The Word of God at the Synod of the Saint Archangels, Michael and Gabriel

First I am strengthening My peace for the way of My word over the earth and I am saying: Peace to you, My city of New Jerusalem on earth and peace to you, sons in the city, so that we may set into the book the world of the feasts of My archangels, Michael and Gabriel, and of all the angelic hosts; and hosts of angels are above at the feast, sons, for I, the Lord, have groups of saints all round and We are sitting down on the scenery of the feast and you are welcoming Us and We are together at the angelic feast of the angels, oh, sons!

Peace to you, peace and comfort, oh, for only I take care of these gifts upon you so that you may be able to be My help and to sit Myself down over the earth and to set uplifting angels over you, over the country and over all those who ask from Me on earth for I want to give comforts and I want to strengthen the heavenly peace so that satan may see and be frightened by God’s hand, by the power of the Creator of the world, by the Word that made the heaven and the earth, oh, sons.

Behold, behold, the angelic hosts and the groups of saints stand before My word to sit down at the borders of the one blessed even from the beginning, as I have Romania as My country, prepared by the Father for Me at the beginning and at the end and I work in it God’s works, the mysteries that cannot be perceived anyhow, God’s mysteries, and now I am saying:

Let the army of angels be ordered in groups-groups all around, above and beneath, and let My country be under the protecting seal of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and let satan know and let the spirit of the antichrist man know that on this land there is this seal over it and let him be frightened of it, for I, the Lord, am the One Who fulfills the Scriptures, oh, and it cannot be done otherwise and let all the servants standing against My works over the earth and over the nations see and be afraid of God more and more with every passing day until My day of glory will fulfill My victory more than two thousand years ago of the ruler of this passing age, oh, and it will be beautiful and God will be, only God and His eternal beauties and those who are beautiful for Him, and satan and his servants and works will melt like wax under the power of the Holy Spirit, Who stands at the helm, sons, oh, and let the Romanian people be strengthened in this faith, for My country is this land, and blessed are the sons of this nation, especially those who love God and His glory under this land, for here I am with the river of My mouth in the midst of this blessed people from the beginning of the world for that time and for now, according to God’s will and holy peace over this land, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter as worker here, and let Him be a messenger everywhere!

Now I am placing angels all around, both up and down here, over the My citadel of word.

Sons, sons, I am writing with you on the pillars the names of the archangels and groups of angels from pillar to pillar. We are writing on stone the names of the saints, the name of the Lord’s citadel, the name of the Lord, the name of the heavenly hosts, prayers, praises to the Lord, little wings of word, the Lord’s seal, all these settled under the sign of the holy cross from place to place, from pillar to pillar, as a place of worship and from which heavenly hosts come with Me in the feasts, sons. The archangels Michael and Gabriel will fulfill this holy order now over My today’s country and over My citadel in its midst and you will serve with them these holy re-enforcements, for satan is spirit and this opposing spirit has to meet Jesus Christ’s victory more than two thousand years ago, for this time has come and he is at his end, while My time is only a beginning, always, always, for I am the Eternal One and I am Who I am.

I am setting word of comfort over you, My country, and the country of My coming as word over the earth. Oh, let the shepherds of soul comfort you, My country, so that you may pass with Me through all things as you have done by this time and to overcome with Me always, My bride! Oh, you are beautiful. I have built you to be beautiful for My comfort, to be comforted with you and because of you, for I lack comfort, My love. I long for comfort, as I have built all things to be My comfort.

There is lack of the spirit of comfort on earth, and I want to make you a spring of comfort, My country. My angels want to make this miracle from your midst and to share it, but this miracle has to be worked out from the earth.

Now angels are sitting to the borders from all around, up and down, My country. You are so dear to Me, because I have had you from the Father even from the beginning of the world. Oh, dress up for your Lord, for Your bridegroom! Take on your little wedding dress and come out of your burden, as I came out to overcome powerfully when the enemy made bold to throw Me down and he did not understand that I am the Eternal One, that I am Who I am, oh, and this is what will come to this enemy and even more, he will now receive enough and to spare the shame and he will completely melt away.

Oh, peace to you, peace to you, My country of New Jerusalem! Let your faithful sons sing to Me and to you and let them sing My love for you! My blessing upon you is a weapon against My enemy and yours as well. Oh, peace to you! I have been the Lord, your God, even from the beginning. May the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, reign over you and from all around for you, for the Holy Spirit rules over the world, as it is written!

