The Word of God at the feast of the birth of the saint John, the Baptizer

With longing I become word between heaven and earth, for My word has kept silent for a while and the sky has been crying after My voice, and the whole making has got used to eat of My word of these days, and all have Me as their master and serve Me faithfully, but more than all these it would be for man to have Me as his Master. However, he has not got used yet to having God as his master and that is why he does not receive Him and does not wait by those God has sent after him.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Word of the Father Sabaoth, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father and My Spirit, and in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I baptize in My word the heaven and the earth and the whole creation and I speak with man, for man has not got used yet to having God as his master on earth, because he wants to be a master, and he has got used to God serving him instead of man serving God.

I am the Lord and I am strengthening the gates to come in as word into My book of today, because if I become word, it becomes a book and the haughty man marvels at My book of today and he is so proud, poor of him, that he says that I am not this book and that I left a book only until My ascension. However, from the beginning of the creature and up to My word that I spoke on the day of My ascension, how had it been possible to speak and leave a book through My servants in such a way that it might be on earth after that?

Oh, man rules over Me with insolence and he has been putting obstacles into the way of My word of today and he becomes master over God, over the earth and over the word of the creation of everything, for I am always, always God, the Maker of everything that is and will be, and I work everything by the word. Oh, I do not stumble against man and against his haughtiness that goes up to God’s throne, but I suffer from him and from his obstinacy, for I send him the word to fulfill, but he hides on earth so that he may not take part in My word and work it, and if he does not want to listen, then he gets upset with My creation, the ghosts, which listen to Me and sigh over My pain after man and thus My servants arise against man.

Oh, Romanian nation, I have taught you in a special way and I have told you to listen to Me so that it may be well with you on earth. Do you see what happens to you if you do not listen to Me, if you do not believe God, Who comes to you by His servants? Do you see what pain you bring upon you if you do not let God, the Master, to visit you and to tell you what to do, after He has seen your walking and your disobedience? Oh, the water has drowned your work and savings and you are unhappy, Romanian son, because of the heavy losses you have suffered. (See the floods in this year, r.n.) For seven thousand years, I have been teaching man by My servants how to live on earth so that it may be well with him, and man has not listened to God, man has not got used with God to be his Master, but still God is the Master, and you see that it is so and that you do not have any power when He speaks with you by the voice and by the work of the ghosts if you have not got used to listening to His word upon you.

I have sent you a written book and I have used My servants, who hear from My mouth the word upon man, and I have taught you, Romanian people, how to do My will before Me for your destiny with Me on earth, but your pride, which does not let you bow before God’s correction, costs you, and it brings sufferance on you. I have put the people of My word into your midst to raise their little hands up to Me and to ask Me to bring the rain back into its chambers, for I have stricken you with flood, My country of today, but I have warned you that you would come to sufferance if you do not listen to Me. I am speaking to you in a day of the feast of John, My baptizer, but you do no longer have knowledge of the feasts of the saints at their place, because the pagan man had come and you listened to him and displaced the feasts of My saints from the calendar, (Replacing some of the feasts according to the „new” calendar, in the year of 19243, r.n.), and the saints have been aggrieved because you go to work on the feasts of My saints. Oh, no country, no Orthodox people have been more stricken than you have by the enemy of the feasts of My saints. You have been badly wounded and you have no longer had any true servants of the church upon you, for all are died in red (The collaborators of the former communist dictatorship and of the secret service of the security, r.n.) and My enemies and the enemies of My saints are also your enemies and they cannot be your benefactors. From the forefathers and from the old times, I have ordained pious days of prayer and worship to the Lord, and you do not want to follow the steps of your ancestors, holy and filled with the fear of God on earth. Oh, for nine weeks they had not worked after My resurrection on Mondays and Thursdays in their gardens, and they had not washed their little shirts and bed sheets during these days; they had not sewed them or driven nails and they had not stricken with their hand or with their tool during these days, and their love of God had been a blessing on the earth, and they had been protected from thunderbolts and lightning and from the floods and hail, they and their crops and their whole labor. Behold, man does not believe those that had been observed by the fathers and by his parents as days of intercession before the Lord as the help and protection from heaven over his things, and if he has not believed, he has come to see that he has not earned anything if he does not believe, and behold, I am speaking with you, Romanian people, on a day of the feast of the saints when you do your work after the order of the pagan man, instead of keeping the feast of My saint. I have given you help and I have sent you a message to receive My advice to bring back to their place the feast of My saints and no longer to interpret in a human manner how the man keeps account of his time and days, and you should consider how much damage you bring on earth with your pride, with your departure from the holy traditions, which you want to put them away one after the other, but this has incurred you only sufferance. Oh, it is not good for you if you do not believe in God and take after the pagan man, who changes his steps, faith and holy traditions! Behold, you suffer, and I feel sorry for you because you do not listen to Me, and your disobedience has also caused you to suffer, and I am speaking to you as a father and I invite you to believe and to receive Me, because I do not want your inheritance to be destroyed.

