The Word of God at the thirty first Feast of the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

God is needed on earth and all the creation sighs after Me, and I, the Lord, am coming with My whisper, with which I go, and I am coming because it is written for Me to come.

And peace to you as well, sons I have ordained to welcome My word when I descend in a little cloud of glory above to make Myself heard and you to put My word into the book, oh, sons!

Many minds wonder and ask about My word with which I descend to you to put it on the way that it may go from margins to margins, as it is written, and on this day, I want to reveal this mystery to be known, that is My coming as word over the earth, sons.

I am embracing you as in a little cloud with the word of the power from above and I say: Peace to you, sons! Behold, on this day we are writing into My book with you thirty-one years from the day when the foundation stone of the building of the ark (shrine) of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem was sealed with the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, as I the Lord, called the white stone from where I speak (Apoc: 2/17; Apoc: 3/12; Apoc: 19/13) and reveal the spring of My word (Apoc: 22/1) half time of the seventy-year time of the mystery of My coming as word over the earth, and behold, in a little while, We are writing this accomplished number, the second half time of the mysterious week, of the number seven, (Daniel: 9/27) for with God it is counted as in heaven, not as on earth, sons, and this work is written in the Scriptures and there is no one to reveal on earth the time of the Scriptures and all the works as they are written, for all see to their own things, not to God’s, and I, the Lord, cannot to not fulfill jota by jota everything the Holy Spirit announced that it would be fulfilled and worked for all the fulfillments as they were written as no one on earth has been to read, watch and wait for their fulfillment and the Lord, Who comes, fulfills and glorifies Himself by fulfilling and confirming. (The discovery of the source of the word in the middle of the time of the biblical week - seventy years - that is, thirty-five years after the beginning of the descent of the Lord`s word on earth in 1955 at the feast of the Holy Easter, through the sixth trumpet - Saint Virginia - the discovery of the source of the word after thirty-five years, year 1990, after the „revolution” to topple the dictatorship of the communist red beast led by Ceaușescu, time of great tribulation and spiritual darkness, „revolution” which began on December 16, 1989, r.n.)

Oh, My little and tiny people during this time, I carry with you the mystery and the work of My coming as word on earth and you are the fruit of this journey through the time of those seventy years of God’s walking between heaven and earth. At the birth of this work, I had prepared a trumpet to call out of her and to announce My coming by the word of My work, and I prepared little Virginia, a poor and humble little girl of the village of Maluri, in the neighborhood of this little town, and I surrounded her with My grace and clothed her with power from above like My disciples and on the day of the descending of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem to prepare them with adornments from above so that they may proclaim Me with My Gospel with them written to all the margins, oh, and this is how I went with little Virginia, walked twenty-five years and proclaimed Myself from place to place with the voice of My word and then I took her near Me among those in heaven. (In the year 1980, r.n.) (See Apoc: 12/14 and all chapter 12, r.n.) However, immediately, she and I prepared a linking bridge for God’s walking further as word over the earth and We used her sister and I linked My coming over to you that I may find you with faith and spirit of obedience so that you may pick up My word with which I come above, to write it down into the book as Moses did and set on earth the voice and My walking with the people of Israel.

And after that worked through the prophets and then through My disciples, and the spirit of prophecy has no stopped from its work, because the Lord has been working, and My Father has been working as well, and I am working (John: 5/17) as it is written for the Lord to work among people so that the people may not forget that God is. And you are My dear ones, for it was precious the sufferance of this work of word and all the burden endured by My trumpet by which I was sounding My word according to the plan in the Scriptures, and the roar of the voice of the trumpet was heard here and far away and those who heard came near, and My trumpet was taken by the authorities and carried for investigation and to a time of sufferance, as the lives of My saints have been all the time under the hand of the kings of the time, who did not want and do not want anyone else to be greater then they, oh, and because of that they have brought to great sufferance God’s bearers, and so the work of My word entered into the pains of birth (Apoc: 12/2) with the year 1955 and with its beginning the trumpet which I sounded.

