The Word of God on the fourth Sunday of the Lent, of the Saint John of the Ladder

My longing after man makes Me come down on earth as the word of the man’s creation, the word of My making in man, for God’s dwelling place is in man on earth and it stands face to face with man, through the faithful man to God among people, and the man’s unbelief does not have any power to cut My steps on the earth, because I appear as a great Master and I can work everywhere and I can do everything that stands into My way, and I can work as God. Amen.

I am announcing Myself at the gates so that I may enter as word into the book. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth and through the cross, I have become the man’s Savior from death, only for the man to be able to believe within his heart that I came on earth two thousand years ago to do the work of the man’s salvation, and the man has to bow before this truth and to understand it, by its preaching to every man by My disciples from one to another, since then and up to this day.

I am the Lord, the Savior and the Teacher, as the Pharisees were calling Me; the Pharisees who kept coming there where I was teaching the multitudes that were gathering near Me for the word of life, My word of life giving, and they were questioning Me for the spirit of the teaching, and they were double-minded, and this is how I was also working with them because of their inquisitiveness against Me, and I was protecting them from answering, from the sin that they had been preparing to commit in finding Me fault after the law to give Me over to death according to their law, and when I let Myself be caught, because their hour had come, this is what they said: «We have a law, and by our law He ought to die, because He made Himself the Son of God». (John: 19/7) And having heard this saying, Pilate the procurator, wrote to Me over My crucified head, the name of the king of the Jewish people, ready, ready to be blamed as one who stood against Caesar, but it was not possible to retreat this anymore, and then he said: «What I have written, I have written». (John: 19/22) And he wrote on the tablet of the cross My name on the cross: Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews, (J.N.K.J.), and then I became the true victor over them and over death, for I had borrowed for three days the kingdom of the dead and I went to them on the way of the cross, on the way of sufferance and of death and they opened to Me as to the King of the creature, as to the One Who had the keys of the deep, and thus I took out from sufferance and from waiting the souls of those who were holy and righteous in their faith and I sent them as confessors on earth in Jerusalem, and then I removed from Me the power of death and I trampled it under My foot and I got up to resurrection, and this three-day work was great when I overcome death with death, and on the third day I finished it, for I had died for three days and then I was resurrected, and I am alive forever and ever, as it was written in My confession by My disciple John, to whom I showed that I would come again and I would speak again to the nations, languages, tribes and to many kings, and that I would do the work of My Father, Who has sent Me to do it, and the man has not been able to stop Me from doing it, for it is written to be. Amen.

I am spreading the Gospel of today to the Romanian people, and I come with it before the nations on earth and I do not keep it in secret, for the seal of God is upon it, and I seal with it those who suffer and mourn because of those that are defiled on earth and that are not known after their appearance, the appearance of the lie by which the people are deceived by those who rule the mystery of the lawlessness over the whole world.

I let everyone know that the Bridegroom is coming, and He has prepared His bride and is coming, for the spirit of the bride is My Spirit, and the Spirit and the bride say: Come, Lord!

I let you know, and I have always let you know, Romanian people, that you are the land with a treasure in it, because I prepared My bride from you, and I have been preparing her and keeping watch over her for My coming on your hearth as word of the Holy Spirit, and I have a table of word and wedding in you, and you are so foreign to My wedding into your midst! Oh, you do not want to know, you do not want to learn and to really rejoice. Your little paths have been blocked by those who dare to block My way to the people, but I have a mysterious way and I give Myself mysteriously to those who find and seek Me, and the mystery of My wedding is shared, and the unfaithful man cannot stand against God, because My coming has become a heard voice on earth, and it speaks gently to the man to revive the stubborn spirit and that he may long after God then, and he who is written for God, that one comes after Me; he comes and becomes My disciple, and then he becomes a confessing believer to the raising of many. Amen.

Long ago, I had once a son loving of God and I had been looking at him because of the fire in him of his love for Me, and I gave him the power to give himself to Me and then to share with My testimony to many, and the holy fathers of the time remembered him on the fourth Sunday of the Lent with the name of his spiritual work, steps of teaching upon My right and faithful church on earth, the steps of the virtue of the soul. His confessing spirit becomes word over the church and it gives the recent news, My coming as word today on earth, accompanied by My saints, as the Holy Spirit spoke that it would be done. Amen.