I am directing My word against your gates, (The rulers, r.n.), Romanian nation, and against those who call themselves your shepherds, and I am speaking to them about your pain from your lack of watch for God, and I am telling them like this:

If you, those who stay at the gates, (The Members of Parliament and the governors, r.n.), do not take God’s word upon you to fulfill upon this nation and upon you, and if you, those, who sit in the name of the shepherds over the soul of the Romanian people, do not humble yourselves before My yesterday and today’s word in order to fulfill it upon you and upon this nation, I, the Lord, cannot put back into the sheath the sword of My wrath for those who do not listen to God on earth. Oh, learn from Me to protect the earth and the man on it, if you are in the lead, but do not start any war on earth because of the iniquity on it caused the man’s disobedience! Stand up and say „No!” to the immorality upon the sons of the Romanian people, and do not enact it, because you stand on bodies of many saints with your feet and these cry out from the ground to Me for this nation, for their successors! Get up and say „No!” to the work of the antichrist, which struggles in secret to bring into bondage and to lead astray the soul of the Romanian people! Read the Scriptures to see what the antichrist and its people want to do on earth, and do no longer borrow from the foreigners, who do not have God upon their life, because you sell your souls, which are more valuable than your bodies, as two thousand years ago, I said: «Aren’t two sparrows sold for an penny? … You are of more value than many sparrows». (Matt: 10/29, 31) Oh, you are worth much more than many souls who sell themselves to satan for money. Do not sell your little souls! Love poverty and the little of everything you have, as I have taught you to do in hard times. Leave of the luxury and the fleeting pleasures, which harm your soul, body and spirit, and I, the Lord, will take care of you in a holy manner! Teach the people not to eat sweet food on the days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for they are written as day of feast for the man’s good on earth and as sacrifice for the forgiveness of the sins, lest you may remain with your sins written with God, and give away from you the food with meat, for terrible illnesses are coming on earth by the meat eaten by man, living beings killed for the man’s food, when I told him at the beginning: «Man, you shall not kill!»

I will look upon you and see if you choose life or death and I will work then. If you choose the life of My word with you, you will draw upon you all the blessings, and if you choose the death that comes from disobedience, I will fight against death and I will overcome it and I will fight for your souls, for I am a merciful Shepherd, a Shepherd with no reward, and I give Myself freely and I also share freely. Amen.

Oh, I do not have to feed the man with the spoon in order that he may believe Me that he may receive Me and follow Me. Oh, faith is not like that. The heart is that which knows God in heaven and then in it. I have great love for man, and I want to give it all to him and I would like him to want Me to give him too, for I am worried because I have not got anyone to give it. Many stumbled against Me in My time on earth two thousand years ago, and some of them got up and sealed My crucifixion with their names, for they were discontent with Me and with My justice, which was against their injustices, and after that they were testifying against Me in order to cover their sins.

Oh, Romanian people, the unbelief in God comes from sin. Oh, remember your forefathers, for they were poor, happy in their poverty in comparison with what you have got today on earth, for they did not have big and many houses for their shelter, in a way that they may occupy their heart in them and their worries for the soul. They loved God and they loved poverty and the lack of possessions, and they were afraid of the Lord and they kept away from the sin of greed and pride, and they had a small and humble house, and when they washed in their little trough, they dropped the towel over the icons, for they were ashamed of God and of saints to see their body naked, but today, their successors even in churches are naked and love immorality even in the streets and do not have any shame, both the small and the big ones, and they tolerate to each other their lack of shame and concern against immorality.

Oh, make peace with God, Romanian people! Take Him as your Master so that it may not go wrong with you on earth! Ask Him for your destiny and listen to His advice, for He has on your hearth the riverbed of His word in this time and is speaking with you as a good father and full of care for your life!

