people from everywhere; as for me, I call out to the Romanian people and say: wake up, loved people, so that you may not lose your light and watch with the Lord and listen to Him and take from Him now for your salvation from Him! Amen.

— Oh, you were great in word on your day among saints, great bishop! Great is your prayer in heaven as well for My victory and for the victory of the people of My word, by which I come, go and work on the earth!

Oh, beloved saints, your mourning for the darkness in the church and which is poured out everywhere is only mercy, but this is how are set those that are written, and so is My victory through those who are faithful, who wait for Me and love Me waiting for Me to come with all My glory that I have from the Father and to be victorious. Amen.

I have sat with the saints at the table of word into your midst, My people. My word upon you is not much. The spirit of the world would divest you of love and life if I no longer came to you to dwell with you and you with Me; however, I do not stop from My coming, and I come and give you My hand on the way, only for you to give Me your little hand so that I may hold you and to have you until the day of transformation, son, for I work out the transformation with you and I will call the nations to see, to know and to be able to come, as it is the time that there may to be light, to be light again, and as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world and I work it and share it, and all have been made by the word, as they were made in the beginning.

Peace to you, people nourished from heaven! The saints and the fathers looked at you and loved you with longing on this day of the feast with the saints at My table with you. We have to speak over the darkness. Let Me stay in the world as light by My dwelling with you and everything will be done by the word, and the face of the world will be renewed, as it is written for this work to be done and then to let it be seen to the joy of those who wait for Me with the new heaven and with the new earth on the earth, as it is written.

I stay into your midst as word, and you have to be My house, you have to be My house of coming, as I have set you to be, oh, loved people, oh, faithful people, over which I have always, always poured out the gift of the faith to meet Me whenever I have to speak from your midst over the earth. Amen, amen, amen.