I am speaking with you now, sons from the citadel of My word. I come down with comfort for you. You have prepared for those who wait to receive My calling at the table here, and gifts, sons. I have helped you, you have prepared a table of memorial for them and you shared to the people of My word, as I had told it that will receive My blessing.

Oh, you shall not forget, you shall not forget, dear people nourished from heaven, oh, do not forget that the fulfilling of My word makes great miracles by those who receive it from Me when it comes on earth. Oh, take care to fulfill and desire nothing more for you than the Lord being fulfilled over you with His will, with His holy word, for behold what man does on earth! He gathers treasures and he does not know for whom he gathers them, as it is written, because he loses everything he gathers; he loses like that servant who, working for a rich man one day, in the evening he received a little pail with milk to have it as food at his home and the rich man told him: „Pray so that the Lord may multiply it”, and after he had come home he boiled the milk, and when the milk was about to boil, he cried, rejoiced and prayed: „Lord multiply it!”. Oh, and it was multiplied for the fire. Behold, this is how it is with possessions, and the man does not know why he gathers them, poor of him, and he forgets about God and forgets about the soul and life, until all joys come to an end and until it sets everything on fire. However, the fulfilling of My word makes miracles that do not pass away, oh, and that is how you should know, My people, to make this miracle and you will be protected through it, by your love of God Who gives Himself to you as word by this spring.

Oh, sons who eat of My table of word, keep close to your protecting angel, keep tight to him, keep him near you, and learn this protecting work on behalf of God for you. People do not know, and neither do the Christian know the power of this miracle, the protection from God given for the man to have it close to him. That is why for a long time I have kept on saying: stay under My protection, walk in the light and stand watch!

And now, God’s angels are coming down with the gifts from above for those who have fulfilled My word upon them, and I am saying it again that it is a great miracle for the man to fulfill this word coming from above to make man in God’s image by the fulfillment of His word!

My angels are giving their voice between them and Me and they are saying in a choir, and they are saying in groups as well:

― We thank You, Lord, that You reign and give us Your work to fulfill on earth as in heaven! We are longing after Your victory in the end of the time, Lord and Master. We miss Your victory celebration, Your great day on earth. We are waiting for Your commandment to sound our trumpet so that the Babylon may fall and the spirit of the holy faith to overcome, God’s Spirit in all the people on earth.

Oh, glory to You in the midst of those who are faithful to Your coming as word on earth! They are the treasure of great value on these days, a wealth that does not perish, Lord.

Oh, glory to You, Lord, for this day of feast for us, for the angelic hosts! We are coming down now, here, in the bedding that accommodates us in this day of feast for us.

Oh, there is no victory without the Lord. Let all those on earth know, all those who want to be victorious; let them know that those who are victorious overcome only with the Lord, choosing the heaven of their richness on earth as in heaven.

We have spoken in You and from You in our day of feast in heaven and on earth and we have confessed You, Lord, and we have built the spirit of comfort by the word.

― My glory is built by you, from you, oh, My heavenly servants, carrying of God from place to place. I miss to put away what which covers Us to stay within the mystery between man and God. I long for the eternal things over the earth and over the people. I will work to strengthen My faith in as many ways as possible in as many people, to work by the power of their faith and to work by the steadfastness of the faith. I long for man to be able to work for God and God for man. I miss it and I long after My fellowship with those on earth. Oh, only if they waited for Me! I long to come, to come soon and the man to say: „Come, Lord!” and I to answer him: „I am coming soon!” and then to come.

Oh, peace to you in a day of angelic feast, sons! My citadel of word is full of the angels’ feast and it is full of the joy of those who have stopped over at My angels’ table for comfort in a day of memorial for them, for those who wait from the Lord through you.

Oh, comfort each other by serving, dear sons! I would tell those who wait powers and comforts from you for them, and again and again I would tell them no longer to weaken your powers, for you are weak and small in your power. I would ask them again and again to look to heaven, for I need power in you for Me, sons.

I am embracing you and keeping you tight to your comfort, dear sons. It is only I that strengthen and give you so that you may be able to work. Few are those who can help you, for your souls are gentle, sons. Oh, this is how My people are in order that I may be able to be on their side and for them.

I am coming down for all that you work hard for My stopover with you, with the saints and with My angels, sons, just as this day has been. Oh, peace to you! I am comforting you with this holy gift: Peace to you, sons!

Hide within this miracle, within this covering in My peace upon you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.