The Word of God on the sixth Sunday after Passover, of the blind man from birth

The Holy Spirit becomes word on earth and becomes the counselor of men. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am the Word of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and in this name God has been glorified by His word during these days, and the Father has sent Me to speak on the earth, for the word of God there is no longer anywhere else on earth, but only the man’s word is, because man has not got used to taking advice from the Lord for everything that he works on earth. Even from his beginning in the Garden Eden, man has been speaking and he has not been speaking as God Who made him. The sin of ingratitude has made its nest in man even from paradise and because of this, man lost the paradise, and the paradise lost man, the one for whom the paradise was made by God and behold: «The ox knows his owner, but man does not know God», (See Is: 1/3), as it is written in the prophets.

I am coming down on earth to make the man know Me by My word and then to wait for Me and to ask for My advice. Let man reason with Me, and let Me reason with him, as it is for this that I built him, and I built him like that when I kneaded him out of dust and then I gave him breath of life and thus I made him into a living being. I am coming down on earth now, in the end of the time, to make see those that do not see and to take the sight of those who say that they see, for man has been despising Me even from his beginning with Me. Two thousand years ago, I became known as true God of true God, as it was written for Me to come and to pay with My life put on the cross for the redemption of the man fallen from paradise and from life, and the sick knew Me, but those who were healthy did not want to bow. The blind man from birth knew Me, but those who were born with healthy eyes did not want to believe that I was the Christ of the Father, His messenger after man on earth. I took the clay into My hand, and spat into it to make it soft to be able to mold it, and I made eyes from it for the one born blind and I put his eyes back to their place and then I sent him to wash his face and the clay around his eyes to be able to see God clearly and then to see people then and to see himself as well, after he had lived his life without sight as he had lived by that time. It would have been enough for the people to believe that I was God coming to them from the Father, as it was written for Messiah to come from heaven to earth, but they got used to one another and did not want to get used to God into their midst, and then they crushed Me, and then I went back into the Father and came back sighing and waiting from then on and up to this day. I wait and wait. I wait for the man to know Me in My works and I ask him to open his eyes and see. I can open his eyes, as I have already done so many times with man, but I also ask him to open them, lest he may not be hurt if I deal with him and with his stubbornness, and then at the lack of the sight of his body, soul and spirit.

Oh, Romanian people, I am making My word come nearer to you, the word of the Holy Spirit. For a while, I have been calling you at My table of word by the spring of My word into your midst, My table with My people taken out of the Romanians, and I keep giving you heavenly advice. I want that you may not be sightless and deaf to My voice that has been calling you to see, hear, and drink of My well to your life. Since I kneaded the heaven and the earth by the word, since then, I have chosen you to be My table and My house now, in the end of the time. Oh, you are now in great hardship, (See the flood and the economic crisis, r.n.) and take from Me to open your eyes wide, for you do not lack your bread or coat, but you rather need your reconciliation to Me. Oh, make peace with Me, and I, the Lord, have taught you what to do to be at peace with each other and I have also told you that injustice is not good, for those who call themselves God’s church into your midst, they do not open to Me to give them for you, but on the contrary, they did and do injustice to Me.

Oh, My country of today, oh, Romanian people, I want to advise you, and I want to advise you again and again and to tell you what to do. God, the Word, is into your midst speaking from more than fifty years, and He has been working into your midst with a masterful mystery. Oh, what shall I do to be able to sit in counsel with you for the salvation of your blindness and for your glory with Me before the nations then? Oh, how shall I do so that you may listen to me? How shall I do so that your rulers may know My truth and My voice of today, those who sit on the seats of the servants of the church and God’s law on the earth with the people? Oh, what shall I do with you to be faithful to My voice from the end of the time on your hearth, Romanian sons? Oh, for so many times I have been turning My word of today with gentleness toward you. You do not have any power of faith, but I can give it to you, sons, for the Romanian flock is in great need of God on its land, when I, behold, am into its midst crying at its feet to open its heart and the chamber of knowledge, and thus to know God. I would ask you to give Me an answer then; do you have anything to gain if you do not receive Me with the advice of the glory of My word, which flows like the river of life into the midst of this land blessed from eternity, especially blessed for My time of nowadays to come as word on earth in this house and to steer with My voice of gentle and humble Shepherd this ship through the waves on earth?

