The Word of God on the Feast of the Great Saint Martyr and Healer Panteleimon

I am coming near with the spirit of the holy powers to make My entrance with the word into the book, for I have to strengthen your peace, body and spirit, sons, who watch My entrance into the book to leave My word.

When any burdens or sadness blow against you, they weaken My power in you for Me sons, and I want to comfort you mysteriously to give you hope, to spare you so that I may have you before Me, oh, and you have little power, sons, and the Lord’s way has been in this way over time for those who have walked with Me on the way.

Hope and faith are needed and calling for prayer is needed as well; calling for prayer for the Lord to come with His saints and work from heaven over the earth and the Lord to work victory, sons, for He is the One Who can.

All ministers, all My confessors over time have carried under the pressure of time the cross of the holy patience and they had Me as their longing and they have got comforted with Me in their thought and kept on going; nevertheless, patience is great grace for those under the cross, and there is no greater glory than theirs, and behold, the saint, healing of pains and burdens, over those who call him near them, the martyr and healer Panteleimon, this worker of faith and love of Christ, had greater glory, great victory against the unbelief on earth and he has dedicated himself to those who call him from heaven to come to their help in pains, in sadness, in needs and in the holy patience, and he gives much comfort to all, for the spirit of the heavenly mercy was a great gift for him, descending upon him from heaven, and the face with which he worked miracles has worked power of faith for many in his time and after that up to this day, and great has to be the spirit of prayer that brings the Lord to help through His interceding saints in all times, and My mercy for man is great and works thorough My saints. And I am saying this so that it may be known on earth that the saints come from heaven to those who call out to them according to the truth and by their faith for the entire help waited by the poor, and behold, let every man call out to those in heaven, and let it be a way of My saints to those that wait from the Lord for his good works, for I want to stir up the faith on earth to find faith and to enjoy with those who believe, sons.

Get comforted and strengthened all the time by those in heaven and give them way for work to work on earth and dispel anything that may stand against the Lord’s victory and His saints’, sons.

Let all the Christians love their conversation with the Lord and with His saints, for the prayers of the saints fill the cup of My mercy and their prayers are before Me as it is written, (Apoc: 5/8; 8/3, 4) but longing of God is needed for the Lord to come down on earth, as God is needed on earth, even if those on earth do not have in their mind the longing for the Lord to come and to be with the people on earth, for His promise is great, as two thousand years ago I said: «I am with you to the end». (John: 14/16) And the faith of the Christians in My promise for them has to be whole.

The army of martyrs is celebrating in heaven for the confessor Panteleimon, and it is coming near with their feast close to those on earth who praise the holy confessor, for the longing of the saints is great and is near to those who call out for them, and My saints are ready to come down on earth with the people, and to be faith in the people for the work of those in heaven, for the heaven of My saints is for those on earth and they wait for them to work.

Sons, sons, I am saying peace to you! Keep Me close to you! Keep your power for My work with you! Keep away as much as you can from the crushing of the power for Me, for behold, I cannot work when you are weak and under burdens! All things are with My care for you and for My walking with you, and I want to strengthen you, sons. You are small but I am the Great One, I am Who I am, I am Who I can.

Catch powers, sons! Let all those in the people of My word take great care for the fulfilling of My word for them. This brings all the victory, all the peace, all the comfort.

Listen My people, listen all the time to each My word for you which is to be fulfilled and keep Me close to you by fulfilling Me upon you so that We may not be separated!

Sons, sons, be joy, healing and power on the way with the Lord for each other, and these especially for My descending to you. Give to each other holy comforts and you will be comforted. Be full of Christ, as it is hard without the Lord and that the sons of the world may not know this, but let them hear from Me that I am telling you these and let them seek to be full of God, as satan with his walking and his much fruit rule on earth, and people do no longer see the way to life, as it is hidden, and satan keeps on hiding it from the people’s face and mind and he shows them only the way to hell.

Oh, sons of men, keep away from the things coming out of the hell! But you are to keep away from them, Romanian sons! Stand up against satan and wage war against him, for you are marked with the seal of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and God’s kingdom has nothing in this world but only in the Christians’ heart who keep the way from the beginning of My church without it changing.

Oh, mark yourselves all the time with the sign of the holy cross, Romanian sons! Whenever satan and his servants appear, make the sign of the cross, Romanian sons, crossing the three fingers of your right hand and mark your forehead, your chest and shoulders with the sign of the holy Trinity, of the holy cross, and you will see great miracles and you will also see satan’s mourning, for the evil spirit burns like fire before the holy cross, and let it be your healing from the traps full of danger caused by satan on the way over the men’s sons; however, you are Romanians, and you have to appear that you are on God’s side and so that satan may see this.

Now, peace to you! The cross and its power are the victory of the good and faithful Christians against satan.

Peace to you, Romanian sons! Strengthen under watch your country with the power of the holy cross! Love your country, love the Lord your God and be awake against the opposing spirit, as God teaches you this!

Oh, peace to you, blessing to you, victory through the cross to you, sons of the Romanian people, now and forever, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.