In My time with Israel, I did not ask the ruler of the time and of the temple whether to come on earth or not as a born Child of the Virgin mother; however, it was written in the Scriptures for Me to come, oh, and I came from heaven from the Father to fulfill this Scripture and I changed the order in Israel and brought the benefactor grace over the living and the dead, and so I became the Savior of the creature, the Lamb of the Father, the Lamb of the new Passover and the new wine, as for this I had come, for the sacrifice of the animals did not save the sinful man, for only God has this power.

Oh, and again, I did not ask the rulers of the time, the rulers of today’s church whether to come or not as word on earth during this time in the land of the Romanian people, but I prepared a trumpet through sufferance, by self-denial, and then to sound My trumpet the song of My compassion. And I had come and sounded the trumped so that she might play by My breath the calling the man’s resurrection from sin, for sin brings death to man, not life, and it brings him a shameful reward, and I, the Lord, am with My mercy after man and I am with salvation as well.

In the beginning with My little Virginia, the work of My word was being conceived and My Father was preparing the trumpet to sound it, and when I started to sound it so that My voice could be heard before those who heard it, the birth pangs started, for I wanted to select a faithful people to help Me and to be My house of coming, Bethany, where to stay with My saints with whom I have walked between heaven and earth.

Oh, this is how I worked, to have someone to come to on earth, and these pangs lasted until little Virginia’s ascension into heaven, oh, for there has no faithfulness found to the end of those who believed and ate from heaven through the word, for man is weak and inclined to the temporary things and he cannot deny himself to be then My working disciple to help Me.

Oh, but I found a little handful of sons and started with them the time of the third love, for in the beginning Father worked and prepared little Virginia, and then the Son worked and spoke by this trumpet, and then the Holy Spirit worked and works and brings Me in the clouds of word and My word hovers to this place above and is has sat into its book and goes from margins to margins and gives light to the world, for I am the light of the world as light on earth is needed, and God is needed on earth, as well, sons.

I am sending My word with you, as you are the little new branches and I am coming above the citadel of My word and descending My word over to you to put it on the way to go, sons, oh, and I am protecting you with the whole heaven, with all the heavenly powers. And as God glorified Himself into the midst of Israel until I came, until I was born on earth and I stayed with the people, until I turned thirty-three years old, oh and this is how I am glorifying Myself now with so much glory into the midst of the Romanian people and become the word of new creation, oh, sons and you help Me under My today’s cross with you and give Me power to walk and sound the trumpet.

Thirty-one years ago, I had near you a little handful of faithful sons, and these, one by one, did no longer supported My walking through you and stepped aside to their own, but you have remained. I thank you that you have remained near Me and with those in heaven, sons, but you, also, give thanks to the Father, the Son, to the Holy Spirit, and to My Mother Virgin, to My trumpet Virginia and to all the saints and angels as well, also, thank all the heavenly powers for My great and long fight against the powers of the dark, against satan and his angels, and against all his servants, for I have been fighting, sons, so that I may not lose you, and you have not had any support near you, but only beatings and fears, only pains that wanted to tear you down so that you may no longer work for Me, for all have weakened you because they wanted to use you for them-selves to be like them, but you have always been on My side and that is why you have not been loved, you have not been helped, sons, and that is why faithful souls do not come around you, for man is a man and he is not like God, and he does not want to be like God. However, now keep your whole power within all things and do not give it to anyone in order to have it, oh, no sons, for man goes for his will when he wants to support My walking with you.

Behold those who have not remained to the end, for they left one by one and mixed with the people of the world and got used to their works, as it is written about those who believed My words but forgot soon afterwards and did no longer want to suffer My advice; they forgot about God, murmured and fell in bondage to the sin and to the world.

I always comfort you, for you are without any comfort, sons, and I am like you, for I suffer because man does not seek after eternal life but only after the temporary one, poor of him, and I am comforted with you, I am comforted because I have someone to tell what hurts Me, sons. This is how I worked with My trumpet; I got comforted when I was calling out through her to the sinful ones to come to My love and to keep away from sin and from the sufferance coming from sin. I was caching voice through My trumpet and I was always saying: „I am not this body but she is My trumpet, the trumpet of My word”.