You, those at the gates, do not turn your back against My word upon you, and you, those who sit in the name of shepherds over the Romanian people, do not be unfaithful to My word, which urges you to be holy and faithful to My coming as word on the earth now, in the end of the time! Oh, as I had been speaking by the vessels bearing of God up to the time of My incarnation and then I left on earth My word which had become book and as everything was fulfilled in Me, oh, in the same way I am also speaking today, for I have the whole power in heaven and on earth given to Me by My Father to be useful to the people. Love My love in man and between man and man on earth! Wake up the spirit of prayer for these days, for the days are hard, and the spirit of the antichrist also tries to seize within its spirit this nation, which I, the Lord, have chosen for Me! I will call you to account if you do not keep the life of this nation, the life with God with every passing day, to the destruction of the satanic work on earth, for the Romanian people has a special calling among the nations, and those who do not believe this, will receive the reward of those who are the unfaithful to My word, which reveals the Lord’s plans, as it has been worked on earth all the time. Oh, open to My word and search for its history of these days, so that there may not come pains for unbelief! Fulfill My will and pull the weeds out by their roots, to be only clean grass for My flock! Oh, do not be proud face to face with God, for you are people and God is God! Receive My glory upon you, receive My word and give it life upon you and among you and feed on My holy teaching, for the saints will judge the world, as it is written, and not the world will judge them, as this pain is seen today on earth, the pain which reaches God’s throne to the judgment of this sin.

I have My witness among you, (The bishop Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.) by whom I have blessed the trumpet sounding of My word upon the earth and the work of My people. Oh, do no longer persecute him, do not longer put pressure on the one who had confessed from Me, but rather love his sweet being after God and lift him up to prayer on My behalf for the Romanian people, for he is well pleased with Me! Love each other as the brothers of the same father and seek to know whose sons you are and do not take revenge against each other, but love yourselves as God’s sons! Get used to have the Lord as Master upon you, for man has got used not to having Me as his Master any longer! Oh, let your hearts be responsive and be faithful, for I, the Lord, have got much work from the Father, work with much glory in the midst of the Romanian people! The Kingdom of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit I want to be on earth, and not that of man’s, and I want the man to be My son. Amen.

Now, I am sealing with My name My book towards you, for I have power to speak and to become book on earth. Peace to you! I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, have come to an end with My word of today towards you in a day of the feast of My prophet and baptizer, John. Amen, amen I say to you. I am the Word of God into the midst of the Romanian people and I do My Father’s will, Who has sent Me to speak on earth. Amen, amen, amen.

And then, to the end of the day, I will be speaking with you, people of My word, as for a while you have not had My speaking with you. I have taken you out of the world so that I may take care of you, as in the world the devil would catch you with his baits and would enchant you with the money, as it happens to every man. However, I protected and protect you, so that you may not lay your hands on money and to be clean by your obedience and that I may be also able to take care of you according to My blessed order upon you, and you should be My protected child, the one who works My mysteries with you for those on earth, who have not been used to having God as their Master. Oh, I miss speaking to you, I miss, My people and I long to see that you are alive and have My entire word on your lips, between brother and brother, and with a living of Holy Spirit before Me so that I may sit at the table with you and the saints, to eat with you and you with them of the table of My word, by which I am coming down to you to take care from heaven and on earth of your life. Oh, peace to you! I have been speaking in this day to the Romanian people, to those at the gates and to those who sit as shepherds over this people, and they will be blessed if they listen to Me, to their blessing by My word over this nation, for which I have set you before Me, son. I am going to speak to you My word of longing and mourning and then of watching and hope because I will be victorious with you, and you need to have hope and work for it likewise so that the fulfillments may come, those you have hoped and waited for, for they are written in the Scriptures to be and to become, and you should also stay at work with Me, because without the word spoken by God, I cannot work those that will be.

May be blessed the day of the feast of My prophet and baptizer, John, and may My today’s word give forth hundredfold; the work, I, the Lord, have been speaking into your midst by My voice upon you, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


I am preparing now a table of word between Me and you, My people. I am becoming body and word on your table by a holy transformation, as I set My order between Me and you, and the mystery of My word into your midst does not come to the man’s mind, and those who lack wisdom from heaven make bold even to mock the mystery of My becoming word between Me and you, hidden even from angels for ages, so that I may come with it now on earth, and this mystery is written into the Scriptures when the heaven opens, and I, riding on a white horse, am called Faithful and True, judging in righteousness and having My name written, which no one knows but Myself, and My name is called „The Word of God”, and the armies in heaven follow Me on white horses and they are clothed in white garments, and out of My mouth proceeds the word like a sword to strike the nations and to shepherd those I am pleased with, and on My thigh I have written, „King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”. (Apoc: 19/11-16) And satan knows this and is terrified and he makes waves in great wickedness, because he sees how the time of the judgment and My word for righteousness comes on earth, and no one knows but I the mystery of My word when it is made on My table with you, My people.