Oh, I do not mean any harm to you, My today’s country, but who is to get together for you into your midst? Do not be afraid of hard days, but be afraid of your departure from Me. I advise you to My law because I want you to get into it, and if you do not want, then even on this way I want to bring you to My will, for the whole will is into My hand. Oh, do not despise correction when it tests you with all its hardships! Get used to turn back to your ancestors! They were not defiling with anything the days of fast and feasts and the day of My rest. Oh, do not be afraid that it will be hard for you, but rather be afraid of the hardship and the burden which comes up to Me when I see that in My Romanian people the holy law is trespassed, the law from the fathers, and it is written that those who trespass the law are punished by it. Get used to be good and get used to fasting on the three days of the week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for these days are beings in heaven, they are stricken from the earth, and there are only and only wounds on them, the most wounded beings from among those in heaven. Oh, the Christian people do not have to eat those that are forbidden for these days, no, they do not have to. Not even olive oil is supposed to be poured into the food for the days of fasting, let alone some other kind of forbidden food for the days in which the saints and the fathers wrote fasting from food! Oh, do not be afraid that you die of hunger, Romanian son! If you die, you die because of your disobedience. The food without a holy consideration brings sicknesses and pains in your body and in your life, for the saints and the angels take revenge for My wounds from man, and you know that, but you do no longer want to listen to Me.

Oh, Romanian people, the Lord pushes you from behind to do His will, but do not raise your voice in grumbling, do not rise with grumbling upon those who sit at the helm, who will be to borrow from foreign nations for you so that they may bring you into slavery at their will after that. Oh, be wise, Romanian people, for no one, no one is good for you, no one else but God alone. Let us help each other in hardships and shortages, and may it not be too hard for you to get into My holy laws, for they will help you out of all the hardships that are to come. Oh, with great longing, I would like that you may no longer spend any money on sin and I would like you to flee from the poison that comes from tobacco and drinking, because I, the Lord, have blessed only the water and the wine. Oh, I would very much like you no longer to eat meat, for meat makes you sick, both in your body and your soul, and it also brings on you boils within your body and spirit and it fills you with the fear of the body killed by you to eat it after that. It is in vain, in vain, that I have given the man a great commandment: „You shall not kill, man!”. Oh, I have given this commandment in vain for man. Man has attracted Me only to his wills in such a way that I may let him eat meat, but it would be best for him to come to My wills, and by his willing or not, the man will finally come to My wills on the earth, for it is written that the new heaven and the new earth and the justice for all things will come and it will be like that, and My angels will fulfill like that. Amen.

Oh, if you, Romanian people, want to listen to Me, you will be the most praised nation on the earth, for My grace and My Spirit will descend on you and He will overshadow you, and nations will come to you, as it is written, and they will take of My glory with you and will give you many gifts, as it is written by that who is chosen for My glory, and behold, that is why I advise you to make peace with Me and to get used to do My will, oh, My country of today. Be good! Seek to see well into My advice and flee from the taste and the works of sin. Keep the days of fasting, honor the days of feasts and the day of the Lord’s rest; love brotherhood and humility, love patience and holiness and you will see My love and My glory with you, for it is written about you to have life with God on the earth and then to see your Lord with your clean eyes, your Master, Jesus Christ, Who, behold, is speaking with you on your hearth. Oh, do not be afraid of poverty, but rather be afraid of richness, because richness perishes! Oh, do not be afraid of shortages but rather be afraid of all those that are defiled and guilty, because much, much food, from what you take and eat, has got sickness in it for you and it has the spirit of error from God in the disorder with which is made by the man without God in him. And I also ask you, Romanian son; God asks you to make the sign of the cross when you drink the water and when you eat, and worship and pray when you go to sleep and when you get up from your sleep in the night; and also take My Virgin mother as help between Me and you so that you may have a mother and a father, but in order for you to have, you have to listen like a child, for it is written: «If you are not like children, you will not be with God and with His kingdom». (See Matt: 18/3)

