The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross

Urging peace between peoples, between leaders of peoples

Peace over the earth! Peace from heaven over the earth! In time of the holy work over the Christian people on earth, the time of the Lent, the time of repentance and humiliation and the time of prayer for forgiveness and reconciliation with God and with fellow human beings, oh, peace be upon you, those on earth!

I am the Lord of peace, I am the One Who reconciled man to God through My sacrifice on the cross two thousand years ago. I am the Word of God the Father. I poured Myself out and came on earth born of the mother Virgin, and once with Me there came the beginning of the Christian people on earth and I said to all: «Whoever wants to come after Me and walk with Me and be with Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me». (Luke: 9/23) Oh, this is what I told them: «Peace to you!», and this is how I have revealed the way in which I am walking with the Father and I said: «I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life!». (John: 14/6)

Oh, I am! I am Who I am. I am Who I speak from haven over the earth and I have become a book of word on your land, My today’s country, given to Me by the Father even from the beginning of the world to be My house and table of word now, in the end of the time, My country. I have been on your hearth as word from heaven for almost seventy years long and I have become word over the earth on your land. On this holy day, halfway of the Lent, the holy fathers wrote the Sunday of the Holy Cross, the mid way to the climbing to the feast of My resurrection memory, the day of God’s reconciliation with the man fallen from paradise, and for whom I paid with My death on the cross, that is God punished for the sake of the sinful man, the love which appeared to be on earth with the people and God’s people to be lifted up through it, the Christian people. Oh, and there would be a time of peace and repentance over the Christian nation now, and where there is no peace, I am coming near with glory of word and I am saying: Peace to you, to those with no peace! Again, peace to you! Do you hear what God the Son is bringing to you?

Oh, peace to you, peoples, peace in your lands and hearts and among you as well! There is a time of forgiveness and love, of fasting and words of prayer between man and God, among the rulers of the peoples and God, each one for his people. May My word on this day bring to peace the brothers, the Christians, the peoples, the rulers over the nations!

Oh, peace to you and again, peace to you! This is to be worked now, during the time of the Lent, especially now, when it is written in the calendar of the saints fasting from food, from sin and from lack of love, for the lack of love brings time of war among God’s Christians, but, on the other hand, love brings peace and comfort in the hearts and on earth.

Behold, on this day, I am teaching a great mystery and I am saying: Whenever there has been a time of rebellion and war on the earth among men and nations that has been for no other reason than the work against God, of God’s way with the people on earth. Even though there have been other causes of war, unrest, and great mourning, they all have been done for striking against God, for driving the Lord out of the helm of the nations, and then for the coming of pain and hatred, vengeance and enmity among men, the joy of the devil, who struggles to overcome God whenever he may find any tools to strike and to drive away peace and to bring pain and tears instead, trials and temptations on the way of the Christian people.

Oh, man is very small. However he thinks he is great, so great that he comes to thing that he is greater than God is, that he has more right to be great, poor of him, great man. However, the man is very small, oh, and how many people have been in time those to whom I, the Lord, have shown in their time how small and helpless they have been for other men and for themselves, the great ones, when they have posed as great!

Oh, My Romanian country, you are God’s house and table during this time of watching from heaven over the earth, when I, the Lord, am coming from the Father to man to prepare My coming with glory of My visible return, when I will appear with tens of thousands of saints, as is written, to give each one according to his works, to bless those who have loved Me, followed and served Me, and to depart from those who have cast Me out and despised in unbelief.

O, Romanian people, I am strengthening the watch at your borders as I promised, and you become a voice of prayer to God for you and for all the nations of the earth, and especially for the Christian people on earth all over, God’s people, and who has to take after God in faith, in love and in the spirit of peace.

Oh, pray for you and for Me with you into your midst, My today’s country! Strengthen your faith and the work of the faith! Stay under the protection of the cross! Become a way with light for the nations, oh, My Christian country since Christ came on earth! Love from all your heart and being the Lord your God, hate sin and hate the devil, for he is the enemy that fights against man to bring him down under sin; nevertheless, man needs repentance and sustaining, humiliation and forgiveness and he needs God as well.

May the heavenly protection at your borders be blessed, Romanian people, and may be also blessed the peace from heaven upon you and with you, My country! Lift up the cross and God’s kingdom into your midst! Pray for the peace of the nations so that they may become Christians, for the Christians are those who take after Christ, not after men, and I am the Lord of peace and teach them love, humility, gentleness, forgiveness, goodness, mercy and peace.

I am speaking these words above the Romanian land and this is how they are to go over the earth far and wide so that God’s word may work over the whole nations on earth!

I am strengthening the watch and holy work, the calling and glory prayer for the Lord of the Christian church and the flock of the Romanian people, and especially its faith and fruit, the Holy Spirit working by faith.

Oh, the more you love My word upon you, the more you will shine, My church in the midst of this nation, especially chosen for the end of the time, for God. Oh, take great care, because it is the time to be worked by faith, Christian people, and it is the time for the Lord to work as well, for the holy ordinances over people have been spoiled everywhere, and exhortation to watch and holiness have is needed, for this time requires that and it does not ask for anything else.

I am saying again now: Peace over the earth, peace from heaven over the earth! Oh, peace to you, peoples! Peace to you, those without any peace, (Russia and Ukraine that are at war with each other, r.n.) for it is time for watch!

Peace to you, to those who rule over the nations and peace among you! War is not from God, but is rather God and man’s enemy. Peace is that which comes from God. Oh, peace to you, faith and peace, cross and victory through the cross! Blessed are the nations that have on their head the cross, the sign of the Son of Man, the sign of the victory with God!

Again and again I speak the word of reconciliation: Peace over the earth, peace from heaven over the earth and over the nations! And blessed are and will be the peacemakers, and they are and will be those who are called God’s sons on earth as it is written! Amen, amen, amen.