Oh, I do not have to put the words into anyone else’s mouth in order to be able to believe Me, to receive Me and to follow Me when I stay as word between Me and man. I come on earth as word because this is written for Me to come, and whoever stumbles, asks himself and answers himself as he may wish about this mystery, then let him deal with himself as he wish, for My mysteries are not for everyone to understand and to believe them. As it is today, those who were dissatisfied with Me two thousand years ago also thought and spoke in so many ways and denied Me because they did not understand, and only those who had wisdom to perceive by it, only they understood what God was working and speaking. The mystery of the My word’s descent is well sealed in secret and those who do not understand deny it, and those who are dissatisfied with it, denied Me and you likewise and not otherwise, and behold, the one who is dissatisfied does not remain with anything but only with an evil heart. Not that they are good and you are bad; it was not because of that they denied Me and you but because they were dissatisfied, for they thought that they were good and worthy and they also thought that I owed them. Oh, man owes to Me, and not I to him, but who wants to understand this justice?

I have told all those who have known the word of My descent: „Bite your tongue so that you may not speak evil with it over My work of today and over those who bear My coming”, but if they have forgotten that I told them this, they have violated those that I told them ahead of time so that they may not do them.

I have received into My fold the one how was set apart; I have received the one who knocked to Me to open, to receive him and to have mercy on him forgiving and saving him after that, and here it is the word that goes like this: „Save a thief from gallows and he will help to hang you”. Oh, unbelief comes from sin, not from stumbling, as those who leave My shelter try to say. I am reminding you now of the bishop from Târgovişte, (Basil of Târgovişte, r.n.), who fell while fighting against Me and against My people, for he had been fighting for seven years against My coming of today as word on earth, and after that he fell. He was covering himself with his unbelief, but the sin of envy was that which was leading his rebellious steps, and this is how he came to blaspheme My work, and then he paid bitterly on earth after that.

It is bad of the man who finds Me in this word and then he leaves Me and the people who are set apart! He who walks away from near My spring, from near My people, that one loses his grace, he loses his faith. The faith of My people is the place where I spring up with My spring of word, and My people is full of grace, full of faith, and whoever leaves it, loses the grace of a disciple. When it was coming closer the testing of My disciples’ faith, after I had told them that they would be made to stumble because of Me on that night, Judas left the disciples and lost the grace of the disciple, when he left. Even since he started to hate Me because of his envy of the other disciples, he lost the grace of a disciple, and not all My Christians have learned from this bad example in order that they may not fall into this sin, and he who has not learned, has left the brothers, for only those who have doubted and staggered in secret by joining those doubting, blaspheming and denigrating the brothers, only those have got out of the little boat of salvation, and it has happened to them as it happened to the disciple who lost his baptism only because he had listened to the speaking against God. Oh, and this is what happened to these who listened to the spirit of rebellion and of judging of brothers. They took out of My table and ate and then left, because they did not realize what they took, and so it happens to the one who loves himself near God, and a man like that deserves his destiny, and by loving his soul he loses it, as it is written, because he who searches for the mistakes of his brother and not for his, then he sees with what he remains, for it is written: «If you do not have love, then you are nothing». When you do not have love and you prove that you do not have it, then you can give your body to be burnt, and you can do any exploit that may enchant and deceive you that you are with God, but you are nothing when you prove to God and to man that you do not have love, for love does not come at random when man works it in every of its aspects illustrated by the Scripture.

Oh, My people, man needs to love correction and to wait for it so that he may be God’s son, for woe to those without correction upon them, for they are not sons and have not come yet to the making of a son! Oh, he who does not love correction does not have love; he does not have it at all. He may say as much as he wants that he has got it, but a man like that does not have love, he has not given himself to God, for he who gives himself to God and then stays near Him after that, that one stays for his making from God, and this what has to understand the one who wants to become God’s son by My word of today over the people. Every father disciplines his child and teaches him to get accustomed to obedience, and when he does not listen and does not learn, then his father corrects him, he brings him to obedience and struggles in this way for the good of his child.

The one who comes to become God’s son needs love, staying near the work of his making from Me. To those who find Me in this word and believe in Me, I will give them the power to become God’s sons, and this power means obedience, holiness for obedience, admonition for wrong conduct and the whole work of the man’s making in all his time with Me. There is no greater love than this on the way with the Lord for the one who comes to be born of God, for I was obedient to the Father in everything even to the full sufferance of an obedient son, who does not open his mouth before those that are sent for him before the great victory, before resurrection, and this is how I was and am an example of the son of obedience for those who come to Me in order to become God’s sons. Amen.

