The Word of God at the feast of the Coverage of the Lord’s Mother

I am announcing Myself at the gates that I am entering as word into the book with My mother, the Virgin, because it is a feast among the saints for her in heaven and on earth. My book during these days received My today’s word in it and stays open for My coming again from the Father to man, to judge in it the living and the dead and to bring the news in it, always the news of the new and endless beginning, as My Scriptures spoke about Me that I would work on earth in the last days. Amen.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I testify that I am He, and again, My witnesses testify about Me, as those, who confirmed the shining of My face on the Mount Tabor, testified about Me, standing between Moses and Elijah and speaking with them in the mountain on that day, and the testimony of two or three witnesses was true and it was enough to remain written and believed afterwards by those who were faithful, by those who have loved God on earth. And My book of today is likewise. It is confirmed as true by the testimony of My witnesses, by many witnesses for more than fifty years and up to this day, when I am pouring Myself abundantly with My great word into the book, being confessed by those who receive Me when I come to speak.

I am the God of the faithful ones, as I have also been all the time to this day, and I am not the God of those who are many, for I am called the God of the elected ones. I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, and in all the times I have appreciated a faithful man more than a whole people, and I have worked miracles for many by one faithful man, and I left Israel live only because of Moses, who was righteous, and I did not listen to the great people of Ahab’s kingdom, but rather I listened to Elijah, My prophet on behalf of that people, and this is how I, the Lord, confess Myself by My faithful witnesses.

I chose Abraham and I told him: «Get out of your country, and from your relatives, and from your father’s house, to the land that I will show you. I will make of you a great nation. I will bless you, and make your name great. You will be a blessing. I will bless those who will bless you, and I will curse him who curses you. In you will all the families of the earth be blessed». (Gen. 12/1-3) And from then on I kept speaking to Abraham because he was listening to Me. And then I spoke to Isaac and I told him: «I am the God of Abraham your father. Don`t be afraid, for I am with you, and will bless you, and multiply your seed for My servant Abraham`s sake». (Gen. 26/24) And those who hate Isaac came and told him: «We saw plainly that the Lord is with you». (Gen. 26/28) Oh, and I also appeared to Jacob and I blessed him and then he confessed: «I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved». (Gen. 32.30)

I speak like that to be able to help the man to understand My work over the earth with the faithful man, when I, the Lord, come and speak to him for him and for many other after that, for the one who is faithful to Me fears God, because Isaiah, the prophet confessed and said: «I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up; above Him stood the seraphim and then I said: „Woe is me! For I am undone, because I am a man of unclean lips, for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Sabaoth!”». (See Isaiah 6/1-5)

Oh, My people, oh, son fed on My great word, oh, how big was the stream of witnesses and testified about Me with them in time, and I suffer when I see that the man lives unfaithfully on earth! I have chosen you to be My witness during these days to all the margins of the earth for My word of today and to be My witness in all your work with Me, in all My work with you and I want you to stand beautifully, beautifully before Me forever, sons. Oh, you know what makes the man beautiful, but I also tell you, and I tell everyone when I tell you in My speaking with you, that holiness makes the man beautiful, and then you are beautiful by what you eat, like Daniel and the three young men, who ate like you and were much more beautiful in their face in comparison with those who ate meat and dainties, and you are beautiful by the spirit of confession, sons, for you testify about Me to the people by your word and deed, by the word coming down from heaven to you and which is fulfilled upon you, and then from you over the earth, and My word is your helm, oh, sons. Those who lose their faith in My coming of today to you, go through this because they have loved themselves more than they have loved Me and you, and the shared love disappears and nothing remains of it.

I want, and I want you very much to be one spirit with Me, one heart with Me, so that your feelings may be like Mine, and your understanding for those that My Spirit works face to face with you to be likewise, for the differences between you for all these would not keep you to be one and have the same feeling for all that I want you to be one, to have the same thinking, to have the same feeling in order that you may be able to have the same thinking, oh, and many difficulties of spirit, soul and body flee from you and from among you when you always are one in your feeling and thinking by the spirit of humility and repentance, for the human kind needs repentance, sons.

I am into your midst with My mother, the Virgin, oh, sons, and We are comforted by speaking in a spirit of feast for it among saints and among you. Let us sit down at the table of word with her, for her love and her holy longing is great!