I am sitting in counsel with you, Romanian sons, and I ask you to open the book of history and to stand for a while face to face with the ancestor of this nation, and then ask yourselves if you take after them, after their sons, as their successors. Oh, the manner of the life of the Romanian was beautiful, Christian and loved by God! Why, have you forsaken it and have not loved to be My beautiful ones? Behold how you have taken after the strangers! You lost the holy fear to be as beautiful as the saints did, after your ancestors, oh, sons. I, the Lord, would like you all to be adorned within pleasant apparel before God, I would like you to be princes and princesses in your conduct and there would no longer be any more beautiful nation on earth other than My Romanian people, which the Father has meant to be Mine now, in the end of the time, and behold, I have come into its midst and I have advised it to My love from above for him. Oh, get up and present yourself in everything that you are as God’s nation, for I am the King of the creature, but listen to Me and do not be afraid of poverty and shortages if you listen to Me!

I, the Lord your God, want to prepare you beautifully for My table with you, Romanian people. You are poisoned by the time of nowadays, an evil time as there has never been on earth, hidden time from before your eyes and I full of pain for you, for you are meant by the Father Sabaoth to bear God’s glory on earth, but you are very, very sick. I want to give you life from My little rib, and your life would be to take after My life and My saints’ and not as you has got used to do with your life and Mine. Oh, not so, I do not want it in this way, I cannot work with man for My power on earth with him for My dwelling with him on earth.

Oh, I am very merciful on you when I see that you are so much bitten by the enemy and by his poison, and I would like to revive you, Romanian nation, and I would like to have disciples from Me for you in a clean way, to do you good through them on My behalf, but would those who sit as shepherds upon you want to believe Me and listen to Me for your life, for My mercy on you? You are My little nest of today. I am coming into your midst with My word in these days. I am finding into your midst My enemy and yours, who is afraid of My voice upon you, just as a snake is, which comes into the nest with nestlings of the bird in the wilderness, and to which I have compared Myself by My sacrifice for man; however, when this bird finds its nestlings poisoned in the nestle, ready to die, oh, what does it do? It pierces its side with its beak and takes its chicks into its bosom and then it gives to them of its blood, of its life, and at that time it does not give them of the food that it has gathered in its bag from the water, but it rather gives them of its blood in order to bring them to life, and with it to take out of them the poison of the snake that was lurking in the nestle of its chicks while it was away. Oh, this is how I want to work into your midst, Romanian people, but you are no longer used to stay into the nestle and receive life, and what really shall I do with you in order to bring you to life, to take you out of danger and to bring you to love, to faith and to obedience for all these, oh, My people of today?

I am into your midst as word of the Holy Spirit, Romanian people. I advise you and exhort you not to commit any sin against the Holy Spirit, for I want to forgive you and I want to heal you by My word that is upon you with the Holy Spirit, Who makes flow out of My mouth the word of the river of life into your midst, My country of today.

Oh, I have spoken with you into the midst of the people of My word on your hearth. I am calling the angels and the saints to serve Me into your midst for the fulfilling of My word upon you. I want you to come to life before Me and to the life in the Lord on the earth.

Peace to you. Listen to My advice! Read it and learn it to fulfill it! Oh, come with faith before Me and give to Me, give Me your heart, Romanian people, My country of today! Amen.

I have been speaking My gentle word upon the Romanian people, upon priests and rulers and upon the enemy of My nation of today, glorified by Me by My work into its midst. You have stood before Me for My word of today over the Romanian people, oh, sons in the gates. Now we are finishing the word of the day and we are coming to ask from the Father the fulfilling of My word upon the Romanian people. Peace to you! Stand before Me when I come as word on earth, for My sufferance brings Me to you to make for Me a way there where My words sends. Amen.

I am coming near, sons, with the feast of My ascension into heaven after My passion and resurrection, and we will sit at the table of word for the preparation of the feast of the Holy Spirit’s descent and for the way of the people that will come together at the spring. Let us ask the Father for a warm and clear weather and let us ask Him much peace and spirit of holy work for My holy name, which has been glorified among you, sons. Oh, always, always, seek and seek after My word upon you and become its fruit, for I, the Lord, have to be able to work with you during all this time with great unbelief, and I also have to be able to do it by your love, by your sacrifice for My works and by your faith, the faith of God’s sons, Who can do everything, everything through you, through the sons of My word of today, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.