– Oh Lord Jesus, bless my confession for You on my day of churchly memorial, and my spirit rejoices in Your coming of today and it confesses within Your coming! The teaching about the whole knowledge in my time was not able to comfort my soul, for I wanted to be for You a sacrifice of love, a sacrifice of faith and of holy work, for You and for the people of my time and for those after me, as from my early age I went up, on the holy mountain, and I was going on for holiness, renouncing the world with my life and with my name under the work of obedience, the work of those who are saved, and after three years, I went up even higher, into the heart of the holy mountain and I had been consumed by Your love for forty years, and I was eating the food that was not defiling my life of hermit and I had never satisfied my belly, and in this way, I kept far away from my heart the devil of pride, which wanted to make its dwelling place within me, but I was crying at that time with streams of tears and with careful watching, day and night, and I was going to rest only that the power of my mind might not go weak, and my prayer was through everything that I was and I did, and I took care by my watch of those who were the inhabitants of the holy mountain and I was preaching well to them my teaching for You and it remained as the exhortation for Your church, Lord. My burning after You had always kept me consuming, for I wanted to bear and to understand Your life in me and to rejoice You with it inside of my body, which was housing my soul, my little part from You for my life on earth.

I tell those that follow You among people that great love of God is needed in those who go on Your ways in order to be counted. I tell them that the man does very little for his life and for You in him, and that man should work much more for those that will be, for tomorrow, Lord. I tell those who believe in You that the gift of the faith has to be adorned with great works, with great virtues, with great spiritual living, for the Spirit is the One Who gives life, and I also tell them that Your coming is as sure as the dawn and that today is Your voice on earth, and the opening of the hearts for this gift from Your upon people is needed, and then a great work for Your coming and for Your confession is needed as well, in such a way that You, Lord, may speak to whatever great number may be possible in the day of Your greatness: „You are My witnesses!”. Amen.

I thank You in my humble spirit that You have given me the happiness to confess You from heaven to the people on earth! My spirit has been greatly comforted as my reward for the flame of the fire of Your love during the time of my early youth and until my arriving in the homeland from above, of Your saints. My Spirit has been comforted, oh, Lord, and let my comfort from today remain written before You! Amen.

– Oh, Michael, write down the one who was a seraphim of fire before Me on earth, and let him remain in the spirit of the comfort of today of his spirit. Amen.

And to you, Romanian people, I wish you wisdom from above, so that you may not depart from Me by your wisdom, as the one that his mind helps him to become proud by it, and one like that cannot remain within Me. Oh, only if you would heard My voice that says: „Do not harden your hearts, as in the provocation like as in the day of the trial in the wilderness, where Israel tested Me by proving Me, and I hated this nation for forty years because they did not want to know My ways, and they always erred in their heart, and they did not enter My rest because they made Me angry”. (See Hebrews: 3/8-11)

Oh, wake up your ear, Romanian nation! I have planted in you the mystery of the heavenly homeland on earth. Do not harden your hearing and heart at My voice like the unfaithful Israel, which up to this day has remained like that, and I hated and I rejected it and I have chosen you as My people and then I sent you a baptizer, (The Apostle Andrew, the first one called, r.n.), to be the firstborn people before Me, and I remember you, I speak My word of today upon you, and I urge you to fasting and praying, for the devils of today have great power in the people and the people listen to them and I want to tell the people to wake up and listen to God, for I am the Savior of the man, and the devil will be bound forever and will be thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, and his angels will be thrown with him as well. Amen.

I give you the resurrection from your ignorance, oh, Romanian people. I feed you with My Spirit. Oh, receive your calling to Me and take Me as your Savior, and really take Me, for I want to glorify you with My glory before the nations on the earth, oh, country of brightness, because of My gift into your midst, which shines in heaven and on earth! Oh, take of My mouth, take from My hand the gift for you and seek with My spring into your midst, for I have become a river of eternal life in you on behalf of the Father Sabaoth!

Grace, grace upon you, My country of today, My house of coming now, in the end of the time, and become a virgin and wait for Me in the threshold, for I do not lie to you, and behold, I give you My coming. I give you so that you may have Me and so that I may have you too, but you should become love for Me, because I am your Savior. I am Who I am, oh, My today’s country of brightness! Amen, amen, amen.