The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem

Let us comfort each other in tears and pains, let us comfort each other with joys, children of My coming down from the Father to you, and you should comfort, comfort the people of My word, and give to it what I give you, for I have you between Me and My people as My way to him and as its way to Me, and Father is in Me all the time and the Father glorifies Me as His Son, the One Who trampled over death by death and gave life to those who love life, and gave elevation and joy to those who have been waiting for their redemption. Amen.

I embrace you within a sweet pace all My moments with you and yours with Me, and I want so much to comfort you under the burden of the cross of My coming as word on earth. I come as word into the book and I give you powers. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I give you powers for My work with you, for the being of the book of My word of fifty years on the Romanian land. This work is hard, but My Gospel from the end of the time of the man’s dominion over the earth, this book shakes the earth even from now in so many ways, and the heart of the earth throbs powerfully to wake up the dead from the tombs and to confess you, those who carried My work in these days and My new name by which I declare the judgment of the creature and the saints’ victory on the second coming of the Son of God, before Whom all the nations of the earth will cry, for My coming is with great glory, with much word, and the glory of My word will come out from its mystery and will shake the heaven and the earth as at its creation, to give birth to the world again, because it is written into the Scriptures to do this, and I will do it. Amen.

Oh, My people, what a wonder was two thousand years ago on the day of My entrance into Jerusalem on a colt of a donkey! The news had spread everywhere that I called Lazarus out of his tomb, who had been dead four days. The Father had prepared beforehand to do this miracle so that Jerusalem might confess Me as King of Israel and to be able to bring Me as a sacrifice and that the ruler of this world could bring Me as a sacrifice on the cross, but they were afraid of the resurrected Lazarus, lest the people might arise to believe in Me and that they might lose their priority and their dominion and their vain glory.

How beautifully those that were in Jerusalem welcomed Me! They took branches of trees and sang: «Hosanna!» and their spirit did not know what it was doing, for they fulfilled the prophecies about Me as they were ordered one by one to their fulfillment, for great is the truth about God, My people. I also want you sing «Hosanna!» to Me in your tears and I want you to rejoice and not to be afraid, to support those who support you on My way with you, for they also support Me on My way with you, and My way with you became Gospel over the earth, for the word of God is Gospel, My people. It is the feast of the flowers and of the branches, and I come as word to you to feed your power and comfort, and I have with Me hosts of angels who comfort your patience, son Israel, and the angels rejoice singing to Me «Hosanna!» for I enter with glory into you, Jerusalem, My people. My glory is dear, and it is as sweet as that one on the cross, for My love on the cross was sweet. No one has borne such a sweet love in his body, in his soul and in his spirit, as I had borne on the cross for the man to pay the life of the man by the sacrifice of My love on the cross. I was full of love on the cross. I was the One Who loved, as it never was and never is a greater love in heaven and on earth. My body did not suffer as much as My love suffered in the time of My cross. Those who sang to Me «Hosanna!» also cried out then to Pilate: «Crucify Him!» and I loved those who fulfilled the Scripture of My sacrifice and I asked My Father not to keep this into their account as sin because of what they did without knowing what they did. My love on the cross was sweet and painful, for love that has no pain has no power, and I loved those who brought Me pain, and the pain for them gave Me power for My sufferance from them, and then, for the love on the cross, at which Father looked and loved, because I listened to Him and I died for the man and I gave My live to the people.

You will see, My people, the resurrection of the dead, and then you will understand My love on the cross. You will see, My people, My work with you and through it the new birth of the world, of creation, and then you will understand your love under My cross, which I share with you today, loving and waiting for the fruit of the love, My people. Oh, let yourself be seized by My mysteries with you! Oh, let yourself be overwhelmed by My love on the cross and cry under the cross of My love, rejoicing over the glory of the love, which suffers loving with power to make the world again. Oh, My work within these days is great! It is mysterious and full of patience for the appearance of its glory! Let yourself be disturbed by its mysterious love for the resurrection of all things, My people. The dead wait for Me to call them out as I called Lazarus from among the dead and I told him, after I thanked to the Father: «Lazarus, come out!».

„Come out, you, those in the graves!”. This is how I will call out through you, My people, until the dead will stand up listening to this commandment. Oh, and how beautiful and glorified will be the fulfillment of this Scripture and of the resurrection of the dead, My people! Take care, son, not to forget Me. Take great care not to live without Me in your thought and in your work and between brother and brother. Take care of Me, Jerusalem. Listen to God, son from the end. Take care like David and not like Saul, whom Samuel, coming out from the ground, being sad because of Saul’s disobedience and wandering away, answered him that disobedience is a sin as great as witchcraft, and opposition is the same like idol and teraphim worshipping. Behold what glorious will be the raising of the dead if you listen to be obedient to the Lord, your God, and if you obey His will full of care for you and for the whole heaven and earth, son! How praised Samuel came up out from the dead and rebuked the one who did not listen to God! How praised will be the resurrection from the dead, who will confess My work with you, My love for the man, My people! Behold, the saints are alive forever and ever, and they work over the earth, and I write a feast into your midst near the feast of the Palm Sunday, for I am with Verginica and with her sister, whom she took seven years ago to be together with her. You set a table for seven years of memorial, and I, the Lord, bless the food on the table and I sit with the saints and with the angels at this table, and Verginica together with their sisters sit at the table with you, at the table of resurrection, at the table of saints, for I am the God of the living ones, not of those who are dead, My people.