Oh, your love for My today’s people is also great, mother! The people of My today’s word is it, and it is confessing, mother. The spirit of confession makes the man great before Me and then among those in heaven, for afterwards that one prays for all those on earth, mother. Man does not know what prayer means and how it works; man does not know it, mother. Tell to My people My mystery and the power of the clean prayer, so that those who want to learn may hear your voice, that is, those who want to learn from heaven the work of prayer and its power when it requires for God through man on earth! Oh, come within the spirit of the feast of word over the people of My word, mother, and cover it with the shelter of the mysteries from above in your day of feast among saints, oh, My mother. Amen.

‒ This is how I listen and this is how I work, as You tell me to do, Son of my virgin womb, for many holy feasts have been set on earth by the work of the heavenly mysteries, which come and reveal to those who are faithful so that they may give them to work after that and that they may be sweetened with the love for the saints and for the faithful people. Oh, let us teach them what and how the work of the prayer is, Son. It is good for them to know that when they intercede through the saints with their prayers before God, the saints pray once with them and they bring their prayer to God on that very moment, for the saints have favor, and the clean prayer with power upon it is that which asks with faith, with humility and with repentance, my dear Son. It is good for them to know to pray beautifully, that is with repentance and gentleness in it, and to ask the saints to bring their prayer to God. It is good for them to be real in their prayer, those who pray through intercessors, and those who have to feel the fellowship with the people who really pray, for great miracles and signs with miracles can come down on earth and upon people by the true prayer from the earth into heaven!

Oh, sons of the word of my Son, give holy power to your prayer to the Lord and to your holy intercessors to Him for your prayer, because they pray once with you and the prayers made like that catch power! Be worthy for prayer, for all are received by power, only for you to be faithful, holy and united in one thought within Jesus Christ, our Intercessor to the Father, the Lord of the saints, sons!

Oh, love very much the prayer to me for you and for the Romanian people before the Lord! This nation needs to be helped very much by prayer. The Lord has given you the spirit to say great prayers for this nation, and you should lift them up to heaven with the burning of your soul, so that the Lord may see and fulfill, sons. The spirit of repentance in prayer has the highest power by those who pray for a nation. When you work out your repentance and the repentance for your brothers and for your ancestors to God, they pray once with you, and if they suffer they receive relief by the prayer once with you to God and they even receive much forgiveness by their remembrance in your prayer with repentance for you and for them. Oh, for so many times I have worked out victory for the faithful ones who have undergone great trials and they have called me to give them victory, and I was working wonderfully, as big as the power of the prayer and of the repentance of those who have been calling me. This is how I am working today for the Romanian people, because I know that today it is the Lord’s fallow land and the Lord is coming, my Son, on its hearth, with His second coming to judge the living and the dead and for His new kingdom on earth, God’s kingdom with the people, and you should ask for it to come, and it will come and embrace the earth far and wide, only for you to know and to love the power of prayer full of repentance and to let the Romanian people know about it so that it may be fulfilled. Amen.

I am exhorting you now to pray so that the people may come out of the hard sin of pride, sons, for this is the sin that rises many people against each other, bringing them to hate and then to discord. When you pray like that for this nation, you should be wise and examine yourselves to be clean, cleansed from this sin, so that your prayer may have success, little sons. He who hates his neighbor, or more than that, the Lord’s neighbor, that one comes to this sin after he has got in his heart the sin of haughtiness, the sin of his self-aggrandizement, sin that leads the man away from God. All those who slide away from the way with greatness, the way with brothers, for them it is not enough the love and the honor they are given, and they think that they deserve more and they are not given enough, and then people like these fall, people who forget, on their way with the Lord, how much He suffered on earth from all and how He suffered with much love and patience and did not despise them, but on the contrary, He told them: «I am with you to the end of the age!». (See Matthew 28/20)

Behold the sin of pride, the sin from which discontent is born in man, this sin nourishes the man’s mind and heart and he loses what he has loves mostly; he loses his brothers, the greatest treasure, the most expensive one, but first he comes to contempt and hatred and only after that he loses them, and a man like that remains with nothing and thus he lives his life on the hard, abrupt and dirty ways, and he does no longer see what he has lost after he loses his perceptible mind.