When the trumpeter brings the trumpet to his mouth to give voice to his song, the trumpet does not sound with the voice of the trumpeter, but with its voice, handled by the breath of the one who uses it, and it does not play without its player. The trumpet catches voice, it sounds and shares but the unbelief of those that keep on saying that they do not believe, this means that they do not feel, that it does not help them the feeling of the heart, who would reveal to them its miracle and understanding, and behold, the unbelief is the most punishing sin, the man is detained under, and he is unhappy on earth, oh, sons.

When the one who sounds the trumpet puts it to his mouth it becomes an obedient servant into his hand and at the service of the trumpeter, and this is how My trumpet, little Virginia was, and when I put her at My mouth to sound it over the earth, she was My obedient servant without any murmuring, but the unbelief of those who want to be like that, punishes those who tempt and keep them far from salvation, and some like that have sold My work and trumpet and those who believed like her (They sold the work to the servants of the Security, the secret oppressive service of the communist red beast, who then began the persecutions, r.n.) and drew upon them the reward of God’s persecutors and the persecutors of God’s sons, (Apoc: 12/17) for this reward is bitter and the deceiving ones take out of it while still in their bodies, to see how painful it is, how much pain it prepares to them the unbelief and the persecution against those who have Christ as their way of life, the way to the heaven of the saints, the eternal life of those who sanctify themselves for it and for the Lord, for the eternity with God of God’s sons.

Let us look at that day when I overcame all the obstacles and prepared the occasion to lay the foundation stone to build with it the coming into the light of the work of My word by My trumpet, little Virginia and then by her disciples, oh, sons.

Thirty-one years ago, I was on a day of service of the marking and sealing of the little garden of My word and of the building of the ark, oh, sons. (1991.07.22) Of all those who were at that time, I have only you, and I have near you those who believe now the work and the fulfilling of My word. Then I had here the bishop, the witness on behalf of those who are sitting at the helm of the church of the Romanian people, and then he was taken from your presence, though he left a prophetic word that this work of word will advance with or without him, since he did not do or does not do it, and this word of his is written in heaven before the throne of God’s glory, and it has great power this great word of the heart, the mouth and of his faith.

Oh, then I had at My bosom the one who carved in stone the image of My trumpet, little Virginia, and this stone at the foundation of the new building was laid, and for this, I, the Lord, will take care of this long confessing son of My word and of the place I had chosen to work in this city on the earth of the Romanian people.

Then I had a little handful of disciples, but they found it proper, one by one, to step aside, but you have remained with Me, sons, and today I thank you and I exhort you to prayer to pray here for the forgiveness of all those who, from the beginning of the work of My word, have gone word.

Oh, God is needed on earth, and as long as I am in the world by My word, I am the light of the world, as it is written, and I am coming with My whisper and make known My word and comfort through it over the earth and over the people and I am calling them at My cross.

And as for you, Romanian people, strengthen yourself in the right faith and work your salvation, for I, the Lord, protect you from dawn to dawn, as I have on your hearth My coming as word over the earth. Walk on the way of the cross, love holiness, turn back to your holy ancestors and follow their life and example, for you will shine over the people with the glory of My word into your midst and you will be the light of the world through the treasure on your hearth, for I love you much for your choice in the beginning and in the end, and behold, you are the country of the coming of the Son of God as word over the earth, (Apoc: 19/13) and My glory is yours too! Oh, peace to you, peace to you, peace to you, My today’s country! Amen.

And now, peace to you, sons who carry My word over the earth! Go, sons, go ahead with love from above, with the celebration of one hundred years since the birth of My trumpet, little Virginia, (Apoc: 12/1) and with the book of My life with her, the book of her celebration in heaven and on earth. You need much peace, much tranquility, and I must see to it that these may be with you, oh, sons, and stay away from pressures and disturbing spirits, for you have no other help but that from heaven, and peace to you, dear sons!

I marked in the book this day of memorial when I appeared with the mystery of the work of My word, and then a great storm arose over you, great, sons, great and everywhere, (Apoc: 12/17) and then I told the storm to be silent, to draw back and it obeyed, for it is not good for anyone to fight against you and it is not good for those who try to fight against you, and all wanted to understand this. However, I stand watch and do not let you go from My protection and I do not let you go from My comfort, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.