Verginica sits down at the table and speaks at the table. Come Verginica, you are My trumpet and you came to the memorial of your sister who bound your thread with the last sons of your people and Mine. Amen.

— Oh, Lord, glory to You for Your love, because I came with my sister, whom I established, after my coming to You, as a bridge between me and my people that remained to be the followers on my way with You, Lord, for you are forever and ever and You have no end.

Oh, my little dame, here is where we are! Look, little dame! We have meal with the people of the Lord and this glory is great, for it is a feast of Palm Sunday, and the angels have come in groups-groups with the Lord. Oh, do not cry, but rather rejoice! We have in the gates for us those whom you know that came among us to lead us forward, us and the Lord’s people. Amen.

Now, sons, sit at the table of the memorial of my little sister, because after my leaving into heaven I prayed to the Lord for her, to set her as bridge between me and those whom the Lord have now as His gates between earth and heaven, between heaven and earth. The Lord listened to me, and she also listened to me, and I bound the thread, and the Lord has greatly multiplied His word over the earth and it has been spread out through the nations, and these days His Gospel is His word, and He takes it and lifts it up for the blessing from the Father, and then He gives it to the people before the coming of the day of His last glory.

Oh, this day of feast is a day of love and memorial. My little sister, look and comfort those on whom you and I and the Lord relied on earth, and behold, they are from among those in heaven now. We sit at the table with the people, little sister, and with the Lord and with His angels at your table of memorial. Everything is with love and is beautiful and clean, and we bring heavenly thanks for this day near the Lord’s day.

My people, people of the Lord, sit down at the table for the heaven is with you. Oh, children of the new Gospel, you are tired from the hard work of the book of fifty years of the work of the Lord’s word through us and through you, but the wages of those who work in the vineyard is great, sons. We have gathered together at the table of today, we and you, to the joy of the Lord’s glory after fifty years of word since the Lord has been speaking on earth, starting with me and up to you. We will mark down this time of word on the day of Passover, for there are still seven days and we celebrated the feast of the Lord’s resurrection, as it was fifty years ago when the Lord, after My feast of forty days, spoke by my voice over the earth. Behold, what love! At the beginning I was the one who fasted, and at the end it is you, children who speak about God. May you be blessed, you who have listened to the word of the Lord, which told you to abstain from food during this fasting of His passions of two thousand years ago, and may those who joined you for this full love be blessed as well, and may all the other ones be blessed as well, those who have struggled according to their own will and power. But today, take a morsel of the food on the table, and then go on abstaining from food until the day of resurrection, children who listen wholly, and we will rejoice fully within the spirit of obedience and of love, sons. My little sister is sweet and is full of love for you, and she also tells you this:

— Oh, people of New Jerusalem, you should be as beautiful as the name, which the Lord gave to you. You should be obedient and submitted to the glory of the fulfillment of the Lord’s word upon you, for the Lord overcame by His blood and He gave His kingdom to you, and I with my little sister are favored in heaven by the fruit that remained on the side of the Lord and we heavenly ask you to stay under the cross of the Lord’s coming, because if we loved the Lord standing before Him for His coming as word on the earth, you have reached to the fulfillment of this love and stand before Him as well, and the river of life flows and waters the earth, for the Lord has got children up to the last time, and He makes His abundant word flow more and more, to have patience for a little while of grace and for the Lord to prepare you for His great glory, people of the Lord. I comfort each one of you, and my little sister, God’s trumpet, does the same, for without her I could have not come now to you as word. Sing the song of the wedding of the Son of the King and I will comfort myself with you. Amen.

— And I, the Lord, bless the food and sit with you at the table of feast of the word, and the angels comfort you with the mystery of their glory without a body, and the heaven rejoices today at the table with you.

Oh, children of the cross of My coming, sit with My people at the table with the heaven and taste a morsel of the food on the table so that no heart may be sad, and you should be obedient and you should go forward with your abstinence to the day of the resurrection and then we will sing in victory for all those who have labored, those little of Mine, to give being to the book of My word from the end of the time, fifty years of word by which I had shepherded over the earth and over the man.

May your food on the table be blessed with a great blessing, for it is a day of joy of the heaven with you, and My trumpet Verginica is walking with her little sister at the feast through the gardens of the Lord in a spirit of resurrection. Give thanks to the Lord, because I also bring to you for your hard labor, children of My coming.

I bring heavenly powers near you for the great fulfillment of the book of My word, and let any obstacle be removed, and let every help come near, to close the work of the book and then to open it, and let us rest with joy, I and you, for the heaven has been waiting with thrills for the book of the Lamb, children of obedience. Amen, amen, amen.