Oh, My people, I teach you to be faithful to the work of creation, the work through which all God’s sons pass, and it passes through them until they want to remain sons, for the pot does not slap the potter’s hand when he does work it and it does not tell him how to work it. My teaching is only longing, and My longing is only mourning, because the longing after fulfilled sons consumes Me, the sons I want to see that they know what they want when they try to come closer to Me by My word full of longing after man. I watch too much for the beautiful stay of those who come to be Mine, and I am deeply sorrow when I have to endure the Christian as he can do and when he can be; however, I watch to find an occasion to make Myself known with My longing after man, to be received with My face upon him and to make My way to him with My correction, with the work of creation, and then to nourish My hope that the one who comes to be Mine will understand, but when I see his discontentment and his lack of love for correction, oh, My wound gets deeper, bitter, more painful and more intense, and I am the Shepherd full of wounds for the life of His sheep, for My life in them, after whom I have been longing and sighing deeply.

Oh, My people, My love is only wound from each son coming to give himself to God. Longing and mourning, watching and hoping, so is My word upon you. John, My Baptizer, reminds you of his work upon the disciples and upon people, which he did in My name, and thus he put repentance in people between heaven and earth, and he is speaking as well upon you now with longing and mourning, as I am, and as I speak and John is giving you from Me, My people. Amen.

‒ Oh, Your wound was wound from me, little wounded Lamb, and in my wound I was telling many people: «Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens has come upon you!». Oh, because of my mercy for You and for the people, I was calling out with longing and mourning for the repentance of those who heard me calling out to them. I am giving to the people of Your wound in me so that its sons may also be as wounded as I am for You, suffering Shepherd.

Oh, keep to the spirit of repentance, people of the grace from above during these days! Oh, you are not supposed to play with this treasure. Repentance keeps the man within the Lord’s spirit and work, in the work of the man’s making. I was full of the spirit of repentance and I had a word of correction against those who were not seeking with repentance. I likened those who had no repentance to the brood of viper, which kill their mother and are not sorry for that and this is the work of those who do not want to repent in front of those who call them to repentance. Oh, repentance is that which gnaws away at the man’s heart and those that are tangled cannot be disentangled but only by the words of repentance so that the man may get away with his heavy burden which gnaws at his heart and then to be humbled and thankful, nourishing his hope full of repentance for the Lord mercy upon him. Oh, it is a great miracle for the Lord to see such souls on earth! Even the Christian is not thankful and the sin of ingratitude brings the Christian to sin; it takes him to denial of God and of brothers, and how is one like this supposed to see repentance any longer? The true repentance is that which does good to the Lord, not to the man, for man deserves punishment not freedom, but the Lord deserves a house and His face in man as He is.

Oh, watching with hope is needed, people of the Lord, because one is not supposed to make jokes with the spirit of repentance which brings the heaven in man and in his conduct and love, which can no longer do any harm around for it, but it can only work with patience and with the longing full of mourning after the things from above, after the comfort of his sufferance after God.

Oh, sons, ask to understand what repentance is, what it does, and what kind of fruit it shows. Do not forget to learn this well and to be the richest in the spirit and the work of repentance, which brings the Lord into your threshold. Both the Lord and I lived in the spirit of humility and repentance. We bowed to each other. Oh, behold what greatness! We deeply felt to do so, bowing to each other. Oh, what greatness! Our bowing and the love for it were sincere, as both of us showed that the lesser one was to be blessed by the bigger one. The Lord was the One Who showed it in this way and thus He has taught man to do likewise, and from this, man has to understand what man is and what God in His greatness full of humility is.

Oh, love to be the sons of the heaven on earth, oh, sons! Learn the mystery of repentance and its endless work! You should not learn from you but from those who work repentance, from those who teach you by doing it and do not forget to learn! This is what I am telling and exhorting you, I, John, the baptizer and prophet, the teacher of repentance and the one who spoke to everyone: „Repent!”. Amen.

‒ Oh, My people, John, the Baptizer, had the work of admonition in his ministry upon those who loved disorder, and because of this they killed him. I worked in the same way upon disorder and those who did not have a clean heart for themselves and for God hid their disorder and the filth of their heart. Oh, how blessed is the one who waits for correction, the one who bears with it for his getting wise, to his illumination and to his making from God!

Oh, help Me to have hope in you, My people! This word about which I am speaking to you is great. Help Me and not you, because only in this way you can help Me! Help Me to be on earth with you, My people, and to be always, always, for I have to work the great victory, for you are My angel on earth, the angel with whom I appear and I will surely appear, and all the angels serve us, and the heavenly armies come after Me, riding on white horses and clothed in white robes, for I am with you as word on earth, accompanied by the mystery of the holy heaven and I am speaking and saying to you: help Me, son, help Me, My people, for I, the Lord, have built and loved you for My glory and for its great victory. Amen, amen, amen.