Oh, if man chose the way of salvation and if he wanted to learn what it is, then a man like that has to prepare for war against himself and against the devil to be able to overcome any time he may go weak back to sin and to a life without God, for the way of salvation means God and it does no longer mean man. Oh, man needs many temptations to know what God means and to know that the Lord is received by fighting against his own self. When man cannot overcome his own self, than it is better for him to leave room for those around him to do this, and with great humility to stand against all that come and put him to test with respect to humility and patience, these having been worked upon him.

Oh, it is good for man to be humble and it is well with him to remain silent before all that come to test his life, because man is very small, even if he does not like to remain small. The power of the one who can bow in his life is great, as I have been exhorting today for the mystery of life and prayer of the faithful man, who is to help God with his prayer for those that are to be ordained soon, soon, the greatest kingdom, the people of my Son, Jesus Christ, the Christian people, a new people, a holy people, a people earned by God from among people, as the Spirit speaks by the Scriptures about the new kingdom, about the renewal of the world that is to come. Amen.

I cover you with the spirit of love, sons, the spirit of the kingdom of the heavens, with the faithful and holy people, and whom the Lord, my Son, Jesus Christ, chooses for Him from among people as He chose Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be their God on earth then, for my Son is from everlasting to everlasting, the Angel of the great Council, and from the very beginning, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have taken counsel together and have been working in all the times through all His elected ones.

I embrace you within the spirit of peace and within my peace for you before the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I protect you in the Lord and for the Lord with you by my prayer for you. Oh, keep them, Father, keep them, Son, also and keep them, Holy Spirit, and give them victory, Lord, in Your work with them, for they are Your inheritance for the days of glory, the glory that comes and is been prepared while coming! Amen.

I am a great protector of the Romanian land and of the faithful people on it and I am a healer into its midst for those who are proud of this nation, for whom I intercede: Lord, cleanse from haughtiness all those who are proud in the Romanian people and put love and mercy into the hearts of this nation, and also put the spirit of peace and good conduct, for those who are rebellious and greedy with pride and justice keep on standing against and they keep on turning against each other by the sin of pride among them! Bring low those who are haughty and bring them to humility, and lift up with a strong hand and keep standing those who want the good for this nation and protect them from the hatred around against them, for You have always spoken upon the sons of the Romanian people: „Peace to you!”. Dispel, oh, dispel the evil plans of those who make hostile plans in their mind against the righteous ones of this nation, and then set Your peace among the Romanian sons, for You come and glorify Yourself by the word into the midst of this nation and You have the people of Your word of today as intercessor for it before You! Oh, glory to Your coming as word on the hearth of the Romanian people, and work so that this nation may know You in this word and, then, Lord, make them listen to You. Amen.

‒ Oh, how shall I not do it, mother, according to your prayer and according to the prayer of the people of My today’s word, when you are covering with so much mercy and love the Romanian land and the people on it, faithful and not faithful, when you are praying for its illumination and when you are bringing prayer before Me once with the prayer of My interceding people, and it is also bringing you as its intercessor to Me for its prayer before Me to raise to My glory the Romanian land and its faithful people on it? Oh, I am empowering by the word your protection for My country of coming now, in the end of the time, and I am comforting you with love because of your love for it, oh, My mother! Amen.

Oh, how shall I not work according to your merciful prayer for the Romanian people, people of My word? I have set you to intercede on My behalf for it. Pray with repentance, son, so that repentance may be sufficient for it before Me, and I will let it know the prayer which comes up to Me from its midst for it, so that We may work well and to call out in a churchly manner and all of Us to know the calling. Oh, peace to you! I keep on strengthening your power for My works with you and for its progress by your little hands, but you should also have progress in the work of your confession, son, and you should also have prayer full of repentance, so that We may be able to move these mountains from their places, that is these evil and proud people from the Romanian people, who do not want the good of this nation, and who are only after their own good, as though they might be as eternal as they are now, the adversaries of My peace and of the justice on the hearth of the Romanian people.

I will protect them under My coverage and under the coverage of My mother, the Virgin, those that are brave for the holy soul of this nation and for the spirit of justice of all things, and I will remove those who are proud in their spirit from their places, who want to be great by their power, face to face with those that come and are to My glory over the Romanian people. Amen.

Peace to you, sons! I have spoken with you, both I and My Virgin mother on her day of feast, a day established by her to be praised and celebrated through the church on earth over those who are faithful. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am sealing by My name all of My word spoken today between Me and you, and between You and those on earth, there where My word sends a written book, sons. Amen, amen, amen.